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Service Manual of G9165 Grader


1 Repair & Maintenance

Service Manual for G9165 Grader

1 Repair & Maintenance ......................................................................................... 1-1
11 Oil, Coolant and Others ....................................................................................... 1-1
111 Fuel .............................................................................................................. 1-1
112 Coolant......................................................................................................... 1-2
113 Lubricant ...................................................................................................... 1-2
114 Storage of Oil and Fuel................................................................................ 1-3
115 Filters ........................................................................................................... 1-3
12 Selection of Oils .................................................................................................. 1-4
121 Oil Application ............................................................................................ 1-4
122 Notes for Oil Application ............................................................................ 1-5
13 Maintenance......................................................................................................... 1-6
131 Precautions before Maintenance.................................................................. 1-6
132 Periodic Maintenance ................................................................................ 1-10
133 Maintenance & Repair ............................................................................... 1-16



Service Manual for G9165 Grader 1 Repair & Maintenance 11 Oil. So it may be necessary to change the kind or blend of fuel according to the ambient temperatures. Coolant and Others ATTENTION  Change oil as soon as the oil is deteriorated or is mixed with many impurities. 111 Fuel  The fuel pump is a precision instrument. Either too much or too little oil may cause problems.  Clean or replace the relevant filters when changing oil.  Strictly choose the fuel type according to recommendations in this manual.  Never let impurities or contaminants enter the system when changing fuel filters or adding fuel. Refer to Table 1-1 in this chapter for details.  Always fill up the fuel tank after operating to prevent water. If the fuel mixes with water or dirt.  The fuel may be frozen at low temperatures (particularly temperatures lower than 5°F (-15°C)). the fuel pump will not work normally.  Add the specified volume of oil. which is condensed by the 1-1 .

then topped off with coolant  Coolant should be added to the specified level.  1-2 Clean the spilled lubricant after filling. connecting set) that are not involved in this manual are only for overhauling and not need to add lubricant. the engine should be cooled down first. use high quality glycol type antifreeze mixed at the proper proportion with distilled water. it will result in engine overheating and corrosion problems of cooling system. Refer to Table 1-1 in this chapter for details.  If the engine fails to prime with fuel or the filters have been just replaced. But be sure to fill the lubricant if some parts are difficult to operate after a long time using. . stay away from open flame when filling it.  Antifreeze is combustible. purge the air in the fuel inlet system.  It is required to choose the kind or type of antifreeze according to the ambient temperatures. do not use straight water as coolant. from entering the fuel tank. 112 Coolant  In order to keep sediment from blocking the radiator and affecting the thermal performance. 113 Lubricant  Lubricant can help to prevent the wear of fitting surface and noise. if the coolant level is too low.  If the engine is overheating.  The connectors (pipe joint.Service Manual for G9165 Grader moisture in the air.

 Follow the rule. or other impurities from mixing with the oil. Always replace them with a new one.first out. . check whether there are some metallic particles adhering to the old filter.  When replacing the oil filters.  1-3 Always use authentic filters. dirt. to maintain oil quality during long-term storage. first in .  Never open the packaging of new filters until they are ready to be used.  Never try to clean paper filter elements and use them again. If some metal particles are found. investigate and repair. 115 Filters  Filters are extremely important safety components. Replace filters at shorter intervals when the machine works in a severe environment. They can prevent impurities in the fuel from entering important equipment and causing problems.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 114 Storage of Oil and Fuel  Prevent water.

turbine box. sludge and debris entering into the oil.  In different seasons. hydraulic oil.  Fill grease until there is grease squeezing out of the filling point. replace the oil or grease according to the actual situation.  When filling oil or checking the oil level. Apart from the oil dipsticks and other pointers. put the grader in a horizontal position. balance tank. such as the drive axle. fill the oil to the specified level. And wipe the spilled grease. (Refer to Table 1-1).  When replacing oil.  Except for the grease.  Clean the oiler or container before filling the fuel. Finally. use a filter for filling. grease and clean the filling ports to prevent water. Fill cleaning oil and keep the engine running idly for several minutes to clean all the parts. 1-4 . the oil level should be in the middle part of the oil window. The fuel tank should be cleaned regularly.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 12 Selection of Oils 121 Oil Application  Use the oil in strict accordance with the rules about specified brand and quantity. drain the contaminated oil out after operation. And then fill the new oil and keep the engine running at low speed. Refer to Table 1-1 in this chapter for details.

