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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 63 - No. 4 | November 2015

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Mission and Consecrated Life .........2
Muslim and Catechist .........................3
A Celebration of Love ........................4
Parliament of World religions ........5
Final Profession of Sister Susy.......6-7
Consecrated to Mission .....................8-9
World & US Province News ..............10-11
Photo: Final Profession of Sister Susan Miranda Jimenez XMM

Papal Message for Mission and Consecrated Life

Mission and Consecrated Life
Excerpt from Message for World Mission Sunday

X averian Missionaries

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

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orld Mission Sunday 2015 takes place in the context of the Year of
Consecrated Life, which provides a further stimulus for prayer and
reflection. For if every baptized person is called to bear witness to the
Lord Jesus by proclaiming the faith received as a gift, this is especially so for
each consecrated man and woman. There is a clear connection between consecrated life and mission. The desire to follow Jesus closely, which led to the emergence of consecrated life in the Church, responds to his call to take up the cross
and follow him, to imitate his dedication to the Father and
his service and love, to lose our life so as to gain it. Since
Mission is a
Christ’s entire existence had a missionary character, so too,
passion for
all those who follow him closely must possess this missionary
Jesus and at

...Those who follow Christ cannot fail to be missionaries, for
they know that Jesus “walks with them, speaks to them,
breathes with them. They sense Jesus alive with them in
the midst of the missionary enterprise” (Evangelii Gaudium,

Xaverian Mission Newsletter

Official publication of the
Xaverian Missionaries
of the United States

Fr. Carl Chudy
Communications Board
Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Fr. Tony Lalli SX
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX
Mary Aktay
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ

the same time
a passion for
his people.

Mission is a passion for Jesus and at the same time a passion for his people.
When we pray before Jesus crucified, we see the depth of his love which gives
us dignity and sustains us. At the same time, we realize that the love flowing
from Jesus’ pierced heart expands to embrace the People of God and all humanity. We realize once more that he wants to make
use of us to draw closer to his beloved people (cf.
ibid., 268) and all those who seek him with a sincere heart. In Jesus’ command to “go forth”, we
see the scenarios and ever-present new challenges of the Church’s evangelizing mission. All her
members are called to proclaim the Gospel by
their witness of life. In a particular way, consecrated men and women are asked to listen to the
voice of the Spirit who calls them to go to the
peripheries, to those to whom the Gospel has
not yet been proclaimed.

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The fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican
Council’s Decree Ad Gentes is an invitation to all
of us to reread this document and to reflect on
its contents. The Decree called for a powerful
missionary impulse in Institutes of Consecrated
St. Guido site:
Mission blog:

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ave ve
L e o f lo u d i n g
a c y in c n
l e g i d e r e r ia i n
Co the X narie ill &
Mis r Las ent.
u t am


“Every baptized person is called to bear witness...”
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Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015

yo cre
I f y u r im a s e
ha u r e p a c t
Gif s a “ mplo !
con Prog atchi er
t r i b ra m n g
b e ut io
d o u n c o ur
ble an

Xaverian Missionaries in the World


Mr. Foday Kamara : Muslim and Catechist
n my view Foday Kamara is a true example of interreligious dialogue, in
his deeds and in the sense of encouraging religious diversity and supporting religious minority groups.

Who is Mr. Foday Kamara? He is headmaster of the Roman Catholic primary
school of Walia, Mongo Parish, Makeni Diocese in Sierra Leone and is a
Muslim by faith. While I was visiting his school, I was taken by surprise
because he introduced himself as headmaster, a Muslim and a catechist. The
word “catechist” refers to someone who teaches Christian doctrine or helps
non-Christians to understand and discover the Christian faith.
Naturally I was curious to know how a Muslim can be involved in catechism in
the sense of promoting the Christian faith. He answered: “I believe we need
Christians in our Muslim dominated village. A Christian presence may help us
to understand that there are other religions in the world, other ways of worshiping God. That’s why I decided to help children who want to be

