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Lesson plan

School: Ghergheasa
Class: 6th
Level: Intermediate
Teacher: Măţău Eliza
Lesson: You mustn’t play loud music
Date: 13. 10.2015
Time: 50’
Lesson (main) aims: - to introduce new words;
- to be able to understand those new words
- to identify common objects and furniture, parts of a
a room, patterns and colours
- to talk about rules, express obligation and lack of obligation
- to give instructions
- to use verb must/ mustn’t , can/ can’t; There is/ there
are with some and any
- to use the prepositions of place
Subsidiary aims:

- to be able to associate the English terms with the Romanian

- to practice the work in pairs;
- to be able to describe a person;
- to listen to someone talking about her life
- to write a description of a room
- to read rules for a hostel;
Skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening

student-student. some of them (the dominant ones) may try to answer too often and exclude the others. Skills: reading. writing.Anticipated language problems: Pupils/students could become a bit noisy when working in pairs/groups. Modes of interaction: teacher-student. listening. Procedure: First of all pupils are introduced to the new lesson. Interaction: lockstep Teacher’s role: controller. the blackboard. Materials: blackboard. Class management: whole class activity. group-work. pupil’s notebooks. In some cases. 1. Timing: 20 minutes 2nd Activity Aim: To use the manual in order to understand the prepositions of place Procedure: As the lesson continues. pupils may not understand the task given by the teacher. they are showed a picture and asked to associate the objects with the parts of the room from ex. a hand out. 1st Activity Aim: To familiarize the pupils with the new lesson. Teaching aids: the manual. introducing new words in their vocabulary. He / She may repeat the task in order to be clear for everybody. Possible solutions: the teacher may ask pupils simultaneously to speak. pupil’s notebooks. the teacher asks her pupils to put down in their notebooks the new title and then to begin reading the prepositions of place . speaking.

listening. listening. Materials: manual. pupil’s notebooks. Teacher’s role: controller. Class management: whole class activity. curtains and furniture using them. Teacher’s role: observer. the pupils are asked to solve ex. Class management: whole class activity. pag. Materials: manual. writing. reading. For practice. Skills: writing. pag 15 has some patterns and colours. 15: to fill in the blanks with the correct preposition Interaction: T-Ss. blackboard. Timing: 12 minutes Homework: Teacher asks students to write a text about their room. Timing: 15 minutes 3rd Activity Aims: to identify and use patterns and colours Procedure: Ex 4. 2. Interaction: T-Ss. blackboard. speaking. The pupils are asked to translate them and to describe the carpet. reading. Skills: speaking. pupil’s notebooks.using Grammar flash from page 15. Timing: 3 minutes .