Syllabus: Digital Media Production (NMIX 4110) MWF – 2:30 - 3:20 Lab 128 Instructor Dr. Itai Himelboim Email: itai@uga.

edu Office Hours Mondays and Wednesdays 3:20 - 4:20 and by appointment Office: 101 L Phone: (706) 542-5118 Objectives In this class, students will learn how to plan, design and develop Internet websites. Students will receive hands on experience in the use of related software such as Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and SoundSlides. During the semester, students will develop a résumé website which can be used to showcase their skills to colleagues and prospective employers. Target Audience This class is an introductory class intended for students who want to become proficient in the basics of web and media development. Students will leave this class with a set of skills that can be applied and enhanced in a variety of settings. This class is not an advanced web development course. Students with extensive experience designing and implementing web sites will find some of the material covered in this class redundant. Textbooks  Dreamweaver CS3 Hands on Training by Garrick Chow (publisher: Class Website The NMIX 4110 class website is located here: All relevant information for the class, including this syllabus, is available on this website. Updates and announcements will be posted on it from time to time. Element K Some of the software and concepts covered have very helpful tutorials on Element K within your “My UGA” page. To access these tutorials, simply go to, log in, click on the Element K link on the top navigation bar, select the “Catalog” menu, and visit the corresponding pages as cited within the weekly schedule. Assignments This class is designed to take you through a step-by-step process of building your résumé website. The six assignments will reflect your progress throughout the semester. Please use the feedback you receive to improve your work. Each of the assignments is also designed to prepare you for the next part of your website building. For example, you cannot start building your website before you plan it (Assignment 1). 1

For this reason, deadlines are inflexible. Assignments should be emailed to me no later than one-half hour prior to the start of class. Late assignments will be penalized as follows: 10% for the first late day and 5% for each day afterward. Please send your assignments to me via email to save time and our planet. CC: yourself as proof of submission. One exception -- you may submit Assignment 1 on paper.  Assignment 1: Website planning and preparation. For this assignment, you will need to state your goals and objectives. You will also start thinking about the website’s content, categories and images. Finally, you’ll submit a preliminary sketch of your website design.  Assignment 2: This is your first opportunity to demonstrate your hands on experience with Photoshop. Your product for this assignment will be a tracing (still) image of your website, based on your planning in Assignment 1.  Assignment 3: Phase 1 of a résumé website in Dreamweaver. After a few weeks of hands on training with Dreamweaver, you will put together the first version of your website and I will have an opportunity to give you some feedback.  Assignment 4: A slide show. Soundslides allows you to tell a story by editing together photos and audio. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your experience with three software programs: Photoshop for photo editing, Audacity for audio editing and Soundslides for combining all elements. You will also submit your digital storytelling plan.  Assignment 5: Usability. You will test your final website to identify problems.  Assignment 6: Final résumé website. After building your website, making changes, testing, and refining, your final project will be evaluated. You will receive detailed instructions for each assignment throughout the semester that will be available on the class website. Grading Students will be graded as follows:  Website planning [Assignment 1 due 1/20] – 10%  Tracing image in Photoshop [Assignment 2 due 2/15] – 10%  Phase 1 of a résumé website in Dreamweaver [Assignment 3 due 3/16, Tuesday, at noon] – 10%  A slide show in Soundslides [Assignment 4 due 3/29] – 10%  Usability [Assignment 5 due 4/19] – 10%  Final résumé website [Final Project due the last day of class, 4/29] – 40%  Participation – 10%

I plan to use the following cutoff threshold (although, I reserve the right to make changes): A: 95-100; A-: 91-94; B+: 88-90; B: 84-87; B-: 81-83; C+: 78-80; C: 74-77; C-: 71-73 2

Extra credits Research is central to the Grady College. If a research opportunity comes, students can choose to participate in studies performed by Grady faculty and graduate students, contributing to these research projects and learning about academic research. Up to five (5) extra credit points can be offered for participation. If extra credit for research participation is offered, an opportunity to gain the same amount of credits via a different assignment will be given to students who choose not to participate. Extra credit options are not guaranteed. Weekly Schedule 1/8 Introduction

Welcome to NMIX 4110 What’s your story?


