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INTRODUCTION.....................................................06 CHAPTER 1: CHARACTER CREATION........................07 CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES…..............................07 CHARACTER CLASSES…....................................09 SWITCHING CLASSES…….................................12 CHAPTER 2: PLANESCAPE ALLIES............................14 MORTE…........................................................14 DAK'KON…......................................................15 ANNAH….........................................................17 IGNUS……......................................................18 FALL-FROM-GRACE…........................................19 VHAILOR..........................................................20 NORDOM……..................................................21 CHAPTER 3: COMBAT AND ENEMIES…....................23 KNOWING WHEN TO RUN……..........................23 REST, REST, AND MORE REST…........................24 HOW YOU "SPELL" PAIN…................................24 CHOKE POINTS…............................................24



CHAPTER 3 CONTINUED STOP TIME!….................................................25 GREEDY WITH EXPERIENCE…...........................25 ENEMIES.........................................................26 CHAPTER 4: PLANESCAPE: TORMENT WALK-THROUGH................28 THE MORTUARY…...........................................28 THE HIVE........................................................32 RAGPICKER'S SQUARE.......................................41 TRASH WARRENS……......................................44 BURIED VILLAGE…..........................................45 THE WEEPING STONES……..............................46 DEAD NATIONS…….........................................48 WARRENS OF THOUGHT……............................50 DROWNED NATIONS…......................................51 TENEMENT OF THUGS…..................................52 ALLEY OF LINGERING SIGHS…..........................53 LOWER WARD……...........................................55 OPEN-AIR MARKET……....................................58 SIEGE TOWER……...........................................58 CLERK'S WARD….............................................59 CIVIC FESTHALL…….......................................63



CHAPTER 4 CONTINUED UNDERSIGIL…….............................................66 THE GREAT FOUNDRY……................................67 LADY OF PAIN AND RUBIKON MAZE…................71 RAVEL'S MAZE…..............................................71 CURST….........................................................72 CURST UNDERGROUND….................................75 PRISON…........................................................76 OUTLANDS…...................................................77 BAATOR….......................................................78 THE PILLAR OF SKULLS…................................79 CURST GONE……............................................79 CARCERI..........................................................80 ADMINISTRATION BUILDING……......................81 BACK AT THE HIVE….......................................82 MORTUARY SECOND FLOOR…...........................83 FORTRESS ENTRANCE…...................................83 FORTRESS INTERIOR........................................84 TRIAL OF IMPULSE….......................................84 MAZE OF REFLECTIONS....................................85 FORTRESS ROOF…...........................................86 FEATURES….........................................................88



hat can change the nature of a man? In GameSpot's role-playing game of 1999 Planescape: Torment, you portray The Nameless One, an imposing, grey, and highly complex tragic figure who you guides through the city of Sigil in search of answers to the most mysterious question of all: "Who am I?" During the course of the role-playing adventure, you'll encounter friends, enemies, and friends who soon become enemies. To assist you in your travels, we've crafted this extensive game guide filled with everything you need to survive the dangerous worlds of Planescape.

ÌÌÌ CHARACTER CREATION: This section provides a detailed look at creating The Nameless One. Get the most out of your character statistics and choose the right character class to suit your style of play. ÌÌÌ PLANESCAPE ALLIES: During your adventure through Planescape, you'll meet dozens of nonplayer characters (NPCs), some of whom will join your journey. Head into this section for a rundown of The Nameless One's allies, where to find them, and how to put them to optimum use. ÌÌÌ COMBAT AND ENEMIES: Fighting plays an important part in the Planescape adventure. Look here for some combat basics and strategies concerning some of the enemies you'll face. ÌÌÌ PLANESCAPE: Torment Walk-through: Dive into this section for a complete walk-through of Planescape: Torment. Inside, you'll find many optional quests to boost your experience and attributes as well as detailed solutions for the main storyline puzzles and encounters.



haracter creation is your first step in the long Planescape: Torment journey. In this section, you'll find important information on character attributes and classes. Look over both the character attribute and character class section in relation to one another; both elements are highly dependent on the other to get the most out of your Planescape: Torment experience.

When you first generate your character (who will always be The Nameless One), you're given the opportunity to allocate points to certain statistics. Though you'll have chances to make adjustments throughout the game (each level gained provides bonus characteristic points to add, and tattoos and other magical items can artificially inflate scores), you should choose wisely and consider which path you wish to take through the game - either as a fighter, mage, or thief. Be sure to read the following section on the character classes for the most rounded look at which attributes you should concentrate on when creating The Nameless One for the first time.


If you plan to stay on the path of a fighter, you must begin with and continue to boost the strength statistic, which determines how much damage you can dish out in melee combat. Strength also assists in other elements like how much weight you can carry and some specific gameplay decisions (such as choosing to fight over talking your way through a situation). If you plan to become a mage who relies entirely on spell-casting, you won't find strength as useful (though you should try to elevate it around the 13 level). A thief, however, could benefit from high strength, as that class will still have to resort to melee combat on many occasions. Another reason to get strength is that high



strength allows you to bash open locked doors and pry open locked chests. The bottom line, though, is that if you plan to bash your way through the game, which is easier for most of the game, you need a high strength score - and you must continue to boost it throughout the game.


You don't really want a dumb character, do you? Intelligence is a pretty good all-around statistic that shouldn't be ignored, even by prospective fighters. Intelligence assists mages most, however; the statistic determines which spells the mage can learn (too low, and you can't memorize higher-level spells) and how many can be placed in the spell book.


Unlike in Baldur's Gate (where you have a percentage chance to fail to learn a spell even if you have more than adequate intelligence), you only need the bare minimum intelligence to learn a spell in Torment. You will never fail to pen it into your spell book if you have high intelligence.

Intelligence really comes into play for mages because you want to have enough space to include as many spells as possible into your spell book, and that number is governed directly by your intelligence. Additionally, intelligence provides more conversation choices during the game that can often lead to easier solutions to problems (talking your way through instead of fighting) and bonus experience points. Even if you plan to become a fighter, it's wise to get your natural intelligence up to the 15 range, so you benefit from some of the dialogue bonuses. Mages, however, should start high and continue to apply character points to the statistic after gaining levels.


Wisdom includes many of the same bonuses as intelligence, including boosting the amount of dialogue options you'll have during conversation sequences. Also, many of the solutions to problems in the game can be solved by someone with a high wisdom (or intelligence) rating. Wisdom's most apparent benefit, though, is its bonus to experience points. When you kill a monster or solve a quest, the experience points are divided equally between all party members; however, a high wisdom score adjusts that somewhat. The higher The Nameless One's wisdom score, the more bonus experience comes his way after quest completion (and combat). Bonus experience gives you the ability to level up more quickly, which can in turn boost all your statistics and improve skills in fighting, magic use, and thievery.




Though most associate the dexterity statistic with thieves, it also carries importance to fighters high dexterity essentially makes you more difficult to hit in melee combat, which is certainly a good thing. Thieves will want to boost their dexterity statistic to make them more skilled at stealth, pickpocketing, and other thief skills. Fighters will want to improve the statistic to decrease their armorclass and improve their dodging in melee battles. You'll also find several puzzle solutions in the game dependent on the dexterity statistic, such as when you're trying to steal an item, snatching something away from someone, or grabbing someone before they flee. Dexterity also gives you more options during dialogue with NPCs, just as intelligence and wisdom do. For instance, high dexterity allows you to notice and then stop people from pickpocketing you or allows you to snap a poor sod's throat before he can call for help.


The amount of hit points you gain per level depends on your constitution statistic. Additionally, The Nameless One, because he can regenerate automatically over time, also gains bonuses from the constitution score, as he'll regenerate more quickly as the statistic rises. If you pump the constitution statistic high enough, you'll actually regenerate multiple hit points at a single time. With the abundance of healing items and the ability to rest wounds coupled with The Nameless One's ability to regenerate, you might not opt for an extremely high constitution score. It's wise to add some to your base amount, but leave any characteristic points gained from leveling up for other statistics.


Are you the life of the party or a boring guy with nothing to talk about? If you possess a high charisma statistic, you're charming (even with that zombie Nameless One look) and can persuade others to think like you do. High charisma, like intelligence, opens up dialogue options and also presents alternative solutions to some problems. For instance, you may persuade characters into agreeing with you (or letting you inside a room) just by speaking with them. High charisma also moderately affects the prices of some goods you can pick up in the various marketplaces throughout the game.

Selecting a character class depends greatly on the style of play you wish to get out of Planescape: Torment. If you're into hand-to-hand combat - and lots of it - you should opt for the fighter class. If you want to see the many dazzling spell effects, which just get greater as the game goes on, you



should be a mage. If you want to harass others through pick-pocketing and sneak your way through a few areas, you should look into the thief class. Each is described in the following sections; examine each in respect to the character attributes described previously for the most rounded look.


Those who wish to have an easier time with the early part of the game or just enjoy the thrill of hand-to-hand combat should opt for the fighter class. Carrying a bruising weapon with the ability to dish out copious amounts of damage makes the early part of the game much easier, as a mage wouldn't have the devastating array of spells to obliterate Planescape: Torment's first few combatoriented segments. Players who choose to be extremely proficient in the ways of a fighter, though, likely won't have much trouble with the game's middle to end sequences either. The strength statistic is a fighter's best friend. If you plan on becoming a fighter, jack it up to 18 from the start for easier early-game combat. Intelligence shouldn't be overlooked for its increase to dialogue options and puzzle solutions, but there's not much need for a fighter to possess an intelligence statistic greater than 15 or 16. Wisdom provides an experience points bonus, but you'll need high wisdom to get the most out of it. If you plan to be a fighter, pump more into wisdom than intelligence; both generally offer similar bonuses to puzzle solutions and dialogue, but wisdom will assist in more experience, which means gaining levels quicker. Dexterity is probably the second-most important statistic for an able fighter, especially since armor is so hard to come by in the early to mid parts of the game; increase its score to make you more difficult to hit in combat situations. Elevated constitution boosts hit points dramatically upon gaining levels, so you should possess a moderate constitution statistic - perhaps 15 or 16 - but not necessarily one through the roof. You gain constitution bonuses for each level of your character, so a +2 bonus from a 16 constitution means you get 2 bonus hp per level of your character (a fifth level fighter with 16 constitution gets 10 more hit points than a fighter with 13 constitution). If you plan to improve either wisdom or intelligence, you may not want to concern yourself too much with your charisma rating (wisdom is likely still better). A fighter should spend copper gained through the adventure on better weapons, tons of healing items, and tattoos that boost things like armor class and statistics neglected by the desire to gain high strength (or even strength itself). If you sell most of the magical stuff found during the game, you can purchase hundreds of healing items, making you nearly impossible to kill during any combat situation (as you can keep applying your healing items during the sequence).




Players who wish to follow the path of the art of magic and become a mage will likely have a tougher time early in the game as the first spells attained aren't particularly devastating. However, you'll be rewarded for your patience late in the game, when you gain extremely powerful spells complemented by dazzling special effects. Following the mage path takes patience and a lot of resting, both to cure hit points and memorize attained spells. Though you shouldn't be a weakling, a true mage shouldn't be concerned much with the strength statistic. Instead, push those points into intelligence, which allows both the dialogue option bonus as well as the ability to memorize high level spells, and wisdom, which along with the bonus to conversation choices also adds experience points. Wisdom helps a mage because it takes a magic user longer to level up; any experience point bonus assists in getting to the higher-level spells quicker. Dexterity and Constitution are less useful than intelligence, obviously, but dexterity will improve your armor class and constitution will at least allow you to take more punishment. Since mages begin with so little hit points, it might be good to make yourself both harder to hit and more durable. Charisma will help in avoiding fights and opening dialogue choices as well as decreasing the cost of some items. Copper commons gained through the adventure should be spent on new spells and magical items. You'll find plenty of spells in your travels (especially low-level ones), so save the money for the more powerful spells later in the game. Any duplicate spell you find sell, so you can save up money for better late-game spells. Alternatively, you can give these duplicate spells to Dak'kon (a githzerai mage/fighter PC) so he can memorize them. Spell casting can provide a lot of dazzling effects that tax both the fastest of computers and the toughest of monsters. Spells can eliminate many hostile creatures, by dealing heinous damage to a single creature and inflicting damage to several at once. One of the keys to learning the ways of the Mage is using the correct spells at the correct time. An extremely useful spell is Enoll Eva's Duplication, a spell that basically duplicates all subsequent attacks, both melee and magic. You can nab this spell by teaching the mage ways to Nordom, who is gained in the Modron Maze (more on this in the walk-through section of this game guide). Area effect spells are also some of the most useful; these include Chain-Lightning Storm, Acid Storm, Stygian Ice Storm, and the lower level Swarm Curse. If you're facing an onslaught of creatures, these spells would be your top choices.




Perhaps the hardest road to travel during the game is that of the thief. Although the thief advances in levels the fastest, there just aren't that many opportunities, good ones at least, to use the thief's abilities of stealth, lock picking, pick-pocketing, and trap detection. Also, if you acquire Annah in your journeys (a character available early on in the game), then you'll be able to use thief skills through her, meaning there will be little need for you to take the role of thief. She levels fast and can perform all the thief skills with a good amount of success. If you do choose to become a thief, find a decent melee weapon (such as enchanted punch daggers) and use the backstab skill during combat. Furthermore, you may want to try pick-pocketing many of the clerks you'll find to gain new items, either for resale or use. Dexterity plays the most important role in the success of the thief skills and will also make you harder to hit, a good thing considering the decreased damage you'll often do during combat and the decreased hit points you will have compared with fighters. A thief will need some strength, though not nearly as much as a fighter, in order to dish out some damage during combat (the thief will be relegated to hand-to-hand combat when the going gets rough, so you'll need some power). Intelligence and wisdom follow the same principles as with the fighter. You'll want the bonuses to conversation, but the wisdom experience point bonus isn't nearly as important to the thief since the class levels up very fast. Constitution should be used somewhat for hit points (you'll level up quick which means more hit points if you desire them) and charisma follows suit with the other classes.

Although The Nameless One begins the game as a fighter, you can switch classes during the game, if you can you speak with the correct NPCs. If you want to become a mage or thief, you should head to Ragpicker's Square as soon as you enter the hive (after escaping from the mortuary). To reach Ragpicker's Square, head west from the initial starting point in the hive; this takes you to the flophouse where you would then head straight north into Ragpicker's Square. From there, if you want to learn the ways of the mage, head along the path southwest into Mebbeth's house. If you think you want to be a thief, head straight south from the entrance to Ragpicker's Square and talk with Ratbone. It's important to seek out these NPCs early if you think you want to become a different class; the sooner you switch, the sooner you can start gaining experience in that particular field.



The Nameless One can't choose multiple classes, so you'll either put experience points toward being a fighter, mage, or thief - whichever you choose. Further, as you progress through the game, you can actually switch back to any class you've previously learned (you are a fighter by nature, so learn magic from Mebbeth and thievery from Ratbone) by talking with party members who are of that class. For instance, if you choose to be a mage and decide it isn't all it's cracked up to be, just speak with Dak'kon while he's in your party and he'll change you back to a fighter. With Annah in your party, you switch back to thief again just by speaking with her. One reason you may want to change classes during the game is if you happen upon a powerful item for a particular class that you really want to utilize. Otherwise, it's somewhat of a gamble as you'll basically lose all the experience gained for that particular class. Though it makes for a very diverse and enjoyable game, it also makes for a difficult game. Choose your path early and follow it to the game's completion for the easiest experience, particularly in combat situations. Another thing to note is that when you level up in your new class you gain all the new abilities of that class. However, you do not get the regular hit points of that class until you attain a higher level in your new class than you had in your old one. Let's say you advanced to fifth level as a fighter. When you switch to a mage, you will only gain 1 hit point per level, from mage levels 1 through 5. It isn't until you reach sixth level and beyond that you will be able to gain the normal 1-4 hit points per level that a mage earns.


In this chapter, you'll find a list of all the potential party members in Planescape Torment. Because this section provides information on each ally, including where you'll find him and circumstances that he finds himself in, it contains spoilers, so tread carefully. An important thing to remember about party members is that experience points gained from killing creatures and solving quests is divided among all the members (not including any wisdom bonuses possessed by The Nameless One). If you don't think a particular member is especially useful, you can leave him behind (by selecting the Reform Party button on the statistic button) and gain more experience through the completion of tasks and destruction of creatures. Acquiring each characters is described in more detail in the walk-through section of this game guide.


ttempting the daunting task of discovering The Nameless One's past and learning about his immortality would be impossible if it weren't for a powerful group of allies that provides advice during tough situations and watches The Nameless One's back during combat sequences.