Service Manual for G9165 Grader Table 1-1 Oil selection table Kinds of Application Season Recommended Types And Standards Fluids point Ambient temperature≥4oC 0# common diesel oil GB252 Ambient temperature≥-5oC -10# common diesel oil GB252 Fuel Fuel tank Ambient temperature≥-14oC -20# common diesel oil GB252 Ambient temperature≥-29oC -35# common diesel oil GB252 Engine oil Full year CH-4 15W-40 Hydraulic oil Full year Anti-grinding hydraulic oil L-HM46 Gear oil Full year Antifreeze 16L Hydraulic tank 132L oil Heavy load vehicle gear oil(GL-5) 85W/90 Rear axle and 28+23×2L GB 13895 balancing boxes General lithium based grease EP2 7324 Full year 170L Engine oil pan Transmission Transmission Full year Diesel engine oil CH-4 15W-40 (Delo Gold) oil box Grease Qty. oil begins to become black.  When the impurity content reaches 0. and clean the oil filter every mouth. Check whether the fuel tank is contaminated. physical and chemical index will deteriorate. GB All articulated points -35# ethylene glycol-based engine coolant NB/SH/T0521 Water tank 28L —— 24L 122 Notes for Oil Application  Diesel oil in the fuel tank must be added timely to prevent cavitation.5%. whether there is sediment. Replace the oil 1-5 . and the dust from outside.4~0. main causes are: oxidation after wear.  The engine oil must be changed regularly because the mechanical impurities in the oil will increase over time. residual ballast in the cylinder after combustion.

The crude oil must be cleaned when replacing the oil.  Check the cleanliness of hydraulic oil regularly. Use warning tags Hang a do-not-start-engine tag near the ignition 1-6 .  Perform the maintenance on hard and level ground. it proves that the oil can continue to use.  Lock the front and rear frames with frame locking bars.  Set all control levers/handles to the Neutral position. If the yellow circle on paper is obvious. and do not fill the oil directly into the fuel tank.  Pull up the parking brake handle to set the loader in the parking brake state. it proves the oil is polluted and need to be replaced.  Fill the new oil through the oil filter.  Wedge the tires with blocks. 13 Maintenance 131 Precautions before Maintenance Put the machine in maintenance position (refer to Page 10 in Safety & Environment). and the center is black. Never allow several brands of hydraulic oil mixed to use.Service Manual for G9165 Grader in hot state. Method: Take a few drops of oil from the tank and drops the oil on the filter paper (240mesh). If the paper presents a light yellow circle.

If the oil temperatures are lower than this temperature. Pay attention to high-temperature oil and coolant It is very dangerous to drain hot oils or engine coolant. Use high quality and premium specification oils and fuels Use oils and fuels specified in this manual and according to local ambient temperatures and machine use conditions. Make sure the engine is cooled down to ambient temperature. Use clean fluid containers for oils and fuels Keep containers of oils and fuels clean and make certain to use specified oils and fuels. Keep grease fittings. inspect the oil and filters. or to remove the filters immediately after the engine stops. Inspect the oil and filters After any systems oils are changed or filters are replaced. as this will ensure complete system drainage. oil level gauges.Service Manual for G9165 Grader switch before performing maintenance or repairs to prevent inadvertent engine or machine movements. it is recommended to warm it up to this temperature before draining it. Use genuine parts It is highly recommended to use only genuine parts specified by the manufacturer. Keep the machine clean Always keep the machine clean. investigate and repair. and fluid fill caps/openings clean to prevent foreign materials from entering these systems. 1-7 . pipe joints. Always drain oils when they are at temperatures of approximately 68~104°F (20~40°C). If large amounts of metallic particles or impurities are found.

