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Ba Wins Miss Fiji

Winners of the TFL Miss Fiji 2015 Pageant from left third runner up Miss Sigatoka Adele Lingam, second runner up Miss
Nausori Sheryl Mudaliar, Miss Fiji 2015 Zaira Begg from Ba, fourth runner up Miss Levuka Olivia Vakadranu and first
runner up Miss Suva Marie Fall. Photo: SERELISONI MOCEICA.

The Telecom Fiji Limited
sponsored Miss Fiji Pageant was
the first ever National Pageant
that was hosted in Nadi.
The week long pageant had
contestants from different towns
and cities around Fiji competing
for the Miss Fiji title.
The winner would represent

the country for the Miss South

Pacific Pageant.
This would be held in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands in December, 2015.
Ba lass, 21 year old Zaira Begg
was crowned TFL Miss Fiji by
Chief guest Attorney-General and
Finance Minister, Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum at Prince Charles Park
in Nadi last week Saturday.
Miss Begg was very emotional
and said that she was proud to

represent her hometown Ba and

now she will be representing Fiji
in Rarotonga.
Ive brought Ba to this stage
and I am proud to represent Ba
on this stage, she said.
Zaira is a dancer and also
models part time.
During her school days she
struggled to earn money for
school by selling mussels and
mangoes on the road side. She
said that all her struggles had

paid off.
I will be representing Fiji in
Rarotonga and Ill do my very
best to take Fiji to another level.
Miss Ba also walked away
with the best traditional attire,
best talent and best research
topic awards.
Miss Suva took the awards for
first runner up, Miss photogenic,
best sarong and most favourite
Miss Nausori takes second

runner up while Miss Sigatoka

takes third runner up and best
internet category.
Miss Levuka takes fourth runner up, Miss Tavua wins Miss
Personality, Miss Lautoka won
the National Tourism Award and
Miss Nadi won the Miss Peoples
Choice Award.
Newly crowned Miss Fiji Zaira
Begg will represent Fiji at the
Miss South Pacific Pageant in the
Cook Islands in December.

Fiji - the way the world should be


Fiji The Brave

Our Flying Fijians have
done us proud.
They have been the talk
of the town, around the
tanoa, at the market stalls,
in the streets, in the bus,
practically everywhere.
They have united a
country that has dragged
through issues such as politics, gender differences,
rape, murders and even
recently, suicides.
The FRU is brimming
with pride after our boys,
under the guidance of
coach John McKee and his
team, displayed exceptional skills that we can surely
say is on par with Tier One
But the boys are back
to their clubs, locally and
internationally, and life has
gone on as usual.
Where to from here?
The FRU would do good
to quickly extend the contract of our knight in shining armour, McKee and his

For it has been pure

pleasure watching Fijian
fifteens rugby immensely
improve from what once
was sloppy, disorganized
and slow.
Mckee has achieved his
goals and that has taken
Fiji rugby to an unprecedented level where our
players have risen above
the mass of humanity.
Imagine what could
happen under his leadership within the next four
Imagine the Flying Fijians all set in their glory to
hoist the infamous Rugby
World Cup.
And from the display of
rugby that we have seen
from our boys, it is a dream
that could eventually come
So come on, FRU what
are you waiting for?


THE JET is Fijis first community newspaper published bi-monthly

by YOURSPACE LIMITED from Nadi - the tourism capital of Fiji.


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Being the hub of the Pacific, Fiji has everything that a spectacular tropical paradise has to offer from private island resort accommodations, top class restaurants to white sandy beaches, inbound
tours, jet boat rides, hot air balloon rides, mountain trekking, inland tours, eco tourism, sky diving,
helicopter rides, cruise trips, scuba diving, massage and beauty parlours, vibrant night life and a
lot more than any other destination in the world offers


Airline Upgrades Business Class

By Kathrin Krishna

Fijis National Airline,

Fiji Airways will upgrade
its B737 Business Class Entertainment by providing
an iPad each to the guests
to use during flights.
The introduction of the
iPads, to begin from November 1, will enable the
guests to experience more
in flight movies and TV
shows; advertising sports
for all in flight video screen
Pre-loaded movies, TV
shows and music will be
available as part of the
(IFE) upgrade whereby
the guests would be able
to choose from a total of
23 movies, 19 television
shows and a range of music.
Fiji Airways acting CEO,
David Bowden said that
now the guests would be
able to enjoy their flights
with entertainment and

Bazaar Raises over $107,000

By Charles Chambers

The Lautoka Catholic

community celebrated their
record breaking fundraising
fete this year.
which attracts many former
parishners back to Lautoka
raised over $107,000 to surpass other records.
A sea of colours, merrymaking and food stalls engulfed St Thomas Primary
School last weekend.
The annual bazaar for
Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Parish was held at the St

Thomas Primary School
grounds in Lautoka.
This years bazaar was
also significant in a sense
that the committee decided to have it over two days,
as the previous one day
The money was raised
by the 16 communities
that make up the parish of
Lautoka through their individual efforts throughout
the year.
The annual fete always
attracts former parishners
from around the country
and overseas and also former students of St Thomas

Primary and secondary

This year a queen contest was also organized
along with competitions
amongst the communities
for dances and stall decorations.
According to Mr Seba,
the chairman of the organizing committee the
money raised would go towards the extension of the
present church building.
The bazaar culminated
with an open air mass on
Sunday followed a get-together lunch for the parishners at the school grounds.


this enhancement in the

would put Fiji Airways
world-class boutique airline.
This is an exciting product upgrade for Business
Class guests on our B737
fleet, and will offer them
convenience and choices
we havent been able to
offer before on this aircraft
type, said David Bowden
Fiji Airways is stepping
up its content game with a
creative approach that is
on par with other leading
airlines, said Amir Samnani, Senior Vice President
of Content Services for
Global Eagle. Both Fiji Airways and Global Eagle are
committed to a whole new
level of content delivery
and game-changing innovations focused on providing the very best passenger
experience, he added.
This new audio-visual
enhancement will be an
on-demand service, in-

Fiji Airways Business Class. Photo by Fiji Airways

clude the latest movies

and TV shows along with
the classics. Coupled with
our award winning inflight
service, wines, and menu
designed by Chef Lance
Seeto, we can now bring
the B737 Business Class
experience to par with that
of our A330s, concluded
Mr. Bowden.
The Airline has signed
an agreement with Global
Eagle Entertainment Inc.,
(GEE) for online provision

for movies, TV shows and

for in flight video advertising on both aircrafts (B737s
and A330s).
The B737 fleet operates
on flights to/from Australia,
New Zealand, Hawaii and
the Pacific Islands and by
2016, Fiji Airways aims to
increase the onboard entertainment selection on
the iPad by offering over
100 hours of in flight entertainment.

Women of the Community of St Jude during the Lautoka Parish Catholic Bazaar
last weekend. Photo by Lautoka Parish facebook



The repainting of Malomalo Primary School, the
provision of academic
books, sports equipment
and school desks and
chairs are just some of the
projects that the InterContinentals Insider Community
programme undertakes for
the Natadola community.
Six schools within the
area continue to benefit
from Meetings, Incentives,
Conferences and Events
(MICE) hosted by the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort
& Spa.
A statement from the Resort said the projects provided students with access

to necessary resources
for a well rounded education and to encourage
a healthy lifestyle for the
next generation.
From enhancing the
learning environments in
our local schools to preserving the health of our
reefs and even participating in Fijian Master Cooking classes, our Insider
Collection allows business
delegates authentic memorable Fijian experiences
with a real sense of community service, said David
Pearson, Director MICE at
the InterContinental Fiji
Golf Resort & Spa.
The MICE groups for
2015 have increased both
locally and internationally

due to the collaborative effort of the InterContinental

Fiji Meetings team.
provide an In The Know
weekly activity program
that is available during the
school term for delegates
and guests to visit Malomalo Primary School to see
the results of their efforts
and give guests an opportunity to meet the children
and teachers, and witness
village life.
The Malomalo Primary
School Visit is one of the
recommended In The
Know experiences offered at the resort and its
always wonderful to see
our guests actively engaging with our projects or

Literacy for Everyone


Residents of Ledrusasa
in Votualevu, Nadi are now
looking forward to better
days with proper roofing
over their heads.
Their delight stemmed
from the first stage of development of land that
would cater for a new
housing project initiated
by Government.
Minister for Local Government and Housing
Parveen Kumar officiated
as the chief guest for the
groundbreaking ceremony
in the village.
Speaking at the ceremony, Kumar promised
the residents better housing facilities for all.
The project is targeted
to have 78 residential lots,
an open space and a civic
or religious lot, he said.
Upon completion, 78
eligible tenants or 390
people will have access to
fully serviced housing lots

with 99 years residential

leases, he added.
Resident Azlim Ali said
this initiative from the government shows what all
they can deliver to the citizens.
I thank the government
for all they have done for
us and people in this settlement have been blessed
with what you have provided them and I thank the
government for giving us
more than what we had
asked for, he said.

ing around Fiji looking for

a place to settle in.

Turaga Na Mataqali Yavusasivo, Saunaka Isaia

Saukuru said the villagers
had gone through a tough
phase in life before this initiative by the government
was taken.
When they came here
the first day they were
crying and now what the
government has done has
brought smiles to their
face, he said.

I thank the government

for this assistance and I am
very happy as a land owner
that something like this for
the first time ever is been
done here in my land.

Their lease expired 15

years ago and at the same
time we had the other victims who had been mov-

My advice to other
landowners is for them to
work together and build
our country Fiji.
The project is expected
to be completed by August, 2016.

A man and his wife are

at a restaurant, and the
husband keeps staring at
an old drunken lady swigging her gin at a nearby
table. His wife asks, Do
you know her? Yes,
sighs the husband. Shes
my ex-wife. She took to
drinking right after we divorced seven years ago,
and I hear she hasnt been
sober since. My God!
says the wife. Who would
think a person could go on
celebrating that long?
Two men are sitting
next to each other in an
Irish-style pub in New York
City and both order pints
of Guinness. One of them
turns to the other and asks,
So where are you from?
Im from Ireland.Me
too! Ill drink to that.
They both finish their
pints and order two more.
Where in Ireland are
too! Ill drink to that.

