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High Quality Bico Fibre: A Fabric

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High Quality Bico Fibre: A Structure Produced By Interlocking

Of Fibres
The bicomponent fibre also known as bico fibre results from the
extrusion of the two fibres that are spun from the same filament of the
same spinneret. The bico fibre that was first introduced in the market
belonged to the side by side category. This first kind of the fibre
became popular among the masses with the name cantreese. The
main motive of spinning the filament from the same spinneret is to
take the leverage of properties of fibres of two different classes. One
can find the fibre of unimaginable geometry and cross-section from
the warehouse of the company Fiber Partner. To facilitate the process
of classification of the fibres, the high quality bico fibre are
categorised into three different segments. These divisions are named
as side-by-side, sheath-core, islands in the sea, citrus fibres and
segmented pipe. All rights reserved.

Know More About The Different Types Of High Quality Bico

The bicomponent polyester fibres are finding their place in almost
every industrial scenario as these are ideal filling material for a variety
of products like duvets and cushions. The high quality bico fibre also
play a major role in spinning the fibres like microfibres, autocrimp
fibres, elastic fibres, conductive fibres, antimicrobial fibres and
non-wovens. The selection of these fibres for a variety of applications
depends on the initial properties of the blended fibres. The segment in
which the superior quality bicomponent fibre are divided includes:

Eccentric Core: This class of fibre is a category in which both

the constituent polymers occupy equal part on the fibre surface.
Both these polymers have different shrinking ratios and have the
characteristic property of getting curled up on encountering heat
in the relaxed state.

Side-by-side: Both the polymers of high quality bico fibre are

mixed in equal proportion. If this combination is disturbed than
there are chances that the resultant fibre develop crimp. All rights reserved.

Pie-wedge: In this type, 16 pie wedges are placed adjacent to

each other. Each side of the first polymer is flanked on both the
sides of second polymer.

The high quality bico fibres serve as a perfect product that possess
the combined properties of two polymers. To know more specifications
of the bicomponent fibre please call + 45 79 44 77 22 or visit All rights reserved.