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Do you understand this language?

[sound:en_cm_md_01_01.mp3]<br />ni dong

dzezhong yuyan ma? <br />
We are here to help you.
[sound:en_cm_md_01_02.mp3]<br />women lai bangJu
ni <br />
I do not understand your language.
[sound:en_cm_md_01_03.mp3]<br />wo budon
g ni de hua <br />
There is no one available who speaks this language.<br />
01_04.mp3]<br />meiRen hui jiang JeJong yuyn <br />
Try to answer my questions with yes or no.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_05.mp3]<br />
Chingyong shi huo bushi huida wenti<br /> 
Move your head like this for yes.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_06.mp3]<br />Jeyang d
iantou biaoshi shi <br />
Move your head like this for no.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_07.mp3]<br />Jeyang y
aotou biaoshi bushi <br />
Do you know where you are?<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_08.mp3]<br />ni Jidao
ni dzai nar ma? <br />
Are you thirsty? <br /> [sound:en_cm_md_01_09.mp3]<br />ni kou ke ma? <br />
Are you hungry? <br /> [sound:en_cm_md_01_10.mp3]<br />ni e ma? <br />
Do you need to urinate?<br /> [sound:en_cm_md_01_11.mp3]<br />ni Shuyao Shaobi
an ma? <br />
Do you need to defecate? <br /> [sound:en_cm_md_01_12.mp3]<br />ni yao dabian ma
? <br />
Do you want a cigarette? <br /><br /> [sound:en_cm_md_01_13.mp3]<br />ni yao S
hiyan ma? <br />
I understand. [sound:en_cm_md_01_14.mp3]<br />wo dong <br />
I do not understand.
[sound:en_cm_md_01_15.mp3]<br />wo budong <br />
We will try to contact someone from your group.<br /> [
3]<br />women shefa he nimen de Ren lianShi<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_17.mp3]<br />Ching ba <br />
Thank you.
[sound:en_cm_md_01_18.mp3]<br />ShieShie <br />
You are welcome.
[sound:en_cm_md_01_19.mp3]<br />bukeChi <br />
Thank you for talking with me.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_20.mp3]<br />ShieShie
ni he wo tanhua <br />
I will talk with you again.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_21.mp3]<br />wo hui d
zai he ni tanhua de <br />
[sound:en_cm_md_01_22.mp3]<br />dzaijian <br />
Be quiet.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_01.mp3]<br />Ching anjing <br />
Come with me. [sound:en_cm_md_02_02.mp3]<br />gen wo lai <br />
Describe it with gestures.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_02_03.mp3]<br />yong sho
ushi lai miaoshu <br />
Do not get excited.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_04.mp3]<br />bie tai jidong le <br />
Do what I ask. [sound:en_cm_md_02_05.mp3]<br />Jao wo shuodde dzuo <br />
Do you mean no?
[sound:en_cm_md_02_06.mp3]<br />ni shuo bushi, dui ma? <br />
Do you mean yes?
[sound:en_cm_md_02_07.mp3]<br />ni shuo shi, dui ma? <br />
Hold up the number of fingers.<br />
[sound:en_cm_md_02_08.mp3]<br />yong sho
uJi gaosu wo shi duoshao <br />
I will get an interpreter. <br />
[sound:en_cm_md_02_09.mp3]<br />wo Chu j
ao yiwei fanyi <br />
Is this it?
[sound:en_cm_md_02_10.mp3]<br />shibushi Jege? <br />
[sound:en_cm_md_02_11.mp3]<br />bushi <br />
Point to it.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_12.mp3]<br />Ching Ji yiSha <br />
Relax. [sound:en_cm_md_02_13.mp3]<br />fangsong yiShie <br />
Show me.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_14.mp3]<br />gei wo kankan <br />
Squeeze my hand once for yes.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_15.mp3]<br />dzanyiSha wo de
shou biaoshi shi <br />
Squeeze my hand twice for no.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_16.mp3]<br />dzuanliangSha wo
de shou biaoshi bushi <br />
Write your answer here.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_17.mp3]<br />ba ni de daan Sh
ie dzai Jer <br />
[sound:en_cm_md_02_18.mp3]<br />shi

I know first aid.

