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This PDF contains royalty-free stock art maps perfect for use in most fantasy role- playing games. This volume contains a map with room numbers, a map without numbers, and a printer friendly map. All maps are at 300dpi resolution. FREE STOCK ART ARTIST: TIM HARTIN For More Free Dungeon Maps: 2008 PARATIME DESIGN DUNGEON MAPS Vol. 1 ARTIST: Tim Hartin 2008 PARATIME DESIGN For More Free Dungeon Maps: MAP LEGEND $ Secret Door Covered Pit Trap @ well Pillar ® Statues Altar Win Stairs = 10 ft. x 10 ft. The top of the page is considered to be North by default but the Game Master/Dungeon Master may change this as it suits his or her needs. i pt Sd me 2 H ec 7 fa] Wt Pat abe : olf Bee ee Tat 4) -. Pt qua | Pe ts ett | ot ee at ores By On ee hl | — A aT orl Niel iL. a gl aap Sir = a pe fl mal we ay ef eat fa gm. a Bid ania J's. ey eg ee —_ ager e+ er sir = p oe tH Ta ol EE ome HEGRE a = | fe Hs BE Ee. endl Pg myer He] aT | ai Pi aay = Baus A te oman. 8 i Le aE oe Ae. a ee TT Ai Ned Ns Se