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The due date is May 17th for 4th period, and May 18th for 3rd period (even if you are absent). It’s worth 100 points.
For each day late, I deduct 25 points (it is considered late if it is not in my hands by the beginning of your period’s
2. All of this must be typed and bound (in a folder, scrapbook, binder, or tied together) – no exceptions!
3. You must include a cover page, table of contents and dedication page
4. You will create 16 pages of poems, one for each type of poem listed below.
5. All poems will be ORIGINAL CREATIONS! You must follow the rules of the poetry type. Furthermore, any
plagiarism for this portion will result in a ZERO for the WHOLE assignment, as well as a call home, and a referral to
6. For each of the 16 poems, you must focus on one of the literary tools we studied this year (you can only use each tool
once). I encourage you to include more than one lit tool per poem, as these “tricks” give it flavor!
7. There must be a poem that reflects on the themes of each of these works: Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, The
Freedom Writers Diary, New Moon, and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.
8. Be colorful, creative, neat and unique!

ABCDarian Epitaph

Concrete Poem (must have definite shape) Tanka

Sonnet Haiku

Lyric (12 line minimum) Cinquain

Narrative Poem (14 line minimum) Diamante

Enjambment (14 line minimum) Limmerick

Rhyme Royal (14 line minimum) Name Poem

Metaphor Poem (8 line minimum) Terza Rima

Your portfolio should be organized as such:

Page 1 – Cover Page (Must include your full name, a unique title, the date and period #)

Page 2 – Table of Contents (Label the top of the page with “Table of Contents.” On the left should be the poem type or title
of that page; and on the right, include the corresponding page number. It must be in order).

Page 3 through 18 – Poems (Pages 3-18 must include the following on each page: the poem, the type of poem, the definition
of the type of poem, the work it correlates with, a graphic or picture that conveys the poem’s theme or idea, the lines you
selected to represent the literary tool, the literary tool, and its definition. Page numbers must be on the bottom of each page)

Page 19 – Dedication Page (Dedicate your book to someone special!)

Page 20 – The Rubric (You can use the one on the other side of this, or I will make one available for printing from the blog.)

Be advised - If you have printer issues, do not wait until the last minute! You can use my printer, but you will need to make an
appointment. From 5/1-5/7, please see me to sign up for your 15-minute appointment, which will be scheduled from 5/11-5/14, before
school and during lunch. You MUST be on time/present to that appointment, or you are on your own. NO EXCEPTIONS!
 Pieces follow the  Two of the pieces  Three of the  Four or more of
Original Poems conventions of the does not follow pieces do not the pieces do not
(Weight = 4) poetry type the conventions of follow the follow the
the poetry type conventions of the conventions of the
poetry type poetry type
Required Poems  All 16 poems are  1-2 poems are  3-5 poems are  6 or more poems
(Weight = 4) included missing or missing or are missing or
incomplete incomplete incomplete

Themes of  The themes of all  The themes of  The themes of  The theme of only
Major Works four major works three of the major two of the major one of the major
(Weight = 3) read in class are works read in class works read in class works read in class
represented are represented are represented are represented
 All 16 devices are  1-2 devices are  3-4 devices are  5 or more devices
Literary Tools
defined and incorrectly incorrectly are incorrectly
(Weight = 3) identified correctly identified or identified or identified or
missing missing missing
 Titles are listed in  Titles are listed in  Titles are not  Titles are not
the order they the order they listed in the order listed in the order
Table of come in your come in your they come in your they come in your
Contents portfolio portfolio portfolio portfolio
(Weight = 3)  Page numbers are  Page numbers for  Page numbers for  Page numbers for
listed for each each page are each page are each page are
entry listed for nearly listed for about ½ listed for about ½
 Neat, easy to read every entry the entries the entries
 Fairly neat, easy  Lacks neatness and  Difficult to read/
to read is difficult to follow because of
read/follow lack of neatness
 Cover page is eye-  Cover page is  Cover page is  Cover page lacks
catching fairly eye-catching marginally eye- effort
Other  Included neat  Included fairly catching  The rubric is not
Requirements copy of the rubric neat copy of the  Copy of the rubric included
(Weight = 3)  Pages are neatly rubric is slightly messy  Pages are not
and creatively  Pages are bound  Pages are falling bound, just
bound fairly neatly and out of binding stapled or clipped
Illustrations  Illustrations show  Illustrations show  Illustrations do  Illustrations are
(Weight = 2) great effort and an attempt at not show much missing or
creativity. creativity. effort. incomplete.
 It is clear that time  It is clear that  It is clear that little  It is clear that very
and effort was some time and time and effort little time and
Presentation spent on the effort was spent was spent on the effort was spent
(Weight = 3) portfolio as a on the portfolio as portfolio as a on the portfolio as
whole a whole whole. a whole.
 Neat, easy to  Fairly neat, easy  Lacks neatness  Lacks neatness and
read, creative to read, creative and creativity, and creativity and is
sometimes difficult difficult to read
to read

Total Points
Project Grade