Therefore, by teaching catechism, Mr. Kamara is promoting Christianity in his
Muslim village. One may ask, “How is it possible to teach Christian doctrine
without being Christian?” It’s true that for the Church, catechists are supposed to believe what they teach. For our Muslim catechist, this is not the case.
He is just helping children to know and understand Christian doctrine.
Among the new catechumens of Walia, there are two of his own children. To
teach catechism, he uses the materials provided by the parish
priest, who is the first one responsible for catechism in the
school. However when the priest is absent Mr. Kamara always
takes over. On Sundays, when the priest comes for liturgy, Mr.
Kamara always helps him to gather the catechumens together. He
embodies the main purpose of interreligious dialogue—not to convince other religious partners to change their own faith, but in
common understanding, to help each other to stand firm in one’s
own faith, to worship truly the God of his/her faith and to be a
witness of God’s love among people.
In our conversation, I asked him if in teaching catechism he was
not changing his faith and becoming Christian. He answered: “If I
do not properly love my neighbors, it’s not because I am Muslim.
It’s because I do not practice what my Islam teaches me. If I am
a true witness of One God in whom I believe and worship, a true Muslim, I
must strive to be the best person I can be.”

Apostolic Administrator Natale Paganelli SX
(center) of Makeni Sierra Leone, soon to be
consecrated Bishop of the titular see of

Studying the Koran

Living in diverse cultural contexts, missionaries have helped the Church to
take seriously the challenge of interreligious dialogue. By their encounter
with people of other faiths, they have helped Christians to better understand other believers and not to reject anything of what is true and holy in
other religions (Vatican II, Nostra Aetate, #2). Missionaries have to carry on
this task with zeal and conviction.
In the midst of the shameful bad news coming from countries like Iraq,
Syria, Nigeria and Kenya because of violence based somehow on religion,
the case of Mr. Foday Kamara, Muslim and catechist, is indeed a small piece
of good news from Sierra Leone, where religion is no longer a cause of conflict. He reminds us that religious diversity is not always a factor of division
and violence. The faith of other believers is a gift given to all to deepen their own
faith and to live it truly.

St. Guido Conforti Church in Sierra Leone

Fr. Louis Bira SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015


Xaverian Missionaries in the World

World Mission Sunday: A Celebration of Love


Thai and Burmese together at St. Joseph’s Parish

his year Wor ld Missio n Su nday in S aint
J o s ep h the Wor ker Par ish, the Xaver ian
p ar ish in T hailand, w a s the celebr atio n
of cultur al diver sit y and the pro m otio n of
fr iend ship b et we en T hai and B ur m e s e p e o ple.
M otivate d by the affir matio n of Po p e Fr an c is
that “the p o or, the little o n e s and the sick,
th o s e w h o are often lo o ke d d ow n u p o n or
forgotten, th o s e w h o cann ot rep ay u s” are
“the fir st to w h o m the G o sp el m e ss age mu st
b e pro claim e d,” we welco m e d 15 yo u ng
B ur m e s e p e o ple fro m o n e of the B ur m e s e refu ge e s camp s in T hailand to o ur p ar ish o n
O c to b er 17 and 18. It w a s a m eaning ful ex p er ien ce for o ur p ar ishio n er s sin ce many co nsid er B ur m e s e a s tr ansgre ss or s of T hai law s, ille gal migr ant s,
cr iminal s, o ut sid er s, p e o ple d e stin e d for dangero u s, dir t y,
d e gr ading and low in co m e wor k. A s a matter of fac t, m o st of
o ur p ar ishio n er s employ B ur m e s e migr ant s in their far ms for
le ss than the minimu m w age re q uire d by T hai law. S o, that
we ekend, we s aw the m e ss age of Chr ist b uilding br id ge s
am o ng p e o ple; it create s n ew relatio nship b a s e d o n love,
re sp e c t and ju stice. It w a s really b eautiful to s e e T hai and
B ur m e s e p e o ple chatting w ith o n e an other in a fr iendly w ay,
pr ay ing for o n e an other, pr ay ing to gether, play ing to gether
and shar ing m eal to gether a s children in the s am e family. Ye s,
we are ind e e d children of the S am e G o d.