West for Expo

Women from the west have invaded Suva
with their artisan skills. They were part of
the National Womens Expo 2015 which was
held in Suva from October 14 16.


many groups have also

engaged in team building
efforts and connected with
the community through
the Resorts Insider Collection which is a range of
services that also benefitted the local community.
More development proj-

ects are in the pipeline,

all aimed at continuously
developing education and
supporting schools in the
Natadola Bay area alongside the resorts Community Care Fund.

Make My Day

I was able to give them

land but most of them did
not have enough money
to buy the land but I didnt
chase them out from here
because I knew that one
day something like this will
happened, he added.

Lautoka Development

initiating their own to assist our efforts to create a

brighter future for the Natadola Bay communities,
said Erik Stuebe, Area General Manager South Pacific
at the InterContinental Fiji
Golf Resort & Spa.
The statement said

A lot of problems were

faced from the different
tikinas especially from the
western division.

Residents of Ledrusasa with Minister for Local Government and Housing Parveen Kumar
after the groundbreaking ceremony. Photo by Kathrin Krishna

Churchill Parks new facelift with an international standard athletics track is on track
with major ground works still ongoing as the
park is being targeted as the next years venue for the Coca Cola Games.

Elated students of Malomalo Primary School Pic- Intercontinental

They both finish their

pints and order two more.
Where in Dublin are
you from? The East
Side. The East Side? Me
too! What a coincidence!
Ill drink to that!
They both finish their
pints and order two more.
Where on the East Side
are you from? McDonagh
Street.Me too! This is incredible! Ill drink to that.
As the bartender pours
them another two pints,
another customer at the
bar says to him, Thats
amazing! I cant believe
theyre from the same
street in Dublin. Whats going on?
Oh, its nothing amazing, says the bartender.Its
just the Ferguson twins getting sloshed again.

Well, Id also like some

strawberries and whipped
cream on it, the wife replies.
My memorys not all
that bad, says the husband. No problem -- a
dish of ice cream with
strawberries and whipped
cream. I dont need to
write it down.
He goes into the kitchen, and his wife hears pots
and pans banging. The
husband finally emerges
from the kitchen and presents his wife with a plate of
bacon and eggs.
She looks at the plate
and asks, Hey, wheres
the toast I asked for?
To surprise her husband, an executives wife
stopped by his office.
When she opened the
door, she found him with
his secretary sitting in his
lap. Without hesitating, he
dictated, And in conclusion, gentlemen, budget
cuts or no budget cuts, I
cannot continue to operate this office with just one

After an elderly couple starts getting forgetful, they visit their doctor.
Their doctor tells them
that many people find it
useful to write themselves
little notes. When they get
home, the wife says, Dear,
will you please go to the
kitchen and get me a dish
of ice cream? And maybe
They call my husband
write that down so you The Exorcist.
wont forget?
Nonsense, says the
As soon as he gets to
husband. I can remember a party, he rids it of all the
a dish of ice cream.

Tuitubou Praises Flying Fijians

In a congratulatory message, Minister for
Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou said
the country was proud of the overall performance of the team and thanked the coaching team headed by JohnMcKee for elevating the standard of Fijian rugby.


Fish Waste Fertiliser Game Changer


Fish waste with locally

produced liquid organic
fertilizer will soon become the next big thing
in the agricultural sector.
According to entrepreneur, Donald Pickering
the fertilisers non chemical properties are soil
enriching and could very
well be a potential game
changer for farmers.
Mr Pickering who is
also Chairman of the Fiji
Organic Association, has
been successfully trialing
the fish waste fertiliser
project for three years,
technically and partially
funded and supported
by the European Union
Commodity Trade (EU
The project is facilitated by the Secretariat
of the Pacific Community,
European Union Increas-

ing Agriculture Commodity Trade (SPC EU IACT).

Backed by research
and tested use of the organic soil stimulant, Mr
Pickering says the valueadded, unrefined fish
waste-turned soil enhancer can help overcome serious soil deficiency issues.
He said it has received
positive feedback from
trialists such as Nadi Bay
Herbs, Sabeto Organic
Pawpaw Association and
other farmers that are
currently experiencing lethargic soil including the
Wakaya Resort with their
commercial-oriented organic ginger farms.
The response from
participating farmers has
been extremely positive.
As well as delivering the
desired results, farmers
find our liquid product
easier to apply than traditional fertilisers, whether
from a backpack spray,

Sigatoka Concentrates on New Goals

By Kathrin Krishna
To raise awareness
around the newly adopted
Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs), UN Women
and the United Nations
Development Programme
(UNDP) in Fiji partnered
with Sigatoka Town Council to hold the Community
Social Good Summit featuring the Continuing Market Business Education
(CMBE) for market vendors as part of the Markets
for Change project.
Themed at New Goals,
New power, New technology, the Community
Social Good Summit in Sigatoka discussed on SDGs
and how new technology had improved our lives
and our communities.
CEO of Sigatoka Town
Council Tulsi Ram at the
opening said that this initiative would benefit the
residents in Nadroga.
We are honored to
host this Community Social Good Summit with UN
Women and UNDP. It is to
improve the standard of
living of the people of Nadroga and Navosa by working together and achieving
SDGs. Said Mr Ram.
UN Womens Representative Ms. Aleta Miller discussed the importance of
gender equality.
The importance of gender equality for sustainable

development goes beyond

goal five, which specifically calls for the achievement of gender equality
and womens empowerment.
We cannot achieve any
of the global goals without
addressing the existing
inequality, discrimination
and violence that women
across the world face every day, she said.
Womens knowledge
and skill will also be critical in finding creative and
sustainable solutions to
achieve the SDGs across
the board.
This makes the newly
approved global goals an
exciting opportunity for
the global community to
renew its commitment to
gender equality and to take
bold and specific action to
achieve it, she said.
The summit in Sigatoka
has provided a forum for
the market vendors and
the local citizens to learn
more about technology
which could help them
achieve global goals.
The Community Social Good Summit in Sigatoka also provided forum for local citizens and
market vendors to know
more about mobile technology and discuss how it
would contribute to their
business, wellbeing and
achieving the Global Goals.

side dresser, or as a soil

Local farmers aside,
Mr Pickering says that a
liquid organic fertiliser industry could benefit Fijis
Agriculture sector.
The potential for
growth at home and regionally is huge, and we
plan to distribute the
product through hardware stores and garden
supply outlets for the
home gardener.
For now, Mr Pickering
operates out of a factory
in Wailada, Lami, located
proximate to his fish processing suppliers.
The International Trade
Centre (ITC) is facilitating
the development of the
FCLC Secretariat with
funds provided by the
European Union through
its Improvement of Key
Services to Agriculture
(IKSA) Programme
Don Pickering inspecting new equipment at his factory. Pic - Pacific Reach Limited

DHL Strengthens
Community Ties
DHL employees in Fiji
displayed commitment to
strengthening their local
community ties as part of
Global Volunteer Day 2015.
DHL Express as part of
Deutsche Post DHL Group,
the worlds leading postal
and logistics group, displayed their commitment
to strengthening their local communities with 30
employees taking part in
renovations of a school in
a global drive to give back
to local communities and
to instill a spirit of volunteerism among employees.
The Nadi DHL Team
got together on Saturday
and as part of the Global
Volunteer Day we painted
the kindergartens classroom, benches and chairs,
DHL Operation Manager
Nilesh Chand said.
We also removed old
school fence and set up
new ones, he said.
Head Teacher Masimasi
Narayan said the school
was proud of the services
that DHL has rendered for
school improvements and
He paid tribute to DHL

DHL workers fix a bench at the school. Picture supplied by DHL

and its band of volunteers.

All the stakeholders,
the school management,
Ministry Of Education,
parents, teachers and students were delighted to
see a bright kindergarten
and school benches for
children resting and other
repairs and upgrade for
the School .
You have added colour
to our institution and we
the stakeholders of Masimasi Primary School and
kindergarten thank you
whole heartedly for the

effort that DHL has rendered< Mr Narayan said.

Introduced in Asia Pacific in 2008, Volunteer Day
soon expanded into the
Middle East, Africa and
Europe and continues to
build on its success by involving more
employees than ever
Now a global, Groupwide program, in 2013 the
initiative was rolled out as
a year-long program and

was a tremendous success. In 2014, more than

108,000 employees took
part in some 1,700 projects
in 117 countries around the
As part of Global Volunteer Day 2015, Deutsche
Post DHL Group offices
around the world are participating in a variety of
community projects in
support of various local



West showcases at National Womens Expo

By Charles Chambers

Women from the west

have invaded Suva with
their artisan skills.
They were part of the
National Womens Expo
2015 which was held in
Suva from October 14 16.
The women had been
preparing for some time
for the expo where they
showcased their artisan
The event was held at
the Vodafone Arena in
Suva and was organised
by the Ministry of Women,
Children and Poverty Alleviation in partnership with
local sponsors.
Minister for Women,
Children and Poverty Alleviation Hon. Rosy Akbar
said the Expo provided an
opportunity for 600 women artisans to showcase
their skills and talent at the
Minister Akbar made
these comments while
speaking at the official
ground breaking ceremony for the new Womens
Development Centre in Ba

last week.
She said the ministry in
partnership with the Fiji
Arts Council, Ministry of
Health and Ministry of Industry had selected these
women artisans.
Apart from 600 who
had been selected by the
divisional craft shows we
have given 50 more women vendors and artisans
the opportunity to participate in the National Womens Expo 2015, Ms Akbar.
This years theme,
Connecting Women to
Markets: Make it Happen,
has motivated them to focus on the quality of their
products to get a better
value of their hard work,
Ms Akbar said.
She said she expected
to see a wide range of
The Ministry in partnership with Westpac Fiji
has also organised financial literacy trainings for
all the women artisans,
likewise there will be various other capacity building
workshops available for
enhanced learning at the
Expo, Minister Akbar said.
The members of the Ba

Minister Rosy Akbar with Dr Maria Doton. Photo SUPPLIED

Womens Forum were also

represented at this years
National Womens Expo.
Dr Maria Doton, president of Ba Womens Forum
said that women had prepared their products which

were sold at the Expo.

