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Functional Work Breakdown Structure for Mapua Research Building

1.1 Fencing
1.2 Barracks
1.2.1 Workers
1.2.2 Office
2.1 Foundation
2.1.1 Excavation
2.1.2 Pumping out of Water
2.1.3 Footing Installation Installation of Reinforcement Bar Positioning of Formwork Pouring of Concrete
2.1.4 Tie Beam Installation of Reinforcement Bar Positioning of Formwork Pouring of Concrete
2.1.5 Ground Floor Column Installation of Reinforcement Bar Positioning of Formwork Pouring of Concrete
2.2 Ground Floor Slab
2.2.1 Cleaning of Slab Form
2.2.2 Prefabricated Base Reinforcement Concrete (BRC)
2.2.3 Installation of Base Reinforcement Concrete (BRC)
2.2.4 Positioning of Formwork
2.2.5 Pouring of Concrete
3.1 Floor Column
3.1.1 Installation of Reinforcement Bar
3.1.2 Positioning of Formwork
3.1.3 Pouring of Concrete
3.2 Staircase Construction
3.2.1 Installation of Reinforcement Bar
3.2.2 Positioning of Formwork
3.2.3 Pouring of Concrete
3.3 Beam Construction Installation of Reinforcement Bar Positioning of Formwork Pouring of Concrete

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*up to 1 meter abang
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1 Ground Floor Level Wall Construction 4.2 Wiring Work Singit Second Floor 3.1.1 Gypsum Mixing 4.4 Plastering 4.4.2 Mixing of Mortar 4.1 Roof Beam 3.4 Electrical Fixtures .2 Installing the Wall Plaster Installation of Reinforcement Bar 3.3.6 Roof Construction 3.2 Prefabricated Roof Trusses at Plant 3.5 Installation of Roof Covering Prefabricated Door 4.3.1 Prefabricated Electrical Accessory 6.2.3 Pouring of Concrete Suspended Slab Construction 3.1.4 Installation of Roof Membrane 3.3 Installation of Electrical Accessory 6.4.1 Prefabricated Window 4.2 Door 4.0 ELECTRICAL WORK 6.1 Installation of Reinforcement Bar (wall height more than 3 meters) Prefabricated Pipe for Plumbing Work 5.3 Pipe Fitting 5.3 Concrete Block Lying 4.4.7 Tiling 5.1.2 Installation of Pipe 5.2 Positioning of Formwork 3.2 Installation of Ceiling 4.6.2 Installation of Window 4.2 Installation of Door 4.6 Painting 4.0 INTERNAL CONSTRUCTION AND FINISHES 4.1.0 PLUMBING 5.3.5 Roof Ceiling 4.4 Plumbing Fixtures Installation of Roof Trusses 3.3 Window 4.1 Wall Painting 4.6.1 Prefabricated Ceiling 4.

Depending on where in the Project .Note: For the structure above the ground level. resource requirements and costs. Randel Boris V. There are many ways you can present the WBS for your project. Atria Gienah Dahilig. Submitted by: de Ocampo. John Paul Lopez. this template provides many of the most popular layouts from which you can choose. Chryzlaire Niebres. It is a tool which helps to easily communicate the work and processes involved to execute the project. Armin Nino Barez. The Project Manager and project team use the WBS to develop the project schedule. Espina. the sequence of work for the construction process just repeated the super structure work above and the sequence of the work will be repeated until the project is complete. Ephraim Asher The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a view into the project which shows what work the project encompasses.

It presents an easy to understand view into the WBS. WBS Dictionary The WBS Dictionary contains all the details of the Work Breakdown Structure which are necessary to successfully complete the project. Responsibility Assignments . especially since the Microsoft Word auto numbering feature updates the WBS Code automatically. WBS is a multilevel framework that organizes and graphically displays elements representing work to be accomplished in logical relationships. Tree Structure View The Tree Structure View is the most popular format for the Work Breakdown Structure. however. Resources on the project will look at the WBS dictionary to determine the scope of the Work Package they've been assigned. Cost Control Numbers. (6)Measurable. so it's important to be clear when writing the definition. then a detailed version as an appendix to the plan. These things usually include Level of Effort. It is a good option for organizations which prefer table formats. Resource Assignments. Most importantly it contains a definition of each Work Package which can be thought of as a mini scope statement. Hierarchical Structure The hierarchal structure is similar to the outline view but without indentation.Plan you're putting the WBS a different layout may be more suitable for you. Tabular View The Tabular View is a nicely organized table view of the WBS. It is also a good layout to use when developing the WBS because you can easily make changes.just to name a few. it may be useful where you have many levels and indenting each level would make the table to large to fit into a document. Although this format is more difficult to read. You may find that you prefer one layout for a high level WBS and a different one for a detailed WBS. WBS must be: (1)Definable. and (7) Adaptable. (5)Integratable. The Tree Structure below was created using only Microsoft Word and the SmartArt graphics option under the insert menu. Most WBS dictionaries contain more information than we show in our sample. (2)Manageable. Outline View The outline view presents an easy to view and understand layout for the WBS. (4)Independent. it is also tricky to create without an application specifically designed for creating this organizational chart structure. WBS is a key project definition tool that defines in-depth the scope for each work element. For instance many Project Managers include a high level WBS within the project plan. (3)Estimable. .