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Neighbourhood Weekly Newspaper

Postal Registration No.TN/CC(S) Dn/28/15-17

k D

Date of Publication : Every Saturday

Covering Porur, Valasaravakkam, Virugambakkam, Saligramam & Vadapalani areas

Vol : 13 - No : 10

Oct. 31 - Nov.6, 2015


Specialises in Dental, Diabetic,
Homoeo, Ortho, ENT, Gynaec,
Physiotherapy with
comprehensive Lab facilities
and Pharmacy
63, Balaji Nagar 4th Street,
Thiruvalluvar Salai,


Editorial & Advt. Cell: 80562 96749, 98405 73043



Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

Classified Advertisement 1col x cm Rs.75/For bookings call: 98405 73043. Advertisements will be collected at your doorsteps.

p VV V| \m
(zDVD ku, k_,
V|\m, V^ V)
s>\V \uD ky V\ V\V[^,
cB> m]^, sV, tm k^, DV
E>V, gk>, VM, Jo \m^ \uD
ms>\V F k^, E>VMB^
\uD >\V V|\m VD zD.

1, \ VM, k]M _,
kkVD. _ : 99402 04725

Maths Tuition undertaken for
6th to 12th for Matriculation &
State Board.
Also undertaken for
CBSE 6th to 8th Students

Contact :

93821 30037



CAR PARK. Rs.20000/-. Only Veg.
2 BHK, Ground Floor, 900 SQFT., WITH
CAR PARK. Rs.18000/-. Only Veg.
Address: 121/3, 6TH STREET,

Contact : 9962311917

Admn. Office

No. 5, 9th Cross Street,

SVS Nagar, Valasaravakkam,
Chennai - 600 087.
Cell : 80562 96749
98405 73043

Preschool / After School Teachers

Good Communication Skills
Location : VALASARAVAKKAM Cell : 9840551523
To apply online, go to

Wanted Minimum 2 Years Experienced
FEMALE / MALE NURSE for A.N.N.Hospital,
Indra Nagar, Valasaravakkam. Attractive Salary.
Contact in Person between 11am - 3 pm.
Contact over Mobile anytime

3 BHK, 1275 sq.ft., 4th floor, Ceebros Park,
Valasaravakkam, one covered car park,
modular kitchen, wardrobes in 2 bedrooms, covered loft
in all 3 bedrooms, provision for Inverter Connection,
A/C in master bedroom, Vegetarians only.
23,000 + 2550 maintenance per month.
Brokers and Agents excuse.
Contact : Sagar - 9841400547 OR (0) 9480540547

2 BHK, Independent House, Ground Floor,
900 sq.ft. with CCP, Opp. Venkateswara
School, Alwarthirunagar Annexe,
Rent : 13,000/Contact : 98406 28299

Date of Publication
Every Monday

]_ V
_ :

80150 16648


Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

Abdul Kalam's 85th B'Day Celebration

Our Lady Matric.Hr.Sec.School - Maduravoyal (Madha Group of
Academic Institutions) celebrated Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's85th
Birthday as the World student's day on 15th October in the auditorium
with great excitement.The inspiring attitudes of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
were displayed by the students, & the giant model of Rocket display
attracted the onlookers.
Mrs.B.Karpagam Principal - O.L.M.H.S.S presided over the
celebration. In her presidential address she quoted few memorable
incidents about Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam and motivated the students to
follow his principles.
Dhanusri -StdII dressed up like Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam and
addressed the students in Tamil, Varun - StdIV - enacted like him and
spoke about his early education. Students from StdVIII&StdIX staged
his school life incidents extracted from his Autobiography - "Wings
of Fire" in English.
His childhood inspiration and future achievements during his
higher education was enacted in Tamil by thestudents of StdVIII. The
views about India's Vision 2020 - were narrated by Sneha - StdXI and
her team. They highlighted the five main areas such as Food &
AgricultureTechnology, Electricity, Space Technology, Education&
Nuclear Technology and provoked the students to progress towards
the developed Nation.
Various Science models were exhibited in the auditorium. English


