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The Business Secret

known by the World’s Elite

Professional Athletes…
and how you can use it too
MJ, Barry, Tiger, Payton and all the greats have had one of these… shouldn’t you?

Introducing the
Principle-Centered Marketing ™
Coaching Program
The only business coaching program focused specifically
on helping you get more customers who will pay you
more money, more often™, the fastest, easiest, most cost
effective ways possible and backed up with a 400%
Return On Investment Guarantee.


By the time you’ve completed your Principle-Centered
Marketing Program™, you’ll have developed some of
the same kinds of feelings for your Marketing Coach as
you’ve experienced for your favorite coaches and mentors
you’ve had in athletics and other aspects of your life.
A Vital Message from
Jim Ackerman

Nationally renowned
marketing guru and author, Jim Ackerman,
developed the Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching™
2 Program. Hundreds of businesses have experienced remarkable
growth from the unparalleled power the program has to help you
increase revenues and profits.
Helping you get…
More Customers Who Will Pay You More
Money, More Often™ the fastest, easiest,
most cost effective ways possible.
There are only 3 ways to grow any enterprise of any kind… including yours…
Get more customers
Increase your average sale
Get your customers to buy more often

Simple enough said, but how are you going to do it?

Through the Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program you develop essential
marketing skills and habits and use them to install profit-proven, reliable and repeatable
marketing principles, plans, strategies and systems in your business.

By the time you have completed this program you will have…
A new outlook on marketing that will literally change your business, and your life, forever
Acquired new habits that empower you to consistently work ON your business, rather
than always being caught in the trap of merely working IN your business.
Developed new marketing skills which will give you confidence in your marketing
decisions and eliminate marketing worries, waste, and guesswork
A comprehensive MARKETING PLAN worth thousands of dollars, including budget and
calendar of events to achieve your goals for the foreseeable future. The only marketing
plan that addresses all 3 ways to grow your business – more customers; more money;
more often
Proven systems you can set on “AUTO-PILOT TO SUCCESS,” systems for bringing in more
customers, getting them to buy more from you in each purchase, and getting them to
happily and gratefully buy from you, again and again and again.
The ability to “GENETICALLY ENGINEER” your marketing for ever-improving results…
ever-increasing success.
The knowledge and POWER to do it yourself, or to accurately evaluate the value of the
marketing projects you delegate to others 3
Bottom line? You can look forward to…
• More fun and satisfaction in your business
• Never again suffering the frustration of competing on price
• Leaving your competition in the dust, as your sales curve rockets upward
• Saving time and money in your marketing efforts
Most of all, you’ll never be afraid of marketing and advertising again, as you enjoy ultimate control over your
business destiny.
… And let’s not forget all the benefits that come with more sales, more profits, and more personal income!

The 5 “U-Needs,” and Why This Program Succeeds Where Books, Tapes,
Seminars & Workshops Fail
Less than 10% of the books that get bought, get read. Implementation rates among people who listen to tapes
and go to events ranges from 1.4 to 8.4 percent. Why such a pitiful track record?
Other methods of training are simply incomplete. They give you only some of the key elements you must have
to assimilate new knowledge and convert it into meaningful action.

The 5 “U-needs”
If you are to succeed at the highest levels, you need these
5 key elements…
• The “What To Dos” – You simply must know what to do.
• The “How To Do Its” – How you do the whats can have an
exponential impact on the results you get. A 2-word change in a
headline, for example, can increase response to an ad by 1,000%.
• The Resources to get it done – nobody can do it all alone. You need
resources. Tough to get them from books, tapes and events.
• The Feedback to make sure you do it right – The biggest reason
people don’t take action following reading books, listening to
tapes or attending events is fear of failure; fear of doing it wrong.
Feedback gives you the confidence to know you’re doing it right.
• The Accountability to make sure you actually do it – Somebody has
to hold your feet to the fire. Somebody has to consistently hold you
accountable to make sure you do what you know you should, in a
timely fashion.

Only an on-going Coaching process, like The Principle Centered

Marketing Program, takes you by the hand and guides you through
the development of new, immediately applicable knowledge, skills,
habits and systems.

You can surely see, can’t you, that this is the most effective and
efficient way to gain these vital business assets.
(How Your Program Works)
Far more than a weekly “cheerleading” call, business, more tailored to your specific
this content-rich program is tantamount to a needs, more adaptable to the results you
Master’s Degree program in marketing. generate, more timeless in its usefulness…
In fact, it is far more than that… more because it is Principle-Centered.
meaningful, more directly applicable to your

Here is the process you’ll experience in building

your marketing skills and systems…
1. You’ll receive a 253 page, 25 chapter manual, supplementary materials, software,
forms and templates, and a set of 16 audio sessions, all to be used as assignment
material during the course of the 4 to 6-month program.

2. You’ll complete and submit a comprehensive Marketing Needs Analysis, designed

to take a “snapshot” of your marketing efforts currently and in the past, along with
assessing your current level of marketing skill. You’ll also submit samples of your
current and past marketing efforts.

3. You’ll engage in an initial telephone conference, during which you and your Certified
Coach will review your Marketing Needs Analysis for details, added insights, etc.
During that call, you and your Coach will establish a time for a regularly scheduled
telephone appointment. These appointments typically last about 40 to 50 minutes.
Your Coach will also make your first assignments.

4. You are responsible for completing your marketing assignments for each session and
forwarding them to your Coach at least 24 hours prior to your regularly scheduled
phone conference. Plan on spending an average of 45 to 60 minutes per working
day on your program. Of course, you can cram, but that will defeat one of the major
benefits of the program… building the HABIT of working ON your business, instead
of merely IN your business.

