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Side-by-Side Ministry

November 2015 & friend us on facebook at John-Paul Lutheran

St. Paul Lutheran and St. John Lutheran, Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio
Our Vision: To be a vibrant, Spirit-filled people, participating in Gods work in the world.
Our Mission: Loving God and loving neighbor, we witness to Christs saving grace,
that others may believe and find life.

From Pastor Chris Thankful?? For what?

I admit it...there are days when the swirl of controversy, politics, sickness, brokenness, and death blind me from seeing
the good in the world, make it hard for me to find something for which to be thankful. How short-sighted I am! Sometimes Facebook is a good thing:) My niece shared a post that brought me back to the reality that God is active and surrounding us in a swirl of blessings. I share an adaptation of her post from below, and I am making a
commitment through the month of November to start a Bevvy of Blessings list, to which I will add 3 things for which I
am thankful every day. I encourage you to join me, and to share them on Thankoffering Sunday, November 22, by posting
them on a bulletin board collage at each church.
I know today is Monday (or any day) and you assume its going to ____ (not be good:). But according to statistics,
there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 childbirths, 42 million hugs occurring today throughout the United States.
Also today, 600 people will get promostions at work, 600 dogs will be adopted, 35,000 balloons will be sold and
800,000 skittles sold. Plus, the words I love you will be said over 9 million times
I (Pastor Chris) would estimate that , throughout the world - billions of prayers will be heard, millions of people will be
visited, millions of dollars will be donated to worthy causes, billions of people will attend worship, millions of hospitals
and doctors offices and hospice will serve the sick, and thousands will find that death is the door to eternal life, throughout the world. So, again, I know today is Monday (or any day) and you assume its going to ____(not be good). But just
smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day.

Special Events
Remembering Loved Ones

*Dont forget to
fall back on
November 1st!*

All Saints Day, Sunday, November 1st, 8:45 a.m. at St. John, 10:30 a.m. at St. Paul
You are invited to bring a white flower for our Cross of Remembrance in honor of a loved one.
There will be a special time in the service to bring our flowers forward. The bell will be tolled as
names are read, from those who have come to know the fullness of Gods glory this year.

Fall Chicken Dinner

Wednesday, November 11th, 4-6:30 p.m.
Please call the church office with your reservations. If you leave a message please be sure to include name,
phone number, how many tickets, and whether you want eat-in or carry-out. Cost is $10.00 per meal. (1/2
chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, roll/butter, dessert) Call St. Paul 419-734-1662 for tickets.
If you could sign up to help, that would be great, as we will need apple peelers and slaw makers, etc.. We are
also in need of 67 pies and desserts, - honest! See the Events Board at church or talk to Ruth Scott to help.

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Special Events, cont.


Please have your Operation Christmas Child Boxes at the church by

November 15th
SundayNovember 22, 2015

Women are invited to bring their offering boxes (mites) and canned
goods to worship as they join with other women from Lutheran Churches
around the world to honor God and make a difference in Christs name.

Community Thanksgiving Eve Worship

Wednesday, November 25th, 7:00 p.m.,
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Marblehead

Join together in a unity of giving thanks at this ecumenical worship offered through our Danbury Ministerial. Youth
please note that this worship will be in place of our usual Wednesday gathering. All are invited to bring food items or
donations for the Danbury Food Pantry.

Traveling Christmas Party

Nov. 30Dec. 3
If you want to experience the true meaning of Christmas, consider helping us take Christmas joy
into homes and nursing care centers, as part of our Blessing Cup Team Ministry.
If you cannot go on the visits, but would like to contribute to the gift bags, please bring your gift
items to either church office by November 29th.
If you would like to participate, even for one of the days, or know of someone who would like a
visit, please let Pastor or Marge Bridgett know.

Christmas Luncheon

Dueling Pianos

Sunday, December 6, 12:00 p.m.

at the Victorian Inn

Saturday, Nov. 7, 5 pm, at St. Marys

St. John women (WELCA) invite both congregations to

their annual Christmas Luncheon. Enjoy a jump-start to
the Christmas season with this festive meal, joyous conversation, and fun time. Tickets are
$13.00 each. Reservations may be
made by calling the church offices
or through Myra Prokop or Linda
Merckens at St. John and Louise
Rogers at St. Paul.

