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The Next Revolution in Education

Curriculum Innovations: MBA, Exec Ed

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Deputy Dean Paul Osterman; Sean Brown, SM ’94 The 2003 Philanthropy Report



S L O A N ’ S


The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.
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A Message from Dean Schmalensee
Innovative Spirit, revolutionary ideas

> Offer premier programs for shaping leaders who will create, redefine, and build cutting-edge products, services, markets, and organizations; > Collaborate across MIT to capitalize on and contribute to the Institute’s distinctive intellectual excellence and entrepreneurial culture; > Attract, develop, and retain outstanding faculty and staff who lead the world in management education and research; > Enroll students with integrity, strong leadership potential, high aspirations, and exceptional intellectual ability; and > Foster a cooperative and adventurous learning community that includes alumni and business partners, works on important problems, and is based on mutual respect, rigorous analysis, and high ethical standards.
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Innovations in Education
MBA Curriculum, New Sloan Fellows program

Relishing the Impact
Professor Paul Osterman assumes role as deputy dean

Student trips, Franco Modigliani

It May be Little, but it's the law
Institute Professor John D.C. Little looks back

Dean delivers, academic programs on parade


David Berray memorial, alums honored, Alumni Job Board


Periodic statements from the MIT Sloan School of Management
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You Get What You Give
Sean Brown, SM ’94 rejoins MIT Sloan


Teamwork’s Rich Reward

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MBA students tackle one of the many compelling issues posed during SIP.

> I N N O V A T I V E S P I R I T , R E V O L U T I O N A R Y I D E A S

Dear Friends:

Here in Cambridge, we are coming off a great year, a year in which we decided to make fundamental, innovative changes in three of our core graduate programs. As the new academic year begins, we are in the midst of implementing those exciting changes — while we plan the next revolution in education at MIT Sloan. (Stay tuned!!) As an integral part of MIT, we have always been home to an innovative spirit and revolutionary ideas. We pride ourselves on affecting dramatic change in the practice of management. We at MIT Sloan don’t just adapt to survive; we break new ground. We look to the future and aim to set the standard to which others aspire. The results of MIT Sloan research are well known throughout the business world, but it is in the classroom where the kernels of great ideas begin and where great leaders are developed. This summer saw the debut of a revamped MBA curriculum and the announcement of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership. Both are typically groundbreaking, and we expect both to set new standards for the development of management leaders. The modified MBA curriculum is the fruit of a multi-year examination process of how MIT Sloan teaches its students. It features a revised core curriculum as well as the First-Year Challenge and the Sloan Innovative Period, two particularly innovative additions that will help create a distinctive identity for the program and serve as platforms supporting another generation of educational innovation. In addition to a new curriculum, we welcome Paul Osterman as the new deputy dean in charge of the MBA program and faculty personnel. Paul is attempting to fill the large shoes of Gabriel Bitran, who has rejoined the faculty after five years of exceptional service. Paul, who is also the Nanyang Technological University Professor of Management, is working hard to make the new curriculum live up to its great potential. (For more on Paul, please see the profile on page 7.) The new MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership is a strategic integration of MIT Sloan’s two degree-granting executive education landmarks — the Sloan Fellows and Management of Technology programs. The new program, which will begin this coming June, is designed to

provide outstanding executives with the critical knowledge and strategic skills to create and lead successful, innovative organizations. We are confident that, like its predecessors, this program will set a new standard in executive education. We are very proud of these new initiatives and look forward to the impact they will have on future MIT Sloan graduates, as well as the business world. We will keep you posted. In other good news, Sean Brown, SM ’94, joins us as the new director of Alumni Relations. An active alum who currently serves as a director of the MIT Sloan Club of Boston, Sean brings more than 12 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience to his new position. Welcome, Sean! (For more on Sean Brown, please see the profile on page 18.) As is appropriate for an ROI that examines the revolutionary nature of MIT Sloan, this issue acknowledges the extraordinary (even by MIT standards!) accomplishments of Institute Professor John D.C. Little. One of our most important innovators, John has developed models and methods that have enhanced countless businesses and benefited many millions of consumers. In this, our annual philanthropy report issue, we also thank our dedicated alumni and friends for their many contributions to MIT Sloan – contributions both financial and personal. Because tuition covers only about half the School's costs, your continued support is vital to achieving our mission — “to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.” In a time where business education is under fire — with Enron-like scandals and other lapses in corporate ethics making regular news — MIT Sloan stands proudly behind our teaching programs and our alumni. Our alumnus John Reed’s recent appointment as interim head of the NYSE is an enormous source of pride. As we continue the work in progress that is MIT Sloan, it is good to know that we are not

students to serve the world.


Richard Schmalensee
John C Head III Dean


only better serving our students; we are better preparing our

“A S















What’s New @ MIT Sloan?
In an academic institution such as MIT Sloan, fall means much more than changing leaves and cooler days; it means an exciting new beginning to a year full of promise. Academically speaking, there’s a great deal to be excited about at MIT Sloan. First, there’s a redesigned MBA curriculum, which will help deepen students’ learning in two key areas — leadership and research. Next, there’s a new MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership, which blends the strengths of the former Sloan Fellows and Management of Technology programs, bringing together the elements of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in an increasingly global economy.

was launched in the Fall 2003 semester. “The redesign of the MBA program makes it livelier, more interesting, and more attuned to what is going on in the business world,” says Osterman, who holds the Nanyang Technological University Professorship. “It will also bring more immediacy to the research our faculty is doing.” According to Duncan Simester, PhD ’93, associate professor of Management Science, the new curriculum shifts learning from a “silo” perspective to studying actual business problems using integrative thinking. “We’re adding experiential learning by applying knowledge from different fields to real-world business problems,” he explains. “It’s a practical way for students to develop leadership skills, empowers them to learn outside the classroom, and provides access to role

A Real-World MBA Program
This fall’s revamped MBA program addresses some specific input from faculty, alumni, and students. The mission of the multi-year effort to redesign the core curriculum was to make the program even more innovative and relevant to real-world problems. The final product leverages the elements of our most successful classes—which often have a strong research and practice component to them—and make popular out-of-class initiatives an integral part of the classroom. Thanks to the combined efforts of students, staff, and a faculty team (Deborah Ancona, Rob Freund, Andy Lo, and Duncan Simester) — with the guidance of Deputy Dean Paul Osterman — the new program

models and mentors.”

Specifically, the new MBA program:
> Operates on a 6/1/6 semester pattern, with the interim week — the Sloan Innovative Period (SIP) — offering a wide variety of innovative workshops that will expose students to cutting edge topics. > Kicks off with Fast Forward, a two-week integrative learning orientation period to get students focused right away on exercises that cut across different aspects of business. This helps with individual career goal setting and provides a path to help students achieve their goals. 3


> Offers a more streamlined set of core courses. “Strategy,” for instance, is no longer a required course, but has been moved to a spring semester elective. > Features a First-Year Challenge, in which students work with a real company to solve one of its real problems, promoting teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking.

Technology (MOT) Program was the first graduate degree program of its kind to deeply integrate management, technology, and innovation. This past decade — with its turns toward a global economy and the increased pace of technological innovation — has proved that Sloan Fellows are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, the main focus of the current MOT program. Likewise, MOTs are often drawn to courses in general management and global leadership, the central

One of the centerpieces of the new MBA program, the week-long SIP is a time when classes are replaced by a series of some 40 diverse workshops (see sidebar) focused on two broad themes: faculty research and leadership. Students elect which workshops they want to attend and are exposed to many more topics than could possibly be covered in full-semester classes. Importantly, it’s also a chance for faculty members to present their cutting-edge research in real time and in a new format.

focus of the current Sloan Fellows Program. With a mission to blend the strength of both programs, a team of MIT Sloan faculty, alumni, staff, and students set out two years ago to redesign the two programs into one that would better respond to changing real-world conditions. “The leaders of today and tomorrow need to understand technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in a global context,” says Richard Locke, Alvin J. Siterman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Political Science. “By bringing together the MOT and Sloan Fellows Programs, we can launch an integrated program that will do precisely what our future leaders need. And MIT is uniquely positioned to

First-Year Challenge
The First-Year Challenge, according to Osterman, is “a way of doing what a good university ought to do.” MIT Sloan has selected Fortune 500 company Merck, whose real-life business problem will be revealed at a convocation during SIP. Students will work in teams to solve a cross-functional problem and will turn their papers in at the end of the semester. Papers will then be turned over to a group of company executives and faculty in February. The top 6 – 12 teams will go on to make a presentation for higher level company executives, with all MIT Sloan students present. The winning student team will make a presentation to even more senior executives at the company, will have dinner with the dean, and receive an award. One of the goals of the First-Year Challenge is to convince students that real-life problems cut across “silos,” e.g., marketing, finance, etc. “This exercise is like practice CEO-ing,” says Osterman.

develop and deliver such a program.” The new MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership is the result of work by Locke, Steven Sacca, David Webber, SP Kothari, and Rebecca Henderson, chaired by Professor John Sterman. Students in the new program may receive an MBA, Master of Science in Management, or Master of Science in Management of Technology. Minor differences in course requirements and research options will determine the degree received. A new offering for the MIT Sloan Fellows in Innovation and Global Leadership is the option for flex-time study, a feature that will provide increased career compatibility for participants as well as their sponsoring organizations. Following a 12-week summer term, participants may elect to complete their degree in nine months of fulltime study or choose a flex-time option, in which they may complete their studies over two years while continuing to work. Degree requirements for full-time and flex-time participants are identical; the only difference is the time taken. In addition, program participants will

MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership
In June 2004, the face of degreed executive education at MIT Sloan will take an innovative new turn by marrying the strengths of the Sloan Fellows and Management of Technology Programs. The result? The new MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership. Launched in 1931, the Sloan Fellows Program was the first corporate-sponsored degree program in the world for high-potential mid-career individuals. And the 20-year-old Management of

have the opportunity to attend the new Sloan Research Seminars offered during the SIP week every semester. “As the world becomes smaller and change accelerates, an education that merges innovation and entrepreneurship with global leadership is essential for business leaders,” says Richard Schmalensee, Dean of MIT Sloan. “And MIT has a distinctive ability to work with global organizations to prepare their future leaders for success by combining two outstanding programs, already considered among the best in the world.”



Distributed Leadership Workshop

The MIT Workplace Center Approach to Work-Family Concerns

Managing Innovation in the Biotech, Device & PharmaUp Close and Personal with Executive Leaders: > Corporate Governance > The Boundaryless Organization > Fraud Counts > What Do You Do When Markets Disappear? > Management vs. Leadership > The Value of Military Leadership > Advanced Management Techniques > How to Manage Your Life/Career > Case Studies in Leadership Product Design and Market Positioning using Advanced Data Collection and Modeling Methods Measuring Preferences Value Chain Roadmapping Social Network Analysis for Managers ceutical Industries: An Overview of Econ Issues

International Accounting Analysis - The World Beyond 15.535 Leadership Simulation: Bosnian Peacekeeping Force Simulation Methods in Option Pricing Motive Profiles of Leaders Stock Market Anomalies and Asset Management Watercooler Review of Leadership Restructuring Electricity and Environmental Regulation Leadership and Authority Applying Game Theory to Finance Leadership, Ethics and Professional Commitment Options and Investments Leadership as Acting: Performing Henry V Theory and Application of Real Options Leading at the Enterprise Level: What Effective Top Teams Do Current Research in Consulting Leadership Dialogue on Innovating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Developing Ideas for Breakthrough Products & Services

Leadership Under Fire: Handling Hostility

Should the Boss Own the Assets?

The Performance Factor: Gaining a Leadership Edge

Architecture and Communication in Organizations


Economic Analysis in Antitrust


IT Doesn’t Matter…Does it?

Behavioral Economics & Decision Making

The IT Decisions Non-IT Executives Must Make


Managing Knowledge Work and Careers in the New Economy

Decision Making in the Social World

MIT Process Handbook and IT Investments Research












> All full-time and flex-time participants will complete a research requirement with either a traditional master’s thesis or a management research project that is comparable to a thesis in scope and effort, but is done in teams.

> Participants choosing a management research project will earn an MBA degree.

> Participants choosing to complete a thesis will have the choice of receiving an MBA, an MS in Management, or an MS in Management of Technology, depending on course selections.


> P R O F E S S O R A S S U M E S P A U L R O L E O S T E R M A N A S N E W D E P U T Y D E A N


O S T E R M A N ’ S





S L O A N ’ S






















P E O P L E ’ S

L I V E S .

















P R O G R A M ’ S



C U R R I C U L U M ,










P I E S .

“This is a chance to put whatever skills I have in working with people to work,” Osterman says. “My main goals are to improve the quality of the MIT and MIT Sloan experience for students and faculty. Understanding how to treat people well and keep them motivated will be an important part of my role as Deputy Dean.” Osterman has been part of the MIT Sloan faculty since 1986. He previously taught in the Economics Department at Boston University after receiving his PhD from MIT Sloan in 1976. He chose a career in academia because he enjoys research and also wanted to have a voice on public policy matters. “Academia is a good place to do that if you’re aggressive about it,” he says. “If you want to have an impact, you can.”

market policy with various public policy groups and foundations, including the National Center on Education and the Economy and the National Manufacturers Association.



Over the years, he has worked on economic development and labor

















S C H O O L .






Osterman, who holds the Nanyang Technological University Professorship, has carved out a research specialty in the changing nature of work and jobs. He says he chose that area of emphasis, because that is the piece of economics that is most closely connected to people and to social welfare. His most recent book, Gathering Power: The Future of Progressive Politics in America, published in January 2003, looks at community organizing around labor market issues. It is based on work he’s done over the years in the Southwest part of the country. transition to the new curriculum goes smoothly. “Osterman is a nononsense, ‘let’s get it done and get it done efficiently’ kind of person,” says Kochan, who codirects the Institute for Work and Employment Research at MIT Sloan with Osterman. “He follows through and does it

Predicting a Bright Future
Osterman is excited by the new MBA curriculum, particularly by the Sloan Innovation Period and the First-Year Challenge. “Each of these is an innovative way to expose students to real problems and real research,” he says. “With all of these changes, I see a bright future for both the program and the School. This truly is a major step forward.” Although he won’t be in the classroom this year, Osterman is still having plenty of the student contact that he so much enjoys. “I’ve started organizing weekly lunches with randomly selected students to find out what people are thinking and what they like and don’t like about their MIT Sloan experience,” he says. “I miss being in the classroom and hope that next year I’ll be able to teach.” The description Professor Tom Kochan offers of Osterman sounds like he’s just the person to take on the job of assuring that the

with his normal self-deprecating humor. Underneath that humor is someone who cares enormously about the welfare of people and is sensitive to what it takes to get people to work together. He’s very good at getting things done and mobilizing people. “There’s a side of Osterman you can’t take too seriously,” Tom continues. “He enjoys the give and take of humor and bantering, but you have to push back and give him as hard a time as he gives you. That’s one hint for working with him. The other is to never interfere with his soccer life!”

Soccer life???
Yes, away from MIT Sloan, Osterman puts his interpersonal skills and motivating capabilities to a real test by serving as a referee for high school and adult soccer. Although he never played the game himself, he got interested in the game through coaching his daughters for about 12 years. “Their soccer careers are long over, but I have stayed involved with the sport,” he says. “People often think it’s an odd choice, especially since referees probably get even less respect than deans!”




> T R I P S , H O N O R S , T R I B U T E S

Student trip gives insight into business in India
Two dozen MBA students spent ten days in India as part of a special course taught by Dr. Amar Gupta, codirector of PROFIT Initiative at the MIT Sloan School. The students met with top executives from leading Indian firms including Godrej, ICICI, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro. In order to better appreciate India business policies, the group had discussions with several government officials, including a half-hour question and answer session with the president of India, Abdul Kalam.

Faculty honors
MIT Sloan’s distinguished faculty has been honored with quite a few awards over the past several months. At this year’s annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Pablo Boczkowski received the Communication and Technology Division's Herbert S. Dordick Best Dissertation Award for dissertations completed between September 2000 and August 2002. This is the second dissertation award that Pablo has received from the International Communication Association. Lotte Bailyn received the Everett Cherrington Hughes Award for Careers Scholarship from the Careers Division of the Academy of Management at the annual meetings in Seattle. Roberto Rigoban has won the Samuel M. Seegal Prize for 2004, administered by the MIT School of Engineering. The prize is given to the professor who inspires students in pursuing and achieving excellence. At a meeting of the Economic History Association Petra Moser won the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize for the Best Dissertation in non-US or Canadian Economic History. Petra’s thesis, completed at Berkeley, used evidence on over 30,000 exhibits at two 19th Century World Fairs to examine the process of innovation. John Hauser and Ely Dahan were nominated for the JPIM (Journal of Product Innovation Management) best paper award for articles published in the 2002 volume. The paper title is "The Virtual Customer." Several members of the MIT Sloan faculty have also been recognized in the past with this

Professor Forbes receives prestigious appointment
President George W. Bush nominated Professor Kristin J. Forbes to be a Member of the Council of Economic Advisers — a position held by Dean Schmalensee under the previous Bush administration. Forbes previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Review at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Earlier in her career, Forbes served as a research fellow with the National Council of Applied Economic Research in New Delhi, India. Prior to this, she served as a research assistant with Fleet Financial Institutions, and as a project assistant at the World Bank, in the Policy Research Department.

award. Wanda Orlikowski received an award for the Best Published Paper in 2002 from the Organizational Communications and Information Systems Division of the Academy of Management. The paper is “Knowing in Practice: Enacting A Collective Capability in Distributed Organizing.”


MBAs Commemorate 9/11 by Helping Non-Profits
This past September 11th, over 100 students from the MIT Sloan School of Management gathered for an evening devoted to public service. The attendees, all first- or second-year students in the MIT Sloan MBA program, worked together in teams to help local-area non-profit organizations solve their pressing issues. “We wanted to do something meaningful for 9/11,” said Shenkiat Lim, co-president of the Socially Responsible Business Club. “This was an opportunity for MBAs to do what they do best – solve business problems – but to apply those skills to help organizations that make a positive impact in the community.” Students analyzed issues from six area non-profits, developing recommendations to help the organizations tackle diverse challenges such as building a growth strategy, optimizing relationships with partners, and developing greater name-recognition to help drive funding. The participating non-profits were similarly diverse, including organizations like City Year, which are focused on direct public service, and the American Anti-Slavery Group, which focus on advocacy for important social issues. In addition, roughly $500 in food was donated to the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans.


M E M O R I A M :

On September 25, 2003, Nobel prize-winning economist and MIT Professor Franco Modigliani died in his sleep at his home in Cambridge, Mass. He was 85 years old. Modigliani — who joined the MIT faculty in 1962 — won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1985 for his pioneering analyses of savings and financial markets. Modigliani and an associate, Merton Miller, concluded that the market value of a company had no genuine relationship to the size and structure of its debt. Instead, they found, stock market values are determined mainly by what enterprises are expected to earn in the future.

