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After the extended summer weather, now
is the time for socks and long trousers!
The beautiful weather certainly benefited
business in the bars and restaurants, but
now is the time to think about winter
warmers and Christmas and New Year
menus. Some restaurants are already
fully booked, but there is still a wonderful
choice of where to go to celebrate. Look
through this month’s magazine and you
will find a few very Christmassy adverts.
To make sure you enjoy this festive time,
book well in advance.
We would like to welcome the following
advertisers and we hope that you will
support these local businesses:
Condado Invest
MW IT Services
Renault, Murcia
Secondary Electric Meters

Pet Sitter
The Old Market Tavern
Whether you are a business, charity or
organization submitting material in to
the Costa Cálida Chronicle, please
be aware that our deadline is 15th of
the month.
We cannot guarantee
that items received after this date will
be included in the latest magazine.
Everything is carefully proofed each
month and the design team work hard
to produce a superb magazine for you
each month, but this all takes a huge
amount of time and effort. It would help
immensely if those submitting articles
could send them in as unformatted Word
Documents with photos sent as separate
jpgs and it would also help if entries
from advertisers and organizations to be
included in the What’s On were sent in
by the deadline. Thank you!

Alan Monk – TV News
Christine Lawford - Poem
Clive & Rosie Palmer – Exploring
Dick Handscombe – Gardening
George Mitchell – Never a Dull
Juan Ferrandez – Alumbre’s
Ken Whettall – Housing Update
Jane Cronin – Learning Spanish
Liz Edmiston – Food 4 Thought/
Out & About

From all at the

Paco & Esther Milagro – Flower of
the Month

Costa Cálida Chronicle

Sara Millbank – Ma Millbank’s

Welcome Back
CRS Builders
Le Carrousel

Think Spain – Spanish News

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opinions of the editor or publisher and the contents should be viewed as a guideline only. Professional advice should be sought to cover any
information printed therein. Advertisements and reports are not formally endorsed by the CCC. We cannot accept responsibility for advertisers’
works, service or goods. The publishers endeavour to ensure the contents are correct, but cannot accept responsibility for the effects of errors
or omissions.

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If you are an existing customer and you have some Business News that you would like to
share with our readers then why not email it to us to be included on our Business News page.
Please keep your news to about 50 words and send us an email by 15th of the month,
to with Business News in the subject box.

The Fuschia Beauty Clinic on
Camposol A is launching two new
products into their Dreamweave Range.
Fibregenics Mascara – It’s Black; It
Instantly Super Lengthens; It gives
the fullest WOW look to your lashes.
Introductory Offer €14.95 (RRP
Ice Lip Voltage - Instantly gives volume
and plumps your lips for a lush pout!!
If the original Lip Voltage tingle was
too hot to handle, then this is the one
for you. Customise your voltage with a
Cool, Ice or Frosty tingle Introductory
Offer €17.95 (RRP €22.95).
Offers are available during the month of
Call Vivienne on 630 439 480

Cash Clearances in Fuente Alamo
opened in May this year and have
already outgrown their shop, so have
expanded to include the premises next
door. They sell good quality pre-owned
furniture and there are always new
items in the shop, so next time you
are looking for something, call and see
Julie. She is also willing to give you a
good price on that piece of furniture you
are wishing to sell.
Give her a bell on 727 734 822

Tel 699 060 472 for reservations

Life Insurance Policies
To celebrate their 10th Anniversary in
Spain, Nash Warren will be issuing 10
free Life Insurance Policies during
November (T & C apply)
Call Nash Warren on 968 156 583 or
call in to the office in Bolnuevo Monday
- Friday 10am-2pm and 4pm-6pm by

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Pinturas Acosta are offering 5%
discount for all work carried out during
the month of November. If you have
been thinking about changing your
colour scheme inside, or want to freshen
up the outside of your villa, what better
time to make that call! They can even
turn your dark wooden doors in to
bright shiny new ones to give you the
appearance of more space.
Tel 626 960 354

After a busy Summer and expecting an
equally busy Christmas and New Year,
Neil & Ana at Tropic Ana’s are taking a
well deserved break and will be closed
on 2nd, 3rd and 4th November. They reopen for Breakfast and Menu del Dia
from November 5th, Mixed Grill Nights
from the 6th and Sunday lunches from
8th. Don’t forget their theme nights
every Saturday.

Agency continues to maintain a high
number of sales for 2015. “We believe
that news has got around about
the Costa Cálida Microclimate!” This
is attracting more property investors
every year. These people are taking
note of all year round temperatures
here. The improved strength of the
GBP is attracting investors who are
now convinced that this is the time to
buy! The demand for properties is overriding our supply!
Please contact the Solhuse team
if this is the right time for you to sell
or buy.

Please note that the Hotel La
Mariposa, Restaurant & Bar at Gebas
will be CLOSED from 4th November until
13th November. Quad/Buggy Tours and
Guided Walks will be available on a few
days (without meals).

Tel: +34 968 105 333
Mob: +34 690081411

Tel 968 631 008

Are you looking to buy a new car in
the near future? Take advantage of
Renault’s fabulous offer – 400€ worth
of Renault accessories free when you
place an order before 31st December
2015. Visit Renault on Avenida Juan
de Borbón in Murcia to see the full
range of Renault cars. See Aurelia who
speaks perfect English.
Tel 968 369 800

Elliot’s in Bolnuevo are now taking
bookings for their famous pre-Christmas
lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays
throughout December. Where better to
hold a lunch party for a group of friends
to celebrate Christmas or a company
lunch? Don’t be disappointed, call now.

If you have not booked your venue for
Christmas Day, how about reserving you
place at La Chara in Isla Plana? This
typically Spanish restaurant is offering
a superb Christmas Day menu for just
30€ plus IVA. La Chara is open every
day except for Monday for Menu del Dia
at 9€ plus IVA.
Tel 968 152 016

Tel 968 158 499

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On 16th November 2015 the inauguration
of an Art Exhibition of Ans van der Linden
and Gerhard Oppen will take place in the
Centro Cultural in Lorca. C./ Presbitero
Emilio Garcia s/n.

Ans is Dutch and has lived in Spain since
2003. She paints with acrylic and oils and
in this exhibition she shows the diversity
of her work, where tranquility and natural
beauty are central.
Gerhard is a self-taught photographer
and originally came from Berlin, but then
lived and worked for many years in the
Netherlands. In 2009 he moved to Spain
where he now lives in Aguaderas/Lorca.
In this exhibition you see work of much
variety in motives and themes, that have
their origins in Spain.
Ans and Gerhard are delighted to invite
you to their forthcoming exhibition.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

It runs from Tuesday 17th November until
Monday 30th November 2015.

The opening times are Monday to Friday
from 9am to 9pm and Saturday from 10am
to 2pm.

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Page 7

A total of 35 municipalities in Spain
celebrated National Most Attractive Town
Day at the beginning of October, opening
museums, parks and monuments to the
public free of charge.
Ran by the Asociación de Pueblos Más
Bonitos de España (‘Most Attractive Towns
in Spain Association’), the nationwide ‘open
day’ was aimed at putting the country’s
undeniably unique and charming but
underrated areas on the map, encouraging
visitors from elsewhere in Spain and
abroad to check them out and calling for
the Spanish tourist board, Turespaña –
also known in English as Tour Spain – to
promote them more.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The ‘35 most attractive’ varied dramatically
from each other in location, landscape,
climate and salient points for visitors
– some are already fairly well-known
in their own regions, especially among
regular foreign and national tourists and
many expats, whilst others are practically
unheard of not only to holiday makers
from other countries, but even those from
just a province away.

I was out for supper one Saturday with my
Spanish friend in October and we could
not decide where to go to eat. After a
summer of cerveza and tapas, we fancied
something with a little more spice, so
headed in to the Sartaj Indian restaurant
in Puerto de Mazarrón.
Unusually for a Spanish chap, my hiking
partner loves spicy food and shares my
love of raw chillies, so a minimum heat
factor of “madras” was needed to satisfy
our cravings, although the waiter was a bit

Better-Known Towns And Villages In
The Top 35 include the white washed
hilltop town of Mojácar, in the province
of Almería on the south coast – although
now a hotspot for holiday resorts, the
town itself retains its rural and ancient
charm – and Santillana del Mar in the
northern coastal region of Cantabria, a
quaint, cobbled village overflowing with
the typically continental-style flower-filled
balconies and known as the ‘town of three
lies’: it is neither holy (santa), nor flat
(llana), nor does it have a sea (mar), but
it is nonetheless a pretty, charming little
town with plenty of authentic souvenir
shops selling local delicacies.
Rubielos de Mora in the province of
Teruel, southern Aragón is fairly wellknown by skiing fans, given that it is very
close to the ski slopes and home to small,
rural hotels which offer rooms for those
hitting the piste and, like many ancient,
remote hamlets in Teruel, keeps working
huskies for the snowy season; Albarracín,
deep in the mountains of Teruel, is a
splendid photo opportunity because of
its dramatic rocky mountain formations.
The Comunidad Valenciana is replete with
‘Most Attractive Towns in Spain’ – Morella,
deep inland with its ancient fortresses; the
more famous coastal holiday destination
of Peñíscola with its iconic castle and
the quaint village of Vilafamès, all in the
province of Castellón. In the province of
Alicante, the much-frequented Guadalest,
a cobbled hamlet high on a mountain
overlooking a huge, blue reservoir in vast,
verdant landscape, filled with craft shops,
ancient houses and small museums, the
most-lauded of which is the ‘Miniatures
Museum’ where visitors can see paintings

on flies’ wings and fleas riding bicycles
and is a popular day trip for residents and
holiday-makers on the Costa Blanca or
further inland.

Other towns and villages listed include
Lucainena de las Torres (Almería
Province); Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz
province) in Andalucía; Valderrobres,
Calaceite, Puertomingalvo, Cantavieja
(all in Teruel Province), Anento (Zaragoza
Province), Aínsa, Alquézar and Ansó
(Huesca Province) in Aragón; Maderuelo,
Pedraza, Ayllón (Segovia Province),
(Valladolid Province), Medinaceli (Soria
Province), La Alberca, Mogarraz and
Candelario (Salamanca Province) in
Castilla y León; Valverde de los Arroyos
(Guadalajara Province), Alcalá de Júcar
(Albacete Province) and Almagro (Ciudad
Real Province) in Castilla-La Mancha;
Bárcena Mayor in Cantabria; Tejeda
(Gran Canaria) in the Canary Islands, and
Llastres in Asturias.

concerned about our choice and described
the Madras as “muy picante”!!

dessert, a small very sweet mouthful of

Undeterred, we started with onion bhajis
and prawn puri; both delicious and
accompanied by a side order of popadums
and relishes. The service was friendly and
prompt, but relaxed enough to savour our

The Menu del Noche is excellent value at
12.95€ per person and the bill was a little
over 28€ for 2, with extra emergency beer
rations included.

In the end we chose a lamb madras and a
chicken tikka masala with a side order of
naan breads. The madras had a pleasant
kick, but most folk
accustomed to curry
would describe it
However the
rapid beer drinking
and sweating brow
indicated that my
guest did not feel
the same, although

I have eaten at Sartaj many times
and the quality and flavour of the food
is consistently good. You will find the
restaurant on the left hand side of the
main road into Puerto de Mazarrón, just
after the roundabout and the Commercial
Centre La Piramide at Avenida Dr Meca
116. There is plenty of parking opposite.
Reservations and takeaway orders on 968
115 260
Rating: (out of 5)
Value for Money :

meal with the Indian

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Page 9

today. Wars and conflicts have, and
will continue.

Calle Sobrija 2248
Sector D
“Memories” a well known song from
the musical Cats.
This is about different ones. November
is a month for memories, both sad
and uplifting. The 11th November is
Remembrance Day for many countries
and people; a day when we recall both
the loss and gallantry of so many different
men and women, during wartime. Many of
us were born after 1945, so we have only
the tales and times passed on to us by
parents, relatives, friends or the media,
but that does not stop us thinking of the
folk who gave their lives so that others
might have their freedom and liberty.
Though, not everyone who died, or were
wounded, fought in battle. Many brave
medical staff were under fire too; also
ordinary civilians unfortunately, including
children, did not escape the tragedy of
conflict. Sadly, this is still happening

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Not your typical start to the day...
Walking into the office the other morning
this email was waiting for us. It’s not
normal to get an enquiry like this out
of the blue, but then again, we should
know by now to expect the unexpected.
The answer to the question is one we
thought many people might benefit from
as it doesn’t matter how much money
you have, it’s all about the process you
go through.
Question: I have savings of £400,000
which at the moment are sat in a deposit
account in my bank. They aren’t doing
anything. What is the best way to invest
this? We’re happy to commit the funds
for at least 10 years. Can you help?
Answer: Firstly, 10 years is a good
timescale for considering investments.
Generally we consider 5 years as the
minimum investment period and we
don’t suggest arranging certain types of
investment where the plan is to access
the money before then.
The next step is to look at your attitude to
investment risk as this is an area where
people can go wrong. It’s great to focus
on the high potential long term returns of
high risk, but many people get caught out
by short term falls and as a result end up
panicking, cashing in their investments
and realising a genuine loss, rather than
keeping the investments and carrying a
temporary paper loss only. Remember
the price only matters if you have to
By assessing your attitude to investment
risk, we can put together the right
portfolio for you, designed not to fluctuate
significantly more than you can tolerate.

What about those memories I mentioned
earlier? Yes, it is obvious that there will
be tears shed over lost, loved ones, but
sometimes we feel that laughter has no
place amongst the sadness. We must
remember the good times, the silly
moments; yes, even the angry words and
rows. They are all part of the times we
shared together; it’s simply called life.
That is why we invite all of you, whether
your loved ones were lost during the
battles of war or battles of illness and
age, to join us in our annual Service of
Remembrance. As usual, it will take
place at 11.30am on 11th November, at
the Memorial Garden at Los Palacios,
Camposol A. All are welcome, whether
you live on Camposol, or elsewhere.
God bless
Rev Maureen

There’s no point taking on a high risk
investment if you can’t get a good night’s
Once the right level of investment risk
has been agreed, we would consider the
following approach to minimise tax:
For UK residents, New Individual
Savings Accounts (NISAs – not the
corner store) are the starting point,
as these shelter your investment from
Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.
However, there is an Annual Contribution
Allowance, which is £15,240 this tax
year, meaning if you have more money
you can’t hold all of your investment
within NISAs from day one. For non-UK
residents the amount allocated for NISAs
should be split between the investments
listed below as these are only available to
UK residents.
Next is to put together a portfolio of
Unit Trusts, OEICs and Investment
Trusts, typically for between £150,000
and £250,000. This is in order to take
advantage of your annual Capital Gains
Tax allowance, which allows gains of up to
£11,100 a year to be realised, without any
tax to pay. This portfolio could utilise the
new £5,000 tax-free dividend allowance
for all taxpayers from April 2016. We
would also look to move money over
each tax year from this portfolio to fund a
new NISA for each tax year. This way we
would be sheltering more and more of the
portfolio each year. (Don’t forget this is
only for UK residents.)

November Sunday Services
1st Songs of Praise 10.30am
8th Remembrance Sunday
Holy Communion 10.30am
8th Remembrance for Ex-Servicemen/
Women 12.30pm
15th Morning Prayer 10.30am
22nd Holy Communion 10.30am
29th Advent Sunday
Family Service 10.30am
As well as these services, we offer
Wedding Blessings, Holy Baptisms,
Confirmations and Funerals. We also
have a Pastoral Care Group throughout
the year, with people willing to listen,
talk and help anyone sick or in need. The
Pastoral Care is in complete confidence.
For further information, please contact:
Rev Maureen Kent 968 979 637/636
099 679
Rev Bill Coyle 634 143 260
Rev Eberhard Klute 968 978 961
(German Branch)

Investment Bonds can be used to defer
Income Tax until a later date when you
might be a lower rate tax payer and can
withdraw the money and pay less tax.
For simplicity, we have ignored the use
of pensions, but with the new pension
freedoms, depending on your age and tax
position, pensions could offer you a much
greater tax saving.
We would point out that whilst the staged
approach is a good way to start, everyone’s
financial affairs are very different and
we can provide a plan tailored to your
needs with specific advice on the best
and most tax efficient way of creating an
investment portfolio for your particular
circumstances. We would also suggest
regular review meetings to ensure that
your portfolio stays up to date.
The last word: So what was the point of
this tale? Well, it’s a simple illustration
of the process we go through with all
clients. The more money you have, the
further along the process you go. With
investments falling into a clear logical
order the process is nearly always the

The final part of the £400,000 investment
could be an Investment Bond. These
allow access to a range of funds, but

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Page 11

over woven plastic sheeting etc..
Some 35 ways of mulching are
described in section 4.7 of my book
‘How To Use Less Water In Your
Garden – A Practical Guide To
Waterless Gardening’. Like all my
books this is available from internet
book shops such as Amazon Books
and The Book Depository.

How Well Did Your Garden Survive Last
By Dick Handscombe
For most of us living and gardening in
Spain, last summer was hot and dry and
most gardens did not see rain for many
months. Oh for the monthly thunderstorm
that one could often rely on in the early
90’s! They used to be the salvation for
many absentee gardeners. How did your
garden survive? Were you able to enjoy
it to the full? What changes might you
consider during the next six months to
improve next summer’s garden?


In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and




Did you have colour throughout
the summer? If not consider
planting more lantanas, begonias,
agapanthus, oleanders, hibiscus,
oriental lilies and perhaps a
lagerstroemia (Jupiter tree).
Did you have to spend much
time with a hose watering the
garden? If so, extend the irrigation
system to more plants by next year.
To ensure that there is sufficient
pressure of water for all the drip
feeds construct the system in
sections with a separate timer on
each section.
Did the ground dry out daily to
a dust bowl? Work in as much
organic matter as you can into
the soil during the autumn and
winter. If you are laying out a new
garden or a new bed in an existing
garden, aim to achieve 25% of
organic matter in the top 20 to30
centimetres of the soil.
Is the surface of the soil best
described as concrete? Enrich
the soil as ‘3’ above and mulch with
stone chippings, almond shells,
compost or wood chippings laid

a pond or
a series of
as a water
g a r d e n .
Plants such
cover much
ponds with
greenery and then have exotic flowers.
Also fish and frogs in ponds add interesting
wildlife diversions at a time when many
gardens receive less and less visits from
butterflies and birds each year as a result
of nearby new developments. The sound
of water from the fountains also creates
a cooling effect. The area will need little
summer care except for an occasional
topping up with water.

Did you get too many fallen
leaves and flowers around the
pool? If so, consider redesigning
that part of the garden with a plantfree inner area around the pool,
surrounded by a low drop area, two
or more metres deep.
Restrict plantings in this area to
clean plants such as succulents,
cacti and pelargoniums.


Were you able to siesta in the deep
shade of one or more trees? We
know that most of us come to Spain
for the sun, but for several months
of the year there are times of the
day when one is best out of the full
sun. A couple of fast growing trees
and a good broom to sweep up fallen
leaves and flowers is less expensive
and more healthy for most than an
afternoon of air conditioning. One
of the problems of air conditioning

is that the temperature difference
between the inside temperature
and the outside is greater than that
of the shade of a tree and in the
full sun, so one can be tempted to
live an indoor rather than outdoor
summer. Consider planting more
trees this autumn away from the
pool, or/and construct a pergola
with climbers planted alongside to
cover it next summer.

How did the lawn fare? Would it
make sense to change some of the
area to a stone chipping terrace
with a mature tree in the centre,
or leave the lawn longer during the
summer months?


Did you manage to keep your
annuals flowering throughout the
summer without them burning
back? If not, consider switching
over to pots of succulents. There
are many interesting varieties and
many flower during the summer.


Was there plenty of perfume in
the garden? If not, plant another
jasmine, some evening flowering
San Diego from seed, lemon verbena
and herbs such as rosemary, sage,
thyme and lavender.


Were July and August too hot for
the best of crops in your vegetable
garden? Don’t give up vegetable
growing as you were not the only
one to suffer. If you only have a
small vegetable garden, consider
changing over to a number of raised
beds during the autumn. If filled
with a 30% compost/manure to soil
mix they will retain water better
and not become as consolidated. If
you plant in blocks instead of rows
it is possible to raise an amazing
amount of vegetables in a small
space. Also consider a block or
row of black builder’s buckets for
growing vegetables through the
summer and indeed all the year
round as illustrated in the photo. It
is best to site them in an area that
only has sun for half the day and
preferably in the morning.

Hopefully such changes to your garden and
gardening practices can help you enjoy
future hot summers better.
© Dick Handscombe

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Page 13

Lady – was born in 2011 and her shoulder
height is 35cm. She is fully vaccinated,
sterilised and ready to travel within Europe.
She is good with cats and dogs. She loves
to play and is very nosy!!!! She walks well
on the lead. She has a very good appetite
and loves life!

Samson - was born on 15 January
2014. His shoulder height is 15cm to the
shoulder. He is in the process of being
vaccinated and micro-chipped and when
all complete, he will be ready to travel. He
is a handsome little dog....good with dogs
and cats and loves to play. He adores the
company of his humans!! He is a quiet and
relaxed little boy.

Both of these dogs are in foster care, so
are used to living in a home environment.
We always need people who are able
to foster kittens or puppies in their
homes, often at short notice. We also
need fosterers able to take in adult
dogs who aren’t coping well in kennels.
We are looking for volunteers to help out
with the animals - for dog walking, feeding
and/or playing and grooming.
Please contact Lorna by email at or
Whatsapp 676 276 199.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Therapeutic Massage
What if an hour of Massage did more than
just provide a little relaxation? Evidence is
showing that the more Massage you can
receive the better you’ll feel.
Massage as a healing tool has been
around for thousands of years in many
cultures. Touching is a natural human
response to stress and pain; it conveys
compassion and support. Think of the last
time you bumped your head or had a sore
calf; your first instinct was to rub it. The
same was true of our earliest ancestors;
healers throughout time have instinctively
developed a wide range of therapeutic
techniques using touch.
We now have scientific proof of the benefits

of Massage, ranging from treating chronic
diseases and injuries, to alleviating the
stress and tension of modern-day living.
Having a Massage does more than just
relax the body and mind. There are also
physiological and psychological changes
which take place when Massage is used as
a preventative therapy on a regular basis.
The Consequences of Stress
Experts estimate that 80% to 90% of
disease is stress-related. Massage is
therefore used to combat that very high
figure by bringing about relaxation.
Massage can bring about physical changes
to the body which can in turn have a positive
effect in many areas of your life. Apart
from increasing relaxation and decreasing
anxiety, Massage lowers blood pressure,

increases circulation, improves recovery
from injury, helps you sleep better and
may improve memory and concentration.
It also reduces fatigue and gives you more
energy to handle stressful situations.
Massage can be combined with Myofascial
Release to help many conditions including:
Fibromyalgia, Joint problems (restricted
movement for example of the neck
and shoulders), Sporting Injuries and
Postural Problems to name just a few!
Andrea Golder
Clinical Complementary Therapies
Tel 634 327 241

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Page 15

The Beacon
to say a big
thank you to
for arranging
our Fun Day
on October
was held at
Camposol A.
Our thanks
also to the many stall holders and all our
loyal supporters. It was a wonderful day

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

As many of you are probably aware, the
Mazarrón Bahia Leos rebuilt the insect
hotel on Camposol C Sector last month.
Upset by the burning down of the previous
Buggy B&B, Club members wanted to
rebuild as soon as possible in order to
provide an area to attract & hopefully
home wildlife before the colder months
arrive. A new addition to this ‘Insectopia’
is a bird table & we hope that you’ll join
us by putting some crumbs on there when

The Leos had a wonderful surprise this
month, when they were contacted by
the Committee of the Los Amigos Golf
Society to advise that they would like
to make a donation to the Leo Club by
making a purchase for the Leos from the

and was enjoyed by all.
The Beacon of Light meetings are
every Wednesday from 7pm with weekly
guest mediums who usually finish at
approximately 8.30pm. As always, the
evenings ends with a friendly chat and a
cup of tea and biscuits. All our meetings
are funded by donations given during the
evening. Our early healing sessions start
at 6pm.
Guest mediums for November are:
Wednesday November 4th Debbie Blevins
Tuesday November 10th An evening of
Clairvoyance with Barbara Almond at

proceeds of their Open Charity Golf Day!
Every year, the Los Amigos Golf Society
generously donate their proceeds to local
children’s charities & other organisations
and we are extremely grateful to the
Committee for considering us.

Oscar’s, Camposol B at 8pm. Doors close
at 7.45pm Tickets 5€ from Oscar’s or The
Beacon of Light
Wednesday November 11th Barbara
Wednesday November 18th Anna-Marie
McArthur (bring a flower)
For further information please phone
620 877 326 or email beacon.of.light.
Facebook Beacon of Light Murcia

our Club’s President (Shannon Edment)
& Treasurer (Harry Shackleton) plus
representatives from Fundraising (Shauna
Brennan), Welfare (Holly Ryan) & Social
(Jack Walker-Dawson) were presented
with a wonderful donation of €1,000! An
enormous ‘leoroar’ of thanks goes out to
the Los Amigos Golf Society.
Please watch out for the Leos with their
official Strides Sponsored Walk forms
this month. The Strides Walk is due to
take place on Saturday 14th November
with the proceeds going to local children
suffering from diabetes. Please give us a
friendly wave or beep if you’re passing!

In the Leos way, club members voted
from a pre-prepared wish list of required
items to decide what they wanted most
and duly advised the Committee. It was
to our amazement and delight at the Golf
Society’s Annual Dinner last month that

The Mazarrón Bahia Leos hold official
meetings at 7pm on the 1st & 3rd Fridays
of the month in the Camposol Cultural
Members can attend informal
evenings on the 2nd & 4th Fridays - the
Club is open to children aged 12-18 years.
For more information contact Martin
Shackleton (Leo Club Advisor) at

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Telitec was established over 10 years ago
to provide the expat community with an
Internet solution in areas that could not be
reached by ADSL (internet via landline).
Due to the success of that product we
grew rapidly and Telitec is now one of the
largest independent Telecommunication
Companies in Spain and the Islands.

Telitec now offers Internet six different
ways including the latest technology of 4G,
plus UK TV options, Mobile and of course
low cost calls within Spain and worldwide.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

“We just went with the needs and
requirements of our clients “said CEO
Jan McDowell-Edmondson. “Initially it
was just residential, but then businesses
starting joining; they all wanted something
different. The average clients quite simply
wants a phone line, Internet, Mobile and
the UK TV system that works with no fuss
and at a good price. With Telitec they get
all of that and more. Businesses on the
other hand want more on the Internet and
Mobile side of things; even synchronized
bandwidth and we can custom-build for
them too.”
Telitec has the largest legal wireless
system in Spain, fully CMT registered, so
if you cannot get a phone line or Internet
where you live or operate your business
properly, we can help. We fight tooth
and nail to keep our prices at a minimum
and any savings we can make are passed
straight back to the client. Our staff will
listen to what you want within your home,
business or both and adjust the packages
to suit you and your lifestyle.
We believe that Telitec has covered most
bases and with the product/service backed
up by the biggest Customer Service and
Technical Team in independent Telecoms in
Spain today, you just want to be part of
“I have confidence that once you have
joined Telitec there will be no looking
We have 10’s of thousands of
clients, all with different requirements
and we are extremely proud that a very
large percentage of our new clients come
from recommendations from our existing
customers. That says it all to me” says Jan
Please contact us now on 965 743 473
We look forward to speaking with you.

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Page 17

Private Health Insurance
How can I find the right one for me?
“Sorry – I can´t help you with that!”
How many times have you heard that
sentence lately?
Maybe you are experiencing problems
with your current private medical insurer,
medical staff not speaking your language,
not fully understanding your EHIC card
entitlements, or simply not entitled to it.
Are you applying for ‘Residencia’ and need
to prove medical insurance?
Whatever your problem, if ASSSA can help
– they will!

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Experience, Service & Integrity
ASSSA Health
Insurance are specialists in the field
of healthcare caring for the health of
thousands of people. Their friendly,
multilingual employees are pleased to
answer all client queries fully and with
complete honesty and many of their
clients join them on recommendation
from existing ones. After joining ASSSA,
you are allocated a personal contact who
speaks your language and assists with any
questions that you may have and will deal
directly with you for medical assistance,
offering personal empathy, help and

All our animals at AAR are very precious
and each has their own special story to
tell, but in the past month we have been
caring for a very poorly girl called Narlia.

She was living in appalling conditions for
approximately 2 years without access to
proper food. This poor girl was positive for
leishmania, ehrlichia, had kidney failure,
was anaemic, dehydrated and had ulcers
in both eyes. Her frail little body was
covered in sores and her hair very sparse.
This was one of our biggest challenges to
date. We knew this poor girl was going to
need extensive medical help at great cost.
It has not been easy and in addition to her
other treatment, she had a button sewn
over her right eye to help the hole heal
in her cornea. The button has now been
removed and the hole has healed so she
can now see out of both eyes. Over the past

policies offer
an extensive
c l i n i c s ,
working from
some of the
best private
healthcare hospitals. They have many
English speaking medical professionals
associated to ASSSA.
Quality Insurance
ASSSA provides flexible levels of Health
Insurance - depending on the cover level
and premium best suited to the client’s
requirements - from a supplementary
insurance to a more fully comprehensive
cover. ASSSA is pleased to be able to offer
lifetime discounts up to 30% for adults
and 50% for accompanying children up
to 16 years. ASSSA is currently offering
an amazing 25% lifetime discount on our
Funeral Insurance premiums plus, the
option to pay in installments at no extra
cost. In addition ASSSA has discounted
their very popular Dental Insurance.

