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BTM 3342

System Lab
Lab Work 7b: Vision System 2
Automated visual inspection of blister pack.

BTM 3342 Computerized Integrated Manufacturing System Lab  BTM 3342 Computerized Integrated Manufacturing System Lab GMI’s CIM System  The system is developed by Bistanika Sdn. The system used to inspect the quality of blister packs. network (LAN). The system consists of a SCADA server. instructor/lecturer conducting the CIM class session and platform for students to Components    involve interactively Visual Inspection System Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) Microsoft Visual Studio. Bhd. Perform visual inspection to 10 blister packs automatically. It looks for main workstation. Bhd. The system forming the Lab Work 7b: Vision System 2 Computer Integrated Manufacturing in Objectives virtual environment as teaching aids tools that After completing this lab you will be able to    provide assistant for Start up an automated blister pack visual inspection system. 5 remote deformations on the tablets and blister packs. And engineered by Ecava Sdn. through the system. Main Introduction PLC panel. 2 robots. The system consists PLCs and 4 web client of two different systems where the vision system were developed workstations which are using Matrox Imaging Library software while the automation parts connected to a local area were developed using Microsoft Visual Studio. Page | 1 Lab Work 1 . a flat any missing tablets in the packs and checks if there is any screen TV. Describe the functions of all components in the process.

Open up ‘2012 Easy Vision’ application.2 What is the minimum ‘Histogram Mean Value’ to pass the inspection? 3 Inspection results 3.1 2.3. Check that the pneumatic supply is available between 2 bar to 4 bar.3 1.1 When the system has inspected all 10 blister packs. Press start button on the screen and follow the instruction given to load 10 blister packs. Log in as ‘Engineer’ with password: ez.3.BTM 3342 Computerized Integrated Manufacturing System Lab  Procedure 1 Start-up the Vision Machine System 1. state the inspection results. The system will started to perform automatic visual inspection.1 What was inspected? 2. While the inspection is in progress.1 1. 2. select ‘Automatic’.2 1. observe the following. 2 Automatic vision inspection 2.3 On the application.2 2.4 Turn on the main switch of Vision Machine System and the PC. Processing: ________________________ Pass: _____________________ Fail: ______________________ Page | 2 Lab Work 1 .

Explain what caused them to fail the inspection.2 For each of the failed unit. 4 Discussions and report Write a brief report about the exercise above. Your discussions should include the flowchart of the process.1 4.2 4. description of the process from start to finish.3 You may repeat the exercise for number of times for better understanding.3 How the system identifies and distinguishes between good and bad unit? What are the advantages of the system compared to manual (human) visual inspection? Why is and Automatic Visual Inspection system significantly important to be integrated in a CIM system? Page | 3 Lab Work 1 . and explanation of the following. 4. 3.BTM 3342 Computerized Integrated Manufacturing System Lab  3. perform manual visual inspection with reference to the passed units.