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Building management systems

Training systems / trainers for electrical wiring/building management systems:

Protective circuitry, protective measures, building mains feed, lighting and intercom systems
Industrial wiring, intercoms, alarm systems, hazard alarms and access control
Project work, technical practice, assembly practice systems, planning software

Industrial wiring installation

Industrial wiring installation

Not only domestic properties need to be wired up, but commercial and industrial properties need electrical
installation too. Trainees on this course will learn how to install industrial components in switching cabinets or
industrial machinery. Key points include the logic for control and automation technology, installation of cables
and wiring and the programming of small-scale control systems.

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EST 6 Project work "Conveyor belt control"

EST 6 Project work "Conveyor belt control"

Typical applications for the LOGO! logic module include the control of a variety of appliances such as ventilators,
gates, blinds and conveyor belts as well as revolving doors and escalators. This project work kit allows students
to apply in practice the knowledge of miniature control systems they have gained and to experience first hand
the advantages of using such modern techniques. The project work itself is organised into two different subprojects. The first incorporates the control of a conveyor belt via contactors and relays, while the second utilises
the miniature programmable logic control system LOGO!.

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Equipment set comprising the following:

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Product name


1 Double conveyor belt segment, 24V motor



Basic mechatronics module driven by a variable speed 24-V

geared motor and complete with end-limit sensors and integrated
PROFIBUS DP slave. Designed for basic experiments on a
conveyor system or for incorporation into a complex
mechatronics system for controlling the flow of materials. The
conveyor belt conveys work pieces on carriers and can be used
to link individual sub-systems. It is designed for connection to a
PLC control system. It can be combined with other conveyor
belts, curve units or transfer junctions. IMS stations can be
connected directly to the belt and jointly controlled via
Length = 600 mm/23,6", width = 160 mm/6,3",
belt width = 120 mm/4,7"
Geared motor, 24 V DC
Pulse width modulation system for controlling belt at
various speeds
Continuous speed adjustment via potentiometer or
analogue input, 0-10 V
Manual switches for movement to left or right
2 inductive end-limit sensors
2 x M12 interfaces for additional actuators/sensors
Sockets for emergency shut-off circuit (disconnection of
all voltage to output modules)
External power supply via 4-mm safety sockets or co-axial
power connector
9-pin SUB-D connector for contactors, LOGO! or PLC
Incremental encoder disc for detecting position and speed
via optical sensors
Visualisation as interactive 3D model in IMS-virtual
Control requirements: 4 x digital inputs, 3 x digital outputs
PROFIBUS DP slave module:
Address range: 16 digital input/outputs
PROFIBUS DP connector: 9-pin DSUB socket
Rotary switch for setting address
Transmission rates of up to 6 Mbits/s
GSD file for use with control software (e.g.: STEP7)
25-pin DSUB socket for connecting IMS station
Output current: 500 mA (total current: 1 A)
Variable speed control of conveyor belt via PROFIBUS

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2 Control technology I, Basic module with a feed unit and 2 power

circuit breakers


The basic module is an assembly platform to provide flexible working

with a series of in-line devices. The module incorporates the main
voltage supply, the control voltage and additional distribution points.
1 Line circuit breaker, 3-pole
1 Line circuit breaker, single-pole
2 Voltage dividers
1 DIN rail, 330mm
Nominal voltage: 230/400V, max. 690V
Control voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Maximum current: 16A
Inputs & outputs: 4mm safety sockets
Dimensions: 297 x 456 x 140mm
Weight: 2.0kg

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3 Control technology I, Equipment set for assembling simple

contactor circuits



With this set, basic contactor circuits can be assembled that

include protective and operating elements.
With this set, basic contactor circuits can be assembled that
include protective and operating elements.
1 Motor protection switch, 0.6...1.0A
1 Motor protection switch, 1.4...2.0A
3 Latched push-button switches, 1 NO/1 NC
3 Latched push-button switches, 1 NO/1 NC, with red
indicator lamp
1 Set of three indicator lamps, green
4 Main contactors, 4-pole
2 Auxiliary contactors, 2 NO/2 NC
2 Auxiliary contactor block, 2 NO/2 NC
1 Remote pulse switch, 1 change-over contact
1 Time-delay relay, delayed drop-out, 1.5....30s
1 Time-delay relay, delayed pull-on, 1.5....30s
Nominal voltage: 230/400V, max. 690V
Control voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Weight: 3.0kg

4 IMS connector card 9-pin

Universal adapter for connecting experiment stations with different
connectors. With clamp for attaching to terminal rails and with the
following connectors:
9-pin D-Sub connector
9-pin terminal strip
9 x 4mm experiment sockets

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5 LOGO!8 board including LOGO and DM8 modules, IP interface, 24

