I’m reading this fabulous book called Ascension Magick. Don’t laugh.

It’s what you think and it isn’t. I’d highly recommend the book, especially to someone who just wants to know what the hell all the “new agers” are talking about. I’ve mentioned the term Ascension on here a few times in conjunct with 2012, and what I believe to be a fabulous shift in consciousness taking hold of the planet right now. Author Christopher Penczak has done a beautiful job defining it, which I will share with you below: “Ascension is a magickal paradigm for enlightenment that draws on the world’s ancient wisdom. Through your thoughts, words, and deeds, you create your reality and determine the world in which you live. Magick is the process of continually recreating your reality to manifest your true divine will.” Sounds simple doesn’t? Maybe a little hooky you say. However, there is nothing new about the new age, or about Ascension. To steal another well defined term from Penczak, “the new age is really about the old age, taking ancient spiritual principles and making them accessible to the modern world. It is a return to our forgotten roots.” What I really enjoyed in the first part of the book was the cliff notes on ancient cultures and just how far back the belief in what is becoming mainstream now goes. Most things start in Egypt and Sumer and a lot of the magickal traditions are no exception. But they don’t stop there, they pan the entire ancient world from Greece, to Rome, to Persia. We find hints of it in Judaism, lots of it when you really understand the story of Jesus of Nazareth. From Hinduism right on over to Alchemy, not the quest for the philosophers stone, but much earlier when the change of inner consciousness was explored in the laboratory. Alchemists were capable of those magickal feats in the laboratory because of their spiritual qualities, not the formula. We find evidence of this today in Quantum Physics which is teaching us that the observer can and does affect the outcome of the experiment. This post isn’t just about merging our past with our future. It’s about merging. Our science and our spirituality is slowly become inexorably linked. We are evolving our thinking. We are moving away from the neat laws of Newtonian Physics, the crappy kill or be killed theories of natural selection, and into a different paradigm that is absolutely amazing and mind bending in its implications. I did a whole radio show on how science and mysticism are merging and I’m going to briefly share some of that information with you here. We acensionist, spiritualists, whatever you want to call us spend a lot of time talking about thought and intention. But what the hell are either really? Lynn McTaggart is delving into that topic and what she is finding about the power of both is amazing. All living things, all of them not just you and me but everything that is alive, is leaking information out all the time and getting information back in. You’re under the impression that your thoughts are contained in your head, going nowhere. That is not the case. You head is a leaky bucket and nothing is private. This leaking of thoughts can be measured, they are small currents of light and information that science has a name for called Bio Photon Emissions. Fascinating no? I’d invite you all to head on over to her site and actually participate in a few of her Intention Experiments. Now that we know thoughts are leaking out in the world, what can do with them when we concentrate them on a specific thing? Through a group of people just like me and you focusing their intention McTaggart has changed the mineral quality of tap water, made food grow faster, healed a Vietnam vet of his pain, and evidence is indicating lowered the crime rate in Sri Lanka. So many times we hear these things and we go “wow that’s interesting” and keep going, never stopping to pause and think about how what we just heard can affect our very being. We’ve got to remember. NOW is the time to remember. The little changes we make within ourselves have a global impact. I cannot hammer this point in enough. GLOBAL IMPACT. YOU DO. Yes, you. If focused intention can change the mineral quality of water, we can heal polluted oceans. WITH OUR

MINDS. Opening my heart to love and focusing it on one place can STOP VIOLENCE. HEAL PEOPLE. The smallest change within has such a huge ripple to our world. It is through remembering these sciences, discovering this “magic” all over again, that we can, and we will usher in what the hippies have been waiting for, The Age of Aquarius. Let’s talk about mother earth. No I’m not talking about going green. I’m talking about retuning ourselves so we hear her again. You heard me, right. So many of us believe that one day mother nature is going to get tired of us and flick us off of her like a booger. That these erratic weathers are some sort of punishment. Well guess what, you live on a planet and sometimes it has hiccups. As we evolve and adjust our energy so does she, and when she does this, she lets us know. I’m not talking about the weather channel, I’m talking studies being done by The Global Coherence Initiative that are finding we and earths electromagnetic field are linked up. Our brainwaves can synchronize with the rhythm of these waves, so when people say they “feel” an impending earthquake or other weather patterns change, they are reacting to the actual signals sent out by mother nature herself. If we went back to being that in tune with the very planet we call home, who needs the weather man? How many lives in Haiti could have been spared? Again, the smallest changes within us have a HUGE GLOBAL IMPACT. So what, no really, what are you waiting for? The time is now. Heaven on earth won’t create itself. We’ve got to do it. What else do you think you’re here for? Namaste DCS

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