* The age you join is the age you stay: i.e.
premiums do not increase simply because
you grow older.
* ASSSA will not give notice to terminate
your policy due to age or illness reasons
- this guarantee of lifetime cover is also
granted from day 1 of the policy.
Many other insurance companies make
these promises verbally, but if they are
not written into the contract, there is no
obligation for the company to deliver them.
Change Your Health Insurance Now
Has your private health insurance company
drastically increased your premiums?
Are you dissatisfied with the service
provided by your current insurer? ASSSA
can offer easy transfer options.
Contact ASSSA for a personal consultation
and premium quotation without obligation.
Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30am1.30pm (later appointments or home visits
can be made by arrangement).
Diane Nolan
Puerto de Mazarrón
Av. Dr. Meca, 109
C.C La Pirámide - local 9
Tel 968 153 396

Guarantees when you contract with

4 weeks what
a long way this
little girl has
She is
such a fighter
and after 10
days in hospital,
she came home
and slowly has
progress. There
is still a long way
to go, but the
future is looking
Narlia. Having
touched so many people’s hearts she now
has a loving home to go to in England.
She still has treatment to finish and will
not be fit to travel for at least another 8
weeks. So many people have helped with
her recovery, not least Paco from Clinica
Veterinaria in Puerto de Mazarron; a big
thank you to him and his team. Big hugs
to everyone else and please continue to
follow her progress on our Facebook page.
We are securing the removal of two
ponies, mother and her foal that were
literally starving to death…….so so thin.
The poor baby has gashes on his behind
where we think dogs have been biting him.
In conjunction with the police we have
been able to rescue these two ponies and
they are now safe and secure, with warm

bedding, fresh water, carrots, food and of
course bundles of loving.

So many people are involved with AAR, too
numerous to mention, but they all play a
very vital part and when we can share a
success story it makes us all very proud.
I am lucky to know so many wonderful
people enabling me to continue my work.
I couldn’t do it without you.
The stories you have read about today incur
huge vet bills, so if you have any unwanted
furniture, bric-a-brac or clothing, I am on
Camposol B Car Park Mondays 11.30am1.30pm. Donations are also welcome in
our shops in Mazarrón or Roldan 11am2pm. If you can spare a few euros to help
our gorgeous girls and boys then please
send to Paypal andreasanimalrescue@
Catch up again next month.

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Page 19

The French Government Recognises
D-Day Veterans With The Country’s
Highest Honour.
During the 70th Anniversary celebrations
of the Normandy Campaign in June 2014,
the French President, Francois Hollande,
made a promise that all veterans of that
campaign would be awarded their highest
decoration, The Legion d’Honneur.

The Legion d’Honneur, or in full, the
National Order of the Legion of Honour is
a French order established by Napoleon
Bonaparte on 19th May 1802. The Order
is the highest decoration in France and
is divided into five degrees of increasing
distinction: Chevalier (Knight), Officier
(Officer), Commandeur (Commander),
Grand Officier (Grand Officer) and Grand
Croix (Grand Cross).

The Government of France told the UK
Ministry of Defence that it wishes to
recognise the selfless acts of heroism and
determination displayed by all surviving
veterans of the Normandy Landings
and of the wider campaigns to liberate
France in 1944, by awarding them with
the Legion d’Honneur. This recognition
extends beyond the troops who actually
landed on and fought their way up the
beaches 70 years ago and includes Royal
Navy and Royal Air Force personnel who
operated in support of the landings.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The remaining Veterans are awarded the
Chevalier (Knight) medal for the part
they took in the Liberation of France.
Unfortunately many have died whilst
waiting for these awards and they cannot
be awarded posthumously to the families.

During World War II (1939-1945), the
Battle of Normandy, which lasted from
June 1944 to August 1944, resulted
in the Allied liberation of Western
Europe from Nazi Germany’s control.
Codenamed Operation Overlord, the
battle began on June 6, 1944, also
known as D-Day, when some 156,000
American, British and Canadian
forces landed on five beaches along a
50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified
coast of France’s Normandy region.
The invasion was one of the largest
amphibious military assaults in history
and required extensive planning. Prior
to D-Day, the Allies conducted a largescale deception campaign designed to
mislead the Germans about the intended
invasion target. By late August 1944, all
of northern France had been liberated
and by the following spring the Allies had
defeated the Germans. The Normandy
Landings have been called the beginning
of the end of war in Europe.

It is a ‘grand honour’ to actually have my
father awarded one of these medals and I
will give some background to his story of
his part in WWII.
D-Day And After
My father Thomas Till joined up in 1944 at
the age of 18, to the 2nd/5th Lancashire
Fusiliers C Company. His Battalion was
the only Infantry Battalion he knew that
had a navy blue side-cap. He was part of
the 59th Division (Staffordshire). He was
a Piat Gunner. A Piat was an anti-tank
weapon (see picture).

My father destroyed the church
tower with his Piat gun to silence the
16th July
“Heavy fighting at Tessel Wood, then 2/5
Lancashshire Fusiliers pushed on and
occupied Landet. At 12:30hrs an enemy
attack with tanks was launched against
them. This resulted in 2/5 Lancashire
Fusiliers being pushed back suffering
heavy casualties. The enemy then began
to shell and mortar their positions. A plan
was decided on and ‘A’ and ‘C’ Companies
were moved forward to contact remnants
of the German army and exploit their
positions. Remainder of Battalion were to
move forward.”
17th July
The 2/5 Lancashire Fusiliers were well dug
in. My father went to recover his back
pack to make a cup of tea when he heard
and saw the mortar rounds exploding 50
feet away; then about 20 feet away. He
then dived to the ground with his backpack
covering his head and a mortar round
exploded next to him. He felt severe pain
in his back. He had been wounded.
He was alone and he crawled into a
shell hole. He was shouting for help and
one soldier who he did not know came
to his aide, putting a first aid patch on
his wounds. He then threw him over his
shoulder and carried him back to a waiting
jeep. He was then put on the bonnet and
taken to the field hospital to be operated
on. He had two large holes in his back
and numerous shrapnel wounds.
19th July
Dad embarked
landing craft
with hundreds
soldiers. The
was disbanded
after the battle
due to heavy

Dad sailed from Newhaven for the
Normandy Beaches on 26th June 1944.
He landed on Juno Beach, Normandy on
27th June 1944 and moved inland with
the 59th Divison. Their objective was to
take Galmanche, St. Contest, Mâlon,
which was named Operation Charnwood,
between 7th-9th July 1944.
“During this battle, wounded and missing
were 9 officers and 103 men. Fighting
around this area had ceased and we
commenced to clear up the battlefield
and bury the dead.
We arrived in the
rest area (Château
de Maromme) and
arrived, at 15:00hrs.
We moved to St.
over from 1/7 Royal
Warwickshires. We
were sniped from the
village, but clearing
parties soon silenced
the snipers.”

my father age 19 and other men who
went through the horrors of war. They
all deserve the honour from the French
Government in the presentation of the
The Legion d’Honneur. We owe the
lives we have today to all those who died
in the wars. Without their sacrifice our
world would be a totally different place.
Our gratitude to them all.
They shall grow not old, as we that
are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the
years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in
the morning,
We will remember them.
Robert and Amanda Till

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This is the fourth year that we have organised
our Poppy Appeal to coincide with the selling
of poppies by various organisations throughout
the world and we appreciate that many people
support poppy appeals in their own way. The
Costa Cálida Chronicle Poppy Appeal
was started because there were no poppies
available in the area at the time. We asked
the Royal British Legion if they would give us
permission to use their official logo. They of
course agreed and since then we have asked
our advertisers if they would donate money to
our Poppy Appeal if we put the official logo
on their advert in November. This year the
following advertisers have donated:
AC Services
Airpark Murcia
All Season Gardens
Anchor Landscapes
Apache Plumbing
Beauty Palace
Big G’s
Bolnuevo Cars

Cash Clearances
Clinical Complementary Therapies
CM Construction
Condado Invest
Delmonte Catotel
Don Tecnico
Fuente Building
Furniture Plus
Hardy Removals
Healthy H20
Holmes & Pegg
HR Insurance
Ken Sherwood
Kitchens Plus1
Locksmith Murcia
Lords Removals

The Poppy Appeal is well under way
and you can find poppies and collection
boxes in bars, restaurants & shops in the
Mazarrón district.

ones. The Legion’s vital welfare work is
entirely dependent on the public’s support
– so please give generously and wear
your poppy with pride, knowing that with
your donation you can help the entire
Armed Forces community to Live On.

Remembrance Day is on Wednesday
11th November, when many choose to
observe 2 minutes silence at 11am as
a mark of respect for the fallen.
The British Legion created the Poppy
Appeal to help those returning from the
First World War. A century on from the start
of that conflict, we’re still helping today’s
Armed Forces families and veterans in
much the same way.

Louis Harris
Market Tavern
MW IT Services
Owners Away
Paul the plumber
Pinturas Acosta
Prime Property
Rainbow Sats
S & D Builders
Sensol Villa Rentals
Sol Pellets
Sooty & Son
Sovereign Wealth
Tidy Gardens
TJ Electricals
UK Motorhomes wanted
Water Filter Spain
Yoga Shala
We also have a very poignant article on the
previous page, The Legion d’Honneur by
Robert Till that coincides very well with the
Poppy Appeal.

Ex-Servicemen’s Association of Mazarrón
Tel 626 209419

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The poppy is a powerful symbol - it is
worn to commemorate the sacrifices of
our Armed Forces and to show support to
those still serving today and their loved

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Page 21

What a great night it turned out to be the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration
of Coral and Bas Barrass, which was held
at the Golf Club on Saturday, September
19th. The decorations were beautiful, the
welcoming drinks delicious, the food superb
and the entertainment second to none.

rare occurrence. Congratulation to them
both again for surviving the journey and
organising such a brilliant evening. We
certainly all sang for our supper that night,
including Coral of course. We have also
been invited by Miles South Promotions to
sing some songs from South Pacific at their
‘Magic Of The Musicals’ event to be held at
the La Cumbre Hotel on December 13th; an
invitation we were delighted to accept.

Now it’s back to normal, rehearsing for
our New Show which we are planning to
perform in the New Year and our Christmas
Show which we will be performing at Café
Buenavista in Puerto de Mazarrón on
December 2nd. Early booking is advisable if
you would like a table. The cost will be 10€
per person, including a Menu del Dia and
the show will commence at 12.30pm.
We will also be providing the entertainment
at Forget Me Not’s Christmas Lunch;
the charity that we support. A busy and
buzzy December ahead that we are all
looking forward to with great anticipation.
We have a few vacancies for ladies who
have a good singing voice and are able
to make simple movements in time to
the music, although the latter is not
essential. If you are interested then send
an email to Maddie Munday or Ray Jose
at or
Facebook us at MasqueradeMusicals. We
rehearse every Wednesday afternoon 4pm6pm at the Culture Centre on Camposol.

Well it had to be! Coral is a member of
both Masquerade Musicals and the
Harlequins Rock Choir; both groups
singing that night in celebration of what
is unfortunately nowadays an all too

Games Night - 6th January - 3€

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Hello Shirley here
On 14th September Welcome went on their
trip to Salamanca, Leon and Vallodolid.
Salamanca was a lovely city with one of
the oldest universities in Spain. Leon’s
cathedral has the most impressive stained
glass windows and Vallodolid made the
men happy when they found an Irish bar
showing the English rugby match! Good
hotels and plenty to see; cathedrals,
churches, a palace and a chocolate factory
at Astorga. Everyone had a great time.
Welcome has had a very busy month
On 1st October we had the September
Dance (I know wrong month) when we
were entertained by Fakers Quo. During the
first set they sang songs by various artistes
and the second set we enjoyed songs by the
‘Quo’. They soon had everyone up dancing
and all enjoyed themselves. (There were a
few backaches the next morning).

January Dance - 27th January – 8€.
Artistes Angie McKay and Terry J
Future Events:
Christmas in Benidorm 4 nights/5 days
at the 4 star Helios - coach, full board
including Gala Christmas lunch 250€ pp
2016 St Valentine’s Weekend in
Benalmadena, half board with wine and
water staying in a 4 star hotel. 3 nights/4
days 170€ pp includes day trip to Ronda.
Just 2 places left on the second coach
Competition was held at Mariano’s, on 7th
October and congratulations go to Bob and
Jan, the winners, who were presented with
the shield and a hamper. 2nd prize went to
Fred and Brenda and 3rd prize to Dez and
Liz. The strongest team Peter and Barbara
(supporting all the others) were given a
box of wine. Thanks to Les for organising
it. The next game at Mariano’s is on 4th
November at 2pm.
The next meeting is at Mariano’s on 7th
November at 2pm.


The next Book Swaps are on Tues 3
17th Nov at 10am on Camposol B.


The first Ladies’ Charity Evening was
on 6th October, with clothes which were
provided by Age Concern, GOmaD and
MABS. Rosemary was able to present each
charity with a cheque for 150€ Thanks to Pat
Hankinson for co-ordinating and compering
the fashion show. Woody provided the
entertainment to finish off the evening.




2016 Cruise to Madeira, Canary Islands
etc. on board the Norwegian Epic. Leaves
5th March. Cabins from 1,020€ including
coach & hotel in Valencia, cruise, drinks
package and insurance. 2 cabins left.
2nd May, Trip To Seville, staying at 4 star
Hotel Sevilla near to the Plaza de Espana.
5 days/4 nights on B & B basis, includes
day trip to Tio Pepe, Jerez for sherry and
brandy tasting. 350€ pp

Tickets on sale:
Ladies’ Shopping Trip to Benidorm
Market and Rich Bitch Show – 11th
November – 15€

New Trip To Cuenca And Toledo - 6th
June – Cuenca, staying at 4 star NH Cuidad
Hotel; 7th/8th Toledo staying at 4 star
Eurostar Hotel; trip to Aranjuez inc. 190€
B & B. Although this has only just been
announced we only have 3 rooms left.

Dance with Woody and the Peckers –
18th November – 8€

Unless otherwise stated, all events are held
at Mariano’s Restaurant, Camposol A.

Christmas Party with Ricky Lavazza
and Time Warp – 9th December – 12€
New Year’s Eve Dance - 31st December
with Rob Sweeney, Dan Davy and Christine.
Buffet by Liz’s Café and champagne – 20€
Coach available 7€

For further information on any of the above,
please contact Rosemary on 620 105 179
or email welcomegroupspain@hotmail.
com or come to the next meeting.
Facebook welcomegroupspain

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Page 23

As I write this article, Wellspring Church
is celebrating its 9th birthday. This event
has me reminiscing over the past nine
amazing years and also looking forward
to what I believe will be a future filled
with opportunity and blessing.
So much has changed in our area and in
the world that we live in over the past
nine years; the advance in technology
races ahead of us and with mind-blowing
speed the digital age explodes and
influences so many areas of our lives.
I can remember the very first mobile
phone that was fitted into my company
vehicle; it was shaped like a brick and
weighed about the same. It plugged into
the car cigarette lighter and the first
time it rang, I very nearly drove off the
road. I had never heard a telephone ring
anywhere apart from in the office or at
home. Now our phones tell us the time,
reminds us to buy flowers, tell us to
within a few centimetres exactly where
in the world we are. They also enable
us to see live pictures of our friends and
family all over the globe, receive and
send written messages, switch on our
recording devices at home when we are
away and a myriad of other things too
numerous to list. Oh, and did I mention
that we can also make the odd phone
call to someone; and if by some chance
someone rings us... well, we also have
the answer or not switch!!

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Locally we have also seen so much
change … both good and bad. The
financial collapse and the devaluing of
our homes have hit many people on
the Costa Cálida. The loss of family and
friends who have passed away over
these years has been hard on many of us
and yet I have seen so much good being
done around our area; folk have risen
to the challenge and formed groups and
charities to meet the needs of those who
struggle with day to day living. I honour
and applaud each one who has sacrificed
time and energy in helping neighbours.
I would like to thank you on behalf
of Wellspring Church for your support
over the past nine years. Your generous
giving has enabled us to touch many
people’s lives, both locally and around
the world. From Haiti to Cambodia and
from Lorca to Kenya we have been able
to bring both disaster relief and rescue
‘at risk’ kids putting your money in
the hands of those trusted people who
really can and do make a difference.
That is why you see Wellspring folk
out in the community more than in our
church building in Puerto de Mazarrón.
The church cannot be contained within
a building and we believe passionately
about working in our community by
reaching out wherever and whenever
we can, with the love of Christ. It’s not
about the words we say – it’s about our
actions and what we do. We are a church
that loves to sing and make music and
you will find us using those gifts to bless
the people of our area… we hope that we
bless you.

My thanks to those reading this article
who have trusted us to help bring our
community together year after year.
We have been blessed to be involved in
the Christmas Carol Concerts on each
sector of Camposol every December, the
Remembrance Services at Los Palacios,
the Star Memorial Service in Mazarrón,
Camposol Fiesta and the Age Concern
and FAST Christmas Fairs.
What about the future?
The world continues to change at a rapid
rate of knots and we will have to respond
to those changes as a church. Humanity
is on the move and driven by war and
fear. The migration of people threatens
the infrastructures of nations and
governments. Man’s inhumanity towards
their fellow man continues to shock us
and I expect most of us say to ourselves
‘What next?’ ‘How much worse can this
world get?’
I believe that as long as man seeks after
power and money it is going to get a lot
worse. This can be seen as we watch
disasters unfold before our very eyes
in the Middle East. Couple this with the
‘religious hatred’ on show around the
world… not a good mix!
My Bible contains two simple truths
and I mentioned them in the last issue.
Firstly, love God with all of your heart
and secondly, love your neighbour as
yourself. It’s so simple that the world
rejects the message and looks for
another way. Man in general wants his
own way and we only have to look around
us to see the mess we have made of it.
I get tired of hearing the words ‘How
could a God of love let these terrible
things happen?’ If people do not believe
in God, then how can He be blamed for
all the wrong in the world? Every one of
us chooses to do right or wrong; to love
or to hate; to believe or not to believe.
We are not robots. We are individuals
and as individuals we must take
responsibility for our decisions and
God truly loves His creation and that
means you. That is why He sent His Son
Jesus to make a way back to Him for all
of us who have decided to go it alone
in life. Tomorrow and our future hold
many opportunities when we choose the
life that God intended for us; when we
do things His way and not ours. That’s
what I call living.

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Page 25

Roman Catholic Church
We are in St. Joseph’s Church (El Saladillo),
near Camposol and Mazarrón Country Club
urbanizations (exit 17, RM 3 motorway)
Schedule of Masses:
Every Saturday
Mass at 4.30pm (in English)
Every Sunday
Mass according to the extraordinary form
(in Latin) at 4.30pm
Schedule of Confessions:
Saturday from 3.15-4.20pm (also
Sundays from 3.15-4.20pm
Fr. Octavio Carpena 676 219 445
Fr. Carlos Prats 628 824 555


St Francis of Assisi
The first companion of St Francis was
Brother Bernard of Assisi, who was
converted in the following way: Bernard,
seeing by the light of the lamp the devout
actions of St Francis and the expression of
his countenance and devoutly considering
the words he uttered, was touched by the
Holy Spirit and resolved to change his life.
Next morning, therefore, he called St
Francis and thus addressed him: “Brother
Francis, I am disposed in heart wholly to
leave the world, and to obey thee in all
things as thou shalt command me.”
At these words, St Francis rejoiced in spirit
and said, “Bernard, a resolution such as
thou speakest of is so difficult and so great
an act, that we must take counsel of the
Lord Jesus Christ and pray to Him that he

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Liberty Seguros On Car And Home

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Bernard went
and sold all
that he had.
Now he was
very rich and
with great joy
he distributed
his wealth to
monasteries, to hospitals and to pilgrims,
in all which St Francis assisted him with
prudence and fidelity.

150,000 clients just like you.
Iván Ortego, Director Negocio Expatriates
expatriates much prefer the face-to-face
approach when buying insurance, so
popping into their local broker to discuss
all their insurance needs is the perfect
solution for our clients. Add to this our
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insurance has launched more great offers
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Take out a new fully comp CAR Insurance
policy and get 50€ Cashback direct to your
bank if paid by direct debit (even from
your home country bank account in the
SEPA Zone); and if not paid by direct debit,
you’ll get a 20€ fuel voucher so you can
drive a few more kilometres for FREE!

may be pleased
to show us
what is His will
and may teach
us to follow it.”

To fully insure your HOME against all
kinds of mishaps, take out our quality
Home Insurance and also get the same
50€ Cashback and
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Insurance to Spain’s

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Seguros, there are many ways to get in
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There is no minimum premium on Car
Insurance to get the 50€ Cashback,
but on new Home Policies the premium
must exceed 225€. (Not for renewals or
replacements.) Conditions apply.

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Page 27

The annual Party in the Park organised
by MABS was a tremendous success.
On Sunday 27th September 420 people
were treated to an afternoon/evening of
superb entertainment and a hog roast. The
party was started by MABS Fundraising
Volunteer, Donna Walsh, who welcomed
everyone on behalf of MABS and acted
as MC for the event. The weather was
changeable with storms forecast for the
evening, but it held up and was a gloriously
sunny day with near perfect temperature.
The storms could be seen closing in from
inland and thankfully it was all over by the
time the rain arrived.

superb sound equipment which meant
the event flowed very smoothly indeed.
There was the inevitable raffle which had
20 prizes, many of which were donated
by local businesses. There was even a
personal appearance by Jimi Harkishin,
who plays Dev Alahan in Coronation
Street, who was holidaying in the area and
when MABS Fundraising Volunteer and
Publicity Officer Donna Walsh bumped into
him and explained what the event was, he
was more than happy to drop by and have
his photo taken with his legions of fans.
All in all it was a superb day and €4163
was raised to support cancer patients and
their families in the region. Events like
this cannot go ahead without the tireless
work of the MABS Volunteers who are too
many to mention by name, but who work
extremely hard to ensure the events run

The excellent hog roast was provided by
Campbell’s of Roda and all 420 people
were served in 1 hour 15 minutes which
is fantastic. The bar was provided by
the Mayor of Roda and he arranged for
ridiculously cheap prices for the event as
well as his staff all working for nothing and
offering table service. This all helped to
make the day so fantastic. A huge thank
you was given to Francis Symons who
allowed all of the other artistes to use his

Cancer does not discriminate and
neither do MABS.
We help anybody of any nationality affected
by cancer.
Helpline 693 275 779
Follow our Facebook page to keep up to
date with our events https://www.
The next event is a Singalonga Mamma
Mia at Luis Lounge, San Javier. Tickets
cost €3 and are available from the shop.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

A spectacular line up of acts gave their time
freely. First on stage was Terry Morgan
who had the crowd line dancing in no time.
Diane Daniels led the line dancers so even
complete novices were able to join in the
fun. Gemma Barrett was next up and the
dance floor was packed as she entertained
everyone with Soul & Motown Classics.
Multi-talented Paul Allen followed and
wowed the crowd, especially the ladies,
with his great vocals as well as playing
the mouth organ. The fabulous Suzy G
was there with her dance show. It was
fantastic to welcome Suzy back following
her recent trauma and although she’s not
singing properly yet, her energetic dance
show more than made up for it. Suzy has
supported MABS by playing at Party in the
Park since 2009! Francis Symons followed
Suzy and he had the dance floor packed for
his entire set. He was singing and dancing

amongst the crowds and they loved it. Last
in the line-up was Martin Ross who kept
the dance floor filled to capacity with his
set of crowd pleasers. A special mention
goes to Joseph Hughes, a 14 year old pupil
at King’s College in Roldan, who enthralled
the audience with his beautiful voice and
great choice of songs.

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Second “Harmony College” A Roaring
Since the group Collabro won Britain’s Got
Talent in 2014, there has been massive
interest in A Cappella (singing without
accompaniment, or Barbershop), as people
recognise that they don’t need to play an
instrument to be a successful musician.
This was very obvious at the Harmony
College, held at the Hotel Costa Narejos
in Los Alcázares, as it was attended by
experienced enthusiasts and newcomers
from all over Spain and the UK.

Association of Barbershop Singers) on
the international stage in the USA twice and
will be representing them again in Nashville
in 2016. ‘Reckless’ hold ten gold medals
between them! Guests gathered to enjoy a
lively course run by this very experienced
barbershop quartet who taught a variety
of techniques to the Harmony College
students to improve both their singing and
performance skills. This included three
‘Harmony College Choruses’: the Ladies
Chorus, the Men’s Chorus and the Mixed

what the ‘students’ had learned during
the weekend and was appreciated by
‘Reckless’ gave a stunning
quartet performance to round off the very
successful weekend.

SABS is keen to have more people join
in this unique art and to involve people
in the various singing courses being held
around Spain in the coming months. To
find out when and where, please check the
Facebook page https://www.facebook.
It wasn’t all hard work! There was a lot
of fun, chat and bonding and the event
culminated in a free public concert which
we are happy to say was full to capacity.
This was an opportunity to show off

To find out more general information
about Barbershop in Spain, visit the SABS
Photographer: Lyn Baines

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Organised for the second time by SABS
(Spanish Association of Barbershop
Singers), the event was supported
by ‘Reckless Quartet’ from the UK who
have represented the BABS (British

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Page 29

HAH Fashion Show … What A Great
On Wednesday, 30th September, HAH held
their Annual Fashion Show at and what
a great success it was.

The HAH team turned out in force with
their clothes, cakes, cards, tombola and
raffle, and along with Denice from Shoe
Amor, Colin from Preeva Jewellery. Jerin
Cher Pearl and Lucky Pearl, and Dee with
her Tarot and Angel readings, there was
certainly something for everyone and

The City of Cartagena will be swinging
to the sounds of Jazz during the 35th
Edition of the Cartagena Jazz Festival.
There are 9 concerts from Saturday 31st
October to Thursday 22nd November.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Saturday 31st October at 9.30pm
Pérez Cruz at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
Tickets: 20€

some great bargains to be had.
Starting at 2pm, everyone had time to
browse before they were treated to a
fashion show by HAH’s own volunteers,
which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone.
Afterwards the clothes were auctioned,
and the final total raised for HAH was a
staggering €1,048.

Our thanks go to Heather McKelvey and
her team, Carole Duff and Pam Prince
who organised the event: all the HAH

at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
Tickets: 18€
Saturday 7th November at 9.30pm
GoGo Penguin and John Scofueld
& Joe Lovano Quartet at the El Batel
Tickets: 20€
Sunday 8th November at 8pm
Cassandra Wilson at the El Batel
Tickets: 25€

Friday 6th November at 9.30pm
Iron & Wine and Richard Bona Band

Volunteers for their help with the stalls,
setting up and sorting, then selling on
the day; the above stall holders, some of
whom travelled a long way and of course
to everyone who came along and enjoyed
the day. What a great atmosphere and a
brilliant result!

If you would like to join this fun team,
either fund raising or caring, please email or ask
one of our volunteers for more information.

Friday13th November at 9.30pm
Kurt Elling and José James at the
Nuevo Teatro Circo
Tickets: 20€
Saturday 14th November at 9.30pm
Ibrahim Maalouf and Esperanza
Spalding at the Nuevo Teatro Circo
Tickets: 20€
Friday 20th November at 9.30pm
Jorge Pardo and CMQ Big Band at the
Nuevo Teatro Circo
Tickets: 18€
Saturday 21st November at 9.30
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis at the Nuevo
Teatro Circo
Tickets: 18€
Sunday 22nd November at 8pm
Quintet & Kyle Eastwood Band at the
Nuevo Teatro Circo
Tickets: 18€
There are 200 Festival Passes (abonos)
available for just 75€ each which are
valid for all concerts. They can be bought
at the ticket office at the Nuevo Teatro
Circo and the Auditorio El Batel (10am2pm & 5pm-8pm Monday to Friday).
Individual tickets can be bought in the
same way, but also via the internet on
For more information take a look at the
official website.

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Big Step Forward For Help MMM
On 15th October, HELP Murcia Mar Menor
opened its new outlet store at the Arches
Complex in Los Alcazares, Murcia. (Just off
the AP7, junction Los Alcazares Norte)

together with the President of HELP Pat

a good position with parking and wished
HELP good luck with their new venture.
Coffee and cake was supplied to members
and potential customers who had attended
the opening. Thankfully the sun was
shining, but the store has plenty of covered
area for when the wet weather arrives.
The store will be manned by volunteers
and will be open Tuesday to Saturday from
10am until 2 pm. It has a good stock of
clothing, bedding, furniture and many
other items.
Come and have a look

Association are always interesting and
informative, but a recent meeting was
particularly so as we were given life saving
lessons by a qualified nurse from the
Angels Association.

We were given a lecture and demonstration
of the correct method of giving CPR,

If you think that you have any items that
you would like to donate to this charity
please contact HELP MMM at their office
on 968 570 059 Collections can be

(Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), better
known as the ‘Kiss of Life’ and members
were then invited to practice the procedure
for themselves.
We were then given the opportunity to
have a Blood Pressure Test, a Sugar
Level Test and a Cholesterol Test. A large
number of members took part in this and
seemingly everyone was quite satisfied
with their results.
The primary aim of ADAPT Association is
to integrate with the Spanish community
in and around the San Pedro area whilst
enjoying the social aspect with our various
groups which include Luncheon Groups,
Camera and Computer Clubs, Spanish
Conversation Group, Metal Detecting and
many others.