[sound:en_cm_md_02_19.mp3]<br />wo hui jijiu <br />
Dont move
[sound:en_cm_md_02_20.mp3]<br />biedong <br />
We need to move you.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_21.mp3]<br />wo dei nuodong ni <br />
I need to clean your wounds.
[sound:en_cm_md_02_22.mp3]<br />wo dei ChingShi
ni de shangkou <br />
I am here to help you. [sound:en_cm_md_02_23.mp3]<br />wo lai Jer jiushi weile
bangJu ni <br />
What is your given name?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_01.mp3]<br />ni jiao shenme m
ingdzi? <br />
What is your family name?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_02.mp3]<br />ni Shing shenme?
<br />
What is your nationality?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_03.mp3]<br />ni shi nar gwo R
en? <br />
What country were you born in? [sound:en_cm_md_03_04.mp3]<br />ni shi dzai nagw
o chusheng de? <br />
How old are you?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_05.mp3]<br />ni duoda le? <br />
Do you have an identity card? [sound:en_cm_md_03_06.mp3]<br />ni you shenfenJe
n ma? <br />
Show me your identification.
[sound:en_cm_md_03_07.mp3]<br />gei wo kankan ni
de shenfenJen <br />
Do you have any bad reactions to medications? [sound:en_cm_md_03_08.mp3]<br />
ni dui yaowu you buliang fanying ma? <br />
What is the name of the medication that causes bad reactions? [sound:en_cm_md_
03_09.mp3]<br />ni dui shenme yaowu you buliang fanying? <br />
Do you have any allergies to medicines?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_10.mp3]<br />
ni dui shenme yaowu gwoming? <br />
What is your religion? [sound:en_cm_md_03_11.mp3]<br />ni de dzongjiao Shingyan
g shi shenme? <br />
Do you smoke tobacco? [sound:en_cm_md_03_12.mp3]<br />ni chouyan ma? <br />
How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke per day?
3]<br />ni meitian chou jibao Shangyan? <br />
Are you married?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_14.mp3]<br />ni jiehun le ma? <br />
Do you have any children?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_15.mp3]<br />ni you haidzi ma
? <br />
Do you have high blood pressure problems?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_16.mp3]<br />
ni Shueya gao ma? <br />?
Do you have diabetes? [sound:en_cm_md_03_17.mp3]<br />ni you tangniaobing ma?
<br />
Do you have blood sugar control problems?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_18.mp3]<br />
ni youmeiyou kongJi Shuetang de wenti? <br />
Do you drink alcohol? [sound:en_cm_md_03_19.mp3]<br />ni he jiu ma? <br />
How much do you weigh?
[sound:en_cm_md_03_20.mp3]<br />ni you duoJong?
<br />
You have been injured. [sound:en_cm_md_04_01.mp3]<br />ni shoushang le <br />
You are ill.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_02.mp3]<br />ni bing le <br />
Lie still.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_03.mp3]<br />tangJe biedong <br />
We will take care of you.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_04.mp3]<br />women lai Jaokan
ni <br />
Let us help you.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_05.mp3]<br />Rang women lai bangJu ni
<br />
We must examine you carefully. [sound:en_cm_md_04_06.mp3]<br />women buShu gei
ni dziShi jiancha yiSha <br />
We will try to not hurt you further.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_07.mp3]<br />women ji
nliang bu dzai nongteng ni <br />
This will help protect you. [sound:en_cm_md_04_08.mp3]<br />Je keyi baohu ni <br
Do exactly what we ask.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_09.mp3]<br />women jiaoni dze
nme dzuo, ni jiu dzenme dzuo <br />
Keep your head very still.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_10.mp3]<br />tou biedong <br

Keep very still.

