the gudrun ensslin sonnets – simon howard

the i kissed nostalgia one time press - 2010

double ingest & look. spider on crutch on lily pad,the wind is full of teeth .lines of repulsion intervolve & sputter no alternative circuit.clouds above the stars warped in plastics developed for use by the unliving for the dead.& & tracker device colliding,greasy bread.hushabys,utopics. it’s only got .5 a freaking head[!] solemn,reverse,broken shoulder.cont inue to revere,slaps at wispy rails of cruel the play an hushed copyist bent upon a n instant stuffs the bodies into straw.glassblowers drip warehoused rainbows.nothing smears of Lightning,they don’t sp Eak in realism.they can never be Drowned.immunity

toy sonnets total scrawl | i have the bliss projects miniature upon | there in a cute the sunken city re | candle & its throat simultaneous coiled previous pearl-pig | fascists’ supple glow stack of succulents | eroto-shusher triangulated lacy dust drowse | to inview coppice d cartographies deployed | aze oft time at dead i by paradisers stash | differential circlet of succulence | wherein are stitched reprobate & cling | utilises herons multitude flame affekt acrobat hears | lookout pasts a place to call es make street to weep | stripped away feature auratic prequel changeling | wound unimpossible to admire in raw warmth, dexedrine crave.

nonset Pour me like skinned dIamonds & sullen waVes pulls apart each graNule mesmerised arc glow Stripper hatchet bravuRa lesion/alloy my thoughTs to limp where crEdible voyages belittle Their banners i turn my frAction of optimal sAndman over to neck-sLing localise finerY similar a blistered fooT

to sonnet y tonight there went swans & circumferences descriptive of coordinated elimination there went weightless ropes thrown into kitchens of knife-crime figuration a style of headgear not understood nor adored,carillon witch-hunt,there were cicatrice-dolls,someone is oiling them now according to schemata divergence economico-satin & cased crusted unequally staunched.that aperture glares into prepared arcadia,its martyrology sucks a sack of pantaloons kissed in tearful standstill despair retributive sub-plus kink.a stretch of those lamp;

tones nest reforget & then discussed & a new name was mine. those early heads were fine r than signs.calling it a respite makes all the lovelier nests nets.shorn sequence ingratiate love less.crucible crumbling yum.ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ opium eatery.& intro of incantation .causes flesh to flash. lovingly cloisters harvested. little little beaks.a nameless whose.names is prodenounced.slidingly snapdragons

near sonnet us are it as am is in threadbrain raw throttle draw oblate dye rare moon stamp rattle flown be etle screw eternal instants;contractual stuffed catalepsy administered zo – o ne.marvellous nude room/hut.splinter eagle.symbolologicologistico imperialised(take them & crack their) 0.

test no. it’s level,goldening where nowadays day apparitioned,rubs into her thighs unto ointment & pins,polity torture bower.substitutive tallow, abused-s[h]elf zoomzoozooms> texts,retinal contumely. can hide but cannot seek. poems i.d.’ed by line breaks & by shroudsounds of wind & dry water.i have this desire to chop my left arm off at eternity.i’m not in this song.witness statements exclusion..

sonnet communiqué.isolation. dead [staring] lover.end product.slowing her out.lines.a lone bath robe.sweet limb mask. i love my lovely dead sparrow hawk.precipitous.lie. cracked window.whoosh of lonely dear sparrow.hawked. overnight & summarily.p récis.dunce dance.wawawaw a.on dark dearth dearest dart.obscene.cling

none sets patches each flagellant as if a clover ditch aglow with fierce zephyrs,transference & subsistence jewellery]..detailing sabotage chemist:mists falling from mushroom cups or the rights of aesthetes\.stayed with the victim & calligraphy,resting clockbone .infants in acid. ever had that situation where my hands glow like no go? don't diesem wetter

snnet screams & bootlaces ,attract locusts to circuses; leaning into ripened sable i extra caution lift the cover they thieve thrive & blend respiratory ornaments. .wart on error. slyly licking the gown & the gown's detainee.prairies unknown forests drown in perpetuity always about to unhappen.unhappiness.. [citation need]ed

stone nets some experi;ences slipped throug;h this celestial day' s detail bruise;s surface of the ;table. submit procedural complaint.complia;nt. coined,as well; ,farewell.amazed heraldic bea;sts chew shielded breasts,sov;ereign starres] intuitive soliloquists.cabbage roulette.sordid barge. nottotalityextinguished .wornaway musket” blowtorchprocession..............