ADAPT meetings take place at 10.30am
on the first Saturday of the month in the
Pensionista building, next to Castelar
College, Lo Pagan, when new members are
always welcome.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Elizabeth Bell the Vice Consul from
Alicante performed the opening ceremony

The Vice Consul, on behalf of all Consular
staff in Alicante, thanked HELP for all the
assistance that it has given to so many
people in the Murcia region over the years,
adding that she thought the store was in

Visit our website at

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Page 31

On 26th September Helma at La Pasteleria
in Puerto de Mazarrón held the yearly sort
out for MABS Mazarrón.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

A f t e r
a d ve r t i s i n g
in the Costa
C á l i d a
C o s t a
C á l i d a
Radio they

The Rugby World cup is currently in full
swing with Scotland in the quarter finals
as I write. I was reminded of Scotland’s
Euan Murray’s stand against playing rugby
on a Sunday because he is a Christian.
Connected with this and continuing with
my rant from last month, (as the world
has not ended and I am able to write
this article), I was discussing with some
friends the demise of the once normal
‘Closed on Sundays’.
Even in Spain during the few years we

donations, much of which is ideal to sell in
the MABS shop in Totana.

Helma would like to thank everybody
who made a donation or brought in
unwanted items on this special day. If
you have any clothes, books, bric-abrac or other household items that you
would like to donate, or you want some
more information about MABS, please
come to La Pasteleria or contact them on
629 079 523. If you have larger items,
they can arrange to pick them up from
your house with the MABS van.

have been here the rot has set in. Bars
and restaurants were open, but gradually
as the rules have been changed from
concessions for tourist areas in peak
season to any business, anywhere, at any
time of the year, we have settled for a
seven day working week.
“So what?” I hear you say.
We will just ignore the disruption to family
life, the effect on church attendance,
the environment with more shops and
businesses consuming fuel, probably

La Pasteleria
Centro Comercial Upper Local 8
Opposite the Eurospar/Upper
30860 Puerto de Mazarrón
629 079 523

more traffic and pollution as well. But
hey, someone is making money out of the
exercise so all is well!
We are really short-sighted to believe there
are no consequences for these decisions.
You might think I am making too much
of this, but once again the balance and
stability of society is sacrificed on the altar
of the ‘money god’ and we wonder why we
have problems.
God said “If you keep your feet from
breaking the Sabbath and doing as you
please on my Holy Day; if you call the
Sabbath a delight and the Lord’s Holy Day
honourable and if you honour it by not
going your own way and not doing as you
please or speaking idle words, then you
will find your joy in the LORD”,...Isaiah




You can find us Sunday evenings on
Condado de Alhama in the Al Kasar
Centre. Come and join us.
We offer
something a bit different. Sit around and
chat over a cup of tea or coffee and learn
about God and what He can do for YOU.
We also hold monthly social events in Los
Almagros. Look out for the posters or go
to our website for details.
Contact Ken 646 705 403
If you would like to be informed of our
events and be added to our mailing list
please email opendoorgettogether@

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Page 33

Infanta Cristina To Be Tried In January
King Felipe VI’s younger sister, the Infanta
Cristina will become the first-ever royal to
appear in court when she is tried over tax
evasion charges on January 11th.
The former Duchess of Palma, who was
stripped of her title by her own brother in
response to the accusations against her, is
said to have offset personal expenses against
business tax declarations and is also 50%
owner of a dormant front company used by
her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín, to launder
money he allegedly embezzled from public
funds. She said she did not know what she
was signing, but just put her autograph on
all documents her husband gave her ‘out of
love and trust’ for her spouse of more than
20 years.
Attempts by the Infanta’s solicitor to spare
her having to appear in the dock have
failed. The corruption scandal has been
running for nearly five years now and has
caused rifts and tension within the Infanta›s
Volkswagen To Start Repairs
Spain’s estimated 683,000 Volkswagen diesel
vehicles affected by the emissions rigging
scandal will start to be recalled in January
and all those which can be repaired – the
vast majority, according to the company –
will be fixed before the end of 2016.
VW has set aside €6.5 billion to cover the costs
of rectifying all vehicles involved, but realises
the final bill may well be considerably higher,
especially if fines are levied by international
governments. The repair process will be
long and drawn-out and especially for those
vehicles with smaller engine sizes.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Spain’s government has confirmed that the
rigging scandal will not affect the so-called
Plan PIVE, where owners part-exchange their
cars of seven years old or more for a brandnew one at a much more competitive rate
thanks to a State subsidy.
‘Flu Jab Campaign
Winter ‘flu jab campaigns have started all
over Spain and anyone considered ‘at risk’
is urged to come forward and make an
appointment. Health experts say having
the vaccination can cut winter hospital
admissions by 45%, since influenza can
create ‘major health risks’ in chronically-ill
Health authorities offer vaccinations to the
over-60’s, anyone who has regular contact
with the general public and anyone working
with the elderly, plus those who have
chronic or serious health conditions such as

cardiovascular problems, diabetes or cancer
and pregnant women.
‘Dignified Death’
The tragic case of 12-year-old Andrea
Ordóñez Lago from Santiago de Compostela
has set a legal precedent for the ‘right to die
with dignity’ where the terminal patient is a
The parents said their little girl had an
irreversible and incurable degenerative
disease of the nervous system and, having
gone through years of operations and
treatment ‘like a little champion’, her body
‘was saying it could not take any more’. The
judge ordered the hospital to follow Andrea’s
family’s instructions and she passed away
peacefully, two days after medics stopped her
treatment and put her under heavy sedation.
Euthanasia and assisted suicide remain illegal
in Spain, but several regions have approved
laws allowing the patient or his or her next of
kin to request treatment be stopped and the
terminally-ill person to be placed under deep
sedation or in an induced coma until nature
takes its course.
In 2006 51-year-old Inmaculada Echevarría,
who had been ill with a progressive muscular
dystrophy for 10 years, asked Granada
hospital to take her off her breathing
machine and sedate her in order to let her
pass away. In March 2007, a judge ruled
that she was not asking for euthanasia and
Andalucía approved the 2010 Law of Rights
and Guarantees for the Dignity of Persons in
the Process of Death, making the southern
community the first of Spain’s 17 regions to
legislate on the subject.
‘Assisted Suicide’ Film
Probably the most famous case of all in Spain
was turned into a film and later a bestselling
novel. ‘The Sea Inside’, released in 2004,
was based upon the true story of tetraplegic
patient Ramón Sampedro from Galicia who,
after 29 years of being totally paralysed
and bedridden and losing his euthanasia
case following a five-year legal battle, drank
cyanide in January 1998 to end it all. He
videoed his death to ensure nobody was
charged with murder.
Spaniards ‘Extremely Healthy’
Mediterranean diet helps, but obesity in
Spain is on the rise. Spanish people are
officially the healthiest in the world and
women live longer than anywhere else in
Europe, according to the WHO, but they
warn that Spanish adults are also among the
fattest, with 23.7% of adults aged 18-plus
being considered clinically obese last year –
higher than in 2010 when they accounted for
22.1% of the country’s
Smoking and drinking
alcohol could ‘threaten
the excellent work’
of the population in
general and medical
services by reducing
and life expectancy.
have an average life
expectancy of 85 and
a half and men are
now living longer than
they were five years

Vandals Cut Fibre-Optic AVE Cables
Chaos reigned along Catalunya’s railway lines
when severed fibre-optic cables grounded 40
high-speed AVE trains between Tarragona
and Girona. RENFE staff gradually managed
to get most of the trains back on track over
the course of the day.
Investigations showed the line appeared to
have been sabotaged – two cuts in either
direction had been made in the fibre-optic
cables along the stretch between Gelida and
Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona province).
communications with all other systems
and with the control centre, but they are
worthless on their own and have no secondhand or scrap value, meaning police have
ruled out theft. The vandals cut a hole in the
safety barrier to be able to get to the wiring
area close to the line, enabling them to cut
the cables.
Sean Connery›s Wife In The Dock
Bond actor Sean Connery’s wife Micheline
Roquebrune is facing 2½ years in prison for
alleged tax evasion on the sale of luxury
properties on a Marbella development. She
could also face a fine of up to €22.8 million.
Prosecutors believe Ms Roquebrune ‘offered
to cooperate with’ the main suspects in the
tax fraud case by agreeing to set up dormant
front companies in order to launder the
profits from the sales of Malibú Apartments
in the Costa del Sol town. Charges against
Connery, himself, were dropped last February
as he was not found to have had any role
in matters relating to the front companies
under scrutiny.
Madrid Region Outlaws Animals Being
Put To Sleep In Shelters
Pet shelters in the Greater Madrid region are
not allowed to put animals to sleep if they are
unclaimed or cannot be rehomed, thanks to
a new law reform updating legislation dating
back to 1990 and €30,000 fines will apply for
cruelty or neglect.
Animal shelters run by charities never put
rescued or stray dogs and cats to sleep unless
they are actively suffering physically and
nothing can be done to alleviate this – many
of them house pets who have been there for
years and are unlikely to be rehomed, and
will keep them for the rest of their natural
lives unless a new owner comes forward.
Municipal pounds run by outside franchise
companies often put strays to sleep if they
are not claimed by their owners or a new
home is not found within a given length of
Ban on Bull-Fighting
The Balearic Islands could become the third
region in Spain to officially outlaw bullfighting, thanks to a motion put forward by a
left-wing independent party which looks set
to gain the support of a majority. If it goes
ahead, by 2016, bull-fighting may be banned
in the islands for good.
At present, only four bull-rings in Mallorca
remain active.
Other parts of Spain have already banned
Torrelavega in Cantabria and the city of
Huesca in Aragón, whilst Oviedo, in Asturias,
has outlawed circuses with animals, but only
two entire regions, Catalunya and the Canary
Islands, are officially bull-free.

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Phoebe is an 8
month old Yorkie
cross. She was
her sisters and
is the last one
needing a home.
She is great with
other dogs, cats
and children.

While we were
at the vets a
lady came in
to ask the vet
to put to sleep
her 4 month
old puppy. She
claimed it didn’t
get along with
her other dog.
We have called
him Bruno and
he is such an
little pup, house
trained and is
great with the other dogs, cats and children
in his foster home. He is a Podenco Maneto
cross and weighs just 5 kilos.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Benji has been
in a foster home
with us for quite
a while as he had
a skin allergy
and was very
overweight. He
is now in great
health and is
weight. He is
around 5 years
old and great with other dogs and cats.
Lito is a Daschund cross and is around 3
years old. He was found dodging cars on a
main road in Murcia. He has a very gentle
personality and is great with other dogs
and cats.

For any of the above pets, please call
645 469 253
To advertise an animal for adoption please
To view more animals for adoption go

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Page 35

Fife in 1960,
graduated from
of Edinburgh in
1982 and then
novels when he
to be working
towards a PhD
His first Rebus novel was published in
1987 and the Rebus books are now
Ian Rankin has been elected a
Hawthornden Fellow and is also a past
winner of the Chandler-Fulbright Award.
He is the recipient of four Crime Writers’
Association Dagger Awards including the
prestigious Diamond Dagger in 2005. In
2004, Ian won America’s celebrated Edgar
Award for Resurrection Men. He has also
been shortlisted for the Anthony Award in
the USA, won Denmark’s Palle Rosenkrantz
Prize, the French Grand Prix du Roman Noir
and the Deutscher Krimipreis. Ian Rankin
is also the recipient of honorary degrees
from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews,
Edinburgh, Hull, The Open University and is
a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

in Edinburgh, do
‘That sort of
brutal abduction
of two young
girls and now a
third is missing,
gone to the same
sad end. This is
the first of the
‘Rebus’ novels.
D e t e c t i v e
S e r g e a n t
smoking and drinking too much, his own
young daughter spirited away south by
his disenchanted wife, is one of many
policemen hunting the killer.
Then the messages begin to arrive: knotted
string and matchstick crosses - taunting
Rebus with pieces of a puzzle only he can
Tooth & Nail 1992
They call him
- because he
takes a bite out
of his victims
they found the
first victim in the
East End’s lonely
Wolf Street.

A contributor to BBC2’s Newsnight Review,
Ian Rankin also presented his own TV
series, Ian Rankin’s Evil Thoughts.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Rankin has received the OBE for services
to literature, opting to receive the prize in
his home city of Edinburgh, where he lives
with his wife and two sons.
Knots & Crosses - 1987
And in Edinburgh of all places. I mean, you
never think of that sort of thing happening

are anxious to
find the killer
Rebus is drafted in to help, but his Scotland
Yard opposite number, George Flight, isn’t
happy at yet more interference. Rebus finds
himself dealing with racial prejudice as well
as the predations of a violent maniac and

when Rebus is offered a serial killer profile
of the Wolfman by an attractive female
psychologist, it’s too good an opportunity
to miss, but in finding an ally, he may have
given his enemies an easy means of attack.
Garden – 1998
paperwork, but
dispute between
Tommy Telford
Cafferty’s gang
gives Rebus an
escape clause.
Telford is known
to have close
Chechen gangster bringing refugees into
Britain as prostitutes. When Rebus takes
under his wing a distraught Bosnian call
girl, it gives him a personal reason to
make sure Telford goes back to Paisley
and pronto. Then Rebus’s daughter is the
victim of an all too professional hit-and-run
and Rebus knows that there is now nothing
he won’t do to bring down prime suspect
Tommy Telford - even if it means cutting a
deal with the devil.
Dead - 2011
investigation in
Fife concerning
detectives, who
their fellow coworker,
Carter, who had
held in custody charged with several acts
of sexual assault.
Carter had been reported by his own
uncle, Alan Carter. Fox has had two
other members from the complaints
department to help him carry out his
investigation; Kaye and junior complaints
officer, Naysmith. After conducting several
interviews and receiving little information,
Fox decides to expand his investigation to
look more into the detained officer, Carter.
After unearthing several highly suspicious
pieces of evidence concerning Carter, Fox
then catches news that Carter has been
released from prison. He is later told that
his uncle Alan had been found killed in
his own house. After the initial conclusion
of suicide, more clues point towards his
nephew, Paul, who despite denying this is
confirmed as the prime suspect. Paul’s only
hope of proving his innocence is Malcolm
Fox and his team, who believe there is
far more on the matter than detectives

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Page 37

Riopar and the Río Mundo Part 1
After a phenomenally busy summer
working every single day, it is normally
around October before I get the chance to
sneak away for a mini-break and 2015 has
proved to be no different. I was looking
for a location reasonably close to home,
but different enough to offer a change of
scene and one of my Spanish staff, Elena,
provided the solution.
“Why not go to Riopar and visit the Río
Mundo and the waterfalls there?” she asked
and went on to show me some photos of
her trip the year before. The countryside
looked green and very beautiful, so a quick
internet search later I had sourced a room
and talked my hiking partner into a quick
getaway. We left Cartagena at around
11.30am armed with 2 sets of directions.
Davíd had thoroughly researched the route
and printed several pages of directions and
maps off the internet. I had scribbled on
a bit of paper: A30 from Murcia to Hellín,
exit 63, head for mountains, Elche de La
Sierra, turn left.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Despite betting me that we would never
arrive, the above was all we needed to
find the area, plus of course the name
of the village we were staying in. Who
needs GPS!! I had booked a room in
the Posada Peñarrubia and we arrived
around 2pm, although it is an easy 2 hour
drive if you don’t stop for a rest break.
Peñarrubia is a large, very traditional
village in the countryside and the Posada
was a converted church. As well as
accommodation, there is a large bar,
restaurant and a shop; all very handy
as we later discovered that it was the only
bar and eaterie in the village! The rooms

Pansies by Jardinería El Milagro
The Pansy is a typical winter season
plant, although it does not grow as big
as the petunia and therefore should
be planted more closely spaced. Their
bright colours and different combinations
give us joy to our flower beds. Pansies
are perennial, but normally grown as
biennials or annuals because of their

were clean and had gorgeous views over
the mountains, with aircon and small TV
on the wall. My only criticism would be that
they lacked a few finishing touches. There
were no bedside lamps, no rug on the floor
and no decorative items, but the service
and the location more than compensated.

On the first afternoon, we decided to drive
up the mountains to one of the lakes and
take an easy walk in the hills. The views
were spectacular and the countryside is
so different from Murcia, with the trees
now autumnal shades of orange, red and
yellow. On spotting an Indiana Jones
style bridge (half the planks missing, but
looked like it led somewhere interesting!).
I couldn’t resist crossing. Ladies first!
However, when I reached the other side
and looked back I realised I had left
my poor friend standing in the middle,
clinging onto the handrail and looking a
little sheepish. Definitely not a crossing
for the faint hearted, or those with
vertigo, although crossing back was a
little easier once we realised that there
was no imminent danger and the bridge
has stood there since 1935 without falling
There are loads of tiny villages in the hills,
so finding a place for a beer after all that

walking proved to be easy and we found
a village bar so tiny that the name was
painted on the front wall (blink and you
missed it!) and passed the time of day with
the 3 elderly gents sitting outside.
Back in Peñarrubia, the Posada Bar was
getting lively and the menu proved to be a
mixture of traditional dishes of tapas and
main courses, with literally something for
every taste. A large mixed salad to share
followed by delicious solomillo de cerdo
with pepper sauce and chips for me and
Oreja de Cerdo (yes fried pigs ear!) for my
friend and yes I DID taste it, and NO, it
wasn’t that bad!!
The staff at the Posada were great, and
the prices are so cheap that the meal with
drinks only came to 18€ for 2 people. If
you are looking for accommodation in an
authentic Spanish guesthouse with great
food and great prices, then this is the place
to go. The rooms start at 50€ per night
with breakfast 5€ per person extra.
You can find the Posada Peñarrubia at La
iglesia 18, 02846 Peñarrubia, Castilla La
Mancha. Tel 967 414 664 and website
in Spanish on this link http://www.
Day 2 was a planned visit to see the
waterfalls and next month I’ll share with
you some hints and tips to get the best out
of a visit to Ríopar and Los Chorros.
Liz Edmiston
Tel + 34 691 977 107


leggy growth. The Pansy flower is two
to three inches in diameter and has two
slightly overlapping upper petals, two
side petals and a single bottom petal
with a slight beard emanating from the
flower’s centre. These petals are usually
white or yellow, purplish, or blue. The
plant may grow to nine inches in height
The Pansy will flower from October
to May, although
they suffer if it
is extremely hot.
They need good
but not waterlogged
and they will benefit
every other week as
the plant begins its
development. If you
have time, cut the
flowers when they
become dry to avoid

abundant flowering.
Although the Pansy can sometimes be
attacked by snails and slugs, it generally
suffers from few diseases.
Visit Jardilar El Milagro in Bolnuevo
for all your garden requirements.
Tel 610 949 595

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Page 39

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Top Seven Most Common Questions
1. Are Habitation Licences Required To
Sell A Property In Murcia Area?
Actually the Occupation Licence is not a
document required to sell at the notary
within the Murcia Region, but you may
find that solicitors from the Alicante area
ask for it, even if it’s not legally essential
to sign a sale.
2. Why Is The Average EPC Rating So
This is basically due to poor insulation in
local building methods. Ratings in South
Spain are generally very low, but this
fact doesn’t affect the marketing process
or price.
3. What Is The Difference Between An
EPC In UK And Spain?
There is little difference between the
UK and Spanish standards or protocol
with an EPC. Surveyors in UK take into
account light bulbs, whilst in Spain we
are not allowed to include light bulbs
and other installations that are not likely
to be permanent during the 10 years
validation of the certificate.
4. Has The EPC Inspections Started In
Yes, the inspection processes have
started in Murcia, but currently only to
detect false or non-qualified technicians.
In Madrid, full inspections and fining has
officially started, revealing that 20% of
the cases were actions against unqualified

“technicians”, 40% were cases against
falsified documents and the final 40%
were for cases of properties that didn’t
have the obligatory EPC prepared for
the purposes of marketing, for sale or
leasing. In Alicante we have only heard
of cases where fines have been given
to Agents or Vendors after neighbours,
purchasers or other agencies have
reported them.
5. Is It Obligatory To Have A
Retrospective Licence?
There is no law that makes it obligatory
to have a Retrospective Licence (also
known as a Certificate of Antiquity),
but it is true that now all Solicitors
are asking to have Licences correctly
in place. Most vendors prefer to have
a Retrospective Licence when a pool
or extension has been done without
licence or without the proper licence.
Vendors benefit from having this done
sooner rather than later, as explained
before, to avoid trying to organise such
things at the last moment (when sales
are already very stressful) and to avoid
additional “in panic” expenses. Plus we
are seeing an increase of vendors having
these Licenses done to prevent losing
the confidence of a potential purchaser
due to the existence of illegal parts of
the property.
Likewise, agents are
now more likely to expect a vendor to
have this License for the sake of their
reputations if they sell a property that is
only ‘partially’ legal, to prevent having

Irregular Gerunds
Last month I promised, or possibly
threatened, that we would look at Irregular
Gerunds. That sounds a lot worse than it is,

When we change this to a Gerund, we make
the usual ‘–ir’ to ‘–iendo’, but we make a
one-letter change to the root giving us the
word ‘durmiendo’ (sleeping).

To any of these we might add a phrase such
as ‘poco a poco’ (little by little) – ‘Voy
entendiendo poco a poco.’ (I am gradually
understanding, little by little).

Another verb which does exactly the same
thing is ‘morir’ (to die). ‘Dying’ is therefore

We can also add the Gerund to the verb
‘venir’ (to come). In this case it expresses
the idea of having been doing something for
a period of time.
For example:
‘Vengo diciendo que …’ (literally ‘I come
saying that …’), but what it actually means is
‘I have been saying that ….’.
‘Vengo pensando’ (‘I have been thinking’)

Firstly as a quick recap, a Gerund, or present
participle, is the equivalent in Spanish
of the English ‘– ing’ word.
‘jumping’ and ‘playing’ are all Gerunds in
English. To make one of these in Spanish
we must change verbs that end in ‘-ar’ in
the infinitive to an ‘-ando’ ending. We do
this by changing only the ‘ar’ part of the
verb. The other part is the root of the verb
which remains unchanged irrespective of
whether it consists of just one letter or many
letters. Verbs that end in ‘-er’ or ‘-ir’ in the
infinitive make a similar change with those
two letters, becoming ‘-iendo’.
We have also seen how these Gerunds
combine with the verb ‘estar’ to produce
a verb tense that refers to actions in the
present moment.
Thus we can make
statements like:
Estoy escribiendo - I am writing
Estamos estudiando - We are studying
Están hablando - They are speaking
and so on.
Now I have to tell you that there are just a
few verbs which produce very minor changes
in the Gerund. The changes are really quite
negligible, to the point where, if we missed
them completely when speaking, it would
hardly be noticed.
Firstly, the verb ‘dormir’ (to sleep)

Secondly, there are a few other verbs ending
in ‘–ir’ when making a root change from ‘e’
to ‘i’ in the Gerund:
‘Pedir’ (to order, to ask for) becomes
‘Decir’ (to say, to tell) becomes ‘diciendo’
‘Venir’ (to come) becomes ‘viniendo’
‘Seguir’ (to follow, to continue) becomes
‘Repetir’ (to repeat) becomes ‘repitiendo’
‘Medir’ (to measure) becomes ‘midiendo’
Well, that’s about as scary as Gerunds
get. As I’ve already said, a principle use of
the Gerund is with the verb ‘estar’ to talk
about present actions. However, we do
find the Gerund used in other ways. One
interesting use is in conjunction with the
verb ‘ir’ (to go). For example we can say
‘voy aprendiendo’. The literal translation
of this would be ‘I go learning’, but what
it actually means is that ‘I am gradually
learning’. The use of the verb ‘ir’ here gives
the meaning of something occurring as a
gradual process.
‘Va descrubriendo’ (He or she is gradually
‘Vas leyendo’ (You are reading gradually).

possible disgruntled clients later.
6. What Do I Need To Have A
Retrospective Licence?
The condition needed in the Alicante
area to obtain Retrospective Licences/
Antiquity Certificates for extensions or
pools, is that the extension or pool needs
to be over 4 years old, before 20th August
2014 and without having received any
objections from the Authorities.
Martinez de la Casa Architects is the
Number 1 company in EPC Certificates
(121€ inc IVA) and Number 1 for Antiquity
pools (190€+IVA) and building extensions
(270€+IVA). We also offer superb discounts
to groups of 2 clients or more on the same
visit, or if you require a combination of legal
If your Solicitors are studying your case, ask
them to contact us to provide any of these
documents and we will make the whole
process easier, faster and cheaper for you.
NEW: Ask your Agent to contact us
for your certificates and we will give a
courtesy discount.
For all enquiries or to arrange an
appointment please call 665 810 411 or
visit to see
an impressive list of over 150 testimonials
by different clients.

These two forms, with ‘ir’ and ‘venir’
illustrate the fact that the Gerund does have
other uses, but our principle one for now is
with ‘estar’.
Time for a little homework, I think! Translate
into Spanish:
What are you doing?
I am measuring the wall.
You are telling the truth.
My husband is washing the dishes.
We are spending a lot of money.
My children are cleaning the house.
As ever, I will start off with the answers next
month. See you then.
Jane Cronin’s “Step by Step Spanish”
articles are available as e-books at where you can also
obtain Jane’s “Step by Step Internet
Spanish” course.

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Page 41

One of the fruits that you see a lot of in
Spain is Pineapple and there is nothing
better than cutting it up and eating
without anything on it! There are various
ways to cut a Pineapple, depending on
who you talk to, but I have always found
the simplest way is to do it as a whole.
Cut the top and the bottom off straight,
then cut the outer skin (usually green in
colour) from the top to the bottom in a
curved action with a sharp knife. Cut the
Pineapple in half and half again, then cut
the core out just like you would with an
apple. The Pineapple can then be cut in
half again and then into chunks, the size
of your choosing. It will be very juicy, so
make sure you do the operation in the
middle of the chopping board. Below are a
few recipes with Pineapple including my
favourite Pizza Hawaiian and the famous
Upside Down Cake.

Buen Apetito

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Sweet and Sour Chicken
½ small pineapple
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 onion, cut into wedges
1 red pepper, deseeded and chopped
1 green pepper, deseeded and chopped
1 tbsp cornflour
4 spring onions, trimmed and finely
diagonally sliced
For the sauce
1 tbsp cornflour

300ml/10fl oz fresh pineapple juice
2 garlic cloves, crushed
25g/1oz piece fresh root ginger, peeled
and finely grated
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
2 tbsp soft light brown sugar
3 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 pinch dried chilli flakes
Freshly ground black pepper
To make the sauce, put the cornflour in a
small bowl and stir in two tablespoons of
the pineapple juice until smooth. Put the
remaining pineapple juice in a separate
bowl and stir in the garlic, ginger, soy,
vinegar, sugar, ketchup and chilli flakes
until thoroughly combined. Set aside.
Put the pineapple on a board and cut off
the skin. Quarter lengthways and remove
the tough central core. Cut the pineapple
into thick slices and set aside. Cut each
chicken breast into 7-9 even pieces. Heat
the oil in a large non-stick frying pan or
wok and stir-fry the onion and peppers for
three minutes over a high heat. Coat the
chicken in the cornflour and add to the pan.
Stir-fry for four minutes until very lightly
coloured on all sides. Add the pineapple
and sweet and sour sauce to the pan with
the chicken and bring to a simmer over
a medium heat. Cook for 4-5 minutes,
stirring regularly until the chicken is
cooked through and the pineapple is hot.
Stir in the cornflour and pineapple solution
mixture and cook for 30-60 seconds until
the sauce is thickened and glossy, turning
the chicken and vegetables until nicely
coated. Sprinkle with sliced spring onions
and serve hot.
Pineapple Upside Down cake
175g/6oz golden syrup
325g/12oz butter, softened
1 x 1.5kg/3lb 4oz medium pineapple,
peeled, cut into 7x8cm/2.5-3in diameter,
1cm thick cored rings, remainder reserved
(about 175g/6oz)
275g/10oz caster sugar
5 free-range eggs
275g/10oz self-raising flour
For the cake, preheat the oven to
180C/350F/Gas 4. Line the sides and
bottom of a 26cm/10in cake tin with
greaseproof paper, making sure there
is no gap for the syrup to leak through.
Place onto a shallow baking sheet. Heat
the golden syrup and 50g/2oz of the
butter in a small saucepan over a low
heat until melted. Pour into the bottom of
the cake tin. Place the pineapple rings on
top, pressing 6 around the outside and 1
in the centre. Finely chop the remaining
pineapple and set aside. Beat the sugar
and the remaining butter together in a bowl
and until light and fluffy. Add the eggs,
one at a time, beating well between each
egg. Fold in the flour. Stir in the chopped
pineapple until well combined. Spoon the
cake mixture over the pineapple rings
in the tin and tap to settle the mixture.
Bake in the oven for 45-60 minutes, or
until golden-brown on top and a skewer
inserted into the middle comes out clean.
Remove the cake from the oven and set

aside to cool in the tin for 10 minutes.
Invert the cake onto a large plate and peel
off the greaseproof paper.
Pineapple Rice Pudding
142ml/5fl oz double cream
200ml/8fl oz whole milk
200 g/7oz long grain rice
½ pineapple, peeled and chopped
3 cardamom pods, lightly crushed
2 tbsp soft brown sugar
To serve
5g/½oz butter
4 slices pineapple
Heat the cream and milk in a saucepan
over a medium heat and once boiling
add the rice. Simmer for five minutes
over a low heat. Add the pineapple and
cardamom to the saucepan and simmer
gently for ten minutes, adding extra
milk to keep the rice covered in liquid
if necessary. Add the brown sugar and
continue cooking, stirring continuously
for a further five minutes or until the
rice is cooked through. Meanwhile, heat
the butter in a small frying pan over a
medium-high heat. Add the pineapple and
gently fry the slices for three minutes on
each side, or until golden brown. To serve,
spoon the rice pudding into two bowls and
place two fried pineapple slices on the top
of each.
Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Refrigerated baked pizza dough (“12inch”) or 1 pizza base
2 tsp olive oil
1 cup pizza sauce or make your own
2 cups chopped smoked ham
1 x (20 oz) can pineapple, well drained, or
fresh pineapple
⁄2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Brush pizza crust with olive oil and spread
pizza sauce evenly over crust. You can buy
this in a jar or make your own with garlic,
chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, a dash
of Worcester sauce, salt and pepper. Top
sauce evenly with ham and pineapple;
sprinkle with cheeses. Bake at 425º for 10
minutes or until cheese melts and crust is
lightly browned
Pork and Pineapple Skewers
1 cup long-grain white rice
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander
1¼lb pork tenderloin, cut into 1” chunks
½ medium pineapple, cut into 1” chunks
1 red onion, cut into 1” chunks
1 cup cherry tomatoes
Salt and black pepper
¼ cup honey
Soak 8 wooden skewers in water for at
least 10 minutes. Cook the rice according
to the package directions. Just before
serving, fold in the coriander. Meanwhile,
heat oven or BBQ. Thread the pork,
pineapple, onion, and tomatoes onto the
skewers. Season with ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp
pepper. Place the skewers on a foil-lined
baking sheet or over the BBQ, turning
once and brushing occasionally with the
honey, until browned, 8 to 10 minutes.
Serve with the rice.

