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Ohio State University Medical Center Philosophy on Social Media

1. In developing our philosophy, policy and guidelines for social media, we have
engaged all levels of employees because you are the stakeholders in The Ohio State
University Medical Center.

2. Personal use of social networks, like the personal use of cell phones, the Internet
and email should be reserved for non-work time with emergencies being the

3. We want to use social media to engage employees, patients and our community in
conversations that will help us to improve people’s lives by personalizing health care.

4. One of our goals is creating a Workplace of Choice. That culture demands engaged
employees and we believe that we cannot limit access to social media tools that help
our employees be engaged.

5. We believe and take seriously our employees’ ability to express themselves freely
and openly.

6. We believe that we all have a responsibility to ensure the effective and efficient
operation of The Ohio State University Medical Center by abiding by our policies and
completing the work we are paid to accomplish.

7. We believe that all employees should understand what it means to be a health care
professional and that your professional reputation is reaffirmed daily. You are
responsible for protecting that professional reputation.

8. We believe that social media does not create a new world of communication and
responsibilities, but only creates new tools. You are still responsible for protecting our
patients and yourself every day.

9. We have developed policy and guidelines to help employees and managers deal with
the novel questions that arise from the use of social media and other online tools in a
health care environment.

10. The Departments of Communications and Marketing, Human Resources, Medical

Center Legal, Compliance, and Medical Center IT Security are ready to answer your
questions about how social media affects you.

Version Date: 12/10/2009