George’s Preschool Newsletter
Calendar of Events:
November: Remember to SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK!
16/17 M/T


Staff Meeting – NO LUNCH BUNCH
Parent board meeting, LSH, 9:15 a.m.
Veteran’s Day Holiday, no school
TOY FAIRE with Playopolis formerly Playworks
Come and visit on the patio, coffee & goodies
Thanksgiving Feast for MWF & Pre-K, Children & Staff only
Thanksgiving Holiday, no school
Lead teacher meeting, Lib. 12:30 p.m.

Staff Meeting – NO LUNCH BUNCH
Christmas Chapel with parents for BLUE & GREEN
11:30 A.M.
Christmas Chapel with parents, Church, 11:15 a.m.
17 - Jan. 1 Christmas Vacation
January 2016
Back to school
Staff Meeting, NO LUNCH BUNCH

Crayons for Cherie
I have a friend who wants to make candles out of old crayons. If you have old ones in your
midst that you want to get rid of please put them in a plastic bag and give them to me.

We end our holiday activities with Christmas Chapel. The two day three-year-old
parents from the BLUE and GREEN Doors will come and enjoy Chapel with their
children and then join them in their classrooms for donuts, beverage and little gifts for
the children from the teachers. We ask you to PLEASE be in the Chapel by 11:10 a.m.
on December 15. The two day two-year-old parents will meet in the RED door
classroom at 11:30 for donuts, beverage and little gifts for the children from the
On December 16, all parents from the Pre-K and MWF classes gather in the Chapel by
11:10 a.m.

Christmas is the time we think about giving gifts. The children will be makings little keepsakes for their
parents, teachers will be making little keepsakes for the children and of course parents are busy thinking
about just the right gift for their children.
We do ask you not to put favors, gifts or goodies in the children’s cubbies. Invitations to parties or
gatherings are fine as long as everyone is invited. If you would like to bring a special snack for school,
check with the lead teacher.

Toy Faire
By Playopolis Toys
With: Christina Wallerstein
Please join us on the UPPER PATIO on November 16th & 17th for some TOY SHOPPING for the holidays.
Christina has amazing and unique interactive toys for children. They cost a bit more, but are made well and
many are open-ended for creative play which will be used for years to come. Many of our manipulatives are
purchased from Playopolis and are well loved by the children.
You can check out the website at: if you would like to order items from the
website and have them shipped to the preschool there will be NO shipping charge.

Magformers – A Favorite at St. George’s Preschool
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This product contains magnets and
small parts. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines
causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention
if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Not for children under three-yearsold.
Combining translucent rainbow colors, easy to manipulate geometric
shapes, and powerful magnets, Magformers invite play at its best.
Children explore colors and shapes and discover different ways to
combine them. They learn about magnetism and how it affects their
building. They devise plans and carry through, evaluating and problem
solving along the way. In the process they develop cognitive, language,
and spatial skills, enhance motor skills, and exercise their budding

(AKA: Scrip)
By: CherBear

Have you tried Scrip yet? Scrip is a program that provides gift cards from national and local
retailers! Places you shop everyday! They’re the same gift certificates that you buy at the
store. When you purchase these gift cards through Dragon Dollar$, the retailers donate
back a certain percentage of the gift card’s value to our school. Scrip gift cards are
wonderful for normal household purchases and make great gifts too! Keep a few around for
those last minute gifts and purchases. Anybody can order Scrip ~ Grandpas, Grandmas,
Aunts, Uncles and even friends! You can order by marking your choices on our order form
and turning it in with a check. We will be placing November’s order soon, so if you haven’t
turned in your order form yet ~ have no fear! Orders are due in by noon on Thursday,
November 5th. We will be placing another order in December to ensure delivery well before
Christmas for holiday gift giving. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you
to the families who continue to purchase Scrip each month! Every dollar adds up!