The wise-cracking skull makes his appearance immediately, basically waking The Nameless One up from his rest in the mortuary. Through the course of the game, you discover that Morte and The Nameless One have a long and storied relationship, but Morte seems reluctant to reveal any significant information. Although Morte remains a fighter for the duration of the adventure, he's a valuable guy to have around, both for the extra melee damage and the witty banter. His high hit points and high resistances make him valuable in combat, as he can soak up a lot of punishment and deal a decent amount of damage. However, the trade off for this initial strength is that Morte cannot be upgraded as readily as the other characters. He can only use teeth as a weapon, and they aren't too common (Ingress' teeth, gained from one of the first quests in the hive are usually the standard). And, he can't use tattoos or other enhancements to artificially improve statistics and characteristics. One of Morte's most intriguing features is his special ability to taunt (selected from the pop-up menu and the special abilities). With the ability, you can goad thugs into fighting your group (thus fighting without initiating first contact, which ordinarily creates evil alignment issues). Furthermore, and more importantly, Morte can taunt spell-casting wizards and mages into forgoing their range attacks and approaching for melee, where they'll likely get annihilated by your party members. You can improve the taunt ability throughout the game by speaking with Harlots and Kimasxi Adder-Tongue, among others. A high resistance to nearly every kind of attack (slashing, piercing, cold, poison, and so on) also makes Morte one of the best characters to lead in combat. Send Morte in before any other party member and the enemy will target him first while your other party members and The Nameless One circle the enemy and pound away. Naturally, The Nameless One is also good as a lead attacker, as he's the only character that automatically regenerates hit points over time. Yet for much of the early and mid portions of the game, he will not have as high a resistance to damage as Morte has, so while he has less hit points than The Nameless One, Morte does takes less damage.

CLASS: Fighter/mage RACE: Githzerai GENDER: Male STRENGTH: 17



Dak'kon, a Githzerai found in the Smoldering Corpse Bar, offers both fighting and spell-casting skills and can become a formidable force fighting alongside The Nameless One in both melee combat and ranged spell-casting. The Karach, Dak'kon's unique weapon, actually changes over the course of the game as Dak'kon advances in fighter levels. This weapon also becomes magical once you attain fourth level, and continues to increase in potency (gaining further bonuses to hit and damage) as you advance higher in level. The added magic quality of the sword comes in handy if you are fighting creatures, such as wererats, that are immune to normal weapons. An important thing to remember about Dak'kon is his lawful nature; if you take a chaotic course through the game, expect Dak'kon to not approve and lose some effectiveness. Yes, this flies in the face of the traditional Chaos that rules the lives of the anarchic Githzerai, but the game explains Dak'kon's unconventional ethos later in the game. One of Dak'kon's best features is his unique stash of spells that you won't find anywhere else in the game. After adding Dak'kon to your party, speak with him about the beliefs of Zerthimon and read the Zerthimon item in his inventory. If you possess high intelligence and wisdom stats, you can improve several of Dak'kon's statistics and even learn new and quite powerful spells. One element of Dak'kon that should be improved, either through tattoos (such as the tattoo of revelation), charms, or rings, is his relatively low intelligence statistic, which will prevent him from memorizing higher-level spells you find in dungeons or purchase from marketplaces and magic users. Dak'kon makes an excellent complement to The Nameless One, whether you choose the ways of a fighter or mage. A benefit to keeping Dak'kon around is that, as long as you initially learn to be a mage from a magic-user like Mebbeth, you can switch classes at any time by just speaking with Dak'kon about his teachings. When in combat, use Dak'kon's spell-casting ability to either supercharge his melee ability (along with nearby friends) or weaken creatures from a distance - but don't forgo his abilities as a fighter, particularly if you find means, such as the tattoo of might, to boost his strength.




You'll first encounter Annah at the first section of the hive you emerge; she's standing across from the Gathering Dust Bar and spouting out vicious insults left and right - but you're still intrigued by that tail! Not long after, you venture away from the hive and venture into the trash warrens and buried village, you'll encounter Annah again after retrieving the bronze sphere for Pharod. It's soon apparent that Annah holds more secrets than she's willing to admit. Gaining Annah really makes the thief class an undesirable choice for The Nameless One, especially in the difficult combat situations that lie ahead - you're much better off leaving the thief skills to Annah and have The Nameless One become proficient in either combat or magic skills. There just aren't that many significant areas in the game where you need to worry about detecting traps, being stealthy, and pick-pocketing (though it's probably the most useful). And if you ever do need those thief skills, you can simply add Annah to the party and you have them, without having to sacrifice your training in the more useful arts of magic and fighting. Though you can first choose to study the ways of a thief when you encounter Ratbone back in Ragpicker's Square (before you add Annah), by gaining Annah in the party, you can switch between the fighter and thief classes by simply speaking with her. If you possess both Dak'kon and Annah in the party (and have studied with Mebbeth or Ratbone previously), you can switch between all three classes at any time. After you acquire Annah in your party, search for better weapons for thieves (who are very limited in the weapons they are permitted to use) as Annah's primary attack is fairly weak. Both fighters and thieves can use punch daggers, and you'll likely locate enchanted punch daggers and the punch


daggers of Moorin fairly early in the game if you search every nook and cranny of the catacombs and dungeons. Both will improve Annah's fighting skills. And don't forget about her backstab ability during melee combat. When entering new areas, such as in the tenement of thugs and Ravel's maze, use the pop-up menu to select Annah's detect traps skill, so you don't take unnecessary damage from walking on traps. Use her open locks skill if you encounter any locked chests or doors (though you can also attempt to bash them with The Nameless One if your strength is high enough). Also, you can attempt to pick-pocket clerks and other inhabitants, but expect a fight if your attempt fails. When you level up, spend her thief points on pick-pocketing and detecting traps first, then stealth and opening doors second. Annah's stealth-backstab combination also works well against tough creatures. Use her special ability menu to turn on her stealth mode and sneak up behind creatures and attack. When she successfully backstabs, she does much more damage than usual.


Though you encounter the fiery Ignus early in the game (at the same moment you first meet Dak'kon in the Smoldering Corpse Bar), you can't acquire his services until much later, when you discover a way to free him from his prison curse. To free Ignus, you must talk to Glyve in the weeping stones catacomb and retrieve her decanter of endless water, which you'll find later in the drowned nations. With decanter in hand, you must visit the lower ward and speak with Nemelle, who opens its abilities with a word. Armed with the decanter, return to the Smoldering Corpse Bar and speak with Ignus to use the decanter to put out the curse and free him.



If you're studying to be a mage, you can learn Ignus' unique fire spells at a small hit point price (and a few body parts). Ignus shoots a fireball from a distance, so he leaves a space open for fellow melee warriors to bash on opposing creatures. His fireball is relatively powerful, though it does not have near the damage potential of a skilled Nameless One fighter, Dak'kon, or Vhailor. Ignus' spells provide some welcome destruction, and his high intelligence score ensure that he can memorize some high-level spells any artificial help like tattoos. Further, an alarming constitution statistic of 20 provides Ignus with an ample supply of hit points per level. Overall, however, Dak'kon remains the better comrade for both his melee ability and his collection of spells. If you're looking for room for an additional character (since if you meet them all, you'll have to get rid of two of them as you only have room for five additions), ditch Ignus over Dak'kon. If you believe you'll be getting rid of Ignus sometime during the game, be sure you don't give him all the best scrolls for his spell book or you'll lose those powerful tools for the remainder of the game (unless you locate them or purchase them again). Being a floating fireball, Ignus is virtually immune to fire and magical fire attacks, though it won't make much difference during the course of the game. Don't let his immunity affect your decision to select another character instead of Ignus. Plus, with such an abysmal charisma score, Ignus just isn't that fun to speak with.



The lovely, winged Fall-From-Grave resides over the students in the Brothel of Slating intellectual lusts, located over in the clerk's ward. To impress Fall-From-Grace and persuade her to join your party, you must intrigue her in The Nameless One's condition and then complete her quest of speaking with the ten students of the brothel. Though lacking combat skills, Fall-From-Grace does offer excellent healing spells (automatically gained as she advances levels) and one of the better offensive spells in the game, call lightning. In fact, Fall-From-Grace is the only character with healing spells. Most of Fall-From-Grace's other spells aren't very useful, at least in the overall scope of the game. Sure, you'll find uses for her to speak with the dead spell or remove curses (if you put on a cursed ring because you wanted the armor class bonus, for instance), but you should concentrate on praying for mostly healing and Call Lightning spells. As Fall-From-Grace advances in levels, she gains better healing spells up to the most powerful curative magic - the 'Heal' spell - which restores a full batch of hit points. If you keep party AI on, FallFrom-Grace will automatically cast the lower-level healing spells both during combat situations and between battles. Make sure you rest frequently (and check her available spells) after acquiring her, so you always have access to her healing repertoire.


Vhailor, a walking piece of air-filled armor, doesn't have much of a personality; as a member of the Mercykiller faction, he's primarily interested in exacting justice - without mercy - as early and often as possible. You'll find Vhailor as you leave the prison level standing behind the portal that takes you away. Before proceeding through the portal, walk up to the inanimate armor and attempt to take a piece. When Vhailor reanimates, ask him to join your party, and he (it?) will oblige.



He comes equipped with an excellent weapon, a high amount of hit points, and the capacity to dish out a decent amount of damage. If you're struggling with defeating the creatures around the time you find Vhailor, you might want to acquire his services for the boost in damage potential. Then again, if you've turned The Nameless One into a powerful fighter, or you're having little trouble with the current batch of enemy creatures, you might want to pass and opt for Nordom (if you've taken the time to use the modron cube). He's a more interesting character that requires a full quest to obtain.


Nordom, a missile-firing modron, is one of the most unique creatures you'll encounter in the game and worth the effort to find. To find Nordom, you must purchase the modron cube from the curiosity shop and speak with the modrons inside the brothel of slating intellectual lusts. With information in hand, open your inventory and use the cube. Solve it and when you finally open it, you'll emerge inside the modron maze. Set the combat difficulty to the highest difficulty setting (anything lower, and you can't enter the room where Nordom hangs out). Talk to Nordom when you find him, and he'll join your party. Because he (though he's classified as no gender, we'll continue to refer to Nordom as a he) comes equipped with an unlimited missile weapon, you'll find his ability to pound creatures from a distance a good asset. Stand back and let him get some shots in before charging in with your front-line melee fighters.



Before moving further in the game, speak with Nordom and follow the dialogue paths increase (and sometimes decrease) his statistics in a variety of fashions. In fact, finding Nordom is almost like finding a programmable robot; you can give Nordom specific orders - basically which class to choose - and his abilities will adjust accordingly. Improve his fighting skills by programming fighting techniques, gain a spell (the useful Enoll Eve's duplication spell - it duplicates the effect of any other spell used) by programming mage techniques and improve skills like stealth by programming thievery techniques.


ne of the more difficult tasks you'll face in Planescape: Torment is combat. Puzzle-solving often requires only your brain and some exploration; combat, however, requires both adept knowledge of the interface and either a powerful melee weapon or devastating spells. In this section, you'll find some strategies for effective combat as well as a briefing on some of Planescape: Torment's enemy creatures.


Because combat in Planescape: Torment is real time, you're free to run any time you think you might be in trouble. Use the gameplay option menu to turn on the always run option, so you don't have to fiddle with extra keys when it comes time to flee the scene. Keep in mind that if you remain in the same area, the hostile creatures will continue to search for you and attack. You might want to run just to regroup and get all your characters attacking one creature; or you may want to set up for another spell barrage. Then again, if you're taking that much damage, you may want to flee the scene completely by running to another area of the map. Here's a combat tip: leave a character behind near the edge of the screen, so you can leave at a moment's notice. If you're struggling with combat, just run that character off the screen, and the entire party will warp out onto the next part of the map.



Before heading into a new area of the game, such as an underground combat area, take the time to return to an area where you can rest, such as Mebbeth's hut or the hermit in the Curst underground. Planescape: Torment includes many rest-friendly areas, and you shouldn't hesitate to use them frequently. There's no penalty for resting, and you'll regain most of your party's hit points as well as relearn spells memorized in the spell book. Further, you can return to Mebbeth's hut at any time and get free healing. Speak with her and ask her to heal your party's wounds, and she'll oblige, as long you're in friendly standing with her. You won't relearn spells in your spellbook, but a complete heal of your party's wounds is certainly an important thing to get time and time again, particularly if you're a fighter and eschewing the magical arts.

If you choose to be a fighter, use Dak'kon's spells (if you choose to bring him along) to boost your melee skills and ability to avoid hits. If, though, you choose to be a mage, locate and purchase offensive spells and stock up on them in your spell book. Don't worry as much about boosting other characters with spells; just worry about laying down the law with offensive spells. Keep in mind that you will encounter creatures with high resistance to magic. If you turn The Nameless One into a powerful mage, you should work on giving Dak'kon stellar melee abilities through tattoos and studying the path of Zerthimon, using the items in his inventory.

Don't take on more enemies than your party can handle. Usually, it's best to concentrate all melee power on a single foe, then move on to the next target. If too many enemies are pounding you at once, you'll have trouble fending them all off, and your less powerful allies will take significant damage.


Try luring the enemy creatures, who usually aren't blessed with incredible intelligence, into choke points where you can gang up on them and take them down quickly. Try to separate groups of enemy creatures by fleeing from them, then coming back to attack any enemies that broke off from the main pack. Take on creatures in doorways or around corners, so they can't surround your party completely and get in more strikes. Micromanage your party into attacking specific targets, particularly spell casters that will inflict damage from a distance while you're trying to combat melee units. Though it takes a bit more mouseclicking, you'll find the effort will pay off in the long run through easier combat and less use of healing items.

Hitting the space bar during gameplay pauses the game. Though the game world stops in its tracks, you can still issue orders to your party members. Pause the game at the beginning of a combat sequence to get your party attacking the same creature and your spell casters ready to cast some magic. Pausing the game also lets you assess your adversaries. If you notice too many of them emerging from the fog of war, pause the game and order your party to leave the scene. Pausing the game lets you calmly issue orders without the panic that sometimes arises when you see too many creatures coming at you on the screen.

If you're particularly greedy with the experience points and want to level up more quickly, dive down into the main dungeon areas of the game and leave the rest of your party behind. For instance, take The Nameless One alone through drowned nations or Undersigil and let him kill the creatures by himself for added experience points. It'll require the utmost in patience and healing items to survive such encounters. You must be careful not to get overwhelmed, especially in the tougher dungeon areas, and you must perfect the "trigger creature and retreat" method, so you fight one at a time. Keep in mind that it's not really necessary to complete the game; if you solve most of the optional quests and use copper for healing items and better items and tattoos, you shouldn't have trouble with Planescape: Torment. Alternatively, you can just take a few allies with you, so you don't spread the experience across the party as much.



Following, you'll find a rundown of some of the more significant enemies. You'll encounter dozens of unique adversaries throughout the game, but the ones mentioned here either offer something unique or can help gain you experience at important areas of the game.


You'll find the dragon-like abishai both early in the game (wandering around the hive) and late in the game (populating Baator). The abishai roaming around the Hive won't pose a threat to you if you leave them alone, but if you want a quick boost of experience, you can goad the abishai into attacking with Morte's taunt ability. He's a tough creature, though, so be prepared for a tough fight. Make sure you have ample healing items before the encounter. Late in the game, in Baator, you'll find a variety of different abishai. By this time, though, you should be pretty well equipped to tackle them. All types provide a bunch of experience points, so be sure to scour the map for all of them to maximize the amount of points you can gain.


Some of the first creatures you'll encounter (mainly inside the weeping stones catacombs and Warrens of Thought) are the seemingly harmless cranium rats. They don't really pose much of a threat in singles, but get these critters in groups, and you'll have a major problem. When they get together, the cranium rats cast spells - lots of spells - and you can find yourself overwhelmed in a matter of moments. If you wish to explore the Warrens of Thought safely, you should avoid killing any of the rats and then speak with Many-As-One, located on the upper northeast corner in the warrens. The rat mind will grant you passage and a special bonus for not harming the little beasts.


