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SmartGit 6.5.

1 (2014-11-19)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Repository Provider Select Repository dialog: added speed-search
- upon multiple user request reverted the splash screen
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Git-Flow: Finish Release did not remove remote branch
- Refresh: "missing" directories might vanish sometimes
- Hg:
- Blame: possible internal error if line(s) at position 0 have been removed
- Enter on a changed file opened 2 file compares
- "High memory usage" notification overestimated used memory and hence showed
up too often
SmartGit 6.5.0 (2014-11-14)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Log, Compare with Local: explanation added
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Refresh: possible internal error if Git executable is not configured
- Distributed Reviews:
- no details were shown for closed pull requests
- SVN:
- Fetch: aborted after a single external failed
- Pull: svn:externals pointing to HEAD were not updated
- File monitor (Linux): - possibly broke depending on project structure
- Licensing: having used the non-commercial license in v6, started evaluation
- GUI:
- OS X 10.10 (Yosemite): right-clicking the table header to show the column
popup was broken
- possible internal error if user has changed ui-config.xml manually
SmartGit 6.5 rc 4 (2014-11-11)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Bitbucket: system property "smartgit.bitbucket.useHttps=true" to
use HTTPS instead of SSH connections
- GitHub: system property "smartgit.github.perPageLimit"
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Commit: default merge message did not show up for empty commits
- Init: stuck with "incomplete" repository
- GUI:
- Log, Files: column widths were reset when opening log in git and hg
SmartGit 6.5 rc 3 (2014-11-07)

New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Linux: easier JRE configuration by adding a line
to ~/.smartgit/smartgit.vmoptions
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- "Fast-Forward-Merge" default tool left staged files when invoked on
current branch
- Log: revealing a commit was broken in rc 2
- Refresh: "<cloning>" state remained after cloning an empty repository
SmartGit 6.5 rc 2 (2014-11-04)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Git:
- Branches:
- Rename: works now also for the current branch
- Create Branch from a remote branch: tracking checkbox is unselected when
the local branch name is changed
- Commit messages will only be loaded up to 4kB
- GitHub: pull request title/description is only separated by newline, not a
- Remote|Configure renamed to Remote|Properties
- "High memory usage" detection will be more tolerant and hence occurs less
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Log: rename detection did not canonicalize line endings
- OS X:
- Refresh: directories containing a skipped file may vanish after performing
a command
- Remote|Properties (Configure) was broken for SVN repositories
- Setup wizard: on OS X 10.9+ /usr/bin/git is not verified unless SmartGit
"thinks" Git is installed (otherwise OS X will show a dialog asking to
install Git though not necessary)
- Repositories:
- "<cloning>" state was lost when switching windows
- opening a repository group closed repositories inside that group which
already were open
- GUI:
- accelerators did not work using, e.g., a Russian keyboard layout
- drag-and-drop of files/directories to input fields was broken
- Files: internal error sorting for "State" and having "skipped" files
- Tables: selecting the next item after a previous one had been deleted, did
not work reliable
SmartGit 6.5 rc 1 (2014-10-29)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Distributed Reviews: added menu item "Show Closed Pull Request"

- Log:
- Commits graph:
- number of refs in mouse-over-section is shown
- meta refs only show up in the mouse-over-section
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Distributed Reviews: Log continues to show pull requests after integration
- Rename: could not be invoked by pressing F2 on a directory
- Startup: "Possible refresh performance problem" did not honor already set
"smartgit.executable.home" property
- Hg: (authenticated) http-connections broken
- SVN:
- Edit (Last) Commit Message: showed SVN information (e.g. from cherry-pick)
- Password store: broken for newest Java versions, e.g. 1.8.0_25
- UTF-8-detection from content was not enabled by default
- GUI:
- Notifications: might show outdated notifications
- OS X 10.10 ("Yosemite"): problems rendering the search input field
- Windows: personal %APPDATA%\syntevo\SmartGit\smartgit.vmoptions was not used
SmartGit 6.5 preview 8 (2014-10-17)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Git:
- support for "--skip-worktree"
- Pull: for multiple repositories even if some fail, the others are tried to
been pulled/fetched
- Help menu: replaced "Mailing List" menu item with "SmartGit Website"
Fixed Bugs
---------- Autoupdate: "Force upgrade installation directory..." option did not work
- Hg: Refresh did not honor local .hgignore file
- Linux: internal error dropping file from network share onto file input field
Other Changes
------------- removed check for elevated launch on Windows
SmartGit 6.5 preview 7 (2014-10-13)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Autoupdate: "New Version" notification should stay after having clicked
"Show Changelog"
- Compare: curly-brace-related optimization to give more appropriate results
for complex diffs
- Repositories: indicate "bare", closed repositories
- Submodules:
- Deinit feature
- Unregister should be visible in context menu and deinit submodule
Fixed Bugs
---------- Blame: internal error when invoking Log on "<repository creation>" line

