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Prometrics item banking system is widely considered one of the most

robust in the industry.

An item bank, a robust repository of test questions and the components that make up
those questions, is critical to keeping exam content secure and fresh. By developing a
bank of well-written items and managing the careful construction of exams, professional
test developers can create tests that accurately measure the knowledge, skills and
abilities necessary for competence. A standard item banking system provides test
developers and subject matter experts (SMEs) a set of tools to facilitate the writing,
review, editing and selection of test questions. An excellent item banking system also
provides the automation, standardization, and scalability essential to developing and
maintaining effective tests.
At Prometric, our item banking system enables remote collaboration for virtual item
creation and can address your most pressing development, efficiency and consistency
With a full suite of features created specifically to make item development and test
development easier, faster and more cost effective, Prometrics item banking system is a
flexible and reliable platform, well known in the industry for its performance excellence.
Because of its easy-to-use format, test development professionals use it for item
storage, item creation, editing, change tracking and even remote item writing,
streamlining the entire test development process.

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Assessment Item
Originally developed by the Educational Testing Service
(ETS), the Formative Assessment Item Bank has been
acquired by NWEA in support of our mission: Partnering
to help all kids learn.

The Formative Assessment Item Bank provides the

flexibility and item variety necessary to create custom
assessments at the district and classroom levels.
Educators can select items that most closely reflect
their curriculum and instruction and are most
appropriate for their student population and the time of
year the test is given.

The Formative Assessment

Item Bank is separate from
NWEAs Measures of
Academic Progress
(MAP) assessment suite.
No items from MAP are contained in this Item
Bank and its items are not calibrated on the RIT
scale. Additionally, the Formative Assessment
Item Bank is not available as a component of
the MAP assessment suite at this time.
The Item Bank is typically licensed to clients
through a network of distributors these are
platform vendors who have software systems
that provide the functionality needed to access
and use the Item Bank. These platforms
contain functionality such as item storage, test

building, scanning, scoring, and reporting.

There are currently over 35 platform providers
who are authorized to distribute NWEAs
Formative Assessment Item Bank. NWEA can
also license the Item Bank directly to districts
for use in a mutually agreed upon platform.

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What is in the
Assessment Item
The Formative Assessment Item
Bank contains over 81,000 highquality, standards-based items
for the following:

What item types are available?

Item Types: The FAIB offers a variety of item types in order
to be able to assess standards in the most appropriate way
and to reflect the intent of more rigorous standards. All
items are identified by several user selectable
categories such as grade level, standard, estimated
difficulty level, and cognitive level. When building
assessments using the FAIB, educators can select from
the following item types:

MultipleChoice Items

ConstructedResponse Items with Scoring Rubrics

ModeSpecific Writing Prompts with Scoring Rubrics

TechnologyEnhanced Items (TEIs) Note: The

availability and appearance of the TEIs is subject to the
functionality available in the data management platform.

Each item in the FAIB is identified with Webbs Depth of

Knowledge(DOK) level and Blooms Revised Taxonomy.
Because the purpose of the FAIB is to provide educators
with items for use on custom formative assessments,
the FAIB contains a variety of items at each cognitive
level to allow educators to meet the unique needs of
their students and to test a wide range of student

What is the item development process?

The items in the Formative Assessment Item Bank were
developed using a rigorous item development process
that includes multiple rounds of review to help ensure
that the items are developed using best practices, are
grade appropriate, free of potential bias and sensitivity
concerns, and follow the principles of universal design.
NWEA continues to grow and improve the Formative
Assessment Item Bank. The specific development plans
for the Item Bank vary each year. Typically, it is updated
twice a year, so educators can have access to new
items, updated alignments, and other improvements to
the Item Bank as soon as possible.