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Eggplant is one of the typical vegetables in the Ilocos Norte which is grown by many of
the farmers in the area especially in the City of Batac which is considered as the vegetable
capital of the province. The production of eggplant has been a major source of income in the city
particularly in Bgy. 20-S Mabaleng. However, eggplant farmers has been always challenge by
the pests affecting the production of such vegetable. Hence, their income is greatly affected.
With the emerging problem on pests, farmers are encouraged to used organic pesticides
since they are more inexpensive as compared to the commercial products so as farmers have a
maximized income in the production of eggplant with a minimum expenses. Moreover, these
organic pesticides are easy to prepare since materials are locally available and the procedure in
preparing for such is just simple and easy.
This paper then discussed the strengths and limitations of the practices of the eggplant
farmers in controlling and preventing fruit and shoot borer using organic pesticides. Also, this
paper presented an analysis of the research that can be used for a better production of eggplant in
the community.


This research paper has a potential in the market since its target are the farmers who are
producing eggplants in the community. Hence, this could answer their concerns with respect to
pests infecting their plants and their practices in dealing with them using organic pesticides for a
better production. Moreover, the paper also presented the bests practices of the eggplant farmers
that can be adopted by farmers outside the City of Batac and Ilocos Norte as well. However,
thorough discussion should have been made to delegate the data properly so as the readers could
have a background on the research.
The researchers anchored their analysis strengths and limitations of the practices of the
eggplant farmers in controlling and preventing fruit and shoot borer using organic pesticides.
They considered three pesticides used by eggplant farmers namely: Kakawate extract, GLITAP,
and Hagonoi extract.
Kakawate leaf extract was the easiest to prepare since it needs only five materials. From
the respondents, they use Kakawate leaf extract because it is more environment friendly.
However, it needs a long time to see its effect.
Farmers used GLITAP because it is more sustainable than inorganic/chemical pesticide
and it is not dangerous to human health. But, the material takes a long to effect.
Hagonoi leaf extract is good for controlling fruit and shoot borer since it is inexpensive
and it is best suited for organic to effect vegetable production country. However, it takes 3-4
weeks for its effect.
The procedural techniques of the practices are easy to follow since they are all extracts,
and they are used as sprays to the plants. However, it was not stated if the sprays are to be
applied in the morning, at noon or in the afternoon. It was not also stated in the research the

frequency of applying the pesticides. Moreover, cost analysis was not also indicated. Also, there
were only few strengths and limitations that these pesticides have where in fact there should be
Nevertheless, the practices used by farmers are effective according to the farmers
From the research, the researchers learned that organic pesticides can increase the
production of eggplant since it control and prevent fruit and shoot borers. We learned that these
organic materials are not new to us anymore since they are found locally. We also learned from
the farmers that the uses of these practices are widely spread in the locality because of their
availability, sustainability and practicality.


The results of the research study will help the eggplant farmers to increase their

production inexpensively. This also helps agriculturist to formulate a more comprehensive and
effective formula in preventing and controlling fruit and shoot borers. Moreover, the results of
this paper will inspire local researchers to focus more on the elimination of fruit and shoot borers
in eggplants. Likewise, the LGUs will also be benefitted from this research for them to guide
farmers in their locality about the best practices in the production of eggplants using organic
In the light of the finding, the researchers recommend the parallel research must be
conducted so as to verify the results of this research. Moreover, it is also recommended that
continuous monitoring should be done to have a more comprehensive way of presenting the data.
Likewise, organic pesticides must be advertised locally and be tested for a longer period of time
so as to see the effectiveness of the materials are verified. It is also recommended that phyto

chemical analysis should be conducted so as to determine the active materials present in the
plants needed in the preparation of the organic pesticides which can control and prevent fruit and
shoot borers in eggplants.