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An intense, funny and violent novel a wonderful book Gavrons Magnum

Opus, written with the pretension and dare of The Great Israeli Novel.
Yehuda Nuriel, Yediot Achronot.
One of the most important Israeli novels of recent years.
Arik Glasner, Yedioth Achronot
The Hilltop is first and foremost a very funny novel. And it is a very political
novel, firing sharp poisoned barbs in all directions But what really makes The
Hilltop ascend to the top of the literary heap is the sharp movement between two
antithetical poles of the storytelling craft. On one end you have the meticulously
orchestrated analytic and ironic voice, which sends the reader to regions of
reflection on the essence of Israeliness on the other pole you will find the
keenest emotion, enough to rip the heart in two this particular reader, a leftistradical-agnostic girl, did not expect to fall in love, contrary to her own good
sense, with a protagonist who is despicable by any standard.
Liat Elkayam, Haaretz Books Supplement
The most interesting book written about the religious Zionism a marvelous
Keren Neubach, Seder Yom (National Israeli Radio)
The best novel you will read in the near future.
Amit Segal, political correspondent, Channel 2 News
Gavron loves his characters. The settlers in The Hilltop are not ideological
scarecrows, even when ideology has an important role in their lives. The Hilltop
is not an anthropological book about the settlers. It is a story about a hill on
which people live. A small hill in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of
everywhere. It is a universal story, and also a very private story.
Motti Fogel, Achbar Hair Magazine
A groundbreaking attempt to move the focus to the settlement as the setting of
the Israeli Story.
Yoni Livne, Yediot Achronot

Im always happy to read a new book by Assaf Gavron. from this generation he is
really one of those who have the language and the ability to sweep you into a
story with the speed of a crocodile collecting his prey down into the water. He
simply plucks you into it and you are there. He achieves an almost impossible
deed and manages to write about the settlers reality objectively, meaning, he is
telling a story first. Wonderful.
Jacky Levi, GLZ Radio
A dazzling novel A clinically accurate and stunningly powerful description of
the state of affairs in the twenty first century Israel. The Hilltop manages to
connect emotionally to the situation and at the dame time to laugh at it from the
Ran Bin-Nun, Yediot Achronot
The Hilltop avoids didacticism and turns reality into a game between images, a
game whose rules are so complex and vague that it is-and will remain-impossible
to identify who the victor is.
Omri Herzog, Haaretz
The Hilltop is a novel about human weaknesses, about the exhausting places
that drive all of us and about the moment of clarity that sometimes awaken us,
but paralize us in other moments. Assaf Gavron did not write a novel about the
fact that we are all human beings, he simply wrote a novel about human beings.
Anat Gafni, Mako
A clever novel, with which Gavron demonstrates a variety of writing styles, from
scathing social realism to laugh-out-loud satire (the dogs in the outpost are
named Beilin and Condoleezza) without patronizing his protagonists even for a
moment (the cover mentions that he wrote part of the novel in a hut in an
outpost). Great literature isnt meant to help us decide how to vote in the ballot.
It is enough that it will present for us anew the familiar and the mundane. The
Hilltop is surely great literature.
Ronen Tal, Sofashavua Magazine

Assaf Gavrons The Hilltop succeeds in combining light and sharp writing with
an original and uncompromising statement about the settlement project The
new Great Israeli Novel.
Yuval Avivi, Time Out Tel Aviv
This rainbow of characters is described in Gavrons virtuoso language, which is
at sometimes quick and at others lingers. Gavron can examine a moment with a
surgeons knife, and moment later describes international events and compresses
different events to a sweeping, funny plot An absurd comedy that is realist and
funny at the same time.
Yonatan Amir, Israel Hayom
The whole of The Hilltop is written by Gavron simply brilliantly, and he manages
to refine a human and touching truth from every character, and does so with
beautiful literary aesthetics that pleases with its accurate wording allow me to
bet that next year we will see gavron shortlisted for the Sapir Award, and rightly
Edna Abramson, The Literary Republic Blog

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