Planning and design Defining your site’s goals and objectives Navigation and visual harmony Website planning - content and layout Martin Luther King Day - No class (Monday, 1/18)


Photoshop 1 [Due 1/20: Assignment 1] Photoshop: the interface Creating, cutting, cropping, changing, etc. Element K: Catalog -> Design & Media -> Graphics & Illustrations -> Adobe Photoshop CS -> Basic Image Enhancement Photoshop 2 Image creation Tracing images Images and rollovers Introduction of Assignment 2: tracing image



Dreamweaver 1: Introduction (read: chapters 3, 4 and 5) Define a site, create and manage files and folders Text formatting Inserting hyperlinks and pictures Dreamweaver 2: CSS Styles, rollovers and tracing images (read: chapters 6, 9 and 11) Dreamweaver 3: Putting together a website [Due 2/15: Assignment 2] Using your tracing image Building your website Introduction of Assignment 3 Photoshop 3: Editing existing photos Choosing your photos 3

2/8-12 2/15-19


Editing your photos with Photoshop News, ethics and photo editing


Soundslides 1 Introduction Your soundslide – telling a story The interface Introduction to Assignment 4 Spring Break - No Class


Soundslides 2 [Due, Tuesday, 3/16 : Assignment 3] Audio – Using Audacity Putting your presentation all together Embedding your presenting on the web Usability – Creating and Administrating Introduction of Assignment 4 Living in an embedded world [Due 3/29: Assignment 4] Hyperlinks, tags and social networking Google docs and feedback forms Visibility HTML, hotspots, behaviors, and your Google Map story Element K: Catalog -> Programming & Web Development -> Web Site Development -> HTML No Class on April 7 - Honors Day ceremony




4/12-16 4/19-23 4/26,28,29

Going mobile Embedding usability recommendations [Due 4/19: Assignment 5] Putting your websites together [Due 4/29: Final Project]

Notice: The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary. Unless specified otherwise, all assigned readings are required and can be found in the textbook Dreamweaver CS3. Further readings may be assigned throughout the semester. Feedback Your feedback is very important to the success of this class. From time to time I will ask for your feedback in writing, but please feel free to contact me at any time during the semester and express your 4

experiences and concerns. I cannot promise to meet each and every request, but I promise to take all feedback seriously. Holidays Many students commemorate various events that are of importance to their particular religions. I will make every reasonable effort to allow students to observe their religious holidays without academic penalty. Absence for religious reasons does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the course work required during the period of absence. Students who miss classes, examinations, or other assignments as a consequence of their religious observance will be provided with a fair alternative opportunity to complete such academic responsibilities. Students must provide the instructor with reasonable notice of the dates of religious holidays on which they plan to be absent. Attendance You are expected to attend each and every class. Be on time. If you must miss a class, please contact me ahead of time for approval. Medical-related absences require a note from your doctor. Job interview-related absences require a letter or an email that was sent to you regarding the interview. If you do not show up for class and do not contact me ahead of time for approval, your final grade will be reduced by one-half letter grade for each three absences. Coming Late Don’t. You must come to class on time to receive its full benefit. For every two times you arrive late, you will be counted absent. Cell phones Cell phones must be turned off before class. Lab computers During class, computers should be used for class purposes only. Challenging your Grade Put your graded work aside for 24 hours, then read my comments carefully. Keep the assignment’s guidelines in mind. Articulate a rational argument(s) as to why you deserve a better evaluation. Send me an email with your dispute and we can find a time to meet and discuss your concerns. A Culture of Honesty All academic work must meet the standards contained in A Culture of Honesty. Each student is responsible for knowing those standards before performing academic work. Visit this site and become familiar with the University of Georgia’s standards: Additional accommodations Students with a disability or health-related issue who need a class accommodation should make an appointment to speak with the instructor as soon as possible.


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