If you’ve been a mom for more than two seconds, you’ve probably wondered if you’re
doing it right and asked that age old question: “Am I a good mom?” Well, today, I
thought I’d make a little list of things that good moms do, so you can finally have your
answer once and for all.
Good moms breastfeed their babies … for 3 years … for 3 months … for 3 days. They
supplement with bottles of donated breast milk or formula. They strictly pump or they
only bottle-feed. Good moms make their kids grass-fed, organic meals. Good moms
order Chinese takeout and give their kids bunny crackers in the car. Good moms feed
their kids.
Good moms have immaculately clean homes with sparkling clean kitchen counters and
wood floors you could eat off of. They have finger-printed refrigerator doors and crumbs
under their tables. Good moms wash their windows weekly. Good moms can’t
remember the last time they washed their windows. Good moms make their homes a
happy place for their children to be.
Good moms have kids who are impeccably dressed in the latest fashions. Good moms
have kids who wear crazy princess dresses and superhero pajamas in public. They do
their hair and makeup on the daily and put on “real” clothes. Good moms wait in the
school carpool line wearing PJs and hot mess hair within the safe confines of their
minivan. Good moms do the best they can with what they have.
Good moms have kids who have massive tantrums in the grocery store checkout line
and they have kids who sit quietly and patiently through super-long Sunday mass
services. Good moms have kids who are good and polite eaters and who can be taken to
any restaurant and behave respectably. Good moms have kids who are super-picky
eaters and throw food in restaurants. Good moms all have good and bad days and
struggles and challenges.
Good moms do elimination communication or use cloth diapers or the cheapest nonorganic disposables they can find. Good moms potty train their kids early … or late.
Good moms bed share. Good moms boot their kids to their own crib immediately. They
stay-at-home, work 9-5 in an office or work from home. Good moms all work full-time.
Good moms send their kids to public school or private school. They home school or
“unschool.” Good moms do crafts and come up with creative activities to do with their
children. They let their children figure out their own activities. There are good moms
who don’t allow screen time in their homes. And there are good moms who let their kids
watch “Frozen” multiple times a week so they can get a few work e-mails sent. Good
moms love their kids. Good moms need breaks.
Good moms sing to their kids and say prayers at night. Good moms just hit the lights
and dash – ready for that nightly glass of vino. Good moms read their kids 87 books a
day. Good moms plop their kids in front of an iPad so they can get a few minutes of
peace (and semi-) quiet. Good moms yell at their kids sometimes. Good moms speak
calmly and keep their cool when they’re frustrated. Good moms are not perfect.
Good moms have a good days and bad days. Some days they are smitten with their kids
… Other days (many days) they just can’t wait ‘til bedtime. Some days they go to bed
feeling like they nailed this parenting thing and other nights they feel like total failures
who are undoubtedly contributing to their children’s future therapy sessions. Good
moms don’t have it all together. They don’t look like June Cleaver baking cookies for
after-school snacks and making pot roasts on the daily. But if they do – that’s okay too.
Motherhood is beautiful and unique and filled with ups and downs and as long as you’re
giving it your best effort, you’re doing just fine.


Joyce Davison, Librarian
WOW, I have been keeping track of the number of books checked out each month and since the beginning
of school in August, 927 books have been read by all of you to your children. That is a record. I am so glad
to see that everyone is enjoying the selections we have in the library. Sometime in November I will be
adding our Christmas collection to the cart for all to enjoy.
Here are some suggestions about reading to your child or places to take a book along to keep them
interested. I always take a book along when having appointments; you never know how long you have to
wait to be seen. Having books in the car can also keep a child’s attention especially the ones with lots of
pictures so they can make up their own stories. Another time is when you are visiting with friends, your
child could share their book with others. And of course, there is always a good story for story time or
bedtime each day. I hope you are enjoying all of the many new books I was able to find this summer for
When checking out the books, please do not have your child write his/her name on the card. I know
they are practicing writing, but most of the time I can’t read the name and also please put the color of the
classroom door on the card (B=Blue Door; G=Green Door; R=Red Door and Y=Yellow Door).