Wor ld Missio n Su nday w a s thu s for o ur p ar ish an o p p or tu nit y
to re dis cover B ur m e s e p e o ple a s o ur brother s and sister s in
Welcoming Burmese refugees
Chr ist by listening to their str u ggle s, fear s, h o p e s, dreams, faith ex p er i(above) with lots of hugs (below)
en ce and to ex pre ss o ur love and s y mp athy for them. Like u s they are
lo o k ing for hap pin e ss, fulfillm ent …G o d. We were ver y hap py to hear
s o m e of o ur yo u ng p ar ishio n er s telling u s “ father, we wo uld like to go to
v isit them and all the B ur m e s e refu ge e s in the camp” and al s o to hear the
yo u ng B ur m e s e p e o ple s ay ing: “ T hank yo u for lov ing u s.”
T he ex p er ien ce of this we ekend d e dicate d to missio n remind s u s o n ce m ore
that the H oly Spir it is really at wor k in the hear t s of p e o ple d e spite o ur limit atio ns. It en co ur age s u s to co ntinu e jo ur n ey ing w ith the p e o ple of G o d a s
their brother s, fr iend s and pro claiming w ith o ur co mmu nit y, mad e of p e o ple
of different age s, culture s, and ethnic itie s, the b eaut y and the joy of k n owing J e su s. S aint Fr an c is of A ssisi o n ce gave this pre c io u s pie ce of ad v ice to
s o m e missio nar ie s: “Preach the G o sp el at all tim e s and w hen n e ce ss ar y u s e
word s.” Fr. Thierry Kengne,SX

You can help Fr. Thierry build bridges of understanding in Thailand. Either clip this paper and send it to the address
below or help the environment by donating online at

Name: Donation Amount:
Address: City: State: Zip
Email or phone:
Mail to: Fr. Frank Grappoli SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015

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Holliston, MA; □Provincial House Wayne, NJ

Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

“Then Peter replied, ‘I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.’”
~Acts 10:34
T he s e word s of Peter, a sto nishe d at the d e s cent of the
H oly Spir it o n the ‘p agan’ Cor n eliu s, were e ch oing in
my mind dur ing the 6th Par liam ent of the Wor ld’s Relig io ns held in S alt L ake Cit y, Ut ah w here relig io u s leader s fro m many tr aditio ns thro u gh o ut the wor ld gathere d to gether to en co u nter p e o ple of other relig io u s
and spir itual tr aditio ns and ex p er ien ce their s acre d
r itual s and lear n ab o ut their b eliefs.
D ur ing this Par liam ent I cam e to realize h ow the fo cu s
w a s n ot o n intr icate the olo g ical dis cu ssio ns, b ut r ather
o n prov iding a w ind ow into h ow differ ing relig io u s and
spir itual tr aditio ns p erceive the div in e realit y and the
challenge s the m o d er n wor ld p o s e s to b eliever s and
n o n-b eliever s alike. T here w a s the d e sire to addre ss
the centr al s o c ial issu e s of o ur day s: e co n o mic ju stice,
su st ainabilit y, and hu man r ight s in the in crea singly
co mplex and often fr ac tio u s wor ld.
T he Par liam ent’s s e ssio ns were fo cu s e d o n: • climate
change and care for creatio n, • w ar, v iolen ce and hate
sp e e ch and • the w id ening wealth gap and w a steful
co nsu mptio n.
“N o str a Aet ate,” e st ablishe d in the C ath olic Church by
the Vatican Co u n c il for relatio ns w ith all other relig io u s tr aditio ns, maint ain e d that all relig io ns have
their ultimate ro ot s in o n e G o d and hen ce C ath olic s can
lear n fro m their relig io u s p er sp e c tive s.
D ur ing the s e ssio ns p ar tic ip ant s ac tively s o u ght to pro m ote inter-relig io u s har m o ny am o ng different spir itual
co mmu nitie s, str iv ing to achieve a ju st, p eaceful and
su st ainable wor ld.
T he Par liam ent emp owere d p ar tic ip ant s to examin e
many for ms of relig io u s ex pre ssio n. O n e w a s offere d
the p o ssibilit y to inve stigate relig io u s ex p er ien ce; my th
and r itual; teaching s and s cr ipture; ethical, s o c ial, and
ar tistic a sp e c t s of relig io n; and nature and fu n c tio n of
relig io n in hu man s o c iet y.
In this wor k of p eace b uilding, the role of relig io n is
fu ndam ent al:

Photos by Fr. Carl Chudy SX

“It is n ot p o ssible to b uild br id ge s b et we en p e o ple w hile forgetting G o d. B ut the co nver s e is al s o
tr u e: it is n ot p o ssible to e st ablish tr u e link s w ith G o d w hile ign or ing other p e o ple. H en ce it is imp or t ant to intensif y dialo gu e am o ng the var io u s relig io ns …” -Po p e Fr an c is, M arch 23, 2013

Fr. Michael Davitti SX
Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015


Profession of Sis

Prostrating before the altar as a sign of consecration to God

Receiving the host from Fr. Carl Chudy
SX, who presided at the Mass

October 8, 2015, Sister Susana Miranda Jimenez professed her final
vows as a religious missionary sister with the Xaverian Missionary
Sisters of Mary. Sr. Susy (as we lovingly call her) is from Mexico
and has spent considerable time in her dedication to the Lord and to the
global mission of the Church. Today, while working on her English, she is
assisting in the Latino ministry of the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts.


The Congregation of the Xaverian Missionary Sisters of Mary was
established in Parma, Italy in 1945 following the prophetic insights of
Saint Conforti. “In the Xaverian Congregation I would like to start a
Community of Sisters, for I consider it of great importance.” (Conforti,
1927). Venerable Celestina Healy Bottego*, who was born in Glendale,
Ohio and lived in Butte, Montana until she was 14, collaborated
with Fr. James Spagnolo SX to start the community of sisters in Italy.
Today, the Missionaries of Mary – Xaverian Sisters – are present in Italy,
Brazil, Mexico, United States, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Japan and Thailand.
They are engaged in evangelization, catechetical activity, health care, and
human rights promotion (especially of women). They live in small mission
communities, often in areas of great poverty. They strive to respond to
deep-rooted aspirations of the local churches and people among whom they
live, and whose journey, sufferings, hopes and expectations they share.
Professing her vows before her XMM
community, (from left) Sr. Maria Luisa
Dallari, Sr. Rebeca Sānchez Pérez, and
Sr. Dorineide Pantoja Ferreira

*Whoever receives a grace through the intercession of Mother Celestina is kindly
requested to inform the Xaverian Missionary Sisters of Mary, 242 Salisbury St.,
Worcester MA 01609

ster Susy XMM
Sister Rebeca Sānchez Pérez XMM, US Superior, signs Sister Susy’s

The missionary sisters draw inspiration from Mary, in the mystery
of the Visitation and hold her to be the model of their interior
spirit. Like Mary they travel the world, that all people will know
the love of God. At the heart of Mary’s role in our lives is the
model she provides of one who consecrates themselves to the
dreams of God that transcend all plans and dreams of happiness.

Receiving a blessing from her mom

In many profound ways, the gesture of Sr. Susy is really a reflection of
the deepest, most profound desires within all of us: consecrating our
lives to something larger than our small visions and personal interests.
For religious missionaries, the horizon is open; we are called to
prayerful watchfulness, interceding for the world. On the horizon,
we continue to see little signs heralding an abundant, beneficial
rainfall on our dryness; faint whispers of a faithful presence.
In this Year of Consecrated Life, religious missionaries, along with
many others, are called to “wake up the world,” since the distinctive
sign of religious life is prophesy. This prophetic role is all about people
like Sr. Susy, with a unique role to read and respond to the times in
which they live. We need to encourage many more to consecrate
themselves to something grand, something bigger than our little
dreams. It is our role to embody the dreams of God for all of humanity.

Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Sharing a hug

St. Guido Conforti’s Legacy

St. Guido Conforti:
A Man Consecrated to


hrist is the missionary’s ideal. The missionary’s
apostolic projects are the same as those of Christ,
his pastoral priorities are the same as those of
Christ and his sentiments and lifestyle are those of Christ.
These were the sentiments of St. Guido Conforti and he
wanted to communicate them to his missionary congregation.
There is something in this that goes beyond the times and
the circumstances and it is something that will always be
part of the theology of the mission. In his life and teachings,
Conforti left us an extremely precious heritage to which we
should constantly return, namely, that Christ is the only
missionary. In his the speeches to missionaries departing for
the missions and the characteristics of missionary spirituality
that were to distinguish his missionaries he emphasized:
“An essential characteristic of missionary spirituality is
intimate communion with Christ. We cannot understand or
carry out the mission unless we refer it to Christ as the one
who was sent to evangelize … It is precisely because he/she
is ‘sent’ that the missionary experiences the consoling
presence of Christ, who is with him/her at every moment of
Fr. Guglielmo Camera SX


ur Founder’s Feast Day is
November 5th. Check our website: for events
and celebrations.