During your journey into the Curst underground and finally the Curst prison, you'll encounter many Curst guards. These well-armored fighting machines boast both a significant offensive punch and lots of experience points. Best of all, though, each Curst guard carries around 50 copper commons. Scour the items left behind after killing the guards and collect all the copper you can find. The more copper you gain, the easier Planescape: Torment's ending sequence will be as you can use the bonus copper to stock up on healing items.




After you beat Ravel in her maze, she'll summon hordes of shadows and lesser shadows to come finish her job - taking you out of commission! These tough creatures continue to spawn in her maze until you leave. If you want to continue to gain experience, stick around for awhile and beat as many of these creatures as you can before leaving. Keep in mind that they enjoy attacking in groups, and because they continue to spawn, it might be difficult to save your game. Try to lure single shadows away from the pack and attack them one at a time.


The most plentiful creature you'll find early in the game really isn't a creature at all, but just a nefarious street thug. These come in several varieties, including hive thugs, trash warren thugs, and tenement thugs. All offer a decent amount of experience (at the time you face them) and usually carry bracelets, rings, and earrings that can be sold at merchants for some extra copper. Unless you're playing Planescape: Torment as a chaotic character, don't go running around initiating fights with every thug you come across. Instead, you can just walk around them, and usually they'll pick a fight with you. Or, alternatively, you can use Morte's taunt special ability to "persuade" them into fighting you. Spend time going around the hive and battling as many thugs as you can to improve your experience and gain levels early in the game.


You'll likely first encounter wererats in the weeping stones catacombs. Although not the toughest of creatures, the wererat does have a resistance to normal weapons, so you'll need an enchanted weapon or spells to inflict damage on it. If you want a wealth of experience, you can charge through the Warrens of Thought and take out as many wererats as you can find. Unfortunately, you'll also run into hordes of spell-happy cranium rats who won't be pleased to make your acquaintance.


You'll find zombies first in the mortuary, and they don't pose much of a threat. If you want, you can leave them alive until later in the game, after you gain the ability to speak with the dead from Stale Mary in the dead nations. The zombies, while not amazing conversationalists, do have some clues about your past and can offer insight into the story. Then again, they are zombies, so if you want to gain some experience early in the game, just eliminate them as you make your way to the mortuary's exit.



hat can change the nature of a man? You begin Planescape: Torment as The Nameless One in a creepy mortuary just sliding off a cold iron slab. Your only source of information is a wise-talking disembodied skull named Morte. Through careful exploration of the vast world of Planescape, you'll soon discover more allies, many enemies, and the secrets to your past and your future. In this section, you'll find the walk-through for Planescape: Torment. Although the walk-through doesn't cover every single optional quest or item you can acquire in the game (as there are literally thousands of combinations), adhering to this walk-through will take you through the game with plenty of experience points and completed quests. If you're stuck on a particular quest, search for its name in the walk-through for strategies on its completion. Remember, many of the quests described here aren't vital to completing the game. Planescape: Torment includes many optional quests that can be completely ignored; often, though, the optional quests are excellent sources of copper, experience points, and even allies. Further, there are literally hundreds of different combinations for combat and many, many potential items to locate. Following the walk-through will net you many useful items that make Planescape: Torment much easier, especially in the grueling combat sequences near the end.

Your adventure begins inside the mortuary immediately following the character generation screen and the introductory movie. The Nameless One begins on a cold metal slab; you'll slide off automatically inside the southern preparation room. Take the time to get used to the interface and open up the map screen (using the default M key) to study your location. You begin on the second level of the mortuary in the southwest area of the map.



Once The Nameless One scuttles off the slab, a disembodied skull named Morte approaches you. Listen to all the dialogue choices, particularly the discussion of the journal entry inscribed on your back. Morte also discusses other important elements to keep in mind during the first part of your adventure, including a weapon located nearby (a scalpel) and the mindless zombies roaming around the mortuary. After regaining control of The Nameless One, search all the nearby desks for the aforementioned scalpel and a couple of bandages (they heal three hit points each). Each time you enter a new room or area, sweep the mouse pointer around the screen to search for hotspots (as you would in a pointand-click adventure game). To collect new and often better supplies, it's important to search closets, crates, desks, tables, and other containers for items.

Speak with Ei-Vene at the northeast corner of the mortuary's second floor; both for a quest and a bonus later in the game.



To exit this room, you must locate the zombies wandering around the room, usually standing next to corpses on top of slabs. You can attempt to talk to these zombies if you wish, but you won't have much success. Instead, equip the scalpel and attack the zombies to gain experience as well as snag the key to the gate leading out of the preparation room, which lies northwest of your start position. With key in your inventory, simply click on the gate. It will automatically be used, and you can pass through. Continue north through the preparation rooms, and you'll pass additional zombies. You can attack them if you wish to gain some experience points, but you can also let them leave and return to the mortuary later to learn details about your previous existence. Either way, continue through the rooms, moving north until you reach the preparation room with the large book in the southeastern corner. Behind the book lies Dhall, a floating dustman who keeps track of who comes and goes inside the preparation rooms. Talk to Dhall and specifically cover topics about your character and the dustmen. Finish examining the room, exit through the entrance to the northeast, and continue east. If you check the map, you'll notice you are now at the northern point of the mortuary's second floor. Continue east into the next area until you see a dustwoman next to a corpse and slab.


Speak with Ei-Vene, and she'll hand you a quest if you wish to take it. It seems she needs the needle, thread, and embalming fluid she misplaced. You can find these on the third floor of the mortuary (just search all the desks and shelves as you should always be doing) and return them to her for some experience points as well as a bonus to your maximum hit points. As many of the quests are in Planescape: Torment, it's entirely optional. When you're finished with Ei-Vene, proceed southeast into the next area. A zombie wandering around in here is actually a spy (he's a zombie that actually responds to conversation). Depending on how you handle the spy, you can get some additional information or gain the ability to disguise yourself (to escape the mortuary without threat from the dustmen). Again, it's optional material and not vital to exiting the mortuary. Continue south through the doorway and search the next room for some embalming fluid. Locate the stairs inside the room that take you to the third floor of the mortuary. Proceed down the stairs.




After emerging on the third floor, bring up the overhead map to see you're currently on the far east side of the level. Your goal is to locate a key on the western side. Begin your trek across the map. Along the way, you might run into some dustmen who will attempt to hail you. Don't bother stopping for them; you could get roped into combat if you make the wrong conversation choices. However, if they do catch you, tell them you are looking for Dhall. One benefit to killing a dustman, however, is the ability to snag his robe. You can use it as a disguise and won't attract the dustmen's attention any longer. Proceed to the western side of the map just under the staircase and examine all the desks and shelves. Inside one, you'll find the key you're searching for, the mortuary sanctum key. When you're finished, walk north to the stairs and head back to the second level of the mortuary. When you're back on the second floor, return to the stairs that initially took you to the third floor and open the locked gate just adjacent to the staircase to reveal the path to the first level of the mortuary.


When you arrive on the first floor, open up the map and locate your position on the eastern side of the map. Proceed west into a central circular room. Inside, you'll find statuesque giant skeletons with large weapons. Don't bother the skeletons unless you have an exceptional intelligence rating; if you do, you can examine the runes on the skeletons and decipher them. Otherwise, keep away, or they'll tear you apart in no time. Continue through the central room to the northwest until you reach the altar. Approach the altar, and Deionarra appears, a blue ghostly image that claims to know about The Nameless One's past. Speak with her about all dialogue topics, especially about yourself, as she'll grant you the ability to raise the dead three times a day - an important ability if you want to keep your party members alive. Also, end the conversation in good terms (don't tell her you're leaving her or the mortuary), or Deionarra places a curse on you. When the conversation ends, proceed back into the central room and head southwest. Several dustmen wander through this area. Try not to disturb the standard dustmen and instead look for Soego. Engage in conversation and tell him you were locked inside the mortuary, and he'll open up the main gate and let you outside. Should you kill any dustmen near the gate, Soego will likely


attack you instead of initiating conversation. If this happens, just grab the key off his body and proceed through the gate yourself. After the brief cutscene and level load, you can proceed to the hive.

The hive consists of five main areas: the mortuary exit area (northeast), the marketplace area (southwest), the Smoldering Corpse Bar area (southeast), the flophouse area (northwest), and the Alley of Dangerous Angles (middle). Though the quickest route to the next stage of your adventure lies in Ragpicker's Square past the hive, you should take as much time as possible in the hive to build up your experience and gain additional party members. After exiting the mortuary, you'll be inside the mortuary exit part of the hive. The Smoldering Corpse Bar area lies to the south exit, the flophouse area to the west exit, and the Alley of Dangerous Angles to the southwest exit. To reach the marketplace, you must head into the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and exit to the west. While in the hive, there are a few things you should remember. First off, if you're trying to be a nice character, be sure to tell the truth as often as possible and not start any fights. Then again, if you're looking to be chaotic or evil, lie when prompted and initiate combat engagements. While walking around all areas of the hive, you're likely to run across hive thugs that will attack you if you just hang around them long enough. Alternatively, you can get Morte to taunt them with his special ability. Use these relatively easy opponents to build up your experience and collect copper pieces. If you're daring, get Morte to taunt the abishai wandering around the town for a boatload of experience, but a very difficult fight. Try not to get overwhelmed by enemy units, though; just run if you are in danger and seek refuge in an area where you can rest. If you plan to change classes from fighter to mage or thief, be sure to head straight for the Ragpicker's Square and visit the midwife's hut for the mage class and Ratbone for the thief class. Head west from the hive starting point into the flophouse area. From there, go straight north and locate Mebbeth to the south and Ratbone to the southwest. The sooner you visit these places, the quicker you can get started earning experience in these respective classes. Should you die while roaming around the hive, you'll appear back in the mortuary. If you don't need to return to the mortuary, just remember to save your game as often as possible and remember your auto save, so you can reload after entering or exiting any new location.



There are many quests you can take on during your stay in the various areas of the hive. These are all optional, but it's important to build up as much experience as possible for your trek ahead. Take the time to take part in as many quests as possible and finish them to completion for maximum experience reward. Further, talk to as many characters as possible to gain information about Pharod and your hidden journals. Following, you'll find a list of many quests and important areas you'll find in the hive and how to complete them.


Standing at the mortuary exit is Pox, a dustman that can get you back inside the mortuary if you're "dying" to get back in. If you wish, he can simply kill you, and you'll reenter. Talk with Pox about Pharod and Sharegrave.


Just west of the mortuary exit, you'll find the Dustman Memorial with a strange monolith inside. You can speak with the various inhabitants of the memorial. One person named Quentin knows many details about the monument, and another dustman named Death-of-Names knows some names inscribed on the monument and can point them out. The person of main interest in the memorial, though, is Sev'Tai. Seek her out and speak with her. It turns out her three sisters were attacked by a group known as the Starved Dogs Barking. She mentions it lies south of the mortuary (actually in the Smoldering Corpse Bar area). To solve her quest, head into the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and proceed immediately east. You'll run across the three thugs. They aren't easy to kill, so try and take them on one at a time (especially if you're solving this quest first) and save your game after each kill. Once you've dispatched all three enemies, return to Sev'Tai for an experience point reward.


Just south of the Dustman Memorial, you'll find Baen the Sender, a blue-clothed fellow looking to deliver a message to Craddock. Once you speak with Baen, head to the marketplace by going through the Smoldering Corpse Bar area to the south and then head west into the marketplace. You'll find Craddock to the northwest after entering the marketplace. Speak with him and deliver the message from Baen. Speaking with Craddock will open up a new quest as he now needs to locate his helper, Jhelai.




After speaking with Craddock, return to the Smoldering Corpse Bar area, and you'll locate Jhelai on the western side of the map. Listen to Jhelai, then return to Craddock and tell him the truth about what Jhelai had to say. After Craddock finishes, offer your assistance to gain some copper pieces. Finally, be sure to return to Baen the Sender to notify him you completed the entire quest for additional bonuses.

Get some easy experience points by helping out Mourns-For-Trees. Just tell him you care.


Just south of Baen and the memorial, you'll find Ingress running back and forth. Initiate a conversation with her and listen to her strange story about portals and doorways. According to your journal after receiving the quest, you must find a planeswalker to guide her to the correct portal. You'll spot a planeswalker by its distinct translucency. To find the planeswalker, head into the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and into the Smoldering Corpse Bar (south in the district). Walk west after entering



it and find Candrian. Speak with him, and he'll offer to help Ingress. Return to Ingress and tell her you found some help, and she'll scamper off. Return again to Candrian, inside the Smoldering Corpse bar, for your experience bonuses and Ingress' teeth, which will provide additional combat power for Morte.


Just to the west of where you first ran into Ingress and just outside the Gathering Dust Bar stands a zombie named The Post, which is really a bulletin board and directional indicator for the fine folks of the hive. To grab some experience, speak with the Post, and read the notices tacked to his body. Select the response about the Smoldering Corpse Bar while reading the notices. Next, examine the graffiti and select the response about Pharod for some additional experience.


You'll find Angyar's house to the southeast portion of the mortuary exit area of the hive (the first area you appear inside). Enter the house, speak with Angyar's wife, and get her to tell you about her husband and the contract she signed with a dustman who hangs out inside the Gathering Dust Bar. Once you receive the quest, you'll discover that the name of the dustman is Mortai Gravesend. Exit Angyar's house and enter the bar (just next to the Post and northwest of Angyar's house). Locate Mortai Gravesend just inside to the west and initiate dialogue. Select the choices about the true death and what other dustmen would think of his actions. Within moments, Mortai will run off, retrieve the contract, and hand it to you. Return to Angyar's house and speak with his wife. Show her the contract, and she'll tell you to talk to her husband (and not to tell him that she mentioned all this to you). Show the contract to her husband and eventually tear it to bits. Continue speaking with her husband and ask about the location of Pharod and about collectors for more experience - be careful not to anger him during the discussion, or he'll attack you. Collect your experience from the couple and make a note that when you speak with Angyar's wife now, you can ask if you and your party can rest here. Further, you can purchase a few healing items from her.


Speak with Emoric about Pharod, and he'll mention concerns about the dead bodies that Pharod's been coming across. He offers you a simple quest to find out where Pharod is getting all these bodies. You can't complete the quest for awhile, but keep it in mind. After you find Pharod in the buried village, ask him where he's finding all the dead bodies. With the answer in hand, return to Emoric in the Smoldering Corpse Bar and relay your answer.




Head into the Gathering Dust Bar and speak with Emoric, who's seated in the upper northwest corner of the bar. Talk with him about all topics, including Pharod and the dustmen, and he'll eventually ask if you wish to become a part of the dustmen faction. If you want some additional quests and experience, say yes (you can always turn down the offer later). Emoric offers four quests, and none are too difficult. He'll first ask you to speak with Norochj, another dustman inside the bar. Walk over to Norochj and talk with him. You'll learn that a thief posing as a dustman is walking somewhere around in the hive. To complete the quest, locate the thief. You'll find him in the marketplace area under the name Ash-Mantle. Confront him and either kill him or watch him flee. Return to Norochj and tell him you exposed him. Then, return to Emoric to complete the quest. Next, Emoric tells you to speak with Awaiting-Death, also a dustman inside the bar. Awaiting-Death doesn't think much about life and wants to die. Speak with him about the matters of life and death and when given the opportunity, kill yourself. You won't die, but just stand there. Follow the dialogue, and you'll complete the quest. Return to Emoric and tell him you spoke with Awaiting-Death for the bonuses. Next, Emoric will tell you to speak with Sere, yet another dustman in the bar. Speak with Sere about her dustman beliefs as you go through the conversation. When the conversation's completed (just keep talking and don't leave), return to Emoric for the bonus. Finally, you'll find Soego in the dead nations as soon as you appear inside. After you find him and are back in the hive, return to Emoric and tell him. You can then join the dustmen if you wish.