Modigliani was known for his work on corporate finance, capital markets, macroeconomics and econometrics. He had appointments in MIT’s Department of Economics and the Sloan School of Management. Commonly thought of as one of the greatest living macroeconomists, Modigliani taught many of those who are now considered Wall Street experts. “Franco was a giant among economists and played a decisive role in the intellectual development of corporate finance,” said Dean Richard Schmalensee of the MIT Sloan School. “His legendary enthusiasm and intensity never flagged. He inspired generations of students and colleagues with his passion for using will miss him.” A memorial service for Franco Modigliani will be held at MIT Sloan on December 7, 2003. Please join us for the live web cast by going to and following the links. economics to benefit society. Everyone who knew him





It may be Little, but it’s the law.
Which distinguished MIT alum recently a) celebrated his 75th birthday, b) sported a new t-shirt touting his famous Queuing formula, and c) was feted at a special session at the INFORMS Marketing Science Conference this June, wearing the tuxedo he wore as an MIT undergraduate? None other than Institute Professor John D.C. Little, marketing science pioneer and chair of the Undergraduate Program Committee at MIT Sloan. “Models and data,” says Little. “That’s my business.” In fact, countless businesses have been maximized by Little’s models and data over the past four decades, and that’s what the INFORMS special session was all about. Chaired by MIT’s John Hauser, Kirin Professor of Marketing, an impressive panel of Little’s former students, colleagues, and business partners came together this summer in College Park, Maryland, to pay tribute to the man who has done seminal work over the years on customer choice and marketing decision modeling. INFORMS — the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences — had already created an annual John D.C. Little Best Paper Award several years ago. > Former student Leonard M. Lodish, now at Wharton, on “Three Decades of Media Models” > John Hauser, on “The Q Continuum: From Waiting to UPCs” > Frank M. Bass, of the University of Texas at Dallas, speaking on “Advertising Models: Theories and Application” The June program, entitled “John Little to Now: In Honor of His 75th Birthday,” comprised of a series of presentations which looked at Little’s most memorable theories and accomplishments. Included in the formal presentation line-up were:



> Leigh McAlister, of the University of Texas at Austin, on “Promotion and ‘The Mother of all Logits’”

> UCLA’s Donald G. Morrison, on “Little’s Law and Pulling the Goalie”

> MIT Sloan’s Glen L. Urban, on “The Birth and Development of Marketing Decision Support,” and Philip Morse, the legendary operations research pioneer. Little taught at Case Western Reserve University for five years before joining the > Robert L. Klein, a former teaching assistant, on “John Little’s Influence on Running a Real Company.” MIT faculty in 1962. Since that time he has served in many capacities at MIT and the Sloan School and has been a prolific researcher and publisher. In the mid-90s he introduced the first e-commerce course at MIT Sloan with Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, and is still very much involved Klein, who is president of Applied Marketing Science, Inc., even included a slide which read — with apologies to Robert Fulghum — “All I really need to know about running a company I learned from John Little, ” a reference to the time he spent working at Marketing Decision Systems, a company Little built in 1967 with Glen Urban and Len Lodish. Little graduated from MIT in 1948 with an SB in physics and returned for graduate work after a two-year stint at General Electric. Restless, he subsequently switched from physics to operations research (OR) and graduated in 1955 as the first PhD in OR, having studied under with the marketing implications of customer transactions on the Internet. He explained that the field of operations research and marketing science took a big theoretical turn a few years back, when “everybody wanted to be more mathematical and more theoretical than the next guy.” But within the marketing group at MIT, there were people — most notably Little, Urban, and Hauser, but also many students, including Lodish —who never abandoned the point of view that marketing was a practical subject and that you could do academic work which impacted practice. “So we’ve always been characterized for work that gets published in scientific journals but [also] has an impact on practice,” Little noted. Over the years, Little has been a principal investigator on a wide variety of grants and research projects. He has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Marketing Science Institute, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Lever Brothers Company, Nabisco, Inc., Mobil Oil Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Office of Naval Research, Department of Transportation, Army Research Office, Association of National Advertisers, and AT&T Long Lines. His work has been instrumental in creating models that help companies to determine their marketing mix allocation; to use artificial intelligence that scans databases and returns with Englishlanguage reports; to predict future purchasing behavior based on past buying patterns via the use of UPC scanner data; and much more. Currently, Little is still up to his ears in packaged goods research and the effects of the Internet. He will be giving a session at next year’s SIP on optimizing decision rules in Marketing Automation and sees important research coming out of studying how online merchants can best respond to customers’ “clicks” using his models and data. A few years ago a colleague asked Little whether e-commerce was really important. His response was, “Well, was the printing press important?”


> M I T S L O A N I N T H E M E D I A

Dean delivers
In May, Dean Schmalensee was interviewed on CNNfn’s “Morning Money” and CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” The dean discussed the state of the economy and recent tax cuts. He also gave his views on the Bush tax cuts in the July issue of Inc. magazine. In the German publication Wirtschaftswoche he gave his opinion on a proposed Hippocratic Oath for MBAs. The dean also spoke with “CBS MarketWatch” on MIT Sloan alum John Reed's appointment as interim chief executive of the New York Stock Exchange.

Profs in newsprint
Chrysanthos Dellarocas’ conference discussing online reputation was the subject of a New York Times column and also appeared in the International Herald Tribune. The New York Times also quoted Peter Wysocki regarding the New York Stock Exchange, as did the Denver Post. S.P. Kothari spoke about layoffs in telecommunications in a Washington Post story. Henry Weill was quoted on airfare competition in USA Today. Tom Kochan was quoted in a piece about worker’s rights in the Houston Chronicle.

Profs on screen
MIT Sloan professors hit the three major U.S. networks this spring as Andrew Lo appeared on ABC’s “World News” regarding people’s perception of risk; Drazen Prelec was interviewed on NBC’s “Nightly News” about retirement decisions; and Tom Kochan discussed Polaroid’s discontinuation of health benefits to former employees on CBS’ “Evening News.” Also, Richard Frankel appeared on New England Cable News in an interview about high-pressured sales tactics at Morgan-Stanley.

Profs in glossy
Ezra Zuckerman’s work on typecasting in Hollywood was part of a career advice column in the July issue of Fast Company and also received attention in Business 2.0. Deputy Dean Paul Osterman was interviewed about his research on grass roots political organizations in the July issue of Inc. magazine. Erik Brynjolfsson commented on the next generation of IT professionals—Generation Z—in Computer World, and in a September issue of CIO he commented on the impact of technology in the economy. Brynjolfsson was also named as one of BusinessWeek’s top 25 e-business players in a September issue.

Academic programs on parade
Two of MIT Sloan’s programs — Leaders for Manufacturing and the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership — appeared in the Financial Times during July. Executive Education’s “Projects Academy” was discussed at length in an August Boston Globe article.

The people and programs of MIT Sloan continue to receive high-profile media attention.



> A L U M N I N E W S F R O M A R O U N D T H E W O R L D

Sloan Fellow receives prestigious UK honor
Clive Norris, SF ’92, was recently awarded a CB (Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath), a British Order of Knighthood. This order, originally established by King George I in 1725, rewards exemplary service in military or civilian life. Norris, head of the Fire, Health and Safety Directorate, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, is a member of the senior advisory group of the MIT Club of Great Britain.

Reed takes on the NYSE
In September, former Citigroup Chairman John S. Reed (SB'61, SM'65) accepted the post of interim CEO and chairman of the New York Stock Exchange. His assignment is an aggressive one: make sweeping changes to the Exchange's governance and overhaul the 27-member board that oversees the NYSE. The question of whether the Exchange should retain its regulatory function remains a big issue. For this Reed will get paid one dollar, at his own suggestion, no matter how long it takes. A proponent of managerial capabilities and competencies as key success factors on par with technical and scientific capability, Reed is known for “thinking outside the box,” and for his deep commitment to technology. Reed is credited with revamping Citigroup's commercial bank and for making information technology a major focus. It seems that everyone who knows the MIT Sloan alumnus agrees that he is impeccably suited to lead the NYSE. “John must act thoughtfully and decisively to restore confidence in the Exchange," says MIT Sloan Dean Richard Schmalensee. “This complex task requires someone analytical and visionary — and whose probity is unquestioned. John is a perfect fit."

David Berray, MOT ’00, memorial
In May friends, family, and MOT classmates gathered on the banks of the Charles River to celebrate the memory of David Berray. As part of the ceremony, a beautiful park bench— located on Memorial Drive next to Mount Auburn Hospital— was dedicated in Berray’s name. A victim of the September 11th tragedy, Berray is survived by his wife and two children. The dedication was made possible by Patricia Sekler, a neighbor of the Berray’s when they lived in Cambridge.

The bench honoring David Berray is located up river from MIT Sloan.


The list of 129 employers currently posting jobs for which they

The Alumni Job Board:
> A R E N E W E D C A R E E R F O R A L U M N I O P P O R T U N I T Y MIT Sloan alumni who are actively engaged in a serious job search should take advantage of a relatively new online resource: the MIT Sloan Alumni Job Board ( resources.html). The smart alumni job seekers — who often make a habit of checking this 18-month-old resource at least weekly — consider it a must-use job-hunting tool. Although the MIT Sloan Alumni Job Board is but one of five job listings specifically available to MIT Sloan alumni (see also eProNet, monsterTRAK, Exec-U-Net, Global Workplace), it is the only one which posts selectively those jobs which are specifically looking for MIT Sloan alumni. Conversely, the MIT Sloan Alumni Job Board is the one site to which the MIT Sloan Alumni Relations Office posts all job opportunities it receives for MIT Sloan alumni. At this writing there are 196 management opportunities listed nationwide. What are typical job functions on the MIT Sloan Alumni Job Board? The following is a representative sample of the current listings:

are looking to hire MIT Sloan alumni reads like a Who’s Who of MBA employers. Here is a subset of those with multiple openings:

American Mgt Systems AOL Aventis Pharmaceutical Bank of America Biogen Boston Scientific Citigroup EMC Fidelity Investments Forrester Research IDC Merrill Lynch Microsoft Nike QUALCOMM Serono, Inc SC Cowen Smith Barney

The single employer with the most job opportunities currently listed is Microsoft with 14—but all in Redmond, WA. Even if the particular positions listed are not spot-on for a

formative discussions with an employer of choice or within a target Manager Business Process R&D Portfolio Analyst Business Planning Manager Supply Chain Analyst CEO & President Sr. Manager Corp. Strategy VP Marketing M&A Associate Portfolio Manager Fixed Income Analyst Director Business Dev. Mgr – Product Dev. Process Analyst, Financial Services Mgr. of Strategic Analysis Quantitative Advisory Group Director Product Marketing VP/Senior Analyst Chief Operating Officer Program Director Chief Executive Officer Retail Product Director 17 The Alumni Job Board is a powerful resource devoted specifically to MIT Sloan alumni opening multiple windows of opportunity – especially when mixed with a high grade networking effort. industry. Further to that strategy, you should reach out to other MIT Sloan – or MIT! - alumni who may be working at the listing employer. Please use MIT’s Infinite Connection ( search/vhtml) for their coordinates. MIT Sloan alumni have a powerful advantage in perfecting their candidacy for many of these opportunities: In 42 of the 129 employers, a total of 324 MIT or MIT Sloan alumni are listed on MIT’s Infinite Connection as employees, often officers. To make an even finer networking point, in the employers listed above there currently are a total of 26 MIT or MIT Sloan alumni employees registered on the Institute Career Assistance Network (ICAN) system as willing ‘Advisors’ to other alumni. In fact, they expect to be contacted! As an opt-in system ICAN (http:// is a particularly effective way to build your network as well as do due diligence on target organizations.


particular alum they provide windows of opportunity to initiate

You get what you give > MIT To say Sean Brown, SM ‘94, has a strong connection to MIT Sloan would be a bit of an understatement. During his two years of post-undergraduate work as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, he worked closely with several MIT Sloan alumni. So positive were they about their MIT Sloan experience, Brown was moved to join their ranks. An actively engaged student — he was elected a GMS officer and served as a Teaching Assistant for two core courses —Brown continued his involvement with the MIT Sloan community over the following decade, working with Admissions, the CDO, the faculty, and as an alumni club officer. Now Brown is closer to MIT Sloan than ever, having recently joined the staff as director of Alumni Relations, reuniting an alumnus with proven entrepreneurial and strategic leadership skills with his innovative and leadership-focused alma mater. But what lured Brown — who has run two entrepreneurial companies and served Fortune 100 CEOs as a management consultant — to the world of non-profit? Brown’s passion for the role and for MIT Sloan is evident in his response. Says Brown, “I have firsthand experience with the needs and concerns of MIT Sloan alumni, and I will now be able to directly address them as a leader of the professional staff. This is a unique opportunity to have a significant positive impact with our 17,000 alumni worldwide, and through them, MIT Sloan.





Sean E. Brown, SM ‘94

In 1997 Brown moved to southern California, where he served as chief operating officer of Beverly Hills Motoring (BHM), a retailer and direct marketer of high-end automotive accessories. He ran BHM with a ‘95 MIT Sloan classmate who was also very active in the alumni network. The two hosted Admissions events on the BHM showroom floor and stayed in close touch with the MIT Sloan community. And if his continued involvement wasn’t enough to keep the School close to his heart, he encouraged his brother Haakon to attend MIT Sloan as well. “Haakon graduated in ’01, and one of the side benefits of having him at MIT Sloan was that he often invited me back to C-Functions,” says Brown. When Brown returned to the Boston area to start his own family, he quickly identified several new business opportunities, all a result of friends in the MIT Sloan network. Says Brown, “That was when the strength of the MIT Sloan network really hit home for me professionally. It was great to see the network in action leading to meaningful professional opportunities.”

Completing the circle
Brown founded BrandStamp, a marketing services technology company based in Kendall Square, with investment and launching support from Cambridge Incubator (which was founded by two ’95 MIT Sloan MBAs). As CEO of BrandStamp he sponsored an E-Lab team and brought on an

Building on the connection
In the years since graduating from MIT Sloan, Brown honed his strategy and leadership skills and maintained his strong connection to the School. After receiving his Masters he returned to McKinsey’s Boston office, where he worked actively both to recruit prospective students to MIT Sloan, and to recruit MIT Sloan students to the firm.

MIT Sloan summer associate. He also became an active director and officer of the MIT Sloan Alumni Club of Boston. “I enjoyed many of the entrepreneurial aspects of my previous two companies. It was very fulfilling to make a great impact with limited resources, and the MIT Sloan network helped make that impact possible,” says Brown. “That same network of staff, students, faculty,


and alumni will also be critical to helping enhance alumni connectedness with each other and with the MIT Sloan community.

A strong network made stronger
Brown’s excitement over his new role hasn’t clouded his perception of the challenges he and the staff at MIT Sloan face. Chief among them is how to improve the services offered to alumni in the most resourceeffective manner possible. One of the major ways this will be accomplished is by making exclusive services and information more easily accessible online to MIT Sloan alumni, including the alumni directory, career development assistance, cutting-edge content, and extensive alumni news. Many of these new initiatives will take advantage of the newly redesigned MIT Sloan web site. Brown is also excited about synthesizing the results of several recent alumni research efforts: the global alumni focus groups conducted over the summer and the recent alumni survey. “This information will provide our team with a great base for setting an effective strategy for the services we offer.” Says Brown, “Upon joining MIT Sloan, I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of our annual list of alumni volunteers. I was

involvement — nearly 2,000 alumni (more than 10% of the total alumni population) volunteered over the past year.” I have also been encouraged by my meetings with students; they truly appreciate the importance of alumni engagement to the community.” Another challenge Brown and his staff faces is how to best ensure that students’ positive MIT Sloan experience becomes a positive lifelong alumni relationship. For Brown, the first step to achieving this goal is to encourage alumni engagement and impact with the MIT Sloan community. A testament to the strength of the MIT Sloan alumni network, Brown hopes to replicate his positive experience to the alumni body at large. “Getting involved in the MIT Sloan community as an alumni volunteer has always been a lot of fun,” says Brown. “We will strive to ensure that our alumni enjoy their engagement with the MIT Sloan community, whether returning to speak on a panel, helping students advance their careers, or refreshing their management knowledge with content-rich programs and events. Equally important, we will measure and communicate the impact of alumni engagement to encourage their continued and expanded involvement in the greater MIT Sloan community.”



very impressed with the overall level of MIT Sloan alumni volunteer





T E A M W O R K ’ S


As cold winter winds begin to sweep down the Charles River, it is a pleasure to reflect on the many ways that the MIT Sloan School of Management’s alumni community and corporate friends supported exciting developments here in Cambridge. As many of you are aware, the 2003 academic year was one of broad and deep innovation here at MIT Sloan. The redesigned MBA curriculum, the merger of the Sloan Fellows and MOT programs, and the newly crafted MIT Sloan mission involved rigorous review of all that the School stands for and what we envision it will become. We now see the beginnings of results from the intense scrutiny, planning, and teamwork— results that are equally promising and exciting. The 2004 fall term saw the long-awaited debut of the First-Year Challenge (FYC), just one of the exciting innovations within the newly redesigned MBA curriculum. Calling for teams of MBA students from the Class of 2005 to analyze and to recommend a course of action for a real and strategically important challenge faced by a global corporation, the FYC develops precisely the set of leadership, analytical, and intuitive skills — not to mention sheer determination — that will be in hot demand throughout our students’ professional lives. The FYC project will culminated in oral presentations from the five top groups to a FYC Prize Committee made up of alumni who are acknowledged business leaders with experience in managing organizations in a broad range of industries, the team with the most compelling presentation will be awarded the FYC Challenge Cup. We are grateful to the alumni who will serve on the committee, and to the corporation that shared its pressing and very real strategic problem to ensure that the inaugural FYC will be a success. Alumni, too, are working in teams, volunteering to develop thought-provoking new programs, drawing together from around the world to share with each other their expertise and wisdom about professional and personal challenges. These MIT Sloan alumni continue to support the School in record numbers with their most precious resource — their time. Over the past year nearly 2,000 MIT Sloan alumni have volunteered on over 2,700 separate occasions: helping fellow alumni and current students advance their careers; reconnecting with faculty and continuing their education; and helping to encourage their colleagues’ continued financial support for MIT Sloan. It is thus with great pleasure and pride that we recognize the remarkable achievements of our alumni, and thank them for their dedicated voluntarism and commitment of financial support to the School over the past year. On the following pages, we gratefully acknowledge the alumni and corporations whose gifts in 2003 helped those of us who teach, study, and work at the MIT Sloan School of Management to make progress toward achieving the School’s mission: to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world, and to generate ideas that advance management practice.





L I S T I N G S Within each category, alumni are listed according to their MIT Sloan degree. Donors with multiple MIT Sloan degrees are listed according to highest degree earned. Many MIT Sloan alumni also have other MIT degrees, but these degrees are not referenced here. The MIT Sloan Annual Fund Office strives for accuracy in producing these lists. If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact the office at 617-258-5656, send email to, or write the MIT Sloan Annual Fund Office, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, E60-300, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139-1014.