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The Pineapple – Piña - is a tropical plant
with edible multiple fruit consisting of
coalesced berries, also called Pineapples.
They can be cultivated from a crown cutting
of the fruit, possibly flowering in 20–24
months and fruiting in the following six
months. Flower colours vary, depending on
variety, from lavender, through light purple
to red. The Pineapple is a herbaceous
perennial, which grows to 1-1.5mtr. The
plant has a short, stocky stem with tough,
waxy leaves. Pineapples are subject to
a variety of diseases, the most serious of
which is wilt disease.
can be eaten
fresh, cooked,
leaves are used
to produce the
also used as a
component for
wallpaper and
other furnishings.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The flesh and juice of the Pineapple are
used in cuisines around the world. In many
tropical countries, Pineapple is prepared
and sold on roadsides as a snack. Chunks
of Pineapple are used in desserts such
as fruit salad, as well as in some savoury
dishes, including pizza toppings and a
grilled ring on gammon. Pineapple can be
left at room temperature for one or two
days before serving which will help it to
become softer and more juicy. Pineapple
that has been cut up should be stored in
the refrigerator in an airtight container.
Crushed Pineapple is used in yogurt, jam,
sweets and ice cream. The juice of the
Pineapple is served as a beverage and
it is also the main ingredient in cocktails
such as the Piña Colada.
Pineapple is an excellent source of
Vitamin C and Manganese. It is also a very
good source of copper and Vitamin B1,
Vitamin B6 and dietary fibre.
The Pineapple plant is indigenous to
South America and is said to originate
from the area between southern Brazil
and Paraguay. It eventually reached the
Caribbean, Central America and Mexico,
where it was cultivated by the Mayas and
the Aztecs and is said to have been first
introduced in Hawaii when a Spanish ship
brought it there in the 1500s. The first
Pineapple to be successfully cultivated
in Europe is said to have been grown by
Pieter de la Court at Meerburg in 1658.
Because of the expense of direct import
and the enormous cost in equipment and
labour required to grow Pineapples in
a temperate climate, using hothouses
called ‘pineries’ soon became a symbol of
wealth. Three-quarters of the Pineapples
sold in Europe are grown in Costa Rica,
where Pineapple production is highly

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Page 43

Follow these simple tips to staying safe
computer is secure.
software on your
keeping it up to
date is advisable.
There are many
good anti-virus protection programmes
available, eg. AVG, Panda, Avira, Avast
Norton and many others. Most of these
programmes are also free.
You should also make sure that the Firewall
on your PC is turned on.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

You wouldn’t give
out your personal
information to a
street, so don’t give
it out to strangers
on the internet!
Occasionally people will send emails to try
and access private information such as
bank account details and passwords. If you
are not sure about the veracity of these
emails simply contact the Bank or Building
Society before you attempt any reply.
Avoid opening emails from people you
don’t know. Delete them immediately. If
you do open them by accident, don’t click
on any links.
If it is an important message the person
will contact you again.
Facebook & Other Social Networks:
There are a lot of myths about social
networking sites.
Many people believe that Facebook, Twitter
and other social networking sites are
mainly for children. Figures show that over
50% of the people on these networks are
aged 35 and over.
The big myth is that it’s risky and people
will steal your personal details. It’s no

more risky than using email and viewing
other internet websites.
It’s difficult to use. It’s not. It can be great
Remember to use a common sense
approach. Don’t give out too much
personal information and consider keeping
your profile closed allowing only family and
friends to view your news and photos.

shopping in the High Street.
It’s essential to make sure that you’re
dealing with a reputable and established
business. Look for the padlock symbol
either next to the address, or at the bottom
of the webpage.
Another tip is to look at the web address.
A secure site will start with https://. The ‘s’
indicates it’s a secure site.

Password Security:

Backup Your Device:
advisable to make
a regular backup of
your device.
This can be easily
achieved as the
majority of devices
will be able to backup to an external device
such as memory cards, UB drives, another
system such as a PC or laptop, or to a
Cloud storage area.
You should only backup the data that you
have created, ie. your documents, photos,
spreadsheets, etc, etc.

Password tips:
an email address
or shopping online,
choose a password
that is memorable
and not easy for
someone to guess.
The best type of password uses a
combination of lower case letters, capital
letters and numbers. This makes it a lot
more difficult for internet baddies to work
out what it would be.
If necessary, change your password often.
General Precautions:
Be wary of free
software, games or
music or videos. Ask
the offer is realistic.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably
Anti-virus and anti-spyware tools can
detect ‘malware’ - programmes that might
be malicious. If you keep them running in
the background they will detect malware
hidden in email attachments and files you
download from the web as soon as you try
to open them.

As an example; the contacts you have on
your mobile or smart phone can be backed
up on an old, disused, SIM card. Simply
insert this card into your phone and copy
the contacts onto it. Remove and store
it somewhere safe. In the event that
you need to reload your contacts onto a
replacement or new phone, insert the old
SIM card and copy them over.

Online Shopping:
Online shopping is convenient and can save
you money, but it’s not quite the same as

Your “Friendly” Technology Shop

Used safely and sensibly, the internet can
help people get more out of life, whilst the
backups that you have created and saved
will save many of your treasured photos
and documents and you considerable
Remember that you can always call into
Don Técnico for further advice and

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Page 45

Autumn Equinox Celebration
The Humanists of Murcia celebrated the
Autumn Equinox with a Jazz Barbecue
Party attended by 60 members of the
group and guests.

atmosphere for the evening and prompted
some imaginative dancing. By the time the
barbecue was prepared, the merrymakers
were ready to dispose of mountains of
meat and salads.

Margaret & Deryck Davison, proved an
ideal venue with a backdrop of beautiful
scenery and few neighbours to disturb! An
army of volunteers had spent the morning
preparing the venue, and turning up again
the following morning to assist in the clean
A prize draw included donations of a 40€
voucher from Gula Gula Restaurante who
also kindly loaned tables, chairs and a
chef, and an assortment of products along
with a voucher for beauty treatment from
Jane’s Beauty Salon of Bolnuevo. A rota
of members manned the bar dispensing
large volumes of liquid refreshment
throughout the evening.

The six-piece local band Cold Fussion
provided lively Jazz music. It was a great

Halfway up a mountain in Valdelentisco
near Puerto de Mazarrón, the home of

Humanists Of Murcia October Walk
Part One
This year, the Humanists of Murcia have
introduced an additional walking group to
cater for those no longer able or wanting
to do the usual monthly 3-hour plus walks.

in La Azohia, meeting at 11am and leaving
around 11.20am after café. The walk will
last 2 hours and go towards Campillo
de Adentro. There will be lunch at a nearby
There will be Boxing Day Easy Rambling
Walk if the numbers demand it.

The new group is called, unsurprisingly,
Easy Rambling. The Group held its first
walk last month in beautiful sunshine,
leaving the Social Centre at La Molata at

The normal Humanists of Murcia
Walking Group in November will be
in the San Juan de Terreros area on 21st
November, led by Mike².

It was a 2-hour circular walk on wide
tracks and no hills with the Condado del
Alhama development
Audrey, who led the
walk, did not lose
any of the 16 walkers
and did not get lost.
Lunch was held at La

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The Humanists of Murcia have a regular
programme of walks, a gardening group
and philosophy and discussion groups. For
information go to
and click on Humanists.

The December Walk will be on 12th
December - a 3 hour circular walk from
Mazarrón Country Club.
For more information, please go to

Rambling Walk will
be on Saturday 14th
November and will
start from the bar
opposite the Church

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Page 47

The remains of the historic town of Begastri
are just down the road from Cehegin, about
3kms from the centre of the town and just
by the Via Verde (Green Way) used by
many walkers and cyclists. We visited this
site over four years ago when we wrote a
short article about it for the Costa Cálida
Chronicle. In mid-2015, we decided to pay
a further visit, if only because we wanted to
see inside the “new” visitors’ centre and,
among the guided tours advertised for
weekends, there was one scheduled for the
second Saturday in the month in English.

public buildings.
By the 4th Century
the town was the religious, political,
economic and military centre of the

First let’s reiterate briefly the town’s
remarkable history.
Begastri was founded by the Iberians and
was certainly in existence in the 4th Century
BC and probably conformed to the typical
Iberian hilltop settlement type. Today, there
is little evidence of these earliest times, but
the very lowest layer of stonework in the
defensive walls is Iberian and many pieces
of black and red glazed pottery have been
discovered from the 5th and 4th Centuries
BC. An Iberian sanctuary, dedicated to
the horse, has been found nearby with
votive offerings including items of bronze,
iron, silver and gold. The Iberians were
renowned warriors and you will see in the
Visitors’ Centre considerable detail about
this aspect of their society. In addition,
some Iberian remains can be viewed
in Cehegin’s Archaeological Museum.
Nevertheless, the suggestion now is that
a relatively rich Iberian settlement at
Begastri was disturbed, but not destroyed
by the Roman invasion and findings of
pottery in the Roman strata in the town
indicate a continuing Iberian influence into
the 3rd Century AD. Economic and social
development continued in Roman times
and, in the first Century AD, Begastri
became a “Municipium” and would have
had typical structures such as a forum,
amphitheatre, baths, temples and other

outsiders, we
have the final
main stage of
history – as
city and an
lasted until the
Moors invaded
Spain at the
the 8th Century.
The Visigoth noblemen who ruled the
south east of Spain (Teodomiro), however,
agreed a treaty with the invaders by which,
in return for the payment of tribute and
agreeing not to support any enemies,
the Christians were allowed to remain
and practice their religion. Seven cities
were named in the relevant treaty in
713, including Begastri. It was only in
the 13th Century that the old settlement
was abandoned with the present town of
Cehegin by then well established.

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Unfortunately, when we arrived, we found
that the English tour had been discontinued,
but there was considerable flexibility
over a personal one, in Spanish, by the
extremely knowledgeable lady in the centre
at a cost of 2€ each. The Visitors’ Centre
itself is an extremely spacious building

with explanatory boards around the walls
describing the history of Begastri in both
English and Spanish. There is also a large
area of seating for video presentations.

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The main entry gate in the east (one of
three in the town) was wide enough in
Roman times for a carriage to go through
and is where you enter the settlement,
but with some impressive reconstruction
having taken place of the walls here in
the past few years. This was the least
steep entry point to the city with the other
sides having much more difficult slopes.
In consequence, this entry area was well
defended with high walls and two towers,
which would have made unwelcome entry
into the town both difficult and hazardous!
By the time of the Visigoths, two entry
doors had to be negotiated at this point,
arranged in the shape of a bent elbow and
with one of the doors (the Visigoth one)
much narrower than the other to aid the
defenders. One interesting feature as you
go up to the entry point to the remains
above the Roman and Visigoth entrance, is
the original Roman sewer/drainage channel
leaving the settlement. Now uncovered, it
would once have had stone capping.

As you walk around Begastri, you will see
the remains of an impressive well which
has been excavated. This would obviously
have been a necessity especially in times
of insecurity and siege. Within the main
walls of Begastri would have been found
only more important buildings and people.
The area of the wider city extended well
beyond the walls themselves and was
considerable with many houses and farms
located in the surrounding countryside in
a broad circle which was pointed out to us
and which, indeed, went through what is
part of the present town of Cehegin itself at

one point. It was suggested to us, that
during Roman times, the population
of Begastri would have reached 9,000
and rather more at the time of the

Begastri is a fascinating and extremely
important site and it is abundantly clear
that the voyage of discovery there remains
still at an early stage. Indeed, shortly after
we visited there was due to begin a two
week international excavation supervised
by the University of Murcia. We suspect
that another visit in a further four years’
time, if not before, will see much new
information having been discovered.
Article by Clive and Rosie Palmer who
have written several guide books on towns
and regions in Murcia which are available,
from, or contact clive. “Exploring
and “Exploring
Murcia, Days Out”
Murcia – Cartagena” are available to buy
from the Costa Cálida Chronicle office on
Camposol B, Best Wishes (who also stock
other of their books), or phone Patti on
968 433 978.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

One point stressed by our guide, and
which had been made clear to us on our
earlier visit also, was the successive

changes through which Begastri passed
during its long lifetime.
Thus, around
the 3rd Century AD, part of the acropolis
in the city was destroyed and the stone
used to reinforce the walls and defend
Begastri against invaders penetrating
from the north. Inscriptions have been
found on stone used for other building
work showing their reuse, including on
Carrera marble, which, we were told, had
come from a first half of the 4th Century
sarcophagus showing that Christianity was
by then present in Begastri. The Visigoths
undertook further construction work in
Begastri, including an internal wall. Under
the Visigoth King Leovilgildo, it appears
that Begastri was a major settlement on
the frontier with Byzantine Spain and a
gold coin has been found containing the
effigy of King Recardedo, who reigned at
the end of the 6th Century and was the
son of Leovilgildo. Then, the Christian
population which remained in Begastri
after the Moors invaded, raised the walls
still further, probably in the 9th Century, and
the horizontal joint and colour difference
with the previous fortifications appeared
quite noticeable.

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Page 49

We would like to introduce Zak.
is about 2 years old and is a German
Shepherd needing a forever home.

He is very good with other dogs and people
including children; extremely sociable and
a magnificent dog in looks and nature. He
will be a valuable addition to any family.
He has his vaccinations and is ready to go.
He will come with his European passport.
For more information about Zak please call
968 979 865 or 607 431 962
Our little black and white girl was left in
a house when the owner moved away
leaving her and some of her friends to
fend for themselves. She was very timid
and frightened and it took some time to
finally rescue her. She was starving, but
still refused to move, hoping the owner

The new season started in the last three
days of summer, at the gates of an autumn
that promised long and successful walking
days. We chose the village of Haran, to
start our walk as the Molata welcomed us
its powerful landscape marked by an open

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

We noted the track made by all the
creatures that roamed there from the
middle Miocene age, which was washed
by the waters of the Mediterranean. The
surrounding rocks have given us shelter
for thousands of years and we can still find
traces of those ancient times. We followed
the path from the abandoned village down
to the Barranco del Agua. Despite the
harshness of the Murcian summer, the
recent rains and hail have encouraged
the flowers again as if we had started the
spring cycle. Broom and thyme, spurge
and abrótanos formed a labyrinth.
We walked along the track until we reached
the base of a large gravel filled wall and
then continued across the ravine, and saw
another wall that led straight to the ruins

of an existing home, perhaps abandoned
early last century. All these abandoned
properties, are perfectly hidden from sight
as they extend down to the winding gorge.
The views from here were so beautiful,
we decided to rest in the rock shelters for
lunch. The sun reminded us that it is still
summer, as a female Kestrel planed and
hovered near us in search of food. Eager
to move forward, we descended between
the edges of the Merenderas crocuses on
the remains of a zigzag path.
We reached the Fuente de las Yeguas,
home of a good spring, with beautiful
stones carved with expertise as they fit
perfectly together. At these Arabian looking
structures we refreshed ourselves with the
crystal waters flowing from the limestone
We continued our march again, entering
in to one of the botanical jewels of our
region, the Black Sabina, which will host
the wintering thrushes feeding on fruit. The
snaking path between the Sabine reached
to the hidden cave mouth of the Navarro

would return. Now in good health Sally is
looking for her forever home. Please call
968 979 865 or 607 431 962 for more

Hermanas. The entrance had a step and
a ramp descending and with flashlight
in hand, we entered the blackness and

We discovered a resounding daytime
beauty, formed for millennia by the
vagaries of water filtration with stalactites,
stalagmites and fistulas with a range of
forms of different size and colour. As we
saw the water, we realised we were in a
living cave, still forming and transforming.
Like children, we enjoyed crawling in a
labyrinth that surprised us every step of
the way with something new. The others
were waiting for us outside so we left, dirty
like kids, especially Flor, who despite his
height, did not want to miss a millimetre of
the cave, and was dressed in white, before
entering! Those of us in the cave did not
see the Griffon vultures that had flown
over while we were behaving like moles!
To end our exciting journey, the beautiful
picture of the Charan and imposing Molata
was our backdrop and on an unforgettable
Sunday we took the essence of this place
forever in our memories. It was then time
to enjoy the local rich cuisine in the Bar
Fofi in Benizar.
Rutus Tematicas – 10€ (opt meal 15€)
8th November – Casicas del PortalRincon de Los Heltos
8am Moratalla Tourist Office
9am Benizar
22nd November – Sª del Buitre
8am Moratalla Tourist Office

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The new season of walking started with
Jessica on Saturday 26th September in the
area of Fuente de la Facarola.

of the Fuente de la Facarola. Despite the
warmth nobody took advantage of the
abandoned bathtub!
Later we relaxed
over lunch at the Taberna MariPaz.
This walk was followed by another easy
walk on Thursday 8th October when 27
walkers made their way along the Via
Verde from Cehegín towards Bullas.

Ok, so we did spend more time in the bar
than actually walking, but what better way
to start the season. From the meeting point
in the forestry car park above La Bermeja
in the Sierra de Ricote, ten WARMers
enjoyed eight kilometres of woodland
warmth, ambling at a pace that was
appropriate for opening the current year’s
programme. Just a gentle altitude increase
of little more than a hundred metres was
enough to raise the heart rate. The route
was neither too long, nor had too many
steep sections and temperatures were
perfect for a day’s walk under the pines.

Then they retraced their steps to Cehegín to
enjoy a Menú del Día at a local restaurant.
Many thanks to both leaders for the very
enjoyable walks. WARM is a friendly group
of walkers who meet a couple of times a
month to enjoy walking in the region of
Murcia. A new programme has just been
prepared for the current season and if
you would like to join us please contact for details.

There is so much speculation at the
moment about ‘the end of the world’ as we
know it and the date that it will happen.
Does that bother you?
It does me.
Why? Because I think we are getting hung
up with it. I believe it’s imperative that
we are ready for the Lord’s return. It
may be very soon. A lot of things that
are happening point in that direction,
but it is very dangerous for Christians to
start giving dates of when that will be. I
certainly don’t believe that God is about to
satisfy anyone’s ego by saying “Yeh!!! You
were right!”
God is outside of time as we know it and
when it doesn’t happen on the specific date
that’s been quoted it only gives credence
to those who are unbelievers.
Scripture tells us that no-one knows the
hour; not the angels in heaven or even
Jesus the Son of God knows the time that
God has appointed; Matthew 24:36 - so
what makes anyone else think they know
better? We are told He will come like a thief

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

From the highest point we could see
Almorchón dominating the plains of Cagitán
and away to Moratalla in the west, beyond
the casa forestal of La Mahoma. Later, the
“secret” hunters’ hut: La Cabaña del Conde
(thank you Juan for your description)
made a welcome place to have a snack
before continuing past the glade that hides
the water well and the intriguing frontage

in the night; 1 Thessalonians 5:2.
Only God knows and so we ought not to
be concerning ourselves with dates and
times. If God felt it was necessary for us
to have such information He would tell us.
Our remit is to be ready.
Like the five wise virgins who made sure
they had oil in their lamps while they were
waiting for the bridegroom; Matthew 25:113
Better to be praising God, thanking Him
for His complete control in all matters and
for His wisdom in not finding the need to
inform us of all the intricate details that we
wouldn’t be able to handle. Pray that He
might prepare us in readiness to help not
only ourselves, but others, especially those
who are non-believers.
Tel 633 447 937
Welcome House can be found at 3A
Campillio y Suertes, Cehegin.

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Page 51

The MABS Coffee Morning held on Tuesday
22nd September which raised €618.40 was
hosted by Sandra and Ron Grey on Valle del
Sol, Calasparra with Pat Slade.

We would like to thank everyone who
supported us. The money raised will be a
huge help in providing assistance such as
transport and translations to those suffering
from cancer in the area.

Thanks again for your support.
Jenny Bartlam
Monday Quiz Nights
The previously very popular weekly Quiz
Night at Bar Los Rinales in Calasparra is
in jeopardy! There is very little organized
entertainment in the area and there have at
times been 10 teams competing against one
another for quite a lucrative ‘pot’. The teams
of 4 or more put 2€ each in the ‘pot’ which
has been divided up approx 2/3rd for the
winning team and 1/3rd for the second team.
It has also been suggested that we put some
of the money each week to one of the local
charities. The teams have, up to now, taken
it in turns to hold the quiz, but it has been
suggested that they have a Quizmaster who
will set the questions every week. Could you
be the person they are looking for?
Call Sandy on for
more information
Cehegín Highlights In November
Artisan Market – 29th November
On the last Sunday of every month in the
“Plaza del Castillo”, the highest point in the
old town of Cehegin (Casco Antiguo) there
is a craft market known as “El Mesoncico”.
There you will find more than 60 craftsmen of
the area with stalls displaying such products
as cured meats, hams, pottery, cakes, wines,
cheeses, etc. Each of the monthly markets
has a different theme showing traditional
and local crafts. Free parking is available at
the Marble Technology Centre in Carretera
Murcia. A free bus service is operated to the
market place every 20 minutes.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Debra Webb
Lyndon B at Bar Alandalus
I would just like to say a big thank you for
your write-up in the October Costa Cálida
Chronicle. We raised 300€ for MABS. Greg
is getting over his scare on the day, but
still not sure what caused it. We are glad
everyone enjoyed the evening. In December
we’re doing a joint MARA & MABS do on
December 15th at the Sanctuary at lunch time
with Lynden and Andy Jones, Cherry K and
Samantha Curtess doing a Christmas Show.
Tickets are 20€.

Free Tour - 14th of November
Admire the history of the Old Quarter of
Cehegín, visiting the Archaeological Museum,
the Main Street, the Church of La Concepción
and the Casa Jaspe. Following the tour of the
town there will be a visit to the school of wine
in the Palacio de la Tercia where you will learn
about wine. The tour will last approximately 2
hours and comfortable footwear is advised.
Car Boot Sale - 15th November
This event takes place in the square beside
the old railway station in the Vía Verde, just

two minutes from Mercadona. There is plenty
of room for parking and the charge remains
at 2€ per site. Anyone interested in booking a
site please contact the Cehegín Tourist Office
The Archaeological See of Begastri is
opened for visitors on Saturdays and Sundays
from 10am-2pm. You will be able to see a
video presentation followed by a guided tour
to see the remains of the Iberian culture
before the IV century BC
Free Nature Walk – 29th November
Cehegin provides a variety of landscapes
which include woods, mountains, hills,
sloping valleys, scrubland and streams.
These natural habitats host flora and fauna
of special interest which provide a priceless
tourist and educational resource. These walks
take place on the last Sunday of each month.
They are designed for people of all ages who
enjoy hiking at fairly easy levels which makes
them accessible for the whole family.
The walks start at 9am and are between 4km
and 9km and take between 2 to 3 hours.
Coto De Las Maravillas
The newly re-opened Eco Park named
Tourism Activity Park ‘Coto de las Maravillas’
offers paintballing, horse riding, assault
course, a Quidditch pitch as well as many
others activities for all ages. There is also a
campsite within the park and refreshments
are available in the bar.
The park is open throughout the weekends.
For entry at other time please telephone 691
200 353 for more information.
Any further enquiries please contact the
Cehegin Tourist Office located in front of
the Town hall on 968 723 550 or visit our
tourist website
Santiago Leo
Cehegin Tourist Office
Rutas Senderistas, Caravaca - 8th November
This walk is to El Cerro del Carro de Los
Royos. Start is 8am and is about 15km. The
walk is of medium endurance and should take
3-3½ hrs.
To book a place, please contact the Oficinas
de La Concejalia de Deportes in Caravaca or
call 968 703 563

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Page 53

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Caring for somebody suffering, or
recovering from, a long-term illness or
condition, or coming to terms with living
with Dementia can be a very tiring and
sometimes frustrating experience. It can
also be extremely isolating, which not
everyone appreciates. That’s why, here
at Forget Me Not, we offer carers the
opportunity to have a break from their
loved ones, while our team of trained
volunteers and professional nurses take
over the responsibility for a few hours.
Every Monday morning at Camposol
Cultural Centre we care for these
lovely people in a cheerful and friendly
atmosphere, relax, chat and take part in
some simple activities which help to blow
the dust off some memories and skills
which may not have been used for a while
– with the aid of the odd cuppa or two!
Some carers have also found it useful to
stay at the Centre to spend some relaxing
time in the company of others in the same
position as themselves and it genuinely
seems to have relieved that sense of
isolation which can creep in. Just to relax
and have a bit of fun in a friendly, caring
environment can be so helpful. All this is
provided at zero cost to the client.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

To keep this all going takes a little time
and energy, so we are always grateful
to anyone who may have a few hours to
spare to help us. It may be to help with
our fund-raising – make sure you come
along and see us at the Table Top Sales
at Camposol B every second and third
Friday, or perhaps you would like to come
along to the Cultural Centre on Monday
mornings from 10.30am, see what we do
and perhaps think about being a general
helper, or joining the caring team yourself.
We would also love to see you on Monday
7th December at 11.30am at the Cultural
Centre to join us for Christmas Carols,
together with Masquerade Music Halls.
Refreshments will be available as well as
Christmas gift ideas and a raffle.
We hope soon to have a new storage
facility, so remember to look out any
unwanted household articles, appliances,
bric-a-brac, or anything which you think
we might be able to sell on our Table Top
Hope to see you soon
Contact details:
Tel 660 442 845 or 626 734 922
Facebook Forget Me Not

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Page 55

When little Jack went up the hill.
He said, “I’m staying here.
How many times, shall I keep falling
Just to bang my head (no fear)?”
“Well!” said Jill. “What shall I do?
I can’t, fall by myself.”
“No!” said Jack, “And banging our heads
Is no good for our health”
“I’m telling Humpty Dumpty;

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Pellet Fires, Some Facts And Figures
Pellet Fires have seen a huge growth
in recent years and this trend is set to
continue as people look for a clean, efficient
and economical way to heat their homes.

ecof r i e n d l y
biomass wood
have a 20%
higher calorific
value than logs,
produce little or
no smoke and
due to the increased heat output, pellets
burn away to almost nothing, therefore
producing very little waste. Combine this

Stop sitting on that wall.
All the King’s horses and all the King’s
Couldn’t do anything at all.”
“And Incey Wincey Spider,
STOP! Climbing up that pipe!
Just hang about, ‘til there’s a drought
Then come down when you like.”
Jack got in touch with Humpty,
And Incey Spider too.

with the fact that Pellet Fires can be set
on timers to automatically light it’s easy
to understand why they have become so
the Costa Cálida,
Almerìa and Costa
Blanca regions of
Spain, specialising
in Pellet Stoves,
and only Pellet
of research into
economical heating.
Spanish Government, Pellet Heating is
now the number 2 choice for economical
and efficient heating... incidentally, natural
gas is number 1.
Here are some frequently asked
questions regarding Pellet Fires
1. Are Pellet Fires noisy? Most do
have fans which are moving parts,
so obviously they do create some

“I’m going to ask Jack Horner
And the old girl in the shoe.”
They went to meet on Humpty’s page
And spoke about their plan.
They waited ‘til the time was right
Then off the pages they ran!
Now wouldn’t it be funny
If the characters that we like
When opening up our nursery books
Had upped and gone on strike!

noise, but normally they run at
about 59 db max, or similar to an
aircon fan on low speed. The new
high efficiency Tepor Ermetica
model runs completely silently at
low speed, as do several of the
Ravelli fires.
2. Do
Yes an annual
service is recommended, which
is effectively a deep-clean and a
chimney sweep, similar to a log
burner. This ensures that the fire is
kept in tip-top condition.
3. Is installation complicated? No!
In most cases all that is needed is
an 80mm chimney to the outside
air and providing the installer has
access to change parameters during
the setup, practically any type of
installation is possible. DIY chimney
components are also available and
advice is free!
Due to this recent
popularity growth
Solpellet is now
the full Tepor,
and Ravelli range,
so there is sure
to be a model to
suit your tastes.
This is backed up
with professional
installation, after-sales service and a full
2 year’s warranty. Call us now to discuss
your requirements and to arrange a noobligation home visit and written quotation.
Call Neil on 697 949 519 or email

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Page 56

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Page 57

We have had a wonderful response to the
September request for a bike for one of
our guys who has to walk miles to get
clean water. Thank you to Martine and
Martin, and to John and Lesley. We have
now been able to help two families with
transport. God Bless you.

