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Executive Summary

Title: Promotion, Sales and Marketing of AMUL Fresh Products in Thane and Kalyan

Organization: Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF - AMUL)

Faculty Guide: Prof. Vipra Tiwari

Student Name: Vishal Katyayani

Objective of the Study:

To study the distribution network for AMUL fresh Products.
Survey of sales per day of AMUL fresh Products such as Milk, Pouch Dahi, Spiced
Butter Milk and Prolife Lassie in all the Retail outlets of Thane, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar,
Ambarnath, Titwala and near places.
To study the total sales per day and to know the market share of AMUL fresh products
as compared to the competitors in that region.
To know Retailers feedback and response also to find out what are the difficulties
faced by the retailers regarding AMUL products.
To increase the Sale of MASTI DAHI POUCH through new retail outlets.
To place the product in retail outlet, increase the retail outlet penetration.
Survey of HORECA segment (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) to find out
consumption per day of fresh products also to find out market share of AMUL versus
other competitors.
APO (AMUL Preferred Outlet) and AMUL Agency Sale

Promotion of milk during World Milk Day week.

Methodology Used:

Planning of the study - I was allotted Thane and Kalyan region in Maharashtra
for study. Questionnaires for retailers and consumers were prepared with the
help of my project guide and team to achieve the given objectives of the study
and hence to understand the retailers perception about AMUL company in the
given region. The detailed outline of the schedule was given to me.

Secondary data collection Secondary data was collected from published

sources like Research Papers, Magazines, and Internet.
Research study / Primary data collection The survey were conducted at
various parts of Thane and Kalyan region. An explorative study was conducted
using a well-structured questionnaire and convenient sampling method was
used. The questionnaires were filled carefully by the retailers and consumers of
different areas with the help of personal interviews and observation.

Analysis of the data- After the collection of data from Mumbai region ,
analysis of the data was done as to achieve the objectives of the study.

Preparation of report- The report was prepared as per the prescribed format.
Sample size: A sample size of 240 retailers, 50 consumers was taken in Navi
Mumbai region. The data collection is done by personally interacting with the
retailers, dealers and consumers through informal interviews and personal

Sources of Information:
Primary source:
Personal interaction with consumers, retailers and dealers.
From organization: GCMMF Guides.



Time period of the project was 8 weeks, which may not be enough to understand the
whole market.
The sample size of the taken was small, therefore it can be said that the chosen sample
is not the representative of the whole population and this hindered quantitative
The psychology and temperament of a respondent play a significant role. Some
respondents are more sensitive as against others who are more tolerant. A change in
the composition of the respondents can affect the answers adversely or favourably.
Respondents may not have been true in answering various questions and may be
biased to certain other questions.

During my Internship I have found out that AMUL works on to satisfy the farmers as
well as the customers. Thus the prices are kept low due to which the product margin
for the retailers and distributors is less as compared to other milk brands in that area.
AMUL products are sold mostly because of demand from the consumers.
Generally people buy the product because of better quality and AMUL Brand name.
Other milk brands give more margin than AMUL, thus even the retailers keep those
brands products to earn more profit.
AMUL has its brand image but it is necessary to focus on root level because other
brands are penetrating into the market very quickly. For eg. Danone, Mahanand,
Mother Dairy, Aarey, Gokul which are capturing AMULs market.
AMUL has come out with new strategies like promotion of AMUL milk by
celebrating world milk day was a great learning experience. At GCMMF, they try to
penetrate the market as deep as possible. Milk here in Mumbai was even sold on Pan
Shops, Std Booths, Paper Wallahs, Medical stores thus the way they had came out of
the traditional retail selling is really good.
HORECA as a segment which is as large as the retail selling is also AMULs main
target for now.

AMUL has planned to open 7500 APOs would surely increase the sale and AMUL
can retain its market and be a Market Leader.

I will recommend few modifications in Packaging, Distribution and in Market areas to
further increase the sale without hampering the current market sale and to compete
with the other Brands.

Product is accepted by retailers but at the same time we must not overlook the
problems that the retailers and distributors are facing because other brands are slowly
capturing the market which would not be good for AMULs future.

The reason I choose to follow a Marketing internship is because I wanted to benefit from the
experience. I wanted a new challenge and to learn, improve and develop new sets of skills.
During my internship 2 major competencies were central:
Working for Promotional and Sales activities, performing duties and activities and analysing
them from different perspectives. And finding new leads to open Amul Preferred Outlets and
Agencies in new areas of Thane region where I had to find shops for Amul Preferred Otlet
lead which are on prime locations and interested to sell only amul products in accordance
with demands of the target audience as well as reach them via Outlets. These are the 2 major
competencies that I had to conduct and focus on during my internship. And finally I have to
set up personal targets to develop and improve my skills.