These donor lists recognize all the individuals that donated $100 or more to the MIT Sloan School during fiscal year 2003 (July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003). Gifts at any level for first-time donors from the five most recent graduated classes are also included. A separate list recognizes corporations, corporate foundations, individual foundations, and trusts that contributed $5,000 or more of financial support to the School. Alumni who volunteered their time to various MIT Sloan activities are listed separately as well. Thank you for your support. Only volunteers and donors to the MIT Sloan School of Management are recognized in this report. The Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT recognize volunteers and contributors to MIT Sloan and to MIT in the MIT Alumni Activities Annual Report. The individual donor categories for each are as shown in the accompanying charts.

Corporate matching gifts For individuals whose companies provide a corporate match, the MIT Sloan School gives recognition of the combined amount of personal and corporate matching gift, provided that the matching gift is received within the same fiscal year. MIT also counts corporate matching gifts toward personal giving totals for all donor recognition categories.




MIT Sloan Category Alfred P. Sloan Founders Alfred P. Sloan Directors MIT Sloan School Partners MIT Sloan School Investors MIT Sloan School Shareholders MIT Sloan School Friends*

Level $10,000 and above $5,000 to $9,999 $2,000 to $4,999 $500 to $1,999 $100 to $499 $1 to $99

MIT Category The Killian Society Patron The Killian Society Member President's Fund Great Dome Fellows Great Dome Associates Century Fund**

Level $10,000 and above $5,000 to $9,999 $2,000 to $4,999 $1,000 to $1,999 $500 to $999 $100 to $499

*First-time donors from the five most recent graduated classes

**Donors from the ten most recent graduated classes


Contributors of $10,000 and above Doctoral Program Gary L Bergstrom 68 Saman Majd 85 Master and MBA Programs Luis R Alvarez-Renta 74 Jesus L Barrera Lozano 78 John T Bentley 75 Edward S Clay 86 Peter D Englander 77 Fred M Fehsenfeld 75 Howard M Finkelstein 77 Robert L Gipson 69 Jon D Gruber 66 Charles T Harris 80 William J Hilliard 84 Robert T Huang 79 Edward S Hyman 69

Judith C Lewent 72 Leon H Liebman 67 Victor J Menezes 72 Hugh T Miller 85 Elizabeth A Monrad 80 Jonathan P Moynihan 77 Axel M Neubohn 65 Richard M Owen 92 John S Reed 65 Paul A Reeder 85 Armando Santacruz Baca 54 Jeffrey L Shames 83 Alan G Spoon 73 Theresa M Stone 76 Martin Y Tang 72 Martin Trust 58 William E Wade 68 Ralph Wanger 58 Allan R Will 81

Sloan Fellows Program William L Bucknall 80 Robert F Calman 67 C R Jones 68 Daniel H Leeds 91 Katherine J Magrath 76 Bachelors Rodolfo F Barrera 50 Douglas T Breeden 72 Bruce A Enders 70 Robert J Gellert 53 John C Head 71 Ronald A Kurtz 55 George J Michel 53 Other MIT Alumni and Friends Abraham I Dranetz EE 48 Mrs Robert P Goldberg 65 MA Daniel J Holland 58 ME Po T Ip 34 CE John W Jarve 78 EE

Charles W Johnson CE 55 Kenneth Lo Wah Fai Lo 06 Mrs Scott P Mason GM 72 Mrs David J McGrath Jr 59 EE Professor William F Pounds Scott F Richard 68 EE Mrs Robert A Swanson 69 GM Jack C Tang 49 CH Marjorie M T Yang 74 MA

Contributors of $5,000 - $9,999 Doctoral Program Bruce E Stangle 78 Master and MBA Programs Robert J Doyle 58 David H Edington 87 Russell M Frankel 71




Ilene S Gordon 76 Paul E Greenberg 88 Robert O Hirsch 51 Sameer Jain 03 Harvey C Jones 80 Allan W Karp 83 Dennis M Kass 77 Richard A Laiderman 77 Karen S Mazer 89 Christopher K McLeod 79 John E Pototsky 78 Leslie L Rahl 72 William H Rodgers 69 Kenneth T Schiciano 89 Hong Dao D Shih 92 Hong Din Shih 93 Charles B Slotnik 93 Charles F Stone 76 Kie Wei W Tung 73 James C Williams 97 Sloan Fellows Program Philip A Cooper 84 James C Foster 85 Peter Honkanen 03 Willis S White 58 Bachelors Vivek Bohra 96 Stephen Friedman 59 Mark Hellinger 81 J S Standish 45 Other MIT Alumni and Friends Donald M Alstadt Paul S P Hsu Professor John D C Little 48 PH Barton W Stuck 68 EE

Ian Fisher 75 David J Fullerton 78 Robert B Garman 77 Nobumichi Hattori 89 Kenneth E Hjelm 71 Wayne P Holmes 90 Kenneth R Horner 72 Paul D Kaplan 74 Patrick M Kaufer 94 Edward F Keon 79 Edward A Klepacki 76 Tong S Lee 87 Diana J Mackie 79 Stephen E Memishian 70 Margaret V Mulley 78 John J Nagorniak 70 Kevin T O’Halloran 92 Jordi Portet 92 Mark Regan 83 Armins K Rusis 91 Samer S Salty 93 Reinhard J Schneider 76 Michael M Schnitzer 79 Michael P Schumacher 86 Richard G Schweikhardt 73 Jonathan D Shane 70 George W Stairs 85 Geoffrey S Stiff 80 Glenn P Strehle 60 Shivan S Subramaniam 78 Robert L Sutherland 73 Sanjay Swani 94 John S Wood 76 Earle Yaffa 63 Chi-Won Yoon 86 Leaders for Manufacturing Elizabeth J Altman 92 Sloan Fellows Program Floyd D Ackerman 78 Robert M Amick 79 William R De Long 60 Harold J Fitzgeorge 64 William Harral 77 Robert B Horton 71 William M Newport 69 Peter B Oram 71 John F Prendiville 62 Baruch Rosenberg 67 Herman R Staudt 68 Fred F Stoddard 62 Peter B Teets 78 Thomas J Vincent 68 Bachelors Charles Y Chittick 22 James B Palmer 48 John D Roach 65 Kenneth Whipple 58 Senior Executives Edwin C Lau 90 Jong-Yong Yun 88

Other MIT Alumni and Friends Anonymous Peter C Farrell CH 67 Eugene Flood Jr EC 83 MIT Sloan Management Club of Korea Kenneth P Morse 68 PO James L Waters 46 WC


Contributors of $500 to $1,999 Doctoral Program Allan N Afuah 94 Steven L Alter 75 Martha Amram 87 Paul R Carpenter 84 Gail M Cook Johnson 78 Paul L Eckbo 76 Arnout Eikeboom 94 James C Emery 65 James F Gammill 85 Priscilla A Glidden 83 Jeongsuk Koh 89 James M Lattin 84 Leonard M Lodish 68 Scott A Neslin 78 Jay E Paap 79 Mark Paich 95 Terry W Rothermel 70 Denis M Slavich 71 Master and MBA Programs Ayaan Adam 94 James B Adelson 79 Robert W Adenbaum 50 Adnan Akant 78 Arthur P Alexander 58 Maurice P Andrien 65 Ira B Artman 80 John O Barnett 91 William H Bean 71 Jacques Beaudry-Losique 92 Donald A Belfer 70 Douglas F Bender 72 Paul Bergsteinsson 67 David H Bessey 89 Barry S Best 93 Mary A Beyster 90 Jason M Blank 01 Jamie V Blond 86 George A Bobelis 58 John R Book 97 Christopher J Bradbury 95 Lewis O Brashares 79 Carol A Bratley 81 Robert K Brauer 79 Lyndon D Braun 89 Gerald R Burns 88 Sarah S Cabot 85 Sarangan L Chari 90 Dexter H Charles 86 Marla Choslovsky 88 James Chung 00 Robert V Clapp 63


Contributors of $2,000 - $4,999 Doctoral Program Donald H Peters 69 Paul R Samuelson 87 James A Stoner 67 Lee Wakeman 74 Master and MBA Programs Dan I Abrams 65 George M Alvarez-Correa 73 Eric E Baker 58 Ralph J Baron 57 Thomas A Bowers 87 Roy O Brady 72 Stanley R Chad 85 Timothy T Chan 75 F H Christopher 59 Robert L Clyatt 85 Peter J Condakes 80 Jeffrey L Dickson 89 Lisa J Endlich 81 Elise L Erler 87 Michael J Farrell 98

William L Clifton 70 Martin L Clubb 82 Megan F Clubb 82 Alan M Cody 74 Groff Collett 49 Barbara E Connolly 88 Linda A Cornfield 89 Karen S Crandall 94 Margery O Cunningham 82 Lawrence S Daniels 66 Jack Dekker 55 Brendan L Dolan 97 James E Donaghy 58 Stanley J Dorst 52 Cheryl M Duckworth 94 Theodore E Dumbauld 83 Jeffrey R Eaton 89 Takako Ebata 92 Henry W Ebeling 70 Jean S Elliott 97 David H Epstein 88 Jason R Escamilla 02 Derek L Everett 97 David J Fanning 93 Mihai Farcas 96 Nicholas S Fiekowsky 78 Stephanie J Fohn 88 William M Fondren 63 Jorge H Forteza 82 Kenneth P Fox 78 Henry E Fradkin 71 Susan J French 77 Paul R Freshwater 68 Michael G Frieze 62 John J Frishkopf 86 Stanley L Fung 90 Gordon D Garmaise 73 Edward W Gaskin 94 David F Gatto 88 George S Gavris 88 James E Geshwiler 00 Frank C Graves 80 I R Greene 88 Bradford S Greenleaf 86 Charles H Greer 63 Cent W Groot 58 Kenneth A Hagstrom 75 Donald M Hague 77 Gordon T Hall 87 Mark A Hamilton 93 Beverly C Harman 78 Charles E Harper 78 William T Harper 61 Geoffrey E Harris 86 Jamie S Harris 82 Edward J Haugland 94 Robert B Hedges 84 Joseph J Heffernan 70 Sandra L Helton 77 Margaret B Henderson 83 Robert F Hoffman 02 Doron C Holzer 74 Gim P Hom 73 Elizabeth C Horan 94 Barton G Ice 82


Robert J Inadomi 71 Edward H Inman 74 Solange A Israel-Mintz 80 David Israel-Rosen 85 Gregory B Jacobs 82 Patricia K Jacobson 84 Erik J Jensen 78 Byeongchan J Jeong 98 Fern B Jones 98 Hiroyuki Kanamaru 03 William J Kane 82 Judah E Kaplan 97 Stacey B Karp 98 Neil S Katz 87 Thomas G Kelly 97 Carlos E Kempff 91 Peter W Kennedy 80 Addison H Kermath 55 Norman K Kidder 75 A W Kleinebecker 62 Alexander F Kleiner 98 Laurence F Klurfeld 72 Lawrence A Krakauer 80 Kristin Kupres 97 Benjamin C Kwok 66 Jean P LaCombe 92 Peter C Lamb 76 Huntington D Lambert 85 Joshua R Lamstein 96 Harris D Lang 52 Daryoush Larizadeh 93 Robert H Larson 59 Alon Lederman 01 Eric R Lee 62 Douglas M Leone 88 Felix Lin 88 Thomas Linkas 73 Bryan K Long 87 Gordon K Low 85 John I Lucas 97 Robert S Ludwig 74 Nik Malvania 78 Steven M Mankoff 88 Newman M Marsilius 42 Frank H Mason 65 Robert S Massengill 88 Karen Mathiasen 71 Stuart L Mathison 68 John J McCauley 89 Thomas E McElroy 67 Lorenzo A Mendoza 93 Stephen E Mermelstein 76 Deborah G Meyer 79 Ilya B Mirman 00 Zeeshan H Mirza 99 Yumiko Mitarai 98 Dylan N Miyake 98 Benjamin K Mok 98 Donovan B Moore 73 Kenneth P Morrison 83 Sumanta N Mukherjee 78 James J Murphy 98 Calvin E Nelson 67 Roy I Newton 73 Susanto Nursalim 02

David C O’Brien 54 Aliza B O’Keeffe 90 Graham W O’Keeffe 90 Roger K Olen 55 John V Olszewski 62 Edward K Osborn 78 Scott H Pearce 97 David B Peterson 70 Gilles Plaquet 00 Karen B Polivy 80 Kenneth P Pucker 90 Pamela M Pudar 90 Mary M Quillian 98 William F Quinn 86 Richard A Rabinow 68 James B Raboy 96 Mark S Rangell 89 James F Reda 83 Otto T Reedtz-Thott 79 W A Rennison 65 Mark Retik 95 Karen S Reynolds 87 David W Rice 74 Mitchell A Ring 74 Kenneth A Rivkin 83 Roger P Roberts 92 Ronald Robinson 99 Janice V Rogoff 85 Karin K Roof 95 Thomas P Ruddy 87 Anna J Rudolph 01 Jorge Rufat-Latre 93 Steven H Rusckowski 84 Frederick J Ruvkun 83 Sahba Sadegh-Vaziri Reza 88 Robert C Salipante 81 Debra Samuels 83 Paul D Schaller 78 Leslie Schine 77 Thomas E Schroeder 72 Richard C Schutte 90 Charles T Seay 65 Roger F Sellew 62 Max S Senter 88 Robert F Sherman 59 Venktesh N Shukla 86 Douglas J Silver 83 Jonathan A Silver 91 Einar W Sissener 54 Pablo Sitjar 93 Stephen P Siu 87 Peter M Skillings 98 Shawna Slack 99 J B Sloat 64 Patricia Smith 79 Richard G Smith 76 Leif G Soderberg 78 Mark M Soeth 82 Young K Sohn 83 Dan S Somekh 67 Mark D Sonnino 84 Brian D Stansky 89 Suzanne Stefany 92 Edgardo R Sternberg 87 Philip A Stevens 58

Dimitrios Stratikopoulos 97 Pauliina Swartz 00 Eric Swergold 95 Kong-Heong Tan 71 Gerald A Taylor 78 Jillian B Temkin 88 Charles W Tillett 91 Rebecca C Tong 88 Pamela W Turner 71 Manasawin Vinicchayakul 98 Richard B Weed 92 Fritz T Wegmann 65 Michael B Weis 78 Robert C Weiss 74 Bruce D Werner 86 Anne E Westerman 88 Randolph N Wilkinson 58 Raymond S Wood 90 Gregory C Yannekis 91 Cyril M Yap 73 Yoshinori Yokoyama 75 Adrian P Yovanovich 90 Herbert B Zien 73 Leaders for Manufacturing James R Anderson 02 William W Crandall 94 Audrey A Dima 96 Augustus O Tai 91 David J Wenstrup 91 Management of Technology Program Jonathan B Green 93 Randall D Groves 90 Craig D Sunada 01 Jeffrey M Ver Heul 94 Sloan Fellows Program Richard E Agee 88 Albert E Allinson 71 Hitoshi Ariwaka 81 Robert H Ausfahl 50 Ray W Ballmer 60 Richard V Borzilleri 71 Steve Cenko 64 Colby H Chandler 63 Michael E Charles 94 Louis Chertkow 76 Wendel W Cook 68 Richard A DeCoste 77 Harvey M Donaldson 87 James B Ellis 80 Reinhard Frank 74 Cline W Frasier 72 Stephen N Gerson 89 John H Goldie 65 Jon D Helms 71 Daniel R Hesse 89 Jerome W Keating 61 Bryan L Kinnamon 90 Edward W Kissel 75 Robert L Kuhn 80 Charles E Larson 77 Stephen A Malone 90 John D McEvoy 94

Stanley J McLaughlin 83 Angelo J Messina 88 Mark F Miller 93 Robert O Otto 83 Carlton C Patton 77 John T Proske 80 Phillip J Riese 77 Wayne A Robins 64 Frederick A Roessle 60 Edward Steinhoff 71 Robert B Stover 80 Alan E Thomas 63 Thomas R Thomsen 73 Robert W Van Niel 72 Donald H White 70 Kiam-Fee Yau 82 Alma T Young 72 Willis S Zeigler 66 Bachelors Arthur L Beals 70 Karl E Bupp 85 Kathleen L Mulroney 80 Stanley M Proctor 43 Gilbert V Rohleder 48 Alan C Rose 47 Bernard J Ruskin 49 Gerald K Saul 58 Thomas G Unger 70 Senior Executives Robert L Pennock 73 Markus Weiss 94 Other MIT Alumni and Friends Professor Mario Baldassarri EC 78 Jonathan M Goldstein 83 NT Harvey Kram PE 42 ME David S Miller 90 EE John F Snow 35 ME


Contributors of $100 - $499 Doctoral Program Yvan Allaire 73 Christopher B Alt 82 John D Aram 68 Pierre Azoulay 01 Roger E Bohn 82 Simeon Chow 87 Perry D Cohen 79 Robert G Fichman 95 Nathan B Forrester 82



Philip A Gibbs 93 Cyrus F Gibson 69 Jody H Gittell 95 Judith R Gordon 77 Arnold J Herzog 75 Philip A Hirschsohn 98 Pieter Klaassen 94 Deborah M Kolb 81 John P MacDuffie 91 Albert A Marcotte 74 John R Minahan 88 Sandra W Morgan 83 Nitin Nohria 88 Kazuhiko Ohashi 93 Mark S Plovnick 75 George P Richardson 85 Saul A Rubinstein 96 Debashish Sarkar 82 Yong-Chul Shin 00 Bertram C Shlensky 70 Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder 89 Fred I Steele 65 John M Thomas 66 James M Utterback 69 Rita Vachani 87 Bruce D Weinberg 93 Master and MBA Programs Stanley C Abraham 68 Daniel A Abut 91 Sanjay Acharya 03 Philip V Adams 89 Sanjay K Aggarwal 03 Ollie J Akel 67 Nobuo N Akiha 82 Blythe Alaspa 03 Miriam Alexander Baker 76 Timothy F Allen 88 Ricardo P Almeida 00 Marcelo Alvarez Gaiani 01 Antonio Alvarez Lopez 03 Stefanos A Andreou 85 Tetsuya Araki 93 Ido Ariel 03 Robert L Armacost 94 Gianni V Armani 98 Tameeza Asaria 03 Bradley J Ashbrook 93 Henry P Aszklar 88 Banu B Atkinson 94 Thomas K Atkinson 94 Ahti E Autio 58 Hector Avila 03 Robert G Ayan 02 Makoto Baba 85 Richard A Baehr 75 Rubinnata Bahar 88 Susan W Bailey 87 Thomas Baker 03 Deborah M Ball 89 Prinyawut Bandityanond 98 William R Banks 78 Rodolfo A Baquerizo Alvarado 91 Craig J Barberio 80 Antonio C Barbosa de Oliveira 77

