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Geek or Nerd: Which Came First?

May 12, 2015

by: (



Wednesday Winner: Snickersnee

Since pour (


/pour?s=t) is a common word and sounds identical to


pore (
/pore?s=t), many English speakers use the verb pour

Supposedly vs. Supposably

in the verb phrase pore over meaning to meditate or


ponder intently. However, looking closely at their


meanings, the correct choice becomes apparent.

When talking about carefully reading books, wills, or
other documents, pore is the verb that youre looking

When Does Summer Really End?


for. Pore means to read or study with great

attention. You pore over books. Pour, on the other
hand, means to send flowing or falling, as in He
poured a cup of coffee.
Pore can also refer to a minute opening, like the
pores on your skin, though this pore has a different
etymological root. Recent coffee fads may be


contributing the increased use of pour over, which

also refers to a coffee-brewing technique imported
from Japan that entails pouring water over freshly
ground coffee. This New York Times article from
2011 (


/13Food-t-000.html?scp=1&sq=japanese%20pourover%20coffeee&st=cse&_r=0) clarifies that pour

over is the accepted term for the delicate act of


Regardless of how you take your coffee, we hope youre not pouring anything when youre poring over an old manuscript, because that
might lead to getting coffee stains on a priceless relic.
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You guys are amazing!
The way you people frame your sentences to pour over some fun among us to beatify us is really outstanding.
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Difference between of and for

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What Character Was Removed from the Alphabet?

9/28/2015 12:26 PM

Pore Over vs. Pour Over | Blog

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=417466#respond)

( : ...

What's the Grossest-Sounding Word in English?

This is kind of like the Is it Piqued My Interest or Peaked My Interest? article.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=417309#respond)

( : ...

What is Mrs. short for? (

/mr-mrs/) : ...

is amazing

Word Fact: What Is the Difference Between

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=415359#respond)

"Discreet" and "Discrete"?

( :

Enjoyed reading poor/pour/paw etc!

What Is It Called When You Misinterpret Lyrics?

Maybe you can assist with this one? I wrote to a senior politician requesting hew take care when pronouncing anything He usually adds

( : ...

a suffix of K!
I eventually received a reply in which he said appreciate you taking the time to write to me Is that correct? I have always used your in
such a sentence. Which is correct?
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414360#respond)

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I use your too, as I was taught to use it when it precedes an -ing word. Its one of those words which has been


shunned aside because of our leanings towards lazy speech. Another is were/was, in the context of I wish I


were on vacation and If I were rich, Id buy a new car.



Were, as I was taught, applies when its conditional or impossible.

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414649#respond)

I believe either would be correct. Using you means that he appreciates you for what you did. Using your means
he appreciates your action. Your, is probably more along the lines of the message to be conveyed, however, I
would deem you, to be acceptable, too.



crackerjack/) /wednesday-winner-crackerjack/#comments)

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=415677#respond)

dont matter, kid

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=416399#respond)




There is no land of meanies

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=417230#respond)

Language (/category/language/)
What is the Land of Meanies?!
Education (/category/education/)
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=417310#respond)
Grammar (/category/grammar/)
Its actually doesnt matter, Mr. Meanest.

History (/category/history/)

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=419148#respond)
Science (/category/science/)

Im watching your comments, mr. meanest from the land of meanies.

Current Events (/category/current-events/)

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=421054#respond)

P.S. That was me. Lol.

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Joe, youre exactly right, both uses are correct and for the reasons you stated.
YOU specifically thanks HER as the subject of the sentence.

9/28/2015 12:26 PM

Pore Over vs. Pour Over | Blog

YOUR thanks her as well but with her action being the subject of the sentence.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=416887#respond)

I appreciate you taking is the correct way.

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=417187#respond)

Now I am poring over whether I should pour over or just mix, but when I pour over I simultaneously pore over the word facts from
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414281#respond)

I wonder if a poor cat has ever poured coffee over his paw while he pored over the story of Dick Whittington ?
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413876#respond)

I like your sentence!
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414873#respond)

If only that poor cat had paused right before pouring itself coffee; silly puss not only got paws wet, s/he also
soaked the porous white pages of Dick Whittingtons book s/he previously just pored over!
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=416341#respond)

Nice sentences!
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=417231#respond)

He pored over the poured coffee which was soaking the pores of the napkin.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413774#respond)

The poor bastard had to work into the night poring over contracts. He didnt have time to pour a cup of coffee.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413773#respond)

Nice, really nice. You can join my club anytime. For you, my friend, free membership!
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413900#respond)

Are you Roy the tax man?

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413986#respond)

dont be so rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414500#respond)

fantastic! I love the way both words were used in the last sentence.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413761#respond)

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9/28/2015 12:26 PM

Pore Over vs. Pour Over | Blog

The person who wrote the last sentence certainly has a way with words and knows his / Her stuff.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413864#respond)

A cunning linguist?
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=415678#respond)

Great information.. Refreshers

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413755#respond)

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414499#respond)

I know the difference perfectly well, but I came here hoping to find the etymologies of these homonyms. IMHO, explaining the origins of
words often confused with each other would add a great deal to items like this one.
Yes, I can look them up. Im lazy.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413750#respond)

Leave it to the Madison Avenue people to mutilate the English language for the sake of a catch phrase! Remember the old
advertisement for Tareyton cigarettes?: Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch! That had grammarians spinning on their
eyebrows for years..
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413745#respond)

My favorite is plastered all over the highways of Pennsylvania and I presume elsewhere.Click it or ticket,
encouraging seat belt use.
Wow, arent we clever, we came up with a catch phrase that makes as much sense as run or pickle. Duh!
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=415680#respond)

Great site to pore over while I pour my coffee.

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413741#respond)

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414497#respond)

Nowwho will pore over this first comment? ;D

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413657#respond)

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All this time I was sure that poring over my manuscript was a way of pouring my attention all over itlearned
something reluctantly today.
Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=413877#respond)

Reply (/pore-over-vs-pour-over/?replytocom=414498#respond)

9/28/2015 12:26 PM

Pore Over vs. Pour Over | Blog

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