Head into the Gathering Dust Bar and speak with Norochj, a dustman just inside near the entrance. Select the dialogue choices to ask what is troubling him. He'll explain about the strange phenomenon going on inside the mausoleum and ask you to go investigate. Once you've acquired the quest, you can enter the mausoleum through a portal just above the Dustman Memorial at the top of the map. Don't attempt this quest until you've completed many other quests in the hive area and are at least a level three or four character. It's probably the toughest early quest in the game. Further, it's wise to have a third party member (go get Dak'kon from the Smoldering Corpse Bar) as well as healing items like bandages and chot charms. The mausoleum's interior is filled with skeleton warriors and giant skeletons, not to mention the tough boss, Strahan Runeshadow, waiting for you at the end.




When you're ready to enter the mausoleum, you'll begin in the northwest part of the map. You can reach Strahan Runeshadow quickly by heading directly south at the first turn and taking southern turns at the next intersections. When you reach the bottom of the map, turn to the west and enter the inner chamber. Again, you'll find many skeletons inside the mausoleum as well as tough giant skeletons. It's best to wait until you've gained several levels or have additional party members. Enter the inner chamber and attack the skeleton guards first, then defeat Strahan Runeshadow. Use Morte's taunt special ability against the mage to anger him into hand-to-hand combat. When you've defeated Strahan, collect a large experience bonus from both the guardian spirit and Norochj.


Enter the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and speak with the damsel in distress just at the entrance who continues to shout for help. During the conversation, question her story and examine the blood on her clothes. When given the opportunity, bluff her during the dialogue, and you'll gain some experience points.


Just to the east, after entering the Smoldering Corpse Bar area, you can talk with Mourns-For-Trees. He'll explain how he's sad that all the trees in the hive aren't prospering. You can gain some easy experience points by promising to care about the trees and offer to bring others to care about the trees as well. Mourns-For-Trees also has information about Fell's tattoo studio, the place where you can purchase tattoos. Tattoos appear here throughout the game, and you'll want to return here often to purchase them, as they're an excellent way to boost the statistics of The Nameless One and several party members.


A man standing on the eastern side of the Smoldering Corpse Bar area, named Barking Wilder, possesses some information about your lost journals. Speak with him, and if you can understand his cryptic song dialogue (you'll be given special choices if your intelligence and wisdom is high enough), he'll eventually tell you about the location of your two journals, and you'll gain some experience points as well.


Enter the Smoldering Corpse Bar inside the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and speak with Dak'kon, who stands north of the bar's entrance. Speak with him about his native language and the city of Sigil. You'll gain some experience, and he'll eventually offer his services to your party members.


Gaining the friendship of Dak'kon makes the mausoleum quest a piece of cake and ups your combat effectiveness considerably. Dak'kon also has a potential magic weapon which will come in handy against the wererats in the weeping stones. For more on Dak'kon, head over to the Planescape allies section of this game guide.

The hive marketplace offers all sorts of good deals on healing items and other goodies.


Inside the marketplace, on the western side, you'll find the Crier of Es-Annon, a sad fellow with a depressing tale about his fallen city. He wants to honor his city in some fashion; offer to find a tombstone or monument to initiate the quest. Return to the first area of the hive to the Dustman Memorial (just outside the mortuary) and speak with Death-of-Names, a dustman next to the monument. Ask to inscribe the name of Es-Annon onto the monument. When completed, return to the Crier of EsAnnon and grab your reward.




You'll find Porphiron in the flophouse area, which lies west of the mortuary exit. Speak with the pacifist Porphiron and offer to dispatch the three thugs who stole his necklace in a nonviolent fashion (for instance, by lying to them). If you wish to be chaotic, you don't need to go through these pleasantries. To locate the thugs, return to the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and locate the red and black clothed thugs on the western side. Speak with them about the necklace and select the dialogue choice to lie to them about the size of Porphiron's gang. You'll get the necklace back. If you wish, you can speak with the thugs again and kill them for some experience. Return the necklace to Porphiron for your reward. If Porphiron remains friendly with you, and you're a fighter, you can gain some weapons training by spending your gained proficiency points.


Enter the flophouse (the entrance is located in the southern area of the flophouse section) and speak with Arlo. He'll tell you the story about Nestor, the resident who just won't leave the flophouse no matter how hard Arlo tries to get rid of him. After talking with Arlo, proceed north inside the flophouse and talk with Nestor. He'll also tell you an unusual tale about his missing fork. He promises that if you return the fork, he'll leave the flophouse. Exit the flophouse and proceed to the north area of the map and locate One-Ear. Initiate conversation and follow the dialogue until you can ask him about the fork. Get the fork from One-Ear (usually by simply killing him) and return the fork to Nestor. Once Nestor gets the fork back, he'll leave the flophouse. Speak with Arlo after Nestor leaves to complete the quest and gain your bonuses, including the ability to rest at the flophouse free of charge.


Speak with Mar, who's located at the southern area in the flophouse section of the hive. He'll offer you a simple quest to deliver a strange box to Ku'atraa. The quest will take you to nearly every area of the hive, so keep that in mind before taking it on. If you want the task, then take the box to Ku'atraa's warehouse, located on the western side of the Smoldering Corpse Bar area. Speak with Ku'atraa inside, and he'll want nothing to do with the box. He'll tell you to take the box to Brasken. Head to the marketplace and to Brasken's house on the western side of the marketplace. Speak with Brasken about the box, who again will want nothing to do with the box and tell you to take it to Shilandra. Locate Shilandra by heading to the hive's first area (just outside the mortuary) and to Shilandra's kip, just west of the mortuary exit (east of the mausoleum). She'll tell you about the box and tell you take it to the cathedral inside the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Speak with Aola at the cathedral to learn about the box. Return the box to Mar (you'll find him hiding in the flophouse area to the northwest) and receive your experience reward. The box also has bearing on Jarym's quest in Ragpicker's square. See that section for details.




Enter the Alley of Dangerous Angles, and you'll emerge in the middle of a gang war. You can choose to take sides with any of the gang leaders, but you'll gain the most experience and money by taking sides with Krystall (which is, coincidentally, on the side of good). Talk with Krystall in the northwest corner of the Alley of Dangerous Angles, and she'll ask you to terminate Rotten William for her. Find him in the southeastern corner of this area (you might have to fight some of Rotten William's Darkalley Shivs, his gang, along the way). Return to Krystall once you've terminated Rotten William, and she'll ask you to locate Blackrose and do the same. You can find him just east of Krystall. When you speak with him, don't fight immediately. Instead, tell him you did away with Rotten William, and you'll gain some experience. After that, refuse to battle him, and he'll engage you. Terminate him as well and tell Krystall of your accomplishment.

The Alley of Dangerous Angles offers plenty of experience if you're willing to fight for it.




When inside the Alley of Dangerous Angles, locate the burnt building in the southwestern area of the map. When inside, speak with Rauk, and he'll tell you he's misplaced his three rings inside his tents. Exit the building and bring up the overhead map to locate the three tents. Enter each tent and search it thoroughly to find rings in a bench, a wooden step, and a plank - you're looking of a bronze, silver, and gold ring. When you've grabbed all three, return to Rauk, and you'll gain some experience. Watch the mages do their work and, after they've summoned the evil green creature, collect their goods and spells.

Once you've been through the earlier areas of the hive and performed many of the quests to enhance your experience and combat potential, you should venture into Ragpicker's Square, as it takes you to the larger part of your mission. Or, if you wish to learn the ways of a mage or thief, you should head there as soon as possible and visit Mebbeth (in the south) for mage training and Ratbone (in the southwest) for thief training. You'll locate Ragpicker's Square to the north exit inside the flophouse portion of the hive. Upon entering the square, you'll appear on the eastern side of the map. Before continuing on, you should take some time to explore Ragpicker's Square and perform some of the following quests.


One quest you'll find concerns the wizard Jarym. You'll find his establishment on the southern part of Ragpicker's Square. Upon entering the house, speak with Jarym and discover he's looking for a ruby to complete his spell. This ruby is actually the gem that was found inside the box you delivered for Mar (and to several other people). After gaining the quest, return to the Alley of Dangerous Angles and the cathedral to speak with Aola again. Ask to purchase the gem from him, and he'll offer it for a small fee of copper. Take the ruby back to Jarym for your experience reward.


Located just north of Jarym's place, you'll find a collector wandering around named Nodd. Speak with Nodd to learn of his desire to speak with an old friend named Amarysse. You can accept the quest to locate Amarysse, who you'll find hanging out in the southern part of the Smoldering Corpse Bar area. When you find and speak with her, she'll give you some money to take back to Nodd. If you return the money to Nodd, you're rewarded with some experience points.




One of the most important residents of Ragpicker's Square is Mebbeth, a mage-trainer living in a hut in the southern part of the square. Enter and speak with her. Talk with her about all topics, including Pharod, and you'll soon discover that Mebbeth will heal your party's wounds upon request and offer a place for rest. Additionally, you can talk with her about becoming a Mage. If you wish to switch classes to mage, you should speak with Mebbeth. Even if you don't want to be a mage, you should still take part in her quests because they offer experience, and you can always refuse the art or even change back to a fighter or thief later.


Mebbeth's first quest will be to find the strange black herbs she needs. Head to the marketplace area of the hive and speak with the stout merchant yelling about fruits and spices in the heart of the market area. Speak with the merchant and inquire about the seeds. Unfortunately, you must go find a gardener to assist you with the seeds. Find a gardener who has Mebbeth's herbs. If you have previously spoken with Mourns-for-Trees, you'll instantly recall his profession and that he's the one you should speak with. Return to the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and locate Mourns-for-Trees near the northern area of the map. Speak with him and talk about the seeds. Select the dialogue choices about caring for the seeds, and they'll grow before your eyes. Return to Mebbeth and tell her you've completed this portion of the quest.


After you return the seeds to Mebbeth, she'll offer another quest (which must be completed to reach the discussion about the mage class). Mebbeth requests that you retrieve her laundry from Giscorl, who's also hanging out in the marketplace area of the hive. Return to the marketplace and locate Giscorl in the main area of the market. Talk to Giscorl about Mebbeth's wash rags, and Giscorl will go retrieve them. Return to Mebbeth and return the rags.


Once you've returned the seeds and the wash, Mebbeth sends you on another quest back to the marketplace (which again must be completed before discussing the mage class). Mebbeth needs ink from the fish salesperson named Kossah-Jai. Initiate dialogue with Kossah-Jai and discover that you must find another fish salesperson for the ink, as it comes from a special kind of fish.




You'll find Meir'am, the other fish salesperson, on the eastern side of the marketplace. Speak with her about the fish and the ink, but she'll indicate that you need a container to hold the ink in. Head back to the market proper and find the hive merchant selling containers (watch for the dialogue lines above their heads and speak with the one talking about containers). Ask the merchant about tankards and purchase an inexpensive one. Return to Meir'am and get the ink. Return with the tankard and ink to Mebbeth to complete the quest.


After completing Mebbeth's quests, you can talk to her about the art of becoming a mage and switch to the mage class. With the mage class, you can learn spells and use specialized magic items. If you have Dak'kon in your party, you can switch back to the fighter class at any time you wish by simply speaking to him about weapons training.


Located on the southeastern side of Ragpicker's Square is a man named Ratbone. You can speak with him and gain thief training to switch to the thief class. If you wish to become a thief, you should speak with Ratbone as soon as possible to begin your accumulating experience.


Also located on the southeastern area of Ragpicker's Square is the house of a person you've heard about from various characters, the mysterious, and rather grumpy, Sharegrave. Enter the house and speak with him about Pharod. Be sure to indicate to Sharegrave that you don't care for Pharod and that you're looking for him. Sharegrave offers a quest to find out where Pharod is finding all the dead bodies. To complete the quest, locate Pharod in the buried village and ask him about the dead bodies. Return to Sharegrave with the answer to complete the quest.


Located just northwest of the entrance position to Ragpicker's Square is a portal that leads to an abandoned house. After entering the house, a collector named Vlask and a few thugs enter to rough you around, demanding money to permit you to leave. You can either pay your way out or simply battle Vlask and his thugs to exit.



When you've finished exploring Ragpicker's Square, it's time to head into the trash warrens that lead the way to the buried village, where you'll find Pharod. If you are playing to advance the storyline, and not necessarily for quests and xp, you want to meet Pharod after you get out of the Mortuary and buff yourself up a little. To enter the trash warrens, head to the northwest side of Ragpicker's Square (you'll traverse a wooden pathway). Eventually, you'll reach a doorway; upon entering, you must toss a piece of junk into the doorway to open a portal. If you've been collecting items along the way to this point, you should have a piece in your inventory. Toss the junk inside and go through the portal. If you don't have any junk, search around Ragpicker's Square, and you should find some in examinable containers. Once you get through, find some junk (again, just search the trash warrens containers) for when you need to return. On the other side of the portal, locate the entrance to the trash warrens and proceed through.

Your goal lies through the trash warrens, but you'll need some junk and decent combat skills to make it through.


Combat in the trash warrens isn't easy and will be your toughest test yet. Be sure you're healed (just head to Mebbeth's first) and are well equipped. Upon entering, you'll speak with Anomoli, who you can either attack (along with his thug guards) or talk your way around him. Exploring the rest of the trash warrens will uncover loads of rats and thugs. Try to take them on in low numbers and don't arouse the attention of dozens of enemies at once - if possible. In a northern alcove of the trash warrens, you'll find a portal (which opens if you have a rat tail in your inventory) that takes you to a secret room with tons of rats but many other goodies. Attack the rats quickly, or you'll come under fire from dozens of spells. When you're finished exploring the trash warrens and collecting the experience and all the goodies (be sure to run your mouse over the boxes and crates scattered around the trash warrens), head to the southeastern part of the map to encounter Bish, another heavy that tries to stop your passage to the buried village. Again, you can choose to battle Bish (and his many thug guards) or talk your way around him. Once you pass Bish, open up the door on the floor and proceed into the buried village.

Now that you've safely made your way through the trash warrens, you're almost to the first major step in Planescape's primary storyline - to find Pharod. Upon entering the buried village, head to the south and enter the building on the west side of the map. Inside, you'll find Marta, who sews up some of the corpses that come her way. Speak with her and, if you wish, ask her to operate on you, and you'll find a small ring inside your intestines (also snag your intestines in your inventory).


Just east of Marta's house, you'll find Ku'u Yin huddled against the side of a building. Speak with Ku'u Yin about his lost name and number and who stole it. He tells you that Radine, someone located just south of him, stole his name and number, and he's dying without them. Proceed south from his position and locate Radine. Speak with Radine and ask to get the name back. With the name and number recovered, return to Ku'u Yin and hand back the name. You'll be rewarded with a charm and some experience points.


On the far east side of the map, you'll find a collector named Uhir. After speaking with him, you'll discover that he lost his knife in the catacombs underneath the village. You'll be headed in there soon enough, so offer to retrieve the weapon for Uhir. You'll find the knife on the knifed ghoul inside the


dead nations area of the catacombs (he's located in the southeast near the entrance). To get the knife from the knifed ghoul, you must collect six rat tails and give them to him in trade. With the knife in hand, return to Uhir (do so before returning the bronze sphere to Pharod) and hand back the knife.


Inside a small house on the northern side of the buried village is Quint, a well-informed gentleman who also has a request and a quest. He asks you to retrieve something from the body of Gris the vulture who's somewhere down in the catacombs. Accept the offer. You'll find Gris' body inside the Crypt of the Embraced in the middle coffin (click it to open it). Before you speak with Gris, however, you must learn how to speak with the dead. To do so, head into the dead nations and talk with Stale Mary. After speaking with her, talk to Hargrimm the Bleak about Stale Mary's language and how to understand it. Return to Stale Mary and ask her to teach you her language. Once you can understand the dead, return to Gris and speak with him. He'll tell you that the item is located in a trash heap just to the south of Marta's house (just run the mouse cursor slowly over the mess to find the hotspot). Grab the item and return it to Quint to complete the quest.


You'll find the entrance to Pharod's location in the northeastern area of the buried village, just past to guards. Enter the room and speak with Pharod about your identity and several other topics. Further, you can speak with Pharod about how he's obtaining all the bodies and return with the information to Emoric and Sharegrave. Pharod also wants you to locate a bronze sphere left somewhere in the catacombs (in the drowned nations) before he'll speak further. Locate the sphere on the eastern side of the catacombs protected by several creatures (it's on the body of a dead collector). Return it to Pharod to gain information and a new party member.