It has been a sad month really. Poor Pedro
has passed away and we will all miss him.
We still visit his sister on a regular basis
and give help as she has great needs.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Rolie and Ralph
These are two handsome little brothers
that were both taken from the Perrera.
They are approx 5 months old and have
wonderful temperaments. They have had

children’s clothing and of course food,
especially milk and cooking oil.
We are coming close to the Christmas
period when most of us tend to spend
more than usual. Please bear us in mind
at this time of year and if you can spare
anything that will help our families, please
talk to our ladies at the Table Top Sale on
Camposol B, or contact us at the addresses
below. Thank you and God Bless you all.

Word of our charity has spread to the UK
and we are amazed by the support we
now receive from them. Thank you to our
lovely family, the Olive Branch Christian
Fellowship in Camposol. All our visitors
who come to worship, take great interest
in the needs of the families in this area and
are anxious to help in any way they can.
Thank you all so much.
As the weather turns cooler, we are
gathering extra clothing and still need

their first vaccination and are both ready
for new homes.
Hector and
These babies
old and we
believe they
pups. They
in a week’s
time and then they will be looking for their
forever homes. These poor little souls were
found on the side of the road covered in pig
poo, stinking, cold, scared and obviously
hungry. Heaven knows how long they had
been away from mum.

Drop off Points
Fortnightly Table Top Sale - Camposol
Sector B
Robbo’s Golf Shop, San Javier - Neil &
Nikki Robinson
Time Out, San Javier - Gary & Sue
Arthur & Marge 659 270 885/689653987
w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m /

was not coping and was quite poorly. We
also thought she was pregnant, but luckily
she isn’t. Molly is approx 8 years old and
is already reserved to go to the UK with
Auntie Gill Minnican (Starfish UK) and
when she is well enough will be found a
fantastic home that she so deserves.
She is a lovely little girl who is approx
5/6 years old. She is clean, great with
the other dogs (bit bossy), but no malice.
She is great in the car; an all round nice
dog, really little and ideal for any sized
house. Ada is currently in foster so used
to a home. She will be fully vaccinated and

We took her from the Perrera because she

We have a Table Top Sale selling clothes,
bric-a-brac and all sorts on Thursdays on
Camposol A in the car park near the library
from 10am onwards. Please pop and see
us. We normally have puppies needing
a cuddle as well. Books and bric-a-brac
donations always welcome.

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Page 58

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Page 59

Another month gone by already! We had
a lot of requests for help last month, so
have had to work extra hard to fund the
next lot of medical applications! It’s still
very encouraging to know that the Spanish
people are understanding what we do and
are taking steps to ask for help. We try
to promote sterilization, explaining how
much easier life would be without having
to constantly re-home puppies/kittens. Of
course, we also help people in general who
have rescued a dog or cat, ie. pensioners
or those on limited incomes.
We couldn’t do any of this work without
your generosity. By donating your
unwanted furniture (large pieces or small),
working electrical goods, or clean used
clothing or any bric-a-brac. (Who doesn’t
love a rummage through bric-a-brac!!)
You make those vet bills a little easier
to cope with for those who are not in a
position to pay full price.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

How To Help Visitors With Mental Health
The Foreign Office is offering detailed
advice to British citizens living in Spain on
how to prepare for visits by friends or family
members who have mental health issues.
The advice stems from a joint campaign
with the UK’s Mental Health Foundation
that aims to raise awareness of how British
nationals with mental health needs can
prepare before travelling overseas and
was part of World Mental Health Day on
10th October. British Consulates in Spain
handled 67 cases involving mental health
needs in 2014/15.
Will Middleton, Consular Regional Director
for Spain, said “Staff at our consulates

Richard the head honcho is on Camposol B
car park every Tuesday from 10am-12pm.
You can take unwanted items to him there
or arrange for furniture to be picked up.
If you would like to have a look around
our packed superstore you will find us on
the main road into Puerto de Mazarrón,
just past Consum on the left. Turn there
(O’clock Bar opposite corner) and we are
in the third road on the left Calle San
Juan. We advertise lovely furniture on
Murcia Today under MAMA’S Resales.
Check our website where there is a link for
furnishings for sale, or look at Items For
Sale on Facebook.
This lovely little chap was found by a
Spanish lady tied to a tree in a deserted
field in August. It doesn’t bear thinking
about does it? MAMAS helped pay to
neuter and vaccinate him, ensuring that
he is ready to go when he is ‘chosen’. Good
luck Sherlock, we hope you find a lovely

in Spain are seeing more cases involving
mental health. A deterioration in mental
health whilst visiting a foreign country
can cause considerable distress, both to
the person concerned and to family and
friends in Spain, as well as back in the UK.
“If you have a guest who has mental
health needs, do take some simple steps
to help ensure their visit is trouble-free
and enjoyable for all concerned.”
If you are hosting a friend or family
member with a mental health condition,
you can:

Ask if your visitor has taken out
travel insurance and whether the
policy covers any pre-existing
mental health conditions and has
a valid European Health Insurance
Card (visit for
more information).


If the visitor is on medication,
check what they are taking and
the normal dosage and ask them
to bring enough for their visit plus
some extra to cover any unexpected


Whilst they are with you, encourage
your visitor to continue to take their
medication even if – as sometimes
happens – they are feeling better
because they are on holiday.


Be aware that English language
help for people with mental health
issues may be limited in your area
and that the approach of health
authorities may be different from
the UK. You may want to find out
what support is available locally, in
case you need it.


Consider who you would contact
if your guest’s mental health

new family very soon (as does the lady
fostering him - she has 9 dogs already).
Tel 666 186 037
Helping you Helping Animals
Registered charity No 9537/1a

deteriorates while in Spain and
ensure you can contact them in an

Make sure your own passport is
valid and in a safe place, in case
you need to travel in an emergency.

Jenny Edwards, chief executive of the
Mental Health Foundation, said “Many
people in the UK with mental health
conditions manage them well day-to-day.
However, there are a few extra things to
consider when travelling abroad. Check
your travel insurance covers pre-existing
mental health conditions before travelling
and make sure that your medication is
legal, available, and sufficient for your trip.
“Changes to your itinerary or a delayed
flight could impact your mental health
needs so it is important to travel prepared
– pack medication in your hand luggage
and keep a record of your mental health
contacts in the UK in case you need to reach
them. Research your travel destination and
locate the local mental health services for
that country. By following these simple
steps, a relaxing trip can be easily enjoyed.”
For more information about foreign travel
and mental health, visit
can also view the FCO ‘Mental Health:
Travelling Abroad’ leaflet and travel
checklist on

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Page 61

The Ladies’ Chatterbox met on 8th
October and enjoyed a most interesting
and entertaining afternoon. Members
and guests were invited to bring any
unwanted items, (other than husbands,
partners, or livestock), which they then
offered for sale to each other. There were
some great bargains to be had and we
are happy to report that there was no
fighting over an item and no blood was
Following the Bring and Buy, one of
our ladies, Karen, demonstrated yet
another side of her seemingly boundless
talents and gave a talk on aromatherapy
and explained the use of many of her
essential oils.

The November Trip is on 24th November
and will be a Christmas shopping trip to La
Zenia, followed by lunch and a Christmas
Fashion Show. Another opportunity to
bag some Christmas bargains. The cost
of the trip is 20€ for members and 22€
for non-members. The coach will leave
the car park on Camposol B at 9am. This
will give more time for shopping, before
lunch. If you would like to join us, please
phone Chris Leiper on the number at the
end of this article.

The November Meeting promises to
be every bit as interesting. Lynn will be
joining us and giving a demonstration
decorations. Following this, Jacky, will
be demonstrating the art of marzipan
modelling. We will raffle all the items and

We are also taking names for our
Christmas Party on 10th December.
This will be held in the Camposol Cultural
Centre and we are promising a great
fun afternoon. There will be canapés on
arrival, followed by a Christmas buffet.
We have live entertainment and to top it

Brits are number one for house-buying in
Spain at the moment, particularly in the
Balearic Islands, the Canaries and the
Comunidad Valenciana.

Islands. Valenciana was not far behind with
over a quarter of properties going to nonSpanish buyers, or 25.7%, whilst Murcia,
Andalucía and Catalunya showed figures of
between 12% and 15%.

Property purchasers from the UK make up
one-fifth of all foreign buyers and 12.7% of
the total, according to recent figures from
the College of Registrars.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

of course, tea/coffee and munchies will
be served. Do come along and enjoy a
relaxing afternoon in the company of likeminded ladies. Enjoy a good natter and
get some ideas for Christmas decorations.

Although the first quarter of 2015 saw
a general decline in buyers from outside
Spain, as is usually the case the spring
and summer saw numbers increasing –
foreigners accounted for 12.8% of buyers in
the second quarter.
In general, foreigners buying holiday
homes or permanent residences in Spain
levelled out this year after a sizeable hike
in 2014, but their presence in the market
is very significant in some of the country’s
autonomous regions, especially in those
Non-Spaniards bought 33.5% of homes in
the Balearic Islands, or just over a third,
between April and June inclusive, and
27.5% of those up for sale in the Canary

As expected, areas not normally considered
to be typical sunshine tourism destinations
registered fewer foreign buyers. Madrid’s
non-Spanish purchasers only accounted for
4.7% of the total of properties sold, just
ahead of Aragón, a region with four of the
country’s best ski resorts and packed full of
rural hotels, where only 4.5% of homes went
to buyers from outside Spain. La Rioja and
Navarra in the far north near the Pyrénées
showed foreign buyer totals of 2.8% and
2.3%, whilst across the northern strip,
Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia recorded
1.9% of purchasers being non-Spanish, or
0.6% in the case of the latter. Similarly,
the Basque Country on the far north coast
between Cantabria and the Pyrénées sold
just 1.7% of its homes to foreigners, just
behind the large central region of CastillaLa Mancha, at 1.8%. The centre-northern
region of Castilla y León only saw 1.1% of
foreigners among its homebuyers, whilst
the fewest foreigners
were seen in the landlocked western region
of Extremadura, at
The regions with low
nonSpanish purchasers,
with the exception
of Madrid, tend to
be the ones with
especially in rural
areas. The weather
in northern areas is
cooler in summer

all off, there will be a Secret Santa tub.
We are hoping Father Christmas will pop
in to distribute the gifts! All this, as well
as a super Christmas raffle and a lighthearted quiz should really get us in the
Christmas spirit. The cost is just 12€ for
members and 15€ for non-members.
Great value!
We are now finalising the programme for
the first half of next year, so watch this
space. We are always pleased to welcome
new people and you can try before you
buy, by coming along as a guest.
Ladies’ Chatterbox meets at the
Camposol Cultural Centre on the 2nd
Thursday of the month at 2pm.
Chatterbox Book Club meets at the
same venue on the 1st Thursday of the
month at 2pm.
Further information or queries, please
ring Chris Leiper on 968 199 441 or
Anne Patrick on 618 410 274

than the sweltering climates of the Costas
and islands, but in Castilla-La Mancha and
Extremadura, the temperatures are very
similar to traditional holiday resort areas,
albeit drier and less humid. Dramatic
countryside, often with expanses of
green reminiscent of northern Europe and
classical Hispanic cities with Baroque and
Renaissance architecture and excellent
facilities make northern and inland regions a
beautiful setting for a holiday or retirement
Foreigners overall are tending to buy
around 11,000 homes in Spain per quarter
and over 42,000 a year. British buyers
continue at the top of the list, largely due
to the sterling/euro exchange rate, meaning
they get more for their money and can live
more cheaply in Spain on an income paid
in the UK. This year, Brits have accounted
for 19.8% of non-Spaniards buying homes
in Spain, a long way ahead of their nearest
“rivals”, the French, at 8.1%. German
buyers account for 7.6%, ahead of Belgians
at 6.4%, Swedes at 5.5% and Italians at
Despite initial anticipation of a flood of
Russians pouring cash into the property
market, the fall in the ruble and the price
of petroleum has seen citizens of the former
Soviet nation plummeting and they now
account for fewer than 4%. Despite the
“golden visa”, whereby non-EU nationals
who spend more than half a million on
property in Spain are automatically given
residence or the right to free movement
into and out of the country, Asian and Arab
buyers remain thin on the ground.

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Page 63










51 words of 3 letters or more.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Answers on page 94

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Page 64

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How does this affect owners who
have not been granted their deeds?
You still have the same rights to your
property as you had previous to the
bankruptcy process, so your position can
be defended.
A Bankruptcy Mediator has now been
appointed by the court and that means
that the company no longer has the
right to act and all communications and
actions must be carried out through this
court-appointed mediator.
Regarding the above, one of the following
situations could arise:
1. Properties purchased by way of
a private contract where there
is no restriction preventing them
from obtaining the public deeds
and registering the property
at the Land Registry under the
name of the current owner. The
property still belongs to the purchaser
because he bought this property on
a private contract and this could be
dealt with as part of the bankruptcy
process if deeds are not granted and
it is not registered under the name
of the current owner according to
the agreements signed by both sides;
purchaser and builder. No matter

whether the property has been
paid or not in full, as the balance of
the price can be paid when granting
the deeds by way of a banker’s draft
at the public notary.
Please feel free to contact us as a
matter of urgency, as the bankruptcy
mediator needs to be informed as
soon as possible that you bought your
property on a private purchase contract.
This needs to be reported sooner rather
than later as it could be too late if you
leave this for too long.

professional, legal advice and always
make sure you deal with certified lawyers.
At Corral Alcaraz Law Firm we will be
more than pleased to assist you.
Celso Rodriguez-Corral
Member Nr.71399 of the Bar Association
of Madrid
Barrister & Partner at Corral Alcaraz
Law Firm
Lawyers, Barristers & Accountants

2. Properties purchased as a resale
from a private seller, who bought
the property from the builder
and where a deed was not
granted. This could be the more
puzzling and complicated situation
as you have a right over a third party
and not directly with the builder. Your
sellers will need to grant deeds before
deeds are granted in your name and
your purchase is completed. You need
to ensure that they employ a lawyer
to make the mediator aware that
they bought the property on a private
contract and deeds must be granted
in their names before they may put
them into your name.
In such a case that your sellers do
not make any move to get their deeds
granted, you will have no other option
but to take them to Court to pledge the
cancellation of your contract and claim
your money back. Nevertheless, you
should contact your lawyer if you have
any doubts at all about the legal status
of your property. He/she will be able to
apply for a “nota simple” and assess
the situation accordingly and then advise
you if there is any legal action that needs
to be taken.




In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

All Is Not Lost - Granting Of Deeds In
This article has been written to help
property owners in Camposol, in
response to the number of people who
continue to contact us with their concerns
regarding the MASA bankruptcy process
and the properties they have bought on
private contracts. The legal and financial
situation of the company is well known,
with a huge number of court cases and
embargoes affecting any property in
their name and now JUMASA is entering


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Page 65

The 30th of March 1926 has been marked
in Cartagena’s calendar as a black and
sad day, especially for the nearby Council
of Alumbres.
There you could find the explosives
factory called “Santa Bárbara”, known
as Garrabino by the cohabitants of the
village. It belonged to the “FrancoSpanish Explosives Society” (Sociedad
Franco-Española de Explosivos). One of
the directors of the factory was the Italian
citizen Camilo Calamari, an important
businessman and owner of the beautiful
villa, Villa Calamari in San Félix.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Back to the fateful day; early this
afternoon, both in Cartagena and La
Unión, there was heard a dreadful
explosion, which led to everyone thinking
the worst. At that moment, working in the
inside of the factory, there were ninety
five workers of both sexes. However, the
tragedy took place in the nitroglycerin
repair shop. There, it seems that a worker
hit a hammer on an ebonite pipe which
contained nitroglycerin and this provoked
an explosion that expanded to a deposit

As usual, our
Show was
attended on
5th October
at Mariano’s,
A. We thank
To g e t h e r
m o d e l s ,
(for two of
was their debut event), thank you
Christina and Maria for your bravery in
volunteering. Our gratitude also goes to
all the volunteers who helped on the day,
to Carol our compere, to Peter Smith our
photographer and to DJ Daniel Wheatley.
We raised the sum of 933.20€, all of
which goes directly to help those in our
area who are struggling in this time of
economic crisis.
We also have to thank the Welcome
Group, who on the following day had

filled with 350 kilos of that substance.
Nine workers were killed on the spot and
the shock wave caused injuries to another
ten who were in departments located near
the affected one.
As soon as the facts were known,
members of the Civil Guard, Red Cross,
el Llano del Beal and Cartagena, went to
the factory. The first person to arrive at
the scene was the Civil Guard Lieutenant
Mr Leseduarte, the doctor from Alumbres,
Luciano Estrada and Manuel Rodríguez
who practiced forensics in La Unión. The
most unpleasant task was for the members
of the Red Cross and the workers of the
nearby La Parreta’s mine, who were in
charge of picking up the remains of the
deceased victims which were scattered in
the surroundings.
According to the testimony of one of
the survivors, the feeling was like an
earthquake, but with a stone rainstorm
and wood splinters. Windows and doors of
annexed repair shops were smashed and
even heavy pieces of iron appeared more
than two hundred metres away from the
explosion area. Naturally, neighbors from
Alumbres did not miss the opportunity to
come and help as well as wanting to know
the identities of the deceased.

this tragedy.
T h i s
v i l l a g e
t h r o u g h
dedicated to
was not the
awarded, as
in February
1929, on the
occasion of
the opening
of the First-Aid post and Red Cross
ambulance in Escombreras, the handing
over of the Welfare Cross to three Guardia
Civil agents took place, in recognition of
their heroic intervention after the factory’s
This event sadly, was not the last one
to take place in these premises, but it
was the most serious one to have ever

We had to wait two years, more precisely,
the 18th March 1928, to award the doctor
Luciano Estrada the Welfare Cross (Cruz
de Beneficiencia) for his intervention in

to continue our Lidl runs with the help of
Abdul and his van. We thank them both.
We are starting our Christmas appeal
this month. We are collecting chocolate
this year, which makes a good gift for
everyone. In addition and as always,
we need donations of toiletries such
as shampoo, shower gel, nappies,
baby wipes, and ladies’ sanitary wear.
Children’s clothing is also in high demand
as usual.

a Charity Fashion Show and split the
proceeds from the raffle between the
three local charities that put on the show;
Making a Difference, Age Concern
and MABS. We were all presented with
a cheque for 150€, so again we thank all
those ladies who attended on the following
evening and helped local charities to
continue their worthwhile causes.

We are truly thankful for your continued
support for our worthwhile cause to help
those in our area who are less fortunate
than ourselves.
We can be contacted at

We would also like to thank Darrell for
keeping us on the road. We have had an
engine problem with our van and it has
been off the road for more than 7 weeks.
Darrell has been making our deliveries
and collections and we have been able

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 67

What is an Idol?
It could be a person that we can idol
worship; for example a famous person like
Elvis Presley is a favourite of mine. I love
his voice and his gospel singing is so good
and he was a Christian and had a faith.
How about a footballer? I see a stadium of
thousands of screaming fans, all shouting
for their favourite team or player.
Idolatry means: putting anything in the
place of God, or putting anything ahead
of God, as explained in the bible found in
Exodus chapter 20 verses 4-6.
Idols are usually things, but as I explained
they can be people (Exodus chapter 32
verses 1-8).

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

November is here and I always find it
strange that plants in the garden seem
to be very active in growth. It is not
like autumn in the UK where everything
slows down, but it seems the relief from
the summer heat gives a burst of growth
before they sleep for winter and restart
the cycle in spring. There has been lots
of flowering and cutting back with trailer
loads of plant debris going to the recycle
centre. Gardening is never ending; a never
finished job! All the animals are well and
even they seem to come to life after the
sleepy times of the heat including the
There have been lots of new channels
coming on line – really too many to mention,
but the AMC Drama Channel seems to be
a popular one many have asked about, but
it is for SKY subscription only. These new
channels should have arrived in the digibox
listings for all official SKY and FREESAT
boxes, but all other boxes will require a list
upgrade or a rescan to get them.
This is one of the advantages of buying
an ‘official’ box – automatic channel and
software updates – usually a bit more
expensive than a ‘universal’ box, but it can
be worth it in the long run.
Satellite signals seem to be ‘all over
the place’. The slight strengthening we

Wanting another’s possessions is a form of
Idolatry (Colossians chapter 3 verse 5).
We often think of Idols as statues;
anything that takes God’s place can be an

appreciation of God.
Worship can be expressed through
obedience and the way that we treat
people. Worship can be private or public.

You see God created us to be like Him;
able to think, feel and decide. He gave us
freedom of choice. When we sin, this image
is not destroyed, but it is marred. Christ
is the perfect image of God (2 Corinthians
chapter 4 verse 4) and God is moulding us
back into that perfect image.

The Olive Branch Christian Fellowship
meets every Sunday morning at 10.30am
at the Cultural Centre on Sector B at
Camposol. We serve communion each
Sunday. You will be very welcome to
join us. We are registered with the Free
Methodist organisation and we have
charitable status.

What does Worship mean?
To adore, obey, reverence focused, positive
Enjoy the presence of God; any action or
attitude that expresses love, praise and

Any information required please phone
Pastors Ralph and Margaret Locke on 968
199 622 or 618 720 181.

predicted with the cooler air initially did
not seem to happen – in fact they went
weaker, but recently we seem to have had
some improvement with most installed
systems getting an ‘acceptable’ level
of viewing. One of the weaker signals is
the one that controls the FREESAT PLUS
recording boxes and lots of clients have
reported their boxes doing ‘odd’ things like
recording programmes not set to record,
or recording the wrong channel when
a setting is made. This is down to the
weak control frequency and there is really
nothing that can be done about it except to
make sure all the reception equipment is in
A1 order and then if problems persist - a
bigger dish!

much stronger than it has ever been!

A word of warning – when there have been
‘odd’ things happening in the past, we have
always said reboot the box and perform a
‘factory reset’ in the menu to reload and
reset all the system, BUT now beware of
this procedure on a FREESAT box, as
when you try to enter the postcode, the
box may not be able to recognise it from
the system’s weak signals and the box
may just freeze. You then have no option
but to take it to a neighbour with a bigger
dish and reset it!
This only applies to official FREESAT
boxes – Universal and SKY boxes do
benefit from the occasional reset and
in fact the SKY control frequency is now

Internet TV has progressed in quality and
reliability (no dish required), but I wonder
if the Internet service providers can cope
with the demand of clients swapping to
Internet TV. Before Internet TV, all they
had to deal with was the odd millisecond of
use when you pressed ‘send’ for an email,
or clicked ‘pay’ on a purchase, but TV needs
CONTINUAL use and whilst in general TV is
OK on most systems, before you change
to an Internet system, hoping to get rid of
that massive dish, just ask your Internet
service provider if they can cope with
your being on a TV system.
We have said in the past that Internet TV is
the way forward and we stick by that, but
the Internet service providers will have to
improve ‘supply’ – and that is happening as
fibre optic cables creep across Spain. We
predict that within 10 to 15 years, all TV
will be via the Internet, with no standard
antennas or satellite dishes.
Rainbow Satellites always welcome any
questions you have about TV in Spain
(remember to ask about TV availability in
a property before you finally buy it).
Tel (0034) 686 358 475
Look at our website

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I saw a Dragontours advert for a tour
of a winery and the chance to stomp
grapes which just happened to be on my
birthday and as a wine drinker it seemed
a great way to celebrate! We were picked
up by coach at Camposol and taken to
Jumilla. Firstly, we were taken to an olive
farm to learn how they press the olives to
make great olive oil and then it was on to
the Luzon winery. A lorry load of grapes
had just arrived from the vineyards so
we got to taste them and then some of
us had the chance to tread the grapes.
We were promised that the juice would
never find its way into the production
process!! A very comprehensive tour
of the winery followed and then we
got to taste their wines-one white; a
young red and a more mature red.
They provided bread, cheese and ham
to help us soak up some of the alcohol!
The coach then took us into Jumilla
where we had plenty of choice of places
for lunch and then, as it was still a lovely
afternoon, we went up to the Monastery
which is high up in the hills overlooking
Jumilla. I think everyone on the coach
had a well organised, enjoyable day. L

they arrived ( I draw the line at paying&
moving them on their behalf!). On both
occasions they gave me a time for
delivery and both times delivery was as
promised. Definitely not the “mañana”
syndrome that you often find here! M

It was really busy with a great atmosphere
and the white chocolate cheesecake was
amazing. Put this on your list of places
to go if you haven’t been, but make
sure you book as otherwise you may be
disappointed. M

What an enjoyable morning I had on the
Thursday of my week off work. I decided
to help with walking the Noah’s ARC
dogs. Having never owned a dog before I
was, how shall I say, a little apprehensive,
but I needn’t have worried. We turned up
to a greeting from all 46 dogs and puppies
who were obviously just as pleased to
see us as we were to see them. All the
dogs get walked and I managed to get
around the beautiful countryside with 3
different ones during the couple of hours.
All were unbelievably well behaved and
loving, but how quiet was it when we left.
All the dogs were obviously exhausted
from their “trip out” and were basking in
the sun. Look forward to my next outing.
If you want a bit of exercise, see some
lovely scenery and help a dog at the
same time, why not join in – Thursday
and Sunday mornings? M

A fabulous overnight stay at Hotel
Mariposa in Gebas. We went to watch
Monsters of Rock and what a brilliant
show. Those guys definitely know how to
entertain! The rooms are very comfortable
and individually themed – we were given
the Music Room, which was appropriate.
Lovely comfy bed with quality bedding,
clean and fresh bathroom, free wifi, tea
making facilities, flat screen TV, beautiful
peaceful location. Their 4 course meal at
only 15€ was great value. M

Thank you to Juani and Pedro at Garden
Centre 2003. I was tasked with the
job of ordering logs for my sister and
a friend, who both have holiday homes
and wanted the logs delivered the day

A great Sunday Roast at La Vida in El
Pareton with loads of choice of starters
and desserts - all sounded lovely and so
hard to choose with 3 choices of meats.
Staff were great & the food was fabulous.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Having done yoga for some years I
was keen to visit the new Yoga Shala
Studio in Isla Plana run by Lisa who has
been established in the village for over
13 years. What a perfect location with
an amazing view! The studio overlooks
a large terrace with the sea directly
beyond; so close you can hear the waves.
The superb class is full of stretching and
relaxation and suitable for all levels. It’s
definitely something I’ll be making a
weekly trip to Isla Plana for. M

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Page 69

We Need You!
Camposol Kitty Kitty (CKK) was
conceived as a Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR)
group just 6 months ago when a small team
of people recognised that there was a huge
problem with the number of feral/stray
cats locally, both in terms of their numbers
and their health. This not only affected the
well being of the cats themselves, but it
was affecting local people; cat & non-cat
lovers alike and domestic cats in the area.

Year 1 = 12 cats
Year 2 = 66 cats
Year 3 = 2,201 cats
Year 4 = 3,822 cats
Year 5 = 12,680 cats
These cats may continue to breed until
they are 10 years old!

Our aim: to set-up a neutering programme
and stabilize the size of the feral cat
colonies on Camposol by eliminating new

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Camposol Kitty Kitty’s determination
and commitment as a team is strong,
but our Kitty Kitty is running low. We are
a small team with no overheads, so that
means donations go directly towards
veterinary costs and feeding. What the
general public give to this cause goes to
help the cats. It’s as simple as that, but
we desperately need your help if we are
to continue. Even we didn’t realise the
enormity of the task and the number of
ferals/strays in the area.
Please get behind us and help us
to make a difference. We can’t do it
without your support and we need to
finish the job!

With what can only be described as
the ‘tremendous’ support of the local
community we are happy to report that we
have to date neutered 29 cats! There are
lots of stats out there, but let’s look at this
“conservative” example to get an idea of
what this means:
2 uncontrolled breeding cats can create
the following:
2 litters a year at a survival rate of 2.8
kittens per litter, so continued breeding

cat population growth.

Cash Donations:
Place in an envelope marked Camposol
Kitty Kitty along with your name and drop
it into Box Number 442 at Best Wishes, B
Sector, Camposol (near Mazarrón, Murcia).
The neutering of 29 cats WILL make a huge
difference locally and it’s well documented
that TNR is the only method proven to be
humane and effective at controlling feral

We have just arrived back from our 4
Day Mini-Break in Cordoba and it was
fantastic. Our 4 star Hotel was situated
overlooking the river and the beautiful old
Town with La Mezquita in the foreground.

PayPal donations to:

middle of the old quarter, with plenty of
historical sites to see, including all the
quaint shops and narrow cobbled streets.
On the 3rd day, we provided a free day
trip to Sevilla, which was enjoyed by
everyone who took advantage of the
trip. The Alcazar was a ‘must see’ and
some of the passengers went on a river
trip, whilst others went on the horse
and carriage ride. Everyone thoroughly
enjoyed themselves, so it was yet another
very successful trip.

