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Frequently asked questions about the L 275 E / L 550 E

In which positions can the L 275 E be mounted?

The L 275 E can be mounted in any position:

• Tractor
• Pusher
• Helicopter
• Carbs up
• Carbs down

How is the L 275 E packaged? Does it have shrouding all around?

The L 275 E does not have any shrouding. The type of cooling system necessary will
very much depend on your installation situation, (pusher, tractor – propeller, high-speed
aircraft or low speed paramotor)

What are the engines electrical requirements, ie. 12v, 24v?

The L 275 / L 550 E have magneto ignition and do not need electrical power for running.
If equipped with an electrical starter, a 12V battery capable of delivering 80-100 A is
needed. For the L 550 E a 24V battery was also successfully used.

Can the L 275 handle a belt-reduction?

The L 275 E is designed for direct drive and will not take bearing side loads other than
those generated within the engine itself. For a belt reduction system you will have to
devise a strut between the two pulleys that eliminates side loads on the crankshaft.

What is the life of the engine?

The L 275 E was specifically designed to be very lightweight – thus sacrificing longevity.
Customers using the engine report service lives between 150h and 250h.

Peter Limbach 13.01.2002

What is the weight of accessories?

Following a weight breakdown:

L 275 E Basic engine

Incl. ignition system and heat sinks
Without: exhaust stacks ca. 7.8kg

Parts and accessories:

Propeller hub (included as standard) 0.36 kg

Exhaust stacks (option) 0.20 kg ca.
Electric starter (option) 0.3kW 1.36 kg
Starter mount (option) 0.3 kg
Starter ring gear (option) 0.56 kg

L 550 E Basic engine

Incl. ignition system and heat sinks
Without: exhaust stacks ca. 18.3 kg

Parts and accessories:

Electric starter (option) ca. 1.9 kg

Without heat sinks ca. –1.0kg

Is a generator/alternator available for the L 275 E / L 550 E

Yes, we have a 28V/1200W alternator with an integrated voltage regulator. It is a low

cost unit, derived from an automotive alternator. It can be supplied with the necessary
couplings. For the L 275 E there is no mounting adapter available. The adapter needs
to be 60mm thick and usually incorporates an airframe-specific engine mount. For the L
550 E we have a mounting adapter also serving as engine mount. The weight is
approximately 5kg including the coupling.

Peter Limbach 13.01.2002

Does the L 275 E / L 550 E need a fuel pump.

The L 275 E / L 550 E feature all-position diaphragm carburetors with integrated fuel
pumps. If the fuel tank is located close to the engine (200 – 300mm difference in
height) the fuel pumps work well. For applications with a fuel tank aft of the engine,
acceleration forces during take-off must be considered. They could disturb the function
of the integrated pumps. It is possible to overboost the integrated pumps with an
electrical fuel pump (0.3 bar).

Peter Limbach 13.01.2002