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HDFC Bank Terms and Conditions

1. 2. Secure Access service (“said service”) is available for all the customers who are registered for Net Banking under the Third Party Transfer Services (TPT Services) only. The following is the list of transactions that are being covered by the TPT Services (1) Transfer of funds to any other HDFC Bank account (2) Transfer of funds to any other Bank (under NEFT/ RTGS) (3) Transfer of funds using the Visa Money Transfer Module (4) Third Party Demand Draft The Bank reserves the right to add / withdraw any of the above transactions under the TPT Module. The same shall be duly intimated to the customers through the website/ email / any other means of communication. The Bank reserves the right to withdraw TPT services in case of non usage from a customer for at least a period of Six months. Withdrawal/ Cancellation of TPT service automatically cancels the Secure Access Service. The registration for the said Service is possible only through NetBanking and there are no other avenues for registration of the same. The customer can only register for this service by logging on to NetBanking with his Cust ID and NetBanking Password. The details entered at the time of registration are known only to the customer and no one else is privy to that data. Customer should not share this with anyone nor write it down. The customer should also not reply to any E Mails / Telephone Calls or Mobile Messages asking them to divulge their account details. The Bank shall not be liable for any such information provided by the customer and the consequences thereof. There could be instances beyond the control of the Bank and the on line registration process may not get completed. In such cases, the customer has to restart the online registration process and complete the same. The Bank shall not be liable for any claims, damages arising out of the incomplete online registration. The customer will not be able to do any TPT transactions unless and until they are registered for Secure Access. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the data that they enter at the time of registration is kept confidential. The Bank does not take any liability arising out of disclosure of this information at the customer end. This facility is currently free of cost. The Bank may at its discretion decide to charge for this service at a later date, and the said charges shall be communicated to the customers through appropriate mediums. In case of wrong validation the Bank reserves the right to disable the Third Party Transfer facilities. In such case, the customer will have to once again apply for TPT facilities by filling up a form and submitting the same at a branch. There are four parts to registration for Secure Access Service which are mandatory 1. Selection of a Picture 2. Selection of a Message 3. Entering Answers to the questions asked 4. Giving the contact numbers (Mobile number mandatory) The registered telephone numbers with the Bank will not be replaced with any new numbers of the customers during the registration for Secure Access. Incase of change of the said registered numbers, the customer shall submit an application to any of HDFC Bank Branch for change of registered number or E Mail address. The Bank may ask questions to its customer before the completion of a transaction as additional verification checks. The customer shall be required to input the answers to those questions which he has given at the time of registration. In case of wrong entry of the answers for the questions asked, the Bank may at its discretion reject the transaction. Similarly, the Bank may decide to call a customer in order to validate a transaction, in case the customer does not answer the call or is not able to properly answer the call, the Bank shall at its discretion disallow that transaction. In case of change of contact number/s, it is the responsibility of the customers to update the same through EDIT (of Secure Access) profile to continue to avail the said Service and TPT. The calls made to the customer will only be in English language. The calls will be made by the Bank staff or its agents or qualified vendors appointed by the Bank for delivering the service. The Bank may at its discretion form time to time introduce additional services under the Secure Access umbrella to make Netbanking more secure and the same shall be duly intimated to the customers through websites/email The Bank may at its discretion allow passing of the transactions in case the Secure Access services are not available and there would be no authentications for the same. The Bank makes it clear that this will be done only from view of customer convenience and Bank is

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not liable in case password has been compromised. 19. It is recommended that the customers need to get their PCs/laptops scanned on a regular basis and to be updated with the latest anti virus software available and the Bank shall not be held responsible for any data loss or identity theft due to a malware on the PC used by the customer. 20. The Bank shall be bound to share the information provided by the customers if required by the Government bodies and Quasi Government bodies or judicial bodies based on authorized requests. 21. The Bank shall not be liable to the customer for any loss or damages whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly whether for consequential loss or damage or loss or profit, business, revenue, good will or anticipated savings which may arise in respect of the services including without limitation of any loss of data, interruption or stoppage to the customer’s access to and or arising out of the performance of the service or otherwise. 22. The Bank reserves the right at anytime, to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these Terms and Conditions or to replace wholly or in part, the above offer by another offer whether similar to above or not, or to withdraw it altogether and the same shall be duly intimated to the customers through websites/email. 23. The method / process adopted for providing the said service is the Bank's prerogative and the same will not be shared with any third party or any customer. 24. The said service is aimed at providing the customer transaction security for Third Party transactions done by them. The Site Picture and the Phrase is aimed at building customer confidence. 25. The Bank reserves the right to disable the customer’s TPT rights / Secure Access Service for reasons other then those mentioned above. 26. The Bank is not responsible for, or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses that a customer may suffer, sustain or incur due to the said services.