[sound:en_cm_md_04_11.mp3]<br />biedong <br />
Can you breathe?
[sound:en_cm_md_04_12.mp3]<br />ni neng chuanChi ma? <br
Say your name out loud.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_13.mp3]<br />dasheng shuochu
ni de mingdzi <br />
Do you hurt anywhere? [sound:en_cm_md_04_14.mp3]<br />ni nar teng? <br />
Show me where. [sound:en_cm_md_04_15.mp3]<br />Jigei wo kan dzai nar <br />
Show me where it hurts worst. [sound:en_cm_md_04_16.mp3]<br />Jigei wo kan nar
dzuiteng <br />
Does this hurt?
[sound:en_cm_md_04_17.mp3]<br />teng ma? <br />
Move all of your fingers.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_18.mp3]<br />dongdong ni suoy
ou de shouJi <br />
Move all of your toes. [sound:en_cm_md_04_19.mp3]<br />dongdong ni suoyou de ji
aoJi <br />
Open your eyes.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_20.mp3]<br />Jengkai ni de yanjing <b
r />
Push against me.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_21.mp3]<br />chao wo Jer tui <br />
You will feel better soon.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_22.mp3]<br />ni henkwai jiu h
ui juede haoyidianr de <br />
You must stay here.
[sound:en_cm_md_04_23.mp3]<br />ni buShu daidzai Jer <br
When did you have your last meal?
[sound:en_cm_md_04_24.mp3]<br />ni dzuih
ou yitsi chifan shi shenme shihou? <br />
When was your last bowel movement?
[sound:en_cm_md_04_25.mp3]<br />ni dzuih
ou yitsi dabian shi shenme shihou? <br />
How often are you urinating?
[sound:en_cm_md_04_26.mp3]<br />ni niaoniao you
duo pinfan? <br />
Is it difficult to urinate?
[sound:en_cm_md_04_27.mp3]<br />ni niaoniao you
kwnnan ma? <br />
You are badly hurt.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_01.mp3]<br />ni shou le Jongshang <br
You are very sick.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_02.mp3]<br />ni bing de hen Jong <br
We need to take you to surgery.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_03.mp3]<br />women de
song ni Chu dzuo shoushu <br />
We need to remove this.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_04.mp3]<br />women de nadiao
Jege <br />
We need to repair this.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_05.mp3]<br />women de ShiuShi
u Jege <br />
If we do not operate, you may die.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_06.mp3]<br />Rugwo wo
men bugei ni dzuo shoushu, ni keneng hui si <br />
If we do not operate, you may lose this. [sound:en_cm_md_05_07.mp3]<br />Rugwo w
omen bugei ni dong shoushu, ni keneng shiChu Jege <br />
The operation is dangerous, but it is the only way to help you.
n_cm_md_05_08.mp3]<br />dong shoushu you weiShian, ke Jiyou shoushu neng bangJu
ni <br />
Do you understand that you need this surgery? [sound:en_cm_md_05_09.mp3]<br />
ni mingbai ni Shuyao dzuo Jege shoushu ba? <br />
We will operate very carefully.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_10.mp3]<br />women hu
i feichang RenJen de dzuo Jege shoushu de <br />
We want your permission before we operate on you.
3]<br />dong shoushu yiChian women Shuyao dedao ni de tongyi <br />
May we operate on you? [sound:en_cm_md_05_12.mp3]<br />women keyi gei ni dong s
houshu ma? <br />
We will begin the operation as soon as we can. [sound:en_cm_md_05_13.mp3]<br />
women hui jinkwai kaishi gei ni dong shoushu de <br />
This medicine will make you sleep.
[sound:en_cm_md_05_14.mp3]<br />Je yao h
ui Rang ni shuijao <br />
Have you had any surgeries?
[sound:en_cm_md_05_15.mp3]<br />ni dzuogwo shous
hu ma? <br />

