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University Writing Center Dissertation Style Compliance

XXXXXX – Initial Review
Your dissertation has been reviewed by the University Writing Center. The following areas were
identified as needing revision prior to approval. Make sure you correct everything associated with a page
number first before anything that is a format problem. You won’t find the information by page number
if you start changing format. Once corrected, please resubmit the dissertation to the UWC for a second
Note: When I refer to page numbers, I am referring to the page number at the bottom left of the screen,
the actual full document page number, not the page number that appears centered in the footer of each
Dissertation component
1. General formatting
a. Margins
b. Spacing

c. Font and size
d. first line indentation
2. Front matter
a. Title page
b. Approval page

c. Acknowledgements
d. Abstract
e. Table of contents (TOC)
f. List of tables and figures

Correction required
Apparently, the formatting is a little different on my computer
than on yours. I want to make sure by checking on the
 p. 25 has two lines at the top of the page (only) and then p.
26 started “Summary.” There is plenty of room on p. 25 for
the summary.
 Check your tables and figures as I see some that split a page
or the title is on a separate page from the table or figure.
Also, check that all headings are not left hanging at the
bottom of a page.

Do not use “Dr.” as well as the credentials after the faculty
name, this is redundant. You do not need to list titles after
names except for the chair of your committee. It appears you
started inserting other titles but stopped. Fix this.
Indent the first- and second-level headings so chapter titles can
be found easily on the page. You are missing appendices on
your TOC. Just list the first page of Appendix A title page.
List of Tables and Figures should appear on its own page. The
title should include both tables and figures, not two separate.

g. front matter pagination
3. Body
a. Headings and subheads
UWC dissertation compliance checklist 2014

10 – you are missing an author in the list. 84. On p.S. instead of listing all authors in the citation. 53 should include all four author names. Harlen and Doubler (2004) – the year should appear with the author names. 22 is not cited with a year. Dongsong et al. (2013) on p. 36 – should there be citations in the third paragraph. 29. FIX: Gruson et al. (2004) on p. you could insert the year at first mention in the sentence: SurveyMonkey (n. FIX: Blunt & Hallum (2010) on p. 36. Dongsong et al. 83. 174 of the APA manual. 34 should use et al. after the lead author instead of all author names. when the author’s name is again used in the narrative. use et al. UWC dissertation compliance checklist 2014 . E-Learning Fundamentals (2009). Bureau of Labor Statistics should include U. not at the end of the sentence. 84. (2012) on p.d. FIX: Akcay et al. Loeppke et al.) allowed for the creation and delivery of surveys online. White et al. Zajacova et al. SurveyMonkey (n. should be et al. Ownby et al. 85. (2008) on p. all subsequent citations should include et al. Georgia (2011) Steinbronn & Merideth (2007) is not same year as reference. P. in front on bottom of p. insert a period after the al.b. (2009) on p. P. (2011) on p. p. In-text citations                After the first cite when there are more than two authors.d. Please refer to p. 32 with wrong year. (2012) on p. Jones et al. (2011) on p. If an author is cited in the narrative (not in parentheses). (you have them backward). In addition. I do not see where you cited Liberty County. Brindley et al. Sweeney et al. (2010) on p. Harlen and Doubler (2004) on p. (2014) on p. 32.) on p. (2006) on p. 44. (2004) p. Terry et al. 35 is missing all three author names. – you are missing the period after al. 85. On p. 19 – does not match year in reference. 31 – use an ampersand before the last author inside the parentheses. 14. P.d. 10 should include all three of the author names the first time cited. especially where it starts out…E-learning is the process of teaching… P. 33. 84. Springvloet et al. Virtual Classroom (n. 83. The second time cited on p. 18. Kerr et al. you may omit the year from subsequent cites in the same paragraph. When there are six or more authors.) appears on p. you use wrong year. 34. (2006) on p. 85.

 It appears the rest of your tables are formatted using the auto header format. The references title should be on the top line of the page and should not be bold. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) – both.c. Do not insert extra spaces under the title.crossref.e. 128 of the APA manual to see the proper format. 57. Direct quotes d. Liberty County. use this link: Example: http://dx. (2004). By the way. (2006). 2012). it should be italicized. correct font and size) or delete it. References Para. which appears under the table title.  It appears you use the blue headings for tables as  Add this string before a digital object identifier (DOI): http://dx. Fix the other figures appropriately. e-Learning Fundamentals (2010). Zhang et al.d.doi. UWC dissertation compliance checklist 2014 .doi. (2009).d. Either modify the automatic header so it appears as it should (black. You list Table 2 and Table 4. Georgia Dept. Georgia (2011). Please add. it should NOT be italicized. U. 59. I think you are duplicating table numbers and your formatting of the table headings need fixed. 40 – end quotations should appear at the end of the quote. Potential participant workforce demographics (Georgia Department of Labor Workforce Statistics. Health Americans (2008). Please review the Tables section beginning on p. but no Table 3. Ball & Bax (n.  Separate the journal name and the volume number with a comma and make sure both are italicized.). or if no DOI is available you should list “Retrieved from” and the URL of the journal’s home page.  You need to go through all of your references and those newer than 2004 should have either a DOI. Dickinson & Mackay (  Make sure you add an ampersand before the final author in a list of less than eight authors on the references page. Then on p.S. FIX: Allen & Seaman (2010). When the title is for a web page. you do only have a blue heading for Table 3 and Table 4.) (pages 14-14??). of Labor Workforce Statistics does not appear on your references page. To quickly and easily find any DOI. FIX: Akcay et al. Tables and figures e.  On p. Fix: Akcay et al. There should only be one “Table 1” heading etc. (2006). Brindley et al. on top of p.  When the title is for an actual document (i. Remove the blue “Figure 1” and move the citation to appear after the figure title: Figure 1. pdf) and not just a web page. Society for Human Resource Management (2012).  Your figures both have a blue title (I assume it is an automatic header) and then the appropriate title. not after the citation.

