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EnerVista Launchpad

Version 5.03 Release Notes

Copyright 2015 GE Multilin
This document contains the release details for the 5.03 revision of EnerVista Launchpad software.
Affected products: EnerVista Launchpad software
Date of release: March 19, 2015
Software revision: 5.03
GE publication number: GER-4691

The version 5.03 release of EnerVista Launchpad software is compatible with the latest GE Multilin

Users, who previously installed Launchpad 5.01 or Launchpad 5.02 on computers with Microsoft
Windows 7 or higher should review the Notes and Troubleshooting section prior to installing
Launchpad 5.03.

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Release details
In the following change descriptions, a revision category letter is placed to the left of the
description. Refer to the Appendix at the end of this document for additional details.

Launchpad installer did not terminate Launchpad and related applications.

As a result FileInfo.mdb was not removed from the Virtual Store, because the file was in use.
Launchpad continued to work with Virtual Store database instead of database from the correct
Launchpad.exe, EnerVista.exe, SSRun.exe, helpContainer.exe are explicitly terminated by the
Installer and FileInfo.mdb is removed from the Virtual Store.

After upgrade to Launchpad 5.02 users report Version mismatch. The About dialog
displays 5.02 version, but upper bar displays 5.01
The correct version in the About dialog is extracted from the Launchpad.exe file version by C++
part of Launchpad. The wrong Version (in the upper bar and in the local database) supposed to
be extracted by VB from C:\Windows\EnerVista.ini. However for security reasons the file was
copied and remapped to \VirtualStore\Windows\EnerVista.ini, when user first time changed
preferences. Historically only C:\Windows\EnerVista.ini was modified by the Installer. In Virtual
Store EnerVista.ini was not modified by earlier versions of LP Installer, as Virtual Store was
introduced with Windows Vista.
Version will be hardcoded in VB part of Launchpad, the same as it was already in C++ part.
EnerVista.ini will be moved to C:\ProgramData\GE Power Management\EnerVista\Launchpad\

Wrong Icon message popup.

Icons and IconMap table of local database were populated with junk entries, when earlier wrong
8Series.ico was uploaded and Launchpad 5.01 crashed.
The corrupted database entries that caused popup are removed by the Installer. The message is
redirected to the Launchpad statuslog.txt.

With higher DPI settings elements in some dialogs are cropped or overlapped.
Launchpad dialogs are resized to fit elements when DPI settings are increased. The results are
conditional and depend on computer chipset.
Tested on computer with NVIDIA Quadro K2000 display adapter (DPI settings 100; 125; 150).

SR3 does not show Upgrade button in IED Setup when new release is available.
The behavior depends on queries of Product_Family DB table The table is upgraded during
installation from ProductFamilyMap.txt. The file was obsolete and did not contain SR3 family.
Added SR3 and 8Series device families to ProductFamilyMap.txt.

File not Found error when open License Agreement.

License Agreement file license.txt was replaced by a new Software_License.txt. However,
viewing the license from Launchpad depends on dbghelp.dll license.txt, which was not updated.
To avoid recompiling the DLL, file Software_License.txt was renamed to license.txt.

System requirements
The following are the minimum system requirements to run EnerVista Launchpad:
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) or Windows 8.1 OS (32-bit and 64-bit)
Adobe Reader (for viewing reports in PDF format)

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Notes & Troubleshooting Tips

The following is a list of notes and potential issues some users may experience. For issues where
a workaround is available, the workaround is listed below.

Instructions for users who previously installed Launchpad 5.01 on Microsoft Windows 7 or
higher. The instructions also applicable to users who installed Launchpad 5.02, and noticed that
previously downloaded data had disappeared.
Users, who installed Launchpad 5.01 on computers with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher might
have experienced inconsistent behavior and data loss. The problem can be explained as follows:
All documents, setup programs, etc. downloaded from the web are stored at C:\ EnerVistaDoc\
directory. Launchpad retains the references to the downloaded files, as well as user preferences,
interaction with web, etc., in the local Access database FileInfo.mdb. Starting with Microsoft
Windows Vista, the database is located in:
C:\ProgramData\GE Power Management\Enervista\Launchpad\. For security reasons, a
Standard User does not have permissions to modify data in C:\ProgramData folder. When
Launchpad tries to modify data in the database first time, Windows silently remaps a path
C:\ProgramData\GE Power Management\Enervista\Launchpad FileInfo.mdb to
C:\Users\<USERLOGIN>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\GE Power
Management\Enervista\Launchpad\FileInfo.mdb. After that, when Launchpad reads data from
FileInfo.mdb, Windows let it to be read from ProgramData folder. But when Launchpad tries to
modify data in FileInfo.mdb, Windows substitute it with FileInfo.mdb stored in VirtualStore, as if it
is ProgramData folder. It creates a discrepancy with two databases, which Launchpad
considers as one. When user logged in with different accounts, Windows creates another
VirtualStore with FileInfo.mdb.
To address the issue the following steps are performed during Launchpad 5.03 installation:
1. The Installer terminates Launchpad.exe, EnerVista.exe, SSRun.exe, helpContainer.exe if
any of them are running.

2. Files EnerVista.ini, launchpad.ini, LaunchPad.DS, and FileInfo.mdb are backed up from:

C:\ProgramData\GE Power Management\EnerVista\Launchpad\
C:\ProgramData\GE Power Management\Launchpad_BACKUP_<DATE>.
3. If Virtual Store of the current user exists, files EnerVista.ini, launchpad.ini, LaunchPad.DS,
and FileInfo.mdb are backed up from the Virtual Store to:
C:\Users\<USERLOGIN>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\GE Power
After that folders C:\Users\<USERLOGIN>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\GE
Power Management\Launchpad
C:\Users\<USERLOGIN>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\GE Power
Management\EnerVista\Launchpad are deleted with their content.
4. Proper Read/Write security permissions are set to the folder C:\ProgramData\GE Power
If a user worked with Launchpad under another <USERLOGIN> and she/he noticed some
data loss/inconsistency, the files .INI, .DS, with the latest timestamp and the largest
FileInfo.mdb could be found and manually copied from VirtualStore to corresponding
locations in the C:\ProgramData\GE Power Management\ folder.

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Change categories
This document uses the following categories to classify the changes.
Table 1: Revision categories


New feature




A separate feature added to the application. Changes to existing
features even if they significantly expand the functionality are not in this
Modification of an existing feature bringing extra value to the application
A neutral change that does not add new functionality and is not
correcting any known problem
A change related to a known or reported issue

The revision category letter is placed to the left of the change description.

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