Do you have any allergies, especially to medications? [

3]<br />ni you shenme guomin ma you yaowu guomin ma? <br />
Do you have high blood pressure / diabetes or blood sugar control problems?
[sound:en_cm_md_05_17.mp3]<br />ni you gaoShueya/tangniaobing huo kongJi Shuetan
g de wenti ma? <br />/
You have been hurt.
[sound:en_cm_md_06_01.mp3]<br />ni shoushang le <br />
We are all working to help you.
[sound:en_cm_md_06_02.mp3]<br />women dz
ai bangJu ni <br />
Help us take care of you.
[sound:en_cm_md_06_03.mp3]<br />ShieJu women Jao
gu ni <br />
We have to remove your clothes.
[sound:en_cm_md_06_04.mp3]<br />women de
bang ni ba yifu tuole <br />
Do you have any bad reactions to any medicine? [sound:en_cm_md_06_05.mp3]<br />
ni dui shenme yaowu you buliang fanying ma? <br />
Have you eaten food in the past six hours?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_06.mp3]<br />
ni dzai liuge Shaoshi Jinei chigwo dongShi ma? <br />
Is this injury from a landmine?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_07.mp3]<br />Jeshi di
lei Jashang de ma? <br />
Were you shot? [sound:en_cm_md_06_08.mp3]<br />ni bei Chiang daJong le ma? <br
Is this from a knife? [sound:en_cm_md_06_09.mp3]<br />Jeshi daoshang ma? <br /
Is this from a rock?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_10.mp3]<br />Jeshi shitou Ja de ma? <
br />
Is this from a vehicle crash? [sound:en_cm_md_06_11.mp3]<br />Jeshi dzai chehu
oJong shou de shang ma? <br />
Did a person do this to you?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_12.mp3]<br />shibushi you Ren
shanghai le ni? <br />
Did you lose consciousness after this happened?
3]<br />Je shir fasheng yihou, ni shiChu Jijue le ma? <br />
Did you lose more than this much blood?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_14.mp3]<br />
ni shibushi liule bi Je geng duo de Shue? <br />
Point to all the parts of your body that hurt. [sound:en_cm_md_06_15.mp3]<br />
Jichu ni shenshang suoyou teng de difang <br />
Does it hurt when I do his?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_16.mp3]<br />wo Jeme nong, ni
teng ma? <br /> 
Move this like this.
[sound:en_cm_md_06_17.mp3]<br />Shang Jeyang dongyidong
<br />
Turn over this way.
[sound:en_cm_md_06_18.mp3]<br />tsao Jebian Juangwolai <
br />
Did you inhale any smoke or very hot air?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_19.mp3]<br />
ni shifou Shile yan huo feichang Re de Chi? <br /> ?
Do your lungs hurt?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_20.mp3]<br />ni de fei teng ma? <br /
Are you having trouble breathing?
[sound:en_cm_md_06_21.mp3]<br />ni huShi
kwnnan ma? <br />
This will help avoid nfection. [sound:en_cm_md_06_22.mp3]<br />Je keyi fangJi g
anRan <br />
This will help you.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_01.mp3]<br />Je neng bangJu ni <br />
I have to put a small needle in you here.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_02.mp3]<br />
wo de dzai ni Jer cha yigen hen Shao de Jen <br />
We need to give you fluid.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_03.mp3]<br />women de gei ni
shuye <br />
We need to give you blood.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_04.mp3]<br />women de gei ni
shuShue <br />
I need to put a tube into your throat. [sound:en_cm_md_07_05.mp3]<br />wo de co
ng ni de sangdzili cha yigen gwandzi jinChu <br />
This tube will help you breathe better.
[sound:en_cm_md_07-06.mp3]<br />
Je gwandzi neng bangJu ni geng hao de huShi <br />
This tube may feel uncomfortable.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_07.mp3]<br />Je gwand

