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Impact of Stress

Name (Optional): _____________________





Age: In Year

Marital Status:

General Manager / Sr. Manager

Below 30


Professor / Lecturer



Asst. GM / Manager / Professor



Team Leader / Supervisor

Above 50



Salary: In Thousand

Social Economic Status:

PhD. / M.Phil / MS

Below 15

Lower Class

Master / MBA / Others


Middle Class

BA / BSc. / Commerce / Others

30- 50

High / Elite

FA / FSc. / Commerce / Others


Matric / Others

100 and above


Institution / Department: ________________________________________

Please tick a box which reflects your experience most accurately, relative to each
question asked.

1. I am clear what is expected of me at work

2. I can decide when to take a break
3. Different groups at work demand things from me that are hard to
4. I know how to go about getting my job done
5. I am subject to personal harassment in the form of unkind words or behavior
6. I have unachievable deadlines
7. If work gets difficult, my colleagues will help me
8. I respect company equipment as if it were my own
9. There is an effective system for reporting and repair of defects
10. I am given supportive feedback on the work I do
11. I receive compliments for a job well done
12. I have to work very intensively

Date: ___________________________






13. I have flexibility in my work hours providing the work gets done
14. Wages are paid accurately and on time
15. Management are totally committed to health and safety
16. I am clear what my duties and responsibilities are
17. Health and safety procedures do not need to be followed to get the job done
18. I am expected to take risks to get the job done
19. I am clear about the goals and objectives for my department are
20. There is friction or anger between colleagues
21. I have a choice in deciding how I do my work
22. I understand how my work fits into the overall aim of the organization
23. I am expected to work long hours
24. I have a choice in deciding what I do at work
25. I have to work very fast
26. I have unrealistic time pressures
27. I can rely on my line manager to help me out with a work problem
28. I can get help and support I need from colleagues
29. My job allows for task rotation which keeps me stimulated
30. There is interaction between employees and management
31. The company promote social activities
32. I consider myself to be part of a successful organization
33. I have sufficient opportunities to question managers about change at work
34. I receive the respect at work I deserve from my colleagues
35. Staff are always consulted about change at work
36. I receive adequate training to continue my development and anticipation of
business change
37. My working time can be flexible
38. My colleagues are willing to listen to my work-related problems
39. I am encouraged to take part in department/focus meetings
40. The management take an interest and act upon the outcomes of
department/focus meetings
41. The organization operates an effective open door policy
42. When changes are made at work, I am clear how they will work out in practice
43. I am supported through emotionally demanding work
44. Relationships at work are strained
45. My line manger encourages me at work

46. The organization shows an interest in my reports or observations

47. There are sufficient processes to make suggestions or improvements within the
48. I consider working procedures to be important
49. I find working procedures easy and logical to follow
50. My Family is satisfied with my salary
51. I can balance both my Family as well as work
52. Economic Stability strongly exit in our Country now-a-days
53. Inflation affects my expenditures
54. I used to finish my work at office
55. Give your views about Stress in Daily Life