Donald L Barefoot 78 Henry B Barg 73 Bruce S Baron 87 Deborah J Baron 95 Robert E Baron 81 Richard Barth 90 William E Barton 81 Guy M Barudin 87 Christian Bassila 03 Archan K Basu 99 Bruce B Bates 54 Luca Battaglini 89 Christopher Bauserman 03 John C Bay 87 Kent Bayazitoglu 03 Brent R Beabout 02 Donovan R Beachley 49 Cyrus H Beagley 02 Robert B Bean 03 Daniel B Beardslee 86 Isabel C Becerra 00 William J Beckeman 87 John J Becker 85 David J Beecy 63 Julius J Bellaschi 58 Gil Ben-Simon 03 Jason Bergstrom 03 Lisa W Bertelson 86 Alberto Bettoli 03 Vinay Bhargava 99 Nihal M Bhujle 03 Michael I Birnberg 88 Kristin Bischoff 03 Scott I Blanksteen 99 Melvin H Blitz 57 Beverly J Bockus 96 David L Bodde 73 Jarold W Boettcher 66 Carol L Bogin 79 David C Bolocan 92 Stephen E Bonder 01 Anthony R Booth 70 Dexter L Borbe 03 James B Borden 52 Laurent Bossard 94 Mary Jo Bovich 84 Peter B Bowman 73 Stephen J Boxer 91 Jeffrey J Brady 97 Cornell L Brantley 99 Christopher J Braun 96 Hugo E Braun 85 Stewart Brazil 03 Scott M Brazina 89 Judith A Breisch 81 Roger E Breisch 81 Lisa G Brennan 91 Joseph R Brenner 57 David H Bridge 84 Robert E Brierley 75 Stephen J Brogan 74 P M Brook 94 Jack L Brown 68 Kenneth C Browning 68 Martin Bruzone 03

Ronald C Buehner 62 John Buhl 01 William Bule 95 Hans P Bunaes 87 Jane M Burnat Deutsch 84 Elizabeth Burns 03 Patrick A Burns 78 Scott A Burns 02 Diana M Burton 79 Orlando A Bustos 99 Lisa Butler 90 William H Byrn 68 Victor R Cabrera 60 Denis R Cagna 87 David Calle 92 Manuel T Campos Spoor 85 Rodrigo J Canales 03 Adrian Cano Cuevas 03 Ambrosio L Cantada 02 Frank P Carbin 75 Kolleen E Carney Attonito 89 Jennifer P Carter 92 Richard J Carter 95 Kim J Cassady 73 Alessandro Castaldo 78 Vincent S Castellano 77 Imelda T Castro 00 Jerry M Cavaleri 82 Angel A Cedeno 01 Patrick D Centanni 81 Steven R Chaffin 94 Ruby R Chandy 89 Chaiyot Chanyam 93 Julie A Chapman 92 Tamara B Charm 01 Akash Chauhan 03 Sona Chawla 94 Jeffrey Chen 03 Philip C Chen 00 Sidney Y Chen 92 Jeffrey T Cheung 91 Thierry F Chevalley 91 Gladys Chevere 98 Chris W Chia 98 Sophia Y Chiang 96 Garretson W Chinn 68 Mano H Chinnaswamy 92 John R Chisholm 87 Nevin P Chitkara 97 Kwang Jong Cho 97 Theresa M Cho-Bergeron 93 Betty M Chow 85 Clara Chow 00 Oliver H Chow 97 Tine K Christensen 00 Jill A Christians 94 Susan K Christy 98 Jae W Chung 92 Carol M Clarke 85 Raymond F Clarke 85 Garrett Cochran 58 Jeremy M Cohen 88 Dieter J Cohrs 01 Elizabeth R Coley 87 Timothy D Conners 87

Allison W Conrad 02 Jeffrey J Conway 99 Walter T Conway 72 Peter A Cooperstein 81 Niall T Corrigan 02 Jennifer L Cotner 00 Emilio N Covarrubias 97 James J Crisanti 90 Paula B Cronin 77 Mary E Cross 80 Mark C Crowley 98 Lydia L Crowson 82 John L Cullivan 97 Joao L Cumerlato 00 John W Cuming 84 James E Curtis 67 Paul V Cusick 71 John A Dallen 75 Clifford L Danbe 78 Lydia H Dane 85 Miguel Dangond 03 Alan L Danzis 65 Carol J Darling Grant 83 Adil M Daruwala 96 Deepa R Daryanani 02 Audrey B Daum 88 Glen Davis 89 Stephen G Dawson 88 Francis M Days 98 Henri de Crouy-Chanel 74 Carlos A De Moraes 74 Susan M de Morais 84 Alexandre De Zagottis 01 Thomas C DeCanio 77 David J DeFrain 78 Ralf P Deltrap 00 Michael A deMarco 68 Michele F Demarest 79 Kenneth R DeNatale 89 Roland G Dennert 96 Steven P DeRaedt 83 Paulo S Derezende 00 Pamela D DeSmidt 81 Michael C D'Esopo 97 Priya Dewan 03 Giuseppe Di Bernardo 80 Carmine Di Palo 00 Peter F DiGiammarino 77 George T Dixon 70 Mark E Dmytruk 01 Douglas A Dodds 58 Stephen D Donahue 65 John F Donnelly 77 Kumar Doshi 03 Mark L Doughty 99


Elizabeth A Downie 88 Charles E Downing 58 Vijay G D'Silva 92 Peter L Duffy 00 Scott P Dulman 90 Kenneth S Durham 89 Antonio J Dutra 79 Jeffrey C Dyer 74 Robert H Eakins 90 Carleton C Ealy 83 Dion Edge 03 James B Edgerly 83 Dale C Edmunds 77 Mark H Edwards 79 Michelle T Eggert 98 Nina M Eigerman 93 Jon E Einsidler 74 Augustus Elmer 94 Ross J Ely 89 Kristin A Emy 99 Samuel Epee-Bounya 03 Raymond J Epich 54 Ellen D Erhardt 87 Jose L Espinel 99 Kenneth W Estridge 68 Jan M Faber 99 John G Fallon 69 Leon Fattal 65 Russell B Faucett 71 Frank Feist 97 Richard A Ferraro 82 R B Fifer 71 Olga Filippova 03 Edward J Filusch 75 Douglas L Finke 81 Suzanne G Finnigan-Ely 88 Richard L Fischer 84 James P Flanigon 99 Shelby A Fleck 89 Steven P Fogel 83 Dennis E Follmer 97 Margaret D Follmer 98 Robert M Fortson 74 Elizabeth Fosnight 02 John B Fosseen 74 Alessandro C Fracassi 98 Jordan M Frank 00 Robert S Franklin 80 Timothy C Fredel 85 Martin E Frederick 01 Scott T Frederick 90 Joan S Freedman 85 Mark E Freiheit 01 James R Frick 78 Mark D Friedman 89 Jacob Friis 90 Genevieve T Frost 82 Federico Fuchs 99 Daniel D Fuhrman 87 Kakuichiro Fujiyama 58 Masahiko Fukasawa 93 Mei L Fung 83 Christopher F Furlong 97 Aaron D Fyke 02 Joseph L Gagan 62

Lawrence J Gage 99 David G Gagnon 03 Patricia Gagnon 03 Joshua I Galper 00 Yuan Gao 03 Isabel V Garcia Leiva 03 J M Gardiner 94 Kerry F Gardiner 88 Lynn Garland 85 Lawrence W Garrett 69 Patrick J Garrett 86 David S Gee 78 Paolo Gencarelli 03 Judith K Geschwind 75 Asim Ghaffar 03 Joseph A Gigantelli 00 Robert R Gilbert 84 R S Gill 98 Richard B Gillett 52 Mark P Gilman 73 Virginia M Gilmour 84 Joseph Gioioso 92 Thomas K Glennan 59 Dianne M Glennon 85 Ernest I Glickman 64 Eileen G Glovsky 91 Jorge H Goez-Sierra 77 Clark M Goff 95 Franklin H Gold 82 Devra I Goldberg 98 Josette C Goldish 84 Jason B Goldstein 98 Marjorie M Golub 79 William G Golush 78 Leopoldo Gonzalez 98 Burwell B Goode 76 Lisa G Gordon 94 Elizabeth L Gorman 93 Margo R Gorra-Stockman 98 Martin M Gottlieb 90 Adrian Gottschalk 03 Eric Graber-Lopez 02 Paul D Grabscheid 78 Edward J Gramer 98 Laura L Granahan 97 Douglas Grant 03 Thomas J Gratzek 84 Sarah L Green 78 Daniel S Greenberg 95 Debra Greenberg 78 Jessica A Greenfield 97 Robert W Gref 87 Heidi M Grenek 00 Kaj Grichnik 93 Steven J Grossman 69 Melvin K Grosz 68 Richard H Grueter 78 Anil Gupta 02 Andrew R Gurbaxani 91 Paul R Haas 55 Howard L Hales 80 Edward C Hall 88 Michael J Halloran 83 Richard J Hamlin 56 Robert L Hamman 54

Donald E Hammer 58 Anne H Hammett 80 Philip R Hampson 88 Matthew Handel 91 Karl D Handelsman 92 Maia A Hansen 98 Masaki Harada 93 David B Harelick 02 Julie L Harford 98 John F Harkness 64 Kris R Harper 02 Eugene W Harris 90 Nathaniel Harrison 03 Mark R Harsch 84 Nanette E Hartley 81 Francis M Hawkings 85 William M Hawkins 71 Carla J Heaton 85 John Hebert 03 Olivia Hecht 95 Carrie Heilweil 03 Olivier J Helleboid 79 Peter Helling 00 Edward J Hennessy 88 Maarten K Herrebrugh 98 Ahron B Herring 02 Judith W Hertzberg 77 John E Hervey 00 Jorge F Hidalgo 92 James F Higgins 94 David G Hill 67 Donald M Hill 87 Steven L Hill 97 David J Hitsky 01 Eric F Hjerpe 93 Creighton G Hoffman 70 Warren S Hoffman 63 Charles C Holcomb 75 Seth C Hollander 92 Ted R Hollenberg 77 Yoshitaka Hombo 93 Douglas J Honnold 83 David R Hooke 87 Karen S Horkitz 93 Michael J Horn 81 Paula R Horowitz 95 Masahiro Hosomi 92 Seiichi Hosotani 97 Jeffrey R Hotchkiss 71 John P Houston 94 Michael J Houston 89 Paul A Howard 92 George F Howland 59 John H Hubbard 63 Mark A Hughes 03 Christopher P Huisinga 93 Robert D Hulse 68 Paul R Hummel 97 Robert F Hunter 64 Francis S Huntowski 90 Jennifer Hurwitz 83 John W Hussey 77 Carles Iborra 01 Yasuo Ichiya 93 Yoshihisa Ikurumi 00

Takeshi Ishiga 93 Barry H Jacobson 84 Jeremy C Jaffe 87 Andres H Jalfen 02 Kerry A James 01 Christine J Jantz 99 Craig M Jarchow 99 Timothy O Jarrett 02 Christopher W Jenkins 86 Linda A Jensen 79 Xiao-Hong Jiang 88 Michael Jimenez 77 Pavitra Jindahra 98 Krit Jitjang 98 Daniel E Joensen 93 Philip L Johnson 74 Scott M Johnson 96 Hendon R Johnston 67 Clinton M Jones 58 Martha R Jones 87 Norman W Jones 01 Sue C Jones 75 Jaeki Jung 03 Peter N Kacandes 97 Barbara D Kafka 77 Steven A Kahan 83 Lawrence R Kahn 81 Wendy B Kahn 98 Joern Kallmeyer 03 Claire L Kapilow 78 Bryna Kaplan 03 Ellen S Karp 72 Panop Kasemsarn 98 Michael Kasinkas 82 Jeffrey S Kasten 99 Diane B Katz 83 Gerald M Katz 72 James A Katzen 03 Jonathan L Kaufman 97 Marie E Kaufman 83 Rintaro Kawai 92 Margaret A Kean 93 David M Keay 52 James B Keeler 81 Walter L Kehoe 96 Douglas A Kelly 79 Mushtaq A Khan 87 Roger G King 82 John J Kinley 50 Christopher Kirk 03 Rebecca Kirk 02 Eileen R Kleiman 83 Gregory A Kleiner 98 Peter C Klosowicz 81 Carmen Knoepffler Cesar 79 Alma L Koch 72 Kristen E Koehler 02 Frank J Kofron 67 Curt P Kohlberg 82 Yukihiko Komatsuzaki 85 Frederick L Konopka 90 Jennifer Koop 03 Edward E Koval 92 Roberta L Kowalishin 94 John F Krafcik 88



Howard S Krasnow 58 Scott D Krentzman 96 Sidney A Kriger 89 Sujeesh Krishnan 03 Noah J Kroloff 90 Bernard Kupferschmid 56 Andreas Kurzlechner 03 Ilan Kusiatin 73 John J Kwiatek 81 Larry A La Franchi 71 Ye-Hsiang Lai 93 Luis M Lalanne 00 Kishore Lall 73 David J Lam 00 Vered A Lamerton 03 Ezra U Lang-Carrasquillo 99 Stephen P Langhans 83 Alvin D Lao 97 Sara A LaPorta 90 Niels O Larsen 69 Spencer H Larson 89 Cynthia Lavoie 88 Jean C Lavoie 65 Patrick Le Feuvre 80 John P Leahy 62 Wilder J Leavitt 95 Eugene Lee 96 Monica Lee 94 Richard Lee 03 Susan Lee 00 Yoong Il Lee 98 Rod K Lehman 88 Stephen E Leichtman 86 Robert P Lensch 83 Craig Lentz 71 Richard A Levine 63 Sydney P Levine 62 Stacey J Levy 97 Chian Der D Liang 98 John A Liberatore 70 Roger J Liberman 84 James K Ligh 76 Phillip Lin 03 James W Litchfield 73 Lindsay L Livengood 49 Richard S Livingston 84 Luis A Llanos 94 Ralf Loehrl 99 Sara J Long 78 Jeffrey M Looby 98 Antonio Lopez Torrero 96 Rosamond Lu 00 Robert J Luck 89 Alison Lueders 84 Kjell J Lundal 01 Gerald S Lutes 74 Christopher J Lyons 97 Ewout A Maaskant 98 Haruyoshi Mabuchi 88 Bruce A MacDonald 57 Ripley MacDonald 03 Scott C MacDonald 94 John R Macheras 86 Edwin R MacKethan 64 Cameron Mackey 03

Thomas D MacMullin 92 Maurice E Maertens 66 Susan A Mahoney 01 Shunichi Makita 01 David Malpica 00 Nicholas W Manganaro 84 Frank P Manley 69 Rodney D Mann 87 Anthony M Marciano 88 David M Marieni 82 Sonia J Marin De Gonzalez 99 Lesley E Markman 72 Michael J Markovits 85 David Marsh 74 Philip R Marsilius 48 Jocelyn Martich 81 Juan P Martignone 94 John C Martin 83 Thomas H Martzloff 49 Joaquin Mascaro Beneyto 03 Michael Mascia 03 Stephen A Massey 72 Anthony T Materna 79 Kenji Matsubara 97 Thomas L Mays 77 Nathan D McBean 80 R B McBratney 89 Leslie L McCafferty 90 Shelia Y McCann 79 Jill McCarthy 99 Jeffrey A McCutcheon 01 Mark E McDonough 90 James H McGraw 53 John D McGraw 80 Michael G McGuire 73 Timothy P McKeown 96 Kevin B McLellan 02 John P McNichols 79 Wade P Mears 85 David W Medeiros 83 David R Medrow 98 Meera Mehta 02 Ross M Meisner 97 Sherief M Meleis 97 Mauricio J Melzi 99 Steven M Mendelsohn 71 Roy A Mendoza 98 Walter R Menning 70 Richard A Michaelson 77 Susan E Minch 00 Heather M Mitchell 00 Lauri A Mitchell 78 Ryosuke Mizouchi 88 Frank A Mizuno 83 Don P Moehrke 63 Kwan Yat Mok 98 Charles R Monet 73 James L Monroe 85 Karin B Monsler 00 Donald Monson 03 Karen A Monteiro 97 Lorenzo Montesi 03 Nancy N Monti 75 Colleen P Moore 98 Richard C Moore 92

Amey D Moot 91 Daniel Morales 03 Fatemeh N Moussavi 01 Sebastien Mullot 99 Margaret A Mundy 79 Donald V Murphey 74 George Mussalli 00 Robert C Musser 64 Keiko Nagata 98 Susan M Najjar 99 Takeshi Nakamura 97 Akihiko Nakaoka 95 Milton Namiot 61 Monica Naranjo 01 George A Narcavage 68 William D Neal 73 Paul M Ness 80 Kenneth M Neuhaus 78 Milton R Neuman 51 David Nguyen 03 Gia-Khanh Nguyen 93 Kristin N Nixon-Donahue 99 Kyongsoo Noh 00 Terrence W Norchi 96 Ole C Nord 62 Frode Nordhoy 62 Joseph A Nordstrom 47 Tomas Nores 97 Dana R Norris 88 William M Nuckols 65 Tara O'Grady 03 Lydia A O'Neil 96 Oliver D Oakes 90 Suzanne C Oakley 95 Peter Obdeijn 03 Thomas H O'Connor 98 Kolawole Olofinboba 03 Christopher D Olson 83 Paul G O'Malley 91 Sean M O'Malley 98 Norman K Orida 88 David S Orlin 89 Enrique Ortiz 99 Carol M Osborne 98 Vladimir Otchere 93 David W Packer 93 Richard J Packwood 89 Sean S Padgett 98 Laura D Paglione 99 Anurag Pandit 88 Anand S Parikh 88 Anita C Parillo Shine 90 Christopher O Park 97 Charles S Parker 85 Kenneth Parkhill 03 Scott H Parrish 87 Alan Pasnik 73 Peter Pavlina 92 Michael H Payson 61 James W Pennito 99 Ana Paula Pereira 03 Bruce W Perlstein 81 Jorge R Peschiera 75 K S Peskin 89 Mary G Peters 76