sent distance scrawl va pour scent delight\ reversible worlds cra yon largesse gather signific ances hollowing icing the mattress recovers a rhyme of fuchsia that was never,or heart.stimmungsbruch

onnets bodies,wintering,trapper.. ∫ø∂^´ß≤∑^~†´®^~©≤†®åππ´®≥≥ & gazes gauzes,stolen twin. ‡ ©åΩ´ß ©å¨Ω´ß≤߆ø¬´~ †∑^~≥ art if love,roars a-agonies,flummoxed 宆 ^ƒ ¬ø√´≤®øå®ß å–å©ø~^´ß≤ƒ¬¨µµø≈´∂ the shelf is too narrow for coexisting eviscerations †˙´ ß˙´¬ƒ ^ß †øø ~å®®ø∑ ƒø® çø´≈^߆^~© ´√^ßç´®å†^ø~ß slowly brush its lips with radicalised pamphlet zlarp zlarp ߬ø∑¬¥ ∫®¨ß˙ ^†ß ¬^πß ∑^†˙ ®å∂^çå¬^ß´∂ πåµπ˙¬´† Ωå®π Ωå®π in a summer when later they transfix ^~ å ߨµµ´® ∑˙´~ ¬å†´® †˙´¥ †®å~߃^≈ validates discourse √å¬^∂å†´ß ∂^ßçø¨®ß´ ßøø†˙´ß ^†ß πøø® ∫®ø˚´~ ^~†ø ß´µå~†^ç ˙´¬^øπø¬^ß soothes its poor broken into semantic heliopolis ∆¨©¨¬å®≤ß´µåπ˙ø®^ç ßπøø¬^~© å∫ß´~ç´ “√øçå¬÷†åç†^¬≥´ jugular,semaphoric spooling absence [vocal/tactil.e å ƒ^~´ ©®´¥–©ø¬∂ ∑´å√´ ^~ π宆^笴 ß˙¨††¬´ß a fine grey-gold weave in particle shuttles ^~¬å˚´∂ π¬å~´† ç¬øå˚ß…≥ inlaked planet cloaks;. †˙^ß †˙´å†®´ øƒ ˙´å†^ç´ ‘π´† this theatre of heatice ]pet ®åç˙“^∂´ø¬ø©´µ´≤†˙´^® ∑˙^ßπ´®ß ø~ †˙´ ∂å®˚ rach[.ideologeme,their whispers on the dark ≥ߨ^ç^∂´®ß≥ suiciders.sonnet cat cradled/swill the potion or porn/recovered
from rubble/waves always shadow/scratches her wrist hair/atopic apple/rarefies un-enigmatic/encrypt:

steno-tots there were scents of woodsmoke, of bur ning wet wood.the truths coming through made patternless coordinates there were people & they got sexed as gods of the blind city eat infants.intermediary .wings over black hyacinths. zax,o,huioplastrwm. & cries of bright demolitionists & lovely silks at her feet. splaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax there were odours of burning wet wood,cement

s there is no space surrounding this space only space surrounds this space;possibly a voice makes what is said sung only in a voice’s saying & only in a song’s tomb.all my fingers turn to thimbles,i’m crammed empty with synthetic honey.there exists an alternative version of this ditty which is identical in all aspect s.

O Varieties of not speaking what is. Going to happen tap at the window. Sparrows cannot be let into the hall the door isn’t. Where the window is when the window was where the door was. There are many colours in the sky is a message found. At the bottom of a wardrobe marked yardarm. Accept that its hair was always that colour and. There is no obvious difficulty matching identities. The answer therefore is to keep walking. Until the streets get a little less scary the stars a little closer. There isn’t cherry blossom. [Ornamental] everywhere. The escapologist is beautifully. Presented

simon howard 2010

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