Hoping to have 2Lutheran Tables, so call

Linda Merckens if you would like a ticket
or 2. (419-707-2212). Cost is $25 each.
Cash Bar, Bingo, 50/50, food, fun

1st Sunday in Advent

November 29

Wreaths Across America

We have a chance to participate in a national movement
to honor veterans by placing a wreath on each gravesite
in December, including St. Paul Cemetery. If you would
like to donate $10 for the cost of a wreath, please contact
Charlie Scott.

Advent Mid-week Worship

Meal at 6, Worship at 7

December 2rd at St. Paul, December 9th at St. John,

December 16th at St. Paul

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Ottawa County Holiday Bureau, Church Collection Dates Suns. Nov. 15, 22, 29
Basic needs include baking supplies, beverages, cake mixes, cereal, condiments, cookies, crackers, canned fruit and veg., gelatin, pudding, mac & cheese, noodles/pasta/rice, peanut butter,
jelly raisins, soups, spaghetti sauce, stuffing, sugar free items, snacks, paper products, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, TP. Also toys, socks, hats, mittens. Watch for the mitten tree!

Congregational Meetings following Worship

Nov. 15th for St. Paul & Nov. 22nd for St. John

Help us consider Gods plan for our budgets and business for 2015

Bible & Discipleship Studies

Sunday Morning, 9:00 a.m. Adult Bible Study at St. Paul, Book of Genesis
Sunday Evening, 7:00 p.m. Adult Bible Study at St. J ohn, led by Linda Oter mat, Genesis
Womens Bible Studies (WELCA All women ar e invited to par ticipate!
St. John Women meet on second Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.,
St. Paul Women will meet 3rd Thursdays at 1:00.
Weekly Wednesday Bible Study Meets every Wednesday at 11:00 am at St. Paul. All Ladies are welcome. We
are studying the Old Testament Characters of the Bible.
All Church Bible Readings:
The Daniel Plan
Week of Nov. 1Genesis 12-13
Week of Nov. 8Genesis 14-15
The Daniel Plan Group is making a come back in! November. The Daniel
Week of Nov. 15Genesis 16-17
Plan is a faith based plan to guide you to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone is
Week of Nov. 22Luke 1:1-38
welcome. Bring your friends. For more information call or text Linda
Week of Nov. 27Luke 1:29-56
Merckens at 419-707-2212. 8:30 am Saturdays at St. Paul.

Building Friendships
Not Older, Just Better - Not Older, Just Better is meeting at JTs Catawba Cafe, Monday Nov.
10th, 11:30 a.m.. Call Marge at 419.798.8816 if you have questions/need a ride.
Dartballplease see the attached church calendar for dates and locations.
Tuesdays at the Danbury Senior Center
Come Tuesdays at 5:00. Call in your reservation in to Paula by the Friday at 419.798.4101.
Picture Directory Updates - One of our goals is to keep updating this directory with contact information on new members and changes or corrections on existing members. It is so important that you
report any change in the present information to Margaret Stellhorn at St. John or Louise Rogers at St.



Senior High Side by Side Youth Group Activities
Tuesday, November 17th
Meet at the Erie Social Shuffleboard Club at 6:30 pm (until 8 pm) for sandwiches and shuffleboard.
Wednesday, November 11th
Come to St. Paul around 3:45 p.m. to help serve the Chicken Dinner meals.

SOS Projects (Spirit of Service) - High School Youth are encouraged to each choose or create a project
that can include the help of others in the youth group this year, to begin in January. So, start praying and thinking!

Sunday School!
7th and 8th graders
Confirmation Classes
Classes meet Sundays at 9:00 a.m.,
and most Wednesdays from 6-7:30 p.m.
Nov. 11thNo confirmation on Wednesday, as youth will be
helping with the Chicken Dinner at St. Paul. (Come around
3:45, or as soon as you can get there)

Sunday School continues its study of the stories of the

book of Genesis.
Watch for information about the Christmas Play,
coming soon.
Please contact Chrissy French (419) 341-4653 with
any questions and/or to offer your help.