Curt D Petrucelli 90 Jay R Petschek 82 Eleanor D Phillips 77 Federica Pievani 03 Gladys G Pitha 76 John W Pitts 76 Laurent J Plantier 98 Eric J Plugis 82 John N Poole 84 Susan B Poulin 84 Melanie E Powers 77 Sutikshan Prakash 68 Dennis G Pratt 86 Earle W Pratt 97 Christopher H Price 87 Christopher H Prince 98 Mark R Proft 88 Katrina B Pugh 96 Paul T Pureka 70 Terdsongchai Putthisri 98 David R Pye 78 James F Quance 66 Janet L Quigley Clay 93 Vijay Rajamani 95 Gokul Rajaram 01 Kali A Ramachandran 89 Fernando L Ramirez 02 James E Rand 71 Subramanian Rangan 88 Sivakumar Ravikumar 03 Pramud Rawat 61 Carol L Raynaud de Lage 88 James A Read 80 James E Reed 94 Christopher M Regan 89 Marina Regelman 03 Philippe B Regnault 00 Pamela A Reid 83 Michael P Rhattigan 99 Matthew Rhoden 02 Claudio U Ribeiro 99 J J Richard 64 William D Richard 62 Margaret W Richebourg 79 Michael L Richter 71 Gonzalo A Rios 98 Henry B Robbins 63 Laurence G Robbins 68 Jill W Roberts 92 Mitchell J Roberts 92 Michael D Robinson 78 Sarah F Robinson 80 William H Roege 83 Kerry Roemer 03 Michael G Rogol 00 Tania J Romanoff 94 Thomas R Rosen 87 Stephen G Rosenblatt 98 Mark K Rosenfeld 70 Eric Rosoff 67 Donald J Ross 58 Todd D Rosseau 96 Arnold J Rothstein 51 Melinda A Rothstein 01 Amy E Rowe 95


Campbell G Rowe 02 David J Rubin 73 David M Rubin 80 Jason S Rubin 84 Andy A Rubinson 02 John D Rudolph 73 Ridwan D Rusli 93 Charles H Rutledge 92 Donald R Rutledge 98 Kyeong-Pyo Ryu 00 Jody L Saarmaa 90 Stanley B Sachar 65 Lawrence Salba 67 Michael R Salter 87 Pedro Sanchez-Llado 93 Samir Sanghani 03 Gordon W Sangster 53 Hakeem O Sanusi 01 Michel Sara 92 Emilio Sardi 66 Robert L Sarno 83 Priscilla L Sato 02 Alexander Savich 86 David B Sayles 83 John H Scaife 93 Michael A Schiff 69 Jonell E Schlund 88 Robert A Schmitz 65 Andrew G Schneider 94 Mark H Schneider 78 Laurence P Schoen 72 Robert Scholtz 02 Paul N Schregel 64 Deborah F Schreiber 83 Paul M Schumacher 71 Michael G Schwartz 03 Michael R Scoufarides 79 Bernard Scozzafava 89 Eric C Seale 86 Paul D Seigle 98 John T Selldorff 59 Linda P Senne 77 Serghios S Serghiou 78 Ian Shaffer 03 Mamta R Shah 96 Alexander T Shang 83 Bernard Shapiro 58 Steven E Shapiro 75 Edward R Sharp 89 Martha G Sheats 95 Timothy J Sherbak 93 Rosemarie R Shield 86 Hiroshi Shimokawa 91 Harvey H Shore 63 Jo Shute 78 Herbert L Shuttleworth 37 Wesley Shuttleworth 89 Max A Sichel 98 Jan H Siderius 88 David L Siegel 88 Matthew D Siegel 97 Ellen C Siever 77 Alan Silver 70 Charles A Simberg 62 Simen Vier Simensen 85

Marshall C Simon 64 Donald C Simonson 97 Ronni K Skerker 89 Scott H Slate 82 Mark Slater 94 Charles N Smart 79 Carol L Smith 92 Donald W Smith 99 Kevin P Smith 98 Linda K Smith 79 Rene A Smith 78 Stephen M Smith 75 Thomas A Smith 78 Sang H Sohn 77 R S Solanot 92 Kirk A Solo 97 Perry S Solomon 98 Joanne F Sonin 03 Stephanie Sonnabend 79 Tanaz Sowdagar 03 Eric Spaly 03 Bradley E Sparks 75 Robert Spork 03 Krishnamurthy V Srinivasan 88 Thomas M St. Clair 58 Linda L Stack 74 Robert K Stafford 91 David A Stahlman 97 John W Starke 68 Matthew D Steele 81 Frederick N Stefany 93 Christopher L Steffens 91 Jeffrey A Steinberg 91 W M Steinfort 97 John G Stephens 86 Martin Steverlynck 98 Stephen C Stickells 80 Laura E Stiglin 83 Kathy K Stokes 93 Paul Strasma 02 Martin R Strasmore 73 Judy E Strauss Mast 85 Lawrence I Strauss 88 Michael S Strickland 83 Thomas L Strother 84 James E Stuart 58 Constance L Stubbs 79 David Subak-Sharpe 98 Yoshirou Sugiyama 89 Julienne S Suh 99 Mark P Sullivan 80 Susan M Sullivan 98 Andrew J Sumberg 84 Janet C Sun 92 Don H Swartz 69 Michele M Sweeney 92 Masayuki Tada 93 Robert F Tagiuri 99 Cosmo Takamatsu 91 Marc P Tamres 98 Christine Tan 97 Stephanie H Tan 98 Rungtip Tangkulwarodom 98 Kamran Tavangar 91 Carol M Taylor 82

Conrad W Taylor 81 Orlando C Taylor 01 David Teplow 62 David J Terzian 88 Lee J Tesconi 83 Debra A Tessier 83 Carolyn A Theodore 90 Rachel Theran 03 John C Thompson 91 Davis P Thurber 48 Timothy Tien 02 Emmanuel Tiliakos 79 Julian C Ting 00 Brian Toll 01 Richard B Toothill 99 Jill Q Tran 94 Crystal L Trexel 99

John G Trump 67 Stephen J Tsuei 88 Sharon E Tucker Poole 84 Lisa J Turbessi 89 Jeffrey F Uller 03 Jacqueline T Underberg 01 Ichiro Unoki 91 Philip A Untersee 57 Luis A Valencia 93 Adriaan M van den Bergh 70 Henk Van Duynhoven 96 Adrian Van Meerbeeck 03 John Van Opdorp 88 Philip E Van Overberghe 97 Guy M Vancollie 83 Howard W Vange 51 Francisco E Varela 99 Mark W Verbrugge 97 Sanjeev Verma 97 David L Verrill 87 Christopher A Vinckier 03 Jens P Voges 02 Nils Vogth-Erikson 78 Alexander Voigt 96 Michael Volpe 03 Marcus A Von Kapff 93 Jyothi Vourganti 00 Madeleine Waechter 98 Bernd Wagner 03 Matthias Wagner 98 Herbert A Wainer 65 Susan G Wake 80 Geoffrey H Wall 88 Kent A Wallgren 88 Ralph B Walson 67 Ying Wan 97

Alex L Wang 99 Douglas Y Wang 85 Gary J Wang 96 Hong Wang 01 Martin R Wank 58 Douglas F Ward 66 Henry L Waszkowski 73 Hironori Watase 94 William Watt 58 Jonathan L Way 63 Cynthia A Weaver 02 Deslie Webb 95 Sven A Wehrwein 80 Paula A Weigel 94 Henry B Weil 67 Robert Weintraub 02 Ian S Weir 74 Susan B Weisenbeck 91 Lawrence A Weiss 68 Thomas G Weld 88 James P Weldon 87 Gillett T Welles 63 Russell A Wenger 90 Aaron Westrick 03 David M Wexler 74 Erskine N White 49 Glenn M White 99 Gordon K White 69 Michael R White 02 Jeffrey C Wickham 84 John D Wigodsky 73 Harrison Williams 78 Jeffrey S Williams 99 Stephen J Williams 71 Donna C Williamson 76 Carol A Willing 89 Thomas M Wilsack 92 Kendall W Wilson 71 Robert A Wilson 03 David A Windsor 99 Jeffrey M Witzburg 74 Mark W Wohlfarth 00 Joao Woiler 01 Brian K Wolahan 87 Harry Wolf 78 Michelle S Wolf 88 Sherri L Wolf 94 Richard J Wollensak 58 Terence Wong 93 Wilkie Wong 00 Lauren Wu 99 Stacey Y Wu 94 Frederick A Wysk 01 Yingli Xie 01 Huazhang Xu 03 Marc Yagjian 83 Kayo Yamamura 82 Tsukasa Yamashita 91 Jun Yan 98 Andrew T Yang 95 Keelan K Yang 02 Anthony D Yannatta 01 Hiroko Yashiro 93 Martin J Yates 73 Jacqueline E Yeaney 96



Hagit Yerushalmi 99 Hiroaki Yokoyama 91 Justin L Youngblood 02 Darcy M Ytterdahl 95 Aline C Yu 93 Elizabeth H Yu 98 Gregory F Zaic 72 Jean Paul Zalaquett 95 Stanley Zalkind 64 Gavin C Zau 93 Yu Zhang 03 Lan Zhou 02 David R Zibbell 63 Troy J Ziegler 96 Brian P Zilvitis 96 Ronald J Zlatoper 75 M C Zwerling 85

Benjamin D Siebach 98 Eric G Stubee 93 Andrew M Terry 00 Kathryn L Whiting 92 Kemp B Wills 91 James A Wolters 00 Management of Technology Program Hitoshi Adachi 95 Michael J Bass 00 Kristian Bjorneboe 99 Elliot S Blackman 82 Robert L Capell 88 Rajiv Chamraj 00 Albert C Chin 02 Remolo Ciola-Filho 87 Christopher L Clay 01 Barbara J Corning-Davis 01 Roberto Cremonini 94 Ghaleb H Daouk 91 Robert S Donahue 00 Robert L Doucet 99 Lisa M Festa 99 Roger S Foster 98 Dale I Freelove 99 Takaki Fujiwara 98 Roberto Gregori 93 Leon I Grekin-Rosenblitt 99 John Hallal 85 Lyle L Hart 92 Guy T Hatch 94 Solomon Israel 92 Alex Karpovsky 91 Toshiro Kawahara 02 Jun Ke 01 Le Kha 00 Masahiro Kimura 95 Anita M Kirkpatrick 85 Shalom Kopelman 94 Grant F Lenahan 89 Patricia Lopes 98 Kenneth E Lownie 00 Roman M Lubynsky 89 Robert W McCracken 86 Akio Mitsufuji 89 B D Murphy 88 William J Narin 99 Hiroyuki Ogawa 91 Tomoyuki Oya 00 Ismael Perera 90 Lisa M Shaler-Clark 02 Myung-Jin Soh 01 Mark P Taylor 91 Thomas Varghese 99 Bruce R Wolfeld 99 Edward Y Wong 91 Carl D Wright 91 Systems Design and Management Program Michael H Ambrose 00 Jean M Ellefson 01 Jerrold I Lavine 00 Theodore R Maeurer 99 Habs M Moy 00 Anupam Sahai 00

Leaders for Manufacturing Lindsay N Anderson 93 Todd H Becker 91 Thomas A Black 90 Roberta M Braum 99 Matthew F Bromberg 00 Caryl B Brown 95 James B Burke 96 Jay C Burkholder 98 Douglas S Cesiel 93 Mark S Coggin 95 Robert M Coleman 91 Elisabetta Cortesi 98 Erol Erturk 91 Jamie W Flinchbaugh 98 Lynn A Foley 93 Mary E Gallahue 91 Kenneth S Gayer 98 Emanuele F Gillio 02 Christine J Graham 92 Steven R Harman 97 Harold S Hilbert 98 William B Householder 96 Vincent E Hummel 00 William C Jackson 02 Suparna B Kadam 02 Brian J Kelly 96 Richard A Krueger 90 James W Lawton 90 Mark E Lundstrom 93 Hiep T Nguyen 02 Lawrence R Oliver 94 Gurumurthi Ravishankar 94 Mark D Scott 02

Sloan Fellows Program Belinda H Adams 90 Alain R Aerni 94 Anthony J Ahern 86 William O Albertini 82 Richard A Alston 90 William B Andrews 64 Makoto Aoki 87 Felipe Aransaenz 90 Robert P Arnold 69 Tommy C Bannister 77 George W Bates 62 Millard T Battles 69 William L Bauhard 85 Charles F Baxter 72 Anita J Bizzotto 99 Rolando Bottler Giles 96 Richmond W Bourne 84 Charles S Brown 92 John P Casey 90 Fong-Long Chen 96 Peter E Chenard 97 Robert P Clagett 67 Fredric S Cohen 76 Charles M Cutler 89 Horace M Davis 68 Nicholas D De Pasquale 71 Armen Der Marderosian 75 Dorothy B Derick 81 Alphonso V Diaz 86 Chester W Diercks 62 William E Dirkes 61 Robert L Dorn 69 Leete P Doty 50 John P Eberhard 59 John A Ellis 69 Carl A Erikson 90 Peter D Fenner 75 Robert E Fenton 77 Alfred E Fernald 55 Kathleen A Fickle 86 Elmer L Field 66 Henry E Fish 61 Walter Fisher 64 Patrick T Flynn 86 Gary E Frashier 70 William G Frederick 80 Thomas A Gales 98 William A Garrett 76 Brian J Geraghty 78 Lloyd H Glick 87 Gustavo F Gomes 96 Philip J Gow 55 David S Greenlaw 57 Jerome A Halperin 74 Richard D Hansen 80 John G Hart 61 Elizabeth M Hastings 78 Alan F Haycraft 68 Douglas R Hellstrom 73 Neil A Holmberg 65 Merrill Holpert 60 Michael S Holtcamp 74 Shinichi M Hori 01 Stephen H Howell 66

Robert E Huber 61 Roosevelt Jones 70 Wallace T Kido 85 Martin P Kress 95 John G LaHue 87 Lily K Lai 83 Georges C Lammoglia 93 Witt I Langstaff 65 Robert L Lord 66 Susan H Lotz 75 Robert C Luscomb 70 Gerrit V Lydecker 66 Donald W Male 58 Jeffery C Martin 91 Cathy-Ann Martine-Dolecki 94 Philippe G Masson 71 Timothy J McCarthy 81 James R McFarland 90 William P McGuire 58 David R McLellan 74 Irwin D Miller 66 Licio A Minvielle-Lagos 95 John H Mitchell 57 Joseph A Mix 65 Julie S Moore 01 Robert S Mullaney 61 Robert A Nafis 65 Nicholas J Neuhausel 91 Oswald Newell 56 Tsuyoshi Noma 84 Charles A Norman 69 Ronald W O'Connor 71 P K Packard 71 Jeffrey B Pantages 97 Robert M Pedraglia 67 Thomas M Perdue 78 Calvin H Perrine 68 Ann S Peterson 80 Carl D Peterson 72 Ralph L Pickard 66 Donald G Raymer 60 Michael J Redmond 92 Edgar A Reed 93 Clayton D Register 91 Richard G Rhoades 77 Roger M Richmond Smith 80 Seth H Robbins 92 Gerald S Rosenfelder 67 Franklin J Ross 59 Stephen J Sacca 90 Viney Sawhney 94 Virgal L Schad 58 Mary B Schaefer 90 Raymond J Schultz 62 Robert J Schwinghamer 68 David S Scotch 77 Margaret E Senturia 85 Susan C Shackford 94 James W Shaw 80 Peter D Smith 67 Spencer E Smith 63 Norris P Sneed 99 Robert E Spitzer 78 Robert L Swain 71 Carl E Swearingen 85


Keiji Tachikawa 78 Gerald L Tavis 72 Charles M Thomas 55 Paul M Thomson 97 Diana W Tremblay 90 Chih-Hong Tsai 98 Nelson T Tsao-Wu 84 Edgar A Vaughn 70 Paul E Vogel 90 Douglas E Walker 95 Peter Wallack 55 Franklin Walter 59 Claudia P Wells 96 William S Wheeler 54 Gus J White 88 John D White 71 Calhoun W Wick 75 Francis A Wiesner 71 Kent H Williams 84 Walter D Williams 72 Carl J Willis 88 Raymond F Winch 59 Fred S Wojtalik 69 Russell C Youngdahl 63 Milton A Zimmerman 60 Bachelors Anita M Barci 98 Walter T Blake 37 Jimmy Chow 93 Lawrence S Gordon 78 Brian D Lee 98 Gordon W Moore 60 Steven P Ralston 75 James H Schattinger 59 Bryna L Shiau 97 Quinn A Solem 59 Laurence A Stone 35 C P Svahn 63 Francis D Tuggle 64 Henry Warner 48 John W White 44 Carl Zeitz 42 Senior Executives Otto Berner 79 Ifigenia A Boulogiane 77 Howell A Breedlove 76 R D Buchanan 89 John J Carey 88 Robert W Child 69 Paul M Cofoni 88 Leon D Crossman 78 Donald B Davis 64 Peter De Mayo 81 Donald D Dea 88 Norihide Eguchi 91 Harvard D Elverum 68 Roberto Giannini 81 Jean-Pierre Y Gillard 85 George W Hall 90 M L Hibbs 90 Dale E Johnson 85 Jack W Johnson 82 Gai Kobayashi 83 Chiswell D Langhorne 79 Jesse R Lien 67

Stanley E McGinley 79 James B Morris 75 William H Muloin 71 Roger P Onorati 81 Gilberto Pinzon 91 Walter H Rambousek 93 Donald E Ridley 75 George Rieveschl 56 Peter A Rosenbladt 88 Hugo T Ruberg 70 William G Scheerer 83 Patrick J Scollard 76 William R Shover 89 Edward F Sise 84 Noel E Stasel 73 Robert L Thompson 91 Other MIT Alumni and Friends Anonymous Philip Bragar 48 EC Lee R Brettman 69 LI Stephen Deutsch GM 77 A Jonath 61 AA David H Kim AR 97 Premdev S Malik 82 AR Felix S Partow 87 MA Henry L Schmitz Jr 55 CE John W van der Meer III 73 EE Ronald J Weigel 80 CH

Sophie Louvel 03 Praful Mittal 03 Melody Nelson 03 Charles A Page 02 Elena Pajarin 03 Michael Parduhn 02 Alvaro Perez de Lema 03 Prasenjit Phukan 02 Jon G Retzlaff 02 Piedad Rodriguez 03 Craig Rottenberg 03 Leora Schiff 03 David A Silverstein 01 Alejandro Simkievich 03 Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade 03 Jay N Thompson 02 Patricia A Webb 99 Jiecong Yu 03

Management of Technology Program Victor V Boksha 00 Allen M Marcum 01 Systems Design and Management Program Sylvie N Bokshorn 01 Ambrose M Kam 02 Mitzi-Ann M Mori 02 Joanne T Woestman 00 Bachelors Yusuf Capar 00 Brian T Degnan 02 Other MIT Alumni and Friends Jaymee L Johnson 99 ME



The following is a list of corporations, corporate and individual foundations, and trusts that donated $5,000 or more to the MIT Sloan School of Management in fiscal year 2003.


The funding supports a variety of student clubs and activities, special MIT Sloan programs, including scholarships and fellowships and large geographically based education initiatives.