Once you've completed some quests and talked to the inhabitants of the buried village, head to the southeastern corner and talk with Barr at the gate. Tell him you're on leave from Pharod to find the missing bronze sphere, and he'll open the gate and let you pass (you must speak with Pharod first). Proceed into the next area to emerge inside the weeping stones, the first area of the underground catacombs.


While traveling around the weeping stones, you'll encounter cranium rats, wererats, some ghouls, and some lesser vargouilles. None of the creatures is especially tough, though you should try to prevent the vargouilles from ganging up on you, either by triggering them a few at a time or leading them to a choke point, such as a corner or doorway. Also, magic weapons only harm the wererats. Dak'kon's sword becomes magical when he hits fourth level, and you can buy a magic ax from the weapon dealer in the marketplace. If you're a fighter, you should have little trouble. A mage or thief might find the vargouilles and wererats a bit of a challenge, however. Explore the weeping stones well and search all the coffins you can examine. You'll find several exits out of the weeping stones area - Crypt of the Embraced (to the north), dead nations (to the south), dismembered crypt (to the west), Warrens of Thought (to the northeast), shattered crypt (to the northeast) - which are detailed in the following section.


On the west side of the weeping stones, two tunnels below the one you start in, you'll find Glyve, the weeping stone who's searching for a magical decanter located in another section of the catacombs. You'll find the decanter in the drowned nations part of the catacombs on the far eastern tunnel. It's protected by some lesser vargouilles and trocopotaca. Return the decanter to Glyve and pour the water on her for the experience reward.


In the tunnel south of Glyve, you'll find a corpse (lying just in front of the dead nations entrance) of Chad. You can't speak with Chad until you've gained the ability to speak with the dead. To do so, you must go into the dead nations and submit to the silent king. Talk with Stale Mary (in the southwestern corner), then return to speak with Hargrimm the Bleak about Stale

Killing off the lesser vargouilles not only nets experience, it completes a quest.


Mary's language. Return to Stale Mary and let her touch you. Then, listen to her language. Once you've gained the ability to speak with the dead, return to Chad and discover his request to kill all the vargouilles on the level. You'll find most of them in the tunnel just north of Glyve. After killing them all, return to Chad for the experience reward.


Search the northern area of the weeping stones to find the entrance to the Crypt of the Embraced. Upon entering, you'll engage a few ghouls. Open the middle crypt (just place your mouse over it to gain the door icon), and you'll find Gris the vulture inside. Unfortunately, as Quint mentions, he's dead. To speak with Gris, you must gain the ability to speak with the dead. To do so, you must go into the dead nations and submit to the silent king. Talk with Stale Mary (in the southwestern corner), then return to speak with Hargrimm the Bleak about Stale Mary's language. Return to Stale Mary and let her touch you. Then, listen to her language. Head back and speak with Gris, and he'll tell you the location of the necklace charm that Quint is searching for.


Located in the northeast section of the weeping stones is the entrance to the shattered crypt, a small circular room that holds some decent copper treasure and other items. Inside, you'll also find dozens and dozens of lesser vargouilles, but you can avoid them by sticking to the exterior of the circle and making your way around to the treasure. If you want the experience, though, just step in the center of the circle to trigger the horde.


Search the western area of the weeping stones to discover the entrance to the dismembered crypt and the underchamber. Travel down into this area to locate a dead body and recover a severed arm (take it back to Fell's tattoo parlor in the hive for some new tattoos).

When you're finished exploring the weeping stones area and before you head into the Warrens of Thought, proceed into the dead nations (this lets you also complete the Chad and Gris quests mentioned previously). You'll find the entrance in the southern area of the weeping stones catacombs. Once inside, you'll be immediately accosted by Hargrimm the Bleak and told you should submit to the silent king. Do so, as it lets you explore the dead nations safely (though you'll soon have to find a way to exit from the virtual prison). If you don't submit to the silent king, the horde of zombies and


skeletons - as well as Hargrimm and anyone else you run into during your stay at the dead nations - turns to attack. It's a safer path just to submit - you'll gain the ability to speak with the dead and gain some experience from some quests. After speaking with Hargrimm, you'll emerge inside Soego's chambers, which lies to the north inside the dead nations. If you recall, Emoric (from the hive and Gathering Dust Bar) wants you to see what Soego is up to. Keep that in mind so you can return to him later and receive your reward. You can also rest in Soego's chambers if you wish.


To gain the ability to speak with the dead (which lets you complete the Chad and Quint quests as well as learn more from the zombies inhabiting the mortuary and beyond), go to the southwestern corner of the dead nations and speak with Stale Mary. Talk with Stale Mary, then return to speak with Hargrimm the Bleak about Stale Mary's language. Return to Stale Mary and let her touch you. Then, listen to her language.


If your intelligence score is high enough, you can speak with the puzzled and riddling skeletons (on the eastern side of the dead nations) and gain experience by solving the riddle for the puzzled skeleton and exchanging riddles with the riddling skeleton.

On the southeastern side of the dead nations, you'll find the knifed ghoul who holds Uril's knife. To get the knife from him, you must trade him some food. After you kill the six rats for Hargrimm, take the tails and give them to the knifed ghoul in exchange for the knife.


After awhile, you'll learn that you can't leave the dead nations without the permission of the silent king. Speak with Hargrimm the Bleak (who hangs out near the chapel in the northwest corner). Follow the dialogue branches about convincing him you're trustworthy. Eventually, he'll offer a simple task to gain his trust; he indicates that some cranium rats have infested the dead nations and asks you to seek them out and terminate them.


You'll find the rats inside the far western tunnel (below the chapel). Six cranium rats appear here after gaining the quest. Eliminate them and grab all the tails to give to the knifed ghoul in exchange for Uril's knife. With all six rats dead, return to Hargrimm, and he'll offer another quest to gain his trust.




Hargrimm suspects that Soege isn't all he claims and wants you to find evidence incriminating him. Seek out the doubtful skeleton hanging around the central area of the dead nations. Speak with him about his current state of mind and his concern about the true death. Head up to Soego's chambers and tell him about your encounter with the doubtful skeleton. Soego will leave his chambers to speak with the skeleton. Once he's gone, search the large metal slab in the room (pry it open when given the chance) and read the journal inside. Go to Hargrimm the Bleak and tell him what you read. Watch the cutscene depicting Soego's fate. Speak with Hargrimm and ask to speak with the silent king, and Hargrimm will tell you that you're free to leave. From here, you can either return to the weeping stones to go to the Warrens of Thought or go straight into the drowned nations via the southern exit.

Though the area is purely optional, you can gain a lot of experience from the Warrens of Thought if you're a well-equipped fighter. The Warrens of Thought entrance lies to the northeast in the weeping stones. When you first proceed inside, you'll encounter the guard, Mantuok, who will soon throw you into the warrens prison. Search the prison room well for some healing items, copper, and other goodies. When you're ready to leave, locate the door to the south part of the prison and either keep touching it to alert the guards, break it apart with your weapon, or pick it if you're a thief. If you break it apart, the guards will attack (as well as hordes of cranium rats), but if you talk your way out, you can make peace with them. If you want to escape the area, just return to the weeping stones.


If you want to explore the Warrens of Thought safely, you can speak with Many-As-One, a small cranium rat leader in the northeast section. When you do, Many-As-One will offer a quest in exchange for peaceful travel through the Warrens of Thought. To complete her quest, head back to the dead nations and retrieve the key to the silent king's room either by killing Hargrimm the Bleak (not recommended, as you must deal with tons of others) or pick pocketing if you're a thief or have Annah in your party. If you fail to nab the key, you can simply kill Hargrimm, but expect the entire dead nations to want your head on a stick. Use the key on the throne room to discover the secret of the silent king. Return to Many-As-One and either tell the rat the truth or lie about the silent king's stature to retrieve your reward.



When you've completed everything you wish to accomplish in the dead nations and Warrens of Thought, proceed inside the drowned nations either through the gate in the southern area of the dead nations or through the locked gate (you must pick it) to the south of the entrance to the Warrens of Thought. You enter the drowned nations in the northwest section of the map. You're basically in search of two items while inside the drowned nations: the Decanter of Endless Water for Glyve and the bronze sphere for Pharod. Be on alert while in the drowned nations for lesser vargouilles (who enjoy ganging up on you) and trocopotaca (white alligator-type creatures). Both protect the items you're searching for.

The drowned nations contains the bronze sphere you're after, but also some tough creatures called trocopotaca.




Travel southeast from your start position and take the third tunnel leading to the east. You must defeat some vargouilles and trocopotaca, but at the end of the hall, you'll find a small stash of items that includes the decanter.


From the decanter, head southwest down some stairs and turn to the south and finally to the east. At the end of the long hall, you'll find some vargouilles and several trocopotaca (try to battle them one at a time or use some spells). Defeat all the creatures and examine the body of the dead collector at the end. Pick up the bronze sphere and other goodies and return back to the weeping stones and finally to the buried village. Returning the bronze sphere to Pharod. Head back through the weeping stones and finally to the gate with Barr. The gate remains closed, but if you speak to Barr and show him the bronze sphere for Pharod, he'll let you back through without incident. Return to Pharod's court and hand over the bronze sphere. He'll reveal something about your past (and you can even retrieve some of your old items and money from him) as well as introduce you to your newest party member, Annah, his thief daughter who you likely met in the hive. For more on Annah, head over to the Planescape allies section of this game guide. If you're finished with the buried village tasks (such as giving the knife back to Uril and locating Quint's necklace), you can immediately transport back to the hive in front of the painted door in the Smoldering Corpse Bar area to head to your next destination, the Tenement of Thugs and the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

Before heading into the Tenement of Thugs, an area that includes many tough adversaries, you should head back to Mebbeth's in the Ragpicker's Square area for some free healing. Also, you can return to the buried village and rummage through Pharod's court (after the movie sequence of his death) and regain the bronze sphere, a useful - but not necessary - item for the end game sequence. Make sure you have high intelligence for the end sequence, or the bronze sphere won't prove useful. Once you're ready to go, look at the painted door and follow the dialogue until it opens, and you can proceed inside.


If you're a well-equipped Fighter, you likely won't have much trouble just bashing your way through the Tenement (though the use of some healing items will be required). If you're not so good at combat, however, you'll need to use a tad more stealth. You'll enter the Tenement on the north side. Proceed through the doors and select Annah's detect trap skill so you remain alert as you proceed into each room. Defeat any thugs you encounter along the way and be sure to search each desk or barrel for items and copper. Head into the door leading into a tunnel heading southeast. Two doors flank this hallway, one leading south and one leading north. If you're a chaotic character, head into the north one and speak with Tiresias for assistance in clearing out the tenement. If you're lawful, head into the south door and speak with Sybil for assistance.


To leave the Tenement of Thugs (the exit lies in the southwest room), you must get the exit key from a mage hanging out on the upper floor. You'll find the stairs leading to the second and third floor on the southeastern side of the tenement. Head up the stairs and defeat the mage and his thugs. Be sure you're healthy before taking on the mage, as his spells inflict a decent amount of damage. Use Morte's taunt special ability to enrage the mage into attacking you hand-to-hand. If you should die, you appear inside a locked room on the first floor on the southeastern side. You can just bash the door to escape. With key in hand, return to the first floor and find the exit to the southeastern side of the map.


Before you leave the tenement, make sure one character possesses an iron prybar. If you don't have one, search the desk on the first floor just below the staircase leading to the second floor. You'll need the prybar for a task in the next area.

Exiting the Tenement of Thugs takes you to the Alley of Lingering Sighs where Annah discovered your dead body. You'll begin the alley on the northern side. Head west and then around south and southeast until you reach a gate in the far southeastern side. Proceed through the gate into the next area. Approach the face that appears on the wall and initiate conversation. You'll discover that this face saw your body being destroyed, and you'll be shown a flashback. The alley face also offers you a quest to assist in its birth. To do so, you must get rid of the floating dabus that skitters around and repairs the alley.



After speaking with the alley face, proceed to a closed house in southwestern corner of the map (toward the middle). Inside, you'll find a dead dabus. Examine the body and focus on what killed the dabus for a clue about how to deal with the floating one. When you're through, grab the hammer from the corpse and exit back out to the alley. Walk along the southern path until you find the floating dabus. Speak with him and tell him about the dead body you discovered. He'll enter the house and be locked inside. Return to the alley face and tell him you got rid of the dabus.

The floating dabus is the key to solving the Alley of Lingering Sighs.


After telling the alley face that the dabus has been dealt with, he informs you that you must undo the repairs the dabus made to the alley to complete the quest. You must have the hammer from the dead dabus (or any other hammer) and the iron prybar from the tenement (or another prybar) to complete the task. Return to the alley and head to the two areas the dabus was working on. One area is just northwest of the gate leading to the alley face (you can find the area by placing your mouse over it and gaining a question mark). Click on the area and select the choice to work on the area with the hammer. Once this task is completed, head to the next area, which lies on the western side of the map on the wall to the middle side. Perform the same function - click on the area and select the choice to undo the repairs with the prybar. When it's done, head to the alley face and receive your experience reward. The alley face will grant you passage to the next area of the game, the lower ward.



When you've completed the quests for the alley face, you'll get access to the lower ward. Simply walk through the gate and into the next zone. After you emerge at the lower ward, if you still have Morte in your party, a couple of wererats will accost you and kidnap Morte. After the kidnappers leave, be sure to collect Morte's equipment left behind in the small pile. You can continue to explore the lower ward if you wish, but if you want Morte back immediately, travel to the wrecked house in the corner southeast from the start position and enter. Once inside, go down the stairs and speak with Lothar. When you speak with Lothar, he'll tell you that to get Morte back, you must trade him a valuable skull. Unfortunately, although you may have some skulls in your inventory (either from wererats or by killing folks in the dead nations), you can't trade them yet. You'll have to go on Lothar's quest first. Before you go, head to the Coffinmaker's Shop and talk to Hamrys; he possesses a map to the tomb Lothar wants you to visit.


Hamrys' shop is positioned just southeast of the wrecked house. Enter and speak with Hamrys, who seems engrossed in conversation with Dimtree, a zombie. Talk with Hamrys about your missing journal and his father to get dialogue about the warehouse and the tomb. The Nameless One will describe the tomb and Hamrys will offer you the map if you retrieve it from the warehouse. Exit the coffin maker' store and proceed to the warehouse located in the northeastern portion of the lower ward. Enter and speak with the Vault of the Ninth World (basically the desk clerk) and claim the tomb plans. Before you proceed back to Lothar's, you can assist Dimtree, the zombie in Hamrys' shop.


If you possess the ability to speak with the dead (acquired in the dead nations from Stale Mary), you can talk to Dimtree and find out his current, very sad condition. The Dimtree mentions that a mage named Sebastion has placed a curse on him, trapping him in the coffin maker's store. With Sebastion's name in hand, exit the store and head back to the lower ward entrance. You'll find the red-clothed Sebastion just north of the entrance. Talk with him about Dimtree and offer to remove the curse in his place. Read the book as it comes up during the dialogue and return to speak with Dimtree to remove the curse.




With the tomb plans in hand, return to the wrecked house and Lothar. Open the trap door in the center of his floor and walk down into the Bones of the Night. Head south from the entrance and speak with the familiar wererat Manutok. Tell him you're on a search for a skull for Lothar. He'll let you pass over the bridge and travel to the east through the portal that takes you back to the weeping stones catacombs. You'll emerge just next to the Crypt of the Embraced entrance. Proceed into the dead nations (the entrance lies to the south). From there, go to the drowned nations entrance just southwest of here. In the southeast section of the drowned nations (just under where you located the bronze sphere), you'll find the sealed passageway that Lothar spoke of. Approach the sealed passageway, and The Nameless One tells the others that he must go in himself. Any other members of your party will remain behind as you head inside. As soon as you emerge inside the tomb, open up the tomb plans and use them. Read the hints given by The Nameless One. When you regain control, head southwest down the tunnel. You'll get zapped a bit by a trap and then transported to the room on the northwestern side. Open the coffin inside this room and take out the tomb key #1. With key in hand, walk into the center of the floor, over the Torment symbol. When you are there, a powerful lightning bolt trap will trigger and kill you. You'll appear again at the Tomb entrance. Head back down the corridor again and past the first trap and you'll appear in the southeastern room. Once again, open the coffin and take out the tomb key #2. Walk onto the Torment symbol in this room and trigger the painful trap and die. Emerge back at the Tomb entrance again and proceed down the tunnel again. You'll teleport to the southwestern room. Approach the coffin from the side and open it up. Grab the tomb key #3 from inside and walk in front of the coffin to trigger the death trap.

