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SWOT Analysis Theory is a theory used to design something with SWOT. SWOT is
done by Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT is used to analyse a
situation in which will be made in the work program. In a company usually within a period of
initial management will be implemented in which the company describes the state of the
internal or external environment. SWOT analysis is also a researcher on the business
situation. As a company we want to develop that make the car wash service and we also must
know the position where our company is located. Therefore, we conducted a SWOT analysis,
strength of the organization is where we can provide profitable services as a strategic area and
loyal manager with the organization. Weaknesses of the organization, is where we can know
that is can be detrimental to the organization in terms of our organization is not known by the
public and when employees are not actively involved in doing the work. Opportunities
organization, our company can also benefit when the work is carried out and when not trying
to be detrimental to the organization or vice versa, as the focus of the public by the customer.
Threats organization provides travel organization is jammed during a trip in the direction of
management, such as natural disasters, floods, rain and inactive employees. After SWOT
analysis is done, then we know the real position with what's going on with our company, and
we also can start our business in providing the services offered by the company's position has
been established and we were able to implement it.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats applicable to Classic Carwash are listed in
the table below:

The preferred premises are well suited

for the business activities.

Economies of scale are applicable to
the raw materials used.

The labour component of the business

is not high.

Financing is required for starting and

operating the business.

The entrepreneurs practical

experience in business management.

Bad weather causes a slump in


The area in which the business will

ideally be located has volumes of

Local clients can provide a large

amount of repeat-business.


The need for reliance on outside

The need for reliance on outside



service range or arrangements made with

other service provider.

A large number and a variety of clients

Extra services can be included in the

can be served.

Competitors in the area.

The need for reliance on outside
The need for reliance on outside
The need for reliance on outside

Providing good, fast services will ensure


Creating a rewards programed to reward

regular customers and to encourage

The need for reliance on outside


TOWS Matrix Analysis of Business




Strategy Strengths and Opportunities (SO)

Make paperwork to apply for financial assistance, expertise and technology
Improving the quality and level of business operations
Strategy Weaknesses and Opportunities (WO)
Improving the company's involvement in the affairs of entrepreneurship
Work with the Government and the relevant authorities
Strategy Strengths and Threats (ST)
Perform maintenance procedures for the efficient washing
Strategy Weaknesses and Threats (WT)
Ask for advice from a related party of the company's operations in order to
comply with the procedures and laws set