Contributors of $1 - $99 Doctoral Program Natalia Levina 01 George M Wyner 00 Master and MBA Programs Todd Alwart 03 Tomer Amit 03 Davide Arpili 03 Malee Asavathiratham 02 Sean M Athans 03 Lara Berkowitz 02 Erin M Bigley 03 Adam Brady-Myerov 02 Mark A Bulkeley 01 Marta Byczkowska 02 Lawrence Chiang 03 Charles D Ebersole 01 Joshua Epstein 03 Mercedes Goenaga 03 Joshua Gold 03 Rui Gu 03 Andrew T Henshon 02 Jason W Holman 01 Maria-Magdalena Iordache 02 George A Karayiannakis 02 Kenneth M Khouri 02 Michael Kim 03 Theodore Kim 03 Philip G Kong 02 Sharad Kukreti 03 Renee Kuo Burnside 03 Gregory N Leidner 02 Stanford M Lin 02

Bain & Company Bain Capital Holdings LLC Batterymarch Financial Management Beaucourt Foundation Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc Boston Consulting Group Inc Boston Private Bank & Trust Co Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels LLP Cabot Corporation Annie E Casey Foundation Inc Citigroup Foundation Citigroup Private Bank Darby Overseas Investments Ltd Exxon Mobil Corporation Fidelity Ventures Flagship Ventures Management Inc General Motors Foundation Inc Goldman Sachs & Company Hale and Dorr Hamilton Sundstrand Hewlett-Packard Company IF Communicating Art Co Ltd Intel Corporation IBM International Flavors & Fragrances JP Morgan Chase Foundation Kodiak Venture Partners Lingnan (University) College

MasterCard International McKinsey & Company Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch Mitsui & Co Ltd Motorola Ventures NTT DoCoMo Inc Maurice Pechet Foundation Pfizer Inc Pitney Bowes Inc PolyTechnos Venture-Partners GmbH PricewaterhouseCoopers Princeton Review of Japan Richards Barry Joyce & Partners LLC Samsung Electronics America Inc Schlumberger Technology Corp Signal Lake Management LLC Alfred P Sloan Foundation Sprint Foundation Taylor Wessing TD Securities Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault LLP Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance The UPS Foundation Inc Verizon Wolf, Greenfield, & Sacks PC Zouk Ventures Ltd




MIT Sloan Alumni continue to support the School in record numbers with their most precious resource – their time. Over the past year nearly 2,000 MIT Sloan alumni have volunteered on over 2,700 separate occasions. These men and women have served as advisors to fellow alumni and current students, helping them advance their companies and careers. They have organized content-rich events with industry leading participants, and they manage MIT and Sloan Alumni clubs around the world. They ensure our annual reunions are successful and well attended, and they help encourage continued alumni financial support for MIT Sloan. They help the School attract the best and brightest new students and future alumni. They play a critical role in helping the school achieve its mission. Please take a moment to recognize them for their very valuable contributions.

The MIT Sloan Alumni Relations Office strives for accuracy in producing this list, which includes all volunteer activities from July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003. If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please contact the Office at 617-253-1557 or, or write the MIT Sloan Alumni Relations Office at 30 Memorial Drive, E60-300, Cambridge, MA 02142-1014.

Allan V Abelow 83 Darryl A Aberdein 94 Stanley C Abraham 68 Julia Abramovich 02 Gilberto D Abreu 01 Belinda H Adams 90 Nicholas J Adams 81 Oreoluwa A Adeyemi 01 Michael R Adler 66 Robert S Adu-Gyamfi 80 Divya A Agarwalla 02 Sara Agullo 99 Ryutaro R Aida 99 Leila Akbarian 99 Nobuo N Akiha 82 Amal Alayan 93 Arthur P Alexander 58 Gassan A Al-Kibsi 98 David W Allcott 80 Carrie E Allen 01 Thad W Allen 89 Abdullah Almarzouq 02 Eduardo Alvarez 00 Luis R Alvarez-Renta 74 Pongpun Amornvivat 02 Herbert S Amster 57 Darren P Amundson 00 Lambros G Anagnostopoulos 89 Lindsey C Anderson 79 Mark R Anderson 94 Paul N Anderson 48

Robert E Anderson 63 Nils-Erik Andersson 89 William B Andrews 64 Mary T Andruszkiewicz 97 Meredith C Applegate 98 Michael R Applin 82 Hitoshi Arai 95 Tetsuya Araki 93 Eduardo Arana 99 Felipe Aransaenz 90 Goban Arasu 90 Pierpaolo Arcangioli 97 Christopher C Argyrople 89 Michael S Ariens 54 Hitoshi Ariwaka 81 Carlos A Ariza 99 Fabio Lauretti Armani 01 Kenneth J Armstead 82 Kenneth S Arnold 88 Daniel N Aronson 99 Mark A Arvin 69 Sylvain E Asser 74 Mark G Atkeson 91 Antoinette K Atseva-Muti 94 Paul H Attridge 55 Arthur I Auer 52 Carlos F Autrey 70 John C Avallon 48 John C Avallon 75 Roberto A Awad 99 Folarin O Awokoya 80


Robert G Ayan 02 Armando Santacruz Baca 54 Cristen Camille Baca 02 Joaquin E Bacardi 98 Michael P Baer 92 William L Baggeroer 75 Muge Bahar 02 Robert M Bailey 99 Jean-Paul Bailly 70 Laurie Dean Baird 92 Benjamin P Baker 00 Thomas Baker 03 Gopinath Balasubramanian 85 Karl K Balbach 58 Daniel J Balkin 87 Gunther W Balz 53 James H Banister 51 Andrew R Bankert 99 Oree M Banks 02 Rodrigo J Navarro Banzer 97 Henry B Barg 73 Susan E Barnes 93 Deborah J Baron 95 Hugo B Barra 00 Roberto R Barrera 76 Rodolfo F Barrera 50 Sarah L Barrett 97 John W Barriger 49 Luis Barros 98 Marc J Bartel 91 Mary R Barton 98 Donna J Bastien 94 Susan W Bates 81 Gordon B Baty 63 Stephen W Batzell 86 Cyrus H Beagley 02 William H Bean 71 Daniel B Beardslee 86 William J Beckeman 87 Todd H Becker 91 Leo M Beckwith 35 Norman C Bedford 38 Douglas M Bell 87 Thomas L Bell 47 Afarin Bellisario 90 Jack A Belz 48 Arely Benavides 97 Sabine Bendiek 96 Lisa M Bendixen 80 Jaime A Benitez 92 William S Bennewitz 83 John T Bentley 75 Joel M Berez 81 Jeffery J Bergenthal 81 Gary L Bergstrom 68 Jason Bergstrom 03 Ira W Berk 86 Joan B Berkowitz 79 Jay M Berlove 53 Richard E Bernius 87 Ryan Berryman 01 Barry S Best 93 Guillermo E Bettati 98 Ricardo Betti 86

Mary A Beyster 90 Igor Beznos 94 Ubaldo C Bezoari 73 Amit Bhargava 96 Vinay Bhargava 99 Debasis Bhattacharya 87 Rani R Bhuva 03 Peter G Bier 98 Kanwarpal S Bindra 97 Joseph P Bisaccio 70 Thomas J Black 98 Curtis D Blaine 68 Ryan L Blanchette 94 Scott I Blanksteen 99 Brian E Blatnik 95 Eric P Blatte 96 Melvin H Blitz 57 Bruce A Blomstrom 62 Barry M Bloom 67 David J Bloomfield 57 Terry P Blumer 74 Beverly J Bockus 96 Paul W Bodet 97 Oliver C Boileau 64 Jacques Bojin 64 Sylvie N Bokshorn 01 Christopher P Bolster 93 Bruce R Bond 83 Marco Borla 01 Bruce A Bornstein 99 Roger S Borovoy 56 Gerardo A Borromeo 83 Elaine Cohen Bortman 91 Hunter H Bost 96 Gerard M Botteri 71 Albertos I Bourlas 01 Denis A Bovin 69 Stephen J Boxer 91 Charles M Boyd 97 Larry C Boyd 59 Osman F Boyner 01 Gary Brackenridge 97 Christopher J Bradbury 95 Nisa Bradley 02 Michael J Brand 79 Roberta Michelle Braum 99 Scott M Brazina 89 Douglas T Breeden 72 Joseph R Brenner 57 James E Brewer 00 Warren G Briggs 56 Kenneth S Brock 48 Enrique Brockmann 02 Marieke M Broek 99 Howard M Bronstone 90 Petrocelli Brooks 99 Mike Brose 62 Caryl B Brown 95 Haakon T. Brown 01 Jack L Brown 68 James L Brown 70 Robert C Brown 89 Sean E Brown 94 William Brown 77

David S Browne 78 Remi J Browne 85 Kenneth C Browning 68 Glenn R Brownstein 77 Howard P Bruck 77 Matthew H Bruck 96 Richard H Brudnick 80 Armand L Bruneau 38 Edwin F Brush 66 Arthur W Brusila 48 Charles A Buchanan 73 Renee M Buck 93 Leonard G Buckle 64 Natasha Q Buckley 97 William L Bucknall 80 Mario R Buenrostro 93 Jamie A Buller 98 James F Buonora 87 Jay C Burkholder 98 Curt K Burmeister 96 Gerald R Burns 88 Thomas G Burns 63 Renee Kuo Burnside 03 Marta Byczkowska 02 Stephen R Bylciw 93 William H Byrn 68 William J Byrne 70 Sarah S Cabot 85 Carlo R Cadet 97 Denis R Cagna 87 Daniel K Callahan 87 Donald S Callahan 58 Robert F Calman 67 Mauricio M Camargo 93 Kevin S Campbell 77 Robert H Campbell 78 Andres Campos 91 Dan Candea 77 Michael J Cangialosi 86 Luis Canizo 98 Adolfo E Canovi 96 Horacio J Caperan 97 Farrokh K Captain 68 Afonso Carbonar 02 Samuel P Card 40 Jorge H Cardenas 95 Julian A Carey 01 Camille L Carlstrom 00 Robert W Carney 99 Daniel A Carrier 70 Joseph D Carroll 91 Richard J Carter 95 Thomas P Caruso 84 Tereza Cristina Carvalho 02 Roberto Casas 93 Francesco Caselli 99 Carmen Goytre Castro 92 Imelda Tatiana Castro 00 Steve Cenko 64 Irvin Cernauskas 86 Manuel Cerqueiro 96 Rohini S Chakravarthy 99

Edward J Chalfie 70 Carol B Chan 76 David K Chan 98 David T Chan 02 Eric K Chan 02 Siu-Fung Chan 98 Timothy T Chan 75 Wing Chan 99 Colby H Chandler 63 Vijaya Chandru 82 Andy Chang 02 Esther E Chang 00 Jacqueline D Chang 00 Jimmy C Chang 02 Sabrina A Chang 00 Suk Whan Chang 87 Sivavong Changkasiri 60 Chaiyot Chanyam 93 Jack W Chao 99 Parkson Chao 92 Tony Chao 99 Geoffrey Chapin 02 Etienne Charlier 93 Angie M Chatman-Williams 88 Kwok-Wai H Chau 79 Michael P Chaudoin 91 Albert C Chen 91 Cindy C Chen 78 Dingli Chen 99 Rowland M Chen 83 Joanne Cheng 99 Chung Meng Cheong 00 Lucky C Cheong 99 Mark Cheshire 95 Danica Y Cheung 99 Jeffrey T Cheung 91 Lo-Hou Chew 88 Chris W Chia 98 Tom A Chien 78 Scott L Childers 01 Bernard Y Chin 94 Theresa T Chiueh 01 Hae-hyung H Cho 58 Theresa M Cho-Bergeron 93 Christine S Chon 97 Chaur-Ming Chou 95 Clara Chow 00 Oliver H Chow 97 Bangkok Chowkwanyun 74 Kevin G Christensen 95 Tine K Christensen 00 Jill A Christians 94 Anthony D Christie 98 Brian W Chu 01 Christine A Chu 88 Ronald W Chu 94 Shyne-Song Chuang 00 Celeste V Chung 94 James Chung 00 Mong Joon J Chung 80 Jose M Cisneros 82 James E Clark 81

Sandra M Clarke 90 Paul Clermont 66 Denise P Cline 85 Harriet J Cohen 95 Robert L Cohen 84 Sandra L Cohen 73 Walter G Cohen 97 Cynthia E Cole 79 Dana M Cole 02 Louis S Cole 89 Andre Colin 97 Richard G Collarini 72 Timothy J Collins 89 Robert J Colten 76 Gaston E Concha 95 Philip M Condit 75 Stephen C Cook 98 Alan P Cooke 97 Aileen H Cooper 89 Morgan H Cooper 47 Todd C Cooper 98 Graham Copeland 89 David A Coppe 01 Joan Coprio 87 Carolyn Corazo 02 Barbara J Corning-Davis 01 Enrique Garcia Corona 66 Robert J Corwin 74 Kathryn A Cosgrove 00 Thomas H Cosgrove 80 Quentin P Cote 94 Nicholas J Covatta 68 Aaron L Cowen 02 William R Cowen 81 Gary L Cowger 78 Christina Cragholm 03 Patricia A Craig 97 Patricia M Craig 84 Mark W Crane 79 Dionysios D Criticos 89 Walter R Crosby 81 Mary E Cross 80 James G Cullen 81 Joao l Cumerlato 00 Riccardo Cumerlato 02 Ernest A Cuni 98 Timothy R Cunningham 98 Linda S Cyprus 84 Glorybell Silhy Daboub 92 Lawrence W Dagate 74 Marcos G D'Agostini 76 Caleb A Dailey 98 Jason R Dailey 99 Abdul H Damirji 86 Joseph K Dana 39 Timothy F Dann 87 Alexander V d'Arbeloff 49 Swati Dasgupta 89 Audrey B Daum 88 E M Davidoff 75 Stuart E Davies 99 Christopher Davis 73

Craig R Davis 80 Harlan R Davis 75 David J Day 98 Francis M Days 98 Eelco De Jong 01 Jacques J de Saussure 78 Henrique Colin De Soarez 00 Pierre J de Weck 76 Janice V Dearlove 91 Earnest W Deavenport 85 Richard D deBronkart 72

Elizabeth W Debus 02 Rafael Del Pino 86 Mark A deLaar 02 Ralf P Deltrap 00 Michael A deMarco 68 Robert J Demartini 41 Rebecca Y Deng 03 Roland G Dennert 96 Robert A Dennis 71 Richard A Derbes 71 Paulo S Derezende 00 Stephen J Derezinski 90 Irwin H Derman 58 Paul R Des Jardins 38 Rajiv S Desai 94 Pierre D'Esclaibes 74 Michael C D'Esopo 97 Loren E Dessonville 75 Jane M Burnat Deutsch 84 Misha Dewan 99 Lorna Dewhirst 98 Mitali Dhar 99 Milton Cesar Teixeira Dias 99 Louis H Di Bona 52 Carmine Di Palo 00 Augusto L Dias Carneiro 72 Alexander F Diaz 97 Daniel Dibner 95 Markham A Dickson 47 Bruno P Didier 81 John L Diederich 71 Bert-Jaap Dijkstra 02 Alexander L Dingee 52 Ramon T Diokno 73 Gary J Dischel 61 M W Dix 73 Katherine C Dixon 00 Michael R Dixon 90



Michael D Dobson 00 Antonio T Docal 85 Douglas A Dodds 58 Giyora Doeh 58 James F Dondero 87 Michael P Donohue 87 James H Donovan 89 Kumar Doshi 03 Philip J Doucet 76 Andrew W Dougherty 01 Mark L Doughty 99 Bernard K Douthit 96 Edward Dowdell 03 Ning P Drako 94 Robert D Drescher 82 Michael A Drew 60 William G Drew 62 Alexander W Dreyfoos 54 Richard A Drossler 59 Philip N Duff 84 Peter A Dumanauw 00 Theodore E Dumbauld 83 James H Eacker 58 Bryan G Eagle 94 Fletcher Eaton 49 Jeffrey R Eaton 89 Hiroshi Ebihara 70 Inaki Ecenarro 01 Norman R Eckstein 68 Jeffrey S Eder 82 Dion Edge 03 James C Edgerton 68 Gouri Orekondy Edlich 99 Athena N Edmonds 84 Sydney G Edwards 96 Evangelos L Efstathiou 00 Betsy J Egan 96 Michelle T Eggert 98 Edward C Ehrlich 55 Maria Ehsan 97 Arnout Eikeboom 94 T Carolina Eiris 96 Edwin Elberg 00 Robert M Elkin 74 James D Elkind 89 Webb F Elkins 83 Jean S Elliott 97 David O Ellis 73 David R Ellis 68 James B Ellis 80 Stephen J Ellis 00 Sharon A Els 89 Richard M Elwyn 70

Lisa F English 84 Aldo C Enrici 80 Samuel Epee-Bounya 03 David H Epstein 88 Joshua Epstein 03 Sheldon L Epstein 61 Wendy E Erb 73 John H Erdman 75 Lawrence C Erdmann 66 Jesse D Erickson 53 Patricia C Erickson 78 Luis M Espinoza 99 Paula Esteban 98 Kenneth W Estridge 68 Miren Etcheverry 83 John A Evans 58 Michael R Evans 95 Robert J Eve 84 Leonard N Evenchik 77 Paul H Evers 99 Luca Fabbri 97 Jan Maurits Faber 99 Peter S Fader 85 M B Fafunwa 92 Michael D Falcon 00 Michael F Falvey 88 Philip Y Fan 76 Stephen D Fantone 74 Andrew S Farber 76 Gary N Farner 82 Thomas H Farquhar 64 Kenneth A Farrar 89 Niels S Favre 86 Fred M Fehsenfeld 75 Frank Feist 97 Howard N Feist 49 Jeffrey J Fenton 90 Joseph H Fernandez 74 Miguel Palacios Fernandez 99 Raymond F Ferrara 67 Maria Ferrer 02 Jonathan E Finegold 99 Frederick J Finnegan 90 Jack M Fischer 59 Wilbur P Fiske 54 Bobby Fitzpatrick 00 Shelby A Fleck 89 Paul E Fleming 50 Merton C Flemings 78 Albion R Fletcher 79 Ronald A Flink 66 Annabel Flores 03 James P Flynn 02 Stephanie J Fohn 88 Margaret D Follmer 98 Ryan C Fong 87 Steven G Fong 02 Kevin R Foote 88 Edward A Forzani 88 James C Foster 85 Harriett I Fox 75 Michaela S Fradin 00 Richard J Frank 03