Dr Doton said there
were 18 different ranges of
products and this included
handicrafts, contemporary
art, ladies fashion wears
home-made food items

and many more.

Last week the Ministry
had also organised a quality control workshop for
women who had been selected to participate in the

Ms Akbar said the ministry had encouraged women to strive for the quality,
creativity and packaging of
the products that was sold
at the Expo.

Six New Coaches for TTF

By Kathrin Krishna
Six new luxury coaches
were introduced by Tourism Transport Fiji to cater
for the increasing number
of tourists visiting Fiji.
The investment is close
to $2 million and the new
coaches would provide
transport services to Suva,
Denarau and Lautoka respectively.
Brad Rutherford, the
group manager said that
the introduction of these
new coaches would help
in providing better services
to the tourists.
This coach is fitted
with 28 business class
seats and luxury finishing
for unmatched and unri-

valled level of comfort and

space, he said.
Minister for Industry,
Trade and Tourism FaiyazKoya said TTF has set
a standard in the tourism
sector therefore this investment would be beneficial
both to the economy and
the tourists.
TTF has set high standards in the tourism industry, he said.
Transportation is an integral part of tourism and
has two main functionsthe means of tourist displacement from origin to
destination and attractions
and services to the tourist.
TTF has also launched a
new logo which highlighting TTFs commitment for
future expansion.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya with the
staff of TTF at the launch. Photo SUPPLIED

Urai Retains GS Position


Daniel Urai is still the

General Secretary for the
National Union of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism
Industries Employees.
This is after the veteran

unionist won his union

Union members com-

counting was finalized at

elections by a massive 775

plained about the disap-

Nadis Hexagon Hotel in


The unionist is also

votes out of 1070. His op-

pearance of their names

his presence.

dent for the Fiji Trades

ponent, Mereani Qoro re-

from the registered list

A total of 1984 mem-

Union Congress which

trieved 285 votes.



prompting Fijian Elections

bers are registered from

is the umbrella body

The election was the

Office Supervisor Moham-

38 properties under the

for NUHCTIE and other

second one held for the

med Saneem to quaran-


unions in the country.

union after the first one

tine all ballot boxes.

Mr Urai was elated with

was declared null and void

The Supervisor has now

the win and said this was

due to a number of com-

said the second two day

a positive indication of the

plaints about voter regis-

elections were conducted

work he has done for his


at all polling stations and




Higgins Excellence
Shows in Road Upgrade

By Charles Chambers
Hiigins has turned the
facelook of roads leading
to Nadi International Airport into what could be described as matching to any
country in the world.
The four lane traffic, almost near completion, has
vastly improved thye image of the airport as compared to that seen just over
a year ago.
Added to this attraction
are the street lighting and
traffic lights at the airport
Higgins Fiji secured the
international gateway project to construct four lanes
along the Queens Road in
Nadi for the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA).
The FRA have contracted this road upgrade
to improve the international gateway into and out
of Fiji, decreasing travel
times and relieving traffic

congestion for both visitors

and the local community.
The existing Queens
Road is a heavily trafficked
route and the road services
about 15,000 vehicles per
The project runs from
Naisoso through Namaka and terminates at the
Wailoaloa junction, on the
Western Side of Viti Levu
just north of Nadi town.
As the primary route to
the airport, it is critical that
works undertaken allow
people to pass efficiently
through the site, particularly those that need to catch
international flights at Nadi
International Airport.
As with the current
maintenance contract in
Fiji, a number of local suppliers and subcontractors
will be used to deliver the
work on Nadi N2, supplementing the local Higgins
Fiji team. This project will
Higgins plans to further
extend the skills of local
staff and continue their
program of upskilling local

people to deliver local infrastructure projects.

Higgins Fiji officially
opened their new office
in Nadi with a formal ceremony attended by Fiji
Prime Minister, Commodore Vereqe Bainimarama
and the Attorney General
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.
Higgins Fiji is contracted
to the Fijian government to
provide road maintenance
in the Western Division of
Fiji for four years; a contract that commenced in
January 2013. The ceremony involved formal
introductions, ceremonial
offerings, Fijian dancing, a
kava ceremony and a formal cutting of the ribbon.
The new office provides
staff with a significantly improved facility. The official
opening on the 12 June
2013 was attended by all
151 Higgins staff. The ceremony was also attended
by Higgins Chairman Sir
Patrick Higgins, Managing
Director Bernard Higgins
and Higgins CEO David

Higgins our Heritage

By Charles Chambers

The art of crafting stone.

Blue Rock Quarries Mobile Crushing Aggregate Supplies Rock Breakers Beer Specialists

Higgins grew from a

small, contracting business established in the
Manawatu by Irish immigrant Dan Higgins. It is now
a leading New Zealand
civil construction contractor with operations that
include the manufacture
and supply of materials to
the construction industry.
Like all true pioneers,
Dans arrival plan was to
find his own slice of land
in New Zealand and start
farming. He initially found
employment on others
farms but the depression
put a dent in any thoughts
of owning his own.
With shovel in hand Dan
took on any work he could
find and eventually found
employment with British
Excelling in roading and
drain-laying, he took these
skills to Palmerston North.
It was the mid-50s and
Dan set up his own drainage and road repair business in loose partnership
with others. Then, in 1958
eldest son Pat joined Dan

and Higgins was born.

Over time, Higgins became more of a family affair as sons Michael and
Bernard joined during the
60s and 70s.
These two decades
were a time of rapid expansion as Higgins grew
into the areas of civil construction, the manufacture
and supply of aggregates,
concrete and bitumen.
In addition, Higgins developed expertise in pavement construction, spray
sealing, asphalt paving,
drainage, traffic management, road marking and
road maintenance.
Over the last 50 years
Higgins has been at the
forefront of building New
and is now one of the leading roading civil and road
construction companies in
the country.
Our support office is still
in Palmerston North and
Higgins now employs over
1200 people throughout
New Zealand and in Fiji.



Nadi Hosts 5th Pacific Tuna Forum

By Kathrin Krishna
The Pacific Nations
need to take more stringent measures to control
the over-fishing of tuna.
A recent forum in Nadi
heard the continous fall in
stocks of big eye and yellow fin tuna in the regions
The 5th Pacific Tuna Forum, held in Nadi recently
from around the world.
At the forum, the stakeholders discussed sustainable
practices of Pacific tuna
Fisheries Minister Osea
Naigamu at the opening

said discussions would be

done on ways to address
tuna industry concerns.
This conference for
courses on tuna management issues in the Pacific
region markets and marketing opportunities for
tuna products. International freight and trade barriers, research and development of new tuna products
and prospects for tuna industry development, said
We hear from our regional management organization that big eyed tuna
is at over-fished state and
yellow fin tuna is now under threat.
I hope that through the
presentation and discus-

sion over the two days we

will come up with appropriate strategies and direction that can lead towards
addressing this concern,
he added.
PNGs Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Mao Zeming said that
in comparison to the other
countries, Pacific Island
Countries have been consistent in managing the
tuna resources in the Pacific.
We also want to fish
and develop our tuna industries, we also want to
establish viable fishing
processing industry to process tuna. We have small
economies with limited

Dr Abdul Kunhimohamed (Director Infofish) 2nd from left, with PNGs Minister for Fisheries
and Marine Resources, Mao Zeming and the Fisheries Minister Osea Naigamu at the opening
of 5th Tuna Forum at Sofitel Resort. Photo: Kathrin Krishna

ties, but are surrounded by

vast oceans and sustainable tuna stock.
It is therefore important that the Pacific Islands
be given that opportunity

to participate in the world

economy through investment fishing ventures and
tuna processing facilities,
said Zeming.
One third of the worlds

Tuna supplied worldwide

is supplied from the Pacific.
Tuna currently fetches a
price of $3000 per tonne.

Minister On Entrepreneurship
was yesterday emphasized
to youths of Korovuto in
Nadi during a workshop
conducted by the Ministry
of iTaukei Affairs.
While addressing close
to 50 villagers of Korovuto,
who were part of the Sauvaki ni Vanua workshop
which sees the instilling
and strengthening of traditional iTaukei knowledge on young people,
the Hon. Minister for Youth
and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou spoke about the positives of having successfully
managed income generating projects.
Korovuto is a beautiful
village and what is evident
to all who pass by your village is the abundance of

resources that are readily

available to you and I wish
to urge you to fully utilize
your resources in order to
venture successfully into
income generating projects, Minister Tuitubou
There are a number of
youth clubs in the country
that have gone further from
their initial income generating projects, which was
governments assistance
to these youth clubs and
they have identified ideal
projects that are relevant
to their locations which
has ensured that income is
always forthcoming.
Minister Tuitubou also
informed them of the ministrys programmes and
services which were targeted at bolstering youth
entrepreneurial initiatives
and development.

There are also successful youth groups around

the country that have wisely managed their profits
from their projects due to
continuous collaboration
with the ministry because
we offer services and programmes tailor made to
suit your needs.
The onus is on youths
to come forward and utilize all these programmes
in order to further the development of your community as well as your
youth group, Minister Tuitubou added.
Principal youth officer
Western, Valami Naloga
also stressed the crucial
role youths played in the
Young people are an
integral part of the community and you have a crucial role in community de-

Running for Health

and Wellness

Toning muscles, losing

calories and keeping fit.
These are just some of
the reasons why running
needs to be prioritized in
a persons life according
to former Fiji representative to the South Pacific
Games, Abhinesh Kumar.
The former long distance running rep said his
organisation, known as the
Jet Runners Club is out to
promote running as the
ultimate way of maintain
physical health.
What better way to
lose calories and also tone

muscles than getting yourself involved in running,

he said.
The Jet Runners Club
has held a total of 64 races
so far and Mr Kumar has
urged everyone to sign
themselves up for the next
organised race.
So far, most of the
countrys long distance
runners are based in the
West and our club wants
to challenge those athletes
out in the other divisions to
organise running competitions or come compete
with our runners during
one of our competitions.
Mr Kumar said the club
also had a few athletes
from secondary schools

and even from rural areas.