zi keneng butai shufu <br />

I need to put a tube through your nose to your stomach.
07_08.mp3]<br />wo Shuyao cong ni de bidzi cha yigen gwanzi tongdao ni de weili
<br />
You need to swallow while I put this tube in your nose.
07_09.mp3]<br />wo ba jegen wandzi chajin ni bidzi de shihou, ni de yanyiSha <br
Drink this while I gently place the tube into your nose.
07_10.mp3]<br />wo ChingChing de ba gwandzi fangjin ni bidzi de shihou, ni ba Je
he le <br />
This tube will drain your stomach.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_11.mp3]<br />je gwand
zi gei ni dzuo weiyingliu <br />
I have to put a small tube into your neck to give you fluid.
07_12.mp3]<br />wo de cong ni bodzi nar chajin yitiao Shaogwandzi gei ni shuye <
br />
I need to put a tube in your chest.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_13.mp3]<br />wo de dz
ai ni Shongbu chajin yige gwandzi Chu <br />
This needle will release the air from your chest.
3]<br />Je zhen keyi shifang ni Shongbu de Chi <br />
This will help your burns.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_15.mp3]<br />Je keyi bangJu n
i shaoshang de shangkou huifu <br /> 
I need to cut your skin.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_16.mp3]<br />women Shuyao ni
de pi <br />
We have to restrain you for your safety.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_17.mp3]<br />
weile ni de anChuan, women biShu bangJe ni <br />
You have been burned by a chemical.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_18.mp3]<br />ni bei h
uaShue de dongShi shaoshang le <br />
We need to wash the chemicals from your skin. [sound:en_cm_md_07_19.mp3]<br />
women de ba ni pifushang JeShie huaShue de dongShi Shidiao <br />
You will need to be completely washed. [sound:en_cm_md_07_20.mp3]<br />ni Shuya
o bei Shide ganganjingjing <br />
Hold this dressing and apply pressure. [sound:en_cm_md_07_21.mp3]<br />naChilai
Je bengdai, jinjin baoJa <br /> 
I need to splint your arm.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_22.mp3]<br />wo dei gei ni ge
bo shang jiaban <br />
I need to splint your leg.
[sound:en_cm_md_07_23.mp3]<br />wo dei ge ni tui
shang jiaban <br />
I am applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.
3]<br />wo dei gei ni yong JiShuedai JiShue <br />
Have you urinated today?
[sound:en_cm_md_08_01.mp3]<br />ni jintian Shaob
ian le ma? <br />
Does your bladder feel full?
[sound:en_cm_md_08_02.mp3]<br />ni de panggwng b
ieniao ma? <br />
Do you have problems starting to urinate?
[sound:en_cm_md_08_03.mp3]<br />
ni niaoniao you kwennan ma? <br />
Do you have an urge to urinate but are unable to pass urine?
08_04.mp3]<br />ni youmeiyou jiJe yao niaoniao, dan niaobuchulai? <br />
Do you have any pain with urination?
[sound:en_cm_md_08_05.mp3]<br />ni niaon
iao shi teng ma? <br />
Urinate into this container.
[sound:en_cm_md_08_06.mp3]<br />niaodzai Jege ni
aopeng li <br />
You need a tube in your bladder.
[sound:en_cm_md_08_07.mp3]<br />ni de pa
nggwang Shuyao chagwan <br />
I am going to insert a tube into your bladder to drain urine. [sound:en_cm_md_
08_08.mp3]<br />wo congni de panggwang chajin gwandzi painiao <br />
This tube will empty the urine from your bladder.
3]<br />Je gwandzi hui paiganjing ni panggwangli de niao <br />
This tube will feel uncomfortable in you.
[sound:en_cm_md_08_10.mp3]<br />
Je gwandzi dzai ni shenshanag, ni hui juede bushufu <br />
Do not touch this tube.
[sound:en_cm_md_08_11.mp3]<br />bie peng Je guan