Barry E Franz 62 Giovanni Franzi 67 Ramon Frausto 00 Diana H Frazier 81 Martin Eugene Frederick 01 John W Fredericks 57 Faustino Alvarez Freixas 95 William L Frenkel 75 James R Frick 78 Mark E Friedberg 90 Eric J Friedman 98 Steven A Frigand 80 George P Fryling 64 Juan C Fuenmayor 97 Daniel D Fuhrman 87 Kenzo Fujisue 95 Kakuichiro Fujiyama 58 David J Fullerton 78 Mei L Fung 83 Shing K Fung 79 Rolf J Gaertner 82 Joseph L Gagan 62 Demian M Gage 97 Lawrence J Gage 99 Patricia Gagnon 03 Robert Gal 57 Paul F Gallagher 95 Joshua I Galper 00 Bryan R Garcia 98 Juan A Garcia-Gayou 02 Jesus Garcia-Pons 97 Carlos Garcia-Pont 92 Robert V Garvin 50 James M Gassaway 44 David F Gatto 88 Michael R Gauthier 82 Barbara A Gee 86 James M Geelan 60 Garth E Gehlbach 86 Frederick J Geiser 72 Brett A Geoffroy 96 Alison B Gerlach 98 Vivian L Gernand 82 Thomas P Gerrity 70 James E Geshwiler 00 Usman A Ghani 91 Shuman Dave Ghosemajumder 02 Juan A Gil 93 William A Gilchrist 82 George R Gilfoil 62 Arleen F Gilliam 76 Bryan Gilpin 95 Pablo E Gimenez 00 Jack I Gingold 70 Boyd E Givan 57 Roberto Glenn 97 Dianne Glennon 85 Adi B Godrej 63 Richard L Goettke 73 David K Goh 93 Li L Goh 92 Charles R Goheen 84 Devra I Goldberg 98

Jeffrey M Goldberg 01 Kenneth A Goldberg 95 David M Golden 81 William T Golding 59 Marshall B Goldman 73 Jason B Goldstein 98 Marjorie M Golub 79 Adrian E Gonzalez 97 Amy N Gonzalez 97 Dennis A Gonzalez 92 Ilene S Gordon 76 Kenneth F Gordon 60 Lisa (Goldstein) Gordon 94 Dennis J Gorman 82 Benjamin G Goss 00 Cynthia Deller Goss 00 Alfred B Gough 58 Russell P Gould 84 Charles R Grader 74 David S Grant 80 Joseph J Grant 83 Milton J Grebler 65 Curtis S Green 48 Jonathan B Green 93 Larry A Green 78 Daniel S Greenberg 95 I R Greene 88 Robert P Greene 55 Martin N Greenfield 51 Richard T Greenhill 51 Peter S Greer 75 Roberto Gregori 93 William S Grinker 56 Jerrold M Grochow 74 Samuel A Groves 34 Jon D Gruber 66 Frederick Gruhl 68 Rui Gu 03 Rosaline K Gulati 96 Gregory M Gunn 98 Eric L Gunness 93 Anil Gupta 02 Monica Gupta 03 Suman Gupta 88 Christopher P Gutek 97 David A Guterman 87 Cosette Gutierrez 91 Sebastian Gutierrez 03 Rami Habal 01 Tommy O Habibe 87 Alberto Haddad 95 Pauline S Haddad 98 Joseph G Hadzima 77 Gayle C Hagegard 92 Donald M Hague 77 Michael R Hale 64 Jeffrey S Halis 76 Peter J Hallson 86 Anna L Halpern-Lande 98 Dennis R Hamby 88 Eduardo Hameau 97 Jean Hammond 86 Norman C Hammond 52


Sang Y Han 93 Matthew Handel 91 Kyle P Hanley 92 Dinese G Hannewald 82 Maia A Hansen 98 Mark D Hansen 91 Richard D Hansen 80 Rune A Hansen 02 Scott A Hansen 02 Barbara S Hardwick 99 Julie L Harford 98 Jeffrey L Haring 95 Beverly C Harman 78 Charles E Harper 78 Bernard Harris 86 Charles T Harris 80 Eugene N Harris 87 Waymond Harris 02 Bradley C Harrison 01 Lynne N Harrold 02 Hisham Hasan 98 Aziz H Hassanali 02 Gwendolyn Hasse 01 Homayoun Hatami 00 Francis M Hawkings 85 Gregory D Hawkins 82 Chad L Hawkinson 99 John C Head 71 Wendolyn L Hearn 99 Howard M Hecht 96 James R Hecht 72 Olivia Hecht 95 William J Hecht 61 Robert B Hedges 84 Douglas E Heimburger 00 Juliana K Heitz 97 Randall J Hekman 69 Linda L Heller 89 Mark Hellinger 81 Jeffrey A Henckels 99 Andrew T Henshon 02 Charles R Herbert 51 Louis E Herena 99 Klaus O Hermann 90 Amanda G Hernandez 98 Maarten K Herrebrugh 98 Hans A Herriger 67 Bonnie L Herzog 97 Daniel R Hesse 89 M L Hibbs 90 Jorge F Hidalgo 92 Robbin Higby 03 Andrew F Hillhouse 43 William J Hilliard 84 David A Himmelblau 86 Sean Hinners 00 Jay C Hirshberg 97 Audie E Hittle 91 Eric F Hjerpe 93 Agnes Ho 95 Carmen K Ho 98 Lisa M Ho 97 Victoria M Ho 90 Anthony Hoberman 74

Richard B Hodgman 70 Johannes Hoech 88 Erin R Hoffer 00 Wing C Hoh 92 Gary L Holland 76 Peter F Hollings 79 Charles K Holmes 49 Gim P Hom 73 Joonkee Hong 89 Jonathan W Hopkins 66 Tareq I Hoque 92 Michael D Horgan 99 Hideki Horiguchi 99 Junji Horinouchi 01 Bernard R Horn 80 Kenneth R Horner 72 Emory F Hosmer 56 Lycia Hossaka 00 William B Householder 96 Nicholas S Howard 99 Robert D Howard 67 Lloyd T Howells 59 Leslie C Hruby 73 Henry H Hsi 98 Nancy Y Hsiung 99 Eddie Huang 02 Huai-Yu F Huang 01 Min Huang 01 Robert T Huang 79 Michael A Huber 96 Carla Lynne Huffman 00 Nicholas D Hughes 71 Simon D Hughes 00 William H Hughes 94 Timothy F Hult 74 Stephen E Humphrey 78 Thomas Hungerland 92 George L Hunnewell 99 Shaheen Husain 81 Yves J Hussenet 93 Henning U Hverven 75 Juan M Ibinarriaga 00 Joseph V Iemolo 62 David W Ihrie 84 Scott R Ikeda 92 Charles M Iles 85 Javier B Infante 97 Edward H Inman 74 Yoshiro Inoue 79 Maria-Magdalena Iordache 02 Thomas R Isenberg 02 Oton Iskarpatyoti 79 Vivek Israni 92 Marc B Itzkowitz 89 Takashi Iwamura 78 Julie M Jackle 99 Thomas Jacob 97 Richard A Jacobs 56 Patricia K Jacobson 84 Dean L Jacoby 54 Andre R Jaglom 74 Amit Jain 01 Juan S Jaliff 91 Stephen C James 93

James M Jamieson 95 George W Jaquette 89 Juliana Jaramillo 03 Craig M Jarchow 99 Jill R Jasin-Orosz 99 Janus C Javier 00 Marc W Jedel 93 Maria S Jelescu 02 John W Jenkins 43 Jay M Jennis 48 Byeongchan J Jeong 98 Stephen J Jeselson 98 Josephine S Jimenez 81 Daniel E Joensen 93 Denise C Johnson 97 Scott M Johnson 96 Nils Magnus Johnsson 96 Clinton M Jones 58 Frank A Jones 48 H E Jones 99 Margaret D Jones 67 Terrence B Jones 01 Yvonne D Jones 88 Mark J Jonikas 81 Hyungchul Joo 03 John P Joseph 95 David S Joury 88 Charles C Joyce 63 Jennifer R Joyce 98 William C Joyce 98 Jared A Judson 98 Asad Jumabhoy 86 Olav Arvo Junttila 01 Oscar W Kaalstad 52 Peter N Kacandes 97 Aleksander J Kacprzyk 01 Barbara D Kafka 77 David A Kagan 83 Wendy B Kahn 98 Denise R Kalule 98 Gurumurthy Kalyanaram 89 Katherine Y Kam 00 Ajit Kambil 89 Shaheen Kamruzzaman 98 Charles G Kandare 99 Alice H Kang 98 Phee B Kang 75 Joshua L Kanner 00 Kenneth Kanrich 57 Bonnie Kao 93 Asha S Kapadia 65 Boris Kaplan 00 Bryna Kaplan 03 Judah E Kaplan 97 Nadav Kaplan 89 Paul D Kaplan 74 Halil Karakas 01 Petter J Karal 01 Richard I Karash 74 Alexander T Karnal 03 Abdul Kasim 97 Arthur A Katz 61 Diane B Katz 83 Rintaro Kawai 92

Xian Ke 03 Jerome W Keating 61 Ronald W Keefe 57 Shuja U Keen 99 Nicholas D Kefalas 99 Thomas G Kelly 97 Carin R Kemper 97 Julia E Kent 99 George J Keramas 97 John C Kern 51 Corey L Kerstetter 87 Tamara R Kett 97 Adnan Khan 02 Mohammad W Khan 02 Samer S Khanachet 73 Charlotte Khoo 01 Lillian S Kiang 00 John H Killion 61 Maria B Killos 93 Daria Kim 02 Michael C Kim 94 Migene S Kim 98 Soo Y Kim 01 John L Kimble 91 William H Kindel 70 Audrey Y King 97 Kevin J Kinsella 67 Pinar Kip 02 Rebecca Kirk 02 Ronald M Kirshbaum 62 Ronald K Kiss 88 Christian Klacko 99 Eileen R Kleiman 83 A W Kleinebecker 62 Aaron Kleiner 70 Alexander F Kleiner 98 Gregory A Kleiner 98 Beth E Klingher 86 Delmar J Knarr 71 Robert D Knecht 82 Kirsten Knipp 03 Robert C Koch 57 Eric B Koefoot 88 Kristen E Koehler 02 Michael M Koerner 49 Jay M Kogan 44 Linus K Koh 83 Ralph A Kohl 57 Carl F Kohrt 91 Olatoyosi O Kolawole 99 Uri Kolodny 00 Paul A Konasewich 03 Bella O Kong 98 Daniel T Kong 95 Philip G Kong 02 Asadej Kongsiri 99 Nicholas Konidaris 74 Hsueh-Yung Koo 01 Jennifer Koop 03 Laurence S Kooper 88 Matthew Kovinsky 01 Thomas W Kowalczyk 96 Maxim A Kozlov 01 Frederick B Kraus 02



Patrick D Kremer 00 Scott D Krentzman 96 Abba M Krieger 72 Stanley L Kroder 57 Jason Ku 94 Richard T Ku 80 Hinki Kumagae 98 Rishi Kumar 02 Nancy N Kung 90 Eugene Y Kuo 02 Stanford Kuo 82 Yutaka Kurosu 98 Ronald A Kurtz 55 Jonathan W Kutchins 79 Toby T Kwan 93 Jean P LaCombe 92 John W Lacy 42 Stanley P Lai 95 Ya-Chieh Lai 96 Michael W Laird 72 Luis M Lalanne 00 Kishore Lall 73 David J Lam 00 Huntington D Lambert 85 Joshua R Lamstein 96 Peter L Lancia 98 Thomas Landau 73 Earle R Lane 63 Eivind G Lange 81 Stephen P Langhans 83 Jack H Langworthy 91 Phyllis R Lantos 74 Alvin D Lao 97 Dana C Larson 84 John W Larson 80 Faydeana Lau 98 Stephanie Lau 99 Wai K Lau 97 Joseph J Laukaitis 95 Manoela Lauretti 98 Robert F Law 54 Bruce D Lawler 92 James W Lawton 90 Raymond T Leach 02 Kurt S Leafstrand 01 Victor N Leal Jr 00 Wilder J Leavitt 95 Michelle M LeBlanc 99 Robert S Lechter 89 Alon Lederman 01 Ellen L Lederman 91 Chung-Hung Lee 03 Dennis S Lee 98 Eugene Lee 96 Eugene H Lee 89 Hanmae Lee 00 John Lee 00 Juli Y Lee 95 Monica Lee 94 Richard Lee 03 Tina T Lee 91 Yen James J Lee 96 Daniel H Leeds 91 Nelson C Lees 53

Sharon A Lee-Terry 83 Thomas J LeFevre 90 Elana Lehavy 78 Lei Lei 02 Gregory N Leidner 02 Isabel Garcia Leiva 03 Mary L Lentz 80 Thomas G Leo 75 Keng Y Leong 76 Robert J Lepkowski 82 Ralf Leszinski 86 Dawna S Levenson 84 Alan R Levin 80 Aaron J Levine 94 Barry P Levine 80 Richard A Levine 63 Brett M Levy 86 Judith C Lewent 72 Ellen M Lewin 92 Joseph W Li 99 Qunmei Li 02 Ying Li 02 Elizabeth H Lian 94 Angela Y Liao 97 Jenny Y Liao 03 David N Libby 99 Elana T Lichtenthal 88 Leon H Liebman 67 Meyer D Lifschitz 63 John J Light 70 Brian Y Lim 98 Kwang Hui Lim 00 Shyan W Lim 02 Felix Lin 88 Hans Lin 98 Nathaniel C Lin 00 Richard I Linde 53 Melinda L Lindquist 84 Robert A Lindquist 51 Katrina Ling 92 Juergen O Link 91 Earl S Lipson 82 Charles C Liu 98 Mark B Lively 71 Juan Sanchez Llado 97 Jeffrey J Lobo 86 David J Lodigiani 87 Jeffrey M Loeb 89 Robert C Lonadier 84 Jeffrey M Looby 98 Patricia Lopes 98 Mark I Lopez 97 Luis F Lora 00 Fiona J Lord 97 Cristina Lou 99 German Lou 97 Gordon K Low 85 Douglas B Lowry 69 Bernard Loyd 90 Daniel Lozano 02 Jesus L Barrera Lozano 78 Lynn R Lubell 81 Roman M Lubynsky 89 Tamara Lucero 01

Erin L Luckner 93 Cristina Luconi 99 David A Ludlum 92 Mark E Lundstrom 93 Alison L Luperchio 96 Jackie L Luu 98 Vincent E Lysaght 64 Chaoyong Ma 01 Yvette M Ma 90 Ewout A Maaskant 98 William C Machanic 73 Robert H Mackintosh 61 John Macko 70 Donald C MacLellan 57 Gianfranco Macri 98 Stuart E Madnick 69 Dave Magnoni 99 Katherine J Magrath 76 Vincent J Maietta 73 Saman Majd 79 Dany P Maklouf 02 Adolphe A Malevez 57 Maya Malevich 01 William B Maley 48 Howard Man 00 Guillermo Manchola-Arana 73 Josh R Manion 01 Randolph P Mann 92 Yichen Mao 89 Mitchell J Marcus 41 Robert P Marcus 66 Luis Marin 96 Ricardo V Marino 00 Michael J Markovits 85 Theodore S Marks 87 Kenneth A Marshall 47 Stephen O Marshall 90 Robert J Martel 66 Frank Martelli 98 Mark E Martich 81 John C Martin 83 John F Martin 89 Mark V Martin 94 Isidro Martinez-Guerra 00 Charles J Masison 54 Thomas K Masotto 92 Darren Charles Massara 99 Joseph L Massimo 87 Mark S Mastandrea 93 Bernardo Martin Mateluna 99 Anthony T Materna 57 Karen Mathiasen 71 Murthy Mathiprakasam 00 Frank H Mauck 49 Karen S Mazer 89 Richard L Mazer 69 Marcelo Maziero 00 Donald J McAlister 96 William T McCarter 71 Jason E McCarthy 97 Tabetha G McCartney 80 John J McCauley 89 Jamie D McCourt 94 John V McCullough 97 Christopher D McDaniel 96

Brigid E McDermott 97 Matthew L Mcgann 01 Stephen E McGrady 93 Zana M McIntosh 96 Timothy P McKeown 96 George E McKewen 47 Robert J McKinley 71 Charles W McLaughlin 68 Robyn M McLaughlin 88 Kevin B McLellan 02 Holli M McMann 97 Jennifer S McPhee 98 Vishwa K Meattle 67 David R Medrow 98 Joseph A Megna 86 Cyrus R Mehta 70 Dharmesh M Mehta 00 Nimish Mehta 87 Ross M Meisner 97 Sherief M Meleis 97 Kevin E Melia 99 Eileen R Mendel 91 Fernando J Mendez 96 Guillermo Machado Mendoza 46 Lorenzo A Mendoza 93 Belden M Menkus 84 Frances Caroline Merenda 01 Scott J Mermel 70 David M Merrett 97 N'Gai D Merrill 95 Arthur Merritt 96 Andrew R Merton 78 Robert M Metcalfe 69 F R Meyer 42 Juan M Meyer 70 Richard A Michaelson 77 George J Michel 53 Melvyn J Mickevic 49 James H Middlekauff 60 Richard C Millar 84 Hugh T Miller 85 James R Miller 93 John P Miller 99 Joshua Brandon Miller 01 Martin H Miller 51 Peter S Miller 66 David G Milli 86 Michael W Minnich 95 Pedro Miranda 01 Ilya B Mirman 00 Yumiko Mitarai 98 Lauri A Mitchell 78 Dylan N Miyake 98 Frank A Mizuno 83 Reza Moazzami 96 Christopher J Moeder 99 Gregory V Moeller 02 Sergio Mofarrej 98 Robert R Mohr 75 Elias D Moissis 88 Kwan Yat Mok 98 Melanie M Bialocki Moldovean 95 Mariateresa M Monaco-Elia 95 Marc Monasch 94 Gloria Gabriela Moncayo 99


James A Monk 71 Jonathan G Monsarrat 00 Eduardo L Montiel 74 James A Moody 75 Carol A Moore 83 Colleen P Moore 98 Gordon W Moore 60 Anita Moorthy 02 Amey D Moot 91 Peter W Moran 90 John A Morefield 56 John D Morefield 88 Daryl R Morey 00 Sandra W Morgan 73 Amanda L Morin 94 Michael P Morley 87 Jennifer Moros 97 Christopher A Morrison 00 Geoffrey H Morton-Haworth 81 E P Moschella 49 William E Moss 52 Claudio A Motta 98 Fernando E Motta 85 George E Moyer 65 Deborah Moynihan 96 Jonathan P Moynihan 77 Alexander T Mueller 93 Robert A Muh 59 John Evans Muhlner 02 Sumanta N Mukherjee 78 Margaret V Mulley 78

Mark J Mullikin 99 Kathleen L Mulroney 80 Nadia K Muna 99 Margaret A Mundy 79 Stephen J Murdoch 63 David K Murotake 90 Radha K Murthy Narayan 94 Bengt Muten 79 Farooq A Muzaffar 02 Emanuel Nadler 54 John J Nagorniak 70 Dita Naik 00 Shinichiro Nakamura 99 Surasak Nananukool 69 Mohammad M Naqvi 01 Richard Phillip Nardo 03 Narintr Narisaranukul 03 Krishnan Natarajan 88 Maria E Neira 95 Andrew Nelson 01 Larry D Nelson 82 Octavio F De Faria Neto 99