**Thank you for all the help and fun

Nov. 25th Instead of Confirmation class, students and famiwe shared in the Community Hallowlies are asked to attend the Community Thanksgiving Eve
Worship at St. Josephs Catholic Church in Marblehead at
een Party! It was a freeeeakish good
7:00 p.m.

Senior High Side-by-Side Youth

4th Grade Bibles

Youth Sunday1st Sun. of each Month

November 15th,10:30 Worship at St. Paul

Bibles will be given to all 4th graders. If you are
a 4th grader, please contact the church office
and let us know if you can come and receive your
Bible this day. 419-734-1662

Sign up on the easel on the ramp at church to help

with greeting, ushering, lecturing (reading),

Alexis Dayton is collecting Medicine Bottles for Malawi

Medical hospitals and pharmacies in Malawi often have to wrap prescription medications in scraps of paper to distribute. Alexis is asking us to save our old prescription bottles, and to remove the labels by putting them in boiling water. There will be a collection box at both churches. This will help families keep their medications clean
and out of the reach of small children. Thank you for your help!


Thank You
Thank you from Pastor Chris - Thank you for the remembrance during Pastor Appreciation
month in October from both congregations The cards, gift cards, cakes, e-mails, and supportive
words were a great kindness, and meant so much! Many thanks!!
Thank you from Pastor Chris and the Sunday School/Nurseryto Kirk Gangl for building us the 3 sets of
shelves for our toys! They work so much better than boxes or the floor:) Also, thank you to both Roberta and Kirk
for donating all the materials, as well.
Thank youThank you St. John and St. Paul for your gifts totaling $ 493.39 towards the Military BibleStix project,
which will provide Spiritual hope for our heroes! To date, they have been able to provide 560,000+ audio Bibles!
Thank you to all who helped with the Halloween Par ty and those who donated candy and food!

Thank you so much for the ser vices and letting us have the luncheon at the chur ch. May God Bless you, the
family of Allan A. Porky Wahlers
Thank you to all the member s of both chur ches for thinking of us and sending some ver y delicious cookies to
us. We really enjoyed them. They were GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! Please tell the bakers they did a wonderful job!
Sincerely, Jim and Marg (Pahl)
Pastor Chris and congregation, I want to thank you for helping me in my time of need! This year has been
very hard for me and I am so grateful to you and the church for being there for me and being a family. From my
heart, thank you all! Love Karen (Cieslak) P.S. Thank God, also, I have people who care.

Serving Others
See Special Events pages for more (Holiday Bureau, Traveling Christmas Party, Operation Christmas Child, Wreaths
Across America.
Celebration Chorus - Practice on Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. at St. Paul please join the fun!
Community Garden - Direct questions for 2016 to Emily Glynn 314-517-2402 or Betsy Deer 419-310-4406.
Council Nights Thursday, Nov. 19th at St. Paul, 5:30 Joint Parish Board,; 6:15 St. Paul; 7:00 St. John
Danbury Food Pantry - November 21st; St. John brings spaghetti sauce, St. Paul brings canned vegetables
Noisy Offering for November 8th is Lutheran Indian Ministries. They provide our Advent and Lenten devotional
booklets each year. Thank you for your generosity.
Prayer Chain St. Paul contact Joan Harris at 419.734.3971 or 419.341.6373 or
St. John contact Myra Prokop at 419.798.5101 or God promises that our prayers are heard!
Prayer Shawl Plus Ministry - Prayer shawl group meets Wednesdays at 10 am. We are in need of white baby
blankets. Contact Janice Beachy with questions.