- Branches:
- switching to a remote-only feature branch selected the newly
occurring branch under its remote
- Pull was enabled for "bare" repositories
- Compare/Log > Save As: binary file may be treated as text file (line
separator conversion)
- Fast-forward merge tool used wrong branch
- GitHub:
- Create Pull Request: listed HEAD as target branch
- error "Object 'body' not found." for special repositories
- Log: showing branch/stash from main window did not work if Log was alread
open for this repository
- Refresh: fails to detect changes of repository which became freshly
initialized outside of SmartGit
- Set Tracked Branch: listed meta-refs
- Submodules: working tree state of "added" submodule was not "As Index"
Other Changes
------------- automatic thread dump logging in case of hanging GUI thread
- removed default mercurial from Windows installer/portable bundles
SmartGit 6.5 preview 6 (2014-10-04)
Fixed Bugs
---------- Compare/Conflict Solver: reading of text files with byte order mark (BOM) was
broken, causing it to be written twice on Save
- Git:
- Log: might jump back to commit to reveal
- Hg:
- Repositories did not show outgoing arrow when opened, but when closed
- .hgignore: ** did not work as expected
SmartGit 6.5 preview 5 (2014-10-01)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Preferences: removed obsolete option "GitHub: Ask for master password, if
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Revert & Commit: kept revert message until next commit
- Assume-Unchanged state superseded missing/deleted state
- Changes view: display was broken for submodules
- External tools:
- did not work on closed repositories
- "Apply Patch" is enabled even without any repository
- Updater (Mac/Linux): possible problems if elevation was required for
previous updates
- Shutdown-hooks were not invoked causing, e.g., temp directories to not be
SmartGit 6.5 preview 4 (2014-09-25)

New Features, Improvements

-------------------------- Git:
- Log:
- Reveal Commit now works on filtered Commits view to select in graph
- has Tools menu for general tools
- GUI:
- improved drag-and-drop in trees (e.g. to move repositories to other
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Log:
- possible interrupted loading when toggling old tag visible, then HEAD
- redundant refreshing after revealing a commit
- autoupdate:
- OS X: invalid hashes for symlinks, causing broken symlinks to remain
- OS X: JRE was installed in wrong location, causing updater to not start
SmartGit 6.5 preview 3 (2014-09-19)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Git
- Conflict Solver: show resolve-like dialog for binary files
- File Compare: did not check out Index and HEAD states with correct line
- Git Flow:
- option to configure tag name for Finish Release
- support for more than one release branch at the same time
- GitHub:
- optionally add "upstream" remote to simply fetch from forked repository
- list also starred repositories
- Pull: avoid confusing "You are in 'detached HEAD' state." message
- Resolve: option to open Conflict Solver
- Updater:
- more details are displayed in case of error
- Windows: uses elevation-enforcing executable instead of script
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git
- Background Fetch/Poll: optiion to disable certain remote was sometimes not
- Changes: EOL information was shown even for binary files
- External tools: if no confirmation was required, ${commit} was still passed
as second parameter in case of single selection
- File Compare, Log|Save As: did not check out Index and HEAD states with
correct line separators
- Log:
- Details: clicking commit link did not find it in Commits view
- Refresh may fail to pick up changes during/after having merging/cherrypicking/rebasing/reverting
- Revert and Revert & Commit did not produce the same commit message
- Review: Integrate with rebase gave internal error for remote pull request
- SVN:
- Clone mapped svnkit:entry properties to .gitattribute