By just walking across the old Roman
Bridge from the Hotel you were in the

Don’t forget our Christmas Party at the
Hotel Costa in Mazarrón on 11th December.
A coach is being provided from both
Camposol and Mazarrón Country Club for
€3 and tickets for the Christmas Party are
€29 (members €27). Tickets for this event
include the superior banquet meal (with
wine, beer and soft drinks included) and
entertainment. Tickets can be purchased
from Linda on 968 956 278 or Shirley on
968 956 070.
Our Calasparra Trip on 13th December
is presently full, but we are compiling a
reserve list in case of cancellations. If you
would like your name added, then please
ring either of the above numbers, or visit
our website

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Firstly, we had a brilliant afternoon for our
Picnic on the Paseo. Although rain and
thunder were forecast, we had a hot sunny
afternoon. The food was great and the
music, supplied by Retro made this a fun
event. This event is held on our lovely Paseo
at the entrance to MCC and is a great way
to make new friends and spend time with
people you often miss through the year.

Future Events
Spaces available (all room prices are based
on two sharing double room – enquire for
single occupancy price).
1st November – 3 Night Break in Benidorm
- staying at Hotel Pueblo including half board
and transport. There are eight places left if
anyone is still interested. Members 110€;
non-members 120€.
8th November – Sunday Spanish Lunch
at Los Balcones - music, food and transport
from MCC or Mariano’s, Camposol. Only 18€
members; non-members 20€.
7th December – 3 Night Trip To Gibraltar,
perhaps to do your Christmas shopping?
Price includes, hotel B&B, transport and a
day at Los Canadas shopping Mall in Malaga.
Members 145€; non-members 150€. There
are a couple of spaces left for this great
value trip.
19th December – Christmas Race Night at
the Taberna on MCC.

Our Autumn Party was a great success.
Everyone enjoyed a lovely evening with the
very talented Brendan O’Dee. The proceeds
will finance current and future work
projects. Special thanks must go to Liz’s
Cafe and Costa Café for their donations of
‘meal deal’ vouchers and to all who donated
the lovely raffle prizes. However, during that
evening, a newly planted tree was snapped
in half and yet another 1000 litres of water
were drained from our containers, making
a total of 7000 litres lost – steps are being
taken to secure these after the padlocks
were vandalized. Please be vigilant so
we may finally catch the idiots who
are regularly doing this? Water is such a
precious commodity here in Spain.

the Leos team!), after it was destroyed
by an arsonist, weeded along the dual
carriageway, lifted and laid a border of
roof beams, planted the new sleeper bed
opposite the Old Masa Office and completed
more large pavement repairs. We have
replaced those trees which suffered during
the recent fierce Summer with new trees
and succulents. A special thank you must
also go to Mikey and Carl who gave up part
of a weekend to chop up yet more waste
dumped by the green container.
We’d like to appeal to those who can spare
a couple of hours to come along and help
continue the area’s improvement. We meet
at the Welcome Wall at 9am. Butties for
breakfast are free and don’t worry if you

March 2016 – Shopping Trip To Condomina
And Thader (date to be confirmed).
May 10th-12th 2016 - We are booking a
number of rooms in Cordoba for The
Festival of Los Patios which, according to
locals and friends who have been, say it’s a
fabulous event and not to be missed. Places
will be limited so, if you are interested,
please let us know, as I think this trip will
sell out quickly.
July 2016 – we are planning to return to the
stunning restaurant Rebate.
For more information, contact Tony 968
956 418, Vivien 968 956 050 or Jennie
968 956 126 or email mcceventsgroup@ Visit our website
Look forward to seeing you at the events
and meeting new friends.
Bye for now.
Jennie Iredale
Event’s Secretary

can’t do heavy work; there are light tasks
inc. weeding, planting and watering! Come
along and make new friends, even if you’re
only here on holiday you’ll be beautifying
your whole community!
Our Christmas Meal & Dance is on 11th
December at The Club House with live
music from Abba Dabba Do! Tickets 18€
from John 634 325 427. If anyone has
any items suitable for raffle prizes, we
would be most grateful! Please check

The Monday Maintenance Scheme has
continued cleaning, weeding and spraying
the streets of ‘C’ Sector North. It’s hard
for new homeowners to appreciate what
Camposol ‘C’ would look like without us.
There used to be waist high weeds in every
road, terrible pot holes, no neat gravelled
and planted areas and lots of rubbish
blowing about. It seemed like a ‘forgotten’
and very dirty area. If you don’t already
belong to our scheme, please consider
joining for a small donation of 5€ per house
each month. Every Euro is used to enhance
the whole area. We are totally dependent
on your help, so thanks to those who take
care of any plants near their homes, those
who have offered our working parties
refreshments and those who contribute to
our buckets! Hopefully, one day when we
are fully adopted by the Ayuntamiento,
their road sweeper will visit us a little more
often than once during the year!
Our volunteer working parties have begun
working again every Wednesday and we
welcome back joint Project Manager Ken
and new volunteers Marilyn and Paul. We
have removed the remains of the insect
hotel (ready for the superb rebuild by

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Page 71

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Wow how time flies through the year. Only
two more months and we will be into 2016!

Hello everyone and
November article.




At the time of writing there’s only 9 weeks
until Christmas and only 3 weeks to our
Granada Trip, where we still have a
couple of places available, but be quick
as it’s on 7th/8th November. We depart
at 7.30am and will have a brief stop enroute for coffee, after which we will arrive

Gardens, the Summer Palace, the most
important Palace in Spain and the most
beautiful area accompanied by an English
speaking guide. We will have lunch before
returning to Camposol.

at the hotel
followed by a
guided tour
around the
area of the
City. Dinner
head to the
area, home
f a m o u s
cave houses
will see a

accommodation in a 4 star hotel, meals
as mentioned above (including wine
and water), comfortable bus, entry to
Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens
(with English speaking guide), Flamenco
Show (with one drink) and insurance.
Tickets can be purchased at Oscar’s Bar,
Camposol B.

After breakfast on Sunday 8th, we visit
the Alhambra Palace and the Generalife

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Yet another busy month for FAST
responders and supporters.
Mid September saw the FAST Golf Day
go with a swing. The day was hosted by
the Club de Golf Camposol and a great day
was had by all. A total of €1842 was raised
for FAST. With special thanks to all the
golfers and to Chuck and Leslie.
On Friday 25th September the now famous
FAST Table Top Sale took place outside
TJ Electricals on Camposol B Comercial
Centre. Items donated were purchased
by people looking for a bargain. There
were electrical items, clothing, household
goods, ornaments and lots more. More
than €600 was raised on the day. All items
were sold, so thanks to the team of table

More information and details our future
events; Spanish cookery, history and
Spanish lessons can be found by emailing
us at or

emergencies 24 hours a day on Camposol.
When receiving a call for assistance, we
will get there as soon as we possibly can.
If you would like to become a Responder or
Supporter please come along on a Tuesday
morning at 11am or call the enquiry
number. FAST Responders train each
Tuesday morning 9am-12pm at Camposol
Cultural Centre Sector B.
Upcoming Events
Day Trip To Benidorm on Wednesday
18th November. Tickets €15 available from
the Friday market bookstall or by calling
the enquiry phone number.
top sales staff. If you have items that you
no longer need or want that FAST could
sell for a few Euros, please contact FAST
on our information/enquiry phone number.
On 5th October three FAST responders
were on duty at the Hacienda de Alamo
Golf Club for the Los Amigos Golf Day. The
weather was perfect and all the golfers
returned safely.
Fund raising activities are an essential part
of this unique charity serving the whole of
Camposol. Without the funds we could not
run the two FAST cars, purchase medical
equipment, oxygen and all the other
equipment required to attend medical
emergencies on Camposol.

FAST Yuletide Indulgence
With Christmas only weeks away it is time
to get into the Christmas spirit.
On 28th November we will hold a Yuletide
Indulgence.The fun starts at 11am with
the Christmas draw at 2pm, with great
There will be a ‘Chocoholics Tombola’,
Wheel of fortune, cakes, games, mince
pies, sausage rolls, mulled wine, bucks
fizz. Come along and indulge yourself in
Christmas and help raise funds for FAST.
A big thank you to all who have donated
FAST emergency number 968 970 626
FAST enquiries number 634 309 899

The Camposol ‘nurses’ have been out
every Tuesday and on the first Tuesday in
October, new nurse, ‘Nurse Paulette’ was
out and about. We hope they raised a smile
and encouraged you to part with your hard
earned money!
The Responders have also been busy with
14 call outs in September resulting in the
requirement for 11 ambulances. There are
two Responders ready to attend medical

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 73

The Murcian Painter Brings His
Exhibition “Acidulux” To Mazarrón
The exhibition by Antonio Jose Buendia
Martinez has opened in Mazasrrón Town
Hall. The exhibition includes paintings of
vivid colours in which the author uses acid
to offer a different and very characteristic
final print.
Entitled “Acidulux”, the exhibition will be
displayed until November 14th. Visiting
hours are Monday to Friday 10am-2pm
and 5.30pm-8.30pm and Saturdays 10am2pm The Exhibition Centre is closed on the
last Saturday of each month and National/
Regional/Local holidays.
La Escuela Bahía Surf
25 IES Felipe II students learned to
practice paddle surf in collaboration with
the Department of Sports. They were
accompanied by qualified instructors
starting from the sport arena on a 2hr tour
crossing to the lighthouse and back to the
Isla de Paco. The students from different
secondary schools in Mazarrón will be
rotated throughout the course. In addition
to paddle surf, the school also teaches
kayaking and surf-sport.

Maverta, was proclaimed Regatta Champion
in Classes I and II. The Fandango 300 with
Francisco Javier Sabiote came 2nd and
Argos Navis 3 with Pedro Martinez came 3rd.

Mods And Rockers And Classic Cars
About five hundred people enjoyed the
meeting that combined two popular
passions with musical events and other
leisure activities on 3rd and 4th October.

In Class III, Zalata 2 with Humberto
Martinez took first place and in Class IV and
was the Saleroso with Luis Carlos Martinez.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The concert took place in the courtyard
of Mazarrón Cultural Centre with the
Councillor of Culture, Pedro Martinez.
Young and old enjoyed a programme
that followed methodological line classes.
The band alternated the interpretation of
fragments of classic works with nursery
rhymes looking for audience interaction.
The next activity will take place in
November, coinciding with the feast of
St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians.
The School of Music offers this course of
six levels of musical language and twelve
different specialties.

The V Mazarrón Bay Regatta Cruise R1
About thirty boats, mostly from Murcia and
Alicante competed in the Regatta.

World Day Of Birds
There were falconry displays and a visit to
the Rambla de las Moreras to celebrate the
Word Day of Birds when dozens of families
gathered at a stand next to the weekly
market in Mazarrón. There was an exhibition
of falconry and the public was able to see
the flight and the types of movements of
some birds of prey and the children enjoyed
the explanations on video. They were
also invited to participate in a fun drawing
workshop to raise awareness about the
importance of respecting and preserving
ecosystems by the head of the Association
of Friends of Nature, Rafael Peral.

Pedro Gil from Torrevieja, with his yacht

On the Sunday there was an interesting

The beaches of El Alamillo, Bolnuevo and
Castellar welcomed the XLVI Fish and
Sea National Meeting. The fishermen of
the Catalan Federation took first place in
the team category, followed by Andalusia
and then Murcia. The individual category
winner was Aaron Trasmontano of
Catalonia, followed by Javier Gomar from
Valencia and Carlos Cuesta from Andalusia.

This was the 5th national meeting of Mods
and Rockers in Mazarrón, with fans of
classic cars admiring a collection of about
40 vehicles of the 60’s and 70’s whilst
they drove along the town streets. This
concentration of nationwide bikers attracts
many followers from the youth movement
that emerged in the 80’s and inspired two
opposing groups with their own musical
and aesthetic styles of the 60’s.

The V Mazarrón Bay Regatta, which
scores towards the regional championship
was organized by the Mazarrón Yacht Club
and the City of Mazarrón. The clubs with
the largest presence were the Real Club de
Regatas de Cartagena, the Nautical Club
of Aguilas. The sports competition was
combined with musical events and other
leisure activities at the Yacht Club.
A Concert For Babies
The Musical Association Maestro Eugenio
Calderon inaugurated the course for
2015/2016 with a concert for babies that
integrates the training centre and is aimed
at babies from 6 months accompanied
by their parents. It includes the working
class movement and interaction with music
and having fun with musical notes whilst
learning to listen and differentiating sounds.

Fishing Championship Of Spain
Catalonia, Andalusia and Murcia took the
first three team places in the competition
which attracted more than 100 participants.

visit to the wetland of Rambla de las
Moreras, a place of great natural value
where there is a large number of species,
such as the endangered white-headed

For three years, the cultural association
has organized Motorkulture, a popular
meeting, which this time was in the Hotel
Bahía. British fans and residents from
Alicante spent the weekend in Mazarrón
with bikers coming from Castellón
and Barcelona attracted by the Mods
and Rockers culture. The meeting was
concluded with musical events as the
battle of DJ’s from both groups raged, as
well as concerts from Paisley Express and
Nattie Razzlebones. On the Sunday, the
car park at the hotel hosted a bazaar and
exhibitions by the organizers of the event.
Cultural Tower of Santa Isabel
The Tower of Santa Isabel or Watchtower
of La Cumbre in Puerto de Mazarrón is now
of Cultural Interest has been upgraded to
Monument Category.
This tower dominates the aerial view of
the town of Puerto de Mazarrón. In the XVI
century it was built at the behest of King
Baltasar, Genoese and was linked to freight
traffic in the port and the salt in the area.
Its original function was to monitor the salt
mines of Mazarrón.
The mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jimenez, and
the Councillor for Culture and Heritage,
Pedro Martinez said “This is very good
news for the town because it adds value
and preserves a place which is a part of
local history. It enriches the culture offered
by the municipality thus increasing the
attraction for visitors with the consequent
economic benefit it brings to the area.”

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Why not take the opportunity of ordering
a plaque to remember a loved one whilst
attending the Remembrance Service? The
first plaques have now been fitted to the
Circle of Remembrance in the Memorial
Garden and people say how lovely it is to
have such a beautiful peaceful place to
go and reflect and remember loved ones.
Anyone interested in having a plaque fitted

Forthcoming Events
Please note our Christmas Fair
planned for 21st November has been
cancelled due to circumstances
beyond our control. You can find our
stalls, however, at the Charity Christmas
Fair, see below.


14th November

‘Talking Shop’
social at Camposol
Cultural Centre,
Charity Christmas
Fair at Mariano’s,
Camposol A 11am2pm
In aid of Age
Concern, MABS &


Menu del Dia at La
Puerto de Mazarrón


Table Top Sale at
Camposol B

Information from:
Camposol Cultural Centre
10am-1pm, Friday 12.30-2pm


Tel 634 310 216
Christmas Fair – Change Of Plan
We regret to announce that our usual
venue is not available on the planned
date, so this year we have been invited
to join the ‘Charity Christmas Fair’ at
Mariano’s, Camposol A on Saturday 14th
November from 11am-2pm. We will be

should contact Glyn Webb via our Facebook

project starting. We have big plans for this
area, but the project will probably take the
best part of two years to complete.
On Central Park, two more areas have been
completed. A previously planted area at
the northern end of the park has now been
gravelled with an additional five Jacaranda
trees planted. At the bottom end, directly
opposite the doctors, we have raised the
ground level to give the edge of the park a
nice continuous flow and planted the area.
Again to help with future maintenance, this
area has also been covered with gravel. As
with People’s Park, this area will probably
take around two years to complete.

In People’s Park we have laid over 50 tonnes
of gravel covering about 400 square metres
down one side of the park and planted 80
oleander bushes to give the whole park a
real lift. The team have worked really hard
clearing a massive amount of weeds and
overgrown plants in preparation for this

there with our cake stall, tombola and
information desk along with many other
food and produce stalls, clothing, gifts

Once again we would like to thank everyone
who has supported us financially. Every
euro donated is used for improvements and
the upkeep of existing areas. All members
of the group give their time freely and
nobody receives any payments of any kind.
We would love new people to come along
and join us to help improve Los Palacios
and be part of our fantastic team.

Tel 634 310 216

along for a couple
of hours and see if
you can buy your
presents early this
year! The fair is
money raised will
be shared between
Age Concern, MABS

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

October has seen lots of activity in all three of
the Los Palacios park areas. The Memorial
Garden team have worked really hard in
preparation for the next big event in our
Calendar, the traditional Remembrance
Day Service on 11th November. The rose
garden has been pruned, most of the
park has been cleared of weeds, but the
main work has been the relaying of the
white stone at the memorial end of the
park. Although last year the weather was
dreadful, nearly 400 people attended and
it would be fantastic to see as many people
attend again this year. Please come along
and take part in this special community

We are always on the
lookout for people
to help with the
administration and
day-to-day running
of Age Concern,
so if you can spare
a few hours a week,
please get in touch
with us to see how
you can help. The
hours are not fixed;
whatever you can
people to join our
not contact us and
arrange an informal
visit? There is no
costs nothing to ask!

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Just one year ago a king was born at
Cavalli Foundation!
King Orry, named after a Viking warrior,
who became king of the Isle of Man, is a
foal that should never have been born - all
the odds were against his survival, but true
to his name, he’s a fighter and was meant
to take his place in this world. To tell the
whole story would take me a page or even
two. I would have to go back to June 2014.
It all came about when a cruel, heartless
man was prosecuted and prohibited from
ever having animals again in his life and a
poor undernourished, petrified mare found
her way to Cavalli Foundation almost
dying in the process.

An animal refuge in the north of Spain
came to rescue all the animals from the
farms owned by the accused and about
160 animals were taken - some died in
transit. The mare in question was left
behind until another vehicle could be sent
for her. It was then July and extremely hot.
As collaborators in the rescue operation,
we were presented with an inappropriate
vehicle - no ventilation or A/C, to make an
8 hour journey with a terrified horse.
We suggested a break to rest and refresh
at Cavalli Centre; a suggestion that saved
the mare’s life. She had trapped a hind
leg in the sliding door and in her efforts
to escape had sliced all the flesh off the
cannon bone exposing it in a gash nearly
10 inches long. She literally fell out of the

vehicle and a vet was called to put her out
of her misery, but to our joy she struggled
to her feet and from that day on proved to
be a true survivor.

In spite of regular sedation and treatment
with antibiotics, she produced a strong,
healthy foal born on 17th October 2014.
Mother and foal are well and happy and
so far Cavalli has won the legal battles
we have had to face in order to keep them
here safe and sound and we now wish
King Orry a very happy 1st birthday!

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Cavalli is still based at META Riding Centre
in La Costera de Alhama,
Rm- 603, just past Los Ventorrillos, 30.849
Tel 636 172 198

Exercise Is Dangerous!
Many people are afraid to start exercising,
especially if they suffer from any ailments,
as they worry the exercise could make
things worse rather than understanding
the benefits of keeping your joints supple
and reducing pain. Whether you’re just
starting to exercise or have always been
active, make sure you take steps to stay
injury free and able to perform to the best
of your ability by attending a class or gym
run by qualified and insured professionals
who understand how the anatomy and
physiology work, ensuring a safe and
effective exercise routine.
Don’t be
afraid to ask to see their credentials.
One of Ian’s many qualifications is a Dr
Referral qualification which means he is
qualified to work with individuals whose
Doctors have recommend they exercise
either following an injury or illness, or as

part of a routine to control certain types
of illness such as diabetes, high blood
pressure, arthritis and back problems etc.
Class numbers are limited so that we can
keep an eye on everyone and can adapt
exercises to suit individuals. The gym is
monitored at all times, again ensuring that
no-one puts themselves in harm’s way by
using the equipment incorrectly or by doing
a particular exercise which could aggravate
the condition they suffer from.
If your
Doctor has given you the go ahead, we
can work with you to ensure you benefit
from as much or as little exercise as you
can manage. Doing something you enjoy
and doing it regularly will see you reap the
benefits in no time. Remember; a little
activity goes a long way. Please feel
free to contact us and we can discuss the
best exercise for you.

equipment safely, all of this showing our
commitment towards a safe environment,
giving peace of mind to everyone using our

Everyone who uses the gym is asked
ensure we are aware
of any health issues.
We also take a blood
pressure reading and
are not afraid to refer
individuals to their
Doctor for further
tests if the reading is
not what it should be.
Gym users are also
given a free induction
on how to use the

We now offer
a Body MOT-we will check
resting heart
rate, sugar
levels, BMI,
waist to hip
ratio, and aerobic
fitness for just €30.

We have been serving the community of
Camposol for several years, initially with
just a few classes per week, but have
gone from strength to strength and are
now able to offer a huge variety of classes
to suit all abilities and of course we have
now added our gym. We have consistently
delivered a high level of customer service
and client care in a non-intimidating
environment. We are a big part of the
local community and we also support local
charities and raised €381.30 by holding
a Coffee Morning in aid of MABS for the
“World’s Largest Coffee Morning” at the
end of September.

Call 634 304 087, pop into our studio, or
email us on

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Lyn Baines, President of Cruz Azul
and organiser of the conference, was
overwhelmed by the interest, not only of
the speakers, but also the attendees. “A lot
of expats show concern for the way animals
are treated in Spain, but I was thrilled to
see the number of Spanish people who
show great empathy” she said Monday. “By
Sunday the speakers were calling on me to
arrange a strategy meeting where we can
discuss working: the lawyer, the veterinary
college, the police and our three charities
want to move this forward as a cohesive
group with a strong voice. I’m so looking
forward to having strength in numbers and
thank everyone for their enthusiasm and
One of the guest speakers, and first person
to ask for the strategy meeting, was Pedro
José Moratalla. Pedro is heading UPROMA,
the first unit of its kind to be set up to
ensure all Policia Local are aware of current
legislation regarding animal welfare, so the
police can deal with cases correctly.

and put yourself in danger, physical and
emotional. Jill explained how to avoid this.
Raquel López Teruel of De Animales,
is one of only three specialists lawyers
in Spain specialising in animal welfare.
Raquel explained the complications of
the law process in cases of animal abuse
and stressed how essential it is to do
things right to ensure a prosecution.
She has had great success with some
horrendous cases and wants to encourage
more lawyers to specialise and make a
difference. Vivienne Wharton, President of
ACTIN and joint promoter of the National
Animal Welfare Conference, expressed her
thanks to Raquel for what she has done on
some difficult cases this past 12 months.
“Without Raquel, her professionalism and
her extremely hard work, we would never
have got as far we have. She helped
us secure rescues we would not have
accomplished alone; I cannot thank her
Dr Nuria Querol spoke about Animal Abuse
& Interpersonal Violence and fascinated
the audience, as did Dr Dagmar Mayer of
Worldwide Veterinary Service. Worldwide,
at least 61,000 people die of rabies
each year, 24,000 of these in India
alone. Mission Rabies, a WVS project, has
managed to vaccinate over 150,000 dogs
in India since 2013. Cats can get rabies
too so all the more reason to Trap-NeuterReturn the Spanish street cats.
On the practical side of running
Richardson spoke about the essentials of
communicating your cause through News
and Social Media as you compete with some
200,000 charity associations in Spain.
Sue Thomason, Vice President Cruz
Azul, outlined simple ways to enhance
your charity and stressed the importance
of valuing your volunteers, keeping them
committed to the cause. Both agreed Our
Volunteers must always come first –
first with support, first with information

and first with news.
Lyn Baines said “I’d like to thank Team
Harmony and volunteers from Cruz
Azul for helping out with registrations.
Team Harmony held a raffle which raised
284€. Also thanks to the Northerners and
Barrington Dubois, all animal lovers; they
gave their time free of charge to entertain
our delegates.”

We hope everyone reading this will have
an interest in keeping up with National
Animal Welfare – PAES – here in Spain and
to do that check out our website regularly and follow
us on Facebook https://www.facebook.
For more information of some exciting
upcoming activities within the National
Animal Welfare area please contact www.
CONFERENCE is an initiative created by
three charities: Cruz Azul, with a mission
to ensure that pets whose owners come
on hard times can still continue to be
responsible for their animals; ACTIN, who
aim to change laws in order to benefit all
animals in Spain and SAS who recognise
that Trap-Neuter-Return is an essential
practice to humanely resolve the street cat
Credit for photos: Barry Caulfield and
Traudl Bruckner

Amalia Melendreras Montesinos from the
Veterinary College stressed the need to
get accurate veterinary reports to ensure
prosecution in animal abuse cases. Amalia
is responsible for the SIAMU Microchip
Database in Murcia (http://www.siamu.
org/iframes/quees.asp) which links
to the Europetnet Microchip Database
operated by Dr Michel Schoffeniels, a
qualified vet working in Belgium and the
founder of Europetnet Microchip Database.
Michel explained to the group how the
whole system works; see more on the PAES
Mandy Marshall from SAS spoke about
the group’s experience of Trap-NeuterReturn to keep down cat colonies and
poignantly, Jill Sylvester spoke about
keeping yourself safe when you are working
in animal welfare. It’s easy to get involved

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Seventeen guest speakers addressed an
audience of representatives from many
Animal Welfare Associations at the three
day National Animal Welfare Conference,
PAES, held in Los Alcázares, Murcia from
October 16th to 18th. They had been
gathered together by three Associations
- Cruz Azul, ACTIN Spain (Animal Care
Treatment International Network) and SAS
(San Animal Santuario) - for the purpose
of finding synergy with others concerned
about animal treatment here in Spain.

Latest Technique In Water Purification
AguaEs can offer
solutions for fresh,
problems. We work
with the newest
unique products on
the market suitable
for homes, offices,
mobile homes.

healthier life begin right now!
AguaEs Euro Tap Cleaner is the small
but perfect device which cleans up to 3000
litres per cartridge and with your first
purchase you get an extra cartridge which
gives you a total of 6000 litres of fresh
delicious tasting water. The Euro Tap
Cleaner is also perfect for boats, mobile
homes, caravans, or if you rent different
vacation homes, then you just bring it with
to your next place and install it again.
Scale Solution is
a “Polysfosfat filter”
which makes the
soft, saving your
and you use less
easy to install and
all extra equipment
for installation is

To be able to offer you these great
solutions for fresh delicious tasting water
we use the unique test-winning microspiral
filter material.
Hi-tech and patented, not only does the
microspiral filter purify the water, but gives
it qualities similar to those of water from a
glacier, untouched for thousands of years.
The size of the microspiral filters are
0,05-0,1 micron. A bacteria like an
Ecoli measures around 2 micron and a
parasite like Cryptosporidium 5-8 micron.
This makes it easy to understand why
the microspiral material works as an
efficient barrier against these dangerous
organisms. Moreover, it allows minerals to
remain in the water so that the balance is
just right for your body.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

All this for little more than a penny
a litre and installation is so easy you
can do it yourself within minutes. When
the cartridge is filled with unwanted
substances, it indicates that it needs to be
Microspiral filter is recommended by the
“Pasteur Research Institute”, for usage at
schools, hospitals, as well as in domestic
environments, so let your new, cleaner and

Saturday October 3rd saw the inaugural
meeting of the winter season for the
members and friends met in La Majada
for coffee and then travelled the short
distance to the local plant nursery to buy
winter bedding plants.
The usual colourful array greeted us,
including pansies, violas, marigolds,
gazanias, pelargoniums and much more.
The only difficulty was deciding which
plants to choose and remembering that
you had to have space to plant them when
you got them home.
On our return to the Bar La Puente in
La Majada, we were given a talk and
demonstration of olive pickling by one our
founder members, John Blakey. Apart from
the basic principle of soaking the olives in
salt water for several months, John told us
that every local family has its own recipe,
declared by them to be the best method.

Blue Water Jug is
probably the easiest
your water within
minutes wherever
you are. Just pour
water into this jug
purify it to your
personal liking.
Changing the filter is
simple, cheap and a highly efficient one for
bacteria and viruses. In your first purchase
the cartridge is for hard water, the kind of
water you find in the areas of the Costa
Purifications Solutions which cleans

In fact additions of all kinds of herbs and
other leaves all have their possibilities and
are largely a matter of personal choice. A
lively question and answer session followed
the talk, with special interest from those
members who grow olives on their land.
Lunch and the raffle as usual rounded off
a most enjoyable start to the new season.
Our next outing is to the Regional Park of
El Valle & Carrascoy. There is a wealth
of things to do in the park. We will visit
3 visitors’ centres, the arboretum, the
remains of an ancient archaeological site, a
hermitage where the monks make and sell
chocolate (among other things I imagine)
and a sanctuary where there are fantastic
views of Murcia City and the surrounding
It isn’t really practical to travel by coach
within the park, so we will travel in our
own cars. If anyone would like a lift, car

up to 25000 litres
to fit on top of/
under your sink
Please see further
information on our
AguaEs is a new
company in Spain
owned by Peter and
Lena, who work
with PlanetsOwn
in Sweden.
organization working with sustainable
solutions for water treatment and waste
processing. The goal is to purify water
without chemicals and treat the waste in a
biological and sustainable way. Companies
within the PlanetsOwn organization
develop technology on natural processes
and thus promote biological diversity,
making water ‘just’ water and making
waste a natural part of the food chain.
We will gladly come to your home,
boat, or mobile home to discuss which
of our solutions suits your needs the
At AguaEs we speak Scandinavian
languages, English and soon Spanish.
We will soon open an online web shop
to make it easier for you to order all our
For further information call or email us!
Isla Plana and Condado de Alhama
691 957 387

sharing can be arranged. The park is about
50 minutes’ drive from El Saladillo.
There are three restaurants in the park,
but none of them do a Menu del Dia, so,
as there are some nice picnic spots, we
would suggest you bring a picnic, which
we will eat at 2 o’clock when everything
shuts. If you would prefer to eat in one of
the restaurants, I would suggest you book
a table as the park is very popular at the
You are very welcome to join us on this or
any other of our outings. For further details
darwiniangardeners@, or phone Annie on 619 879
Our new webpage will shortly be up and
running. More information about this next

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Here are snippets from extraordinary
interviews with people I met while in Israel/
Palestine. Full sets of these interviews will
be in my book, Mankinds Great Divides.

but…..not the authorities. They have their
vested interests. Politics and organised
religion all benefit from these divides.”
I knew the answer, but had to ask the
question. “Do you think the walls around
Bethlehem will ever come down?”
“No, never. There will never be peace in
the land of peace.”
An off duty member of the Israeli
Defence Force (IDF)
“Do you know? Does anyone really
indiscriminately fired over 15,000 rockets
into Israel. I ask you; what would you do
if someone kept firing rockets into your
country or at your house?”