SNAP Ministries Update

(Supporting Native African Pastors) For current ministry information go to (Welcome. to Home).
The $3,000 from St. John has been wired to Pastor Claude. He writes :
The Lord is great, what a great news! One week ago, Prince (Pastor at Lomie) and I were talking about the situation of the Lomie's church
(destroyed by strong winds) and I told him that we will keep praying The Lord will provide. By His grace,and He provides. God's time is always
the best. This is one of the urgent need, Lomie's church and Messamena. Please we will not wait , if it's possible, would you send it as soon as
possible, I can buy zinc and nails here in Younde and travel to Lomie this week. We will buy wood in Lomie because they have lumber company there. I will take pictures and send it. Please tell Chris and the people of St. John how we are so grateful and excited.
May The Lord be glorified!

Home Run ParentingSession 3Line-Drive

Our next session meets at St. Paul, November 16th, 6-8 p.m.
Family meal, Dug-Out activities for kids, Learning/Sharing time for parents, family interactive activity.

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F OR N OVE M BE R , 2 0 15
St. John Council Highlights

Council Highlights: The officers reports were read and accepted.

Pastors report was given and council voted to pay $148 for the AED cabinet. With the purchase
of the cabinet the AED can be stored in an accessible place in the church.
Also a spreadsheet of summer worship attendees was created and we need someone to oversee
sending notes to welcome them, and/or put together welcome gifts to give visitors.
Council discussed having a thank you meal for us and all the work done around the church.
Were looking for suggestions for the day, time and food. We might use the grill.
Old Business: The discussion of same sex marriage continues. It was suggested we might organize some learning sessions.
New Business: Council discussed placing a sign limiting the numbers of people in the balcony
to 23, the number of chairs there.
St. John WELCA:
St. John budget will be discussed at the next
Next meeting and Bible Study is November 11
council meeting with the congregational budget
meeting to be November 22. Save the date.
Margaret Stellhorn will lead the Bible Study.
14Jim Benya

25Bob and Sue Alley
Bob and Sue Vyrostek

24 Anna Jean Povlick
Cheryl Laubner

St. John History Happenings

From the Peninsula News- September 23,
A few ladies of St. Johns Lutheran church have canned a quantity of grapes for the Home of
Mercy at Williston.
(Courtesy of Dave Glick)
General Operating (September)
Receipts $5,358.00+
Expenses $4,442.53$ 915.47+

Congregational Meeting
November 22 following worship
For 2016 budget

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St. Paul Lutheran Church Messenger

September 2015 budget highlights:
General Fund-

Est. Budget needs per month- $8,400.00

General Fund Revenue-


General Fund Expense-


Restricted Funds- Restricted Funds Revenue-


Restricted Funds Expense-


St. Paul Council Highlights of October15, 2015 meeting.

Sun. Nov. 15th
Following worship
2016 budget

-General Fund balance $34,813.08

-Beth Lambert and Natalie will represent St. Paul at the fall Bishops Conference on October 29th.
-If survey for recruiting extra help for Altar Guild and Worship is successful, every Sunday Communion will go to the
congregation for vote.
-New AED cabinets to be ordered.
-Awarded a low bid contract for winter weekdays snow plowing service. Sunday snow plowing will be a separate
-Granted a request to pay one-half cost of Archive supplies. St. John to pay the remaining half.
-Two new stoves purchased by WELCA.
Please hold up in prayer all who are in need of healing, hope
and forgiveness. We especially pray for: Barb Agne, Barb Batcha,
Joan Benya, Cleo Bodi, Mary Butchko, Ben Chapman, Karen Carpenter,
Gary Cover, Rebecca Dress, Betty Dubbert, Jack Easton, David Heinzl,
Bill Hirt, Steve Hosko, Ruth Keller, Nelf Kimerline, Lydia Lammers,
Joyce Linder, Rev. Sarah MacDonald, Alice Peroni, Sandra Reep, Kathy
Stine, Sarah Tanner, Gordon Wahlers, Sally Willis, Steve Young, Kim
Zachariah. We pray for all family and friends in the armed forces.