dzi <br />

Do not eat or drink until the surgery. [sound:en_cm_md_09_01.mp3]<br />bie peng
Je gwandzi <br />
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight tonight.
3]<br />jintian wanshang shierdian yihou jiu beyao chi dongShi, buyao he dongShi
le <br />1200
Take this medicine.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_03.mp3]<br />chi Jege yao <br />
You must remain in bed.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_04.mp3]<br />ni biShu tangdza
i chuangshang <br />
Do not move at all.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_05.mp3]<br />Chanwan buyao dong <br /
You must stay in this room.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_06.mp3]<br />ni biShu daidzai
jejian wudzi li <br />
You must not smoke.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_07.mp3]<br />ni yiding buneng chouyan
<br />
We have to cut your hair off here.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_08.mp3]<br />women de
ba ni Jer de toufa jiandiao <br />
You may get up to go to the toilet.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_09.mp3]<br />ni keyi
Chilai Cu shangt tsesuo <br />
We cannot give you anything to eat or drink.
[sound:en_cm_md_09_10.mp3]<br />
wo beneng gei ni Renhe chide he hede dongShi <br />
If you need surgery, your stomach must be empty.
3]<br />Rugwo ni Shuyao dzuo shoushu, ni dei kongfu <br />
We will give you food and drink as soon as it s safe to do so. [sound:en_cm_md_
09_12.mp3]<br />bie peng Je gwandzi <br />
Are you having pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_01.mp3]<br />ni teng ma? <br />
Where are you having pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_02.mp3]<br />ni nar teng? <br
Is the pain here?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_03.mp3]<br />shi Jer teng ma? <br />?
Does anything make the pain better?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_04.mp3]<br />you shen
me keyi jianChing ni de tengtong? <br />
Does anything make the pain worse?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_05.mp3]<br />you shen
me hui jiaJong ni de tengtong? <br />
Did the pain start today?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_06.mp3]<br />Je tengtong shi
jintian kaishi de ma? <br />
How many days have you had the pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_07.mp3]<br />ni teng
le jitian le? <br />
Describe the pain on a scale from 1 to 10.
[sound:en_cm_md_10_08.mp3]<br />
an yi dao shi lai miaoshuyiShia ni tengtong de chendu <br />110
10 is the worst possible pain, and 1 is no pain at all.
10_09.mp3]<br />shi shi teng de dzui lihai, yi shi yidianr ye bu teng 10 <br />
Hold up the number of fingers. [sound:en_cm_md_10_10.mp3]<br />yong shouJi lai
biaoshi shi duoshao? <br />
What is the main problem?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_11.mp3]<br />Juyao shi shenme
weni? <br />
How long have you had the pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_12.mp3]<br />ni teng
le duojiu le? <br />
Show me where the pain started.
[sound:en_cm_md_10_13.mp3]<br />Ji gei w
o kan nide tengtong shi tsong nar kaishi de <br />
Does the pain go to the back? [sound:en_cm_md_10_14.mp3]<br />ni de beibu teng
ma? <br />
Does the pain go to the testicles?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_15.mp3]<br />ni de ga
owan teng ma? <br />
Does this pain go to the groin?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_16.mp3]<br />ni de fu
gwgou teng ma? <br />
Is this a sharp pain? [sound:en_cm_md_10_17.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong julie de te
ngtong ma? <br />
Is this a dull pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_18.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong chidun de t
engtong ma? <br /> 
Is this a cramping pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_19.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong jin