Welding guide  Turn off the starting switch of the engine.  Avoid welding near seal rings and bearings. Let it cool down. and for loose or damaged bolts and nuts. Practice clean oil changing Change oil in a dust-free place to keep impurities and contaminants out of the oil. and the main battery switch. Fire prevention When cleaning any parts or components. Precautions to use while washing the machine  Do not wash the machine with a hot or warm engine. center joint.  Keep the distance between the grounding cable line and welding area no more than 39in (1m). check for damage of the undercarriage.  Do not allow water to spray on any electrical components.  Disconnect all ECU connections. and make sure the O-rings and gaskets are in the correct assembly position.  Never weld any pipe or take that has fuel or oil in them.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Retain the fuel fill strainer Do not remove the fuel strainer while fueling. use non-flammable cleaners or light oil. clean the sealing faces first. and remove the battery cables from their terminals. Seals When replacing O-rings or gaskets. frames. Keep sparks and cigarette lighters away from them. Inspect the front and rear frames After a long period of operation. Machine cleaning after inclement weather 1-8 .

1-9 . drain the oil from the machine. and fill with the new brand oil completely. Environments with airborne contaminants Do the following when the machine works in conditions with airborne dust or chemicals:  Inspect and clean air filter frequently to avoid restricted inlet air.  Clean and replace fuel filter frequently. Avoid using mixed oil Never use oil mixed from different brands.  Refer to the accompanying Maintenance Manual for Diesel Engine for maintenance and replacement of air filter. If using a different kind of oil from the one previously used. Lubricate and coat anti-rust oil to components.Service Manual for G9165 Grader operations Clean the machine immediately after working in rain and snow.  Clean the radiator frequently to avoid blockages and overheating. especially the starting motor and alternator to avoid accumulation of dust affecting dissipation of heat.  Clean the electric components.

Service Manual for G9165 Grader 132 Periodic Maintenance Fig. avoid accelerating suddenly. start operation when the water temperature gets to 50oC.  After starting the engine.  1-10 Avoid emergency brake or using the brake for . And you should choose good road for the running-in period. 1-1  A new machine must have a running-in period of 50h. do not accelerate to climb the slope. When driving.

every 500 hour maintenance.  When working in dusty environment. Clean the dust and oil on the surface of parts and hydraulic components.  Check the connection and fixing of the parts of grader.  Do not operate the grader in full power in the first 50~100h period.  You should properly carry out the maintenance tasks before. every 50 hour maintenance. inject the grease with low pressure rather than high pressure to avoid too much overflow. Periodic maintenance is divided into every 10 hour maintenance. every 100 hour maintenance. Fill until there is grease squeezed out of the fitting area. Do not let dirt enter oil filling port and air filter. It is allowed to operate the grader in full power in the second 50~100h period. you should check the engine oil level twice a day (10h).  In the first 200 working hours. you should clean the water tank and radiator fins frequently. Every 10 hour maintenance  Clean the grader: Clean the dust and ash on the surface of grader. during and after run-in period. but the time could not be too long. and every 3000 hour maintenance. every 1000 hour maintenance. every 2000 hour maintenance. Check whether the connecting bolts between frame and rear axle and hub are loose 1-11 .  When filling the grease to the transmission shaft.Service Manual for G9165 Grader a long time. be sure to shorten the maintenance cycle and increase the maintenance times according to real conditions. every 250 hour maintenance. Important! Check the oil level often.