He said the last competition was held in Serua
where long distance running enthusiasts participated.
We were pleasantly
surprised by the number
of unknowns that showed
up and we plan to organise
more of such rural competitions so we can get new
people interested, he
The club, based in Votualevu is headed by Mr Kumar and other former long
distance runners.


velopment because in any

sort of community development, youths are trusted
to carry out these works,
Mr Naloga said.
Mr Naloga pointed out
the importance of identifying sustainable income
generating projects for
youth clubs.
These projects that you
wish to undertake must
be carefully thought out
before you commit yourselves to it because your

projects must be economically viable and sustainable to ensure that your

efforts do not go to waste
because as future leaders
government is hugely reliant on youths and we are
committed to your development.
Korovuto youth club
member Ratu Meli Finau
praised the ministry for
looking after the wellbeing
of all youths in the country.
I wish to thank the

Hon. Minister for Youth and

Sports and the ministry for
showing firsthand the care
taken by Government for
youths of the country especially for us here in Korovuto, Mr Finau said.
We look forward to
working closely with the
ministry in order to realize our goals for the youth
group and set up an ideal
income generating project
to boost our youths development.

Radisson expands to Suva

By Charles Chambers

The capital city is set

to welcome in a famous
hotel brand to its ever
growing expansion.
The Park Inn by Radisson Fiji Suva is the second Carlson Rezidor hotel in Fiji following the
Radisson Blu Resort Fiji
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the
worlds largest and most
dynamic hotel groups,
today announced the
signing of the management contract with Fund
Trust Joint Venture, set
up by majority shareholder iTaukei Trust Fund
and minority shareholder
Methodist Church Holdings Trust.
This is the second
Carlson Rezidor hotel in
Fiji is also jointly owned
by iTaukei Trust Fund, an
investment entity established by the Fijian government.
Park Inn by Radisson
Fiji Suva is scheduled to
open in the second quarter of 2018.
We are excited to
grow our partnership
with iTaukei Trust Fund
as we expand Carlson
Rezidors presence in
New Zealand and the

Pacific Islands), beginning with Fijis capital of

Suva, the hub for regional businesses operating
in the Pacific Islands,
said Thorsten Kirschke,
president, Asia Pacific,
Carlson Rezidor Hotel
Park Inn by Radisson
Fiji Suva underscores
our renewed commitment to Australasia,
which is a key sub-region for Carlson Rezidor
in Asia Pacific. To optimize the potential of
Australasia as an engine
of growth, our dedicated
Australasia development
team is rolling out plans
to introduce new brands
to the market.
Park Inn by Radisson
Fiji Suva is the first NexGen Park Inn by Radisson hotel in Australasia
and also the first international midscale hotel
in Suva. It is well positioned to capture the
corporate segment and
the growing demand in
the leisure travel segment.
In the first quarter of
this year, 380,870 tourists
visited the Pacific Island
countries, a 7.1% increase compared to the
same period last year,
with Fiji leading the pack
with the lions share of
143,447 visitors[i]. Fijis


major tourism source

markets include Australia, New Zealand, Japan,
Korea, the United States
and the United Kingdom.
Park Inn by Radisson
Fiji Suva is a 130-key new
build hotel located within
walking distance of the
main street, the wharf
and the citys main bus
The hotel is located
close to shopping malls,
offices, banks, the headquarters of religious organizations, the European
Union office and many
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
The hotel is served by
Nausori International Airport, which is about 17km
or a 30-minute drive
away. As part of a master plan for the airport, a
complete refurbishment
exercise to upgrade the
airport to a domestic and
international air hub, is
expected in the future.
Park Inn by Radisson
Fiji Suva will have an allday dining restaurant and
a lounge. To cater to demand from the MICE segment, the hotels meetings facilities will include
a ballroom and meeting
rooms. There will also be
a fitness center and ample parking lots.

Nine Leave under Seasonal

Work Scheme
By Kathrin Krishna

It was a proud moment for the nine selected females as they departed
our shores for a lifetime chance to travel to Australia under seasonal work
The females were selected by the employment sector to work at farms
which would include fruit picking.
Pritika Dayal said she was very excited about the trip and she hoped
things turned out for the better for her and her family.
I am really excited about the trip and I look forward to getting more experience so that I can earn for my family, she said.
This would actually be my first experience to go into the farm, she added.
The scheme covers for transportation, accommodation and meals for the
The workers would return home after 6 months after which the next
group of selected individuals would leave under the same scheme.

Thorston Kirschke, President Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Asia Pacific. Photo Supplied

Eliki with designs he had painted outside the Nadi Library.

Selected seasonal workers before departure at Nadi International Airport.
Photo: Kathrin Krishna



Yasawa Islands - Your Home Away From Home

Jill K Robinson is a
freelance writer and
describes her hourney to
Standing on coconut
Beach, toes in the sand
and looking out over the
Bligh Water, its difficult to
avoid thinking about my
collection of stranded on
a desert island lists favorite books and music
and foods to pass the time.
On the Yasawa Islands,
however, the list is pretty
simple: a hammock, some
Fijian beer, picnic lunches
and snorkel gear.
And, it turns out, a bag
of kava.
In a world where getting away from it all often
means Wi-Fi is a little sluggish, hotel TV channels
number less than 50, and
the next resort is a short
walk down the beach,
fewer are the places of
true, quiet escape. I had
come to Fijis remote Yasawa Islands to find out if
you can ditch everyday life
and technology, as well as
become immersed in the
local culture. To get away
from it all, and be part of
it all.
The archipelago of approximately 20 sparsely
populated islands was
mostly left alone until the
late 1990s, and while a
catamaran offers daily
drop-offs today, the lack
of roads, banks and shops
lures those in search of
Robinson Crusoe-style isolation. But this is Crusoe on
a sliding scale, from budget accommodations to
private-island luxury.
Even at resorts that have
a wealth of activities, it
doesnt take long to unplug
and live on Fiji time. But
the one day of the week
thats always special is
Sunday. To attend church
in the village of Matacawalevu, clothing choices
matter: a skirt or sulu, a
Fijian sarong, that covers
my knees, a top that covers my shoulders, and not
too much cleavage. When
youve packed for tropical temperatures, this may
take a little strategizing.
On the boat ride to Matacawalevu, my host, Arthur,
explains the order of the
day in visiting his village.
Well first pay our respects to the chief, and will
give him a bag of kava.
Fijis national drink,
kava is made from the pulverized root of a member
of the pepper family. After
the chief gives us permission to visit the village,
well attend church. Before

The beatiful Yasawa Group through the lens of Jill Robinsons camera.

we leave, theres time for a

few bowls of kava.
I thought the rule was
no kava on Sundays, I say,
wondering if Ive heard
Usually yes, replies Arthur.
But its Fathers Day, so
we can have kava.
How many kava loopholes do you have? I ask,
recalling a few examples
during my stay in Fiji.
Arthur lets out a roar of
a laugh, and then looks at
me with a smirk.
A lot, he says.
After securing the boat
on the beach, we walk
past the first few homes
on the outskirts of the village. Peeking inside, I see
sparse collections of furniture, family crowded
around the stove making
Sunday meals, and photos
plastered to the walls. Occasionally, an image of a
shark, turtle or stingray is
among the photos.
Shortly after his mutiny
experience, British navigator William Bligh was the
first European to sight the
Yasawas in 1789 (Bligh Water is named after him), but
the region wasnt charted
until a U.S. expedition in
1840. While the dominant
religion in Fiji is Christianity, some regional traditions
still exist from the countrys precolonial history.
Many Yasawa Islanders
have a spirit animal from

turtle to sea snake to shark.

This was once a distinction
to fight over, especially if
someone killed your family animal. Nowadays, its
another way Yasawans
identify themselves, and
sometimes gives way to
entertaining chest thumping.
Matacawalevu is a traditional village with no
more than 320 residents,
so the first stop must be at
the home of chief , to obtain permission to visit. In
a Fijian home, the eastern
door is an entrance only
for men. The family enters
through the western door,
and everyone can use the
northern door.
We ditch our rubber
flip-flops on the grass and
Arthur calls out in the direction of the northern
door, Dua, dua, dua! The
Ratu allows us inside, and
we enter, sitting on woven mats placed among
a mishmash of furniture,
appliances and family photos. The salt air has made
the black-and-white photos wavy in their frames.
Bula bula!, cries the
Ratu, and seats himself on
the floor across from us.
We reply with equal bulas.
Where do you come
from?, he asks me, and
leans forward with interest.
California, San Francisco, I answer, cutting


straight to the specific. It

seems everyone Ive talked
with in Fiji treats California
as a separate country.
Do you see the Golden
Gate Bridge every day?,
he asks.
I have to admit, I do
This seems to disappoint him, and he turns to
the next visitor. Shortly, the
Ratus attention returns to
me and he asks my impressions of Fiji.
Everyone has treated
me kindly, making me feel
as if Im part of a family, I
He winks, squeezing the
bag of kava that Arthur has
You are part of our family, he says.
Permission granted. The
DMV should be so easy.
I settle into one of the
front pews in the Matacawalevu Church, a oneroom building with seafoam walls and a floor of
peeling linoleum. Despite
the scent of the ocean
through the open windows and all attendees in
bare feet, it operates like
church nearly anywhere.
Adults maintain a serious
focus during the service,
while children swing their
legs, poke each other, fall
asleep and try to get visitors to smile. Too much
inattentiveness, however,
and an attendant delivers
a light tap with a thin cane.

