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Anatomy and Physiology

1. A px has doubling of vision. PE showed her R eye can move directly to the left. but it
can not move downward. Which muscle of her R eye is not working properly?
a. Superior rectus
b. Inferior rectus
c. Inferior oblique
d. Lateral rectus
2. The corneal blink reflex is a test of which cranial nerve
a. CN V
b. CN II
c. CN X
d. CN VI
3. Palpation of masseter ms assess motor fibers of
a. CN V
c. CN IX
d. CN VI
4. The center for clearest vision in the eye is located in
a. Fovea centralis
b. cornea
c. lens
d. iris
5. During mirror laryngoscopy, an examiner notes paralysis of the right vocal cord. This
indicates paralysis of muscles innervated by the
a. CN V
c. CN IX
d. CN X
6. visual accomodation is due to
a. Relaxation of iris muscles
b. Inc tension of lens ligament
c. Dec in curvature of lens
d. Contraction of ciliary muscles
7. Loss of taste on the anterior 2/3 of the tongue indicates damage to the
a. CN V
c. CN IX

8. Disease or dysfunction of this is implicated in Parkinsons

a. Medial geniculate nucleus
b. Substantia nigra
c. Cerebellum
d. Spinothalamic tracts
9. Paralysis and atrophy of the tongue is most likely due to the damage
a. CN V
c. CN X
10.Patient is able to hear and understands spoken language but can not speak. This is
referred to as _______ aphasia.
a. brocas
b. Wernickes
c. Alexia
d. Conduction aphasia
11. Patient is able to speak but can not hear & understand. This is what type of aphasia
a. brocas
b. Wernickes
c. Alexia
d. Conduction aphasia
12. Prime mover for plantar flexion of foot muscles.toe dancers
a. Soleus
b. Gastrocnemius
c. peroneus
d. Achilles tendon
13. Forms most of the buttocks muscles
a. Psoas
b. Gluteus
c. Quadratus
d. Adductor longus
14. This muscle is used in administering intramuscular injections in children
a. Gluteus
b. psoas
c. vastus lateralis
d. biceps
15. When you stick your thumb out( approve sign), what movement of the thumb are you
a. Etension

b. Flexion
c. Adduction
d. Apposition
16. After Ach attaches to its receptors at NMJ the next step is
a. Na channel open
b. Cross bridges formation
c. Ca binds to regular protein
d. Myosin head is exposed
17. example of pivot joint
a. radio-ulna
b. Carpal
c. carpal-metacarpal
d. Shoulders
18. Correct match
a. short- wrist
b. Long-leg
c. Flat- cranium
d. Irregular-sternum
19. Bone pain behind external auditory meatus probably involves
a. Maxilla
b. Sphenoid
c. Temporal
d. Lacrimal
20. Anatomical landmark for Lumbar puncture
a. Coccyx
b. Sacrum
c. Symphisis pubis
d. Anterior superior iliac spine
21. In inhalation, the diaphragm
a. retracts, moves inferior
b. Retracts, moves superior
c. Contracts, moves inferior
d. Contracts, moves superior
22. All of the following are classified as COPD except
a. Pneumonia
b. Emphysema
c. Bronchitis
d. Sleep apnea

23. Chemical digestion of fats occurs where

a. Mouth
b. Stomach
c. Small intestine
d. Large intestine
24. Movement of thumb or fingers when picking up a pen
a. Extension
b. Flexion
c. Apposition
d. adduction
25. Chemical digestion of carbohydrates occurs in
a. Mouth
b. Stomach
c. Small intestine
d. Large intestine
26. CCk release leads to
a. Contraction of duodenal papillae
b. Contraction pf gallbladder
c. Inc. liver secretions
d. Inc. pancreatic secretions
27. Hormones that act to dec blood glucose
a. Insulin
b. Glucagon
c. Epinephrine
d. Growth hormone
28. The endometrium is the
a. Inner layer
b. Middle layer
c. Outer layer
d. Outermost layer
29. This is the area between the anus and clitoris
a. Peritoneum
b. Perineum
c. Vulva
d. Labia
30. Which of the following is true
a. Only 1 primary follicle is stimulated
b. 1 vesicular follicle undergoes ovulatio
c. 1 follicle secretes estrogen
d. Only 1 ovary is stimulated
31. Hypertension may result from hypersecretion of
a. Thyroxine
b. Cortisol

