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2012 Year-End Report

This year we have much to be thankful for. Thanks to your generous support, we exceeded our 2012 goal
of 60,000 pounds. Our total harvest for 2012 was 65,238 pounds, an increase of almost 20,000 pounds
over 2011. This was accomplished through three initiatives

the Seed2Need gardens - Three gardens were planted totaling 1.5 acres on the property of Victor
and Nora Scherzinger and Bob Lynn and Janet Braziel. As you see from the graph, the gardens
produced much earlier than last year. Part of this was due to a warm spring and the large number
of volunteers who helped plant the gardens. This allowed us to get the gardens in earlier. Another
factor was starting the green chile in the greenhouse rather than planting the seed directly in the
ground. Planting seedlings allowed us to harvest chile six weeks earlier and it resulted in 2,000
pounds more chile than last year. Our total chile harvest this year was 4,416 pounds.

Seed2Need Cumulative Harvest



lb in
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the Seed2Need booth at the Corrales Grower's Market - Between July and September, 3,150
pounds of produce was donated by the customers and vendors at the Corrales Grower's Market

Fruit gleaned or donated from local orchards - Again, because we had a warm spring and no late
frosts, we had a very heavy fruit crop. Property owners in Rio Rancho, Corrales and the North
Valley donated over 17,000 pounds of apricots, peaches, pears, nectarines, grapes and apples to
the food pantries through Seed2Need.

This year, we distributed fruits and vegetables to fifteen food

assistance programs in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties
St. Felix Pantry in Rio Rancho
The Storehouse in Albuquerque
Storehouse West in Rio Rancho
Rio Grande Food Project
St. John's Episcopal Food Pantry
Casa Rosa Food Pantry in Placitas
Corrales Food Pantry
People Helping People in Rio Rancho
Jewish Family Services Food Pantry
St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in Bernalillo
St. Anthony's Soup Kitchen in Bernalillo
Roadrunner Food Bank
Barrett House
Meadowlark Food Pantry in Rio Rancho
Crossroads Soup Kitchen in Albuquerque
Most of these food pantries picked up produce directly from the
gardens. Board members and volunteers from several food
pantries also helped plant, maintain and harvest the gardens.
In addition to the bountiful harvest, we achieved several other goals

We recruited more volunteers - Over 100 people helped plant the gardens this spring, including a
young Eagle
Scout candidate and his team of scouts/family/friends, 35 foreign exchange students, Sandoval
County Master Gardeners and other Seed2Need volunteers. This year Seed2Need volunteers
devoted over 2,500 hours to the project.
Approximately half of those hours were
contributed by Sandoval County Master
Gardeners. The other half were friends,
neighbors, family members, 4-H, scout troops,
students from Bosque School, church groups,
employees from businesses such as PNM, Intel,
United Health Care and Jiffy Lube, and private
individuals who heard about the project in the
newspaper or on the radio or TV.

We built a 16'x24' greenhouse that will be used to

raise 6,000 seedlings/year. The greenhouse
structure was completed the first week of
December. We still need to install the evaporative

cooling system, fans, thermostats, run power and water to the greenhouse and paint the
greenhouse tables.

We tested plastic mulch as a way to reduce weeding, conserve water and reduce irrigation system
damage from mice, rabbits and ground squirrels. We were so pleased with the results that we plan
to purchase a plastic mulch layer in 2013. This year, all of our tomatoes, green chile, eggplant, bell
peppers, cabbage and broccoli were grown in plastic mulch.

Seed2Need became a separate 501(c)(3). This was done primarily to ensure continuity in the event
we lose key personnel. It was also done to simplify grant applications. As of April 2012, Seed2Need
was registered with United Way. Our mailing address is Seed2Need, PO Box 874, Corrales, NM
87048, our e-mail address is and you can find us on Facebook at

Plans/Goals for 2013
Finish the Seed2Need greenhouse - our goal is to complete the
greenhouse by the end of the year.
Purchase a plastic mulch layer - this is a piece of equipment
that is pulled behind a tractor. It lays the irrigation system and
covers the row with plastic mulch at the same time.
Increase the size/number of Seed2Need gardens by at least
1/4 acre - this will increase production and give us more flexibility
to rotate crops.
Increase the number of volunteers - More volunteers are
needed to facilitate future growth.
Promote a "grow a row" program in the Village - the objective
is to encourage local gardeners to plant an extra row in their own
gardens and to donate the produce to a food pantry. We would
also like to encourage local gardeners to drop off excess produce at
the Seed2Need booth at the Corrales Grower's Market.
From all of us, thank you again for
helping us reduce hunger in New
Mexico.. Your participation and
support is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes for a joyful holiday
The Board Members and Volunteers
of Seed2Need