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015

In Today’s Xaverians

Whose Legacy Continues


oday hundreds of
Xaverians bring the
love of Christ to all
the corners of the world
through the legacy of St.
Guido Conforti. This year
celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the saint’s birth.

This page clockwise: The
General Direction Council,
The USA Provincial Council,
Xaverians in Taiwan, Xaverians in Parma, Xaverians
in North Brazil, The 2015
Cosuma of Provincials,
the Philippine Theologate,
and Xaverians in Burundi. Opposite page: South
Brazil Leadership, Xaverians in Mexico, Mexican
Xaverians in Bangladesh.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015


World Mission News Digest

World Mission News Digest

Fr. Patrick Salazar SX with family in Sierra Leone

Damage from Typhoon Koppu

Filipina Child
mining for gold

The challenges
the family in
war, ecological

Rome (Agenzia Fides) - The Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar
issued a statement to the Synod
of Bishops on the Family. “We
know many cases of separated,
broken and divorced families.
This phenomenon is exacerbated
by the economic and political
problems related both to our
own responsibilities and due to
the disastrous effects of a global
economic system of enrichment
of some and the impoverishment
of others... [T]here is a very
serious economic inequality: a
majority of
people and
families live
in extreme
while a
takes advantage of the
riches and
goods that
are to serve the welfare of all. This
inequality is reinforced by what
exists between the rich countries and
in developing countries.”
The strong, and often chaotic urban
development in Africa in recent
decades involves environmental
problems that have an impact on
family life, the Bishops noted.

“In Africa, the ecological challenge is
also about the super-exploitation of the earth that
leads to its destruction. We meet business men
and women, governments and economic groups

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015

who, under the pretext of reducing poverty
and work for the development of poor
people, are engaged in programs to exploit,
rob farmers of their land, destroy forests
and pollute environment.” Wars “provoke
not only a real massacre, but also an
ecological disaster. Africa is truly threatened
Faced with these and other challenges, the
African Bishops conclude: “Our belief is that
the family cannot be submerged by the crisis
and the difficult situations that it crosses. In
proclaiming the Gospel of life, we are called
to be witnesses of this hope.”

Pilgrimage in the heart of the
Amazon in defense of creation
and to remember Sister Dorothy

Anapu (Agenzia Fides) - “Sister Dorothy
is present through the struggle of the
people. These are people of faith who seek
to organize and live the same continuous
struggle. And for us who come from the
Archdiocese of Mariana, that is a great
inspiration” said Father Anthony Claret, who
participated in the mission of a group of the
Archdiocese in the heart of the Amazon.
The mission was made up of 22 people
including priests and lay people, and lasted
15 days in the Prelature of Xingu, in the
area of Pará. As part of the mission the
10th Pilgrimage in memory of Sister Dorothy
Stang was held, which had as its theme
“The seed planted germinates: we are Sister
The three words that guided the 55 km
pilgrimage were: “memory, commitment and
hope.” The pilgrimage took place during the
last week of July and ended in the place
where Sister Dorothy Stang was murdered.
The pilgrimage is organized to raise
awareness on the need to preserve
the Amazon rainforest and remember
Sister Dorothy Stang, 10 years after her
assassination, the nun in defense of the
Amazon forest, the lung of humanity.


Typhoon Koppu leaves death
and destruction

Cabanatuan (Agenzia Fides) - Over 50
people have died due to Typhoon
Koppu which devastated the north-east
of the Country. Over 100 thousand
people were evacuated and floodwaters
swamped rice farmlands during harvest.
A very high number of people are
missing, with over 500,000 people
affected by the typhoon. Most of the
deaths occurred due to the floods
where the water in some areas
reached the roofs of houses. Many
were buried in landslides. This is the
twelfth storm that has hit the
Philippines this year, one of the most
prone Countries to disasters. In 2013,
Typhoon Haiyan had razed entire
towns, causing the death and disappearance of more than 7,000 people.
Thousands of children risk
their lives in the gold mines

