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Sandra Carraway

Board of Education
Regina Buccafusco, Chairman

Dr. Jeff Carney

Associate Superintendent
Dr. Deborah Williams
Assistant Superintendent
Mr. Robert Jarrell
Assistant Superintendent

Micheal Sleeper, Vice-Chairman

Kristi Baker

Columbia County School System

4781 Hereford Farm Road
Evans, Georgia 30809
(706) 541-0650

David Dekle
Roxanne Whitaker

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:

As new technologies continue to change the world in which we live, they also provide
many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. Therefore, we
have decided to implement Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) at our school. In this
initiative, students are encouraged to bring their own technology devices to school to
assist their learning experiences. This document is a contract which we will adhere to as
we establish this new program within our school. Please note that students who cannot
bring in outside technology will be able to access and utilize the schools equipment. No
student will be left out of classroom instruction.
Definition of Technology
For purposes of BYOT, technology means wireless electronic equipment that includes,
but is not limited to, existing mobile communication systems and smart technologies,
portable internet devices, handheld entertainment systems, or portable information
technology systems that can be used for word processing, wireless Internet access, image
capture/recording, sound recording, and information transmitting/receiving/storing, etc.
Once made available, only the Internet gateway provided by the school may be accessed
by students while on campus. Personal Internet connective devices such as cell phones
and cell network adapters may not be used to access outside Internet sources. However,
because access to the school system network is not yet available, personal digital plans
may be used by students at the express permission of their parents, but only under the
supervision and permission of school officials.
Security and Damages
The responsibility of keeping devices secure rests with each individual owner. The school
system is not liable for any device stolen or damaged on campus. If a device is stolen or
damaged, the school administration will handle the situation in the same manner as with
other personal items impacted in similar situations. It is recommended that skins (decals)
and other personal touches be used to physically identify and differentiate student devices
from one another. Additionally, protective cases for technology are encouraged.
An Equal Opportunity System

BYOT Student/Parent/Guardian Agreement

The use of technology to enhance learning is not a necessity but a privilege. Accordingly,
students do not have the right to use personally owned laptops, cell phones, or other
electronic communication devices while at school. When abused, privileges may be
taken away. When respected, they may benefit the learning environment as a whole.
Students participating in BYOT with the express consent of their parents or guardians
must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, as well as all Board policies. Furthermore,
each student must agree to the following conditions:
The student must
Take full responsibility for his or her technology device. The school is not
responsible for the security of student-owned technology.
Silence technology while on school campuses and while riding school buses.
Use technology for instructional purposes as expressly permitted by school
officials and not for cheating on assignments or tests.
Only access files or Internet sites which are relevant to classroom course
curriculum and as directed by school officials.
Comply with school officials requests to shut down or close the screen on
computers or devices.
Acknowledge that, once available, the school's network filters will be applied to
one's connection to the internet and will not attempt to bypass them.
Understand that knowingly infecting the school system network with a virus,
trojan, or program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access to
unauthorized data or information is unacceptable use of technology and will result
in disciplinary action.
Realize that processing or accessing information on school property related to
hacking, altering, or bypassing network security policies will result in
disciplinary action.
Acknowledge that the school district has the right to collect and examine any
device that is suspected of causing problems or of being the source of an attack or
virus infection.
Realize that printing from and charging personal technology devices are not
possible at school.
By signing below, I understand and will abide by the above policy and guidelines. I
further understand that any violation is unethical and may result in the loss of BYOT
privileges, as well as other disciplinary action.
Student Signature: _____________________________
Date: _________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________
Date: _________________
An Equal Opportunity System