Country Club (I) Ltd.

DEEPAK KAUSHIK AITT Enrl. No.- A1703906027 MTA – CLASS of 2008




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Deepak Kaushik



Mr. Radha Krishna Sr. Marketing Manager, CCIL, Delhi





2ND JUNE , 15TH JULY, 2007



There are more than one factor at work, which can ensure the true competition of project, It is not the idea held on certain topic that matter, but it is a complete psychological process and therefore requires on in depth knowledge of the process of a project.

The project include an overview of country club (I) Ltd. I have thoroughly scientifically and systematically discussed all topics. The various and varied aspects of the problems has been logically discussed and systematically presented in a simple language.

In order to facilitate recapitulation and better graph of the project, the assignment has been categorized or theoretical and practical assignment.

In spite of every care taken to avoid mistake of printing or otherwise, there is always room for improvement so I shall thankfully acknowledge and feel it mistake and suggestion are pointed to us. It will be a great pleasure to share your experience with the project report and honor your suggestions.



This project report is prepared for the submission to the “Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism” Amity University, Noida towards Master of Tourism Administration.

This project was prepared during the summer training conducted in consecutive Six Weeks in Country Club(I) Ltd.. It was based on theoretical / practical knowledge.

The family club industry is true to enter a booming phase in near future. To dominate the market share. Proper strategy should be formulated, previously there was no competition in this market, but will call these companies in the Indian market, a huge competition was taken place with high voltage advertisement.

The industry is in the midst of mature phase. Companies are using different types of marketing strategy.


I would like to give special thanks to my faculty guide Mr. Amit Galgotia Lecturer of AITT, Noida for his valuable contribution, helpful comments and suggestions. He deserve very special words of appreciations for his invaluable support, encouragement and point taking efforts, without which achieving the goal would have been a much difficult task.

There is no love like that of parents. I pay my most sincere regards to my parents, my father Mr. Pawan Kaushik and my mother Mrs. Sarla Kaushik and my sister for his greatest inspiration , support and affection.


Word can never express the deep sense of gratitude and reverence. I feel for my Chief Supervisor Mr. Radha Krishna, Sr. Marketing Manager Country Club (I) Ltd. Delhi, who has heen a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for me. His sincere supervision and valuable guidance at every stage of this project has helped me in competition of this work, the study could not have been vast knowledge, professional skill and field experience at my disposal while I was pursuing this work. The result testifies to his critical appraisal and meticulous attention to the details, and the responsibility for any error rest with me. I continue to be indepted to him for his guidance, inspiration ever helping attitude and support as all of these went along way all along its course from its inception to columniation.

Pen can’t give the picture of mind. Still it is the best way to express my gratitude and attachment to my highly esteemed teacher and co-supervisor who worked like a supervisor, Mr. Karan Anand, Deputy Manager, Delhi. The success of this work would not have been possible without his valuable guidance and sympathetic attitude. The present work has taken its shape largely due to his wise and concrete suggestion, keen interest and kind vigilant supervision. I thank him for his ever helpful and kind nature for the words and for encouragement in the moments of despair. I fell fortunate for being the recipient of his expertise and guidance. My humble sanutations to him, who literally taught all I know. I could think my self-worthy if I could learn a bit of his extensive experience, knowledge and magnificent skill with a deep sense of respect, humble regards and gratitude.


The Country Club (I) Ltd, a listed limited company has expanded during the past decade under the dynamic leadership of the founder & chairman, Mr. Rajeev Reddy. In 1989, Mr. Rajeev Reddy known for this entreprencurial capabilities and foresight acquired the imposing Vilayat Manjil, the place of Nawab Wali-U-Dowla in Hyderabad and converted it into what is known as The Country Club, in Hyderabad, and thus the legend of the Country Club was born. Within a few year of its inspecton, it became the most popular and happening club in South India.


The Country club (I) Ltd. is one of the fastest growing entertainment and leisure conglomerate in India. A pioneer in the concept of family clubbing in the country. CCIL has established 125 properties of which 20 Club & Resorts are owned and 100 Resorts are franchised properties. Presently it has 220 plus affiliations plus a global gateway via “ country Vacations” and “RCI” affiliations of 3900 Resorts for its esteemed members. CCIL has entered into the emerging arena of leisure infrastructure and has 4 such projects in the Bangalore, Mumbai , Chennai and Hyderabad and is growing. The projects are a resultant of a synergy between the core expertise of the founding organization Amrutha Estates and the innovative vision of participatory clubbing, that hinges on community living and holiday homes with clubbing pleasures. CCIL is Country’s biggest chain of Family Clubs recognized by the Limca Book of World Records. Celebrating the landmark of 125 properties we have bridge the experience of fun & frolic gateway’s, the adventure of exhilaration and energy, the calm soothing nature at its wild best and the variety that encompasses the geographical glory of a diverse India through our franchisee network. The Club has distinction of having membership from the celebrities, states ,


To deliver experience that nurture relationship and contribute to a wholesome wellness lifestyles in a stress free, eco friendly environment to member community with a win-win situation for all involved in furthering the cause of such eco system.