Joyce Davison, Ahead with Horses
Large Horse Needed to Help Disabled and Special Needs Children
AHEAD With Horses is currently looking for a new large horse (preferably a draft) for their program. We
are looking for a horse with the following attributes:

Strong, sturdy back that would be capable of carrying two (2) people at once. We are looking for a horse
that could handle one of our Instructors riding with a child who is unable to sit independently.
Calm, low tendency to spook
Good ground manners
Able to trailer
No major health issues
Between the ages of 8-18
Willing to have a 30 day trial period (to make sure they are well suited for this type of work)

We are looking for someone who would be willing to donate their horse. They would get a donation letter
that would allow them to use the amount the horse is worth as a tax deduction. AHEAD With Horses is a
non-profit, and while we know that a fantastic horse can cost a fortune, we are unable to purchase what we
need for what they are truly worth. To our program, a Therapy Horse is invaluable.
In exchange for the horse, we will give the owner the peace of mind that their horse will be well taken care
of and loved and their work will be changing lives.
If you, or someone you know, think you might have a horse that fits all of our criteria, please call the office
at (818) 767 – 6373.
Thank you!

Helena Danni, President
Yay!!! Fall is finally here, even if the weather hasn’t really felt like it the last few weeks. Pumpkins are
lining porches, leaves are changing colors and my little ones are counting down the days until Halloween. I
am also counting down the days, however, I excitedly await the cold days when we can light a fire and
cuddle up while the sound of rain pitter patters outside. I hope this season brings your family many of these
cozy moments to enjoy together.
Thank you to all the families who attended the Fall Family Dinner on Sunday, October 18th. Special thanks
to Mary Ellen Sather, Stacy Armillei, Amber Papier, April Costigan and all the families who volunteered to
make the event run so smoothly! I hope you were able to make new friends and connect with some old ones
as well as watch the joy in your child’s eyes as they played with their classmates. It’s also so much fun to
have our alumni of all ages come home and get reacquainted with their old friends.
Our annual Clean Out Your Closet Sale is coming up in January! As you are sorting through your
children’s things to make room for all the new Christmas stuff please think of us! It’s time to start setting
some items aside for our sale. Remember that the proceeds go to the St. George’s scholarship fund.
Enjoy this fall season and give thanks for the abundance in our lives.

By: Katie Valdes MS RD CSSD
The holidays are upon us and that means more time spent with family, usually extended family. There are
parties to attend, elaborate meals and celebrations all around. But before we get lost in all the craziness,
there is one simple thing that we can all do: strengthen our family unit by sitting down together as a family
and eat dinner each and every night.
The thought of sitting down to eat as a family may seem overwhelming, however when you read about the
benefits you will want to make it happen.
Sitting down to eat as a family can be thought of as investing in your family’s future. Families that eat
together consume more fruits and vegetables and consume less soda and fried foods. Also children who eat
regularly with their families have diets higher in fiber, calcium, iron, folate and Vitamins B6, B12, C and E.
And not only are children eating better, but family meals also play a role in fighting obesity. It is thought
that children who eat in the company of others eat less and more slowly and talk more.
At our dinner table we have a rule: You eat what is served on your plate. If you don’t like it, you do not
have to eat it, however you cannot eat anything else. Now this may sound harsh but it really is not. I am
proud to say that my kids will pretty much try anything that I serve to them. The other day I offered a
parent some grapes to give to their child and the parent said to me, “No thank you, my child will only eat
apples and bananas.” Did you know that it can take 7-10 exposures to a single food item for your child to
like and accept it? So if you keep serving it and your child sees others eating it, they will be more likely to
try it themselves. Don’t give up!
Besides the nutritional benefits that your child will get from eating together as a family on a daily basis
there are also mental and social benefits as well. Studies show that teens that ate dinner with their families
had fewer drug and alcohol problems, better grades, less depression and better relationships with their
parents. This is why it is so important to start now with your children, when they are young and wanting to
be with you and are open to new things. Have the youngest members of your family join you too, even if it
is in a car seat!
The family meal is also the perfect opportunity to teach a child proper etiquette and how to behave at the
dinner table and in a group setting. I often hear from parents that they do not go out to eat anymore because
their children do not behave. If you are teaching them at home, they will know what is expected of them at
a restaurant.
Now I won’t lie, dinnertime at our house is not always a rosy experience. My boys sometimes complain
about the food in front of them, there are numerous trips to the bathroom and on occasion someone will get
sent to the kitchen to eat dinner by themselves for bad behavior but through all the craziness we do enjoy
each other’s company and get a chance to hear about everyone’s day.

