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Technology is fast evolving. Innovations of various categories whether
ingoods, household equipment or even for luxury purposes are evolving
so fastthat it has been considered nowadays as a necessity for every
individual as wellas to every institutions and business establishments to
rely on what technologycan do. Right now, computers play a vital role in
making our works easier andfaster.Nowadays, business operations are
done with the aid of computer,through this, operations will be more
detailed, faster, accurate and less error. Abusiness can suffocate itself
under constant cash flow pressures due to improperinventory and poor
sales management procedures. A business can have the rightstaff, the
right location and the right product but without the right inventory
andproper sales management solution, a business is headed for
disaster.Through the researched we had conducted at Bago City Kadiwa
Center,we are proposing a Point of Sale and Inventory System that will be
used by thesaid business. Since, Bago City Kadiwa Center is manually
operated by threeemployees with their manager, Mrs. Julie D. Flores as
their head. Everytransaction is done with the aid of its manpower and it
relies heavily with itsemployee for the overall functionality of the said
business. With this process, theymight encounter some problems or
difficulty especially in tracking with their salesas well with the going in and
out of the flows of their stocks. Bago City Kadiwa
Writing inProduction and Inventory Management Journal, Godwin Udo
described telecommunications technology as a critical organizational
asset thatcan help a company realize important competitive gains in the
area of inventorymanagement. According to companies that make good
use of this technology arefar better equipped to Udo, succeed than those
who rely on outdated or unwieldymethods of inventory control.
Automation can gradually affect all phases ofinventory management,
including counting and monitoring of inventory items;recording and
retrieval of item storage locations; recording changes to inventory;and
anticipating inventory needs, including inventory handling
requirements."It is nearly impossible to overemphasize the importance of
keepinginventory levels under control," Ronald Pachurawrote inan article
for IIESolutions. "Whether the problems incurred are caused by carrying

too little or toomuch inventory, manufacturers need to become aware

that inventory control isnot just a materials management or warehouse
department issue. Thepurchasing, receiving, engineering, manufacturing,
and accounting departmentsall contribute to the accuracy of the
inventory methods and records.
Source: (*

Bago City College, Bachelor Of Science In Information SystemBago City

Kadiwa Center Point of Sale and Inventory System
Waterfall Model was first defined by Winston W. Royce in 1970 and
hasbeen widely used for software projects ever since. Royce's original
model isshown on the right.If the requirements phase is done badly (and
this is often the case whenthe business confuses shoddy requirements
with faster progress) the waterfallmethod delivers failure as the end result
will only ever be as good as thespecifications.



The organization of our Proposed Capstone Project was groupedand
arranged its parts to form a whole which was discovered as the Bago
CityKadiwa Center. The said business organization took time and thought
to be whatit is supposed to be today. Like every other business
organizations do, the BagoCity Kadiwa Center has also its own particular
set-up rules and responsibilities.
In overall, the behavior of the Bago City Kadiwa Center is traditionally
andmanually done. With the aid of our thorough research towards the
modernity andaccepting change in our environment and the way of fast-

evolving technologiesemerging today, the Bago City Kadiwa Center will

rightfully earn the developmentthey truly deserve.
Bago City College, Bachelor Of Science In Information SystemBago City
Kadiwa Center Point of Sale and Inventory System

Processor Type (64-bit)

Memory (8GB)

Video Card (512MB dedicated memory)

40 Gigabyte Hard Drive

40 Gigabytes Hard Drive (for Backup)

6 USB ports

1024 by 768 resolution monitor

Video Resolution (1280 x 1024, 64-bit color)

Mouse and Keyboard (USB standard)

Receipt Printer (POS Receipt Printer Compatibility)

Barcode Scanner (Barcode Readers Compatibility)

Processor (Multi Core) Minimum of 2GB or Higher

Software Recommendation

Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows 8 (64bit)

(Home Edition)

Microsoft office (Word and Excel) (Spreadsheet Program Recommended