gluanshi de tengtong ma? <br />

Is this a constant pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_20.mp3]<br />Je shibushi chiS
hubuduan de tengtong? <br />
Is this an intermittent pain? [sound:en_cm_md_10_21.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong jia
nShieShing de tengtong? <br />
Is this a mild pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_22.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong Chingwei de
tengtong ma? <br />
Is this a moderate pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_23.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong Jon
gdeng chendu de tengtong ma? <br /> ?
Is this a severe pain? [sound:en_cm_md_10_24.mp3]<br />Jeshi yiJong hen yanJong
de tengtong ma? <br />
Is this the worst pain you ever had?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_25.mp3]<br />Je shibu
shi ni jingligwo de dzui lihai de yitsi tengtong? <br />
Is there anything that relieves the pain symptom?
3]<br />youmeiyou dongShi keyi jianhuan JeJong tengtong? <br />
Is there anything that worsens the pain symptom?
3]<br />youmeiyou shenme dongShi hui jiaJong JeJong tengtong? <br />
Have you seen a doctor or anyone about this?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_28.mp3]<br />
ni Jebing youmeiyou kangwo dafu huo biede shenme Ren? <br />
What medicines are you taking? [sound:en_cm_md_10_29.mp3]<br />ni Shandzai chi
shenme yao? <br /> 
Are you experiencing fevers?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_20.mp3]<br />ni ashao ma? <br
Are you experiencing chills?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_31.mp3]<br />ni faleng ma? <b
r />
Are you experiencing nausea?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_32.mp3]<br />ni eChin ma? <br
Are you experiencing vomiting? [sound:en_cm_md_10_33.mp3]<br />ni tu ma? <br />
Are you experiencing diarrhea? [sound:en_cm_md_10_34.mp3]<br />ni ladudzi ma? <
br />
Are you experiencing loss of appetite? [sound:en_cm_md_10_35.mp3]<br />ni weiko
u buhao ma? <br />
Are you experiencing headaches?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_36.mp3]<br />ni toute
ng ma? <br />
Are you experiencing visual disturbances?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_37.mp3]<br />
ni de shili youmeiyou shenme wenti? <br />
Are you experiencing numbness or tingling?
[sound:en_cm_md_10_38.mp3]<br />
ni fama huo you matsi de ganjue ma? <br />
Are you experiencing bleeding by mouth or rectum?
3]<br />ni dzui hui Jichang chuShue ma? <br />
Do you feel sick?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_01.mp3]<br />ni juede bushufu ma? <br
Did you begin to feel sick today?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_02.mp3]<br />ni shi j
intian kaishi juede bushufu de ma? <br />
How many days have you felt sick?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_03.mp3]<br />ni juede
bushufu you duoshao tian le? <br />
Is the sickness here? [sound:en_cm_md_11_04.mp3]<br />shibushi Jer bu shufu? <
br />
Do you feel nauseated? [sound:en_cm_md_11_05.mp3]<br />ni juede eShin ma? <br /
Did the nausea start today?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_06.mp3]<br />shi jintian kais
hi eShin de ma? <br />
How many days have you had the nausea? [sound:en_cm_md_11_07.mp3]<br />ni juede
eShin you duoshao tian le? <br />
Have you been vomiting?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_08.mp3]<br />ni tu le ma? <br
Is there any blood in your vomit?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_09.mp3]<br />ni tuchu
lai de dongShi you Shue ma? <br />
Is there any black color in your vomit?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_10.mp3]<br />
ni tuchulai de dongShi you heiyanse de ma? <br />

Have you had any diarrhea?

[sound:en_cm_md_11_11.mp3]<br />ni ladudzi ma? <
br />
How many times have you had diarrhea today?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_12.mp3]<br />
ni jintian ldudzi la le jitsi le? <br />
Would your diarrhea today fill this?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_13.mp3]<br />ni jinti
an lade neng Juangman Jege ma? <br />
What color is the diarrhea?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_14.mp3]<br />ni fuShie lade s
hi shenme yanse? <br />?
Is it red?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_15.mp3]<br />shi hongyanse de ma? <br />
Is it yellow? [sound:en_cm_md_11_16.mp3]<br />shi huangyanse de ma? <br />
Is it green?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_17.mp3]<br />shiluyanse de ma? <br />
Is it black?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_18.mp3]<br />shi heiyanse de ma? <br />
When was the last time you had a bowel movement?
3]<br />ni dzuihou yitsi dabian shi shenme shihou? <br />
Has there been any blood in your stool?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_20.mp3]<br />
ni dabian li you Shue ma? <br />
Are you bleeding from your rectum?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_21.mp3]<br />shi ni d
e Jichang chude Shue ma? <br />
Have your stools been black?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_22.mp3]<br />ni de dabian yiJ
i shi heise de ma? <br />
Do you have fever?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_23.mp3]<br />ni fashao ma? <br />
For how many days have you had a fever?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_24.mp3]<br />
ni fashao duoshao tian le? <br />
Does it burn when you urinate? [sound:en_cm_md_11_25.mp3]<br />ni niaoniao de s
hihou you shaoJuo de ganjue ma? <br />
Does it hurt when you urinate? [sound:en_cm_md_11_26.mp3]<br />ni niaoniao de s
hihou teng ma? <br />
Are you urinating more han usual?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_27.mp3]<br />ni de ni
ao bi pingshi duo ma? <br />
Is there blood in the urine?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_28.mp3]<br />niaoli you Shue
ma? <br />
When did you eat last? [sound:en_cm_md_11_29.mp3]<br />ni dzuihou yitsi chi don
gShi shi shenme shihou? <br />
Are you hungry?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_30.mp3]<br />ni e ma? <br />
Do you have worms?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_31.mp3]<br />ni you tsong ma? <br />
Do you have malaria?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_32.mp3]<br />ni you nueji ma? <br />
Do you have uberculosis?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_33.mp3]<br />ni you jiehebing
ma? <br />
Do you know what I mean by the term HIV?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_34.mp3]<br />
ni dongbudong wo shuode aidzibingbingdu Jege tsi? <br /> 
Do you know what I mean by the term AIDS?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_35.mp3]<br />
ni dongbudong wo shuode aidzibing jege tsi? <br />
Are you infected with the HIV virus?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_36.mp3]<br />ni youme
iyou ganRan aidzibingbingdu? <br />
Do you have AIDS?
[sound:en_cm_md_11_37.mp3]<br />ni you aidzibing ma? <br
You need a blood test for the HIV virus.
[sound:en_cm_md_11_38.mp3]<br />
ni Shuyao chouShue huayan youmeiyou aidzibingbingdu? <br />
Do you have pain in this joint Im touching?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_01.mp3]<br />
wo mode Jege gwanjie teng ma? <br /> 
Do you have pain in any other joint?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_02.mp3]<br />ni biede
gwanjie teng ma? <br />
Which joint hurts the most?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_03.mp3]<br />narge gwanjie dz
ui teng? <br />
Do you have pain in this muscle Im touching? [sound:en_cm_md_12_04.mp3]<br />
wo mode jiRou teng ma? <br />
Do you have pain in any other muscle? [sound:en_cm_md_12_05.mp3]<br />ni biede
jiRou teng ma? <br />
Where is the muscle pain?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_06.mp3]<br />ni nar de jiRou
teng? <br />