Some of you may be saying, “What about Daddy?” When my husband is going to be coming home late we
go ahead and eat dinner without him. However when he finally does come home, we try our best to stop
what we are doing and sit down with Daddy at the table. If dinner does not work because your husband gets
home after bedtime, opt for a family breakfast instead.
The final piece of the puzzle is actually getting dinner on the table. Dinner does not have to be fancy. Make
dinner fun by coming up with creative names for each night of the week, such as Meatloaf Monday, Taco
Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, etc. This gets your children excited about the meal and gives you direction
about what to cook. If time is not on your side, you do have options. The two greatest inventions: store
bought rotisserie chicken and the slow cooker. Rotisserie chicken can be used to make a ton of quick meals
and the slow cooker will become your new best friend. And if you still don’t want to cook, my partner and I
do home cooked family meals available for purchase. (email and website below)
As the season of craziness is upon us, slow down and make time for your family. Make family mealtime a
priority. Your kids will thank you for it.
Katie Valdes MS RD CSSD

Yellow Door
Firstly, thank you so much for the warm welcome back. The flowers and cards truly
put a smile on my face. I have a giant shoe box at home I am filling with all the
beautiful cards I have received. Thank you for all your patience throughout these
unexpected transitions. I will be forever grateful to St. George's parents, children and
staff... It holds a special place in my heart.
On to other topics! The Yellow Door has been busy with harvest and Halloween
projects! Our back bulletin board is a "work in progress" brainstormed by your
children. Miss Vita started the work with your children. So far we have an autumn
tree which is filling quickly with beautiful leaves your children are bringing to school.
The children added a colorful pumpkin patch underneath the tree.. the cutting and
creative designs are all their own! We are also decorating our room with Halloween
projects; You will find ghosts, pumpkins and witches flying around our room! The
children learned several new seasonal songs you may hear them singing: “The witch
has an itch”, “Five little pumpkins”, “Autumn leaves are falling down” or “Did you ever
see a pumpkin?” Hopefully, everyone will have a nice assortment of projects to
decorate your homes for Halloween.
This year, Yellow Door conferences are set for November 17th and 19th. I am greatly
looking forward to meeting with you then. I have always believed that open
communication between parents and teachers contributes greatly to a child’s school
success. If you have questions or concerns before our conference date, please do not
hesitate to ask.
In November, we will begin our “counting unit” with Number Days. Each day the
children will bring to class objects for the Number Box. They will count out the
objects during circle time. The number of items will match the number of the day.
They will also make a “number train” which will come home at the end of the unit.
I encourage all of you to check out the classroom bulletin boards on a regular basis.
New projects are displayed regularly. Many/most of our projects require a number of
fine motor skills practice. Cutting, squeezing glue bottles, adding small details or
tying knots all work those small finger muscles... this helps get the children ready for
holding a pencil and writing. Class projects provide a great opportunity to talk with
your child about class activities. Which projects are their favorites? Do you see a
theme in your child's projects? I often see children showing preference for colors or
certain patterns that they repeat over and over throughout many projects. I love how
each child’s personality is reflected in his or her projects!

