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Drives for solar technic

The worldwide demand for regenerative energy is
rapidly rising. Today more than 10% of the current
consumption in Germany is provided by alternative
energy production. Water and wind power are in the
forefront, but solar power is gaining importance due
to the efficiency of solar panels utilizing intelligent
tracking systems. Solar panels deliver optimum
performance when fully aligned with the sun.
To achieve this, the panel moves in two axes (azimuth) and height (elevation). Solar panels with
fixed mountings do not deliver their full potential.
The performance improvement using a two-axis
tracking system can be as much as 40%.


Carlo Koch
Tel. +49 (0) 7657 / 88207

Framo is experienced in the design and manufacture
of drives for solar tracking systems. With the
Compacta series for azimuth tracking and the LiMax
and Mini linear actuators, which are used for
elevation tracking, a complete and fully developed
drive system for different panel sizes is available.
For special applications and larger quantities, Framo
is able to fully design and develop a system for a
specific project.
The range of Framo components is comprehensive,
from worm, spur, and planetary gears to complex
drive systems.
Framo is certified according to DIN EN ISO
9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005.

Framo products perform their tasks in
photovoltaic and solar-thermal plants.
For the precise positioning of solar cells or reflectors in harsh environments
Framo components and systems will ensure maximum performance

Worm gear sets

000 Nm dynamic and 20.Worm gear sets for high torque transmissions of up to 10. Custom worm gear drive Tracking system for a transparent concentrator foil which is used for the energy generation for the desalination of seawater in greenhouses.000 Nm static loads are used for the azimuth-drive for tracking systems with panels up to 60 m2. Linear actuator LiMax-Solar Linear actuators for elevation adjustment of photo voltaic plants. Dynamic loads . The Concentrator foil allows diffused light through to plants below and focuses the direct sunbeam to photovoltaic units or solar thermal concentrators.

Dynamic loads up to 10 kN.up to 20 kN. static loads up to 60 kN with up to 1500 mm stroke length. . Custom linear actuators Open spindle drive for elevation adjustment of photo voltaic plants. static loads up to 30 kN. Weather protection with bellows optional. stroke length of 800 and 1000 mm.

CAN-bus control and high definition encoder on the output shaft.Custom rotary drive High-precision actuator for the reflector adjustment in concentrator-plants. Max. . 600 Nm torque with brushless DC-motor.

03.2009 Framo Products in Gears and Motors Requirements:  High production quality  High grade materials  Reliability Contact: Huw Thomas Tel.thomas@framo-morat.Last Updated 20. +49 (0) 7657 / 88-233 .

pinions and gears for drum motors. for example. Many well-known manufacturers who serve the markets across the world are using our worm gear sets. The 'classic' application for our standard worm gear sets is gear motors. Last Updated 21.2008 .Rotorshafts.01.

koch@framo-morat. With up to 100 Nm torque. the low-backlash planetary gear in connection with the maintenance-free synchronous disc motor is the optimum drive for applications of this kind. +49 (0) 7657 / 88-207 c. .com The DiscPower drives a crawler-mounted vehicles.Framo Products in Automotive Requirements:  High power density  Low weigth  Quiet running  Long product life  Reliability Your contact: Carlo Koch Tel.

The stroke force of the spindle is critical because it determines the pressure on the friction wheel.Planetary gears with one or more stages and low backlash are used for applications such as robot axis movement and positioning tasks in wafer fabrication or in the automotive field. The maneuvering system is operated by remote control enabling the trailer to be maneuvered into tight parking spaces without using a car. . The spindle unit is part of a trailer maneuvering system. pushing the friction wheel drive against the tires of the trailer.