Its during church that

another Fijian cultural
tradition catches my ear.
Nearly half the service is in
song, and everyone participates. After sitting out for
the first two musical numbers, Im presented with
a hymnal, courtesy of the
young boy sitting to my left.
He turns the pages to the
correct place, and runs his
finger along the Fijian lyrics, so I can find my place.
In the Yasawa Islands,
song is everywhere. Some
resorts have nightly meke
performances ,consisting
of dancing and singing,
which at first might seem
akin to formulaic Hawaiian hotel luaus, but when
I realize that Im encountering a handful of musical
occasions each day, I understand how interwoven
song traditions are here.
A gardener sings as
he climbs to harvest coconuts. Guitars and ukuleles are strewn around
the dining room, awaiting
the right moment to be
used. My dive guide hums
a church hymn while he
sets the boats anchor. A
favorite bartender, Shakira, translates Fijian lyrics
in the countrys national
anthem, Isa Lei, so I can
sing along with him.
I havent touched my
iPhone in days, not even to
listen to music. When not
wandering from beach to
beach or swimming in the

warm, azure water, Im getting spontaneous lessons

in carving drums, picking
coconuts and stringing the
perfect shell necklace.
After church, I sit with
Arthurs village buddies in
a circle on the sand floor of
a partially built home and
drink kava out of a coconut-shell bowl. While the
idea of being marooned
on a deserted island is often portrayed as bad luck,
in the case of the sparsely
inhabited Yasawas, the
benefit is evident in much
more than relaxation. For
this easy access to Fijian
island culture, Id trade
plenty of things travelers
often have on vacation
checklists. Yes, even Wi-Fi.
On this island chain that
rivals the neighboring (and
more heavily traveled)
Mamanucas in beauty, the
remoteness opens a window to Fijian daily culture
one that often remains
tightly closed in more
densely packed tourist
destinations. From the first
Bula bula greeting, being
interwoven into daily Fijian
island life seems effortless.
You are encouraged to sing
It begins to make sense,
then, that when you arrive,
youre met with a hug and
welcome home.


Air New Zealands Dreamliner

in Fiji for the first time

Air New Zealand has

flown the Boeing 787-9
Dreamliner to Fiji for the
first time with the aircraft
touching down at Nadi
International Airport at
10.45am (local time).
Airline and airport staff
along with members of
the travel trade got their
first look at the aircraft and
an opportunity to tour on
Air New Zealand Chief
Sales and Commercial Officer Cam Wallace says
deploying the 787-9 aircraft between Auckland
and Nadi will enhance the
customer experience and
contribute to an 11 percent
increase in capacity on the
The 787-9 has slotted
into our fleet well and our
customers tell us they love

travelling on it because of
the larger windows, higher
humidity and lower cabin
Were replacing a
number of existing narrow
body services with larger
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
aircraft meaning there will
be even more seats available on this route which is
great news for travellers,
says Mr Wallace.
From tomorrow Air
New Zealand is also offering its Premium Economy
product on wide body services from Nadi, delivering
greater space and comfort.
Air New Zealand operates a daily service between Nadi and Auckland
with a second daily service
on Sundays. The airline
will also add a second daily service on Fridays over

the peak holiday period

from mid-December to
mid-January. Services are
operated by a mix of Boeing 787-9, Boeing 777 and
Airbus A320 aircraft.
Last year Air New Zealand was the first global
carrier to take delivery of
the revolutionary aircraft.
The airlines current fleet
of five Dreamliners currently operate services to
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth,
Tokyo, Shanghai and now
The airlines sixth aircraft is expected to arrive
in Auckland in the coming
weeks with another six aircraft due to arrive at regular intervals through until
late 2018.




Hoteliers Finance New

Maternity Ward

2. In a wide basin
add Satwa, cardamom and
sugar and mix thoroughly.
3. Mix heated ghee
as you progress with bind250g Sweetened Con- ing the mixture into round
densed Milk
250g Golden Icing Sugar
Store in an air tight
container. Can keep for
200g Friends Fiji Style two months.
Desiccated Coconut
1. Mix together the
condensed milk, icing sugALMOND SEERA
ar and desiccated coconut
Ingredients (Serve 4-6)
in a large bowl.
1 cup of coarse Flour
Break small pieces Wheat
of the dough and cut into
1-1/2 cup of Blanched
square shapes.
3. Dust with desic1 teaspoon of Cardacated coconut.
mon Powder
4. These will keep
teaspoon of Crushed
for up to a month at least, Saffron Strands
if stored in an airtight con1 tablespoon of Warm


2 Cups Friends Fiji Style
Satwa (Seven Grains) - 250g
1.5 Cup Powdered Sugar
- 200g
1 Cup Allowrie100%
PureNZ Ghee - 200g
Cardamon (Elaichi) 7-8
1. Heat ghee until
melted thoroughly.

8-10 blanched Almonds,

finely chopped into slivers
1-1/4 cup of Allowrie100% PureNZ Ghee
3 cups of Water
1 cup of Sugar
1. Dissolve the crushed
Saffron in the warm milk
and keep it aside for some
2. Now dry and make
a powder of blanched almonds. Save 10 almonds
for the purpose of garnishing.

Mr Hopgood (left) with the awards he received. Photo: OURTIGGER FIJI

3. Melt some ghee in a

large and heavy pan.
4. Add some flour to the
ghee. Stir and fry the mixture for about 2-3 minutes.
5. Add some almond
powder to the mixture and
again stir and fry the mixture till it becomes golden
and gives a nice aroma.
The mixture should be

stirred continuously.
6. Add some water and
again stir and cook it.
7. Add some sugar to
the mixture.
8. When the ghee starts
to exude then add some
cardamom and saffron to
the mixture.
9. Now stir and place the
prepared dish into the serv-

ing dish. Garnish it with the

chopped almonds.


Ingredients (Serve 4-6)
1 can chickpeas
3 lbs potatoes
1large onion

3 cloves of garlic
1 Golden Brand chili
3 tsp Golden Brand curry powder
1 cup of water
2 tsp Golden Soya Bean

Recipes to Delight Your

Family and Guests
Germans 2 min. or until butter is
Chocolate melted. Stir until chocolate
is completely melted. Add

Cheesy Bacon Mini

2 eggs
3/4 cup milk
1-1/2 lb. lean ground beef
1 pkg. (6 oz.) STOVE TOP
Stuffing Mix for Chicken
3/4 cup KRAFT Mexican
Style Finely Shredded Four
1/3 cup KRAFT Original
Barbecue Sauce
3 green onions, sliced
6 slices OSCAR MAYER

Whisk eggs and milk in
large bowl until blended.
Add all remaining ingredients except bacon; mix
lightly. Shape into 6 (1-inchthick) patties; wrap bacon
slice around edge of each
Wrap individually in
plastic wrap; place in
re-sealable plastic bag. Seal bag.
Freeze up to 3 months.
Heat oven to 375F. Unwrap frozen patties; place
on rimmed baking sheet
sprayed with cooking
spray. Bake 40 to 45 min. or
until done (160F).


1 pkg. (4 oz.) BAKERS

GERMANS Sweet Chocolate
3/4 cup butter or margarine
1-1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups flour, divided
1 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1 cup buttermilk
Coconut-Pecan Filling
and Frosting

Heat oven to 350F.
Microwave chocolate
and butter in large microwaveable bowl on HIGH

sugar; beat with mixer until blended. Add eggs, 1 at

a time, mixing well after
each addition. Blend in
vanilla. Combine 1/2 cup
flour, baking soda and salt.
Add to chocolate mixture;
mix well. Add remaining
flour alternately with buttermilk, mixing well after
each addition.
Spoon into 24 paperlined muffin cups.
Bake 25 to 30 min. or
until toothpick inserted in
centers comes out clean.
Cool in pans 10 min.; remove to wire racks. Cool
Frost with Coconut-Pecan Filling and Frosting.


Nadi In Pictures

Nadi In Pictures

A Dream
come true for
Neha at Sugar Festival
By Kathrin Krishna
Miss Fiji Foundation
for the Needy Children in
Fiji, Neha Narayan was
crowned Miss Sugar Festival 2015 at Churchill Park.
Ms Narayan thanked
her sponsors for the opportunity and dedicated
the achievement to her
I thank my sponsors
and supporters in Lauotoka for believing in me and
giving me an opportunity,
she said.

I dedicate my win to
my mother, without whom
I wouldnt have won, she
from the different carnivals across Fiji will vie for
the position of Miss Fiji in a
pageant which will be held
in Nadi this month.
Miss Fiji will later represent the country at the Miss
Pacific pageant scheduled
for November.

Tour Company Lends A Hand

The children of Lovu Hart Home, their faces
glowing with excitement, sat eagerly as if
Santa Claus had arrived early as Althia Tours
bought groceries and clothes for the more
vulnerable residents at the settlement.




Solomon Airlines to commence

direct Honiara-Nadi service
By Charles Chambers

Travellers to and from

the Solomon Islands are
in for a treat with an added flight should approval
be given by Government.
The new flight, if approved, will begin on November 4.
The national carrier
will utilise its flagship
Airbus A320 on the route
which is scheduled to
operate ex-Honiara on
Wednesdays and ex-Nadi
on Thursdays.
The new service builds
on the national carriers
existing Honiara - Nadi
service which operates
via Port Vila, Vanuatu, on
Saturdays and returns to
Honiara, again via Port
Vila, on Sundays.

This new flight path

represents a further expansion of Solomon Airlines international network in recent months,
the carrier having commenced a direct SydneyHoniara service in June.
Solomon Airlines Gen-

eral Manager Operations

& Commercial, Gus Kraus
said the commencement
of the new Honiara-Nadi
service held great significance for the prospect of
increased trade and business links between the
two countries as well as

a closer relationship with

a key Melanesian neighbour.
As importantly, this
new direct service opens
up even more opportunity for international travellers to make seamless
connections via Fiji into

the Solomon Islands, and

particularly from North
America and northern
Asia, he said.
This new service represents yet another major
benchmark for Solomon
Airlines in a very proud
53-year history.

Timings as follow:
Flight IE 708 operating
Wednesday, departs Honiara at 1515 arriving Nadi
at 2015.
Flight IE 709 operating
Thursday, departs Nadi at
1100 arriving Honiara at

Street Poll: What do you think should be the next step for FRU to prepare for the 2019 World Cup?