The holidays are quickly approaching... In a few weeks, we will be having our
Thanksgiving Feast. Each class will prepare part of the menu and all of the classes will
gather in Lower Softley Hall for a community meal. The Yellow Door will be making
pumpkin bread. The recipe will be in your cubbies so you can make it at home.
The Yellow Door teachers look forward to seeing you at the Christmas program and at
the classroom get-together after the program. Have a safe and relaxing Holiday

Blue Door
We have had such a fun time doing reptiles, community service helpers and
Halloween activities. With the beginning of the school year behind us, we are settling
into a nice routine. The children are comfortable with what to expect from us and the
teachers are getting to know the children better.
In November, we will talk about the changes to the weather and what autumn is all
about. We will do a unit on apples, fall and the colors of the season. As we get closer to
Thanksgiving, we will learn about being thankful. Since being thankful is an abstract
concept and difficult for the preschoolers to understand, we will also talk about what
makes us happy. We will talk about what we are thankful for, share family traditions,
sing turkey songs and enjoy other related activities. On Friday, Nov. 20th, we will
gather with the other classes and have a feast to share the meaning of Thanksgiving
with our family at school. Each class prepares a snack to share and we eat together
and then join in singing songs.
In December, we will feel the magic of Christmas and the excitement this time of year
brings. We will be making special keepsakes, ornaments and other holiday-related
items. We look forward to you joining us after the Christmas chapel for a special
snack in the classroom. It is one of the highlights of the school year to see the
excitement on the children’s faces when they perform the special songs for you.
The M-W-F children have completely submerged themselves in their preschool
experience. Sports Blitz with Coach Andy on Monday mornings has become a new
favorite for them. They enjoy the sports activities that he has been introducing them
to. Chapel has started again and the children are anxious to learn new chapel songs.
Each one of them will be given the chance to ring the bell and love doing so. Show and
Tell on Friday has become a huge success. The children are so excited to spend a few
minutes sharing what they have brought from home with their friends.
We enjoyed our first music class in October which reunited us with Miss Amy. The
addition of music in our schedule will enrich the preschoolers’ cultural experiences
and expose them to songs and instruments.
Throughout the school year, the M-W-F children will be challenged with multi-step
directions. This is an opportunity for us to help them be ready for the multi-tasking
that occurs in the elementary school classroom. This early in the school year, we start
with a simple two-step process. For example, on the day they made their Jack ‘O
Lanterns, the directions included doing the magic cutting and then creating the Jack
‘O Lantern face on the pumpkin. These instructions are presented to them at circle
time and then should be remembered when it becomes their turn to participate at the
activity table. As each child comes to the table to have their turn to create the activity
planned for the day, we gently remind and prompt them with questions that pertain to
the instructions that were given during circle time. If the child remembers what to do,
great! If they don’t, we offer them suggestions about what to do to remind themselves.
Maybe they can ask a friend already at the table, check what the other kids are doing,
or ask one of the teachers. All of this is a part of the learning process. Not everyone is
listening when they should be, we recognize and acknowledge this. So, I feel it’s
important for us to offer them the tools to help them problem solve and be
comfortable knowing they can ask questions.

