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LW 56-103-01 (51) Certificate in Legal Studies Professional Stream

(Main Intake)
Assignment Question for Module 1: Hong Kong Legal System and Legal Method
To begin with, I would like to share with you some of the major initiatives implemented by
the Department during 2013 as part of our continuous effort in delivering professional and
quality legal aid services to meet the ever-changing needs and growing expectations of the
Thomas Edward KWONG
Director of Legal Aid

2013 Legal Aid Department Annual Report

Critically discuss the above statement by reference to initiatives by the Legal Aid Department
in recent years to improve the legal aid services in particular the expansion of the three legal
aid schemes provided by the Legal Aid Department(the schemes) in 2012.
In your answer, you have to make suggestions on how the schemes can be further improved.
In doing the assignment, you should refer to information in the websites of:
a) The Legal Aid Department;
b) Legal Aid Services Council; and
c) Home Affairs Bureau.
(To be submitted on or before October 27, 2015)
Assignment Guidelines and Submission Requirements

Answer all parts of each module assignment question, unless the question states otherwise.


Assignment submission is compulsory. You must submit one assignment for each subject module
you are studying. If you do not submit the assignment, you will not be allowed to sit the
examination in that subject module.


Assignment submission deadlines will not be extended. It is your responsibility to ensure that your
assignment reaches HKU SPACE on or before the assignment submission deadline. Late
submissions will normally be rejected.


Do not copy. All of the assignment must be written in your own words, and you must sign or
endorse the declaration to this effect on the assignment cover sheet. Plagiarism is a serious
offence. Any form of copying will result in a Fail grade, and possible disciplinary action.


Do not exceed the word limit of 2,000 words. If you write more, it will not be marked and you
may lose marks. You must state the total number of words used in your answer on the assignment
cover sheet.


You may submit your assignment through any one of the following methods:

Through the SOUL system before 11:59 pm on the assignment submission deadline
(however students are strongly advised to do so earlier to avoid possible system congestion
close to the deadline); or


Put in the collection box at any HKU SPACE Enrolment Counter on or before the deadline; or


By post to College of Humanities and Law, HKU SPACE, Room 803B, 8/F, Tower 1,
Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong (DLS Assignment) on or before the


Do not use multiple submission methods (e.g. if you have already submitted through SOUL, do
not also submit a hard copy as well).


Do not submit by email or fax. Your assignment will be rejected and will not be marked.


Please ensure you keep a copy of your assignment.


Whatever assignment submission method you use, ensure you submit a copy of the attached
assignment cover sheet with your assignment (if you are submitting through SOUL, you can
obtain a soft copy of the assignment cover sheet through SOUL).


The enclosed receipt forms should be used if you require acknowledgement of receipt of your
assignments. Please make all necessary copy as you need. Acknowledgement receipt will not be
sent unless all items have been completed with stamp affixed (do not staple this with your


Assignments will be marked and made available for collection from the administration clerk on
duty outside the lecture room or by post.


Any correspondence relating to assignments should be addressed to the Course Director, College of
Humanities and Law, HKU SPACE, Room 803B, 8/F, Tower One, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt
Road, Hong Kong.
September 22, 2015