Service Manual for G9165 Grader or broken. Follow the instructions in Operation and Maintenance Manual of Diesel Engine to perform the running-in. remove the problem if so. After the running-in period. maintain the machine as per the instruction s below:  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour periodic maintenance indicated above. Every 100 hour maintenance  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour and 50 hour periodic maintenance indicated above.  Check the grader for leaking phenomenon and eliminate the problem.  Check the intake system and exhaust system. Clean the intake and exhaust pipes if necessary. and fill hydraulic oil to specified level.  Check the parking brake system and adjust it if necessary. Fix or replace the loose or broken parts. a running-in period of 50 hour is required.  Check hydraulic oil level and fill hydraulic oil to specified level.  Check if there is leakage in the hydraulic system. Every 50 hour maintenance ATTENTION Before putting a new grader into operation.  Check the tire pressure.  Check hydraulic oil level and add specified new oil if necessary. and ensure the connectors are connected firmly. check the wheel nuts.  1-12 Check whether the connection of steering .

 Replace the fuel filter element.  Check the guide clearance of rotary frame and adjust it if necessary. 1-13 . and filter elements in torque converter-transmission box oil line. tighten it. If it is loose. 50 hour and 100 hour periodic maintenance indicated above. Every 250 hour maintenance  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour. and eliminate the problem if not.  Tighten the wheel nuts. In addition. Drain all the oil radically after warming up the grader and then fill the new oil.  Check the tension of chain of balancing box.  Tighten wheel nuts.  Replace the air filter element. add if necessary. do the extra maintenance in the first 100 hour as follows:  Replace the gear oil in rear axle. including nuts of steering linkage.  Check the oil level of main drive and balancing box. tighten them. (Do this maintenance every 1000h thereafter)  Clean transmission box oil pan. (Do this maintenance every 500h thereafter)  Check the guide clearance of blade and adjust it if necessary.Service Manual for G9165 Grader mechanism is loose. oil absorption strainer therein. replace the transmission oil.  Remove the dust inside the generator with compressed air and check whether the parts are normal.

and fill new lubricating oil into the axle. 250 hour and 500 hour periodic maintenance indicated above. 50 hour 100 hour and 250 hour periodic maintenance indicated above.  Replace the rear axle oil.  Replace the fuel pre-filter element. (Do this maintenance every 1000h thereafter)  Replace the filters in brake system. (Do this maintenance every 1000h thereafter) Every 1000 hour maintenance  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour. do the extra maintenance in the first 500 hour as follows:  Replace hydraulic oil filter elements.  Replace the filters in brake system. Replace hydraulic oil return filter element. engine to working pump transmission shaft and the cardan shaft are oversized. Warm up the machine and empty the axle.  Replace hydraulic oil. replace the transmission oil. Repair if damaged. 1-14 .  Check whether the circuits of switches and control monitoring device are normal. Clean the oil absorption strainer. and filter elements in torque converter-transmission box oil line.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Every 500 hour maintenance  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour. In addition. oil absorption strainer therein. 50 hour 100 hour.  Check whether the clearance of transmission box to rear axle transmission shaft.  Clean transmission box oil pan.

Otherwise.  In cold season and areas. Every 2000 hour maintenance  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour. it is better not to park the grader in an open area.  Replace the antifreeze.Service Manual for G9165 Grader  Check whether the bearing of fan transmission shaft and the tension wheel of belt are worn seriously. 500 hour and 1000 hour periodic maintenance indicated above. replace it every 2000 working hours or once a year. 1000 hour and 2000 hour periodic maintenance indicated above.  Be sure to use antifreeze (coolant) specified by SDLG all year round.  Engine should be maintained specially if the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C. 250 hour. fill grease.  Clean the engine oil cooler. you need to preheat the engine before starting. 500 hour. 250 hour. whichever comes first. 50 hour 100 hour. 50 hour 100 hour. please shorten the maintenance 1-15 . The maintenance principles listed above are the basic requirements. Use water as coolant is strictly forbidden.  Check the water seal in water pump.  Choose fuel that applicable to winter and pay attention the water content in the fuel in case of blockage of fuel circuit. Every 3000 hour maintenance  Complete the tasks of the 10 hour.  Clean the cooling system. If the working condition is very severe.