My female taxi driver from Tel Aviv
“The war in summer of 2014 was terrible.
We, all Israeli’s, feel genuine sadness at
deaths of Palestinian women and children,
it’s true, but you must realise this – after
Hamas fired rockets into Israel and before
we bombed Gaza, a huge effort was made
by Israel, to warn the locals to get out.
Thousands of leaflets were dropped, text
messages sent, phone calls made, all to
families telling them the area would be
bombed, so get out asap. Now, listen to
this – Hamas forced people to stay, even
paying them. They also deliberately hid
weapons and ammunition in and around
schools and hospitals, so, when Israel
attacks what it thinks is a weapon’s dump,
it hits a school and Hamas claim a political
victory. It’s disgusting. Hamas use their
own people for their own purposes and
then we are seen in the eyes of the world
as child killers.”

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Bethlehem shopkeeper, Adel
“Most people from all sides want peace….

I challenged him on Israel using excessive
force. “You respond to stone throwing
teenagers by firing at them; not just
rubber bullets, but also live ammunition.
How can you justify shooting an unarmed
He looks at me like I am the most naive
person in the world.
“Let me paint you a picture, but first,
forget all about politics and religion and
your own views on the situation ok? Right,
you’re a member of the IDF on patrol
in say Ramallah. People are throwing
stones at you. You reply with tear gas,
then suddenly a teenage boy comes
walking directly towards you. He is now
fifty meters away, he is wearing a jacket,
zipped up. He walks directly down the
middle of the road. Is he wearing a suicide
belt? Am I going to die today? We shout at
him, in Arabic, pleading with him to STOP!
He keeps coming. You try again, telling
him if he doesn’t stop you will shoot. You
are terrified. He keeps coming. Time is
running out for you
You know
that if he comes
any further, you are
dead. We shout one
last time. He keeps
coming, smiling; his
hand now inside his
him. So, what would
Would you take him
out or let yourself be
blown to pieces?”

An old Palestinian who has lost his
“They took my land. They destroyed my
olive trees. My goats are gone. This farm
had been in my family for generations.
They took it, like they took from many.
They bulldozed everything and now build
their houses on our land. They’ve killed
many of our people. Israel treats us like
animals. What did I ever do to them?
Nothing, but we will triumph in the end,
Inshallah (God willing).”

Summing up
It’s so very easy to sit from the comfort
and safety of an armchair in the UK and
have an opinion. It’s very easy to watch
selective news and decide you’re antiIsraeli, or pro-Israeli. The conclusion I
came to was; it’s nowhere near as simple
as that.
There is right and wrong on all sides. There
are good people on all sides and there
are also despicable killings on all sides.
I believe that the man or woman who
peacefully and permanently manages to
bring peace to this most troubled of lands
will go down in history as the saviour of all
humankind. But what a task! What a task!
“There will never be peace in the land
of peace,” was what Adel said. I’d like
to add the following – “As long as so
many continue to be blinded by religious
hate, the fear, suspicion and loathing will
I watched a clip from a Hamas children’s
TV show where the kids were encouraged
by the presenter, who was dressed up as
a cartoon character, to attack Jews. I am
not making this up. One little girl of around
seven was asked what she would do when
she grew up. She replied, “I will shoot the
Jews. All of them.”
I am reminded of the words to John
Lennon’s song, “Imagine…..”
For more information on George’s writing,
go to

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RED – Entertainment
GREEN – Charity & non-profit making events
ORANGE – Special menus
BLACK – Fiestas & important events
PURPLE –Market, exhibitions, leisure & meetings
Please refer to the relevant advert or editorial for more details of events
Every Day

“Acidulux” Painting Exhibition @ Mazarrón Town Hall (until 14th exc Sun)
Breakfasts @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A from 3.50€ (from 9-12pm)
Breakfasts @ Liz’s Café, Camposol B (from 9am)
Breakfasts @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón (Tues-Fri 10am-2pm
& Sun 10am-12pm)
English Breakfasts @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín from 3.50€
Menu del Noche @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón from 7€
inc a drink (Tues-Sun)
3 Course Menu del Noche @ Elliot’s, Bolnuevo 14€
Earlybird Menu @ Spice Villa, CamposolA 12.50€ inc btl wine for 2 (6-8pm)

Every Mon

Tai Chi 9am/Legs, Bums & Tums 10am/Move n Groove 10am @
CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Yoga with Lisa @ Y oga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10.30am
Zumba 11am/Weigh In & Shape Up 11am @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Camposol D Sector Community Group Working Party @ Camposol D
Dancercize with Zizi @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 12pm
Ladies’ Chatterbox Sew n Sew @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2pm
Yogalates 5pm/I Fit 6pm/Kettlebells 6.30pm @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Quiz Night @ Los Rinales Bar, Calasparra 8pm (2€pp in teams of 4 or more)
Breakfast & 2 Free Steak Meals if booking overnight stay @
La Mariposa, Gebas 49€ per cpl
Forget Me Not Respite Care @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10.30am-1.30pm
GOmaD collections @ Mazarrón Country Club (opp Community Centre) 11am-1pm
Andrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Car Park, Camposol B 11.30am-1.30pm
Camposol B Clean Working Party @ Commercial Centre, Camposol B
Tai Chi Fit 9am/Circuits 10am/Step 10am/Pilates 11am @
CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Spanish Lessons @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 9am-2pm
Yoga with Lisa @Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10.30am
Spanish Cookery Lesson/Lunch @ Camposol Social Centre
(opp MABS Office) 7€ 1pm
Computer Clinic @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 1-3pm
Beginner Spanish Lessons @ Camposol Social Centre (opp MABS Office)
2€ 4-5pm
Guitar Group @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 4-7pm
Zumba @ The Arches, Los Alcázares, 4.30pm
Spin Fit 4pm/Punch & Crunch 5pm/I Fit 6pm/Legs, Bums & Tums 6.30pm
@ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Every Tue

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Page 83

Intermediate Spanish Lessons @ Camposol Social Centre
(opp MABS Office) 2€ 5-6pm
English/Spanish Conversation Group @ Neighbourhood Association Bar,
Isla Plana 6pm
Learn to Ballroom Dance with Jacqui @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 7pm
Breakfast & 2 Free Steak Meals if booking overnight stay @
La Mariposa, Gebas 49€ per cple
Menu del Noche @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Menu del Noche @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón
Karaoke with Lynden B @ The Arches, Los Alcázares
MAMAS Collection/Book Stall @ Camposol B Car Park 10am-12pm
FAST Available for New Volunteers @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 11am
GOmaD Collections @ Camposol A 11.30am-1pm
Every Wed

Mar Menor Golf Society Competition
Yoga Fitness 9am/Legs, Bums & Tums 10am @ CDA Fitness Studio,
Camposol B
C Gardening Group Clean Up @ Camposol C 9am
Yoga with Lisa @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10.30am
Aerobic Body Tone 11am/Vitality 11am @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Masquerade Musicals Rehearsal @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 4pm
Dancercize with Zizi @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 11am
SAMM International One Metre Club 11am
Line Dancing with Lyn @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 3pm
Yoga @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 3.30pm
Meditation @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 3.30pm
History Group @ Camposol Social Centre (opp MABS Office) 1€ 4pm
Rebound 4pm/Pump 5pm/Suspension Training 6pm @
CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B 5pm
Chi Kung @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 5pm
Mazarrón AA Group @ Meeting Room adjacent to Cañada de Gallego
Church 5.30pm
Yoga with Lisa @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 6.30pm
Line Dancing @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 6.30pm
Pie Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón
Steak Night @ La Vida, El Pareton from 10.95€

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Karaoke Party Night @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón
Age Concern for tickets etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pm
HAH Mar Menor Book & DVD Club 2.30-4.30pm
Every Thu

Camposol Market @ Camposol A
Step ‘n Tone 9am/Kettlebells 10am/Move ‘n Groove 11am @
CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Shabby Chic Furniture/Chalk Paint/Upcycling/Handpainting @
Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 10.30am
Weigh In & Shape Up 11am @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Spanish Cookery Lesson/Lunch @ Camposol Social Centre
(opp MABS Office) 7€ 1pm
Painting Lessons @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 2-4pm
Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC Meeting @ Camposol 4pm

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Page 84

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Latino Dance 5pm/I Fit 6pm @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Bangers & Mash @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín (pre-order)
Curry Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón
Breakfast & 2 Free Steak Meals if booking overnight stay @
La Mariposa, Gebas 49€ per cple
Age Concern for tickets etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 10am-1pm
Little Starfish Dog Rescue Table Top Sale @ Lower Car Park,
Camposol A from 10am
JJ’s Puppy Rescue Table Top Sale @ Lower Car Park, Camposol A 11am-1pm
Andrea’s Animal Rescue Collection @ Mazarrón Country Club 11.30am-1pm
HAH Mar Menor Book/Card Stall @ Los Narejos 2-4pm
Every Fri

Legs, Bums ‘n Tums 9am/Pilates 10am @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
Friday Art Group @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 9.45am-12.30pm
Miles Dance Fitness @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón 10am
Yoga with Lisa @ Yoga Shala Studio, Isla Plana 10.30am
Book Stall/Camposol A Gardening @ Car Park Camposol A 10.30am-12.30pm
Bokwa 11am/Zumba 11am @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B
SAMM International One Metre Club
Yoga @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 3.30pm
10 Pin Bowling/Camposol C Greenfingers Garden Group @ Totana 4pm
Spinning 5pm/I Fit 6pm @ CDA Fitness Studio, Camposol B 5pm
Meditation & Pranayama @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 5pm
English/Spanish/French/German Language Exchange @
Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón 6-8pm
Fish Night at The Bistro/Quiz @ La Vida, El Pareton from 5.50€
(food from 12.30pm, quiz from 9pm)
Fish & Chips @ The Wishing Well, Cabecico del Rey from 6.50€ 12pm until late
Mixed Grill Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A 10€
Fish& Chips @ Viggos, Pto de Mazarrón
Fish& Chips @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín (pre-order)
Fish & Chips @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón
Live Entertainment @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Live Entertainment @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón from 8.30pm
MABS Mazarrón booking events etc outside Compusurf, Camposol B 11am
GOmaD Donations @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B/Costa Cálida Radio 12.30-2pm
Age Concern booking events etc @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 12.30-2pm
The Archaeological See of Begastri Open @ Cehegín 10am-2pm
Vegetarian Cookery Workshop @ Café Buenavista, Pto de Mazarrón
Tourism Activity Park Coto de las Maravillas Open, Cehegín
Harlequin Rock Choir Meeting@ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30pm
Free Tours of Moratalla 11.30am from Tourist Office

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Every Sat

Steak Night @ La Vida, El Pareton from 10.95€
Steak Night @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón
Roast Dinner @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín (pre-order)
Live Afternoon Entertainment @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón 1-4.30pm
Live Entertainment @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

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Page 85

MABS MMM Book Sale @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 10am-1pm
HELP MMM Sale of up-market clothes @ The Arches, Los Alcázares 10am-1pm
Every Sun

The Archaeological See of Begastri Open @ Cehegín 10am-2pm
Tourism Activity Park Coto de las Maravillas Open, Cehegín
Sunday Lunch @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A from 6€ inc a drink
Sunday Roast @ Liz’s Café, Camposol B from 6.50€
Sunday Lunch @ The Wishing Well, Cabecico del Rey from 6.50€ 12-5pm
Traditional Sunday Lunch @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarron
from 8.50€ 12-4pm
3 Course Sunday Lunch @ Elliot’s, Bolnuevo 10€
2 Course Sunday Lunch @ Le Carrousel, Pto de Mazarr 10€ inc a drink
Meat Carvery/Vegetable Buffet @ La Mariposa, Gebas from 10.50€
Sunday Roast @ The Old Market Tavern, Pto de Mazarrón
Live Entertainment @ Blues House, Bolnuevo from 3pm
Open Day @ Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, Rojales 1-4pm

Sunday 1

All Saint’s Day (National Holiday)
Cartagena Jazz Festival (until 22nd). See Page 30 for detailed events
Artisan Market @ Bullas
MCC Events Group 3 Nights in Benidorm 110€ (120€ non members)
inc HB & transport
Mazarrón FC v SFC Minerva (away)
Culture Vulture’s Trip to Murcia – Sister Act (Musical) 4.30pm
Byron @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

Monday 2

Guided Walk followed by 4 Course Lunch inc beer/wine @
La Mariposa, Gebas 12€

Tuesday 3

Candy & Shoes Trip with ViajesDragontours 19€
Kayaking Tour @ La Mariposa, Gebas from 51€
Welcome Book Swap @ Camposol B 10am-12pm
Stamp Collectors Meeting @ Biblioteca, Pto de Mazarrón 6pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

HAH Volunteer’s Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 10.30am
Wednesday 4 Welcome Petanca 2pm
Los Nietos Golf Society Game 32€ (40€ inc buggy) 11.20am
Heat 4 of The Med Factor (Singing Competition) @ Bar Med,
El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón
MABS MMM Volunteer’s Meeting @ Centro Civico, Roda Bar, Roda 11.15am
Age Concern Talking Shop Social @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30-3.30pm
Thursday 5

Ladies’ Chatterbox Book Club @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2pm
Open Door Meet ‘n Heat Evening/Live Music @ Los Almagros 7pm

Friday 6

Costa Calida Country Music Club/Big Screen Projector Night 4€ 7.45pm

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Page 86

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Status Quo Tribute @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Nick Barker @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón from 8.30pm
MABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pm
Mazarrón Bahia Leo Club@ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7pm (12-18 year olds)
Samaritans in Spain Opening Ceremony for Revamped Centre @ Punta Prima
IFEPA Dog Show (until 8th)
ADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista de Hogar, San Pedro 10.30am
Welcome Meeting 2pm

Saturday 7

Thai Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Richie Alexander Soul Show @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón 1-4.30pm
Sunday 8

Artisan Market @ Mula
Walking with Discovering Moratalla/Casicas del Porto to Rincón
de las Huertas 8am
Mazarrón FC v CF Molina (home)
ESAMD Remembrance Lunch @ Camposol 2pm
MCC Events Group Lunch/Live Entertainment 18€ (20€ non-members)
inc transport from Camposol & MCC

Tuesday 10

Barbara Almond (Medium) @ Oscar’s, Camposol B 5€

Wednesday 11
Armistice Day
Welcome Ladies’ Trip to Benidorm Market/Rich Bitch Show 15€
General Meeting of SAMM @ Los Narejos 11am
Culture Vulture’s Trip to Murcia – Gala of Grand Classic Ballets
from 18€ 8pm
5 Course Menu/Divalli Party with Bollywood Dancing @ Sartaj,
Pto de Mazarrón 15€
Grand Final of The Med Factor (Singing Competition) @ Bar Med,
El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón

Thursday 12

Culture & Tapas in Murcia with ViajesDragontours 15€
Ladies’ Chatterbox @ The Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2pm

Friday 13

BBC Children in Need

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

MABS Murcia NW Volunteer’s Meeting @5pm

Jokers Inc @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón from 8.30pm
Queen Tribute @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
GOmAD Table Top Sale @ Camposol B Commercial Centre 10am–2pm
FAST Book Stall @ Camposol B Commercial Centre
Saturday 14

World Diabetes Day
2 Hour Guided Tour of Cehegín/School of Wine
Humanists of Murcia Easy Rambling 2 Hour Walk from La Azohia 11am 2pm

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Page 87

Bingo @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín
Cuban Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Terry Morgan/Red Strokes @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón 1-4.30pm
Monsters of Rock @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Mazarrón Bahia Leo Club Strides Walk
Charity Christmas Fayre (MABS, FAST & Age Concern) @
Camposol A 11am-2.30pm 1€
Sunday 15

Artisan Market @Caravaca
Artisan Market @ Sanctuary de la Esperanza, Calasparra 10am-6pm
Ruta del Ferrocarril (Railway Route) with Aguilas Tourist
Information Centre
Car Boot Sale @Via Verde, Cehegín
Mazarrón FC v Cieza (away)

Monday 16
Tuesday 17

Laser Hair Removal & Facials @ Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo
Fiestas del Milagro, Mazarrón
Welcome Book Swap 10am-12pm
Opening of Art Exhibition @ Centro Cultural, Lorca (until 30th)
HELP MMM General Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 11.30am

Wednesday 18
Welcome Dance/Woody & The Peckers 8€ (5€ opt food) 7.45pm
FAST Trip to Benidorm 15€
Thursday 19

Culture Vulture’s Trip to Murcia – History of Rock from 20€ 9pm

Friday 20

IFEPA Wedding Exhibition (until 22nd)
Beatles Tribute @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Miss Ruby Rox @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón from 8.30pm
MABS Mazarrón Book Sale @ Camposol B Commercial Centre 9am-1pm
MABS Murcia NW Outdoor Market Stall @ Calle Segura, Calasparra 9am-1pm
Mazarrón Bahia Leo Club @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 7pm (12-18 year olds)

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Saturday 21

Artisan Market @ Paseo de las Comunidades Autónomos,
Pto de Mazarrón 10am-2pm
Humanists of Murcia Walk @ San Juan de Terreros
Quiz Night @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín
Culture Vulture’s Trip to Murcia – Jethro Tull ‘The Rock Opera’
from 40€ 9pm
Andy Winwood @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón 1-4.30pm
Byron G Man Sax @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Curry Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Little Starfish Dog Rescue Artisan Fayre 11am-3pm 1€

Sunday 22

Walking with Discovering Moratalla/Rio Benamor to Sa del Buitre 8am
Mazarrón FC v MONTECASILLAS FC (home)

Monday 23

San Clemente, Lorca
Guided Walk followed/4 Course Lunch inc beer/wine @ La Mariposa, Gebas 12€

Tuesday 24

Downhill Cycling/4 Course Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 35€ inc bike/guide/safety equip
Ladies’ Chatterbox Shopping Trip to La Zenia/Fashion Show/ Lunch 20€/22€
Monthly B Clean Meeting @ Camposol B 4pm
MABS Mazarrón Volunteer Meeting @ Camposol B 11.30am

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Page 88

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Thursday 26

Fuente Old Guards Golf Society Game
Straight Down The Middle Golf Society Game

Friday 27

The Geckos @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón from 8.30pm
The Troopers @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
GOmAD Table Top Sale @ Camposol B Commercial Centre 10am–2pm
HELP MMM Charity Market @ Los Alcazáres 11am-1pm
FAST Book Stall @ Camposol B Commercial Centre
Age Concern Table Top Sale @ Camposol B Commercial Centre

Saturday 28

Murder/Mystery Night inc accommodation/tapas/breakfast/
4 course Sunday Lunch @ La Mariposa, Gebas 99€ per cpl
Karaoke @ El Rincon de la Tapa, Cehegín
Byron G Man Sax @ Bar Med, El Alamillo, Pto de Mazarrón 1-4.30pm
Micky Lewis @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Caribbean Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
FAST Christmas Indulgence Fair @ 11am-3pm 1€
HAH Pre-Christmas Dinner Dance @ Los Alcazares

Sunday 29

Nature Walk @ Cehegín 9am
Artisan Market @ Plaza del Castillo, Cehegin 10am
Mazarrón FC v CD Bala Azul (away)

Monday 30

St Andrew’s Day

Tuesday 1

Welcome Book Swap 10am-12pm
Stamp Collectors Meeting @ Biblioteca, Pto de Mazarrón 6pm
HAH Volunteer’s Meeting @ Las Claras, Los Narejos 10.30am

Wednesday 2 Welcome Trip-3 Nights to Benalmadena inc HB in 4 Star Hotel/
Trip to Malaga/Gibraltar 175€
Los Nietos Golf Society Game 40€ inc buggy10.25am
Welcome Petanca 2pm

Thursday 3

Christmas Shopping to Ikea/Thader/Nueva Condomina with
ViajesDragontours 15€
Ladies’ Chatterbox Book Club @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 2pm

Friday 4

The Geckos @ Oscar’s, Camposol B

Saturday 5

ADAPT Meeting @ Pensionista de Hogar, San Pedro 10.30am
Welcome Meeting 2pm

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

MABS MMM Volunteer’s Meeting @ Centro Civico, Roda Bar, Roda 11.15am
Age Concern Talking Shop Social @ Cultural Centre, Camposol B 1.30-3.30pm

Chinese Night @ Tropic Ana’s, Camposol A
Paul Christie @ Oscar’s, Camposol B
Sunday 6

Artisan Market @ Bullas
Mazarrón FC v UD Los Garres (home)

Monday 7

MCC Events Group 3 Night Trip to Gibraltar 145€ (150€ non members)

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Page 89

We had another memorable night on 2nd
October, (this is becoming the norm!), when
North South Country Boys entertained us
with their brand of pure country music.

These 2 guys were good from day 1, but
they get better each time we see them.
Well done guys. We will see them again
next April.
We meet the 1st Friday of each month in
Mariano’s, Camposol A, starting at 7.45pm
to (approx) midnight. Friday 5th November
is our next night when we will have a
projector night, when you will see all your
favourite country music stars on the big
screen. If you want anything particular
played let us know asap. If we don’t have
the video etc, we will do our best to get it.
If you want to do all the line dances on
these Fridays, Ann and Roy run a FREE line
dance class each Wednesday in the Culture
Centre Camposol starting at 6.30pm.
Don’t worry if you’ve never danced before;

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

O t h e r
on the Costa

If you need any more information etc,
all relevant details are available on our
Facebook page

Christmas cruises. A great choice would
be to the Caribbean, including flights
from Madrid, departing on December
19th, returning on 26th and visiting
the Dominican Republic, St Maarten,
Guadalupe, Martinica and Isla Margarita
- 2 people for 2800€.

What To Do For Christmas Or Early
We are in the last month before Christmas
once again. Many have already booked
for Christmas and/or New Year, but for
those of you who are falling into the
Spanish way of life, perhaps you are still
looking for that last minute bargain.
There are still hotels in Benidorm
available for these important dates, either
going up on your own, or if you prefer
going by coach, these are available from
Camposol, or Los Alcázares if that is more
convenient for you.

you will be made very welcome.

Come and look at the choices for a
Mediterranean, or Canary Island cruise.
260€ pp for
5 days (4
nights) from
23rd - 27th,
( w i t h
and evening
m e a l ,
including a Gala Christmas Dinner), or
if you prefer all-inclusive (full board and
drinks included), for 345€ pp (double
If you would like to treat yourself to
the whole Christmas/New Year period,
from December 23rd - January 2nd, halfboard would be just 510€ pp, or 720€ all
There are also hotels, with or without
transport, in Mojacar, Almuñecar on the
Granada coast, or further afield in Jerez
de la Frontera, where you not only have a
lovely 4* hotel, but also the possibility of
seeing the show of the famous Andalusian
Dancing Horses and visiting the Sherry

Costa Cruises has a great offer, for
next year’s cruises, not only to the
Mediterranean, but also for their Northern
cruises – to the Baltic and to the Fjords
between next May and August.
You might be attracted by a transAtlantic cruise. Eg the Queen Mary from
Southampton to New York can be enjoyed
for as little as 629€ pp.
If you book before November 30th for
any of these up and coming cruises
for 2016, included will be an allinclusive drinks package as well as
flights from Madrid or Barcelona.
Pop in to see us and find out all the
latest information. We look forward to
seeing you in our office on Camposol A
Commercial Centre. We will do our best
to find the most interesting offers to suit
your plans and budget.
Open Monday to Friday 10am-2pm, or by
appointment at other times.

You might fancy doing something entirely
different, such as a 9 day trip to Morocco,
departing on December 19th, returning on
27th, visiting Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca
and Rabat, for just 780€ pp, including an
English speaking guide during the trip.
There are still some good offers for

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Page 90

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In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

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Page 91

Close Finishes
On Wednesday 23rd September the society
members all gathered at Lorca Resort Golf
Club. This course is in excellent condition
and has to be one of the best in this area,
with friendly staff as well. It does represent
quite a challenge for some members who
struggle to get over one or two of the
ramblas, especially from the tee.
The weather on the day was perfect for
golf, with pleasant sunshine, temperatures
in the middle 20’s and little or no breeze.
The conditions were certainly helpful, as
some of the best scores of the season
were returned, although one member who
suggested he had a hole in one, had to be
reminded that it was in fact three off the
tee!! Following a previous tee shot.
In the 19th while cards were checked,
George Bricknal, with a score of 36 points,

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Thirteen-handicapper Trevor Beechey was
the Overall Winner of the Los Nietos Golf
Society Captain’s Day.
Thirty-one members and one guest
enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Hacienda
del Alamo Golf Club. Trevor won with 38
Stableford points, three ahead of RunnerUp, 20-handicapper Mick McGovern, who
won the one-to-24 handicap competition.
In third place and second in the one-to-24

was quietly
C l a y t o n
turned in a
score of 37.
Not to be
o u t d o n e
the Society
Gerry Taylor,
which when
score of 38. George was not to be outdone
however and he won the prize for Nearest
The Pin and the Football Raffle. The other

category, was eight-handicapper Jack
Rickwood, who also scored 35 points.
Thirteen-handicapper Pat Hurley picked up
three prizes - Nearest the Pin at holes five
and eight and Longest Drive at the 11th.
Playing off a handicap of 25, Arthur Vodden
scored 29 Stableford points to win the 2536 handicap category. Second in the 25-36
competition was Clive Williams, scoring 27
points from his 33 handicap.
Phil Price won the Nearest the Pin prize for
hole 12.
Guest player Spencer O’Brien won two
prizes - Nearest the Pin at the second hole
and nearest with his second shot at the

Nearest The Pin winner was Tim Skinner,
a guest.
The handicap secretary will no doubt wipe
the smile from their faces when he gets
out his pencil and cuts them down! He also
had to reduce his own handicap, so did not
find too much to smile about.
The November gathering of the society will
be at Aguilon on 26th, with a 10 o’clock tee
There is to be a Dinner Dance for the
medal presentations on 6th February 2016
and all who are interested should let Joe
Chalk know asap.
Geoff Sharp

evening more than 80 members, wives,
partners and friends enjoyed the annual
LNGS Ladies’ Night at Antonio’s
Restaurant, Los Nietos.
The November event for the Henry Wilce
Trophy will be held at Serena Golf on
Wednesday 4th at 11.20am (32€ walking,
40€ with a buggy).
On Wednesday December 2nd the Monthly
Competition is at Roda Golf with a
10.24am start (40€ including buggy).
Lo Romero is the venue for the January
event on Wednesday 6th at 11.40am (40€
for members, 45€ for guests, including
always welcome. To find out more,
email or
call in at El Fraile Bar and Restaurant, Los

The golf competition was followed by a
presentation buffet at El Fraile Bar and
Restaurant, Los Nietos. The following

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Page 92

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El Valle Golf Society and
Solidarity Once More


in pushchairs like other children instead of
on hospital stretchers.

Once again the Valley Golf Society has
shown its commitment and sensitivity to
the problems of those who live in their
Throughout the summer the
Society raises money via its activities
which they then donate to local charitable
causes, be they organizations or some
other local issue or need.

Eroski San Javier are proud to partner with
El Valle Golf Society. We share their
commitment and are at their service when
asked to work with them.

This year the money has gone to buying
pushchairs for the children who are in the
children’s unit of the Arrixaca Hospital in
Murcia. This way the children do not have
to feel like invalids when they are taken
from one department to another for checkups, tests and analysis. They can be taken

24th September saw the members of
Fuente Old Guard visit one of their
Urbanisation of Murcia.

Last year the funds raised were donated
to the DEBRA Society for the treatment
of the Butterfly Skin Disease and also to
purchase food for several months for local
disadvantaged families.
In 2013 they
donated twelve television sets and video
game consoles to the Children’s Intensive
Care Unit for hospitalized children and the
same year at Christmas, they also bought
food and gifts for families in need.

