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COMPANY: Sportsyndicator is a sports marketing network that represents more than 500 sports websites worldwide. Our goal is to work as a hub for advertisers, so that they can easily place and run ad campaigns on selected sports sites. Sportsyndicator’s main markets are in Europe and North America. The company headquarters are located in London. TECHNOLOGY: With Sportsyndicator’s technology platform, advertisers can place banner, text, and video adverts as well as press releases to hundreds of websites. Advertisers can also use variable buying methods and follow statistics/results in a real time. NETWORK: Sportsyndicator has created niche sub-networks “channels” so that advertisers can reach very precise (targeted) audiences. Sub-networks: Cycling (mountain biking, downhill/freeride, road cycling, touring, BMX) Skiing Snowboarding Skateboarding Outdoors (kayaking, climbing, hiking) Surfing (kiteboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing) Golf Running (triathlon, multi-sport) Scuba diving Sailing DEMOGRAPHICS: Sportsyndicator’s network of visitors can be divided to two main categories, making the network even more targeted: - Youth 15-30 years (snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, surfing) - Active adult 30-50 years (road cycling, golf, running, sailing, skiing) GEO-TARGETING: Any Sportsyndicator advertising campaign can be geo-targeted to the correct market area campaigns can be either global, or targeted to specific continents and countries.

BUYING FORMATS: Sportsyndicator’s Network enables advertisers to choose between different buying formats depending on their campaign goals. Premium CPM Campaigns - a network of Alexa top ranked niche sports websites. Sports Affiliate Network - first sports specific affiliate network. Video Network - links action sports videos to your products. PressReleaseSyndicator - syndicate your press releases to hundreds of websites.

Premium CPM Campaigns (cost per thousand impressions)
This is the most common method for displaying (banner) advertising. CPM enables advertisers to gain access into the best sites within the network as these top sites normally do not accept CPC or CPA display ad campaigns. - CPM campaigns can go live on many sites quickly (usually within 7 days) as most publishers like to prioritize CPM deals - The recommended CPM campaign length is 1-3 months. - You can choose to run your campaigns on all sites (Run of Network) or you can hand pick just a few sites that are relevant to your market. Pricing:

Network Cycling Skiing Snowboarding Skateboarding Outdoor Golf Running Surfing Scuba Diving Sailing

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20 £16/24€/$36 £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20 £10/15€/$20

Minimum impressions 500.000 250.000 250.000 250.000 250.000 500.000 250.000 250.000 250.000 250.000

Display Ad Sizes and Formats: When sending us creative (banners), try to create them on all sizes listed below, as that enables you to gain maximum exposure in a Network as different sites use different ad sizes Sizes: 120x600 - skyscraper 160x600 - wide skyscraper 300x250 - medium rectangle 468x60 - banner

728x90 - billboard 150x150 - button 120x90 - small button

Ad formats: Display (banner). We accept jpeg, gif, html and flash adverts. Maximum file size is 50Kb.

CPA - Sports Affiliate Network (for CPC, CPS and CPL campaigns)
Sportsyndicator’s Affiliate Network enables advertisers to do campaigns purely on a performance basis. These CPA campaigns have the industries best reach- as currently around 200 network sites run CPA campaigns. Please note, that largest websites do not necessarily accept CPA campaigns as they mainly want to run high paying CPM campaigns. CPC (cost per click) This buying format is suitable for on-going “long term” campaigns for companies that want to increase traffic to their homepage. CPC campaigns can be either with banner or text ads. - Recommended campaign length 3-12 months - No risk as the advertiser only pays for clicks that push traffic to their site. Price: £0.25/0.37€/$0.50 per click* * Pricing is determined by a bidding system, so pricing might vary during the season * Ad formats: Display ads (Banner): - We accept jpeg and gif banners. Maximum file size is 25Kb. - If you want to run Flash banners or banners larger than 25Kb, we will charge an ad serving fee of £0.20/0.30€/$0.40 per thousand impressions. Text ads: Our CPC Text Advertising (Google style) is a simple and effective way to do online campaigns on a CPC (cost per click) basis. The difference between Sportsyndicator Text Ads and Google Adsense ads are: - Sportsyndicator Text Ads only go to our network sites and the advertiser gets a report on which sites run your text ads (this eliminates click fraud).

- All advertisers in SS Text Ads are respectable sports companies, so your offer will not end up next to a chinese scooter website or wedding cake advertisements. CPC campaign minimum: Banner adverts £250/375€/$500 per month Text adverts £50/75€/$100 per month CPS (cost per sale): If you are selling products online, CPS is the best long term advertising format, as you pay a commission for each sale that took a place via the Sportsyndicator Network. - Campaign length 6-12 months. - You can set your own commissions that you want to pay (you decide). - Sportsyndicator takes only 20% from the sales commissions that you have decided (industry standard being 30%) and this way Publishers have the chance to earn more. Price: £250/375€/$500 monthly Network Access Fee* * With one access fee you can run up to three campaigns at the same time. Ad formats: Display (banner) and Text ads. - We accept jpeg and gif banners. Maximum file size is 25Kb. - If you want to run Flash banners or banners larger that 25Kb, we will charge an ad serving fee of £0.20/0.30€/$0.40 per thousand impressions. CPL (Cost-Per-Lead): Cost-Per-Lead advertising works exactly like Cost-Per-Sale but instead of a trigger being a sale, it is a lead, such as filling out an online sign-up form for a competition, test drive, catalog or newsletter. Price: £250/375€/$500 monthly Network Access Fee* * With one access fee you can run up to three campaigns at the same time. Commission per lead: Lead commissions vary a lot. It all depends how likely it is that people fill up the lead form. For example- a lead to sign up for a $5,000 Outdoor Guide Course is easily worth a $100 while a newsletter sign-up can be $5.00 and a contest sign-up only $1.00. The best thing is to consult with our Network Managers on how to price a lead correctly. Ad formats are the same as with CPS.

