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1. WORK.
Adjectives describing a job
My job is very CHALLENGING. It's very high pressure, requires a lot of skill and you have
to work long hours.
I'm a cashier in a supermarket. I quite enjoy my job, but it can be a bit
MONOTONOUS/REPETITIVE. I have to do exactly the same thing every day.
I'm a primary school teacher. I think working with young children is very REWARDING. It
makes me happy because I think it's useful and important.
I work in a small graphic design company, and I find my job really MOTIVATING. It tests
my abilities anf keeps me motivated.
Being a surgeon is very DEMANDING. The kind of work I do and the people I work with
make me want to work harder (do better).
I work in the Passport Office. My job is incredibly TEDIOUS. Everything takes a long time
and it's boring.
Nouns that are often confused
Career / Post / Profession
Career hace referencia a la carrera profesional o a la trayectoria profesional.Sometimes its
difficult to have a successful CAREER and bring up your children at the same time.
Profession es la profesin a la que nos dedicamos (profesor, carpintero, etc.) propiamente
dicha.Teaching is a rewarding PROFESSION. I always try to make the most of my classes.
Post (tambin position), es el puesto de trabajo concreto al que queremos acceder o bien en el
que estamos trabajando. Ive applied for the POST of Network Engineer at a
telecommunications company.

Wages / Salary / Bonus / Perks

Wages / Salary. Los dos hacen referencia a la cantidad de dinero que se gana, pero con la
diferencia de que wages se calcula por horas o por das y se paga semanalmente, mientras que
salary se calcula anualmente y es una cantidad fija que se paga mensualmente.
My SALARY isnt very good about 13000 a year but Im very happy with my job.
My sisters a waiter and she gets paid every Friday. The WAGES arent very high but at
least shes got a job.
Bonus / perks. Bonus (extra pay) es una cantidad de dinero que una empresa da a sus empleado
de forma extraordinaria cuando se consigue algn logro importante (normalmente cuando hay
altos ingresos). Perks son los beneficios una empresa da a sus trabajadores como, por ejemplo,
un seguro de vida gratuito, ventajas en planes de pensiones, tickets restaurante para comida,
etc. Formalmente se les conoce como benefits.
My company made a huge profit last year and so theyre going to give a BONUS.
A free health insurance is one of the PERKS of my job.

Staff (personal)/ Employer (patrn) / Employee (empleado).

Skills (habilidades, destrezas) / Training (formacin, preparacin) / Qualifications

(ttulo, diploma).
All the managers were sent on a three-week TRAINING course.
He left school without any QUALIFICATIONS at all. He failed all his exams.
There are certain SKILLS you need to be a web designer, for example you need to be able
to use words effectively.
I'm a manager. I'M IN CHARGE OF the sales department. I have to DEAL WITH some very

difficult clients. I'M also RESPONSIBLE FOR publicity. I'M OFF work at the moment. I'M ON
I'm a part of a TEAM. I always work with other people. I HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to travel,

which is something I appreciate. I think I can go far. I'm hoping to GET PROMOTED TO
head of department next year.
I think my salary is very low. It's a TEMPORARY JOB. I'M only ON A SHORT-TERM CONTRACT,

so I HAVE no job SECURITY.

I WAS SACKED/FIRED FROM my last job. My boss didn't like the way I worked. Now I'M

I WAS MADE REDUNDANT. There were too many workers and the company was losing


3. TIME.

I GET THE IMPRESSION you're a bit annoyed with me. Have I done something wrong?
You'll GET A SHOCK when you see him. He looks at least ten years older.
Since we stopped working together we hardly ever GET THE CHANCE to see each other.
I didn't laugh because I didn't GET THE JOKE.
When you GET TO KNOW him, I think you'll really like him.
I need to speak to Sarah urgently, but I just can't GET HOLD OF her.
I want to GET RID OF that awful painting, but I can't because it was a wedding present
from my mother-in-law.
I'm going to GET my OWN BACK ON my brother for telling my parents I got back late. Next
time he asks to borrow my bike, I won't lend it to him.
He's going to GET INTO TROUBLE with his wife if she finds out that he's being emailing his
I tried to walk past him but he wouldn't GET OUT OF THE WAY. He just stood there,
blocking the path.

GET REAL! There's no way you can afford that car!

GET A LIFE! You're 35 and you're still living with your parents!
I'm NOT GETTING ANYWHERE with this crossword. It's just too difficult for me.
She really GETS ON MY NERVES. Everything about her irritates me.
She really needs to GET HER ACT TOGETHER. Her exam is in two weeks and she hasn't
even started studying.
They GET ON LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE. They seem to have exactly the same tastes and
When we spoke on the phone I GOT THE WRONG END OF THE STICK. I thought the party
was at ther house, but it isn't it's at Mike and Jane's.
Your grandfather must be GETTING ON a bit, isn't he? Is he in his eighties now?
My boyfriend just never GETS THE MESSAGE. I keep dropping hints about his awful
cooking but he takes no notice.
She always GETS HER ON WAY. He just does whatever she tells him to.

Phrasal verbs
GET TOGETHER WITH meet socially (reunirse con)
GET OVER recover from (superar algo, recuperarse de)
GET ON WITH continue doing (continuar)
GET THROUGH TO make someone understand (hacer entender)
GET INTO start a career or professions
GET AROUND move from place to place
GET AWAY WITH do something wrong without getting caught or punished (librarse (del
GET BY manage with what you have (arreglrselas con algo)
GET BEHIND fail to make enough progress
GET DOWN - depress
GET OUT OF avoid a responsability or obligation
GET BACK TO write or speak to somebody again later