Is this muscle cramping?

[sound:en_cm_md_12_07.mp3]<br />shi jiRou jinglu
an ma? <br />
Have you ever had any broken bones?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_08.mp3]<br />ni gwJeg
wo ma? <br />
What bones have you broken?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_09.mp3]<br />ni nar de gwtou
guJegwo? <br />
Does it hurt when I do this?
[sound:en_cm_md_12_10.mp3]<br />wo Jeme nong, te
ng ma? <br />, 
Do this.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_11.mp3]<br />dzuo Jege <br />
You need an X-ray of your bone.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_12.mp3]<br />ni de gw
tou Shuyao pai Xgwangpian <br />X
I will examine the X-ray and tell you what I see.
3]<br />jianchale Xgwangpian hou wo hui gaosu ni wo kandaoshenme <br />X
The bone is broken here.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_14.mp3]<br />Jeer gwje le <br
The bone is not broken here.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_15.mp3]<br />Jege gwtou meiyo
u gwJe <br />
You need a cast to help the bone heal. [sound:en_cm_md_12_16.mp3]<br />ni Shuya
o da shigaobangJu gwtou huifu <br />
Do not remove the cast.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_17.mp3]<br />buyao ba shigao
nadiao <br />
Do not get the cast wet.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_18.mp3]<br />buyao ba shigao
nongshi <br />
You need a splint to help the injury heal.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_19.mp3]<br />
ni Shuyao jiaban bangJu ni de shangkou yuhe <br />
You may take the splint off to clean yourself. [sound:en_cm_md_12_20.mp3]<br />
ni keyi ba jiaban nadiao, dziji ChingShiyiSha <br />
The splint must be replaced after you have cleaned yourself.
12_21.mp3]<br />ni dziji Shiganjing hou, de dzai huan yige jiaban <br />
You need a metal plate and screws to help the healing of your bone.
n_cm_md_12_22.mp3]<br />ni Shuyao yige jinshuban, yong luosiding ningjin lai ban
gJu ni gwtou huifu <br />
We need to take you to the Operating Room to perform an operation on you.
[sound:en_cm_md_12_23.mp3]<br />women Shuyao song ni Chu shoushushi dzuo yige sh
oushu <br />