5. You’ll have Ascend Marketing’s collection of resources at your disposal, including

turnkey marketing systems, promotions and programs, creative personnel, design and
production capabilities, all available to you at deep discounts. Some are even FREE!

The point is, this program is customized for,

and responsive to, your specific needs. 5
YOUR BUSINESS • Print advertising
• Marketing Plan with Budget & • Broadcast advertising
Schedule, addressing all 3 areas of • Web-based Customer Relationship
marketing growth Management & Marketing
• Incentive-based Referral System • Deep Discount Media Buying
• Your Unique Purchase Appeal techniques
• “Library” of Features & Benefits, • NLP & Weapons of Influence
Offers & Headlines selling techniques
• Upselling systems • Getting FREE Publicity and Cause
• Building your “Powermid of Profits” Marketing
• Copywriting skills • Sales Presentations
• Sales skills • Trade Show Marketing systems
• Guest/Host Joint Ventures • Affinity Marketing
• Testing & Tracking systems • Alternative Marketing strategies
• Direct Mail systems and campaigns • Special Marketing Opportunities &


Enroll in the program and experience it for yourself for two sessions, RISK FREE. See if you
like the process and the assignments, as well as the feedback. If you decide the program is
not right for you, you may withdraw and receive a full refund.
When you decide to complete the program, your investment is still RISK FREE. Apply the
principles, concepts, strategies, techniques and systems for a full year. If you have not
generated new, measurable revenues directly from your efforts, amounting to at least four
times your investment in the program, you may, request and receive a full refund.*

“I sent a letter to my customers for an annual private sale. I applied some of the things I learned. The
results were stunning! We had a 129% increase. Within two weeks the profit from this one event paid
for the coaching program 5 times over.”
Kent Monsen, President
Monsen Brothers Appliance
“If you want your business to experience immediate, dramatic growth, you owe it to yourself to enroll
in Ascend’s Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching program.”
Dave Tippets, President
Paymaster Employee Leasing
“Sales are up 40% over last year and I attribute at least half of that to the coaching program. I highly
recommend the coaching program to any business who wants to increase sales. It has caused me to
build the habit of working ON my business, instead of just in it. It’s how you’ve taught me to think, and
the marketing habits you’ve helped me to build, that are the greatest achievements of the program.”
Travis Mitchell, GM
Keith Jorgensen’s Music Center
“I doubled my business in six months. How did I do it? It was amazingly easy. The first week I
implemented just one of the marketing techniques I learned. Suddenly I was able to go from spending
hours chasing down one potential prospect at his office, to having six or eight prospects meet me at
my office and be glad they came. I never realized business could be done this way. What a refreshing
change! And I didn’t have to spend a single additional advertising dollar.”
Murray Blake
Blake & Company Insurance & Investments
“We feel that two of the ideas we got in the first session alone… creating a ‘senior’s’ division and the
graduated referral program… make the entire coaching program worth the investment. Just wanted to
let you know we feel like we’ve started off with a bang and will reap many benefits from this.”
Marv & Pam Kombrink, REALTORS®
RE/MAX Excels
“Through the coaching program I redesigned our literature to tell our story in terms of customer
benefits. Because of the compelling offers you helped us develop and the ability to sell from the
customer’s point of view, sales are up 25% (200% in one month alone) and we’ve cut marketing
expenses by 40%. Who wouldn’t feel appreciative if sales were up, overhead was down, and new
doors were opening all the time? Heartfelt thanks to you from Bob and me!
Sue Scarr, VP Marketing
VSM Marketing, Manufacturer of Fast -Aid™ Medical Centers
“The best I could ever muster for the month of July was $19,000… until I enrolled in your Coaching
program. Using the promotional principles and strategies you taught me, I did a private sale and in two
days and two hours, I generated $22,000.00 worth of sales. By the time July was over, I came up just
$23 short of having a $60,000.00 month! That’s better than three Julys… and it didn’t cost me an extra
dime in marketing or margins.”
Frank Coppin, President
Coppin’s Hallmark

Your Principle-Centered Marketing Coach is a marketing professional who embraces
and has been extensively trained in the Principle-Centered approach to marketing and
related strategies, techniques and technologies.

Your Coach has met the strict Licensing and Certification requirements set forth by
Ascend Marketing, Inc. for The Pirnciple-Centered Marketing Coaching™ Program.

Joe Nicassio
Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneurial Mentor
Long Beach CA
Currently, Joe is the Marketing Director for Pit Stop, Inc. He wrote the
business plan and marketing plan that successfully funded the design,
engineering, manufacturing, packaging, merchandising, distribution, and
initial promotion of a new product, from concept to fruition.
Joe is trained as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
(NLP), and has had the opportunity and good fortune to personally be
mentored by America’s finest marketing practitioners, including Jay
Abraham, Joe Sugarman, Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Scott Bailey,
Michael Levine, and many others. Joe has taken all that he has learned
from these masters, and combined the best of the best wisdom into his own
distinctive style of marketing.
Joe is the author of “How To Create A Successful Website”, available from He is the President of Rapid Results Marketing, Inc., a full
service marketing agency. Joe is a Past Area Governor for Toastmasters

Contact Me:
Phone: 562)961-3976 • E-mail:

Visit with your Licensed, Certified Coach or a PCMC™ Representative and…
1. Secure a program agreement and read it carefully.
2. Decide to enroll in the program by completing the
enrollment agreement.
3. We’ll take you the rest of the way

For more details, to secure a program agreement, or to

Ascend Marketing, Inc.
enroll by phone, call… 1.800.584.7585 Or Enroll On-line at 1044 W Louise Meadow Dr South Jordan UT 84095