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March 2010


P.O. Box 46653, Mt. Clemens, MI 48046
Email address:


How to Contact the Board
The Board may be contacted officially at the following How to Contact the Board 1
email address:
Association By-Law Reminders 1
This email address should be used to transmit any
by-law violations, questions and requests. Of Upcoming Events 1
course, since the Board members are your neighbors,
Comments and Suggestions welcome 1
please feel comfortable to discuss any issues with
them as you see fit.

Association By-Law Reminders The Board is reviewing proposals for a possible

new entrance sign to be constructed in the spring.
Exterior Painting – Many homes in our sub are in
More information on this will be provided at the
need of painting and it is a requirement to be kept
upcoming annual meeting.
up per the bylaws. The board will begin reviewing
this and sending notices out to homes that are in
Landscaping – as spring approaches, please
need of painting/maintenance.
remember, all lawns, flower beds and landscape
areas are to be free of weeds and properly
Recreational Vehicles – are allowed to be parked
within resident’s driveways for a maximum of 48
hours. Upcoming Events
For those residents that are thinking about Annual Home Owner’s Meeting – currently planned
making improvements to their property, please be for Tuesday, April 13, 2010, at 7:00PM, MISD, rm
reminded that your complete plans and permits 202, 44001 Garfield Rd, Clinton Twp. All are
must be submitted to the board for approvals welcomed and encouraged to attend! A reminder
prior to proceeding. of this meeting, along with current positions open
for election will be sent with the 2010 dues
The Macomb County Road Commission (MCRC) reminder to be mailed in the near future.
has indicated that they will be performing crack
sealing and possible concrete slab repairs in the Spring Garage Sale – planed for May 21st – 23rd.
spring. The board will keep all updated as
information is known.
Comments and Suggestions
As the warmer weather approaches, so will the The board welcomes all comments and
topic of temporary swimming pools. The board suggestions for this newsletter content and any
has decided to permit these as long as the other subdivision issues and/or topics. Please use
homeowner submits an approved Township the subdivision email address to forward all
permit to the board, prior to installing the pool. communications.

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