On another day in October, the children laced a pumpkin and were given markers to
write their name and draw a Jack ‘O Lantern face on the pumpkin. While it is still
early in the school year, we don’t feel it’s too soon to help the children accomplish the
goal of being able to write their own name and hope to give them as much practice as
they need. Some of the children are already doing this by themselves. Some of them
are able to start their name and then Miss Bonnie or I can help them finish the name.
Still others are not as interested in learning how to write their names yet, but are
willing to let us do it with them. As the year progresses, we continue to emphasize the
practice from the children and are able to back off more and more in having to aid
them in this accomplishment. Be sure to watch the projects that go home for the
progress in this achievement. Praise and encouragement can go a long way in helping
them want to be able to do this on their own. Activities at home that encourage these
accomplishments are a great idea too.
The T-Th children have come a long way in a short time. Some of them have started
letting us know when they need to use the bathroom and already show progress in
self-sufficiency. Music with Miss Amy has been a wonderful addition to our days’
routine. Miss Amy has such a knack at including the children in everything she does
and making it fun and easy. Don’t be surprised to hear your children singing new
songs all the time now! Chapel is now a part of our weekly schedule as well. We will
select a child to ring the bell for us and each of them will be given a turn before the
school year is over. The children like learning the new songs that we sing in chapel
with Rev. Amy.
Progress in creating an end product starts with open-ended projects. As I wrote about
in the previous newsletter, allowing the children to create without a specific end
product in mind allows the child to satisfy their curiosity about how all of this works.
How much glue do I need? How many objects can I pile on to a glue collage project?
How much paint do I use on a marble painting project? These questions, and many
more, are running through the three year olds’ minds as they experience the activity
first hand. One day during October, the activity was to create a Jack ‘O Lantern. The
supplies were available without limit and the children created their interpretation of
what a Jack ‘O Lantern should look like. This is a project they will do again next year
as a four year old. It is a perfect example of progress in development when you
compare the two year’s Jack ‘O Lanterns. A four year olds’ project will resemble a
more traditional Jack ‘O Lantern. This, by no means, says that the three year olds’ is
wrong; it’s an experience in gluing and creating.
Your children are so eager to gain knowledge about the world around them. We
continue to work with them to help them express themselves in a positive way. They
are learning to use their words, share, take and wait their turn and enjoy new
experiences. They arrive each day with the confidence that the new day will be a fun
November and December are busy months and this is reflected in our activities at
school. We will create fun, age-appropriate activities that fit the holiday and season
while we continue to encourage exploring in an open-ended project. For example,
right around Thanksgiving we will present the preschoolers with a turkey cut from
paper and provide them with glue and feathers. They are free to attach as many or as
few feathers on their turkey as they feel is right. In December, we offer them a tree cut
from paper and give them a lot of items that can decorate their tree; again, as much or
as little decorating as they want to do.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me for our first conference. I enjoyed
getting to know each of you a little better and gaining insight about your beautiful
children that I learned from having the opportunity to share with you.
Miss Bonnie, Miss Babs and I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season.

Green Door
After nearly two months of school, the MWF Green Door kids are in the groove. They
have already mastered our classroom schedule and routines. Anne and I are quite
impressed. At circle time, they put up their attendance cards and count who is here,
read the schedule and morning message, and figure out the calendar day and pattern.
When doing attendance, they quickly point out empty squares on the rug and figure
out who is missing. Our schedule helps them figure out what day it is. For example,
sports in always on Monday. They are even getting the hang of knowing which of the
share days their share is. Share time is a favorite with the children. They cannot wait
for it to be their turn! They have shown patience while others are talking. When it is
their turn, they relish telling the children what they brought and where they got it. At
discussion time, the children are eager to participate as well. All of the children like to
contribute their ideas and knowledge. They especially like to share about themselves
and share a variety of things like what they had for breakfast and what they are going
to be for Halloween. Their attention spans have already grown. They have been a
model audience for our parent guest readers as well. It is such a treat to have parents
come in and read new stories.
The children have been very enthusiastic about our topics too. They come in each day
and ask what we are going to talk about. Dinosaurs were a huge hit. They loved
singing the dinosaur songs and reading about how dinosaurs had once existed. They
already knew many dinosaur facts. We made fossils, dug for bones in ice and exploded
volcanoes on the yard. The volcano building took teamwork; the children used shovels
to make a huge hill of sand and then took turns adding red vinegar and baking soda to
make it explode. Another group project was painting a huge dinosaur! We hung it up
next to the little hatching baby dinos that they created. Making these little dinosaurs
took several steps. The kids cut out an egg shape, tore off the top and glued in the
baby. Cutting an egg shape was more difficult that cutting straight lines and tearing
the paper was also a challenge because they had to tear slowly to guide the direction of
the tear. Then they used squeeze bottles filled with thick salt glitter to decorate the
dinosaur eggs. They had to really squeeze to get the paint out which strengthens their
hand muscles which will help them with writing and cutting. After dinosaurs we
studied present day reptiles. The children loved rolling snakes out of play dough, clay,
model magic and bread dough. We sang the boa constrictor song and the animal
version of “Ram Sam Sam”. We also did amazing turtle prints with block ink and
foam. The children designed their turtles by drawing with a pencil on foam. This is a
great activity because they have to add pressure to the pencil to make the grooves
deep enough for the pattern to show up but not too deep to make a hole. Then they
painted the foam and printed it on paper. Painting the foam also take hand strength as
you have to roll on thick printing ink and then transfer it to paper by rubbing the back.
We also learned about the frog cycle which was made even better by the arrival of our
leopard frog tadpole. Looking at him and the frog cycle figurines helped the children
to sequence the cycle on their paper. It is so cool to watch him and we are beginning to
see him change. Already he has two little back legs. Our Reptile Unit culminated with
a visit from the reptile people, The kids had so much fun holding and touching all
different types of reptiles. There were even itty bitty tortoises.
Halloween was here and we had fun getting ready for it. The kids roller painted huge
pieces of paper to make a bat cave under our loft. Roller painting is great for
developing large and small motor skills. The children get their whole body into it!
They also painted toilet paper rolls and cut out wings and ears to make the bats that
we hung in the cave. They have been so respectful of other peoples art work and are
being careful not to knock the bats off the ceiling. They have enjoyed playing with
flash lights in the cave. Some other recent activities have included tracing, stamping
and stringing.
This month we also started introducing one letter a week. I am introducing high
frequency letters instead of going in alphabetic order. We started with M and then S.
Next week we will do A. Each week I present a letter along with its sound. We do a
matching yoga pose. For example, Majestic Mountain Pose went with the letter M and
Standing Split went with the letter S. We also practice writing the letter in the air and

