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Please find attached the Head Moderator's Return from the City of Derby for the

11-03-2015 General Election for Municipal Offices.

These are the Final and Official Results pursuant to Connecticut General
Statutes. They have been filed with the Secretary of the State and with the Office
of the Derby Town Clerk.
According to Registrar of Voters Louise Pitney, "While all of the numbers input
last evening were double checked and accurate, it appears that some of the
formulas were lost when the software crashed during the data input. Therefore,
there are changes to the final results that were released on the evening of
November 3, 2015. We regret any inconvenience to the candidates and the
political parties. The results distributed last evening were for the information of
all Derby residents. They are not official until they are filed by the Head
The adjustments impacted the plurality in a few races that did not impact any
winners. There were, however, different results when all of the formulas were
working correctly on the Board of Apportionment and Taxation and the Board of
Here is the final list of those who were elected:
Mayor Dugatto reelected.
Keith McLiverty, City Treasurer reelected.
City Constables Sal Fusco and Peter Duhaime were reelected.
1st Ward Aldermen re-elected - Barbara DeGennaro and Steve Iacuone, both
Democrats. Newly elected Thomas Donofrio, Republican
2nd Ward Aldermen re-elected - Arthur Gerckens, Ronald Sill and Joseph
DiMartino, all Democrats
3rd Ward Aldermen re-elected - Carmen DiCenso and Peter Olenoski both
Democrats. Newly elected Tony Staffieri, Republican
Board of Apportionment and Taxation elected:
Rose M. Pertoso
Shirley A. Miani
James R. Butler
Carlo N. Malerba, Jr.

Sam Pollastro, Jr.
Louis Oliwa
Phyllis L. Sochrin
Christopher Carloni
Judy Szewczyk
Howard J. Bradshaw
Board of Education elected Democrats
Kenneth R. Marcucio, Sr.
Daniel P. Foley, Jr.
Christine J. Robinson
Andew R. Mancini
George F. Kurtyka
Rebecca O'Hara
Janine Netto
Laura J. Harris
James Gildea
Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes 9-311a, a recount will be conducted for
the 3rd Ward Aldermen race because the plurality was less than 20 votes
between the 3rd and 4th place candidates unless the parties involved waive their
right to a recount.