Email :
Website :


Competition and Drawing
Competition were conducted for
all the classes. The prizes were
distributed to the winners by the
Principal. The celebration
motivated the students to
promote Abdul Kalam's vision
and the young minds were full of
thoughts, the thoughts of

 Homely Food
 Nominal Charges
 Homely Atmosphere

Thirupathi Nagar,

Call : 90949 25093, 90944 81501


Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

kV] VK 2015

]\] EkVt, ]\] c\V, k[ .

]\] cV \Vt, ]\] BV, k[ .

]\] V BV\[, V\V

]\] V *V, \m *VE .

]\] V k[, >Vk[ .

Vt sBVD ^, V\VAD.

]\] ]V VV[, \ VM

]\] WBV \Vt, k[ .

]\] .. k], gkV].

]\] >V\V> VB[, iit .

]\] *VE V\V>[, k \V^ .

V\VEBD\[ ]Vl_, >VMBV .


Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

g>, k] B x[M| gVD Vm kV D V_

m \uD sBV| V^ kV]_ um. VB
]k^j >uz \Vk BV B[ .g._oVA >V km, Vl_
x>oD > z >>m[ .7000 VD, VD D >
z k^>m[ .5,000 VD, J[VD D > z
k >m[ .2,500 VD kwV.

iV u sVB gB kV] swV

\mkVB_ piV _ >^ ^tz u sVB ]Vlo_

kV] cukD kz s\BV um. >BV _k ^[
V_ g_, V_ \uD ] WE^ ]>VD u. kV]l[
VD V^ WEl_, i\VV V>VV V W>[ V_, >kV \V
\uD zs u kBo[ WE um. >>Vm, V>VV
V W>[ \Vs^ V_ ]l[ k^ [D VB WE um.
]_ V\VV m V. WEl_ u kzD p u
sVB V_, W ^ kw.

g>, k] B x[M| ]k^j >uz

\VkD VV \^ E VV \V\V V] gV
VV >Vau][ um. ]_ EA
wVV ]k^j >uz \Vk BV B[
.g._oVA m VV. c[ s_okVD [B
BV g.kV>D, kkVD BV
.>, >k .i, >V \Vk
BV .x[, >Vau >[[ \Vk
BV \B[, skVB BV .V[,
]k^j >uz \Vk >Vau BV VE_
E.gxD, >Vau z] BV .mE, kVD
\A BV V[.V, \A BV
[.VVB [, \V k >k .V>k,
Q BV .]iz\V, m >k
AsB][, gV >Vau V>[ \uD gV
>Vau WkV^ m V.


Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

zD - zD

\ >...

""Vb kVD kVB Vl V>V >D...