Clean the oil drain plug. Maintain the diesel engine according to requirements in operation and maintenance manual of diesel engine strictly 133 Maintenance & Repair Draining of transmission box oil 1 3 Overhaul the machine after it is cooled. 1. 1 Fig. 1-2 1 Oil dipstick 3 Oil filling port 2 Oil drain plug 2. Remove the oil drain plug to discharge the transmission oil into a clean vessel. 2 Fig. coat it with sealant and retighten it. 1-3 1 Oil drain plug 1-16 .Service Manual for G9165 Grader cycle and increase the maintenance times according to the real conditions.

1-6 1 Transmission oil filter 1-17 . 1 Fig. oil level should be between bottom scale and middle scale (ZONE COLD). start engine and let the engine run idly for several minutes (about 1000rpm). Then take it out to read the oil level (do this at least twice). 1. When the oil temperature is 176°F (80°C). Install new filter and tighten it according to the instructions described in the related manual. oil level should be between highest scale and middle scale (ZONE HOT). 1 2 Fig. put the transmission lever (gear selector) in the neutral “N” position. 2. Drain the oil out and then remove the filter.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 3. 1-4 1 Oil filling port 2 Oil dipstick 4. When the oil temperature is 104°F (40°C). After filling new oil into the transmission box. Clean it. 1-5 1 Oil dipstick Replacement of transmission oil filter Overhaul the machine after it is cooled. Loosen the oil dipstick clockwise and remove the oil dipstick. Insert the oil dipstick and tighten it. 1 Fig.

Reassemble the absorption screen. 1-7 1 Oil absorption filter screen location Draining and filling of drive axle oil 2 4 Wear protective equipment to prevent burns caused by uncooled engine oil. Install and tighten the oil filler plug. 1 Fig. 1-8 1 Oil level hole 3 Oil drain plug 2 2 Oil filling port 4 Vent cap 1-18 . 28L 4. 2. 1 Fig. 3. Check and ensure the parts are not damaged.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Clean the oil absorption filter screen of transmission box 1. 2. Remove the oil drain plug to discharge the transmission oil into a clean vessel. Axle oil: approx. 1. Fill new oil into the axle via the oil filling port to specified level. a bit of spilled oil is allowed. The lower limit is about 8mm to the edge of the hole. Install a new gasket between cover and transmission box 3. The oil level can be checked via the oil level hole. Clean the oil drain plug and retighten it. Remove the cover and clean the internal parts.

Tighten the plugs. The volume of each balancing box is about 23L. Remove the two cover plates. Screw off the oil drain plugs on bottom of the balancing box (each balancing box has two oil drain plugs) 2. 1-11 1 Cover plate 1-19 . 5. Clean the plugs. Keep the axle in horizontal position when filling. 4. and install each plug with new seal ring. 1 Fig.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Draining and filling of balancing box oil 1. Remove the vent cap and fill new oil into the balancing box via the oil filling port to the bottom edge of the oil level hole (the oil is about to overflow from the hole). 1-10 1 Oil filling port 3 Oil level hole 2 Vent cap Tensioning of balancing box chain 1. 1 Fig. Install and tighten the vent cap. 3 Fig. 1-9 1 Oil drain plug 12 3.

1 Fig. 1-14 1 Oil drain plug 1-20 . 1-12 1 Balancing box 3. Tensioning of the chain is realized by rotating the eccentric bearing cap. Tensioning of the chains can only Fig. 1 Fig.1 Support the balancing box assembly to keep the wheels off ground. 1-13 be performed by professionals. When the train is pulled. If the sag of the loose side of chain is greater than 18mm. ATTENTION There are two chains in each balancing box.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 2. Empty the balancing box. the two chains need to be inspected together. its elongation will increase. Lift up the balancing box assembly and support it. the chain needs to be re-tensioned. As per the steps below: 3.