IvamereRadinimoala, Malawai

John Lumkon, Nabua

KeresiFoto, Kennedy Avenue

NuniaMatabalei, Votualevu

RatulailaiVuniamatana, Nadi

TaleiVisaca, Martintar

The team should just maintain the standard they have

reached during the World Cup.
We have improved our rugby
in terms of skills and defence
and the best thing now is just
to maintain this level.

Just retain the current

coach and officials. Fiji
has improved a lot in this
World Cup. If Fiji can match
the scrums of the likes of
England, Australia and Wales
I bet you Fiji can hold up the
All Blacks scrums too come
next time.

Extend John McKees contract

and get more sponsors to
help prepare the team for
the next World Cup. We are
on par with Tier One teams
now, we need to keep this up
and get behind McKee for the
work he has done with the
Flying Fijians.

FRU would do good to keep

the coach and his team
around. McKee has helped our
team reach a different level of
rugby now, imagine what can
happen come 2019, we should
definitely keep him for the

Scrums and the line outs

have improved tremendously
and even their defence games.
In general, we should keep
playing our style of Fijian
rugby. And maybe the coaches
could have three goal kickers around just in case one
doesnt fare out too well.

Keep the team because it is

a good one. They had tough
teams in their pool and despite
the losses to the Tier Ones,
they played well so it would
be best to keep the members
of the team and train them for
the next World Cup, theyd be
a team to reckon with.



To raise awareness
around the newly adopted
Sustainable Development
Goals, UN Women and the
United Nations Development Programme in Fiji
partnered with Sigatoka
Town Council to hold the
Community Social Good
Summit featuring the Continuing Market Business
Education for market vendors as part of the Markets
for Change project.
The Social Good Summit is a flagship event for
UNDP, said UNDP Administrator Helen Clark in New
We plan to use the Social Good Summits platform and audience to help
governments and partners
launch the Sustainable
Development Goals to
help make the new Global
Goals a household name
With the theme, New
Goals New power New
technology, the Community Social Good Summit
in Sigatoka discussed what
SDGs applied to them and
their community and how
new technology had improved their lives and our
We are honored to

Sigatoka Summit focuses on Development

host this Community Social Good Summit with UN

Women and UNDP. It is to
improve the standard of
living of the people of Nadroga and Navosa by working together and achieving
SDGs, Tulsi Ram, Chief
Executive Officer, Sigatoka
Town Council said while
opening Summit and welcoming participants.
The importance of gen-

der equality for sustainable

development goes beyond
goal five, which specifically calls for the achievement of gender equality
and womens empowerment, UN Womens Representative at the FIJI MCO,
Ms. Aleta Miller said.
She said one could not
achieve any of the global
goals without addressing
the existing inequality, dis-

crimination and violence

that women across the
world face every day.
knowledge and skill would
also be critical in finding
creative and sustainable
solutions to achieve the
SDGs across the board.
This makes the newly
approved global goals an
exciting opportunity for
the global community to

renew its commitment to

gender equality and to take
bold and specific action to
achieve it, she said.
Osnat Lubrani, UN Resident Co-ordinator and
UNDP Representative said
Fiji had made significant
progress the past 15 years
to achieve the Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs), but there is much
left to do.

The SDGs are a powerful framework to guide further work to close the gaps
but also tackle important
emerging issues, including
rise in inequalities, marine
and climate change, as
well as building effective,
accountable and inclusive






Mexican police find Tijuana-San Diego drugs tunnel

Mexican police have found an 800m (2,625ft) long tunnel used to smuggle drugs into the US city of San Diego,
authorities say.
The tunnel, which starts from the Mexican city of Tijuana, is reported to belong to the drug gang of fugitive drug
cartel leader Joaquin Guzman.
Police said they detained 16 suspects and seized 10
tonnes of marijuana.
Mexican cartels have been smuggling drugs to the US
through underground tunnels for years.
Federal police moved in on the latest tunnel, which was
10m (33ft) deep, after weeks of investigations and without firing a single shot, surprising the suspected drug
smugglers, the National Security Commission said.
Police described a sophisticated tunnel, which was lit,
ventilated and built with metal beams to prevent collapse.
Officials have not yet confirmed which gang was operating the tunnel, but officials who spoke on the condition
of anonymity told Reuters news agency that it was built
by Guzmans Sinaloa Cartel, which operates in the region.

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman escaped from a maximum

security jail through a 1.5km-long (1 mile) tunnel in July
and remains on the run.
Another tunnel was discovered at the start of August also
in Tijuana, though it was incomplete and came short of
crossing the border with the US.

Living in the Lions Den. Indian Woman who Hears Cat Calls
Living in the Lions Den. Indian Woman who Hears Cat Calls
For a group of women forest guards working in Indias Gir sanctuary, the only home to Asiatic lions, protecting and rescuing big cats
is all in a days work. The BBCs Geeta Pandey travels to Gir forest
to meet one of them
For as long as she can remember, Geeta Ratadiya always wanted
to be a forest guard.
I was born in Gir, my grandfather and my father both worked as
forest guards, she says.
Unlike Vadher and Kagada who had never seen a lion until they
became forest guards, Ratadiya had her first encounter with the
big cats when she was just four years old.
My father used to take me to the forest with him all the time. One
day I saw him standing close to a lion and a lioness. I was very
afraid, I thought they would attack him, I started to cry, she says
with a laugh.
mar/Gir Forest
But she continued to accompany her father into the jungle and,
she says, gradually the fear faded.
When I told my parents that I wanted to work in the forest, my
mother thought I was too frail and would not qualify. She was
thrilled when I was selected. But I always wanted to wear the khaki uniform and carry a walkie-talkie like my dad.
In the six years that she has worked as a forest guard, Ratadiya has
been involved in many rescue operations and also takes care of
the animals at the rescue centre.
On the days there is no rescue, there is plenty for her to do, taking
care of injured, sick and abandoned animals.
Ratadiya had been married for just a couple of months when she
got the forest department job.
Today, she often takes her two-year-old daughter to work. She
pesters me to bring her here every day. She loves looking at lions
and other animals.

Writing in the Sand Saves Tourist Life


Geoff Keys, 63, was

barefoot in an area
plagued by the worlds
deadliest snakes after taking a wrong turn while enjoying a dip.
For hours he swam and
hiked as he tried to find
his way back to camp in
the jungle in northern
winched to safety by the
north Queensland search
and rescue police.
He spent two days in
hospital recovering but is
still determined to continue travelling.
His online blog has the
motto: Adventure before Dementia. Seeing the
world while I remember
where it is.

His ordeal began when

he went for a swim with
a friend about five miles
from his camp in Jardine
National Park.
Despite wearing only
shorts, a T-shirt and hat, he
went looking for some waterfalls but made what he
now describes as a stupid
He took a shortcut
through the bush and was
soon lost and the beginning of his ordeal.
He swam and trekked,
hoping a creek he stumbled upon would take him
back to the camp, but it
was a different stream.
At one stage, Mr Keys,
a retired AA driver, from
Dartford, Kent, heard helicopters in the distance and
realised they were searching for him.
Luckily the only animals I had trouble with
were the ants that live un-

Once a SoldierNow an Ice

Cream Truck
The sudden rustling of
leaves from a nearby tree
conjures up fearful memories for Rajeewan. In 2006
with the hope of seeing
his sister, he had travelled
from his home in Jaffna to
the Vanni region in Northern Sri Lanka.
At the time a ceasefire agreement had been
signed between the Government of Sri Lanka and
the Liberation Tigers of
Tamil Ealam (LTTE), making it possible for people

to travel into the rebel

controlled Vanni region.
This did not last, during the
course of Rajeewans visit
fighting erupted between
Government forces and
the LTTE closing off the
main return route back to
The 13 year old was
trapped, unable to go back
to his home in Jaffna. Cut
off from his parents, friends
and school Rajeewan was
now in the midst of a raging conflict.
His desperation and fear
increased by the day, as
the LTTE was now on the
look-out to recruit more

der bark, Mr Keys said.

He decided to keep on
swimming, despite being
bounced around by rapids
near sharp rocks while at
through the jungle, home
to the deadly taipan.
Then as he was drifting
past a sandbank, he had
an idea that saved his life.
scrawled in the sand Help
2807 with an arrow, referring to the date and the direction he was travelling.
Mr Keys told the Daily
Express that it was not until
the following day and another night in the bush that
he was finally found.
He said he owed his life
to North Queensland Senior Constable Brad Foat,
who extended the search
area and spotted the message.
A grateful Mr Keys was
winched to safety.
children to fight in their
They visited towns and
villages and Rajeevans
sisters home. In 2007,
despite the pleas of his
family, he got abducted
and was taken away to be
trained as a child solider.
I was really scared they
would hurt me, I wanted
to get out says Rajeevan.
His countless attempts to
escape also failed as he
was caught by the LTTE
and brought back to their
I longed to see my family, I wanted to go home
he says. Subsequently Rajeewan was placed in their
armed ranks and compelled to fight with them
until the last stages of the
At the end of the conflict
in May 2009 Rajeewan surrendered to the Sri Lankan
Army and was sent to a
rehabilitation centre in Vavuniya. After a year there
he was allowed to go back
home. He had left his family as a 13 year old boy, and
was now returning as a 19
year old fully grown adult.
I was happy to be finally home, but I was worried

Geoff Keys thanking his rescuer Brad Foat. Photo: DAILY EXPRESS

Mr Keys said he survived by drinking water out

of the creek.
I managed to go without food, despite all that
walking and swimming,
he added.
Not once did I think
I wouldnt make it out of
about my future and what
I could do to earn a living
and help my aging parents he said.
As a child Rajeewan
had lost out on his school
education leaving him no
option but to look for unskilled labour work.
changed when he was
contacted by UNICEF to attend a Vocational Training
Programme where he enlisted for a driving course.
He was among 25 former
child soldiers invited to
Six months later and
fully conversant with the
traffic rules and driving
skills, Rajeewan was on
the road. He got a permanent job with a local ice
cream vendor and drives
around villages and towns
delivering fresh ice-cream
to children.
I love to honk while
driving past my home. My
brother always comes out
to wave he says.
Rajeewan earns a daily
wage of Sri Lanka Rupees
450/- which includes a
lunch allowance.
I love my job and more

Luckily the only animals I had trouble with
were the ants that live under bark. Whenever I leant
on a tree they would be all
over my neck.
Mr Keys said he still
planned to continue his

travels. Im having a ball,

he said.
But I never expected
something like this to happen.