Your tomb sure does contain devious traps... just who were you trying to keep out?


After appearing at the tomb entrance, charge down the corridor again, and you'll walk into the center room. Before messing with the coffin in the center, read the inscriptions on all the walls. There are eight inscriptions total. At the end of each, push the panels into the walls. Once you've pushed in all the panels, approach the coffin and open it up. You won't find a skull inside, just another key, tomb key #4. From the coffin, walk straight south to teleport to the south room. Search the box there for some items and go through the portal that opens. When you emerge back in the drowned nations, talk with any of your party members outside and ask them to rejoin your party. Proceed back to the dead nations, then to the weeping stone catacombs. From there, go back to the Crypt of the Embraced exit to find the portal back to the Bones of the Night. Because you didn't find a skull in the tomb, you must bring something back for Lothar now. If you got any skulls from the dead nations (from killing any named character), those will do. You likely picked up Soego's skull after Hargrimm confronted him. If you don't have any of those, you must kill Manutok and his wererat friends. Once you do, grab the skull of Manutok off his corpse and return to Lothar. Give Lothar the skull. Talk to him about Razel Puzzlewell (opening up a new and long story-oriented quest called "Find the night hag Razel Puzzlewell"). When you exit Lothar's house, Morte will rejoin your party.


A woman named Xanthia stands near the entrance to the lower ward. Speak with her, and you'll discover she's hoping to observe a fight between three thugs and a magical creature. Unfortunately, she's keeping some info to herself, so the three thugs get ambushed. Go over to the three thugs (across from Xanthia) and speak with Thorp. Tell Thorp of Xanthia's trick and his impending doom for an experience reward.


Talk to Sebastion, the red-clothed mage you talked with to help Dimtree. Ask him to fix your scars, and he'll tell you about a problem he has. He must dispatch a powerful creature named Grosuk hanging out near the tower. Offer to help and proceed to the far east side of the lower ward, where you'll find the reptile-green Grosuk. Kill Grosuk (or let him flee if you feel like it) and return to Sebastion for experience and a permanent boost to your charisma.


Talk with Trist, a soon-to-be slave, near the west side of the warehouse. She'll tell you her sad story about being sold into slavery for a crime she didn't commit. Offer to help her find loan documents


that will prove her innocence. Talk with her about the moneylender to learn his identity, Byron Pikit and his thief friend Lenny. Head to the entrance to the lower ward to locate Byron, gold cap and all. Talk with him about the lower ward until he speaks about Lenny, then ask him about Trist. When you've learned some details about the loan documents, go see Lenny, who's hanging out south of the tower. Tell Lenny that Byron sent you and ask to see the loan papers. Keep talking to Lenny until you learn the location of the loan papers and the secret saying to retrieve them from the warehouse. Head to the warehouse (east of Trist) and speak with the Vault of the Ninth World. Follow the dialogue and say the saying to retrieve the loan documents. Exit the warehouse and speak with Deran, who stands near Trist. Show him the documents, and he'll release Trist. Talk to Trist one last time for additional experience.


Near the lower ward marketplace, you'll find Giltspur. Tell him you're looking for a job, and he'll offer a small, yet easy, task. He'll ask you to take a flyer to Scofflaw Penn at the print shop to print 100 copies. The print shop lies in the northeast corner of the map. Enter and speak with Scofflaw Penn; follow the dialogue until you hand over the flyer and request 100 copies. Return to Giltspur for your reward.

Enter the marketplace positioned next to Giltspur if you must purchase weapons, healing items, or spells. Talk with Anze for weapons, Aalek for healing items, and Cinder for the scrolls. There are two other tasks you can complete while inside the marketplace. Talk with Karina, a woman standing near Anze's workspace. Converse with her until you hear a story about how lonely she has become; tell her she's not a bad person. When you're finished, approach the western door and talk with Corvus the guard. During the conversation, look at what he's staring at to discover his interest in Karina. Tell him Karina is lonely. He'll approach her, and you'll gain some experience. Next, speak with Lazlo, who's hanging out near Karina. Talk about the lower ward, and he'll tell you about the siege tower and how to gain access to it.

After speaking with Lazlo in the open air market and learning the secret of entering the siege tower, walk over to the eastern side with the drawbridge. Stand on it, and you'll be presented with some dialogue. Follow the dialogue, and a portal will open. Enter the portal to enter the tower. Speak with


Coaxmetal about several topics, including the shadow forces and a weapon to kill an immortal (you'll gain the Blade of the Immortal, useful for a peaceful conclusion to the game). When you're finished, exit through the northeastern portal to return to the lower ward.

When you're finished exploring the lower ward, proceed to the clerk's ward by heading southeast to the area marked "Upper Ward." Many of the quests you'll undertake in the lower and clerk's ward require travel between each, so you'll likely be jumping back and forth for the next few segments of the walk-through.


South of the clerk's ward entrance, you'll find Nemelle who's searching for her lost friend Aelwyn. After speaking with her and gaining the quest, head over to the far western (around the middle) side of the clerk's ward to find Aelwyn. Speak with her, and she'll give you a message to return to Nemelle. Return with the message for your reward (experience and a permanent hit point increase). Don't forget to also return to Aelwyn one more time for further bonuses.

Vrischika in the curiosity shop is an important source of items while in the clerk's ward.




If you snagged the Decanter of Endless Water for Glyve down in the weeping stones and spoke with Nemelle about the decanter, you have the means to free Ingus, the fiery creature spotted inside the Smoldering Corpse Bar way back in the Smoldering Corpse Bar area of the hive. Speak with Nemelle about the decanter, and she'll say the word to open it for you. Return to the Smoldering Corpse Bar area and speak with Ingus. Use the decanter, and he'll be free of his prison and join your party.


In the northern area of the clerk's ward you'll find the tailor shop. Just outside stands Malmaner, a man looking to purchase a costume but hesitant to head inside. Offer to grab the costume for him to gain the quest. Enter the tailor shop and speak with Goncalves. Wait patiently as he works, and he'll eventually have the time to deal with you. Tell him you want to purchase a dustman costume. Return outside with the costume and give it to Malmaner. If you want further experience, you can tell Malmaner that Goncalves said that the dustman costume has been heavily purchased; Malmaner will request a second costume.


Return inside the tailor shop and speak with Goncalves again. Purchase the godsman costume, return outside, and deliver it to Malmaner to complete the quests.


Enter the apothecary located on the eastern side of the clerk's ward and speak with the desk clerk, Pestle Kilnn, who seems to have a multiple personality issue on his hands. Offer to help his situation. Exit the apothecary and head directly south into the curiosity shop. Talk with Vrischika at the back end of the store and ask to see the exotic items. During the dialogue, select "Look at the front store items" and purchase the Elixir of Horrific Separation. With item in hand, exit the curiosity shop and return to the apothecary. Talk with Pestle Kilnn again, offer him the elixir to split the two men, and obtain your experience reward.


Enter the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts, positioned northeast of the clerk's ward entrance and speak with Fall-from-Grace, a potential new party member who runs the unusual brothel. Ask her if she can help you, and she'll become intrigued by your condition. Ask her to join you, and she'll offer a simple quest. She asks you to speak with the ten students of the brothel and return to talk about the conversations. Explore the brothel and speak with nine women, students of the brothel. One



you've spoken with the nine women, return to talk to Fall-from-Grace and tell her you couldn't find the tenth. Then, tell her the tenth student is you, and she'll join your party. Alternatively, you can talk to Luis located in the first room to the left (talk to the closet) and tell Fall-from-Grace that he's the tenth student. For more on Fall-from-Grace, head over to the Planescape allies section of this game guide.


Before leaving the brothel, head over to Dolora, who hangs out in the center room, and talk to her about the keys to her heart. She'll ask you to retrieve them from Merriman, who hangs out in the civic festhall. Exit the brothel and head to the festhall, located in the northeast of the clerk's ward. You'll find Merriman on the far east side of the festhall. Talk with him, and he'll offer you the keys only if you help him erase his memory.


Exit the civic festhall and enter the curiosity shop in the southeastern area of the clerk's ward. Purchase the rune-covered ale stein from Vrischika. Head to the art store, located to the west of the apothecary. Examine the first piece of artwork you come to, the Dark Bird of Ocanthus. Touch the artwork several times until you are offered the choice to trap one of the shards in the frost-ale mug. Do so. If you wish, you can speak with Yvana, wandering around the south area of the art store about the significance of the Dark Bird of Ocanthus. Head back to the civic festhall and give Merriman the mug with the shard inside. He'll lose his memory, and you'll gain the keys to Dolora's heart. Return to the brothel and give Dolora the keys.


After returning Dolora's keys, talk to a brothel student (Dolora works fine) about Ecco's speech problem. If you speak with Ecco again, The Nameless One will tell her he'll search for something to help with her speech. Exit the brothel and head over to the curiosity shop. Purchase the fiend's tongue. Return to the brothel and speak with Ecco again. When prompted during the dialogue, select the option to give her the fiend's tongue. Ecco can speak, but it's not exactly the thing you or she had in mind. She needs something to calm the tongue down. Offer to help again and head back to the curiosity shop. Purchase the deva's tears. Return to Ecco and initiate dialogue again. When prompted, use the deva's tears to soothe her tongue. Finally, she can speak normally and will be grateful. Ask her about Ravel, and she'll tell you that she has a daughter here in the brothel; her daughter is named Kesai-Serris. Make a note of it.




You'll find Juliette hanging out in her room on the western side of the brothel. Talk to her about her boring life, and you can offer yourself as a jealous suitor to help spice up her love life with Montague. Once you gain the quest, exit the brothel and head into the civic festhall, located on the northeast side of the clerk's ward. Locate Montague, who's wandering around the western side of the festhall. Get Montague all riled up, and when it's about to come to blows, tell Montague it's all a ruse. Offer to return and tell Juliette that Montague seemed disinterested. Return out of the civic festhall and head back to the brothel and Juliette. Tell her about Montague's "disinterested" behavior, and you'll complete the quest. Juliette will discuss other topics, so speak to her about Ravel. She'll tell you that Kesai-Serris and another brothel resident, Kimasxi Adder-Tongue, are half-sisters.

Kimasxi Adder-Tongue, no matter how much she insults you, is the key to gaining a piece of Ravel.




Head over the Kesai-Serris, who's wandering around on the eastern side of the brothel and talk to her about Ravel. She'll seem pretty unresponsive about her infamous mother. Proceed over to Kimasxi Adder-Tongue, hanging out in her own room on the eastern side of the map, and talk to her about her relationship with Kesai-Serris and Kesai's father. Return to Kesai-Serris, and she'll succumb to the fact that Ravel is her mother. Keep Kesai in mind, as you'll need her again for a later quest (but you must finish this quest first).


Talk to Vivian on the northwestern side of the brothel. She'll tell you that she's lost her personal scent. Proceed to the southeastern side of the brothel to find Nenny Nine-Eyes and speak with her about Vivian's dilemma. She seems to think that Marissa, another student of the brothel, had something to do with the theft. When you're finished with Marissa, head to the northern room of the brothel and find Marissa (inside the dark room). Marissa will soon describe her own problem; she's looking for her crimson veil and won't help you until it's located.


The search for Marissa's veil takes you through several different characters to figure out what's going on. Head back to Nenny Nine-Eyes and talk about Marissa's veil. When you're done, go talk to Kimasxi Adder-Tongue about the veil. Return back to Nenny and talk to her again, and the solution will nearly be complete. Apparently Luis, the shapeshifting voyeur knows something about the missing veil. Head to the first room left of the entrance and talk to the closet. Talk with Luis and either snatch it from him, pry open the dresser, or just ask Luis to give it back to you. With the veil in your inventory, return first to Vivian to return her scent and finally to Marissa to return the veil.

Once you're finished with the quests offered by the brothel, it's time to head into the civic festhall, where the bulk of the main story quests lie. You'll find the civic festhall on the northeastern side of the clerk's ward.

If you spoke with the storyteller Reekwind way back in the hive marketplace, you can now complete the quest. You'll find Jumble Murdersense, a stout man, wandering around the civic festhall. Speak with Jumble and anger him into cursing you with some sort of hiccup curse. Exit the civic festhall


and speak with Salabesh the Onyx just outside. Be skeptical about his "art," and he'll eventually offer his help to you in your revenge against Jumble. Return inside and talk with Jumble again. Repeat your curse given to you by Salabesh and curse Jumble. Also demand that Jumble take the curse off Reekwind. Return to Reekwind in the hive marketplace to receive your experience reward.


Standing at the entrance of the civic festhall is Splinter, a guide who can grant you access to the public and private sensorium. When speaking with Splinter, either convince him you're a sensate or just join the faction (Aelwyn tells you that you were once a Sensate if you speak to her after you find her for Nemelle). Ask him to show you the private sensorium.


Once inside the private sensorium, proceed to the northeastern crystal. Touch the crystal and listen to the story about Deionarra. Through the conversation, you'll gain Deionarra's legacy, sort of like a claim slip you can take back to the advocate back in the clerk's ward. With the conversation finished, head back outside and enter the advocate's office. Talk to Iannis the advocate about his troubles and his daughter (who's coincidentally Deionarra) and eventually the legacy.


During your conversation with Iannis, he'll mention his desire to enter the private sensorium and use his daughter's sensory stone. Offer to help him out. Return to the civic festhall and speak with Splinter about Iannis' request. Return to Iannis to complete the quest.


Use the crystal on the southeastern corner of the room to hear the story of Ravel. You'll also learn how to reach her maze, the next area of Planescape you're trying to reach.


Entering the private sensorium is mandatory to completing the quest to retrieve the portal key to Ravel's maze. Once inside the sensorium, locate Quell, a blue-clothed mage wandering around the central area. He'll complain about candy and that he desires some chocolate. Exit the civic festhall and head inside the curiosity shop. Purchase the chocolate quasit and return to Quell. Talk to Quell and offer him the quasit during the dialogue. With him satisfied, he'll agree to speak with you. Ask Quell about Ravel and the key to her maze. He'll say that to enter the maze, you'll need a piece of Ravel - something that seems impossible. However, a piece of her daughter will suffice! Exit the


civic festhall and return to the brothel. Enter and locate Kesai-Serris on the eastern side of the brothel. Speak with her about "needing a piece of Ravel," and she'll offer her blood. Before you can accept the blood, you'll need a handkerchief. Search Kimaxsi's room, in the drawers, for one. Return and get Kesai's blood on a handkerchief, and you'll have acquired the key to the maze. Keep in mind that you must solve the "Prove to Kesai-Serris that she's Ravel's daughter" quest before Kesai will agree to hand over her blood.

Read through Deionarra's sensory stone, and you'll gain her legacy and a useful item.


Talk with Splinter, the civic festhall guide positioned just at the entrance, about the sensoriums. If you haven't already, you must either convince him you're a sensate or just join the faction. Once you do, ask if he can take you into the public sensorium. Inside, you can use the various sensory stones for copper and gain a small amount of experience.




Once inside the civic festhall, proceed far to the eastern side and enter the dormitories. Head straight north and speak with the festival room clerk. To get the correct dialogue from her, you must have talked with Splinter and either joined the sensate faction or convinced him you are one. Tell the festival room clerk you've come for your room key, and she'll hand it to you. Proceed through the east tunnel and open the door. Once inside, search the shelves for goodies and finally the rightmost shelf to gain the dodecahedron, which is actually your journal. Open up your inventory and use the dodecahedron. Follow the dialogue until the journal opens up (it's laden with traps, so be healthy before you begin). Unfortunately, you can't translate its language until you complete the next quest.


After gaining and opening the dodecahedron, head to Finam the Linguist's home, located in the south portion of the clerk's ward. Talk to Finam, eventually asking him about his father's notes. He'll offer Fin Andlye's notes in exchange for finding his missing research journal, which he claims he left behind in the brothel.


Head into the brothel and go into the first room on the left (where Luis hangs out). Use the dresser by the bed and pick up Finam's journal. Return to his home and hand over the journal in exchange for Fin Andlye's notes.