| V > V>V AD'' [ V\A]_
[D Vk c|. mV \^ kVD
kVB k^ ]uz VF V>V_>V[
>D. kV| E \Vkm > V>V_
>V[ AD.... [m [B EB_ kV][ Am\Va
BV c^m.
]B >]]uV >BV >k^
>BV V>BV] \uV| \
]m, >] VV]uz >BV|]. >]]uz
[D, sVV, BVi VVB[ V[
k^ _k \^ VV \ ]>
W^ c|. gV_ >uz [ u \^
]A^ _VD DVKD EB_ g>VBD ]D,
{| kV\ >. gV_ >D m,
\msz V[kuV [B EB_ >k
D \ ]>m|. gV_ VVD \uD \^
][ JD, V, V]B >V V[ EB_
E _VD [z >^ _ol_ gEB
>m s kV_ >\lV gD gt E.
> W>V[ ]BVs[ _k EB_ E
>k \ V B| k>>uV
x>_ V\VzD. >k \^ ] \
_ kl_ V]zD W D >VKD,
>k \ V k[ kVs_,
>Va_ _, _ [ ]zD Am
c]B >uVm ].x. VV x..Vo[ >V
m \u EB_ EV_ s\E VKD,
kku kB [>V[ [> \>u_.
\z V\ sB_ *| WEl[ JD Vo[,
>tw][ >A \D z ]V.
k[ VB z mV^V.
k[ kVkV>VD \uD kV >> Am
V^V. m EB_ g>VBD >|D xBuE [ s\
E>VKD, kB B kD \^ WB
BV cD kVF ckV >m^m.
|> >>o_ k ].x. gEB zD
W k>V_, > >Vm D gEl[ \^
]_, > B][ >VD V
]VozD. > BD D \^ \]l_ km
_kV cBmD... \D E>V
.].x. suz \VuV gEB zD D c^
El[ xB VV [ xl_, VoM[
> \^ ]A VV|z cB>. k V^ k
[ F>V [ ]\BV k>s, V>V
km \ >VF ]V [ g>Vkm
BVD _kV?.
].x. >V, gEB >uz x[V E
l[ V_ ~.s.. D>, VV\[ >>o_
Vl k k|D [ E x F>m.
>>o_ Vl|k>uz x[V, E V^ ]BV
xkmD lo_ BD Fm, > ]B As
lBD, \[ kV WBD { m
V [, k >>o_ Vl| k[V. "']
V> \VW^ sDV>k, ]B ]
\VVD'' [ c]\VaBD k \]B ED
m u >>V. > kl_ \ ]zD
EB_ >k BVV >VKD, > [ s\E
k|D. x>V_ kD \ [ BV
]VD. \^ DB k^ ku kV
VD? x \^ l_>V c^m.

Shriram Chits Thirukkural Show Kural Engal Uyir Moochu

on Makkal TV from 1st Nov. 2015
One of the popular Tamil TV Channels Makkal TV is to
telecast a new 13-episode show Kural Engal Uyir Moochu on
Sundays between 9.30 am and 10.00 am, starting from 1 st Nov.
2015 to 24 th Jan. 2016. Produced by Shriram Chits, directed by
Mr. Thurai Nagarajan of Boon Fun Media and compered by Vijayan,
the programme is to present viewers the excerpts of exciting Statelevel Students Elocution Contest conducted recently.
Shriram Ilakkiya Kazhagam, the literary wing of Shriram Group,
organized elocution competition based on Thirukkural for school
and college students in 10 zones: Nellai, Madurai, Coimbatore,
Salem, Theni, Trichy, Thiruvarur, Puducherry, Chennai, Vellore
during July and August 2015 that witnessed participation of 1207
students in all.
Held in 4 levels Juniors (Classes: 6-8), Seniors (Classes:
9 & 10), Super Seniors (Classes: 11 & 12) and College levels

New sweets from Aavin

Savour more sweets this Deepavali. Aavin is launching five varieties
of sweets for the festive season. The sweets come in 250-gram packs
and will available at Aavin parlours and all franchise retail outlets in
and around the city. The cashew halwa and cashew cake will be priced
at Rs.160 and Rs.170 respectively and customers can purchase the
special nut halwa for Rs.150, chaco burfi for Rs.115 and badam halwa
for Rs.210. Customers can also place bulk-orders for sweets at Aavins
corporate office at Nandanam. They can call the 24-hour toll free
helpline 18004253300 for suggestions.

T.N. Educational Scholarship

The Tamil Nadu Educational trust scholarship has been increased
by Rs.1,000 for all courses from this year. Applications are being invited
from meritorious and economically backward students studying first
year degree and PG courses in arts, science, medicine, engineering and
Ph.D in the state. Students can apply to The Honourary Secretary, The
Tamil Nadu Educational Trust, Rani Seethai Hall, 6th Floor, No.603,
Anna Salai, Chennai-600 006 for application forms with a self-addressed
envelop with a Rs.10 postal stamp affixed. Applications issued till
November 15.