Rajeewan beside his ice cream truck. Photo: UNICEF.

than anything I am able to

help my family he says.
Besides the monthly
food supply, Rajeewa has
also bought clothes for his
younger sister and brother.
I am so thankful to UNICEF for helping me to rebuild my life. I have a better future because of this
he says.
Since 2002, nearly 7,000
children were recruited as
child soldiers in Sri Lanka.
At the end of the conflict
in May 2009, a total of 594
children aged between 12
and 18 years surrendered
to armed forces. At the
time UNICEF worked with
the Sri Lanka Government

to ensure that all of the

children were treated as
victims and not persecuted. UNICEF also supported
the Government to formulate the legal framework
for the rehabilitation of
child soldiers and worked
with the Ministry of Justice
and Commissioner General for Rehabilitation to provide education, recreation
and vocational training as
well as psychological support to help them deal with
their past.




Island Resort Team Leaders attend Self Development Course

staff of Treasure Island
Resort has recently completed a Leaders Development course to build on
current skills and to excel
in their current roles.
This course has allowed
our team leaders to understand the ability they
have within themselves
to achieve what they may
have thought impossible
Whats learned can now
be passed on to their staff
and together build a team
full of confidence, self-assurance and optimism.
The course, which is
held by Kelera Kotobalavu,
puts forward a belief system that allows you to start
where you are and attract
everything you want in life
by using what you already
have your mind to tap

into the power you already

have, to achieve your
dreams; success is accessible to anyone who truly
desires it!
Kelera Kotobalavu is
a motivational speaker,
from the village of Yalobi,
Waya in the Yasawas, was
brought up in Fiji and has
been living in Sydney for
twenty years. She is a regular writer for Fiji Times
Sunday edition (The Sunday Times).

ment, coaching, staff development,

and team building.
Treasure Island Resort
is one of Fijis most popular island resorts. Treasure
Island being a four-star resort offers 68 traditionallystyled and recently renovated bures, along with a
and bar, impressive threetiered swimming pool and
a highly acclaimed kids
Treasure Island has
that truly authentic Fijian
experience and this genuine hospitality is contagious and the main reason
we have so many return
guests. We pride ourselves
on our quality product and
service and we look forward to welcoming you to
our beautiful island.

Naked Wine at

A glass of wine a day

keeps the doctor away
and what better way than
with the new Naked Range
Wines available at P.Meghji
A wine tasting event was
held recently at P.Meghjis
Martintar shop to commemorate the newly unveiled
range of wine.
According to the direc-

tor of Naked Range Wines,

Mike Jansz, the product
promises to deliver a much
more refined taste perfect
for winding down after a
hard days work.
Naked Range Wines is
brewed in the Jansz Estate
in Yarra Valley, Victoria,
Australia and is a family
run vineyard and winery
that was established in
According to its website, wine produced from
the Yarra Valley region is

unique as the valley itself

with its varying micro climates and soil types.
The new range was the
toast of the night as business representatives and
other stakeholders gathered at P.Meghji to savour
a taste of the widely acclaimed wine.
Naked Range wine
is now available at all
P.Meghji outlets.


Running for Health and


By Serelisoni Moceica
Toning muscles, losing
calories and keeping fit.
These are just some of
the reasons why running
needs to be prioritized in
a persons life according
to former Fiji representative to the South Pacific
Games, Abhinesh Kumar.
The former long distance running rep said his
organisation, known as the
Jet Runners Club is out to
promote running as the
ultimate way of maintain
physical health.

What better way to

lose calories and also tone
muscles than getting yourself involved in running,
he said.
The Jet Runners Club
has held a total of 64 races
so far and Mr Kumar has
urged everyone to sign
themselves up for the next
organised race.
So far, most of the
countrys long distance
runners are based in the
West and our club wants
to challenge those athletes
out in the other divisions to
organise running competitions or come compete
with our runners during
one of our competitions.

Mr Kumar said the club

also had a few athletes
from secondary schools
and even from rural areas.
He said the last competition was held in Serua
where long distance running enthusiasts participated.
We were pleasantly
surprised by the number
of unknowns that showed
up and we plan to organise
more of such rural competitions so we can get new
people interested, he
The club, based in Votualevu is headed by Mr Kumar and other former long
distance runners.











New Zealand Thrashes France in Quarterfinal

There was once a time
when France was considered New Zealands bete
noir on the World Cup
victories against considerable odds in the 1999
semifinal and 2007 quarterfinal certainly testified
to that.
But there seemed little
to spook the awesome All
Blacks in Cardiff Saturday as the reigning rugby
world champions bludgeoned a sorry Les Bleus
62-13 to waltz into next
weekends semifinals.
Four first-half tries from
Brodie Retallick, Nehe
Milner-Skudder and Julian
Savea (twice) put New
Zealand firmly in charge
despite a riposte notched
by Louis Picamoles.
And a lack of French
discipline combined with
some majestic attacking play from New Zealand piled on the agony

in the second period for

Frances outgoing coach
Philippe Saint-Andre.
Jerome Kaino strolled
over for the first try after
the restart during a spell
in the bin for Picamoles,
who had thrown a punch
at New Zealand captain
Richie McCaw.
Savea then turned on
the afterburners to race
away from the French
backline and secure his
hat-trick just before the
hour mark.
Kieran Read touched
down shortly after before a quickfire double
from Tawera Kerr-Barlow
rounded off the scoring.
New Zealand could
have made it even more
but Maa Nonu dropped
the ball inches from the
line when it seemed easier to score.
It was a very, very
pleasing performance,
New Zealand coach
Steve Hansen told UK

Kieran Read touches down for his try. Photo by CNN

broadcaster ITV after the

game. Everyone from
1-23 brought something
to the game and it was
nice to get a little monkey
off our backs, he added,
in reference to his teams
previous record against
Defeat against Ireland
last Sunday and rumors of
mutiny against the management of Saint-Andre

during the week spoke of

far from ideal preparation
for the French.
Yet the sheer scale of
the defeat was still surprising for the side that
pushed New Zealand all
the way in the final four
years ago.
Boos could be heard
coming from French
supporters as the teams
walked round the pitch at

the fulltime whistle.

The fans are disappointed like us, Saint-Andre said after the match.
But we did the maximum we could do, we
worked hard over the last
three months, but New
Zealand punished each
of our mistakes.
The French blues were
of little concern to Hansen, whose team is now

just two games away

from becoming the first
to retain the biggest prize
in rugby.
But there will be little
quarter given when the
All Blacks meet a familiar foe in next weekends

South Africa beat Wales to reach semi-finals

A late try by Fourie
du Preez and the boot
of Handre Pollard sent
South Africa into the Rugby World Cup semi-finals
with a 23-19 victory over
Wales in a thunderous
game at Twickenham on
The Springboks produced a moment of magic six minutes from time,
catching Wales napping
when Duane Vermeulen
peeled off the back of a
scrum and the big No. 8s
brilliant off-load sent halfback Du Preez scampering over in the corner.
Twice winners South
Africa, who were knocked
out in the quarter-finals
by Australia in 2011 and
began this tournament
with a shock defeat by
Japan, will meet holders
New Zealand.
It was an awesome
feeling, it was a tight
game, Im just delighted,
said Du Preez. We just
needed to keep pushing,
I could see some of their
guys lying down. Weve
got two more games,
weve learned from the
Japan game.


South Africa got huge

performances from two
of their 2007 World Cup
winners in Du Preez and
Schalk Burger, who have
both come back from
career-threatening injuries. Burger, who was relentless with the ball and
without, won a deserved
I have always said
you have to back the
right guys and they have
such immense character.
I would go to war with
them, said South Africa
coach Heyneke Meyer.
Fourie was brilliant. But I
thought Schalk also came
through and Duane [Vermeulen], all the old players were brilliant.
Vermeulen, in an energetic performance in
which he made the most
metres of any player on
either side, created the
game-winning try with
a deft off-load round his
back but it was Burgers
all-action display that
stood out.
The back-rower, on a
day when he set a South
Africa record for Rugby
World Cup appearances with his 18th match,
one ahead of John Smit,

made a game-leading 21
ball carries and also ran
an impressive 55 metres
as he battered away at
the Welsh defence.
I have always said
that coaching is overrated, you have to pick
guys with character. They
are like charcoal, when
you put them under pressure you get diamonds,
Meyer said of Fourie and
Burger, who came close
to losing his life to bacterial meningitis in 2013.
kicked five penalties
and a drop goal for the
Springboks with Dan Biggar landing 14 points for
the Welsh, whose brave
defensive effort came up
just short.
Wales showed more
creativity than in their final pool defeat to Australia a week ago, scoring a
fine first-half try through
Gareth Davies, but their
finally caught up with
Gutted not to get
through but we can leave
the pitch with no regrets,
said Wales captain Sam
Warburton. It was back
and forth all match and


Fourie Du Prees scores the winning try that kicked Wales out of RWC 2015. Photo Sydney
Morning Herald

we knew it would come

down to fine margins or
the last five minutes.
A brutal contest was
surprisingly open from
the start, although it developed into a cagey and
tense affair.
Pollards three penalties gave South Africa a
9-3 lead but Wales hit
back thanks to a moment
of brilliance from Biggar.
The five-eighth, making
the most of fullback Willie Le Rouxs hesitancy,
gathered his own up-andunder in the Springbok 22
and, with Davies on his
shoulder, off-loaded for
his halfback partner to
crash over after 17 min-

Pollards fourth penalty from a tight angle put
South Africa ahead again
as the game became
scrappy a Biggar drop
goal right on half-time put
the Welsh 13-12 up.
The change of ends
and a swirling wind appeared to initially affect
Pollard and he was twice
wayward with penalty attempts before nailing a
drop goal from in front of
the posts after Biggar had
stretched the lead to four.
Warburton came up
with a crucial turnover
five metres from his line
as the Springboks upped
their intensity, piling into

the rucks time and time

again, only to be repelled.
With both sides tiring
and somewhat ragged,
the decisive moment
came moments after an
angry Biggar trudged off
remonstrating with his
own medical staff.
Wales appeared to
lose concentration in the
ensuing scrum in their
own 22 and an alert Du
Preez pounced to secure
the semi-final place.
At the end of the day
South Africa hung in
there, got one chance
and they took it and that
was the result, said
Wales coach Warren Gatland.