Manila (Agenzia Fides) - Thousands of
Filipino children, some as young as 9,
work illegally in mines financed mainly
by local businessmen. Children are
exploited in precarious pits 25 meters
deep or submerged under water along
the coast or rivers. Human Rights
Watch has urged the Philippine government to take immediate action to prohibit child labor in the mines. The
document, published along with a
video denounces the inhuman conditions of minors used for gold mining.
In a study carried out between 2014
and 2015 in the provinces of North
Camerines and Masbate, 135 people
were interviewed, including 65 child
miners aged 9 to 17 years who have
several health problems. The metals
they handle can have an impact on
their central nervous system and cause
brain damage and death. In March the
government banned the use of mercury
in mining, but has not done much for
the implementation of the law. The

Philippines is the twentieth largest producer of gold in the world.

News from our USA Communities

News from our USA Communities

(left) Fr. Frank Grappoli SX with friends.
(below) Berceto Foundation Leadership.

October 04,2015 was the latest Dance at Riccardo’s Catering. The event as usual
was very festive and if you like to dance this was the place to be. Father Frank
Grappoli initiated the event by paying honor to Bishop Conforti and the work
Missionaries do in 20 different countries of the world. He spoke about the visit of
Pope Francis and how much he was welcomed. Father Frank also offered a prayer
for the soul of Lino Spagnoli our former Foundation president who has recently
passed away.
The venue changed this year to the Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield WI but the enthusiasm and merriment were present as always. We thank all our friends and benefactors for their generous support.
The highlight of the evening was the awarding of the Arthur Vander Heyden Award to Lori Udziela.
Like every year a small number of children help with the raffle tickets. The drawing
moved quite nicely and we reached the last two gifts: an Apple IPad Gold and a 55”
HD Flat TV. Among the children who helped, a boy drew the first ticket and lo and
behold the ticket belonged to his father. Needless to say, at the end of the evening
the father gave the IPad to his son as a gift. As they were leaving the Hall, several
people stopped to chat and share about the evening. An older couple were saying
that the following day they were going to visit one of their great grandchildren who
is affected with autism. The great grandparents talked about their desire to purchase
a tablet for their great grandchild to help him with memory, word recognition,
vocabulary, etc. As soon as the boy who had the new IPad heard this he went to
his bag, pulled out the IPad he just received from his dad and without being asked,
donated it to the couple to bring to their great grandchild. WOW!!! “If you don’t
become like little children you will not enter the kingdom of God.”
~Fr. Joe Matteucig SX

(left) Lori
Udziela. with
Fr. Mark
and Michael
Zignego at
Franklin’s Mission Banquet

The last mini-retreat of the series will be held in celebration of consecrated life and the 50th
anniversary of the Vatican II document, Missio Ad Gentes We have invited Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley
OFM Cap Archbishop of Boston to preside at the closing liturgy and share his reflections on
Consecrated Life and Mission. It will also be our way to remember and celebrate Founders Day. Our
Founder St. Guido M. Conforti wanted the Xaverian Missionaries to be people consecrated to God and
to mission: “The apostolic life (missionary life), combined with he profession of the religious vows, is
in itself the most perfect life possible according to the Gospel.” (Testament Letter 2)
WHEN: November 8th at 11:00 AM
Following the Liturgy there will be a simple luncheon in the Shrine Hall.

(above) Raffle at
Holliston’s Mission Banquet

Christmas Lights at the Shrine: November 28th to December 27th, 2015

(left) Christmas
lights at the

Christmas Concert: December 6th at 3:00 PM with director, Lelia TenreyroViana and the St. Cecilia Parish Choir

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2015

The Xaverian Missionaries extend to
all our family and friends our
heartfelt wishes for a Blessed
Christmas and a Happy New
Y ear. May the Peace and Joy of
the Season remain with you always!

Christmas Creche at Fatima Shrine, Holliston

Xaverian Missionaries Serve In:
Bangladesh • Brazil • Burundi • Cameroon • Chad • Colombia • Democratic Republic of Congo • France
Indonesia • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Mozambique • Philippines • Sierra Leone • Spain • Taiwan • Thailand • UK • USA

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X averian Missionaries

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