Two-day robot festival

A two-day robot festival will be organised at YMCA grounds on
November 14 and 15. Students will get an opportunity to learn about
advanced technology relating to robotics at festival. Students from
other cities will also participate in competitions. A robot sport zone will
be created for conducting workshop on combat robots. The workshop
will conclude with a competition between teams from other cities.
Robotixlab Research Academy and Myrobobots Enterprises, Malaysia
will organise a Malaysia-India International Exchange Programme
involving 16 teams from various universities of Malaysia. The best
among the 16 teams from India cities will compete with teams from
Malaysia. All participants will get certificates, participants from other
cities will get a reimbursement of their two-way AC rail fare. The robo
festival is organised to raise funds for the extension of Robotixlab with
prosthetic research to support amputated children. A wide range of
technology will be offered for all age-groups at the robot festival.

across Tamil Nadu and

Puducherry - the contest saw
40 emerging as finalists.
The grand finale was held
recently in Chennai where each
finalist was given spot topic
from Thirukkural. Twelve judges
adjudged the winners (each
level with a three members jury).
Thiruppur Krishnan, Kavignar
Jayabaskaran and Nellai Kavi
Nesan were among the jury.
Trophies and Shields were
given as prizes for first, second
and third place winners of each

The grants will be offerd to
individuals who wish to
demonstrates potential impact of
conservation philosophy, practice
or policy, aims to advance
knowledge and understanding of
heritage conservation: or
contribute to critical and creative
thinking in this field. Eligibility:
Individuals who wish to
undertake research in heritage
conservation. Application: By
post. Prizes and Rewards:
Research grants upto Rs.3 lakh.
Deadline: November 30. Website:

DAAD Scholarship
Science and Engineering
degree students who wish to do
two to three months internship at
a German higher education
institution or at a research
institute. Eligibility: Fifth, sixth,
seventh or eigth semester
students of engineering,
mathematics and science, who
have secured more than 85 per
cent marks in their previous
semester. Application: Online.
Prizes and Rewards: A monthly
scholarship of 650 Franks, travel
subsidy, health insurance and so
on. Deadline: November 1.


Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

Vu>V| V \_o
V , \_o, >D\Vz

>ku \m, V|z

cl V|>k .s.\V>k[.
Vu>V| VD >t]l_ V
VVD ]B .s. \V>kM[
kV, >t EM\V BVB][
>s xBV> ^.
[MBVz\ \VkD VVl_
c^ i[ Vl_ [
_ 1928D g| \V>k[
>V. >> B kVD
FB, >VBV t D\V^. VDB
su[^ W> z|DD
m. >V>V ]s>V \
l_ > skVV >k. >>
Vk>, Vlo_ F>V.
x>o_ >>lD >D l[
\V>k[, [, V
sVBD >D l[ \l_
FD z >BV gV.
][J[ kB]_ "VF'
DMl_ m gD>V.
E VD V_ > k,
VV > kBo_ u
V]_, B\V .s.
>V. [ "\V[ ]BE_'
z >V. > ..
oV, .g.VV gBV, ]
.g.>]D, \V>k
\VV xD Fm
>>Vm, \V[ ]B
>BVm, ..E[V > "\V[
\' [ ]uz \V>k[
\>V. >D 1942_ k
BVm. [, "\VBV]', "Eko
VE' V[ zD k
\>V. gVKD B s_
kVFA^ _V>>V_, .D.s W
k][ >|z
\m k>V.
> Wl_ 1942D g|
g] [ ]uz \zD
kVFA kz >m. >[
[ 1947_ ""> \Vk]'' [
]uzD \>V. MD
>BVA^ ]D _V> 1950
_ E z \|\ k
\m k>V. > \B]_
D..g > "z\V' [ ][
JD \V>kz _ kVFA^
.. VV[ BB "V_k',
""\V_BD'' V[ ^ \V
>kz _ B u|]
V|>. [ D..g-EkV
m > "|' \uD
"_ VD', "E' V[
z k \>V.