ATTENTION The bolt is used to prevent the chain wheel and shaft module from slipping away from the tapered roller bearing. and install a M10 bolt to the hole instead. 1-15 1 Rear wheel 3. 1 Fig.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 3. 1-17 1 Oil cup 1-21 . 1 Fig.4 Remove the oil cup. 1-16 1 Drum brake 3. 1 Fig.2 Remove the rear wheel.3 Remove the drum brake. screw the bolt into the hole for about 5~8 circles.

be careful to avoid damaging the O-rings. install the removed parts orderly.5 Remove the fixing bolts of the connecting plate. 3. During rotating the connecting Fig.10 1-22 Adjust and deflate the brake system. . 1 Fig. 1-19 1 Bearing seat plate and bearing seat. 3. 3. 3.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 3.5mm. ATTENTION Before disassembling the connecting plate and bearing seat. you should mark their 1 positions. 1-18 1 Connecting plate 3.7 Rotate the connecting plate and bearing seat in the same direction for the same angle until the sag of the loose side is about 11.6 Remove the fixing bolts of the bearing seat.9 Fill oil into the balancing box and reassemble the cover plates.8 After the adjusting.

Additionally. shut 3 Fig. let one 1-23 . and operate the control Fig. 3. 2. Shut down the engine. Close the valve after all oil is discharged. Start the engine and operate the control handles repeatedly to fill the hydraulic system with oil and bleed the air out 2 7. 6. Lower the shovel blades to the ground and raise the front bulldozing plate to the highest position. 8. be careful when installing the cap. Hydraulic oil: 132L ATTENTION Special attention should be paid to the sealing of the filter mouth. Install the filter cap.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Replacement of hydraulic oil 1. Lower all working devices to the ground. The hydraulic oil should be replaced 1 2 Fig. 4. Place an oil collection container under the 1 4 drain valve. 1-20 handle to lower the front bulldozing plate to the ground. and the seal ring should be replaced when necessary. 5. To prevent damaging the fine thread on filter cap. during repairing or working in dusty environment. Open the return oil filter cap and fill specified hydraulic oil into the tank until the oil level pointer points at the middle position. 1-22 1 Oil return flange 2 Oil absorption flange periodically. 1-21 1 Return oil filter 3 Oil drain valve down the engine and deflate the hydraulic oil 2 Oil level pointer 4 Air filter tank. Check the oil level via a round oil level pointer and add when necessary. Open the drain valve to discharge the hydraulic oil into the container.

2. Replace or repair the working/steering pump. Take out the entire filter element. Tighten the filter cap slowly and carefully. 2. 1-23 1 Steering pump 2 2 Working pump Replacement of return oil filter element 1. 1-24 1 Return oil filter cap must be careful to avoid damaging the seal ring. then the oil must be replaced to avoid damaging the hydraulic system. 1 Fig. Open the oil drain valve on bottom of hydraulic oil tank to discharge the oil. Replace the filter element with a new one and assemble it. if an obvious black spot appears a few hours later. Remove the filter cap. Close the oil drain valve and fill hydraulic oil to specified level after the replacement or repair. 3. 3. 1-24 . you 1 Fig. ATTENTION When installing the filter assembly. Replacement or repair of working/steering pump 1.Service Manual for G9165 Grader drop of the hydraulic oil fall on a filter paper or blotting paper.

3. 1-26 1 Fuel filler 2 2 Fuel filter assembly 1-25 .Service Manual for G9165 Grader Cleaning of fuel tank 1. 2. Retighten the plug after the draining. Fuel filling 1. Use kerosene to clean the fuel tank caps and filter screens carefully. To avoid condensation of water vapor in the air. 1-25 1 Oil drain plug specified volume of kerosene (about a quarter of the fuel tank volume). you should keep the grader running for a while to let the sediments in the fuel tank gather. and pay attention to check whether the seal is normal. 4. Before the cleaning. 2. Loosen the oil drain plug on the bottom of fuel tank to discharge the kerosene into a container. Remove the filler cap. 1 Fig. and the engine must be stopped. ATTENTION 1 The fuel tank should be cleaned with Fig. be sure to fill up the fuel tank. Install the filler cap immediately after the filling to prevent contamination. There should be no smoking or open flame near the fueling site.