-On October 1st Helen Hennig passed away. Her funeral

was held in the funeral home on October 6th. May God comfort all who mourn her passing.
-On October 11th Logan Charles Turinsky, son of Andrew and Hannah Turinsky, was Baptized into the Christian
faith. His sponsors are Casie Eller and Mallory Kukay.
-On October 25th Madelyn Christine Steinbrick, daughter of Cole and Jennifer Steinbrick, was Baptized into the
Christian faith. Her sponsors are Pete and Lindsay Corigliano

St. Paul Women of the Church:

THANKOFFERING SUNDAY will be November 22nd. Bring your Thankoffering boxes and non-perishable food for the
Food Pantry.
-The November Bible Study and meeting will be on the19th at 1:00 pm with hostess Jo Meyer. The Bible study is Slow
Faith. This months lesson is in the November issue of Gather and is called Tempo Giusto.
-Thanks to all who helped and contributed to the Lutheran World Relief Kits. In October we sent out 35 school kits, 14 baby
care kits, and 26 personal care kits.
-The Monthly Project Contributions are: canned vegetables for the food pantry.

St. Paul Altar Guild

-Meets November19th at 6:00 pm for a meeting, and we will clean brass.
-The work sessions for Advent begin November 28th.
-Please watch for the order form for poinsettias for the Christmas Eve service and the Christmas season. Please give
to any Altar Guild member. Thank you.

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St. Paul November Special Dates

Wedding Anniversary

St. Paul Birthdays

1 Nancy Kihlken, Kylee Miller

3 Cindy Coles, Tyler Harris
4 Rusty Rayle, Nick Waters
5 Debra White, Aaron Thompson
7 Justin Tibbels
9 Rob Wadsworth, Cortnie McRitchie, Elaine Mackey, Alyssa Hamann
10 Nolan Coles
11 Marcy Bergman
12 Bill Biers, Cleo Bodi
15 Matthew Sandvick
16 Barry Bergman, Amy Steinbrick, Jordan Schaefer
17 Hannah Turinsky
19 Matthew Mangan, Roman Lochotzki
20 Tim Mackey, Frank Mahler
21 Larisa Kerik
22 Dominic Manuella, Gloria Nielsen
23 Betty Kovach, Alexandria Pahl, Scott Mackey, Jase Covey
24 Erik Wadsworth, Carol Kubit
25 Bryan Ahrens
26 Marian Hirt, Will Tibbels
29 Celena Coles
30 Bethany Urban, Terry Rowbotham,
Bob Fontaine

Mutual Ministries

1 Adam & Amy Steinbrick

5 Steve & Diana Schenko, Perry & Michelle Warren
6 Roger & Janet Vodicka
8 Brian & Maureen Biers
26 David & Barbara Rayle

Baptismal Anniversary
1 Valerie Glovinsky
2 David Mackey
3 Grayden Boss
4 Norma Kihlken, Tammy Bartzen
8 Justin Tibbels
9 DJ Coles
10 Will Tibbels
11 Bob Kihlken, Callie Kihlken, Craig Stires, John Stires

12 Sierra Mackey
13 John Rhodes
14 Gordon Wahlers
Nov. 15

Nov. 1

Nov. 8

Diane Wadsworth


Chrissy, Zeke, Mason, Seth French

Janet Strauss




Nov. 22

Nov. 29

Heather Lambert

Laurel Berhent

Shirley LaCumsky

Stacey Johannsen

Laurel Berhent

Chrissy French

Helen Stines

Nicki Geller

Coni Ann Limpert

Vicky Doski

Shirley LaCumsky

Shirley LaCumsky

Candace Geller

Jerry Meyer

Hayley Doski

Janet Strauss

Helen Stines

Abby Cameron
Matt Seamon
Justin Tibbels

Jo Meyer
Ginny Cameron
Heather Lambert

Jack Easton
Larisa Kerik
Nicki Geller

Bob Strauss
Nate Ahrens
Nolan Chapman

Hayley Doski
Maddie Harris
Abby Walker



Steeple Lighting

Dee & Jim Warren

Perpetual Light

Dee & Jim Warren

Assisting Minster

Roland & Laurel

Tammy Davis, Chrissy French

Altar Guild

Nancy Kihlken, Stacey Johannsen


Tammy Davis, Fran Chapman

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