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A sample of the Book

Since I am not quite ready yet to send you the Book (or e-book)
itself, I figured Id send you a samplean idea of what the Book is
supposed to be about, in case youd need that so you can have an
idea of what type of cover I might need.
In doing so, I have asked myself a few questions that I think might
help making the book, or the view of the book, quite clear.
I will intend to answer simple questions like:
What is the Book about?
Whats the purpose of the Book?
What type of Book is it?
Matter of fact, I have generated a set of questions regarding what
to talk about and what would be of most importance in this
sample. The answers to these questions will be explored here
Firstly, let me say that the book is about allowing oneself to
experience a different aspect of Reality. It provides, for the most
part, a unique view of Reality that is mostly weird with a sense of
the bizarre.
If there is one thing that I have learned, its the fact that
everybody experiences Reality based on a particular Model.
Everybody has a Model of Reality. That Model can be scientific,
mystic, or magicaleven supernatural, to a certain extent. The
fact is, there is always a Model. Therefore, the primary purpose of
this Book is to break that Model.
Due to a recent conversations I have had with my DNA (not the
Bio-chemical DNA, but the Linguistic DNA we all have), I figured
that everyone has a Model through which they look at the world.
It has also come to my attention that this Model---whatever it may

be---can be broken. Thus, I have elected it best to do so through

this e-book.
Of course, there is no experience of Reality that can break your
Model apart that is not Mystical. Therefore, even the unique
experience that this book allows one to have is also, to a certain
degree, Mystical.
However, the book has a particular definition (I should say) of
Mystical. In no way do I consider the Mystical experience that this
book allows one to have, Supernatural.
In fact, one of the primary principles of this book is a state of
General Agnosticism.
That Philosophy is referred to as Model-Agnosticism.
This, of course, makes me a Model-Agnostic.
One only has to look back in time, and even today, to realize that,
in the majority of cases, a Mystical experience is usually
attributed or connected to some kind of religion. Thus, religious
views will also be presented in this e-book. Yet, in no way should it
be thought of as a Religious book.
Oh yes, its spiritual. As long as spiritual does not necessarily
mean religious, its spiritual. And, it is such because it deals with
stuff of the Spiritwhere spirit may have a completely different
meaning than that usually attributed to it.
Come to think of it, I doubt there is really any real definition of
what a Spirit is supposed to be.
Try asking someone what a spirit is and see their reactions trying
to get out of that situation.
That thing is funny, Im telling you!
In terms of weird, there are a variety of subjects that I have
decided to tackle. That includes notions of Consciousness,
Alchemy, some aspects of Greek Mythology, Artificial Intelligence

and the notion of Transhumanism. I have considered altered

states of consciousnessthe experience of them in relation to
What if we were in a computer simulation?
This may be a theme you find in this book.
Could it be that were made of Language? What would be the
syntax of our being? What kind of Language are we?
What are we talking about, exactly? Do we really have a
consciousness? Is this consciousness bio-chemical? Is there
something else going on here?
Could it be that consciousness is purely Linguistic? Is there such a
thing as Prime Language? Is it what some religions call The
Is God real? If there is no such thing as supernatural, what is God,
then? Does Metaphysical necessarily imply Supernatural?
I doubt it.
On what basis do I doubt it?
In this exploration, I provide some form of Linguistic Technology
that I refer to as Transpersonal Kabbalah.
It is something that I see as some kind of technology to navigate
the soul/psyche. Etymologically, Psychology is the study of the
soul. Thus, to a certain measure, there is a psychological theme,
or flair, in this Transpersonal Kabbalah of mine.
I provide psychic means to navigate and explore the Universe,
without necessarily calling to the idea of supernature.
Indeed, when everything is Language, there is no such thing as
Supernature. It all becomes a simple notion of Higher Languages.

The entirety of this book is based on some kind of TechnoLinguistic approach to reality. That Techno-Linguistic approach
makes the weird quite normal.
I mean, we do have syntactic errors, for sure. Even a complex
system as such as Reality may have syntactic errors. Of course,
there is the question of whether these so-called syntactic errors
can really be regarded as such, or is it just part of the
Oh yesthere is also the idea of a Global Operator Designer, as
presented in the CTMU. Could it be that the SCSPL (SelfConfiguring, Self-Processing Language) is the same as that which
referred to as The Logos?
It could be that everything is possible on a syntactic level,
couldnt it?