Open up your inventory and read Fin Andlye's notes. Use the dodecahedron again and read about your legacy, which is basically something left for you back at the advocate's office. While inside the clerk's ward, proceed to the advocate's home and talk to Iannis the advocate about your legacy. From the advocate's office, you'll gain a receipt to the foundry.

An optional area located in both the lower ward and clerk's ward is the monster-filled undersigil zone. If you desire some extra experience and don't mind some tough fights against trelon and larval worms, head into undersigil. Don't hesitate to exit the zone at any time and rest up, as the combat within can be quite difficult unless you're a skilled fighter with several party members.



The great foundry is positioned at the gate located on the northern end of the lower ward. Before entering the great foundry, you should find and decipher the dodecahedron found inside the civic festhall, so you gain the receipt from the advocate's house - the main purpose of the foundry is to claim the receipt and gain the portal to Ravel's maze.


If you completed the first Giltspur quest (taking a handbill to the print shop), you'll be offered this relatively simple quest of delivering a message to Keldor in the foundry. After entering the foundry, enter the eastern door and proceed northeast inside the new room until you find Keldor behind a desk. Deliver the message to Keldor. Return to Giltspur to complete the quest. You'll also be offered a final job from Giltspur if you wish.


Giltspur hands you a flyer to take to the Smoldering Corpse Bar way back in the hive Smoldering Corpse Bar area. Return there and talk to Barkis, located in the upper northwest corner. Tell him you have a handbill for him, and he'll take it from you. Return to Giltspur to complete the quest.


To open up many of the quests inside the great foundry, you must join the godsman faction, which requires the completion of several tasks. To initiate the quest to join the godsman, you must speak with Keldor located inside the Godsman Hall at the desk. From the entrance at the foundry take the eastern door then proceed straight northeast to speak with Keldor. Speak with him and ask how to join the godsman faction, and he'll offer a number of quests to complete.


The first quest Keldor offers for godsman induction is to forge an item using the great foundry. Exit the Godsman Hall and return out to the great foundry and locate Alissa Tield walking around the western part of the map. Ask her about using the foundry, and she'll tell you that you'll need tongs, an apron, a hammer, and ore to forge an item. From the foundry, proceed to the southeast and speak with Nadilin about getting these items. He'll offer to sell you some tongs, an apron, and the hammer; purchase them and return to the foundry. Locate Thildon wandering around the northern section of the map and speak with him about using the forge. Ask him for some iron ore, and he'll hand over some. Proceed to the southern part of the foundry and spot the empty kettle. Press your


mouse button on the kettle to open the dialogue screen and use the forge. Go through the dialogue choices to place the ore with the tongs over the forge. Next, place the softened ore on the anvil and use the hammer to create an item (any item will do). Take the item back to Keldor to complete the task and begin your next quest to join the godsman.

Keldor, located in the Godsman Hall, offers a series of easy quests that'll grant you membership in the godsman faction.


Forging an item and returning it to Keldor will open the second quest. He'll ask you to look into the recent (as in, it just happened!) murder of Avildon. Accept the quest and watch the cutscene. Proceed out to the main foundry area and speak with Alissa Tield, who usually hangs out on the western side of the map. Ask her about the murder, and she'll implicate both Thildon and Saros. Find Thildon, who hangs out in the north by the murder scene and ask him about the murder. Next, proceed inside the Godsman Hall and find Saros west of Keldor among the seats. Speak with Saros


about Thildon's comments and the murder, and he'll offer a clue that implicates Thildon. Head back to Thildon and ask him about the evidence, the awl with his named etched on its side. Return back to Saros and confront him about his secret faction. Head back out to Thildon again and speak about Saros and then go back to Saros again. Head out to Thildon one last time, and he'll likely offer to just leave. Return to Keldor and implicate whom you wish to complete the quest.


After completing the first two quests for Keldor, he'll tell you that Sandoz has barricaded himself in his room and is threatening to kill himself. After gaining the quest, head to the Godsman Hall foyer and speak with Sarossa about Sandoz, her father, and she'll offer some words to talk him down. Head to the far east hallway of Godsman Hall and up the stairs. Talk to the two guards in front of the room about Sandoz. When you engage Sandoz in dialogue, tell him what Sarossa spoke about a moment ago, and he'll agree to leave his room. Return back to Keldor to join the Godsman and complete the quest.


Your main goal inside the foundry is to deliver the receipt you gained from opening and deciphering the dodecahedron and claiming your legacy at the advocate's office. To claim the receipt, head to the main area of the great foundry and into the southeast chamber to speak with Nadilin. Tell him you're here to claim something with the receipt, and he'll hand you the curious ironwork that is actually an unfolding portal. Identify the item with a spell, scroll, or at the open air market. If you possess thief skills or have Annah in your party, you can attempt to pick the pocket of Nadilin for another receipt, which grants you a good weapon for fighters.


After you've joined the godsman faction, speak with Sarossa, who stands inside the Godsman Hall just at the entrance about her beliefs. If you tell her you believe in the godsman beliefs, she'll grant you an upgrade to your wisdom statistic.


While inside the Godsman Hall, and after you've joined the faction, head to the far eastern hall and speak with Nihl Xander about himself and his work. He'll talk about the Dreambuilder, an unfinished project he'd like some help with. Offer to assist (if you don't mind running lots of errands), and you'll gain some experience and a nifty cut scene.




The first errand Nihl Xander sends you on is to fetch some skin and blood. Exit the foundry and head over to the apothecary way over in the clerk's ward. Talk to Pestle and tell him your need for a sample, and he'll hand one over. Head back to Nihl Xander, hand over the vial, and receive your next instructions.


With the vial of skin and blood in hand, Nihl Xander will request a birdcage for the Dreambuilder. Accept the request and proceed to the siege tower, which you must have opened from speaking with Lazlo in the open air market. Walk on the drawbridge to open the portal and proceed through. Speak with Coaxmetal and ask the huge metallic beast for a steel birdcage. He'll offer one up. Take the cage back to Nihl Xander in the Godsman Hall and await the next mission.


After the first two deliveries, Nihl Xander requests a coffin pillow for the Dreambuilder. Proceed out to Hamrys, the coffin maker, in the southeastern corner of the lower ward. He'll tell you that you're free to get a pillow, but you must pick it up from the warehouse.


Head to the warehouse in the northeastern part of the lower ward and talk with the desk clerk about claiming the pillow. After you do and before you head back to Nihl Xander, return to Hamrys for an experience reward. Go back to Nihl Xander in the Godsman Hall and hand over the pillow; he'll announce the Dreambuilder is complete. Exit into the main area of the foundry and go through the door on the northwest part of the room. Watch the cutscene. When you return to the foundry, you must reorganize your party by speaking to the former members again.


If you want to denounce your Godsman beliefs (you shouldn't do this until you've finished the other required and optional tasks inside the foundry), talk to Bedai-Linn, who you'll find on the second floor of the Godsman Hall (the stairs are located on the north side of the foyer). Tell Bedai-Linn that you're unsure of your godsman beliefs, and you have no qualms about striking against them. You'll be offered a chance to sabotage the foundry machine in the main room. From this point you can either go forward with the task or just go tell Keldor of Bedai-Linn's schemes. If you do go through with it, just examine the machine and speak to one of the workers about its weaknesses. By completing the first task, you can also gain a few more nefarious quests, such as killing Sandoz and getting Bedai-Linn out of the foundry via a disguise obtained from Nadilin. Finally, she'll suggest you speak with the printer at the print shop about joining the anarchists.



Before diving into Ravel's Maze, there are two other locations you can explore for experience, copper, and even to pick up a useful companion. To reach the Lady of Pain area, simply purchase the lady doll from the curiosity shop and pray to it by using it inside your inventory. The next time you try to visit another section of Sigil, you'll be instantly transported to the area. The most important location in this area lies in the upper northeast corner - a campsite that includes one of your journals. After you've scoured the area, enter the portal on the southeast side, then enter it once again, and you'll emerge next to the portal that takes you back to "reality." Another maze you can reach requires purchasing the metallic cube figurine (it's rather expensive) from the curiosity shop. After obtaining the cube, called the modron cube, head to the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts and ask the modrons, the robotic looking creatures in the center of the brothel, about the device. Use the cube in your inventory and unlock it by selecting the correct sequence. You'll know you are choosing the correct sequence when it pops into place. If it ever reverts back to its original form, restart the sequence. When you've completed the sequence correctly, you'll enter the modron maze. The maze offers virtually unlimited experience, but you must place the combat difficulty on high to locate Nordom, a party member located in one of the rooms. It's called a maze for a very good reason. Follow the paths and jot down where you have and haven't gone (it's randomized). Attempt to locate Nordom, hiding out in one of the rooms (again, you must be on high difficulty to locate him). Ask him to join your party. Speak with Nordom if you acquire his services, and you can increase several of his statistics. High difficulty also adds a tougher creature, a wizard, that offers more experience for the trade-off of a tough battle. To leave the maze, locate the engineering room and speak with the modrons until you locate the engineer. For more on Nordom, visit the Planescape Allies section of this game guide.

Once you've completed all the tasks you want to finish while in the lower ward and clerk's ward, you can head to Ravel's maze and meet the infamous Ravel once and for all. To reach Ravel's maze, you'll need the bloody handkerchief (with Kesai-Serris' blood) obtained from inside the brothel and the identified unfolding portal obtained from Nadilin in the great foundry when you delivered the


receipt gained from taking your legacy to the advocate (which you got from opening and deciphering the dodecahedron... whew!). Make sure you rest up and purchase plenty of decent equipment and healing items before proceeding inside. To head to Ravel's maze, just open your inventory and use the unfolding portal.


Ravel's maze is basically a circle with several walls forming corridors; but don't expect to get really lost. During your stay in the maze, you'll fight off several types of creatures, the most abundant of which are trigits, tree-like beasts that aren't extremely difficult to pound around. Proceed north from your starting position and eliminate some trigits as you go. If you have Annah in your party, or if you're a thief, use your detect traps skill, so you can avoid taking damage from the floor traps. Make your way to the middle of the map, and you'll find old Ravel wandering around. Speak with her. Don't end the conversation with Ravel, or the game ends. Continue to speak with her, especially about your mortality, to open up a new quest (find the angel Ravel spoke of) and learn about your next task in the game. Follow every path in the conversation to earn a variety of bonuses and experience points. When you have nothing left to select, attempt to end the conversation, and Ravel will eventually attack, summoning some additional creatures to assist her. Defeat Ravel. After you've beaten her, shadows and greater shadows appear from the corners of the map. Run quickly to the northeast part of the map, defeating any enemies along the way, and locate the portal there. Pass through the northeastern portal to complete the level. If the northeastern portal takes you to another portal, just return there, defeat the enemies nearby, and save your game. Reload the game just outside the northeastern portal and pass through again.

Completing Ravel's maze will take you to the desert town of Curst. Your main goal while in the city is to locate the angel that Ravel spoke of, the "deva". A few conversations with the townsfolk will reveal that the deva is imprisoned underground. During your stay in the town, you can head on some optional quests and proceed through the main storyline to learn more about your mortality from the mysterious angel. After arriving in Curst, head northeast into the Traitor's Gate Tavern and speak with the stout, green-clothed man Tainted Barse, who stands in the northwest corner of the tavern's main room. Ask him what's wrong and about the deva, and he'll mention a key that must be made to enter the underground area as well as a personal problem he needs solved.



Talk with Tainted Barse as soon as you arrive in Curst about the "key" to entering the underground prison.


Tainted Barse begins a five-part quest to assemble the key required to reach the deva. Talk with him in the Tainted Gate Tavern about his troubles and about the deva to begin the quest. He requests that you speak with Marquez to find out the details of the problem. To assemble the key, complete five quests for five different folk and return to Tainted Barse at the end to gain your complete reward.


Speak with Tainted Barse to start assembling the key as well as begin the first segment of the overall task. Barse tells you to speak with Marquez, located on the western side of the bar. Marquez tells you that Barse's daughter has been kidnapped and needs rescuing. Exit the Traitor's Gate Tavern



and proceed northwest through Curst to the end gate that takes you to inner Curst. Go to the second building on the right; you'll see several guards outside surrounding a young female named Jasilya, Barse's daughter. Approach and talk with Skatch and fight as soon as the option becomes available. During the battle, one of the guards will go for Jasilya. Try to save her life, but you can still complete the quest if she dies. Once all the guards are dead, return to the Traitor's Gate Tavern and speak with Marquez; he'll offer the next quest, which begins by speaking to Kitla.


After completing Marquez's quest, head over to Kitna, standing in the northeastern side of the Traitor's Gate Tavern's main room. She'll mentioned that to get the next piece of the key, you must go speak with Crumplepunch and Kester and attempt to settle their dispute over their inheritance. Exit the tavern and proceed to the blacksmith shop northwest of the tavern; you'll find Crumplepunch inside. Speak to him about the dispute. Exit the shop, proceed to inner Curst, and locate the distillery just northwest of the entrance. Inside, you'll find Kester; speak with him about the dispute. Return to Crumplepunch back in Curst and tell him you'll be the mediator. End the conversation, then speak with Crumplepunch again and tell him you've decided you're splitting the money between both of them (any choice will actually do). Return to the Traitor's Gate Tavern and speak again with Kitna to complete the quest. Kitna points you in the direction of Nabat to begin the next leg of the assemble-the-key mission.


After completing Marquez and Kitna's quest, locate Nabat in the southeastern part of the main tavern room. Speak to him about his problem; apparently the dump caretaker keeps getting harassed by some thugs. Exit the tavern and proceed southwest into the dump. Talk with the dump caretaker, named Kyse, who wanders around the dump. Kyse tells you that some thugs, lead by Wernet, won't leave him alone and gives you their approximate location. Head to inner Curst by proceeding northwest from the dump and locate Wernet at the southern side just below the distillery. Talk to Wernet and tell him to leave Kyse alone; he'll wander off. Head back to the dump caretaker and watch the scene of Wernet and his thugs approaching. Defeat the thugs. Proceed back to the bar and talk to Nabat to complete the quest; Nabat sends you over to speak with Dallan for the next part of the key quest.




After completing the Marquez, Kitna, and Nabat quests, you'll be directed toward Dallan, who awaits you down the eastern hall of the tavern, standing with his girlfriend in the lounge. Speak with him about his request, which is to deal with a political dispute. Exit the tavern and proceed northwest to inner Curst. Go all the way northwest again and locate An'izius. Talk with him about the dispute. Search east and northeast from An'izius to find Siabha, his political rival. Select the dialogue choices to doublecross An'izius by seeing what Siabha will offer to side with her. Return to An'izius and tell him of Siabha's offer and continue to speak to the other one until the offer doesn't go up any higher. Proceed back to the entrance of inner Curst and talk with the guard captain. You can frame either one of them or both of them (if you frame only one, you can collect the reward from the other). Head back to the character you didn't frame (if you chose that) and then back to the Traitor's Gate Tavern to tell Darran of your accomplishment. He'll point you to Dona Quisho and your next quest.


After completing the first four key quests, you're guided toward Dona Quisho, an elderly woman standing to the northeast in the tavern's main room. Speak with her to learn about her fiend that she wishes to free. Exit the tavern and proceed directly north to the silo. Enter and go to the top floor. Stand on the pentagram etched on the floor and follow the dialogue to create the fiend. Talk to the fiend and let him free (or just kill it). Return to the tavern and speak with Dona to complete the quest. Speak with Tainted Barse one last time (who will have one last request if you failed to save his daughter). With key in hand, proceed underground.

With key in hand (from the five quests begun by Tainted Barse in the Traitor's Gate Tavern), you're ready to proceed to the Curst underground and locate the deva who can tell you more about your past and your mortality. Lots of nasty creatures wander around underground, so be prepared for a fight and rest up before diving down. From the start position, proceed southwest and then head back east through a tunnel underneath the start position on the map. Here, you'll locate Voorsha, who has a small quest for you to undertake.