Place the empty container under the engine and remove the oil drain plug. Remove the filters with filter wrench. Deflate fuel system after the replacement. 2. When maintaining the main filter element. 1-28 1 Coarse fuel filter (pre-filter) 2 Fine fuel filter Replacement of engine air filter 1. because the safety filter element is maintenance-free. 2. 1 If the main filter element has been maintained 3 times or the alarm indicator is still on after Fig. the main filter element and safety filter element should be replaced at the same time. Do the maintenance after the machine is cooled. 1-27 1 Oil draining port Replacement of fuel filters 1. it is not necessary to remove the safety filter element. 2. And tighten them according to the requirements described in the filter manual. Coat the new filter seals with new engine oil. 1 Fig. 1 2 Fig. 3. 3. 1-29 1 Air filter the maintaining.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Engine oil draining 1. 1-26 . Maintain or replace the main filter when the filter is blocked and the alarm is triggered.

Service Manual for G9165 Grader Engine oil filling Fill the engine oil to the specified level. Engine oil: 16L 1 2 Fig. 1 Fig. 1-30 1 Engine oil filling port 2 Engine oil dipstick Transmission belt checking 1. Oil level should be between “MAX” mark and “MIN” mark on the oil dipstick. 1-31 1 Belt 1-27 . Check whether the belt is worn. 2. and replace it if necessary. Use a gauge to check tensioning condition of belt.

Remove the inside hexagonal bolts. Use a puller to remove the hub. 1 Fig. Jack up the front axle and remove the front wheel(s). 1-33 1 Inside hexagonal bolt 3. 1 Fig. 1-32 1 Front wheel 2. 1 Fig. 1-34 1 Puller 2 2 Hub 1-28 .Service Manual for G9165 Grader Lubrication and adjustment of front wheel bearing 1. and take down the end cover.

5. bearing and end cover. front wheel spindle. install the hub and check the bearing clearance. 1-35 1 V-shape seal ring 2 Seal ring freely and smoothly. without runout and vibration. 1-36 1 Clamp plate frame and wear-resisting nylon is within 2 1~2mm. Fill lubricating grease. 7. Install the end cover fixing bolts.  Change the number of adjusting gaskets and use a feeler gauge to ensure the axial clearance between the bottom of rotary 1 Fig.  1-29 Assemble the guide plate. tighten the inside hexagon bolts orderly and crosswise. Take down the rotary gear ring guide plate. and tighten the lock nuts. . Rinse the hub. ATTENTION Maintaining of the front wheel bearing can only be performed by professionals. 2 Guide plate  Tighten the fixing nuts to 755±45Nm. Axial adjustment of rotary frame  Loosen the lock nuts and fixing nuts on bottom of clamp plate.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 4. Lubricating grease: about 280g for each wheel Lubricating grease: common lithium lubricating grease EP2 GB 7324 Adjusting of shovel blade rotary gear ring 1. Check and make sure that the hub can rotate 1 2 Fig. replace the seal rings with new ones. 6.

Inflation pressure for front tire is 0. Leaking valve elements should be replaced with new ones. Prevent the tires from being corroded by fuel. The inflation valve must be installed with mesh cap to avoid intrusion of impurities. 3. engine oil and lubricating grease. 5. 2. too high or too low pressure will cause severe wear or unilateral wear.Service Manual for G9165 Grader 2.  Perform turning trial. while that for rear tire is 0. 1-37 1 Guide plate Maintenance of tires 1. Check the tire pressure periodically. Check the tires daily for cut. 1-30 .21MPa. and make sure the rotary ring can turn 360 degrees freely. 4. crack and penetration of sharps things. 6. Radial adjustment of rotary frame  Loosen the nuts and bolts to adjust the guide plate. and remove all foreign matters immediately. 1 Fig.  Tighten the nuts to 755±45Nm.25MPa.