Last Updated 07.07.2008 Framo Products in Medicine/Rehabilitation Technology .Shafts for forklift motors require highquality materials and the greatest precision to withstand extreme load conditions. The Compacta AG60 combined with a 40 PSR LinearChain is used as the drive unit for the lift table on an AGV.

com A custom drive for stair lifts. +49 (0) 7657 / 88-207 c.Requirements:  Quiet running  Leak-free  Reliability  Easy to clean  High power density  Lightweight  Compact design Contact: Carlo Koch Tel. a 3-stage planetary gear and a seat adjusting drive with a permanent-magnet motor and double worm gear. The drive consists of the main drive with a disc-rotor motor. .koch@framo-morat.

. This was the main reason for the customer to choose Framo as supplier for the gear unit. special attention was paid to the quality of the gear components. The stair climber can be easily attatched to almost any commercially available wheelchair and comfortably tranports persons up to 160 kg over stairs and other obstacles. To meet the extremely high demands in respect of noise and reliability.For the stair climber application Framo designed a 3-stage spur gear unit.

pasty materials at the push of a button in the right ratio and amount. The challenge for Framo was to develop a drive that had to be small and quiet but twice as powerful as the forerunner.The Pentamix 3 of 3M ESPE is used in the field of dental technique. . It automaticall y measures and mixes two tenacious.

One gearbox is responsible for the movements of the shoulder in the sense of arm lifting and lowering. For home use by patients it can rented from the health insurance. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the world are familiar with these movement rails. the . In this shoulder motion rail are two worm gears installed.Worm gear for motorized movement rails This extremely low backlash worm gear is used in a motorized rail movement.

high accuracy is required.second gearbox is responsible for the rotational movement of the shoulder . Last Updated 05.5°.2009 Framo Products in Handling . During postoperative motion of the shoulder. because the movement is going over the top dead center. the gearbox is designed with backlash of less than the movements in accordance with the natural movement of the shoulder can be generated.03. To exclude painful movements.

.waldvogel@framo-morat. +49 (0) 7657 / 88-117 h. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are realized by the integrated limit switch.Requirements:  Compact design  Multiple options  Easy setup  Attractive design  Long product life Contact: Horst Waldvogel A Compacta MS12 is used to swivel a robot arm.

A LinearChain 25 PSG is used to move a workpiece load in and out of a furnace. Last Updated 21.01.2008 Framo Products in the Packaging Industry Requirements: Contact: .

com A Mini 2 linear actuator presses a stack of paper so that it can be tied up.2008 Framo Products in the Textiles Industry . +49 (0) 7657 / 88-178 k.01.    High power density Light-weight Compact design Reliability Klaus Willmann Tel.willmann@framo-morat. Last Updated 21.

Requirements:  High production quality  High-grade materials  Reliability Contact: Klaus Willmann Tel. spinning. .com Framo worm gear sets are used in various types of weaving.willmann@framo-morat. knitting and twisting machines. +49 (0) 7657 / 88-178 k.

2006 Framo Products in Print and Print Processing Requirements:  Robust  Leak-free  Compact design  High power density  Lightweight  Reliable Contact: Klaus Willmann Tel.07.Last Updated . +49 (0) 7657 / 88-178 k.willmann@framo-morat.

Gear wheels. Last Updated 21.2008 Framo-products in Agriculture .A Compacta MS12 slip-on geared motor is used to switch formats on sorting machines.01. internal gear wheels and sprockets for printing and print processing machines.

com The regulating unit transforms signals from an electronic control unit into the appropriate gear transmission on the tractor. . +49 (0) 7657 / 88-207 c.Requirements:  High power density  Long product life  Robust  Reliability Contact: Carlo Koch Tel.koch@framo-morat.

Last Updated 21.01.2008 Framo Products in Food Technology Requirements:  Leak-free  Corrosion resistant  Easy to clean  High power density  Lightweight  Compact design  Integrated limit switches Contact: Huw Thomas .A custom gear is used as power transmission in a brushwood cutter.

Possible applications .com Mini Nirosta linear actuators can be used in many different sectors of food technology.thomas@framo-morat. +49 (0) 7657 / 88-233 h. Reliability Tel.