Eric P Newman 32 William H Newman 94 Leonard F Newton 49 Paul E Newton 67 Chaki Ng 00 Chee We Ng 01 Helen M Ng 95 Thomas H Nickell 91 Tomas R Nicolin 81 Nicholas A Nielsen 02 Natalie Niers 00 Paramate Nisagornsen 94 Tadayasu Nishida 92 David A Nixon 97 Kristin N Nixon-Donahue 99 Manuel No 91 David J Noble 97 Ernesto L Noboa 96 Daniel A Nolasco 01 Alvaro Nores 98 Tomas Nores 97 Clive M Norris 92 David A Notestein 75 Goran Novakovic 93 Timothy R Nugent 97 George A Nunn 90 Amechi E Nwachuku 95 Kathryn Oates 01 Edward G Obbard 92 Ronald W O'Connor 71 George M O'Dowd 84 Michael F Oglo 48 Delwin K Ohrt 86 Busty O Okundaye 94 Kei Okuno 93 Ricardo Olivares 98 William J Oliver, Jr 81 Andrew M Olmsted 95 Robert A Olsen 35 Kenneth B Olson 00 Hong K Ong 80 Ling Lee Ong 00 Peter B Oram 71 Victor M Orr 82 Harold Ottobrini 48 Jeffrey Ou 94 Souren G Ouzounian 96 Richard M Owen 92 Cuneyt M Ozveren 89 Stephen C Pace 71 David W Packer 63 Rocco Paduano 01 Laura Dorival Paglione 99 Robert Palazzi 02 Carmelo A Palumbo 02 Howard W Pan 01 Massimo Panagia 93 Anurag Pandit 88 Shashishekhar B Pandit 75 Jennifer M Pararas-Carayannis 02 Abhay K Parekh 86 Anand S Parikh 88 David H Park 02 Young K Park 92 Adam L Parker 91

Stephen B Parkoff 59 Michael F Parlamis 62 Robert J Parry 91 James J Pastoriza 88 Bharat R Patel 86 Raju R Patel 77 Sejal B Patel 02 Malini G Patidar 01 James A Patrick 91 Robert J Patrick 98 Christian Albert Patrickson 99 Akash Paul 81 David C Pearson 85 Jonna J K Peat 98 Rhonda E Peck 82 Steven J Pecsenye 70 Erik V Pedersen 67 Gerard R Pedraglio 59 Carlos H Pegurier 97 Robert C Pemberton 61 Victor H Pena 02 Xiaofei Peng 89 Thomas A Penn 69 Robert L Pennock 73 Mark M Penttila 78 Charith Perera 83 Lawrence Perkins 39 Frank Perna 70 Peter J Perrone 99 Cornelius Peterson 59 DuWayne J Peterson 55 Robert M Phipps 80 Gustavo A Pierini 87 Charles H Pimlott Jr 58 Gayle E Pincus 72 George Piness 49 Thomas F Pipal 71 Robert E Piret 85 Michael D Plusch 93 Giulia Poli 03 Karen B Polivy 80 Olapeju A Popoola 00 William A Porter 67 Robert E Potter 90 Ryder Pratt 39 Michael R Prazma 02 Joseph F Presing 91 Christopher H Price 87 Sam Price 76 Walter C Price 71 Fabio Primerano 97 Christopher H Prince 98 Daniel D Prince 97 H C Probst 72 John D Proctor 73 Stanley M Proctor 43 Victor Prodonoff Jr 99 Mark R Proft 88 Susan E Prytherch 77 Pamela M Pudar 90 Ignacio E Pulido 97 Kenneth J Pulkonik 69 Chris Man-Cheuk Pun 02

Vivek Puri 03 William D Putt 64 David R Pye 78 Jiadong Qu 97 Peter L Quattrochi 47 Mary M Quillian 98 Anne C Quinn 77 J J Quinn 42 James T Quinn 95 Delfin A Rabinovich 87 Melissa A Raffoni 94 Leslie L Rahl 72 Amy G Raine 78 Kali A Ramachandran 89 Rama S Ramakrishnan 90 Alejandro Ramirez 98 Jose A Ramos 01 Naresh Rao 01 Juli L Rasmussen 00 Shafali Rastogi 99 Damodar Ratha 73 Pramud Rawat 61 Pablo M Ray 92 Richard Raysman 68 James F Reda 83 David H Reed 02 John S Reed 65 Paul A Reeder 85 Andre Reginato 97 Elisa Reginato 00 Philippe B Regnault 00 Svein Reichborn-Kjennerud 66 Andrea Reiners 98 Steven R Resnick 73 Mark Retik 95 Howard W Rhee 98 Matthew Rhoden 02 Phoranee Rhuwadhana 94 Kashif I Riaz 98 Robin A Richards 91 Michael L Richter 71 Darrell S Rigel 74 Ennis Rimawi 96 Alan P Rimm-Kaufman 94 Elizabeth L Riordan 74 Kimberly E Ritrievi 85 Patricia J Rivera 97 Daisy Rivera-Almentero 93 Kenneth A Rivkin 83 Adam W Rizika 89 Daniel J Rizika 93 Ellen M Rizika 98 Robert T Rizika 94 William D Rizzi 77 Arnold F Roane 74 Henry B Robbins 63 Laurence G Robbins 68 Christopher B Roberts 85 Edward B Roberts 60 Jeri Nagler Robins 88 John S Robotham 83 Rosemary A Rocchio 90 William H Rodgers 69



Alfonso J Rodriguez 97 Piedad Rodriguez 03 Alicia C Rodriguez Alvarado 96 David I Roen 86 Jean-Pierre Rogala 90 Melody S Rollins 00 Carlos F Roman 99 Tania J Romanoff 94 Mary A Rorabaugh 84 Hernan P Rosas 94 Amy B Roschelle 02 Martin N Rosen 65 Stephen G Rosenblatt 98 Eric R Rosenfeld 80 Paul L Rosenstein 99 Jakub Roth 95 Jonathan R Roth 89 Arnold J Rothstein 51 Russell I Rothstein 96 Craig Rottenberg 03 Timothy Rowe 95 Robert J Rowello 99 Burt L Rubenstein 76 David J Rubin 73 Edward L Rubin 89 Andy A Rubinson 02 John P Rudy 67 Felipe Ruiz-Lopez 75 Erik G Rule 72 Charles C Russell 91 Francis J Russo 65 Frederick J Ruvkun 83 Faris M Saah 93 Andy M Sack 94 Casey F Sackett 96 Robert T Sadock 75 Connie M Sadowski 99 Puttaporn Saengratanadej 97 Hershel M Safer 92 Jared J Safirstein 57 Kenan E Sahin 63 Daniel G Sahovaler 98 Shigeki Saitoh 97 Suzanne Salas 02 Ana Luiza C Salles 00 William C Salmon 69 Samer S Salty 93 Shahir R Salyani 94 Roy M Salzman 56 Debra Samuels 83 Micah T Samuels 02 Juan J Sanchez Llado 97 Pedro Sanchez-Llado 93 Ann H Sandford 77 Keishin Sasaki 89 Neal P Savage 83 Viney Sawhney 94 Micheline K Saxton 85 Sadeq Sayeed 85 David W Scarborough 92 Mary B Schaefer 90 Jonathan L Schaffel 93 Rebecca L Schechter 96

Joseph B Scheller 54 Kenneth T Schiciano 89 Leslie Schine 77 Lisa M Schirf 02 Joseph J Schirripa 99 Donald A Schlatter 51 Franz M Elizondo Schmelkes 99 Hollie K Schmidt 92 Peter H Schmidt 92 Helmuth H Schmolzer 84 John J Schneider 02 Michael H Schoen 87 Jerome P Schooler 59 Charles H Schreiber 55 Walter W Schroeder 72 Mercury G Schroeppel 94 Albert J Schulman 83 Michael A Schulman 00 Marcus Schulmerich 01 Gerhard H Schulmeyer 74 Volker Schulmeyer 94 Robert N Schulte 75 Mark B Schupack 53 Barry J Schwartz 70 Deborah K Schwartz 92 Richard G Schweikhardt 73 Robbie Schwietzer 01 Jeffrey R Scott 79 William F Scott 77 Zhelinrentice L Scott 01 Michael R Scoufarides 79 Catherine I Scovitch 99 Jeffrey B Scroggin 89 Cordes G Seabrook 60 Denis Sedes 01 John A Seeger 57 Joao Alberto Seixas 99 John T Selldorff 59 Thilo Semmelbauer 92 Charles D Seniawski 65 Bo Won Seo 00 Karen S Seo 78 Diego P Serebrisky 95 Joel Serface 99 Serghios S Serghiou 78 Artit Serngadichaivit 00 Rudy Setyopurnomo 92 Winnie Seung 97 Rita J Seymour 85 Shahab Shadman 94 Jeffrey L Shames 83 Shahril Shamsuddin 96 Alexander T Shang 83 Bernard Shapiro 58 Marla G Shapiro 97 Saul T Shapiro 91 Kent J Sharp 73 Thomas J Shea 91 Daniel W Shelley 66 Kyle Shen 98 Craig C Sherbrooke 56 Paul M Sherer 88 Antony M Sheriff 88

Seema Sheth-Voss 02 Hong Din Shih 93 Marilyn L Shilkoff 54 Kenneth M Shimberg 91 Hyunsoo Shin 83 Julie J Shin 99 Young J Shin 89 Yumiko Shinoda 97 Holton B Shipman 69 Leslie R Shlecter 79 Scott H Shlecter 74 Joseph Shrier 46 Yechiel Shulman 54 Craig M Shumate 72 Wesley Shuttleworth 89 Joel Shwimer 70 Richard S Sides 72 Herpaul S Sidhu 95 Clint Sieunarine 02 Andrew J Silver 67 Brian S Silverman 90 Eric S Silverman 91 Maria T Silvestri 02 Gerardo J Siman 96 Diane B Simmons 97 Albert R Sims 31 Sergio Mayorga Sirera 83 Kiattipoom Siriphant 94 Winkie H Sit 74 Alvin J Siteman 48 Somasundaram Sivasundaram 82 Melinda C Skaar 87 Ronni K Skerker 89 Cynthia H Skier 81 Peter ML Skillings 98 Natalie Skorodinsky 99 Shawna Slack 98 Denis M Slavich 71 Brian Slobodow 95 Donald William Smith 99 Goff Smith 53 Lawrence S Smith 87 Lesley A Smith 96 Vance W Smith 72 Vicente Smith 02 Pek H Soh 98 Samer S Solh 99 Perry S Solomon 98 Hyun-Jong Song 99 Taeminn Song 95 Michael W Sonnenfeldt 78 Chartsiri Sophonpanich 84 Richard A Sorenson 75 David H Sossen 87 Tanaz Sowdager 03 Bradley E Sparks 75 Steven J Spear 93 Lawrence W Speck 71 David Spector 03 T G Spencer 56 Eric J Spitz 97 S J Spitz 43 Alan G Spoon 73 Linda H Sprague 61 Songyos Srijohn 95

Ranjini Srikantiah 00 Frank A St Claire 72 Linda L Stack 74 J S Standish 45 Bruce E Stangle 74 Herman R Staudt 68 Frederick N Stefany 93 Suzanne Stefany 92 Donald B Steig 55 Jeffrey A Steinberg 91 Arlie G Sterling 85 Howard S Stern 53 Jeffrey H Stern 96 Tammy S Stevens 97 Martin Steverlynck 98 William T Stewart 69 Theresa M Stone 76 Carin Stowe 01 Assia M Stoyanova 96 Edward H Strachan 61 Carolyn R Strashun 02 Martin R Strasmore 73 Dimitrios Stratikopoulos 97 William T Straughan 59 Glenn P Strehle 60 William S Stroud 73 Norman V Sturtevant 76 Marvin D Su 91 Mimi Y Su 00 Shivan S Subramaniam 78 Liora Sukhatme 98 David M Sukoff 95 Douglas L Sun 95 Eron Sunando 00 Shankar Suryanarayanan 90 Sanford Sussman 51 Robert L Sutherland 73 Orapak O Suwanapakdee 00 Keiichi Suzuki 01 Sandeep Swadia 01 Carl V Swanson 69 Joseph D Swift 97 Monika K Szamko 99 Keiji Tachikawa 78 Robert F Tagiuri 99 An-Jen Tai 87 Li-Te D Tai 99 May C Tai 75 Qunio Takashima 80 Seiji Takashima 83 Alicia H Tan 00 Christine Tan 97 George C Tan 95 Keng-Seng Tan 87 Stephanie H Tan 98 Haruo Taneno 78 Martin Y Tang 72 Alan Tawil-Kummerman 82 Arlene F Taylor 83 Gerald A Taylor 78 Julia C Taylor 91 Orlando C Taylor 01 Seth Taylor 97 Thomas B Taylor 91 Mamoun Tazi 96


Sumin Tchen 74 Diogo B Teixeira 71 Edward M Tellerman 58 Michael L Telson 74 Jillian B Temkin 88 Robert W Temple 55 Lisa C Tener 89 Jeremy Tennenbaum 86 Jonathan B Tepper 75 Gustavo D Lopez Teran 00 Viguen R Ter-Minassian 67 Ivor F Thomas 49 Trevear A Thomas 98 William H Thomas 69 Mark T Thompson 99 William R Thompson 75 Willem H Thorbecke 48 Pierre Y Tiberghien 69 Charlie Tillett 91 Julian C Ting 00 Michael A Tippie 89 Erik A Tobiason Sr 88 Robert C Todd 70 Brian Toll 01 Frank J Tolve 72 Christine C Tomas 97 Rodrigo M Tomas 97 Gayle T Tomita-Oswald 90 John T Toohy 49 R P Toohy 55 Alison Towle 02 Jorge H Trevino 97 Crystal L Trexel 99 Andrew W Trice 90 Daan Troost 56 Gianfranco Truffello 99 Laura B Trust 96 Martin Trust 58 Scott S Tse 92 Nana Y Tseng 95 Stephen J Tsuei 88 Mark E Tunick 85 John D Turbessi 94 Ralph S Tyler 68 Nnema Lonnee Ugwuegbu 98 Jeffrey F Uller 03 Joseph Y Ung 89 Masaharu Ushiyama 75 Khusrow M Uzair 02 Mauricio Vaca 97 Norman Vadner 60 Juan Fernando Valdivieso 98 C E Valentine 57 Dominique M Valentiny 92 Josep Valor-Sabatier 81 Jan Van Acker 92 Peter T Van Aken 63 Heidi E Van Arsdell 86 Karen E Van Kirk 91 Philip E Van Overberghe 97 Gerrit J Van Zyl 94 Kathleen A van Zyl 94 Guy M Vancollie 83 Peter V Vangel 59 Francisco E Varela 99

Francisco Eduardo Varela 99 Robert Varkonyi 83 Jose Arthur Vasconcelos-Sousa 86 Ricardo C Vasi 91 Sven A Vaule 56 Luis F Stein Velasco 98 Julia Velixon 99 Tomasito R Victorio 97 Manasawin Vinicchayakul 98 Alexander Voigt 96 Karen Von Bismarck 78 Han Vo-Ta 73 Vinh-Thang Vo-Ta 98 Madeleine Waechter 98 John H Wagner 70 Kohei Wakayama 96 Gary L Waldman 95 Roderick S Walker 71 Kent A Wallgren 88 Timothy E Walsh 71 Alex L Wang 99 Kuanshen H Wang 92 Lawrence C Wang 99 Wendy W Wang 98 Yi-Ling J Wang 92 Martin R Wank 58 Markus J Wanko 02 Christopher J Ward 61 Jon Warms 62 Robert D Warshawer 54 Andrew L Wasserman 75 William Watt 58 Keith E Waxelman 02 Cynthia A Weaver 02 Cynthia Anne Weaver 02 David A Weber 83 Gary B Webster 88 Haoran Wei 97 Winston C Wei 00 Thomas E Weil 49 Jerome I Weiner 66 Robert Weintraub 02 Andrew Weiss 88 Avi Weiss 99 Richard Weiss 77 Elisabeth A Welch 99 Thomas G Weld 88 Richard Welnick 01 Robert H Welsh 48 Lead Wey 95 Frank H Weymar 58 Ellen L Wheatman 87 Lorraine S Wheeler 90 Charles J Whelan 93 Gordon K White 69 Bransby M Whitton 02 Claire Wibroe 86 Yda A Wiechers-Bouvier 98 Regina B Wiedenski 79 Scott P Wieder 86 David L Wiesen 54 Paul Wiesner 97 John D Wigodsky 73 Dean L Wilde 80 Kerry L Wildenthal 98

Michael R Wildermuth 72 Jeffrey A Wilke 93 Erika Williams 78 James C Williams 97 Lewis I Williams 76 Robert A Williams 97 Roger H Williams 34 Ronald A Williams 84 Donna C Williamson 76 Albert O Wilson 38 Michelle M Wilson-Clarke 99 Toh Ne Win 03 Roger H Wingate 37 Joseph R Wirthlin 00 Allan Wiser 89 David D Withee 74 Eric B Witherspoon 02 Cynthia D Witvoet 02 Christoph Woehler 96 Mark W Wohlfarth 00 Joao Woiler 01 Bonnie J Wojciehowski 93 John B Wojciehowski 92 Kati L Wojciehowski 97 Andrew Wolchek 93 James R Wolfson 83 Elliot K Wolk 57 Stanley W Wolk 54 Richard J Wollensak 58 David I Wolsk 58 James A Wolters 00 Kien K Wong 75 Mun K Wong 98 Sandra W Wong 91 Wilkie Wong 00 Raymond S Wood 90 Anne L Woods 90 Robert W Wright 50 Lauren Wu 99 Stacey Y Wu 94 Vivian H Wu 76 Wan P Wu 93 Zhongwei Wu 00 Joe E Wyatt 62 Dapeng Xu 96 Lin Xu 99 David S Yablong 47 Earle Yaffa 63 Andrew T Yang 95 Christopher E Yang 01 David F Yang 00 Kenneth Yang 02 Mimi Yang 00 Carl J Yankowski 71 Anthony D Yannatta 01 Kathy Chia-Tung Yao 99 Tao Ye 96 Yaw D Yeboah 75 Johnny Yee 93 Sandra Yie 92 Yoichi Yokomizo 86 Chihiro Yonezawa 97 Maki Yoshida 94 G R Young 38 Robert C Young 92

Eyad G Younis 98 Adrian P Yovanovich 90 Linda T Ystueta 98 Niclas K Ytterdahl 95 Aline C Yu 93 Ken K Yu 88 Peggy P Yu 98 Peter K Yu 76 Stacy S Yu 98 David J Yuen 89 Ryan Luis Yuzon 00 Peter Zaballos 90 George Zachary 87 Matthew E Zames 93 Christopher Z Zannetos 87 Marc O Zeepvat 96 Carrie Zeisse 01 Jimmy Z Zhang 02 Jinzy J Zhu 97 Julie Y Zhu 94 Tami T Zhu 97 Xianzhong Zhu 99 Li-Hao Zhuang 99 David R Zibbell 63 Troy J Ziegler 96 Herbert B Zien 73 Howard G Ziff 59 William R Zimmerman 49 David Znaty 79 Sherryl I Zucker 87



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