the gudrun ensslin sonnets part 2 – simon howard

the i kissed nostalgia one time press – 2010

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they look so peaceful drunkenish gossamers in | on tide shyly insinuate a speck torso radiant dance the dull light of multiple neither day nor night inattentive yet yet waiting rocking the head from side to peripheries re-petition of unsaid wanderer shifting position to put hand to hand foot against foot their brow had that chalky quality associated with ”unremarkable“ seascapes in museum storage cracked unopened , like so many wooden eggs in folklore

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sonnet a general confiscation of mirroring devices was proposed to take place on days of solemn nullity if seek are places to hide above earth in gaze of rotating angels shovelling death marks by their weightlessness or gluing them to pre-existing texts it became habitual to bandage thigh . exposed .

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sonet pliar & folded admire each self’ s solemnity saturn . harrowing a halo ’mongst moles habitable machine & saddles , smooch took a hit in th’eie o’ th’sunne a little little scythe.

.5 terror is terror where terror is terror according to terror’s terror tears are tears where tears are tears according to tears’ tears

1 time in a place
of mud & glass & grasses glowing via vistas of wood & lash & gasses growling via visas do not take longer than directed by your prescriber as taking codeine/dhc regularly for a long time can lead to

[clouds slide behind the moon branches clickcreakcrack]ad+diction

 simon howard 2010

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