V/1 A,12 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 8 digital outputs



The LOGO universal board is equipped with a LOGO!8 module and a

DM8 supplementary module. This means it is possible to implement
all the basic circuits in topic range 4. The equipment is connected to
the mains via an appliance plug and its built-in power supply module
provides all the voltages necessary for the following components.
The board can also be supplemented with other components. The
inputs are assigned to switches, buttons or external signals. The
outputs are all equipped with floating switch contacts.
Technical data:
Supply: wide-range power supply, 85....264 V AC
Power supply to components: fixed voltage, 24 V/1 A,
2 x Adjustable voltage ranges: 0.....10 V/0.1 A
Input terminals: LOGO+DM8, max. 12 digital inputs, 4 of
which can be configured as analog inputs
Inputs wired with 12 input sockets, 2 potentiometers, 10
IP input: RJ45
Output terminals: LOGO+DM8, max. 2 x 4 digital outputs,
Output terminals: max. 2 analog outputs or ASi, EIB (LOGO!
components can also be added later on)
IMS system connector D-SUB 9-pin
Certification: CE, UL, FM, ESB
Inputs/outputs: 2-mm/4-mm safety sockets
Dimensions: 297 x 224 x 160mm
Weight: 1.5kg

6 Patch cable Cat5E 1m, grey

Patch cable Cat 5E
Color: grey
Foil shilding
Length 1m

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Product name


7 Programming software for LOGO module (D,GB,F,E)



Windows-based programming software allows comfortable editing

of control requirements. The multi-lingual software can not only be
used for writing programs but also for testing and simulation,
archiving and printing circuit documentation. Circuits can be drawn
very easily by means of "drag and drop". The following functions are
Programming of switching circuitry using the function block
diagram and ladder diagram programming languages (it is
possible to switch between the two). The functions can be
positioned on the drawing panel using drag and drop in a way
that is virtually self-explanatory.
Wide-ranging documentation functions with versatile printing
options for creating professional documentation.
Program simulation (offline): for preliminary testing of
programs on a PC.
Program testing (online): current values are displayed on the
screen direct from LOGO! itself.
Comprehensive context-sensitive help functions.
The following individual functions are provided:
Basic functions including AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR,
evaluation of rising and falling edges.
Delayed switch-on.
Delayed switch-off.
Pulse relay switches
Delayed switch-on with memory.
Operating time meters
Short pulse relays/pulse output
Up/down counters
Threshold switches
Year timer switches
Timer switches
Delayed switch-on/off.
Random number generators
Edge triggered short pulse relays
Analogue threshold switches
Analogue comparators
Analogue delta threshold switches
Analogue watchdogs

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Analogue amplifiers
Stairway lighting switches
Comfort switches
Shift registers
Soft keys
PI controllers
Ramp functions
Analogue multiplexers

Power supply:

Product name


8 Stabilised DC powersupply 24V/6A



Stabilised power supply

Output: 24V/6A
Output electrically isolated from mains
Output short-circuit proof and thermally monitored
Power Supply 110 V ... 240 V; 50 ... 60 Hz
Dimensions: 297 x 114 x 145mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 1.5kg

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Product name


9 Manual EST 6, Contactor/LOGO! control for conveyor belt with 3phase drive



High-quality, bound, colour teachers manual with rigid spine,

including solutions. CD-ROM with additional students manual,
including exercises and worksheets.
Theoretical background
Colour CAD drawings for experiment set-ups and circuits
Exercises and worksheets
Printed on high-quality 100-g/m colour copy paper, book
cover on 210-g/m glossy paper

Training contents:
Flexible, automated manufacturing systems
Conveyor belt LM9601
Simple contactor circuitry
Sub-project - Contactor controls
Definition - "Direct and indirect switching"
Project procedure - "Direct and indirect switching"
Solutions - "Direct and indirect switching"
Definition - "Button and contactor interlocking"
Project procedure - "Button and contactor interlocking"
Solutions - "Button and contactor interlocking"
LOGO! control
How LOGO! control works
LOGO! sub-project
Project procedure -"Direct switching with latching"
Solutions: "Direct switching with latching"
Project procedure - "Button and contactor interlocking"
Solutions - "Button and contactor interlocking"
Project procedure - "Rotation reversal with momentary contact
or limit switches"
Solutions - "Rotation reversal with momentary contact or limit

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Product name


10 Serial interface cable 9/9 pole





9-pin SUB-D cable

Length: 2m
Connector: 9-pin plug/9-pin socket
Pin assignment: 1:1

11 Workpiece transport pallet

Pallets for carrying and transporting workpieces on conveyor

belts. The pallet has a 4-bit identification code.
Length = 180mm/7,1", width = 119mm/4,7",
height = 15mm/0,6"

Position sensor
4-bit identification code

12 IMS displacement measurement module

Displacement measurement system for use with the IMS System

with connecting lead and attaching mount.
Optical sensor for incremental displacement
Switching function: PNP normally open switch
Connectors: M12 angled plugs, 2-m lead
Operating voltage: 24 V

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13 Safety measurement cable (4mm), 100cm, red



Safety measurement leads with stackable, contact-proof 4mm

Colour: red
Length: 100 cm
Wire cross-section, 2.5 mm2
Rating: 600V, CAT II, 32A

14 Safety measurement cable (4mm), 100cm, black

Safety measurement leads with stackable, contact-proof 4-mm plugs
Colour :black
Length: 100 cm
Wire cross-section 2.5 mm 2
Rating: 600V, CAT II, 32A

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