Vision: To be world leaders in family clubbing in today’s disintegrating society and create a cohesive force in relationship between man and men; man and nature and man and his environs embedded in current realities and inherit by legacy to the generation next.



Keeping in touch with changing times, hectic schedules and the need to unwind after a hard day’s work. The Country Club provides the ideal mix of relaxtion and fun. One can take part in any number of indoor and outdoor games, chill with a drink, dine on sumptuous food or just hang out in the cool environs of nature. In addition, the Country Club continuously organizes novel events that keep you grooving. Events like Miss Country Club, Mr. Country Club, Theme Nights, Carnivals , Concerts etc., are than just an excuses to lat your hair down. They serve as a fantastic meeting ground for people and are a melting pot of a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Adding Fizz to occasions are celebrities like Remo, Raageshwari, Saagarika, Anoida Yana Gupta, Kashmira Shah & Salman Khan among other high profile entertainers, and these events come at no extra cost for the Country Club members. The Country Club is the largest chain of clubs all across the country. We have 21 operational club in India, apart from this we have 220 affiliation in India & abroad. We have a strong membership base of 1,50,000 familiars across the country. We have club in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Srilanka (Kandy), Kovalam, Mumbai, Vizag, Rajamundry. Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Squash Court, Billiard-Snooker, Table Tennis, X-axis- The Resto Bar, Different Types of Restaurant & Bar, Card Room and Banquet Hall, Last bust not least there is landscape garden etc, Apart from company regularly organize events and shows with celebrities for complete family entertainment of our member.

Travel Desk:
A melting pot of culture; vibrant and varied, a bountiful of landscape heralded by the topographical advantage and a heritage driven hospitality India is an all season destination. Bounded by the grand snow-capped Himalayan ranges in the North and edged by a spectacular coastline offered by the Arabian Sea in the West, the Indian Ocean in the South and the Bay of Bengal in the East, Peninsular India offers a panoramic view of magnificent landscapes with its mist-clad mountain ranges, golden beaches, emerald green valleys, coconut fringed backwaters and deep blue seas; the historical cities & monuments, royal palaces & forts and pilgrimage centers; the fascinating art, culture, festivities and heritage, all very uniquely Indian! A kaleidoscope for heightened pleasure across the five senses touch, sight, sound, taste and smell it’s magical land of myriad offerings for a soul’s delight. CCIL across its network of 155 properties and 220 affiliates guides you to the niche and unexplored and exposes to you the very obvious and highly famous destinations. Trust our Travel desk to sew in a tailor made destination drive to appeal to your senses. Call us now and discover this wondrous land that offers expressions and experiences uniquely its own.


MEMBERSHIP DETAILS We take privilege to invite you as membership of prestigious “THE COUNTRY CLUB”

All membership include member, spouse, children below the age 18 year Life long, Transferable & global membership of Country Club. You are assessable to all Co. owned Clubs (25+) & affiliated Clubs (App. 250 ) in this membership.

• •

Type of Membership: 1. Mr. Cool Life Membership: ( Membership fee Rs. 1,25,000/- (One Lac Twenty Five Thousand Only) Gifts From Country Club: • • • • • Transferable and Global access to all clubs and any one resorts either Bushbeta or Goa. Membership, spouse & children below 18 Years. One Plot* 1089 sq.ft. at Country kuteeram (LEAPAKSHI) or 1350 sq. ft. at Golf Villege(Janagaon) Hyderabad. ICICI Lombard Insurance. 3d &2n. Free* Stay at 5 places in North India.

2. Mr. Super Cool Global: (Membership Fee: Rs. 3,00,000/- (Three Lac Only). Gifts from Country Club: • • • • • Transferable and Global access to all clubs. Member, spouse & Children below 18 yrs. One Plot* 2000 sq.ft. at Folf Village Kolad or2178 sq. ft. at LEEPAKSHI at BANGALORE. ICICI Lombard Insurance. 3d &2n. Free* Stay at 5 places in North India & 3 places at Indonesia.

Priviledge magic Holidays card (7days free stay at any of franchises resorts) for two year. R.C.I. Membership for two adults for 30 years.

3. Golf Village. (Membership Fee: Rs 4,00,00/- (Four Lac Only).

Transferable and Global access to all clubs, all resorts and all Golf Club. Member, spouse & Children below 18 yrs. One Plot* 3000 sq.ft. at Golf Village Kolad or BANGALORE. ICICI Lombard Insurance. 7d &6n. Free* Stay at 5 places in India & 3 places at Indonesia. Privilege magic Holidays card (7days free stay at any of franchises resorts) for three year. R.C.I. Membership for two adults for 30 years.

• • • •

4. Golf village Privilege:

(Membership Fees Rs. 12,00,000/- (Rs. Twelve Lac Only) • • • • • • • Transferable and Global access to all clubs, all resorts and One Golf Club. Member, spouse & Children below 18 yrs. One Plot* 5000 sq.ft. at Golf Village Kolad or BANGALORE or Hyderabad. ICICI Lombard Insurance. 7d &6n. Free* Stay at 5 places in India & 3 places at Indonesia. Privilege magic Holidays card (7days free stay at any of franchises resorts) for Five year. R.C.I. Membership for two adults for 30 years.