in various materials such as salt, shaving cream, sand etc. We sort picture cards by the
letter sounds. This is the first time I have introduced letters this way and it seems very
effective. The children then learn the letter and sound together which will help as they
continue to develop their reading and writing skills.
On the yard, the children play in big groups. They are enjoying playing chasing games
and dramatic play games like family and superheroes. They like digging, riding bikes,
climbing and swinging too. Last week they also did some planting in the yard. They
helped my mother-in-law, Irene Christensen, plant pansies and peas in our barrels!
She commented about what a focused and helpful group I had this year. They listened
to her directions and explanations about planting and really enjoyed the experience.
We cannot wait until we can pick and eat the peas right off the vine.
Now that Halloween is over we will be talking about Fall. Hopefully the weather will
get cooler and it will feel like Fall outside! We will set up a Harvest Shop under our
loft and the children can sell apples and pumpkins and squash to one another. These
activities will lead nicely into Thanksgiving activities and discussions.
Thank you, parents, for meeting with me at our parent teacher conferences and class
gatherings. It was a great opportunity to get to know you better. I believe good
communication between families and school is so important in providing successful
experiences for children. Miss Amy and I feel so fortunate to associate with the
wonderful families in the Green Door.
The children have settled in and are feeling confident and comfortable in the Green
Door. Recently, we have been studying reptiles and dinosaurs. In the yard, the kids
cracked open frozen dinosaur eggs and used their whole bodies to paint a huge dino
mural. The children shoveled piles of sand high enough to build a big
mountain. Then they mixed up some hot lava and watched our mountain-volcano
erupt! They enjoyed digging lakes big enough for dinosaurs and other animals to drink
from. Inside the classroom Miss Amy and the children made dinosaur mud. Yum! We
also discussed snakes and how they smell with their tongues and swallow their food
whole. Then we stuffed snakes. The children grasped handfuls of shredded paper and
then used their whole bodies to push the paper to the end of a sock, then let go and
pull their hand out. That is tricky! After the snakes were stuffed the children used
their creativity to paint them.
The children have been busy gluing and stringing and cutting. They practiced using
scissors to cut playdoh, tape, yarn, strips of paper and simple shapes from paper. The
Beauty Salon under the loft provided an opportunity to style and “cut” hair and apply
pretend make-up.
In spite of all of the fun, preschoolers are not immune to stress, challenge and
frustration as they navigate through their world outside of their family, especially as
they try out new skills and learn to socialize in a positive way. That said, we have been
practicing “mindfulness” in our classroom and are learning ways to cope with
upsetting situations. These moments of quiet breathing and restfulness help relieve
stress. With the holidays around the corner, I think all of us could use some calming
techniques. We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas chapel and classroom
party after the program. Happy Holidays!