- Linux (non-Ubuntu): ugly looking GUI with incorrect colors

- Updater:
- did perform elevation check even for < Windows Vista
- on startup, when cancelling elevation, SmartGit hang without GUI
- on Windows, it failed when SmartGit was launched from 64-bit Java
- git, mercurial and jre directories were created even when no-JRE bundle
was installed
- possible internal error
SmartGit 6.5 preview 2 (2014-09-12)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- Log:
- External tools: refs-tools work also on Commits
- Preferences, SmartGit Updates: option to force upgrade of installation
directory even if patches would be sufficient
- Repositories: remember group expansion states
- beside smartgit://cloneRepo/<url> sourcetree://cloneRepo/<url> is now also
Fixed Bugs
---------- Git:
- Blame: invoking Log did not select the commit any more
- External tools:
- default tool "Apply Patch" did not show up in Tools menu
- default tools "Merge Directly To" and "Forward Merge" did not work on
- Hg:
- Branches containing space in their name were not processed correctly
- GUI:
- Accelerators: if a compare editor was focused, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+1/2 did not
- Notifications: when two notification were sent to quickly after another,
only the first one was shown
- Setup:
- did not work correctly when having used the non-commercial option in a
previous version
- Register button might kept enabled though no file has been entered,
resulting in an internal error when clicking it
SmartGit 6.5 preview 1 (2014-09-09)
New Features, Improvements
-------------------------- support for automatically updating the installed bundle, even to update to
new major versions - requests admin privileges if necessary
- improved memory consumption behavior
- new way to define VM options, e.g. to change memory settings, on
Linux (~/.smartgit/smartgit.vmoptions) and
OS X (~/Library/Preferences/SmartGit/smartgit.vmoptions)
- Git:
- Add Tag: made clear that creating an annotated tag when providing a message
- Background Refresh:
- "Fetch open repositories" is now orthogonal to "Fetch closed
repositories" instead of sub-option
- should not run while Git is processing a command outside SmartGit

- skip if up-to-date according to ls-remote information

- if configured to not add untracked files on commit, untracked files will
not cause the background refresh to show up as local changes
- Blame: shows file path if it had been renamed/move in history
- Branches:
- Checkout remote branch: offers to switch to local branch that already
tracks the selected remote branch
- Configure on a remote: replaces Edit URL, but also adds options to
disable background operations
- Tags: ability to checkout and open log
- Stashs: ability to open log
- Checkout: removed --quiet flag to support post-checkout hooks
- Cherry-pick: support for -x option
- Conflict Solver:
- don't got to next change automatically when applying to conflict block
- offer to stage as "deleted" if resulting file is empty
- Distributed Review:
- Log shows only the most recent pull request head; obsolete heads can be
toggled from the Details view
- External tools:
- support for refs/commits, optional confirmation
- default external tools for
- creating and applying patches,
- fast-forward merge to tracked, non-checked out branches
- merge changes from one branch to another without checking out (requires
Python3 to be installed)
- ability to toggle executable bit (Windows)
- are invoked in repository root where possible
- Log:
- ability to filter by file names/file content
- Cherry-Pick and others: when selecting a merge commit, show more
information about the parents
- Review: Path column includes line number of comment
- for 2 selected commits, the Changes view now shows the left and right SHA
- improved responsiveness while (long-running) refresh is in progress
- Files: submodules have a different icon
- Move/Rename commands
- Pushable Commits: Edit Commit Message preserves message now in case of
- Refresh: possible reasons for bad performances (e.g. repository located on
symlinked directory) are reported
- Backout support (equivalent of git revert)
- Shelves: use "shelve" instead of "hgshelve" extension
- Log:
- add context menu to Files table
- Clone: supports cloning trunk/branches/tags in combination with minimum
- tries to detect ("guess") UTF-8 encoding from content
- improved algorithm to improve results for more complex file changes
- detection of msysgit installation from its registry items
- Repository, Open in New Window: ability to invoke for repository opened in
current window
- option for CamelCase (smart uppercase) search
- reworked accelerators, e.g. a menu item with Del accelerator will not be
invoked when a text field is focused that handles the Del key

- Notifications: buttons to show previous/next notification

- optionally ask for master password on application startup
- table: if one item has been removed, the next row is selected automatically
Fixed Bugs
---------- Blame:
- Log did not work on dead file
- Built-in SSH client: possible internal error when trying to use a defect
private key
- if Git executable was incorrectly configured, the preferences were not opened
- assume-unchanged files were not displayed when View|Unchanged Files was
- Cherry-Pick and other dialogs: command buttons had no mnemonic
- Distributed Review:
- performance problem fixed (Push, Sync)
- if integrating a pull request failed, aborting the rebase left the working
tree with a checkout commit instead of a branch
- External tools: PATH was not configured correctly to contain the Git/Hg
executable directory when showing command output
- Notifications: were not shown when they occurred while a windows was
minimized and had been restored
- Rebase: did not update progress bar
- Repositories: when cloning a new repository, "missing" was displayed
- SVN: "snapshot" submodules were not updated in case of URL mismatch