AoV kVz
s>[ z [VKD
] V>[M_
>s>[ ]sBxD V|
]\V \ gkVVD
zs>[ gBxD mVV[
Vuk >V ]xV^k[
As>[ ]BVD sB\V_
>V> |V^ sB\V\

sD : nmz n>V [>VD m ]],

km >V]uz ]V]_ Wu > V>[,
]sB VD, kB_, kA, >VA x>oBku[, _
\ V[ T| kVkV[. gBD
gVKD, V]] g, |, M_ \>V_
kz> sBD u| T VmD aD.

MD \V>k tD AwB F>

D "[ '>V[. ]_ D u
"E|zs... E|zs... ] >\V...?',
"V[V kV \V VV_...
mBD W>VV..?' V[ V_^ tD
>[ [ k \> D
VV V_^ N V_V
\>. "">VFz [ >VD'', ""x>V'',
""\ u \VE'', ""\ ]['',
""\x^ \>VD'' gB m
KD uA>\V V_ \V>k[
1957_ k> ""D V\VBD'', "">
>V_ ka zD'' V[ D, >[
V_D \V>k Aa[ cE
V| [. ""k'', ""gk>
>FkD'', ""^ _s'', ""] VlD'',
""\Vt'', ""V> \>'', ""Vk sz'',
""V[M ]V^'', ""EkVt'' V[ ^
.s.\V>kM[ V VV> c]
F> VzD.
D..g, EkV, >k oD, ..
VV[ V[ x[ VBzD,
>BVV \uD BzzD
g>V \VV \V>k[
]>V. ""\'' ]_ ..B
Vk> \V>k[, >]_ Bo>V
kD Vk>V. > 1980 k k
z >Vm \m k>V.
V B kD EzD kD
V| xD [> \V>k[ W>
D ""V D''. >uV kz >EB
smD >m.
\V>k[ >> N V_[
B_ t \Vm. ]_, ""xmD >D
>uz....'', ""l[ \ Vk...'',
""\V \V| '', ""]B\ EB\VF
V^V...'', ""[ VF V kVVF...'',
""E>V |'', "" >V[
zD'', ""VE VE E'',
"">V k>V['', ""VsB\V {sB\V'', ""
Vl [ zlA'', ""#V>
[ ['', "" >VD'',
""c[ V_o zut_'', "" V^
Vm\V'', ""D>VV....'' >[ > k
z^ s xBVm.

ys VFz E kVz
k\V kl_ a
Au VF, F, E BowA c^kuz
E u, k\V k Kmk^, k aV M
>MBV \mkD V[> u kwV_ VmD [
\u VFV E kVz k\V
k D 80 , a kwzm. >[ k\V k
KmkVz .40 glD kl_ a kw |m.
J> z\z m .60 gl\VD, 80 kB>
>kz .80 gl\VD c^m.
> as k>uz \mk \l_
BVu k EA \mk WA[ V[>w
VBD k|D [m s]BVzD. gV_,
\mk\ EA \mk WAD V[> k]_
|D E\D c^m. > ]_ V|, >MBV \mk
WAD V[> u \>V_ VmD [, k\V
k]_ ]>D FB|m,
k\V kD 80 k E
us|, >uV k V| Wk]D m
xBVm [m z >m.

Registrar of Newspapers of India TNBIL/2004/14657

Oct.31 - Nov.6, 2015

On behalf of Lions Club of

Majestic Valasaravakkam,
saplings were planted at Govt.
School, Poothapedu, Ramapuram.
Speaker set also donated to Aadhi
Dravidar Middle School,
Valasaravakkam. Ln. Subramaniam
presided over the programmes.
Lot of Lions Club office bearers,
members, school teachers and
students participated in the

80562 96749, 98405 73043

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