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What is energy deregulation?

Energy deregulation allows customers to choose between competitively-priced products and services. In a
deregulated market you decide who you will buy from, when you will buy and how long your contract term will be.

How does deregulation work?

You choose a new supplier for your electricity or natural gas supply
Your service and delivery will still be provided through your current local utility
Suppliers, like Planet Energy, buy electricity or natural gas supply and have it delivered to the local utility
The utility then distributes the electricity or natural gas to your home or business

Why choose an energy provider through ACN?

Choice: variety of plans and pricing options
Price Stability: choose programs based on the price stability you need with options to lock in your rate or have
your rate fluctuate with the market
Same Reliable Service: no change in the delivery or maintenance of your natural gas or electricity service

Power your world the ACN way!

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Energy through ACN is only available in select Provinces. ACN markets energy services provided by Planet Energy.
ACN does not supply the actual service of your natural gas and/or electricity.

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