Red Door
Our class has been very busy these past few weeks as you can probably tell from
looking around our classroom. Halloween was a fun topic and the children were really
interested in making everything "spooky" whether it was with the paint, play dough,
or just paper and markers! With all of our beautiful artwork, our classroom looks like
a Halloween party! In the Red Door, we like to keep the concept of Halloween fun and
light. The favorites seemed to be playing with all the Halloween toys in the black and
orange rice as well as listening to our Halloween music CD.

Now that Halloween is over we will be talking about the Fall season and Thanksgiving.
In addition to our Thanksgiving projects, we will be having a Thanksgiving feast with
the whole school. The Red Door will be making popcorn and dressing up like turkeys.
The other classes will be bringing yummy treats to share as well. December is always
a fun month in preschool. We will be making many Christmas themed projects and
be practicing our chapel songs for our special Christmas chapel. All of the parents are
invited to come watch our Christmas chapel and then come back to the Red Door for
Show and Tell has definitely been one of the highlights of the week in the Red Door. I
have been getting such great feedback about it and the children really seem to look
forward to it. They have such great things to say and I love how confident they can be.
Sports Blitz has also been a big hit and the children love going to chapel. All of the
children have really adapted to our new routine and seem to be enjoying all of it!
The children in the Tuesday-Thursday class have become fast friends with each other.
Some of them are even starting to learn each others' names and they are all playing
together very nicely. We have been working on some beautiful artwork all while
introducing the children to all sorts of art mediums. We have been squeezing glue
bottles, shaking glitter jars, slapping fly swatters dipped in paint and much, much
more. The children seem to especially love making many paintings at the easel! Music
class is definitely a highlight of our week and the children become very engaged
during this time. It is so much fun to see them clapping and dancing along to the
songs. Everyone seems to really love being at school!
Soon we will be exploring the Fall season and making some artwork to reflect it.
Christmas time will be here before you know it so you can look forward to many
Christmas themed works of art that will be decorating our classroom. The parents are
also invited to our Christmas party on our last day before Christmas break. We gather
in the classroom to enjoy donuts and milk as we wish each other a nice Christmas
vacation. This time of year is so exciting!
Happy Holidays!

Pictures Speak 1000 Words!

Teacher: “Do you want to go high on the swing?”
Child 1:“Yes! send us to the moon!”
Child 2:“No! Send us all the way to God’s House”
“Oh, look at the moon! It is still awake!”
“That is more like it! It is cool! I am proud of that thing!” (child commenting on his digging)
Child 1: “I went to Hawaii.”
Child 2: I’ve never been on an airplane”
Child 1: “I haven’t been on an airplane either. I took a jet!”
“Rain happens when angels jump on the clouds. They don’t always do it though because they get
“We have a baby. It makes a lot of noise!”
Child: I hurt my finger.
Teacher: Oh, that's too bad. Do you need a bandaid?
Child: No.
Teacher: Do you need a hug?
Child: No.
Teacher: Do you need a cold pack?
Child: No. I need something fuzzy.
Teacher to child: “What school did you go to before coming here?”
Child: “I don’t know, it didn’t have a name.”
“I have a camera. Smile and say ‘sea weed.’"
“This smoothie is so good it tastes like pie-cake”
“Can I hold the guinea pig and soft him?” (Pet him)
Teacher: "Look at this spooky Halloween skeleton!'
Child: "It looks like my mom."
"Santa speaks every language. He speaks English and Russian and California."
Child crying on Picture Day, "I don't want them to take my picture. I want to keep my picture!"
3 year old class is in chapel. Child: “Is this a church?”
Teacher: “Yes, it is.”
Child: in a very excited voice: “Oh, this is where mom and dad
got married!”
Child looking at last year’s year book, finds his teacher in the book.
Teacher asks: “Are you in the year book?”
Child says: “No, but I’m in one at home.”
After working on a self portrait and decoration his shirt and pants with 50 plus sequins, he
announces: “I’m going jogging!”
One child to the other:
“Don’t hug me, I’m a little sick.”
“I’m a lot sick!”