Talk with Voorsha about his bootlegging business and his problem with a creature called a gehreleth. When you're done, head west from Voorsha's position, then go straight north through the tunnels. Locate the creature named Ghrist and speak with it. Kill the creature (which shouldn't be too



difficult with a rested party) and return to Voorsha to deliver the news. He may attack you depending on the conversation choices, so be prepared for an easy fight. Search the cabinets and carts near Voorsha for some items. Two other characters inhabit the Curst underground. Located on the northeast side of the map is Tek'elach, a small dragon-like creature who can tell you some information about the area and the deva. Finally, on the northwest side of the map, you'll find the hermit. If you aren't healed up, you can ask the hermit to watch over you as you rest. Do so before entering the next area, the prison, as it features a lot of difficult combat. To enter the prison, proceed through the tunnels west and southwest of the hermit.

You enter the prison from the southeast. Once again, you'll encounter several creatures and even eventually some Curst prison guards. Head north and take the first path that leads west. When you reach the fork leading north and south, turn south and go to the gate. Open the gate and speak with Trias, the deva, chained in the prison at the bottom. He'll mention that you must locate his sword to free him from the bondage.




After speaking with Trias, head back north until you reach the top of the cavern and follow the hallway to the northwest. You'll begin to encounter the Curst prison guards around here. Follow the path to the south and eliminate more guards. Open the gate and terminate more guards. Make your way through the hallway through the doors as they lead to the southwest. If guards overwhelm you, lure them into the doorways and try to take as few of them on as possible at any single time. When you reach the southwest room, speak with Cassius, the blubbery man standing in front of the sword. He'll offer you a challenge of strength, wit, or speed before he'll hand over the sword; select the option that corresponds to your highest attribute (either strength, intelligence, or dexterity respectively). Once you've gained the sword, return back north out of the prison and back around to Trias. He'll give you some information and tell you to visit Fjhull Forked-Tongue for more clues about your past and mortality. When the dialogue is over, proceed to the high northeast area to the portal.


Walk around the portal at the end of the prison level and speak with the suit of armor, named Vhailor, a potential new party member. Vhailor possesses tons of hit points and is a decent fighter. Simply attempt to take the armor, and you'll eventually be prompted to ask Vhailor to join your party. For more on Vhailor, head to the Planescape allies section of this game guide. Before proceeding through the portal, you can return to the southeast (the prison level start position) and rest near the hermit. When you're ready, walk through the portal at the northeast to emerge at the outlands.

As soon as you materialize in the outlands, you'll come under attack from a variety of creatures, including the durable, but relatively easy gronks. If you're an adequate fighter, explore the entire outlands area surrounding the skeleton and eliminate all the hostile creatures you encounter. When you're finished, walk to the head of the skeleton and locate the entrance to the home of Fjhull Forked-Tongue.


Enter the head of the skeleton to enter Fjhull's home. Walk down the ramp as it moves southwest and then southeast. Speak with Fjhull and learn about your mortality. He points the way to a portal just outside his home that will take you to Baator and a visit to the Pillar of Skulls. The portal lies just east of the head of the skeleton near the body. Also, exhaust all the dialogue topics; if you're presented with the opportunity to ask how to get back from the Pillar of Skulls, select it when speaking


with Fjhull. Talk with Fjhull about spells and weapons if you need any additional equipment. When you're ready, exit his home and walk up to the skeleton's body section from the south end. The portal will open; walk through to proceed to Baator.

The entrance to Fjhull's house lies at the head of the skeleton.

When you arrive in Baator, your eventual goal lies to the southeast. Once again, the area is filled with difficult creatures. If you're an able fighter with a plentiful party, you should explore the entire map and eliminate as many of the experience point heavy creatures, such as the abishai, as possible. Even as another class type, you should be powerful enough to take them on, particularly with a full party. When you're finished, proceed to the southeast and head to the next area, the Pillar of Skulls.



Proceed northeast from the entrance and approach the Pillar of Skulls. Click on the pillar to initiate dialogue. If you have Morte in your party, the pillar will request that you hand over the sarcastic skull to it; in fact, handing over Morte is one of the ways to get the pillar to answer any of your questions. You can attempt to get Morte back after handing him over, but it requires very high statistics in strength and dexterity. If you wish, simply detach Morte from your party (using the Reform Party button on the statistics screen) before talking with the pillar. You must ask the pillar about the Fortress of Regret and how to leave Baator (if you didn't get the information from Fjhull). The pillar won't answer any questions unless you meet its demands, which include betraying Fjhull (no serious consequences other than having to kill Fjhull when you return)' handing over Fall-from-Grace, Morte, or Annah; and permanently losing 15 hit points. If you possess a high charisma statistic, attempt to talk your way around the pillar's rather whiney dialogue. If you must make a sacrifice, select two of the consequences - which should be to betray Fjhull and lose 15 hit points, as losing party members makes for a tougher end game - and ask the questions about the Fortress of Regrets and how to leave Baator (if you couldn't get the information from Fjhull). The Pillar of Skulls reveals a secret about Trias, calling him the "betrayer." With all the information in hand, return to the Baator map and proceed to the southwest section (you must kill additional creatures). Approach the crevice against the wall and select the choice to place some obsidian on your tongue when prompted. You'll emerge back in the outlands. You can talk to Fjhull again if you wish, but he won't be too pleased if you've betrayed him to the pillar and will attack. When you're ready, approach the tail end of the skeleton to open the portal back to what's left of Curst.

When you return to Curst, you'll notice some immediate problems - namely the lack of buildings and people. Proceed to the center of what's left of the town and speak with the gate heads. They'll tell you what has happened to Curst, now located somewhere called Carceri, and how to reach it - simply walk through the portal. If you must rest up, do so now by clicking on the rest icon. If you wish, you can explore the map for a few items as well as a very tough fiend, the one from Moridor's box, on the western side of the map. You'll need tons of healing - particularly if you attempt melee combat - to defeat it, but you'll get a huge experience reward. Save the game before attempting the battle, as the fiend is the most difficult fight in the entire game. When you're finished, proceed through the portal at the gate heads.



Think of Carceri as the alternate universe Curst, where Trias has become the leader and has let chaos reign in the streets. Your eventual goal is to proceed inside the administration building to the north and confront Trias about his deed. Before you do, however, you can make your battle against him easier by talking with the townspeople and learning that if you lend a helping hand to end all the chaos, you can improve your chances against Trias tremendously. Following are the quests you can complete to lay down some justice in the crazy town. First, you can defeat the two gehreleths just northwest of the start position. Proceed to the northwest to see two gehreleths chopping up some townspeople. Eliminate the two creatures for some experience points. Second, you can help the female north of the start position. Walk straight north to spot four thugs around an innocent woman. Confront the thugs and kill them to earn experience points. Third, you can confront the looters standing at the warehouse, up the ramp north of the start position. A group of looters talking with a Curst guard are debating whether or not to enter the warehouse and loot it. Speak with the guard and convince them not to enter the warehouse. Doing so gets you some experience points.

Carceri has become overrun with nasty creatures. Defeat them to earn experience and help end the chaos.



Fourth, you can enter the warehouse (where the looters were) and speak with Ebb Creakkness inside. Ask him for assistance against the hordes of monsters and chaotic creatures outside. Fifth, you can help the trapped men east of the start position. Proceed straight east to locate two men, Tovus Giljof and Berrog, trapped underneath a mine cart. Talk with Tovus first and offer your help. As you lift the cart, the other man will shout out in pain. Choose the option to offer help to both men to earn maximum experience. Sixth, to the top north just west of the warehouse, you'll spot two large guards on a ramp. At the end of the ramp lies a wizard, more guards, and an innocent Curst citizen. Approach the wizard and speak with him about releasing the man. When the conversation turns hostile, defeat the guards and the wizard to save the man and earn experience points. Seventh, to the west of the wizard and the innocent citizen and just south of the administration building, you'll find a mob around a politician. Talk the angry mob into stopping the argument and not letting it escalate to violence. It will let the politician free, and you'll earn some experience. Eighth, you can proceed to the far west of the start position to witness a hanging. Walk up the ramp and talk to the judge and convince him to let the man go free, and you'll earn some experience. You can also take time to kill any hostile creature or citizen while wandering around the town; they'll continue to spawn, so make sure you have excellent fighting skills and a healthy party if you decide to take them on for any extended time. If you require rest, you can proceed to the barracks or distillery. When you're ready to head into the next area, approach the administration building to the north and go inside.

You'll enter the first floor of the administration building on the southeastern side. Be prepared to tackle some disgruntled Curst residents and some horse-like sohmein. Explore the various rooms if you wish; they'll yield a few goodies. Proceed to the northeast corner of the corridor to enter the second floor.




You'll begin on the second floor in the northeast corner. Defeat the various guards and creatures you encounter and proceed to the southeastern corner to make your way to the third floor of the administration building, where you'll find Trias. Again, you can take the time to open up the crates and cabinets (you'll need a thief or Annah's defuse bomb and open lock skills) for a few healing items and charms. Once on the third floor, take your time to kill all the creatures and guards you encounter and ravage the crates and cabinets for items. When you're ready to face Trias, head to the southwest where he awaits. Speak with Trias about the next stage of your journey, which will take you back to the mortuary, of all places. Eventually, you'll come to blows with Trias, but be sure to milk the dialogue as much as possible. When Trias attacks, he summons some creatures to assist. Defeat them first, heal up with charms and items, then focus your party's attack on Trias. When he's eliminated, proceed to the northeast portal on the third floor, and you'll emerge back at the hive, inside the Dustman Memorial just outside the mortuary.

After defeating Trias, you begin inside the Dustman Memorial with the entrance to the mortuary to the northeast. Before heading inside, take time to rest (either at Angyar's house to the southeast or at Mebbeth's in Ragpicker's Square). Also, as you're at the final stage of your mission, travel to one of the marketplaces and sell any useless charms, weapons, or items you've accumulated along the way. Purchase as many heart charms (and other healing drops) as your inventory can hold; also purchase charms and other power-ups that protect you from magical attacks. Go through each party member's inventory and place all useful items in your own. Sell everything you don't need and stock up The Nameless One with healing charms. Also, if you purchased the metallic cube figurine (the modron cube) from the curiosity shop, you may want to head in to earn some more experience to level up. Alternatively, you can return to the lower ward and enter the tower - by standing on the drawbridge if you spoke with Lazlo in the marketplace - and talk to Coaxmetal, who now has a request. Speak with him about freeing him from his imprisonment (with the modron cube in your inventory). Attempt to leave the conversation, and he'll ask for the cube; hand it over, and he'll give you the entropic blade, a talking weapon that can be switched to any proficiency and will make a fighter's end game even easier.


When you're finished exploring, go to the hive and talk to Pox, the dustman just outside the mortuary. Tell him you'd like to go back inside, and you'll gain entrance. Alternatively, you can just ask Pox to kill you, and you'll emerge back in the mortuary at the correct location.

You emerge inside the mortuary at the game's start location, as The Nameless One has now come full circle. Once again, check to make sure you have all the inventory items you desire in The Nameless One's inventory, for as soon as you pass through the next portal, you'll be on your own. Proceed to the northeast, and a portal will open. Follow the dialogue and speak to your party members and extensively with Morte. When you're ready, walk through the portal.


Talk with Deionarra in the southeast corner before moving into the fortress. She offers many answers to your questions.


You begin the next area all alone without the assistance of your former comrades. From the start position in the fortress entrance, proceed east and then south to find Deionarra. Speak with her at length about your quest as she possesses plenty of information. Also, if you managed to recover her wedding ring from her legacy (way back in the clerk's ward), you can ask her about it here and receive an upgrade. When you're finished, proceed back to the west through the start position and to the wall at the end, opening a door into the fortress interior.

When you enter the fortress, you'll come under attack from vicious greater shadows. Now that you're alone, there's no chance you can take on all of them. Check your experience count, however; each greater shadow is worth approximately 10,000 experience points for a kill, so if you're close to the next level, consider trying to eliminate a few of them so you can gain one more level before facing off against the final boss. The goal inside the fortress interior is to activate four different machines to open up the portal that takes you to the next area of the final quest, the Trial of Impulse. The four machines are located in the southeast corner over the map, the very center of the level just above one of the blue pools, the northeast room against the wall, and the pools in the northwest corner of the map in the bottom room toward the center. Touch each machine lever and activate it. You'll be teleported to a different location of the level each time you activate the machine. When you've activated all four, head to the northeast room (where the third machine was located) and hop through the portal. There are tons of greater shadows on this level, and they should be avoided. Run around quickly and don't get into any fights unless you're very close to the next level and have tons of healing items.

Upon entering the next area, you'll be greeted by a former party member (or not, whichever the case may be), either Ignus or Vhailor depending on your alignment. If you're a decent fighter, neither should pose much of a threat, especially if you're well stocked with healing items. Ignus uses fire magic, so bring along items that work well against magical fire (such as charcoal charms); Vhailor uses slashing attacks, so bring along items that work well against slashes, such as the healing heart charms.



When you've defeated your adversary, look at the stash of items behind the statue to the northeast of the crystal pool; you'll find a sounding stone inside. Open your inventory and use the stone and follow the dialogue to its conclusion. You'll also find a stash of items to the southwest in the room; it includes some healing items and charms. Once you're ready, use the crystal pool in the middle of the room to enter the next area.

The next area includes three different incarnations of The Nameless One (four if you count yourself). Here you'll find the practical incarnation, the paranoid incarnation, and the good incarnation. The goal is to attempt to talk each incarnation into joining you. The practical incarnation speaks first; he tells you he desires to absorb you. Make sure you exhaust all dialogue options, particularly if you possess the bronze sphere regained from Pharod's court. Don't let the practical incarnation absorb you, or the game will end in failure. You can try to absorb him instead (requires high intellect attributes); if it fails, try to pull away and attack him. Defeat the incarnation if you must and use your healing items as needed.

Don't let incarnations absorb you - instead, absorb them.



Talk to the good incarnation next and ask him to join you, and he will. You'll gain some experience and some statistical boosts as he enters your body. If you have high intelligence, you can talk to the good incarnation about your previous incarnations, and he'll eventually reveal some important facts. If you regained the bronze sphere from Pharod's court, you can use it after gaining the good incarnation - and speaking about your former incarnations - to learn both your real name and gain a ton of experience. Finally, talk to the paranoid incarnation and speak to him in the language of Uyo, the same language you learned to decipher the dodecahedron (this requires moderate intelligence). Convince him to join you, and he will. Otherwise, go through the dialogue and attempt to persuade him and, if you can't, you must engage him in battle. When you're finished with the incarnations, Deionarra appears again. Speak with her through all topics and exit the level to appear on the fortress roof for the final confrontation with the transcendent one.

Upon arriving on the fortress roof, heal up and proceed to the northwest and speak with the transcendent one. Read all the dialogue to get the most out of the story. When battle nears, examine the dialogue choices. If you snagged the Blade of the Immortal from Coaxmetal way back in the lower ward, you can discuss it here after talking to the transcendent one about the link between the two of you. Threaten to destroy yourself with the blade, and the transcendent one will merge with you, and the game will be complete. This ending provides a unique bonus, as The Nameless One resurrects all your slain party members for one final word. If you're a decent fighter and possess plenty of healing items, you may choose simply to go toe-totoe with the beast. He isn't too tough, and if you've got a good weapon and high strength, it shouldn't be much of a problem (you'll need about 15 or so heart charms for the best results). There are several other ways to take out the transcendent one. Most include dialogue sequences that require high statistics in charisma and wisdom. If you regained the bronze sphere and used it after absorbing the good incarnation, you can tell the transcendent one your name (after asking him for it in dialogue) for another way.



Defeating the transcendent one in battle alone, however, doesn't offer the same ending results. If you need assistance during battle - for instance, if you're a mage or thief or have weak weapons or strength - you can attempt to raise your dead comrades to fight with you. You must heal them up as well, so make sure you possess plenty of healing charms. Again, there are several ways to talk to the transcendent one, both in combat and through conversation, so you may want to test out different strategies to view alternate endings. Once the transcendent one is no more, enjoy the ending sequence, as you've completed Planescape: Torment!



Entering the violent and frantic arenas of Q3 can be daunting, but this game guide is designed to make the trip more fun. You will not only find tips for beginners here, veterans too will glean strategies from these pages that will improve their games.

Everything you need to know to survive in the dangerous corridors of Black Mesa is here: comprehensive level walk-throughs, weapon and enemy descriptions, and a guide to the secret Xen locations.

If you are brave enough to give Lara some help, you may want a detailed walk-through of the whole game; information on Lara's array of weapons; a rundown on all of the enemies and the secrets lodged within the crevasses and corners of this adventure.

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