Thank you very much to Mr Lalley and
thank you very much to El Valle Golf

Another warm day saw Chris Andrews score
an impressive 35 points off a handicap of
11 to take first place overall and in Division
One. Overall Runner-Up was Keith Green
with 34 points which also gave him second
place in Division One.
In Division Two, Roger Olorenshaw took
first prize with 34 points followed by Dave
Gautier in second place with 27 points.
Another 34 points was scored by Peter
Hansford to give him first place in Division
Three closely followed by Derek Hayward
with 28 points.
join FOGGS or just play as a guest please
contact Dave on 868 082 013.
In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Nearest The Pin was won by Dave May,
who also scored a hole in one at hole 5 on
Camposol Golf Course earlier in the week.
Our next outing is to Hacienda del Alamo
on November 26th. If anyone wishes to

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Page 93

After a poor start to the season, with
just one draw from the first four games,
Mazarrón bounced back with consecutive
victories; 1-0 away to SC Aguileno and 4-0
at home to AD Alquerias to move off the
bottom of the table up into 12th position.
The victories coincided with the arrival of
new signing, Hafid, who provided much
needed support up front for striker Jose
who scored 3 goals in the first six games.
The new squad seemed to be gelling
together after the uncertain start with the
defence looking sound and the team was
trying to play attractive football under new
coach Victor.

in the local media, on www.mazarronfc.
es, on Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC
Facebook page and on posters at various
points throughout Camposol and Mazarrón.
Forthcoming fixtures:
Sunday 1st November SFC Minerva (away)
Sunday 8th November CF Molina (home)
Sunday 15th November CD Cieza (away)
Sunday 22nd November
FC (home)
Sunday 29th November CD Bala Azul
Sunday 6th December UD Los Garres
More than 40 members enjoyed the
Luncheon Club at the Restaurante El
Puerto 1 on Tuesday 27th October. Details
and availability for the November lunch
can be obtained by emailing

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

The Juvenile and Cadete teams both made
good starts to the season; the Juveniles
winning four of their first five games
and were in 2nd and 4th position in their
respective leagues in mid-October. The
youth set-up at Mazarrón is among the
best in the area and is overseen by last
year’s first team coach Javi in his new role
as Director of Football.
Mazarron’s home games are normally
played on Sundays with varying kick-off
times. Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC
organise a supporters’ coach to most away
games at 8€ for members and 10€ for nonmembers. Full details of all games, date
and kick off times and coach departure
times are normally not announced until the
Wednesday before the weekend on which
the game is to be played and advertised

The President’s Bash at The Club House,
Camposol on 6th October was again a great
success. Members and friends enjoyed a
splendid barbeque buffet before being
entertained by the musical talents of the
excellent Geckos.
One very sad note was the death of longstanding Los Amigos member Barry
Bridge after a short illness. Barry was one
of the founder members of Los Amigos
and had supported Los Amigos de
Mazarrón FC and Mazarrón FC through
thick and thin over the years. He was a
lovely man and a true gentleman and will
be sadly missed.

is our guest speaker. He will be aided and
abetted by our MC and Comedian, Gary
Marshall who has an excellent reputation
in the UK, having appeared in numerous
TV show and performed at such prestigious
events as Andrew Flintoff’s Testimonial
Dinner and the Champions League Final
The event will again be jointly sponsored
by Ibex Insurance and The Club House.
Tickets remain at 40€, which includes a
5 course dinner with local beer, wine and
soft drinks included during the serving of
dinner. There are a limited number of VIP
tickets at 50€ which includes preferred
seating and admission to a VIP Reception
with the celebrity guests in a private room
at the hotel prior to the dinner.
We will also
Night at the
Camposol B
on Monday
Club de Golf
on Tuesday
15th March,
Kindon. Gary
and Tony Currie, who will be making his
sixth visit to Mazarrón in support of our
Gala Week, will be taking part in the
competition which last year attracted
64 entrants. Invitations will be sent out
to all teams who took part last year, but
if you would like to join, please email
Tickets for the Gala Dinner are on sale at
our weekly Los Amigos meetings. You can
also ring Barbara on 627 012 646, Dave
on 634 369 639, Gerard on 624 320 567
or email
or losamigosdemazarronfc@hotmail.
Los Amigos de Mazarrón FC meetings
are held every Thursday at The Club
House, Camposol C at 4 pm (last Thursday
reserved for the Members Business Meeting
and open to members only). Membership
runs from 1st August at 10€ which includes
reduced coach travel and reduced prices
to most of our social events including the
monthly luncheon club.

The 7th Annual Los Amigos de Mazarrón
FC Gala Evening and Dinner will be held
at the Hotel la Cumbre, Puerto de Mazarrón
on Wednesday 16th March. One of the
funniest speakers on the Football AfterDinner Circuit, former Burnley, Wolves
and Huddersfield Town star, Steve Kindon

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SAMM Yacht Racing Starts at Last
The SAMM Autumn Series of races should
have started in September, but mechanical
problems with the support boat forced a
postponement. With the co-operation of
the MoBo Group who provided their power
boat as Committee boat and Ernie Foster
who loaned his small rib as back-up, racing
eventually started on October 4th.

Tug Wilson and Pat Fleck and they were
also confirmed as winners after corrected
times were calculated. 2nd the ‘Faversham
14’, with Dave Belcher and 3rd, the ‘Bosun’,
with Bob James and Robert Grace. Four
boats did not finish in the time allowed.
Eight boats started the afternoon 3-lap
race, but decreasing winds were not kind
to the bigger boats and again two DNF. The
race was shortened to just two laps as the
wind virtually died away. ‘Shoestring Dos’
was again first to finish, but was pushed
into 2nd place by the ‘Faversham 14’ on
corrected times, reversing their positions
in the first race. The ‘Bosun’ was again 3rd.

Nine boats came to the line for the 4 lap
morning race in very light winds. The
Catamaran ‘Hamour’ got a great start,
closely followed by the Sailfish ‘Mistral,
then the five dinghies 5 minutes later.
First to finish was ‘Shoestring Dos’, with

Hacienda del Alamo was its usual
monstrous size and even from the blue
tees, second shots were generally miles
from the greens (which incidentally were
again in wonderful condition). In my last
article Les Dryden received a somewhat
well-deserved mention for his exploits.
Today I will partly redress the situation.
In general Texas Scrambles favour the low
handicap golfers as only 10% of combined
handicaps are permissible; the handicap
gap between a golfer playing off 4 and one
off 28 becomes just 2.4 shots! Undaunted
by this, Les Dryden, Terry Adams, Joe
Malone and Terry Rooke all playing off
28 entered a team proudly named The
Wazzuks and between them managed NOT
to finish last. Additionally and somewhat
impressively they also managed to par the
most difficult hole on the course, quite
an achievement! This exemplifies the
essence of the day, a team participating
in the true spirit of our charitable goals.

expecting the response he received. “To
be honest Mike, none of us wanted to
see any more of your anatomy than we
have to!!” Perhaps there is more to these
team building and sporting motivational
‘techniques’ than meets the eye Mike!
The day was won by........well, all of
those organisations who will benefit from
everyone’s enormous generosity, not just
on this day, but throughout the past 12
months, so a huge thank you and well
done to everyone that participated. A
sincere thank you to our fantastic sponsors
particularly Kia Cars (Cartagena), Luz del
Sol, and TJ Electricals, plus the myriad of
other sponsors. Also huge gratitude goes
to the Los Amigos Golf Society committee
who organised and delivered a brilliant
day. Thanks finally to Hacienda Golf and
especially the Spaniard Inn who provided
a fantastic venue and BBQ for the winners
presentation ceremony with music provided
by the fabulous GnT which included our
very own Tony Pickworth on drums.

The winning team on the day was The
Alamillo Sports Bar. For full results visit our
website at

The responsibilities of a Team Captain
on days like this are many and varied.
Mick Drummond found himself needing
to employ some of his finest motivational
management techniques to his struggling
Black Bull team of Graham, Bernie and
Dave. “C’mon boys, chip this in and I’ll
provide a ‘Tony Gleed’ moment for you
all!” Sadly, when executed, every chip was
far from ‘dead’ with tricky putts to follow.
“Boys, sink one of these and the trousers
are definitely coming down!” No-one was
within a yard of the hole! After a
frustrating round of clumsy chips and
missed putts Mike proclaimed, “Well
lads, good effort, but we’ve really had
no luck at all today!” He certainly wasn’t

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Page 95

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Los Amigo Golf Society ‘Open Day’
October 2015
The culmination of a year’s charitable
activities and social golf took place at
Hacienda del Alamo Golf Course on
Monday 5th October. The Open Day took
the form of a team Texas Scramble with
17 teams participating. At precisely 09:38
and 48 seconds, the ‘gun’ was fired and
68 finely tuned golfing athletes in prime
physical and mental condition entered
the fray. (Who writes this rubbish?)

Ron Moss Trophy
On 7th October the Men’s Wednesday
Group played for the Ron Moss Trophy.
Ron was the CGA´s President and Captain
for some time and the trophy has been
played for annually since 2004 when Ron
stopped playing golf due to ill health and
he presented the CGA with the trophy.
Ron sadly passed on, but he has left a
wealth of memories behind him and what
better way to remember him on this
special day than by playing for this trophy?
His widow Ann Moss, who has presented
the trophy in the past, has now relocated
back to the UK to be nearer her daughter,
but we still keep in touch and she will be
delighted when she reads that the trophy
to commemorate her husband is still being
played for. This year’s winner was Club
de Golf director Stuart Fearn who came
in with a staggering 43 points. Stuart has
only been playing golf for 18 months and
was ‘over the moon’ with his first trophy
win and having his handicap cut. 2nd was
Aaron Maul with 38 points and Steve Dixon
was 3rd with 37 points - all terrific scoring
golf. The Nearest The Pin prizes sponsored
by the CGA were won by John Layland on
the 3rd hole, Eugene Toye on the 5th, Ian
Wright on the 11th and Stuart Fearn on the
13th. A great day was had by all with lots
of good cheer and the normal good natured
banter; a super way in which to remember

a memorable man.

participants whoever you were!

Charity Quiz Night
The results of the Charity Quiz that the
CGA held on Friday 30th October will not
be known at the time of going to press,
but we are hoping for a good turnout. The
beneficiaries of this quiz are FAST and
Away Day
The CGA organised an Away Day to
Altorreal on 16th October which was a
great success. The course was in good
condition. The greens were very slick and
took some getting used to and the rough
was very deep. It was so easy to lose your
balls in it as I found to my cost! Everyone
enjoyed the day, playing a different course
with diverse challenges.
The Ladies’ Winner was Sylvia Rawle with
34 points; 2nd Julie White 31.

Christmas Dinner Dance
This will be at Hotel Costa’s Celebration
Rooms, Mazarrón on 18th December.
Tickets 25€ for an 8 course meal, coffee,
liquors, wine, beer, water and soft drinks
whilst you are eating your meal. Optional
bus from Camposol and Mazarrón Country
Club for 5€ pp return. The poster is on the
notice board in the Gent’s changing room
awaiting your signature and main meal

Gents’ Winner was Bob Evans who as usual
played very steadily coming in with 31
points with Pete Stevenson 2nd on 29.
On our return to Camposol we went to
Cat’s Bar for an excellent 3 course meal to
which non-playing partners were invited.
Club de Golf Competition – September
- I have been unable to obtain these
results, so well done to all the winners and

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Annual Club de Golf Competition took
place on Wednesday 28th October with
the Stuart Smith Memorial Trophy being
presented to the overall winner.

Costa Cálida Ladies League
Unfortunately one of our teams has
dropped out of the League and it was not
thought possible to have a league with
only 3 teams in it, therefore I am afraid
the Ladies League has folded. We have
decided to have friendly competition team
games with the 3 different golf courses
with the ladies mixed in together. The first
of these games will be scheduled for the
New Year. If you are group of Lady Golfers
who would like to be part of our group
you are very welcome to join us. For more
information please contact Betty Roberts

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expense to her family.

After a very amusing introduction by Captain
Dave Perry, explaining why LAGS chose
to support the charities and individuals,
cheques were presented as follows:
FAST – 500€
GOmaD – 1,000€
Throughout the year members of LAGS
raise funds for children and young adult
charities in the Mazarrón area. Each year
they present cheques to those charities that
the committee deem to be most appropriate/
needy and this year the organizations
included the unique and important charity
on Camposol, FAST; ASPADEM who
specialize in helping disabled children,
including those with Down’s Sydrome, in
Mazarrón; GOmaD who help needy families
in the Mazarrón area; the Mazarrón Bahia
Leos, the youth organization affiliated to
the Mazarrón Bahia Lions and a little girl
called Eva who is extremely ill and has to go
to America for specialist treatment at vast

important it is to support them in any way
you can. Unfortunately Eva was ill on the
night, but her parents were there to receive
the cheque on her behalf.

After the presentation there was a raffle,
excellent light refreshments and music by
Lisa B.

Leos – It was decided by the Committee
that LAGS would like to donate money
directly for the Leos to buy special plastic
adventure equipment – 1,000€
ASPADEM – 3,000€ which has paid for a
special shower/toilet block for the carers.
Eva – 1,000€ which will pay for another trip
to America for the family and Eva. (The
collection of plastic bottle tops that
has been running for a number of years
continues, but they only get 200€ for a
full skip!)
There will be follow-up articles on ASPADEM
and little Eva in future editions of the Costa
Cálida Chronicle so that you can see how

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Los Amigos Golf Society Presentation
This event was held on 13th October at the
Black Bull on Camposol B, when members,
friends and representatives from the
relevant recipients gathered to enjoy the

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Page 97

Exterior and garden lamps in working
order, with bulbs. 2€ each
Back copies of Horse magazine. 3
copies for 1€
Folded books ready for decorating as
Christmas presents. Perfect gifts. 5€
Tel 636 172 198

20 words and 3 classified ads per
To Place a Classified Advert:
Please go to our Contact Us page at
and put Classified advert in the Subject
line, email costacalidachronicle@ or call 968 970 680 102pm Mon-Fri

Lift wanted, from Puerto de Mazarrón
to Alicante Airport on Sunday 22nd
November and return a week later.
Too old now to do the drive myself!
Tel 968 154 083 or 664 098 764
Poly tunnel, any size. Can collect
Please ring 658 323 257

Boggle Answers:
9 letter word is HEARTACHE

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The Spanish property market
had its best August for five
According to the latest sales data
from the National Institute of
Statistics (INE) the Murcia region
saw the largest growth in sales
compared to all other regions of
Spain; a massive 55% increase
in property sales compared to an
average increase of 25%! The top
spot is usually the preserve of the
Balearics or the Costa del Sol, but
Murcia saw them off! Realistic prices
and an increase in property agents
in the past year have clearly done
the trick. It’ll be very interesting to
see where this puts Murcia in the
end of year final analysis tables
as historically we are usually near
the bottom compared to the more
commercial and well known regions.
Property Prices Stable!
For the tenth successive quarter,
resale and new-build property
prices have remained stable, apart
from tiny plus or minus variations
(-0.4% for the year to date) the
market is steady and predictable.
prevailing conditions; it gives them
more confidence when considering
a life-changing move to Spain.

attention to Spanish property. Some
have been first-time buyers who are
unable to get a foot on the ladder
in the expensive UK market and
have therefore decided to “buy to
let” in Spain whilst still living and
renting back home. For the first
time in many years we are seeing
these investors commit to 2, 3 and
even 4 properties during one trip.
More property instructions are
required to satisfy this demand and
we have embarked on an expensive
radio marketing campaign through
Spectrum FM to boost our listings
and sales opportunities.
We would like to take the opportunity
of thanking everyone for their
positive feedback regarding this
Kenneth Whettall
Commercial Director
Fuente Alamo Real Estate/
Murcia Coast & Country
Bahia Ma 13
Avenida Tierno Galvan
Puerto de Mazarron
30860 - MURCIA, Spain
Tel 0034 968 598 173

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

From our personal experience we
have noticed a large increase in
buyers who are looking to invest
for profit as opposed to life-style
buyers. Since the beginning of
summer this year many younger
overseas buyers have turned their

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Page 99

Page numbers in black
La Mariposa 91
968 631 008
Auna 48
Corral & Alcaraz 65
Legal View 53
Silvente 53


Airpark Parking:
Airpark Murcia 25
Seguro Parking 93


618 806 989
622 252 372

Martinez de la Casa 41

665 810 411

Banking & Finance:
Sovereign Wealth 11

968 972 432

Bars, Cafés & Restaurants:
Bar Canara 51
Bar Med 87
Bar La Llana 28
Bar Yan 48
Big G’s 59
Blues House 83

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and


Café Buenavista 82
Cafeteria Plaza 50
El Rincon del La Tapa 48 645
Elliot’s 7
La Chara 61
La Mariposa 91
La Pasteleria 87
La Taverna de Juan Chara 82
La Vida 16
Le Carrousel 25
Liz’s Café 43
Piccolo 67/85
Sartaj 8
Spice Villa 53







The Arches 28
The Old Market Tavern 19
The Wishing Well 39
Tropic Ana’s 84
Totana Tennis Club 82
Viggos 82
Builders/Building Services
CRS Builders 7
Fuente Building Services 35
JD Roofing & Building 55 630
S & D Builders 50
Tony’s Building Services 16
Woodworks Direct 95
Car Hire:
Bolnuevo Cars 70
F & C Rent a Car 39

081 341


153 347
744 982
269 994
691 923
119 952
540 016

968 150 979
968 199 156

Cars Sales:
Renault Murcia 11
968 369 800
Specialist Vehicles SL 99 968 146 158
Chimney Sweep:
Sooty & Son 20

660 478 881

Computer Repairs/Sales/Servicing:
Cuatro 26
868 189 677
Compusurf 103
968 199 191
968 594 825
Don Tecnico 44
KP Computers 46
693 231 955
Loco Murcia 53
968 971 893
MW IT Services 25
640 074 989
Centro Odontologico (Cehegin) 52
968 742
Centro Odontologico (Mula) 52
968 637
English Speaking Dentist 51
968 707
Dr Olivier Houdusse 55 968 153
Fescodent 49
968 077
Electricians & Electricals:
AC Services 21
Louis Harris 39
Secondary Electric Meters 17
T J Electricals 15


850 963
712 821
483 778
181 121

Riquelme Florist 80

968 423 024

Harlequin Choir 84

628 149 840
657 596 638

Funeral Plans:
968 153
966 797
Avalon 57
English Funeral Director 37
650 631
968 199
H R Insurance 26
Ibex Insurance 65
958 595


Cash Clearances 91
DFS 29
Furniture Plus 104

727 734 822
968 334 194
968 153 907

Garden Services:
All Season Gardens 100
Anchor Landscapes 97
Garden Centre 2003 17
Jardineria El Milagro 38
Nick the Tree 12
Tidy Gardens 12




Hairdressers & Barbers:
Jane’s Salon 79
The Beauty Palace 103 968
The Salon 33
The Salon 2 33



Health & Beauty:
AguaEs 79
Alternative Therapies 14 634 327 241
Barbara the Nurse 39
603 265 164
Calida Caring Agency 72 634 317 092
Freedom Health & Beauty 43
638 893 357
Health Treatments by Lisa 101
626 960 354
Healthy H20 71
647 424 430
968 158 433
Jane’s Salon 79
The Beauty Palace 103 968 971 828
The Fuschia Beauty Clinic 61
630 439 480
691 916 717
The Salon 33
The Salon 2 33
686 354 232
Water Filters Spain 37
677 353 136
Heating & Aircon:
672 850 963
AC Services 21
Calida Gas& Oil 35
659 761 771
Camposol Heating & Maintenance 4
968 199 184
Louis Harris 39
619 712 821
697 949 519
Solpellets 56
T J Electricals 15
868 181 121
Home Furnishings:
Curtain Call 24
616 240 171
Yorkshire Linen, Pto de Maz 9
968 595 946
Yorkshire Linen, San Javier 9
968 193 912
H R Insurance 26
Ibex 65
Liberty Seguros 27
Nash Warren 17




Internet Cafés:
Camposol Computers 103 968 199 191
Compusurf 103
968 970 666
Kennels/Catteries/Pet Care:
Delmonte Catotel 32
968 168 711
690 190 230
Pet Sitter 26

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Los Belones Launderette 31
968 569 096
Legal Services:
968 703 473
Auna 48
Corral & Alcaraz 65
968 078 754
Costa Cálida Property Serv 97
968 199 251
Ferrandez (Cartagena) 67 968 521 008
Ferrandez (Pto de Maz) 67
968 154 521
Gestoria Carvajal 43
968 154 045
968 199 237
Legal View 53
Professional & Legal Solutions 7
968 595 826
Silvente 53
968 332 058
ADS Locksmiths 36
Locksmith Murcia 46

600 255 250
609 265 899

Decklid Auto Services 47 626
Euro Tyre Totana 13
Ken Sherwood Mechanic 96
Kwik Fix English Mechanic 92
Mobile Car Mechanic Peter 65
Mobility Products:
Freedom Mobility 43

678 840
424 605
646 859
972 006

638 893 357


Removals & Storage:
Advance Moves 67
Costa Cálida Transport 36
Hardy Removals 43
Lord’s Removals/Storage 101
Mar Menor Removals 55 696

654 667
359 956
180 634
061 872
621 884

Repair/Sale of White Goods:
Cuatro 26
868 189 677
646 705 403
Repairit 93
Retail Outlets:
Cash Ruperez 48
Costa Pool 17
Don Tecnico 44
Gafas,es Opticians 45
German Kutchen Studio 37
La Pasteleria 87
T J Electricals 15



306 711
079 523
181 121

161 129

UK Motorhomes Wanted 80
0044 797 66 2395
Outdoor Living:
CRS Builders 7
DFS 29
Furniture Plus 104
Solar Light Centre 47
Woodworks Direct 95

Property Sales:
Aagaard Property (Solhuse Real Estate)
968 105 333
676 354 400
Casaña 47
968 152 350
Casas del Mar 59
Condado Invest 23
868 082 019
968 598 173
Best of Spanish 69
Fuente Alamo Real Estate 33
968 598 173
Holmes & Pegg 39
968 199 290
968 159 631
Old Farmhouses 62
Prime Property Murcia 77 646 692 471



AC Services 21
ADS Locksmiths 36
Erik’s Metal Works 96
Locksmith Murcia 46


Solar Power:
Freesol 19
Solar Directa 35
Solpellets 56

659 232 507
659 315 130
697 949 519

Spas & Hot Tubs:
Eurospas 5

650 722 905



Sport & Leisure:
Anglo Info 39
CDA Fitness 76
Costa Cálida Radio 63
Espuña Adventure 91
Yoga with Lisa 101




Cleaning & Maintenance:
669 565 402
Costa Pool 17
968 138 638
Köhn Pool Service 46
Watermaid 91
646 705 088
Telephone & Mobile Providers:
Compusurf 103
968 970 666
Mas Movil 59
Telitec 3
Costa Cálida Property Serv 97
968 199 251
Travel Agents:
Dragon Tours 83

968 199 021

TV & Satellite:
Cool Solutions 23
608 499
CTV Aerial & Satellite Systems 42
600 218
Loco Murcia 53
671 682
686 358
Rainbow Satellites 68
Streamon 41
968 959
T J Electricals 15
868 181
YPM Satellites 47
628 234
Clinica Veterinaria PtoMaz 55
968 153
Emerg 608 466
Clinica Veterinaria Sur Este 28
965 352
Veterinary Clinic Maskota 53
968 597
Emerg 619 378



In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

Kitchen Fitters/Suppliers:
German Kutchen Studio 37
636 306 711
Kitchens Plus1 29
968 184 235

Painting and Decorating:
Pinturas Acosta 97
626 960 354
RJB Décor Painting 94
699 044 742
Apache 24/7 Plumbing 47
674 788 693
Calida Gas& Oil 35
659 761 771
Camposol Heating & Maintenance 4
968 199 184
Paul the Plumber 80
634 326 804
Printing & Design:
Entorno Grafico 81
Mister Print 43
Property Rentals:
Casaña 47
La Manga 4 U 31 0044
OwnersAway 35
Sensol Golf Villa Rentals

968 654 007
638 893 357

676 354 400
7921 351298
691 977 107
968 970 614

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Page 101

Continued from last month
“I had an appointment with the bank
manager at 8.35am, but was left outside
by him and couldn’t get in until quarter
to nine – will you tell him I’m here to
make the deposit. The name’s Danny
“Wait here” she said and with that moved
away from the desk and swivelled off
towards his office where I knew both him
and his driver would be sitting discussing
the day’s activities. The ‘driver’ was also
the bank manager’s younger brother
and here, the two always discussed their
business together or plotting misery for
some poor soul – nobody knew this fact
such was their secret life. But we knew!
“He’ll be out when he’s ready,” came the
words on her way back to the desk.
Sitting back down, she said “I’m going
on Facebook. Are you on? Do ya want to
friend me?”
Luckily, before I had a chance to say “no”,
the office door opened. I turned and the
brother beckoned me inside.
“Whatcha got in the bag sonny?” he said
as I was making my way towards him.

“I’ll give you this sonny. It’s good stuff”
but I’ll only give you 10 bags o’ sand then
you can bugger off and bring me more
when yer gorrit. I ain’t paying any more.
Take it or leave it.”
We already knew he was only going to
pay that. He’d ripped off so many other
dealers who were now paying the price,
getting next to nothing for a lot of trouble.
I wasn’t in a position to argue so I said
“If that’s your only offer, it’s useless, but
I can’t move around with all that on me.
With all these spot searches going on, I
can’t take a chance. I’ll take it.”
Laughing, he and his brother moved to
a large double barrel safe sitting at body
height on a re-enforced desk. We knew
from our cameras it took two of them to
open the safe. With his back to the safe
the brother unlocked his barrel & moved
away as the bank manager inserted his
Whilst the brother watched me, I bent
down as if to scratch my leg and as soon
as he had turned back to help pull the
door open, I pulled the 9mil from my
trouser leg pocket and dropped them
before they had time to turn round – a
bullet each to back of the head ‘pop pop’,
spot on.

“Just the deposit” I said.
Deposit and job done; nearly.
“Let me check it out.” With that he tugged
the bag over my head and shoulder,
shoving me away.

In association with Costa Cálida International Radio and

“Now what have we here?” Looking in, he
put his hand on what I did not want him
to see; yet.
He pulled out a plastic bag about a kilo
in weight and a wedge of money to the
value of a grand.
“I’d like to give it to him personally” I
said, reaching out and grabbing the bag
back, pushing past him into the office.
The man I had come to see was standing
in front of the window with his back to
Turning, he said, “Why didn’t you speak
up this morning? Looks like we could
have had a bit of what you got to spice up
the start of our day.” He started laughing
with his brother joining in on their joke.
“Right, step away son” he said, whilst his
brother slapped down the package and
“Now that looks interesting. Whatcha
want me to do with this?” Picking up the
package, he started to slice it open ready
to test it. I knew it was going to be ok;
it had come out of our own lock-up the
previous night.
“I want 25 grand for that and the money
is for you” sounding as convincing as I
had been when working out the plan in

“Should have done a full body check
buddy” I said to myself, stepping over
them and moving quickly to the safe.
I sliced open the kilo package and just
spread it all over them as the blood still
ran out of the headshots. I picked up the
money and emptied the safe of the cash,
jewellery and anything else which looked
inviting and could fit in “ted the bag.”
A lot of people were going to get a big
pay day!
Opening the door to the waiting area, the
girl was doing something on her phone,
still Facebooking or texting no doubt,
blowing pink bubbles from something she
was chewing.
“They’re done with me, but want some
peace to enjoy what I just brought them.”
Here’s something for you” passing over
a wedge of £500. I thought “No doubt
she’ll be on Amazon or Ebay for the rest
of the day.”
By the end of it I’ll be long gone.
I took my time leaving the building,
which was easier than expected. I
phoned Daisy from a call box to say the
deposit was done and to ring the office’s
letting agent, telling them that our 1 year
tenancy agreement for the offices was
to be cancelled immediately, but would
pay any penalty due. We would send a
removal team in later in the day, to clear
our “stuff” and made sure the cameras
in his offices were removed as well. By
the end of the day we would just be
another business that had ‘gone out of
the window’.

A good morning’s work and off to a sunny
climate for a week or two. I had planned
to meet Jenny at Gatwick at around 3
o’clock, so had a bit of time to kill before
getting the train from Victoria Station.
She would make her own way after her
shift finished at lunchtime. Firstly though,
I had to get rid of the assets taken from
the bank manager and his brother.
Time to meet Ali. He’s a great guy with
an easy going attitude, but always so
professional when it comes to work.
The Coffee Shop, where I had been first
thing this morning was the meeting place.
Luckily it was full of folks just getting
on with their business and not worrying
about two friends who had not seen each
other in years and also liked carrying
identical Ted Baker “man” bags.
A bit
of a show, but a setup that has worked
for years. He was already there with a
Latte in front of him and we greeted each
other with hugs, slaps on the back and
generally being pretty noisy about how
long it had been since we last saw each
other. Going to the counter and ordering
a Cappucino, the guy said a barista would
bring it over when it was ready.
Ali and I were chatting away. He had
already swapped the bags under the
table whilst I was at the counter. My
new one had travelling clobber in for
airport security whilst he was taking the
other to the governor on Thread Needle
Street who Ali and I worked for. Anything
besides the cash would be sold off and
the proceeds going into the account of
Great Britain.
I saw the barista out of the corner of my
eye bringing my coffee, so turning, facing
her straight on I smiled. She said with a
wink “You were a bit quick this morning
sweetheart. I couldn’t keep up with you,
chasing you all over the place, you forgot
your change. Did you have something on
your mind?”
I had to laugh, whilst Ali wondered what
the hell was going on. It was private. I’d
tell him sometime.
She said “I’ll go and get it. I knew you’d
be back, tho’ I suppose I could give it to
you later” she said with that lovely smile
that Jenny has.
Thinking of how many people’s lives
would be an improvement after today,
laughingly, I said “Keep it. Think of it as
change for the better!”

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