M. MA: Bacon.) – insert a comma after the last name and before the first initial. Here is the corrected reference: Harlen.  Gruson et al. Your doi is not formatted properly (take out the extra colon). or in articles. W. In addition. Healthy Americans (2008) is not the author.  Healthy Workforce (2010) – Capitalize Partnerships since it follows a period.). Exceptions: proper names. Department of Health and Human UWC dissertation compliance checklist 2014 . … quantitative and qualitative research (3rd ed. Greenwich. Do not include the punctuation before the parentheses. Example: Medicine today: A clinical perspective. acronyms. Upper…  Department of Education (2003) should be (treat it as a book): Kutner. Jin. V. No period at the end of the URL – that makes the URL incorrect when you add a period at the end. Washington. Glass (eds.S. fix the period between journal name and volume number. (2013) – education is misspelled in the title.). DC: National Center for Education Statistics. & Doubler. CT: Information Age Publishing. Also. Only capitalize the first letter of the FIRST word when referencing single web pages. The health literacy of America’s adults: Results from the 2003 national assessment of adult literacy (NCES 2006–483). you need to list the editors of the book. (2004). Vrasidas & G.  Bacon & Aphramor (n. it is the U.S.Y. There should be a comma before the page numbers. The author is the organization: Trust for America’s Health. and the first word after a colon in a title. (2006). The order of author names is very important. Online professional development for teachers. S. books.  Gaeta et al. Online professional development: Science inquiry in the online environment. E.  Harlen & Doubler (2004) – your author names are supposed to be switched. Greenberg.U..   Creswell (2008) – the edition number should appear in parentheses and not italicized. How can you have pages 9-9?  Blunt & Hallam (2010) – italicize the volume number.  George & Mallery (2010) – use a comma after the last name and before the first initial.. Department of Education. You used the correct format for the DOI in this reference.d. Healthy Workforce is not the “author” of this document. FIX: Frauenheim (2009).. only after. & Paulsen.. C.  In addition. Insert MA for state: Boston. In C. (2013) – there is an extra colon after the page numbers. place names.

Get answers. but make sure you are UWC dissertation compliance checklist 2014 . Create surveys. Fix all citations and the order in which this reference appears. Matheson et al. which is a PDF insert this in brackets at the end of the document title. Patrick & Powell (2009) – you have an extra “doi:” in your reference. Moodle Statistics (2013) – This is not a scholarly resource. Fix doi format. Do not alphabetize by “The” the formal name is American Council of Science and Health – end with a period. Roberts & Barnard (2004) – fix journal punctuation and doi format. Stewart et al.). U. SurveyMonkey. Pierceall & Keim (2007) – watch punctuation in names and in journal info at the end. (2011) – do not use double punctuation.S. Missing “Retrieved from” if there is no doi. It appears the authors should be the three names on the front of the report. and do not use a colon after issue number. (2011) – volume number should be italicized. …small employers [PDF]. Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond (2010) is not the author. Jones et al. Kaymak & Hozrum (2013) – insert a period after first initial. Retrieved from… Sweeney et al. (2004) – quotations marks are random – no ending or an extra in the middle? Journal name and volume number not italicized. See example 30 on p. Book title should be italicized. it takes me to a different report – not same title or report number. Doi is not properly formatted. Army Research Institute – when I open up the document. 205 of the APA manual on how to reference words from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Why are there two journal names and volume etc? Looks like you are missing an author and there are actually two references here. (n. I couldn’t find the document or article. The author should be Partnership for Prevention.                   Services. (2012) – fix punctuation with journal info.d. Reeves & Rafferty (2005) – why is there a random 2000 in this title? Fix journal punctuation and DOI format. Moore (2014) – indent is off. (n. Terry et al.) – Fix journal punctuation and doi.d. The URL should take the reader directly to the document. (2013) – fix journal punctuation and DOI Shachar & Newmann (2010) – Insert a period before the journal name. Schoenfeld et al.

d. top para.).” Blackboard on p.S. 35 is not listed on your references page. Matheson et al. Body pagination 4. Stewart et al. Schoenfeld et al. You are missing “to” before “measure. Conkova (2013) on p. (2004) – the year should be in parentheses. Appendices referencing the right report. Back matter a. Top of p.). U.). FIX: Bacon & Aphramor (n. (2013). Ball & Bax (n.    f. (n.” p. last paragraph. Dickinson & Mackay (n.d. 22 should be one word as I have it here. Roberts & Barnard (2004). Jung (2005). 37. Initials are not correct in author list (neither is punctuation). Moodle Statistics (2013). Avoid using the same word or word form more than once in a sentence. Same with Appendix F. Creswell (2008). Double check the formatting of all the tables in that appendix. you are missing “to” before “fulfill their learning styles. Reeves & Rafferty (2005). Army Research Institute (2003). (2008) – fix author name punctuation. 47. American Council of Science and Health (2002). Please add. If you do not cite a source in the document. Writing style h.d. Zhang et al. 24. White et al. Pierceall & Keim (2007). then it should not appear on the references page.d. UWC dissertation compliance checklist 2014 . The effect of effective e-learning…not good sentence structure. Make sure they don’t split a page. Style mechanics      g. Merriam-Webster (2014). Right before the “Effect of effective” sentence on p. “The researcher analyze” should be “analyzed existing…” My view of the tables in Appendix D look messed up.37.). p. (2012).