Argentina beat brave Ireland

Argentina have stunned

an injury-depleted Ireland
to secure an emphatic
43-20 victory in the Rugby
World Cup quarterfinals.
Even the Six Nations
champion of the last two
seasons could not halt
the unstoppable march of
the southern hemisphere
as the impressive Pumas
joined New Zealand and
South Africa in the last four.
The victory was punctuated by blistering two-try
opening and closing salvos allied with the assured
place-kicking of first fiveeighth Nicolas Sanchez to
earn Argentina a semifinal
at Twickenham against
Australia next weekend.
I am very happy, we
have met our second objective, which was to play
seven games at the World
Cup, Pumas coach Daniel
Hourcade said.
We played very good
rugby. We played the rugby
we wanted to, not for 80
minutes but in particular
at the beginning and at the

Early tries from centre

Matias Moroni and winger
Juan Imhoff silenced the
passionate Irish following
in the 72,316 Millennium
Stadium crowd in Cardiff
and when Sanchez kicked
the first of his five penalties, the Pumas were 17-0
up after 14 minutes.
Ireland fought back
with tries from replacement winger Luke Fitzgerald in the 24th minute and
flanker Jordi Murphy shortly after the break to cut the
deficit to 20-17, but three
points was as close as the
Irish would get.
Sanchez kept the scoreboard ticking over and
clinical finishing from fullback Joaquin Tuculet and
Imhoff for tries in the last
11 minutes ensured Argentina would match their
achievement of reaching the last
four in 2007.
The result just reflected the tour de force demonstrated by the southern
hemisphere teams this

We didnt get the start

we wanted, but Im incredibly proud of how we
got back into the contest.
When you try a bit too
hard, you get loose, and
they have tremendous
speed merchants to take
Ireland deserved credit
for their comeback because for the first quarterof-an-hour, it looked like
Argentina would romp
into the semifinals on the
back of a stunning display
of total rugby.
Hammering into contact and transferring the
ball at pace through the
hands of backs and forwards alike, it took only
four minutes for Moroni to
score in the corner after a
sweeping move.
Six minutes later, Imhoff
beat Rob Kearney in a race
to Santiago Corderos chip
through and did superbly
to touch down before the
ball went dead.
Ireland were able to regroup in the 17th minute
when Pumas prop Ramiro
Herrera earned a yellow

Argentinas Juan Imhoff scores his teams fourth try against Ireland. Photo by

card for a no-arms tackle

and before he returned
Fitzgerald had skipped
down the touchline and
stepped inside Juan Martin
Hernandez for a try.
It was a break up the
middle from Fitzgerald,

on for the injured Tommy Bowe, that sent Murphy through for a second
Irish try which brought
the crowd back into the
Ultimately, though, the
absence of captain Paul

OConnell and playmaker

Johnny Sexton as well as
two regular starting flankers were losses Ireland
could ill afford and their
quest for a first World Cup
semi-final will go on for at
least another four years.

Foley breaks
Scottish hearts
Cruel, cruel, cruel, and
hugely contentious. The
sight of the South African referee Craig Joubert
sprinting down the Twickenham tunnel at the final
whistle with the speed of
Usain Bolt suggested that
he was already aware of
the controversy he had
ignited with his award of
the last-minute penalty
that enabled Australia,
the overwhelming favourites, to escape with the
World Cup quarter-final
booty, the fly-half Bernard
Foley landing the kick that
spared a nations blushes
and condemned the other
lot to abject misery.
It would have been Scotlands finest hour. Instead
the manner of the loss will
haunt them. A water bottle
came flying through the
air and burst on the turf
just inches from Joubert, a
measure, albeit -unacceptable, of the crowds anger.
The former Scotland
full-back Gavin Hastings
declared Jouberts unbecoming dash for the sanctuary of the dressing room
a despicable act, a view
echoed by the former England scrum-half Matt Dawson.
There was enough con-

fusion as to what precisely

happened, as well as to the
law of the game involved,
for there to have been at
least a conversation with
the touch-judges.
Replays show it should
not have been a penalty
A ball had gone loose
from Scot David Denton at
the tail of a line-out, was
knocked on by Scotland,
then touched the Wallaby
scrum-half Nick Phipps before being picked up by a
Scot. It was a chaotic situation.
Yet Joubert ruled definitively, and wrongly, given
that Phipps was later to
admit that he had been
trying to play the ball and
therefore effectively rendered the Scot, Jon Welsh,
onside. I think everyone
was trying to win the ball
there, said Phipps, who
was grasping at the ball
only to knock it on. We
were all going for it.
Scotlands captain, Greg
Laidlaw, was asked if he
had approached the referee for clarification. I never
got the chance, he was off
that quick, the scrum-half
said. He was taking his
time and he wasnt sure of
himself. He made a sharp
exit at the end of the game,

Heartbreak. David Denton sinks to his knees in despair at the final whistle. Photo AFP

thats for sure. There is a

pretty upset dressing room
in there as you can imagine.
Vern Cotter, the Scotland head coach, restricted himself to say that it
would have been nice if
there had been consultations with other officials.
The strict protocol of the
use of the television match
official does not allow for
him to be used for such incidents, only foul play and
the two phases leading
up to the scoring of tries.
If technology is in place, it
seems daft that it cannot
be used in high-stakes cir-

Joubert ruled that the
Jon Welsh, was in an offside position following the
initial knock-on by John
Hardie. The point of dispute, law 11.3 (c), revolves
around whether Phipps
intentionally played the
ball, in which case Welsh
was not offside. Phippss
confirmed that he had. In
real time, it was evident
that the substitute No
was desperately trying to
get possession as his side
were staring down the barrel of an ignominious de-

feat. It was a fine-line call,

an unfitting way to end
such a rousing game.
Sean Maitlands sin-binning was a contentious call
Michael Cheika adopted the stoical approach,
as well he might. I have
learnt to become neutral
in these things as you only
see things emotionally with
your natural bias, said the
Wallabies head coach.
You have got to live with
what you get and what you
dont get. That is the way it
works. We still had to kick
the goal.
And so they did, Australia winning through to
the semi-final where they

will face Argentina next

Sunday, in the first clean
sweep by the southern
hemisphere in World Cup
We had come to apply
the last rites to northernhemisphere rugby but
Scotland delayed the scattering of those ashes over
the Twickenham turf with
a display of such wit and
daring that any such obituary must now come laden
with caveats. On this evidence, the southern superpowers are not invincible.



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10 Most
Exciting Players
at RWC 2015


Happy to be
Written Off

Rugby World Cup 2015: All Blacks

prepared for ultimate challenge
By Gregor Paul of New Zealand Herald

Among the many goals Steve Hansen set himself on becoming All Blacks
coach, he still considers the holy grail to
be following a great performance with
another one.
He and Richie McCaw share a common view on that - both seeing greatness as being defined by the ability to
consistently deliver peak performance
regardless of opponent, occasion or
what happened the week before.The
All Blacks now face the ultimate challenge in this regard.
To win the World Cup, they need
to surpass the sublime effort they produced against France in the quarterfinal.
They need to increase the intensity
and physicality they delivered against
South Africa and piece together an effort that all involved can safely say is the
best produced in the last four years.
This was what the All Blacks failed
to do in 2011. Coming into the final on
the back of a superb and emotionally
draining performance against Australia,
the All Blacks didnt raise their game.
They didnt go up mentally or physically
- while the French did.
It made for a long night. A nervous
night and maybe even a lucky night.
The All Blacks were the heavyweight
champion with nothing left, using all
they had to avoid a sucker punch and
stay in the game.
You go back four years ago and we
had a sensational performance against
Australia in the semi, says Hansen.
And then we really didnt lift the next
week when it was a final.
So coming off a good performance,
it wasnt a great performance by any
stretch of the imagination, I think we
will lift.
There will be enough excitement
and also knowing in the back of our
minds that we could have done better
last week and we always seem to play
better when we are like that.
They won four years ago, of course,

A taste of whats to come. Maa Nonu and David Pocok confront each other in an earlier match.
Photo by Sky

but they won on the back of their skippers sheer bloody-mindedness and refusal to let another tournament be confined to failure.
They won four years ago, of course,
but they won on the back of their skippers sheer bloody-mindedness and refusal to let another tournament be confined to failure.
They won because across the team
there were veterans from the failed 2007
campaign who had invested four years of
their respective careers to make amends
and that proved to be the intangible force
that enabled the final score to be one
point in favour of the All Blacks.
Its unimaginable the All Blacks would
get away with winning two finals with


poor performances and the nature of the

victory against South Africa should provide enough fuel to ensure there is not a
shred of hidden complacency within the
And thats essentially what the barrier
is to backing up great performances. It
is not a transparent or overt manifestation of over confidence or complacency.
Hansens view is that it is an embedded,
almost impossible to detect bug in the system that relates to human nature.
Great performances inevitably lead to
something being assumed by the players
the next week: that there is a sense that
it will all happen again just by turning up.
When you have a performance like
we had down in Cardiff, said Hansen,

it is really difficult mentally to get back

into that same spot. One of the hardest
things in sport I reckon is to go great to
great because you expect things to be
like they were.
So we had a really tough, tight game
[against South Africa] where we really
didnt play as well as we could have and the opposition had something to do
with that. But some of our own stuff has
to be looked at. Rather than waiting on
the game we have got to go and take it
so we are on the edge of our seat.
We will go into this game on the
weekend now really hungry for it and
we wont be over rating ourselves.
Which will be good.