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AB Bank Limited
House No: 193
Kataban Road
Police Station: Nilkhet
District: Dhaka

- Versus-

1. Name: Abdul Halim

Proprietor of:
M/S Smart Industries
Address: 103, Mirpur, 11.
Police Station: Mirpur.
District: Dhaka

2. Md. Kamal
Address: 112, Shegun Bagicha
Police Station: Ramna
District: Dhaka


Suit valued at taka 3, 50, 00,000 upto 16-04-15.

The above named plaintiff most respectfully:

1. The plaintiff is a banking company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1994 and is
situated at 192 Kataban Road, Police Station: Nilkhet in Dhaka and hereby will be known as the
plaintiff bank.
2. The defendant No: 1 is a company incorporated under the relevant Companies Act, 1994 and
is the proprietor of M/S Smart Industries.
3. The defendant No. 2 opened a bank account on behalf of defendant No.1 and the account No.
is CD-10030. The account was opened for the sanction of 3, 00, 00,000 taka for executing the
work order of the industry. The sanctioned money was given on 02-05-2010.
4. For the security defendant No: 1 executed the following documents:
a) Demand Promissory Note
b) Letter of Continuity
c) Letter of Hypothecation of bills.
5. Defendant No:1 failed to repay the loan after the validity period expired on 05-05-2012.
6. The plaintiff bank verbally and in written informed defendant No: 2 but it was in vain.
Defendant No: 2 showed different excuses in paying the loan.
7. On 08-09-12, 03-07-13, 05-05-14 plaint vides series of letter to defendant No: 2 but defendant
No: 2 was reluctant to pay the loan. Defendant No: 2 wanted to extend the time but after that
willfully restrained from making any payment.

8. Legal notice was served on 10-12-14 to defendant No: 2 but he did not make any payment due
to the bank.
9. The present outstanding liability of the defendant No: 1 is taka 3, 50, 00, 000 up to 16-042015.
10. The cause of action arose in Dhaka on 02-05-2010 when the bank sanctioned loan and served
notice to defendant No: 2 on 10-12-14 to come forward and pay the loan.
11. The plaintiff bank has paid necessary court fees.
12. An authorized representative of plaintiff Bank, Mr. Jamal, who is aware of all facts, will
represent the suit.

Wherefore the plaintiff most humbly pray before the

honourable court:
(A) A decree for sum of taka 3, 50, 00, 000 only interest
calculated up to

16-04-2015 in favor of the plaintiff

bank and against the defendant;

(B) A decree for pendent lite interest at the rate
stipulated in the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, 2003.
(C) Costs of the suit;
(D) Any other relief entitled in law and equity.

Description of loan and amount outstanding
Principle loan amount


other Expenses

3, 00, 00, 000

50, 00, 000


3, 50, 00, 000

I, Mr. Jamal, son of late Kamal Mia, National Bank Ltd, Dilkusha Branch,48,Dilkusha
Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000,aged about 42 years, occupation service, by faith Muslim,
Nationality Bangladeshi, do hereby solemnly affirm and say as follows :
1. That I am an officer of the plaintiff bank and as such am fully acquainted with the facts and
circumstances of the case and competent to swear this affidavit.
2. That the statements of facts made above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and
the rest are verbal submissions before this Honble Court and in verification whereof I signed
this Affidavit on 15-04-2015.

The deponent is known to me and
identified by me and he has signed this
affidavit in my presence.