c. Aldosterone
d. Glucagon
32. ANP has opposite effect to which hormone
a. Aldosterone
b. Epinephrine
c. Acetylcholine
d. Testosterone
33. Aldosterone is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. What is the action of this
a. increases Na reabsorption, increases K excretion
b. increases Na reabsorption, decreases K excretion
c. decreases Na reabsorption, increases K excretion
d. decreases Na reabsorption, decreases K excretion
34. Which among the following is/are secreted by the adrenal medulla?
a. mineralocorticoid
b. cortisol
c. noerepinephrine
d. estrogen
35. The SA node has an intrinsic rate of
a. 40-60 bpm
b. 60-100 bpm
c. 80-100 bpm
d. 100-120 bpm
36. The AV node has an intrinsic rate of
a. 40-60 bpm
b. 60-100 bpm
c. 80-100 bpm
d. 100-120 bpm
37. Cardiac output refers to
a. blood pumped by the heart every heartbeat
b. blood pumped by the heart every minute
c. blood pumped by the heart every hour
d. blood pumped by the heart every 5 cycles
38. The epidermis of the skin has 5 layers. Which of these layers can only be seen in
thick and hairless skin?
a. stratum corneum
b. stratum lucidum
c. stratum granulosum
d. stratum spinosum

39. Patients with psoriasis has an increased rate of keratinization/ exfoliation. The normal
a. every 10-21 days
b. every 21-45 days
c. every 45-60 days
d. every 60-90 days
40. Injuries to the inner ear can cause hearing and balance problems. The following are
inner ear structures except
a. semi-circular canals
b. anvil
c. cochlea
d. endolymph
41. This cell secretes renin
a. juxtaglomerular cell
b. pododcytes
c. reninocytes
d. hepatocytes
42. The Right lung has how many lobes?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
43. The normal WBC count of an adult is
a. 2,000-5,000/ microliter
b. 5,000- 10,000
c. 10,000-15,000
d. 15,000-20,000
44. Platelets survive for how many days only?
a. 5-7 days
b. 7-10 days
c. 10-14 days
d. 14-21 days
45. This layer of the heart is the thickest and is most prone to ischemia
a. endocardium
b. myocardium
c. epicardium
d. pericardium
46. Blood from the pulmonary veins drain into
a. right atrium

b. right ventricle
c. left atrium
d. left ventricle
47.This is often referred to as the most important muscle of respiration
a. external intercostals
b. internal intercostals
c. diaphragm
d. subcostalis
48. All of the following are true of RBCs except
a. anucleated
b. biconvex
c. biconcave
d. transports oxygen
49. This is the site for blood cell formation in fetus
a. liver
b. pancreas
c. yellow marrow
d. bones
50. RBC survival time
a. 60 days
b. 90 days
c. 120 days
d. 150 days
51. Parietal cells of the stomach secretes
a. folic acid
b. intrinsic factor
c. pepsinogen
d. mucus
52. Which of the following is the homologue of scrotum?
a. labia minora
b. labia majora
c. clitoris
d. vagina
53. testosterone is secreted by which cells of the testes?
a. kernigs cells
b. leydigs cells
c. seminiferous cells
d. granulosa cells
54. The semen contains this sugar due to the contributions of the seminal vesicle
a. glucose

b. sucrose
c. fructose
d. lactose
55. A patient underwent cardiac catheterization using femoral artery. Which pulse should
be palpated to assess for vascular function post catheterization?
a. brachial
b. subclavian
c. popliteal
d. dorsalis pedis