5. Super Golf Village: (Membership Fees Rs. 6,00,000/- (Rs. Six Lac Only) • • • • •

Transferable and Global access to all clubs, all resorts and all Golf Club. Member, spouse & Children below 18 yrs. One Plot* 10000 sq.ft. at Golf Village Kolad or BANGALORE or Hyderabad. ICICI Lombard Insurance. 7d &6n. Free* Stay at 5 places in India & 3 places at Indonesia. Privilege magic Holidays card (7days free stay at any of franchises resorts) for Ten year. R.C.I. Membership for four adults for 30 years.


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Begumpet Medchal Country Kuteeram Country Kuteeram (Lepakshi) Bannerghatta Road Sarjapur Road Yelahanka Road Mysore Road Magadi Road Hosur Road Coconut Grove RA Puram Guindy Mango Grove Andheri West Bamboo Grove Golf Village (Mangaon)

o o o o o o o

o o o

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Mysore Goa Bush Betta Vizag Kovalam Kandy ( Srilanka) Golf Village


Country Condos

International Clubs

Club Name The Onterio Club Indian Social Center City University Club Royal sanjay Unjong Club The china Club The Royal Automobile Club Of Victoria (RACV) Ltd. The Royal Automobile club Of Australia Combo Swimming Club Casino De Madrid Tokyo American Club The Hanoi Club

Place Canada U.A.E London West Malasiya Singapore Australia Australia Sri Lanka Spain Japan Vietnam

Resort Management Company

What is RMC?

RMC stands for Resort Management Company, a professional management company headed by Mr. Austin shu an experienced hospitality expert and former GM Taj. Rich in experience and professionally trained to handle the nitty gritty of every aspect involved. He leys the corner stone for the international standards for operational procedures; maintaining the inventory given to him in top notch conditions.

It manages your property and will directly be responsible for maintaining and upkeep of the property. The outfit currently handles the 155 clubs with over 5000 room inventory across franchise properties in India; it is backed by a well knit infrastructure marvel that includes 24/7 customer care team that is professionally aided by technologically advanced operational procedures like CRS, Web based inter connectivity, online web portal and real time online booking system etc.

Advantage of RMC

RMC is your friend philosopher and guide with regard to your private condo. Signing up with RMC gives you the benefits of owing a Condo while transferring the maintenance liability on to it. RMC even pays your utility bills, water, electricity, power bills etc. apart from the upkeep of the place. It helps you transform your Condo to be your second income by leasing it on a rent back option it 1,50,000 members of CCIL on demand.

However it banks the appreciating value of land exclusively for you, thus adding a dual edge of liquidity. Free maintenance for two years.

How it works

Register with RMC., Your Condo is added to the network of rooms on online web portal for rent. Your Condo will then be marketed by a hugely networked team that coordinates & books rooms nights across our 1,50,000 members. On demand, the CRS automatically scans for the availability of your condo and books the same. Once the rent is collected it will be credited to your account on a 50:50 profit sharing basis.

How much does it costs? Signing up with RMC is currently free.

Can I use my condo if RMC takes care of it?

Yes, once you give your condo to RMC you still can stay there, just book the condo in advance so that we have not let it out to any other client. As I am not paying for any maintenance charges when I sigh up for RMC are they any charges for me to use my condo? Yes, as no charges are collected to maintain your condo and RMC takes care of electricity and water bills. A nominal maintenance and administration charge of Rs. 100 per day will be charged. If my room is sold we have a 50:50 profit sharing agreement. Rs. 300 per night is charged as maintenance when any one other than the owner stays at the condo.

MARKET OVERVIEW RMC continually perseveres in increasing the infrastructure facilities to potentially increase marketability of its rooms. Floated by a fast track growth company in leisure infrastructure like CCIL RMC is all set to add an international Convention Center, Wedding Pavilion, Helipad, Spa, Sports related stadiums. Fun Castle for kids etc the attractions are growing, adding to the confidence of RMC.

Objective of Job Training

These days, tourism in India is a fast growing industry. Since there are a large number of places of tourist attraction in India. The tourists from all over the world come to visit these places every year. There are beautiful lakes, snow covered mountains, historical places, museums, temples etc. which make a huge potential for tourism business. With a view to make career in tourism industry, the young boys and girls join courses, which prepare them to launch themselves in this field of activity. I have also joined the master of Tourism Management (MTM) course with same objective. As per the requirement of the course, apart from the theoretical aspect, one has to do On-the-Job training also with some organization engaged in tourism business. This training is very useful for the students for the reasons mentioned below:-

1. It provides them the opportunity to have a first hand practical knowledge of various aspects of the Tourism Industry. 2. During training the students gets a chance to interact with different people like the prospective customers, tourism professional already working in the field, people working in the airlines, hoteliers, travel agencies so on and so forth. This interaction helps the trainees gain more confidence, which I think is a basic requirement for any professional.

3. The trainees also get the opportunity to show their abilities to the organization with whom are attached for training. This, later on, proves very helpful for the trainees to get employment with the organization.

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