wire (-) disconnect first. then the battery should be replaced. 1-31 . and the then disconnect the positive wire (+). Coat the terminals with some Vaseline to prevent electric erosion. connect the positive wire (+) first. 2. Disassembly and assembly of storage battery  When negative disassembling.  When assembling. and then connect the negative wire (-). it means the battery is fully charged. the two batteries are connected in series. 1-39 1 Battery eye The battery must be fixed on the grader firmly. then there might be bubbles in “battery eye”.  1 If the “battery eye” turn white. if the “battery eye” indicates black. if the “battery eye” indicates green. You must check the electric quantity of the battery after long-term storage (more than 6 months). Inspection of battery electric quantity  The “battery eye” can be used to determine the battery electric quantity: Check the color of “battery eye”. Fig. and connected to electrical system correctly. If the “battery eye” still indicates “white” after waggling. 1-38 1 Storage battery waggle the battery gently to drive the bubble away. then the battery power is low.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Maintenance of storage battery G9165 grader is equipped with two 6-QW-70B maintenance-free storage batteries. You should also check the fixation state of the batteries constantly to prevent looseness. 1. 1  Fig.

Run the grader every other week to warm it up. you should remove the batteries and put them in dry and warm place. If the grader is going to be stored for more than four weeks.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Long-term storage of the grader 1. 4. if possible. 3. 1. add preservative (10% of the total fuel quantity) if the conditions permit. It is reasonable to run the grader periodically. it is better to jack up the machine with wood block to deload the tires. to prevent the tires from exposing to strong sun light and moisture. and warp them up as far as possible. and charge them every month. If the grader is going to be parked in the open air or on uneven ground. If the grader is going to be stored for long time. axle oil. 5. In the meantime. Reset the grader back to working state If the grader is out of work for about a year. you should clean and lubricate it thoroughly. cover the tires to avoid direct sun light exposure. Recover the machine in the maintenance 1-32 . you should replace the hydraulic oil. jack the machine up to engage the transmission gears. 6. It is better to park the grader in a shed or house. transmission box oil. 2. To avoid corrosion. Coat the fine finished surfaces with lubricating grease and coat the piston rods with a thick layer of Vaseline. balancing box oil and engine oil before putting it into operation again. and you must check the tire pressure regularly. and then reduce the tire pressure by half. the fuel tank should be filled up with fuel.

1-40 1 Oil dipstick 1-33 . 6. add more hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank. Rinse the piston rods thoroughly. Preheat and start the engine.Service Manual for G9165 Grader position. and inject all grease cups with lubricating grease. 4. 5. 1 Fig. Check the display screen for any warnings regarding low oil level.  Before you continue to preheat the machine. Check the battery electrolyte level and tire pressure. Walk around the machine to make sure that there is no leakage. And speed up the engine to 1800rpm until the engine and transmission box reaches working temperature 50~90oC (122~194oF). 3.  Preheat the grader and check the display screen for any warnings regarding low oil level. 2. Transmission oil level checking When the machine is at working temperature and the engine runs at idle status. the oil level of transmission oil should be in the rated range marked on the oil dipstick.

check the water level through the water filling port. start the engine and run it idly. WARNING It is forbidden to open the filler cap when the system is not cooled to avoid human injury caused by high-pressure steam. 1 2 Fig.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Engine oil level checking Oil level should be between “MAX” mark and “MIN” mark on the oil dipstick. Fill water through the coolant filling port. 1-41 1 Engine oil dipstick Coolant level checking 1. 1-34 . 1 Fig. it takes about 20min to fill up the water tank for the first time. Do not fill the water too fast. and fill more water if the level is below the baffle plate. 2. When the expansion water tank is filled up with water. 1-42 1 Expansion water tank 2 Coolant filling port 3. the water will flow into the water tank through the refill pipe.

. and clean the condenser with compressed air from outside. 2. Fig. Open the engine hood and remove the grille shield device. Clean the fins of radiator and condenser with compressed air along the moving direction of the machine. Install the grid shield device. 2. the fins of 1 radiator may get damaged. ATTENTION If not being dealt properly. 1-43 1 Radiator Cleaning of condenser 1. 1-43 1 Condenser 1-35 Install the cover hood. 1 Fig. Remove the cover hood. 3.Service Manual for G9165 Grader Cleaning of radiator 1.