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Name:_Ross MacKay__

Stage and Aim
T introduces himself to
the Ss who in turn
introduce themselves
to each other.


Activity 1 - Lead In
T begins Activity 1 –
Ball Game.
Ss now introduce
themselves to their T
and fellow classmates.
T uses Cc questions to
ensure Ss understand
the activity.



T now changes the
game so that Ss can
use an adjective to
make their name more
memorable to other Ss.

T introduces himself and tells the Ss his name. T also outlines any news relating to the course or
its modules.



T: Hi, my name is Ross and I will be your teacher for this period of the day. As there are many new
Ss in the class we will introduce ourselves to each other through a game.
(T shows the Ss a small ball in his hand).
T: Can everyone please stand up and form a circle?
(Ss stand and form a circle).
T: I will now throw the ball to someone in the circle. How many people will I throw the ball too?
(Ss answer – One).
T: The Ss who now has the ball will now say their name. Does everybody say their name now?
(Ss answer – No).
Who will say their name?
(Ss answer – The Ss with the ball).
T: Now, the person with the ball and who has said their name will throw the ball to another Ss. Who
will the Ss with the ball throw the ball to next?
(Ss answer – Anyone)
When the next Ss catches the ball what will he or she do?
(Ss answer – Say their name and then pass the ball to the next Ss).
(Ss do this activity for a minute).
T: Now I want you to say put an adjective that explains yourself in front of your name e.g. Tall Mike,
Happy Sarah etc. Do I want you to place a noun in front of your name?
(Ss answer – No)
What should you place in front of your name?
(Ss answer – An adjective.)
(Ss repeat the activity for a minute).

T, Ss

) T: If you speak a statement instead of a question will I mark off an answer? (Ss answer – No). T now picks a Ss to ask the first question. T: Whose name does the person throwing the ball say? (Ss answer – the person catching the ball).. Gary. Does the person catching the ball say their name? (Ss answer – No). (Ss repeat the activity for two minutes). Who is your best friend?. now I am going to change the game a little. T. Ss should be asking open ended questions to get the correct answer. In order to cross off one of the answers you must ask me a question correctly. Sri Lanka and two).Name:_Ross Name:_Ross MacKay__ MacKay__ T: Okay. (Ss now read each word chorally). Ss . If Ss are using closed questions the T will model an open ended questions for Ss to understand. (Correct Questions . T asks Cc questions to ensure Ss understand the activity. Where have you taught English or lived?. Budapest T: I will now show you a PPT with six answers to questions about me. Any problems will be dealt with at the end of the lesson). What did you study at college/university?. Once this Ss is finished the next Ss may ask a question. lived?. Sculpture. T: Does the person throwing the ball say their own name? (Ss answer – No). Development Ss must say the correct question to mark answers on the PPT. How many sisters do you have?. Where did you go on holiday?. How will I mark off an answer? (Ss answer chorally – If you are asked a question correctly) (Ss will be monitored for errors in grammar and sentence structure.When is your birthday?. 2’ 8’ Activity 2 – Lead In T now gives more information about himself by giving Ss the answers to some questions in the About Me! section. (T shows Ss the PPT with six answers – August 16th. Before I throw the ball I must now say the name of the Ss I will be throwing the ball to. Seoul. If Ss are too shy the T will nominate a Ss to ask a question. Ss practice asking questions.

T: What will you use the letters of your name to make? (Ss answer chorally – To make adjectives about ourselves). Reading. (Ss now begin the exercise) (T monitors the Ss and helps with any problems that arise). (Ss write their names vertically down their page). 8’ Development Ss now write a paragraph about themselves. Will you write your name vertically or horizontally? (Ss answer chorally – vertically). What will you do with these adjectives? (Ss answer chorally – Write a paragraph about ourselves). Review 5’ Budapest T now asks Ss to T: So can anyone remember my name? (Ss answer chorally . T. T uses the letters of his name to write adjectives about himself. (T writes his name and adjectives on the w/b as follows). Ss Reasonable Original Superstitious Silly T: Can everyone now please take out a pen and some paper? (Ss take out a pen and paper).Ross).Name:_Ross Name:_Ross MacKay__ MacKay__ 2’ Activity 3 – Lead In T writes his name vertically on the w/b. T: Can everyone please stop writing if you have not already done so? (Ss stop writing) Ss . writing. Please do not use the adjective you chose for your name in the Ball Game. Ss now use these words in the written paragraph. T: Can everyone please write their name vertically down the side of your page. T writes his name vertically on the whiteboard/blackboard. (Ss write adjectives with the letters of their names). speaking and listening will be used in this activity. Ss write their name vertically and use each letter to write an adjective. T now explains that he will now use each letter from his name to make an adjective that explains something about himself. T: I would now like you to use these adjectives to write a paragraph about yourself.

(Ss attach the post-it to their tops). T: Can everyone please stand up? I would now like you to walk around the classroom asking other Ss the question on their post-it and try to remember their answer. T. 1’ Activity 4 – Lead In The aim of this activity is to get Ss interacting with each other. T: Would anybody body like to begin by reading their paragraph about themselves? (If Ss are too shy to go first T will nominate a Ss to begin).Name:_Ross Name:_Ross MacKay__ MacKay__ read the paragraph they have written about themselves. Where will you place your question now? (Ss answer – On our top). Ss T: Now the game will change a little. What will you write on the post-it? (Ss answer chorally – A question for other Ss to answer). You will not be asking other Ss your question but instead you will be answering it when asked by other Ss. 6’ Development Ss now must answer there own question when asked by another Ss. Conclusion 2’ Budapest T closes the activity by asking Ss to answer T: Could everyone please sit down? (Ss sit down) (T picks Ss X and asks him/her to read the question on their post-it aloud to the rest of the class). (T gives out a post-it sticker to every Ss in the class). (Ss take turns reading their paragraph to the rest of the class). (Ss stand up and begin the activity). You must also answer the question on your own post-it. Who will answer your question? (Ss answer chorally – I will). Ss . T: I would now like you to think of a question you would like to ask another Ss in the classroom or simply a question you would like answered. (Ss reads their question aloud) T. Ss T: Does every Ss have a post-it? (Ss answer individually). T: I would now like you to stick the post-it to your chest. Let’s begin.

throughout the lesson. T tells Ss any information or materials needed for the next class. If nobody remembers the answer Ss X tells the class). T revises any problems that arose in the lesson 1’ T now revises any problems which may have occurred with grammar etc. Ss tidy the classroom. (Ss answer the question.Name:_Ross Name:_Ross MacKay__ MacKay__ questions. Budapest (T asks the rest of the Ss in the classroom if they can remember the answer to Ss X’s question?). (This is repeated for as many Ss as possible). Ss tidy the classroom. Ss . T. Wrapping Up T tells Ss any information or materials needed for the next class.