Video Network
Sportsyndicator’s Video Network gives Publishers a fully customizable video player that works similar to Youtube but is more targeted (as it is site specific). SS Video Network gives advertisers many options for video advertising.

Video Network features: - Pre and Post- roll video advertising (5-10 second ads on selected networks/players). - Advertisers can upload videos to SS Video Network and they will be prioritized on “latest videos” and “most popular videos” listings. - Active tagging- enables advertisers to tag items and objects in videos. For example a sponsored snowboarder can be clickable for more info and link to the advertisers home page - CPC, CPS and CPL campaigns can be linked to the video player’s “HOT DEALS” section. - Player sponsorships- An entire video player can be branded to the advertisers colors and logos. Pricing: Pre/post roll: £40/60€/$80 CPM Video clip prioritization: £250/375€/$500 per week Active tagging: Normal CPC/CPS/CPL rate + set-up fee of £20/30€/$40 per video HOT DEAL: £1.00/1.50€/$2.00 per click Player Sponsorship: £500/750€/$1.000 per website per month

Sportsyndicator can get your press releases to our network websites in no time. Our incentive to the publishers is that they get paid a “set-up fee” for each press release that they publish. Currently this set-up fee is £20/30€/$40 per website Contact our Network Managers to get your press releases live.


Complete Network
Mountain Bike Road Cycling BMX Freeride/Downhill Commuting/Touring Snowboard Ski Skateboard Outdoor Golf Running Triathlon Surfing Others TOTAL

Sites Monthly Unique Visitors
104 39 10 21 6 52 36 34 26 55 35 15 30 43 506 4,706,000 2,017,235 165,000 742,650 85,000 2,716,912 9,155,018 635,259 1,617,000 4,477,653 1,724,200 369,546 1,823,993 7,833,544 38 069 010

Monthly Page Views
64,472,000 18,090,252 1,498,500 13,723,000 365,000 16,528,401 66,423,460 10,279,975 6,462,000 36,384,996 14,522,500 12,682,378 12,609,773 188,557,175 462 599 410

USA Mountain Bike Road Cycling BMX Freeride/Downhill Commuting/Touring Snowboard Ski Skateboard Outdoor Golf Running Triathlon Surfing TOTAL United Kingdom Mountain Bike Road Cycling Freeride/Downhill Commuting/Touring Snowboard Skateboard Outdoor Golf Running Triathlon Surfing TOTAL France Mountain Bike Road Cycling BMX Freeride/Downhill Snowboard Ski Skateboard Outdoor Golf Running Triathlon Surfing TOTAL Germany Mountain Bike Road Cycling Snowboard Ski Skateboard Running Triathlon TOTAL

Sites 11 12 4 3 3 9 10 9 8 18 25 9 13 134 Sites 7 11 4 2 15 9 5 2 17 4 2 5 83 Sites 7 3 1 2 8 7 6 9 5 3 1 14 66 Sites 4 1 5 6 8 1 1 26

Monthly Unique Visitors 162,000 474,100 72,500 137,500 60,000 1,938,000 939,218 234,409 958,500 2,691,500 1,290,000 266,983 396,000 9,620,710 Monthly Unique Visitors 450,000 658,935 216,500 15,000 651,862 299,000 59,000 45,000 805,250 42,000 15,000 795,000 4,052,547 Monthly Unique Visitors 670,000 225,000 45,000 170,000 368,050 631,800 79,450 477,500 215,500 34,200 55,563 319,604 3,291,667 Monthly Unique Visitors 358,000 125,000 165,000 100,000 179,000 15,000 17,000 959,000

Monthly Page Views 1,476,500 4,493,500 938,000 2,908,000 250,000 17,991,500 7,157,260 7,382,474 3,534,500 15,555,000 7,268,000 2,959,775 2,506,000 74,420,509 Monthly Page Views 6,222,000 9,230,252 6,477,000 91,000 4,977,401 985,000 350,000 410,000 10,331,800 200,000 80,000 2,695,000 42,049,453 Monthly Page Views 5,560,000 3,200,000 350,000 2,090,000 2,167,500 9,188,000 496,500 2,021,000 2,909,978 305,000 1,920,385 4,600,878 34,809,241 Monthly Page Views 7,205,000 500,000 550,000 600,000 650,000 122,500 134,000 9,761,500

Support Campaign management Our Campaign Managers help you with all your campaign related needs. email: phone: +44 (0)20 30 088 393 Banners creation If you need banners for your campaign, we can create great looking banners. .gif format banners in all seven different sizes costs £250/375€/$500 and can be made within 3-4 working days. Pre/post roll video ads Short video ads including: - Your companies logo - Cool graphics. - Either your or our video material. - This is edited appropriately to fit our video network and this costs £500/750€/$1000 for a video advert and the videos can be made within 14 days. Payment Methods: As Sportsyndicator is a global company, we work on pre-payment terms with secure credit card and PayPal payments. However, if you represent a media agency or a large corporation, please contact us and we will activate appropriate invoicing for your account. Contact: Daniel Tobin - Network Manager mobile: +44-(0)78 46 991 861 skype: danieltobin Ransu Salovaara - CEO mobile: +44-(0)78 58 103 559 skype: ransuroc

Sportsyndicator Limited 57-61 Mortimer Street W1W8HS United Kingdom tel. +44-(0)20 30 088 393 email:

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